Best Starbucks Secret Menu Drinks 2022 How To Order (2023)

Not to be elitist about our coffee, but if your Starbucks order is boring then, boy, bye. It’s 2022 and there are too many amazing Starbucks options out there to order your coffee black. And social media makes it even more accessible, too—TikTokers and Instagram influencers are always sharing their fave secret drinks online. Some IGers even have theirown orders!Are youfinally ready to step up your Starbucks-ordering game?Check out the most frequently asked questions about the Starbucks Secret Menu drinks—plus, the most beloved Secret Menu drinks.

What Is the Starbucks Secret Menu?

The Starbucks Secret Menu is just what it sounds like—it’s like a speakeasy menu that you have to know about in order to order. There’s nophysical menu for the Secret Menu—you just have to know what to ask for.

How Do You Order Starbucks Secret Menu Drinks?

To order an item from the Starbucks Secret Menu, you should look it up online beforehand (we’ve listed several of the most popular drinks below, so scroll down to that if you need) that way you know what to ask for in advance. (Because let’s be honest—most baristas don’t have the Secret Menu items memorized!)The number of Secret Menu drinks at Starbucks is endless and not every location will know the name of a drink. For that reason, if you want to order something off the Starbucks Secret Menu, you may have to tell your Starbucks barista what ingredients go in each drink—for example, how many pumps of each syrup, what flavors and extra shots, etc.

What’s the Lowest Carb Drink at Starbucks?

Counting calories? No worries—Starbucks still has options for you. Some low-carb drinks at Starbucks include fresh brewed coffee (such as Pike Place, Blonde Roast or Dark Roast), cold brew, espresso and unsweetened ice teas (like chai, green, black, white, earl gray, English breakfast and passion tango).Low-carb, keto-friendly add-ons include heavy cream (it has more fat than carbs) and almond milk (only about five grams of carbohydrates). The other plant-based milk options at Starbucks are pretty high in sugar, so steer clear of those if you can.For a low-carb drink, skip the sweetener, but if you’re desperate for a kick, add some Stevia.Don’t want to DIY your own low-carb drink? Try any one of these low-carb beverages that are also keto-friendly:

Americano With Heavy CreamBrewed Oprah Chai Tea BagFaux FrappGrande Expresso Coffee Over Ice With 2 Pumps of Sugar-Free Cinnamon Dolce SyrupIced Cinnamon RefresherIced Espresso With Heavy Cream with a Pump of Sugar-Free Vanilla SyrupKeto White DrinkLow-Carb Flat WhiteSkinny MochaSteamer(Almond milk unsweetened with two shots of sugar-free cinnamon dolce)Sugar-Free Pink DrinkSugar-Free Purple Drink

(Video) 10 Starbucks Secret Menu Frappuccinos That Are EASY To Order

What Drinks Can I Get Skinny at Starbucks?

The “healthiest” drinks at Starbucks are all 100 calories or less and can be ordered as “Skinny.” In general, request your drink as “light” or “skinny,” tell your barista to reduce the amount of syrup, and hold the whip too.Here are some of the Starbucks drinks you can get skinny:

Caramel Frappuccino LightIced Skinny Vanilla LatteUnsweetened Ice CoffeeUnsweetened Ice Tea

Best Starbucks Secret Menu drinks

TikTok Matcha Pink Drink

Doesn’t it just look so aesthetically pleasing? The good news is—for matcha-lovers at least—that it tastes delicious too. Just ask for a Pink Drink topped with vanilla sweet cream cold foam with one scoop of matcha blended into the foam.

Marvel Drink

The Marvel Drink is pretty simple to make (for the barista) but pretty freakin’ cool to look at (and drink!) for the drinker. It’s a grande Strawberry Frappuccino—ask for extra puree—plus, two pumps of white mocha drizzled on in a spiderweb design.

Frozen Elsa Drink

The Frozen Elsa drink starts off with whipped cream at the bottom of your cup. Then the barista throws in milk, ice, three pumps of peppermint, and three pumps of creme syrup. It’s then topped off with more whipped cream and blue food coloring.

(Video) Starbucks Secret Menu Drink - How to Order a Strawberry Cheesecake Frappuccino!

Starburst Drink

Starbuckers with a sweet tooth for this candy-flavored drink will want to order a venti blended strawberry lemonade with peach juice and three pumps of raspberry.

Strawberry Cheesecake Frappuccino

Almost as authentic-looking as a real slice of strawberry cheesecake, this secret menu item is a vanilla bean frapp with your preferred number of pumps of both white mocha and raspberry.

Twixxy Latte

It’s three pumps of dark caramel sauce, one shot of espresso, soy milk, ice, vanilla sweet cream, one pump of mocha, a caramel drizzle, and cookie crumble. It literally looks like a Twix bar!

Pineapple Starburst Refresher

Can’t get enough of the original Starburst drink from the Starbucks Secret Menu? Try this add-on: a venti pineapple lemonade with raspberry syrup blended with strawberry puree in the bottom of the cup.

Cotton Candy Frapp

The Cotton Candy Frappuccino consists of milk, ice, raspberry syrup, strawberry sauce, vanilla syrup, base, whipped cream and pink sprinkles.


Baby Yoda Frap

For Mandalorian fans, there’s even a Starbucks Secret Menu drink modeled after everybody’s favorite littleStar Wars creature. To order the Baby Yoda frap, ask for a matcha green tea frappuccino with caramel drizzle, whipped cream, and extra caramel and caramel ribbon crunch on top.

Gummy Bear Refresher

Love sweet? Order a Strawberry Açaí Refresher with peach juice (instead of water) and two pumps of raspberry. You can also add a scoop of berries for extra flavor!

The TikTok Drink

Ah, the TikTok drink. TikTok is probably the first-ever social media platform to have a Starbucks drink named after it, but here we are. To order, ask for a venti Strawberry Açaí Refresher—three scoops of blackberries and one scoop of ice.

Virgin Malibu Drink

Does your go-to drink at the bar include Malibu rum? Then you’ll love the Malibu Drink off the Secret Starbucks menu. It tastes just as fruity and delicious, but without the alcohol. Ask for a sweetened lemonade with coconut milk and vanilla syrup.

Thin Mints Frappuccino

To order the Thin Mints Frappuccino (inspired by the famous Girl Scouts cookies), ask for a grande double-chocolate chip frappuccino with an extra pump of mocha, two pumps of peppermint, topped with mocha cookie crumble and a sprinkle of matcha powder.

(Video) 11 Starbucks Secret Menu Drinks That You've Probeblly Never Tasted

Tiana Frappuccino

Inspired by the Disney princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog, order this Starbucks Secret Menu item by asking for a grande green tea frappuccino with coconut milk, one pump of peppermint, extra whip cream on the bottom and top and mocha cookie crumbles on the bottom and top.

Skinny Peppermint Mocha

Order the standard Peppermint Mocha at Starbucks as a “skinny.” You can do this by asking for it “light” or “skinny,” or by skipping the whipped cream, asking for non-fat milk and a peppermint tea bag (instead of the peppermint pumps!) instead.

Honey Bee Cold Brew

To check out a recent add to Starbucks Secret Menu, order the Honey Bee Cold Brew. Order it by asking for a signature cold brew, two pumps of honey blend sweetener, one pump of vanilla syrup, a splash of almond milk, vanilla sweet cream foam, drizzled honey, and toasted honey. It’s honey heaven!

French Toast Shaken Espresso

To order the French Toast Shaken Espresso, ask for a grande Brown Sugar Oatmilk Shaken Expresso. Add extra ice, light oat milk, and one pump brown sugar, one pump white mocha. The best part is—it’s only 85 calories!

Butterbeer Frappuccino

If your answer to the question, “Do you loveHarry Potter?” is “Always,” then you’ll be magically transported to Hogsmeade when you order the Butterbeer Frappuccino at any Starbucks. Just ask for a creme frappuccino with three pumps of caramel syrup and three pumps of toffee nut syrup, topped with whipped cream and caramel drizzle.

(Video) Trying the STARBUCKS SECRET MENU Items! Immie and Kirra

Jack Skellington

LoveNightmare Before Christmas? Celebrate your adoration for the film with the Jack Skellington: a pumpkin spice frappuccino with a shot of chai, a shot of espresso, and topped with mocha whipped cream and java chips.

Skittles Frappuccino

To order a Skittles Frappuccino from Starbucks, here’s what you’ll need to ask for: Strawberry purée, whole milk, four pumps of vanilla, one-and-a-half pumps of raspberry, cream base and ice. Don’t forget the whipped cream on top, plus an extra dash of strawberry purée!Need more secret menu goodness in your life? These classic fast-food restaurants have secret menus, too!


How do you order off the secret menu at Starbucks? ›

Order the Base Drink First

But it most likely starts with something from the regular menu. For instance, the Twix Frappuccino is made with a Caramel Frappuccino base while the Pink Drink is made with a Strawberry Acai Refresher. Letting your barista know this right away makes it easier for them to whip up your drink.

What is the most popular Starbucks drink 2022? ›

The List: Top 5 Starbucks Drinks, Ranked By Experts
  • Iced Brown Sugar Oatmilk Shaken Espresso. Being in the No. ...
  • Vanilla Latte. Classic, not boring may be the simplest way to describe Starbucks' vanilla latte. ...
  • Pumpkin Spice Latte. ...
  • Nitro Cold Brew with Sweet Cream. ...
  • Caffè Latte.
Dec 13, 2022

How do you order custom drinks on the Starbucks app? ›

Order ahead

After you open the app and enable location services, tap the “Order” icon at the bottom of the screen. From there, you can customize your order with your favorite Starbucks® drinks and food and add to your shopping bag.

What is the TikTok Starbucks order? ›

TikTok Iced White Mocha

To order, ask for a venti Iced White Chocolate Mocha. Top it with sweet cream foam and load it with extra caramel drizzle. That means all around the inside of the cup and on top if you're feelin' feisty.

What order should I say my Starbucks order? ›

Your order should sound something like, “iced grande skinny vanilla latte” or “tall hot chocolate with soy milk and no whip.” You start with the size and temperature of your drink, and everything else follows. If that all sounds good, then congratulations!

How do you order a Starbucks Unicorn drink? ›

Vanilla Unicorn Bean Frappuccino

Order a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino, ask to add pink powder, and top it with unicorn dust and whipped cream. Easy!

What is Starbucks signature drink? ›

Iced Caramel Macchiato

The Iced Caramel Macchiato is one of the most popular Starbucks drinks made from one of the chain's most popular flavors: caramel. The drink has been around for 25 years.

How do you order a Starbucks moon drink? ›

Here's how to order this Starbucks TikTok Drink that tastes like the Moon: Ask for a Grande Iced Matcha Latte with Coconut milk and 2 pumps of Chai.

What is the most ordered drink in the world? ›

Water. Water is the most popular beverage on the planet.

Which is the tastiest in Starbucks? ›

Best Starbucks Coffees
  • Caffe Mocha.
  • Vanilla Latte.
  • Venti Coffee.
  • Cinnamon Roll Frappuccino.
  • Iced White Chocolate Mocha.
  • Chai Latte.
  • Strawberry Frappuccino with a Twist.
  • Salted Caramel Cold Brew.
May 16, 2022

What is the best TikTok Starbucks drink? ›

  • The TikTok Iced White Mocha. ...
  • The TikTok Gummy Bear Drink. ...
  • The TikTok Sour Patch Kid Drink. ...
  • The TikTok Pink Drink. ...
  • The TikTok Sunset Drink. ...
  • The TikTok Matcha Pink Drink. ...
  • The TikTok Strawberry Cheesecake Frappuccino. ...
  • The TikTok Nutella Cold Brew.
Jan 28, 2023

Can I customize my Starbucks drink? ›

With more than 170,000 ways to customize beverages at Starbucks® stores, customers can create a favorite drink that fits their lifestyle.

Can I customize my free drink at Starbucks? ›

No. When you redeem 50 Stars for a brewed coffee or 150 Stars for a Frappuccino blended beverage, all the customizations are included! Any size, any customization, get creative – just make sure it fits in our standard size Starbucks cups!

How much cheaper is Starbucks when you bring your own cup? ›

Starbucks Reusable Cup Benefit

Starbucks Rewards members can get a drink made in their own reusable cup to earn 25 Stars and 10 cents off their beverage order.

What is Ariana Grande's Starbucks order? ›

They then make a pit stop at Starbs where James jokingly carries Ariana in on his back. She orders a soy latte and says "I'm going to get a grande... gets 'em every time!" Honestly, if you've ever doubted Ariana is hilarious, you must watch this video. Ariana showed off her cloud tattoo WHILE HOLDING A STARBUCKS CUP!

What is Khloe Kardashian Starbucks order? ›

"Venti seven pump no water chai latte." Jenner was a little confused on the whole seven pump concept, so Kardashian elaborated. "It's a little extra fabulousness," she said with a shrug: "Chai." If you're looking to emulate Kardashian's order, I got the facts for you.

What does Zendaya order from Starbucks? ›

She followed up with exactly what she says Zendaya ordered: a Venti iced matcha green tea latte with coconut milk.

What is the famous 10 minute rule of Starbucks? ›

What is the 10-minute rule? The 10-minute rule was created to provide better customer service for coffee drinkers, according to Woman's Day. They say the practice allows baristas to open the store 10 minutes early and close 10 minutes late. However, Newsbreak says that not all locations honor the 10-minute rule.

What does Lady Gaga order from Starbucks? ›

Lady Gaga Oreo Frappuccino

Ask the Barista to put a layer of Matcha Green Tea Frappuccino in between two layers of Strawberry Creme Frappuccino to create the layered look. Top with whipped cream, strawberry puree drizzle and chocolate cookie crumbles.

What should I get my first time at Starbucks? ›

What You Should Order When You're At Starbucks, Depending On Your Mood
  • We know you're mostly in zombie mode before that morning cup of caffeine and boy, do we love our Starbucks to fuel up in the AM. ...
  • Double Tall Caramel Mocha- No Whip. ...
  • Hazelnut Caramel Macchiato Extra Hot. ...
  • Venti Soy Double Blended Java Chip Frappuccino.

What is in the zombie Frappuccino? ›

The Zombie Frappuccino® blended beverage has a ghastly green body made with Frappuccino® Crème infused with flavors of tart apple and caramel and topped with pink whipped cream “brains” and red mocha drizzle. The creepy concoction is available Oct.

How do you order a Starbucks rainbow drink? ›

The base of this drink is a Grande Strawberries and Cream Frappuccino, so order that to start. Next, get even fruitier by asking for Mango Refresher juice and peach juice to be added. The final step in obtaining rainbow sherbet bliss is requesting raspberry syrup in place of the regular sweetener.

Does Starbucks have boba? ›

Yes! The company recently launched Starbucks boba coffee popping pearls in the United States. The treats are reminiscent of tapioca balls, and they're filled with Brazilian coffee.

How do I order a venti medicine ball? ›

How do I order a Starbucks Medicine Ball? Ordering a Medicine Ball on the Starbucks app is easy. All you need to do is go to the “Hot Tea” section of the app, hit “Green Tea,” and click on the “Honey Citrus Mint.” If you want to order the Medicine Ball in person, just ask for a “Honey Citrus Mint” by name.

How do you order a Cinderella drink? ›

  1. A "Cinderella Latte" is the latest Starbucks secret menu drink going viral.
  2. The beverage was created by a Starbucks barista who wanted to serve Disney-inspired drinks to her customers.
  3. To order the drink, simply ask for a Pumpkin Spice Latte, then replace half of the Pumpkin Spice pumps with White Mocha.
Sep 5, 2019

Does Starbucks have a purple drink? ›

The sweet blackberries and tart hibiscus flavor of our Very Berry Hibiscus Starbucks Refreshers® beverage swirl together with creamy coconutmilk and ice, creating refreshing (and violet-hued!)

What is the 2 most popular drink in the world? ›

Tea. Tea, the second most consumed drink in the world, is produced from infusing dried leaves of the camellia sinensis shrub, in boiling water. There are many ways in which tea is prepared for consumption: lemon or milk and sugar are among the most common additives worldwide.

What is a top shelf drink? ›

(adj.) The highest quality — and therefore most expensive — bottles of alcohol available. Most bars will keep these bottles on the literal top shelf, versus the cheaper “well liquor” that is kept within reach. An order with one of these brands, such as a Bombay Sapphire Martini, is a supercall (see Supercall).

What is the most famous Starbucks drink? ›

The Top 10 Most Popular Starbucks Drinks Ranked
  • Vanilla Latte. ...
  • Iced White Chocolate Mocha. ...
  • Pumpkin Spice Latte. ...
  • Cinnamon Roll Frappuccino® Blended Coffee. ...
  • Java Chip Frappuccino® ...
  • Hot Chocolate. ...
  • Green Tea Crème Frappuccino® Blended Crème. ...
  • Chai Latte.

What is the fanciest drink at Starbucks? ›

1 Super Venti Flat White

This drink contained almost 11,000mg of caffeine, which is dangerous and insane, but hey, at least he finally holds the record for the most expensive Starbucks drink in the world.

What Starbucks drinks make you feel better? ›

9 Best Starbuck Drinks When You're Sick (Soothing And Tasty)
  • Honey Citrus Mint Tea (Medicine Ball)
  • Mint Majesty.
  • Chai Tea.
  • Peach Tranquility Tea.
  • Jade Citrus Mint Brewed Tea.
  • Starbucks Royal English Breakfast Tea.
  • Steamed Apple Juice.
  • Passion Coldbuster Tea.
3 days ago

What is the Ace family favorite Starbucks drink? ›

This is the Ace Family's favorite drink at Starbucks. I just made this so I remember what it was.

What Starbucks drink went viral? ›

We will discuss below the most trending and viral Starbucks drinks that you should try.
  • The TikTok Drink. ...
  • White Mocha Iced Coffee. ...
  • Vietnamese Iced Coffee. ...
  • The “Pink Drink” ...
  • Gummy Bear Drink. ...
  • Triple Caramel Threat. ...
  • Strawberry Cheesecake Frappuccino. ...
  • Berry Peach Lemonade.
Jan 13, 2023

Can you just say pink drink at Starbucks? ›

Now it's an official menu drink that customers love to customize even more. One thing to keep in mind, like all Starbucks Refreshers, the Pink Drink contains caffeine and sugar and it cannot be ordered without either. Other than that, any Pink Drink modification you can dream up is probably possible.

Will Starbucks make you a new drink if you dont like it? ›

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your food or beverage item, let us know and we'll gladly remake it for you.

What is the moon drink at Starbucks? ›

The "Pink Drink Remixed" is a venti Pink Drink with Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam, and the "Moon Drink" is made up of a grande iced matcha latte and two pumps of chai.

Does Starbucks refill cups for free? ›

You can only get a free refill on brewed coffee or tea.

Even if you ordered a latte or Frappuccino as your original drink, you can only get the free refill on hot brewed coffee, iced coffee, hot brewed tea, iced tea, or cold brew. Any add-ons like cold foam or pumps of syrup would be an extra cost.

Can we ask for free refill in Starbucks? ›

Once you finish the drink, you can ask a barista for a free refill of your choice.

How much money do you have to spend to get 400 stars at Starbucks? ›

400 Stars: Spend $200, get up to a $17.99 maximum freebie (4.5% back)

Can I bring my own cup to Starbucks drive-thru? ›

To use a reusable cup you must visit us in-store or utilize the drive-thru (be sure to let them know that you have a reusable cup!). Please consider a rotating reusable cup scheme for mobile orders: 1. you specify in the mobile order that you'll be bringing your own reusable cup 2.

What is the cheapest thing to order in Starbucks? ›

Cheapest Starbucks Drinks
  • Freshly Brewed Coffee Tall.
  • Coffee Frappuccino Tall.
  • Hot Tea.
  • Iced Coffee (With or Without Milk)
  • Caffe Latte Tall.
  • Espresso.
  • Caffè Americano.
  • Hot Chocolate.
Sep 23, 2022

Does Starbucks refill tumblers? ›

Before you get excited about filling your new tumbler with a Frappuccino, know this: the only drinks that you can get with your Starbucks Refill Tumbler are iced coffee, hot coffee, iced tea, and hot tea, and you can only get one refill per day.

How do I use the secret menu? ›

Here's how:
  1. Open the dialing pad as if you were making a phone call.
  2. Type *#0*#
  3. The menu will appear automatically.
Apr 7, 2022

Can I order Starbucks secret menu on the app? ›

Looking for the Secret Menu for Starbucks? Have you ever wanted to try something new when visiting your local coffee shop? Well now you can with the Secret Menu for Starbucks app! Try hundreds of new drink recipes like Snickerdoodle Frappuccino, and the Burnt Marshmallow!

How do secret menu items work? ›

Secret menus, also called hidden menus, are dishes or recipes that a restaurant can make, but has decided not to advertise, in order to build intrigue and allow customers to feel like they're in the know.

What is my Starbucks secret code? ›

A minimum balance of $5 is required to register a Starbucks Card. You'll need your Card's 16-digit number and the Card Security Code (CSC). This is the 8-digit number that can be found under the scratch-off coating on the back of your Card, or below the 16-digit number on an eGift.

What is the secret menu order? ›

If you're not familiar with the term, a secret menu is a list of foods that you can make at certain restaurants and fast food chains but that are not listed as options on-menu.

What is a menu hack? ›

“Menu hacking,” also known as a “secret menu,” is when a diner customizes their meal by combining different menu items based on personal preferences. The idea of menu hacking allows consumers to take a made-to-order approach and pair menu items with other dishes and ingredients on the menu.

What is hidden menu called? ›

It's called the System UI Tuner and it can be used for customizing an Android gadget's status bar, clock and app notification settings.

How do you order a Pennywise at Starbucks? ›

After you pick the size of your drink, order a Vanilla Bean Creme Frappuccino. Then, ask for strawberry puree on top. That's it! You could even ask for the strawberry puree to be added before the vanilla bean creme, up to you!

Does Starbucks have an official secret menu? ›

The Starbucks company does not officially recognize these items and does not train employees to make them, so there is no such thing as an "official" Starbucks secret menu. You'd do best not to confuse your barista and just order your secret menu item as a custom drink, instead of asking for it by name.

What is a ghost menu? ›

When brick-and-mortar eateries prepare a virtual restaurant's menu in their kitchen space, they're called operator managed ghost kitchens or virtual franchises. They won't list the virtual concept on their physical menu.

How do I open the secret Start menu? ›

That's right, it's that simple. All it takes is a simple right-click on the Start menu icon and the once hidden menu will appear. Some may find it easier to use the keyboard shortcut, as you can navigate through it with the directional keys and hit enter — all without touching your mouse or touchpad.

Does McDonald's have a secret menu? ›

You didn't hear it from us, but McDonald's has a secret menu just like our other fast-food faves. With the help of TikTok and Hack the Menu, we found McDonald's secret menu items that make the most of a drive-thru meal.

How do you get 50% at Starbucks? ›

To check if you are one of the lucky customers, rewards members can check the coupon section on the Starbucks app. If they're chosen, a half-off coupon will be available. The only requirement is to be a rewards member. If it's not there, keep checking.

Can you screenshot your Starbucks code? ›

Yes you can. Please make sure the QR code is clear so our partner can scan it. We can't be held responsible if an unclear picture or screenshot prevents you from redeeming the code.

How do you get a free cup from Starbucks? ›

How to get the free 2022 Starbucks reusable red cup. Customers who order a handcrafted holiday or fall beverage at participating Starbucks in the U.S. will receive the free reusable red cup, but only while supplies last. Hot, iced, or blended drinks are included in the deal.


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