Brand New Volkswagen Polo 1.0 Life 5dr | Arnold Clark (2023)

The sixth generation Volkswagen Polo has been much improved in this updated form. Jonathan Crouch takes a look.

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Ten Second Review

The Volkswagen Polo supermini model line is one of the most successful in supermini history. This improved version of the MK6 design is more advanced than before and comes with a smarter, more up-market look. Features like a digital instrument panel and a whole raft of camera-driven safety and autonomous driving kit also borrow much from the class above.

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Why would you buy a Volkswagen Polo? You wouldn't buy it on price, because there are many rival superminis that cost less. Many of these cars will have more equipment inside them. Some will even be nicer to drive. That much-vaunted Volkswagen build quality is, statistically at least, something that the Japanese and Koreans covered off some time ago. So what's the appeal?It's simple. The Polo is all about understated refinement or, to put it another way, conspicuously not trying too hard to impress. Now this is a very hard trick to carry off. Try too hard and this Volkswagen loses its cool. Don't try hard enough and the car looks like a complacent trinket for posers, which is possibly even less desirable. So with this improved sixth generation Polo, the Wolfsburg brand is looking to land it square in that profitable sweet spot.

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Driving Experience

Volkswagen always intended that this sixth generation Polo should ride like a much larger car and sure enough it does, easily shrugging off pock-marked urban surfaces, helped by its sophisticated light, stiff MQB A0 chassis, shared with cousins SEAT's Ibiza, Audi's A1 and Skoda's Fabia. Through the corners, this Polo isn't quite as agile as that SEAT or a rival Ford Fiesta - the rather light steering doesn't deliver a huge amount in terms of meaningful feedback - but body movements are well controlled and wider tracks deliver plenty of front end grip. A class-leading feature available across the Polo range is Volkswagen's clever assist system 'IQ.DRIVE Travel Assist', which brings together predictive ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) and Lane Assist to create a new assist system that enables partly automated driving.As for engines, well almost all buyers in our market are going to order a Polo with petrol power - specifically the 999cc three cylinder unit that now features in so many compact Volkswagen Group models. At the foot of the range, it appears in normally aspirated MPI form with 80PS. A better option though, if you can stretch to it, is the turbocharged TSI version of this unit, available with either 95PS and a choice of 5-speed manual or 7-speed DSG auto transmission; or 110PS and a DSG auto 7-speed gearbox. DSG auto transmission is conditional for those who choose the 207PS 2.0-litre engine fitted to the flagship GTI hot hatch model.

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Design and Build

The visual updates made to this sixth generation Polo are a little more noticeable than the changes made to its SEAT Ibiza cousin. If you know your Polos, you'll notice the smoother front end styling, which can now include the brand's piercing 'IQ.Light' intelligent LED matrix headlights, which allow individual settings for different driving conditions and environments. At the rear, there are revised, more Golf-like, tail lamp clusters. The result is a more mature, grown-up level of pavement presence.Inside, a key change is the incorporation of Volkswagen's 'Digital Cockpit', an 8.0-inch digital instrument screen to replace the standard binnacle dials - as standard equipment. This display grows to 10.25-inches in size further up the range from 'Style-spec. Otherwise though, the cabin is much as before, with its horizontally-orientated dashboard and a high placement for the 8.0-inch centre-dash 'Ready 2 Discover' infotainment screen. An upper cross-panel flows across the dash into the doors and can be colour-personalised to suit your taste. In the back, you may, as before, find that this design's relatively high waistline and shallow rear window make it feel a touch enclosed, but rear quarter light windows help and there's class-competitive elbow and legroom. Out back, there's a 355-litre boot, significantly bigger than the trunk offered in a Ford Fiesta. Fold the rear seats and up to 1,125-litres of space can be freed up.

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Market and Model

List pricing for this car actually starts from around £19,000. In practice though, it's pretty difficult to imagine many Polo owners paying much less than £22,000 and some will be shelling out a figure somewhere in the £23,000 to £25,000 bracket. The range kicks off with 'Life'-spec models, then you get a mid-range 'Style' variant, with plush 'R-Line' derivatives at the top of the mainstream range. You'll need a budget of around £28,000 if you want the top 2.0 TSI 207PS Polo GTI.This enhanced model introduces big-car technology to this compact Volkswagen. For example, the entry-level Polo 'Life' variants feature the brand's 'Travel Assist' system as standard for 95PS 'Life' models and above - making the Polo one of the first models in its segment to offer partly automated driving. LED headlights, Adaptive Cruise Control and an 8.0-inch Digital Cockpit are also among the enhanced Polo's factory-fit equipment, with handy features such as two front and two rear USB sockets, power-folding, adjustable and heated door mirrors, and automatic rain-sensing wipers also included as standard.The Polo's 8.0-inch 'Ready 2 Discover' infotainment system is built on the third-generation Modular Infotainment Matrix (MIB3) and therefore brings App-Connect, which uses either a USB connection or Bluetooth link to activate smartphone mirroring via the central touchscreen. The blend of value, technology and appeal of the 'Life' trim means that it is expected to take around 75% of Polo sales in the UK.

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Cost of Ownership

All of the Polo engines on offer are decently frugal. Let's get to the WLTP-rated fuel and CO2 stats. With the base unit, the 80PS version of the 1.0-litre MPI engine, you're supposed to be able to achieve up to 51.5mpg on the combined cycle and up to 124g/km of CO2. In contrast, in a 95PS 1.0 TSI turbo variant, those figures improve to 54.3mpg and 118g/km with a manual gearbox: it's 50.4mpg and 128g/km if you opt for that 1.0-litre TSI engine with a DSG auto gearbox and 110PS. What else? Well, the three year/60,000 mileage warranty isn't anything to write home about in a marketplace where other rivals offer more. But there is a choice of either 'Fixed' or 'Flexible' servicing regimes, depending on the mileage you expect to cover, the 'Fixed' package appropriate for cars covering under 10,000 miles a year. Residual values will continue to be strong: with the previous generation version, you could expect to get between 44 and 51% of your original purchase price back after three years or 36,000 miles. We don't expect that kind of showing to change much this time round.

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So, where does all that leave us? Well, in one of those situations where much has changed - but nothing is really very different. This improved version of the sixth generation Polo is a step on from its predecessor but if you want one, the reasons why will probably be much as they've always been with this car: it feels a quality cut above its rivals.Opting for one of these suggests that you choose to drive a small car, rather than necessarily needing to. It's a small but significant difference. At the end of the day, there's much to be said for an extra touch of quality and class. Seek those as your priorities and you'll find this little supermini more than happy to oblige.

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How much does a brand new Polo cost? ›

R 522 500.00 (Recommended retail)

How much is the new Polo 2022? ›

The range kicks off with the base Polo Sedan 1.6 MPI, which will be priced from R318 300 . Meanwhile, the Polo Sedan Life 1.6 MPI will come in from R345 600 , with the self-shifting Polo Sedan Life 1.6 MPI Tiptronic topping the portfolio at R365 500 .

Is Polo 1.0 TSI a good engine? ›

The 1.0 TSI is a gem, It acheives speeds of 80-90km with ease and on the highway the engine is barely awake at 1.5 - 2k rpm and knowing that there is still 4000 rpm of usable power is amazing. It takes a great deal of self control and mindfulness to drive this car at a slower pace.

Is the VW Polo 1.0 underpowered? ›

please suggest whether vehicle is underpowered. Volkswagen Polo's 1.0 MPI engine delivers 75.10bhp@6200rpm of power and 95Nm@2950-3800rpm of torque. That is sufficient enough for the city commutes. However, it is not recommended for enthusiast drivers.

Is Volkswagen Polo a good car? ›

It is a good car with a sturdy body. The driving experience is nice with great performance.

Why is Polo being discontinued? ›

India's sub-4 metre taxation policy has also deterred Volkswagen from bringing the next generation model here. The German brand getting penalised in Dieselgate and toughening regulations in India crippled Polo's further development.

How much is Polo 2022 in USA? ›

2022 Volkswagen Polo Pricing and Specs. The Volkswagen Polo 2022 prices range from $28,990 for the basic trim level Hatchback Polo Life to $49,888 for the top of the range Hatchback Polo GTI.

Is Volkswagen Polo expensive? ›

Volkswagen Polo price starts at ₹ 5.87 Lakh and goes upto ₹ 10.25 Lakh. The price of Petrol variant for Polo ranges between ₹ 5.87 Lakh - ₹ 10.25 Lakh and the price of Diesel variant for Polo ranges between ₹ 7.39 Lakh - ₹ 9.89 Lakh.

Is Polo 2022 a good car? ›

Yes - in fact it's probably the best small car on sale right now. With a classy and roomy interior, comfortable and refined drive and a range of punchy and smooth engines, it's a great overall buy.

How long does a Polo engine last? ›

What mileage should you expect from a Volkswagen Polo? A Volkswagen Polo that has been well taken care of should last 200,000 miles - maybe more.

Is Polo good for long drives? ›

It's good to ride. but make sure the chassis wont touch the ground. it's well protected with fibres. but the shocks of polo is sensitive.

Is a 1.0 TSI powerful? ›

Like we said, the 1.0TSI is a good engine to begin, it's just that the 1.5 is even better. So spending the extra money, especially knowing that other aspects of the car like looks, features and comfort, are the same, is because you want to, not because you need to.

Is a 1.0 engine good? ›

They're not only affordable to run and impressively peppy, but emit very little CO2 compared to larger engines. This makes them a great option for the environmentally-conscious. With cheaper insurance thrown into the mix, a 1.0 car is an attractive proposition for drivers of all ages.

Is 1.0 or 1.2 engine better? ›

1.0 engine is better in terms of moderate power and best mileage than 1.2. In 1.2 more acceleration means more fuel loss and there is no remarkable increase in power especially in hills n steep hairpins while compared to 1litre.

Why do people buy Polo? ›

Good build quality

The Polo offers great build quality, making the passengers feel safe inside the cabin. Moreover, along with good build quality, the Polo also comes with a good fit and finish.

Is Polo the safest car? ›

Volkswagen Polo has been awarded 4-star safety rating. 5-star rating is considered the best whereas 1-star rating is considered the worst.

Why do people love Polo cars? ›

The solid build quality with the practical package that fits even in the tiniest parking spaces made it perfect. It was one of the best hatchbacks the Indian market ever had, with excellent fuel efficiency. In addition to that, it had the quirky features European cars have, which gave it an extra edge.

Can I buy a Polo in 2022? ›

First launched in 2010, the Polo was on sale in India for around 12 years before the company finally pulled the plug on it in early 2022, due to declining sales. One reason for that is Volkswagen never really upgraded the Polo save for a few cosmetic facelifts.

What is replacing Polo? ›

What will replace the Volkswagen Polo in India? Volkswagen is currently focusing on its new made-for-India MQB-A0-IN-based products that are heavily localised, namely the Taigun SUV and the upcoming 'new global sedan' (Virtus).

Is VW Polo coming back? ›

Volkswagen Polo 2023 is a 5 seater hatchback. The Volkswagen Polo 2023 is expected to launch in India in November 2023. The Volkswagen Polo 2023 will rival GO Plus, Tiago and Punch. Expect prices to start from 8.00 Lakh.

Can you get a 1 Litre Polo? ›

If you're looking for a great deal on a used, nearly new or a brand-new 1.0 litre Volkswagen Polo car, then you've come to the right place. Parkers offers an extensive range of [EngineSize Polo models for sale to suit all budgets, tastes, and lifestyles.

Is VW Polo still on sale? ›

The Polo model is based on the old PQ platform. Each month just a few thousand units of the Polo are produced. A minor redesign could have easily extended the life of this iconic design by another 12 years or more. Volkswagen, on the other hand, has chosen to stop producing the Polo in India.

Where is the VW Polo built? ›

The facilities of Volkswagen Navarra, S.A. in Pamplona, Spain, have an area of some 1,630,000 square meters, of which 360,193 square meters are built-up. The Volkswagen Polo, the Volkswagen T-Cross and the Volkswagen Taigo are manufactured at Pamplona.

Is Polo expensive to insure? ›

You can find a number of VW Polos models in insurance group one (out of 50) – making them among the cheapest cars to insure. Even the most expensive Polos are still quite affordable when it comes to insurance. The priciest options only make it as high as group 30 (compared with Golfs, which range from group 6 to 36).

Are Volkswagen Polo cheap to repair? ›

WhoCanFixMyCar found that Volkswagen models were more expensive than their rivals on average for routine maintenance such as car batteries, brake pad replacements and servicing. The Golf in particular is also pricey for some non-routine repairs such as exhaust repairs and cambelt changes.

Is Volkswagen high maintenance? ›

Though Volkswagen is not on the cheap end of the car manufacturer's list, VW vehicles are well-made and surprisingly affordable to maintain. How much do Volkswagens cost to maintain? Volkswagen maintenance costs are about $676 per year on average, which is only a few dollars higher than the industry midpoint.

How much is vw polo 2022 in usa? ›

The Volkswagen Polo 2022 prices range from $25,250 for the basic trim level Hatchback Polo Life to $49,888 for the top of the range Hatchback Polo GTI.

How much is a Polo 2022 R line? ›

The latest generation VW Polo R-Line is priced from R445 500. Using VW's online configurator, the total cost of all the extras for the Polo amounts to R86 850.


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