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www.acblack.com Crossword Clues and Extracts Throughout this book we have used parts of clues and clues to illustrate a particular style of puzzle and how to solve the clue. It would have been difficult and confusing to include the source of each clue in the main layout of the book. Instead, we have credited the sources below. The clues we have used have come from a range of newspapers and magazines – we are indebted to the crossword setters for making the puzzles interesting, challenging and enjoyable to solve! The publications used as sources include: Daily Express, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, The Daily Record, Daily Telegraph, Financial Times, The Guardian, Independent, Independent on Sunday, The Observer, Radio Times, The Sun, Sunday Telegraph, Sunday Times, The Times

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INTRODUCTION Crosswords are a waste of time. There’s always something more useful to do. Like pursuing a career, raising kids, wallpapering, walking the dog, writing a novel. At least, that’s the way I saw it for many years. That is until I found myself flat on my back with a chronic illness. In that situation even the delights of TV, radio and records began to pall and, in frustration, I turned my attention to the cryptic puzzle in my daily paper. Up till then I had never given the wretched, impenetrable thing more than a glance. At first I had little success, managing maybe a couple of answers if I was lucky before throwing it aside in frustration. However, in time and using assorted reference books, I eventually completed my first grid – to my surprise and immense satisfaction. From then I was hooked, and was soon sampling all the broadsheet and tabloid papers – buying, begging, borrowing or stealing. And, in time, I was picking up prizes from national newspapers such as the Financial Times and the Independent. Looking back, I can see that my interest in cryptics was kick-started when it dawned on me that there was some regularity in the tricks that compilers got up to. As I couldn’t keep all their little dodges in my head I began writing them down, solely for my own reference. In time the notes became a thick file by the side of my bed. Although I use assorted dictionaries, thesauruses, reference books and so on – it was when I realised my own file had become not only my first means of attack when facing a virgin grid, but also my most-used source, it occurred to me there was a book in it that could be useful to others. And you hold the results in your hand.

BACKGROUND The story goes that the first crossword appeared in an American newspaper (the Sunday edition of the New York World) at the beginning of the last century. Since then crossword puzzles have spread to most cultures and have taken a variety of forms – from the original straightforward definitional type requiring factual answers to the more abstruse cryptic kind characterised by the use of convoluted clues, using puns and the playing of language games (see next page). Today’s grids can be square, rectangular or odd-shaped and can have either black squares or thick lines to separate the answers.


WHAT’S THE POINT? For a start cryptic crosswords must be enjoyed by a large number of the population because virtually every British newspaper, national and local, carries one. And there have been many famous addicts, notably film star Richard Burton, who we are told, had to have daily access to British cryptics no matter to what part of the world his job or wealth had taken him. Moreover, there is mounting medical opinion that they are downright healthy! Regular mental exercise is just as important as daily physical exercise and several prominent doctors have extolled the virtues of the crossword habit in staving off the ravages of age on the brain.

THE NATURE OF CRYPTICS Crosswords can be classified broadly into two groups. Firstly there is what is called the definitional type. They are easily recognized because their clues are usually short and their solution calls for knowledge rather than language manipulation. They appear under various titles such as Quickie, Coffee-break and Concise. They have two main sub-categories: the general knowledge type and the specialised, the latter appearing in magazines and drawing on the specialist knowledge of their particular readership from pop music and golf to train-spotting. Then there is the cryptic which has less the nature of a knowledge test and more the character of a game – a naked battle of wits between the compiler and the punter. And, like a game, it has its rules and conventions. An understanding of these is necessary and that is one of the purposes of this book.

CRYPTICS – CRACKING THE CODE In order to solve cryptics it is useful to look at the exercise from the point of view of the compiler. The setter of a crossword is actually on a par with a conjuror. In both activities the name of the game is deception. Deception has two forms. Firstly, disguise. A conjuror will disguise the trappings of his trade: what seems like a solid box, can be hollow. Similarly, through the clever use of words a crossword compiler will draw a veil over his actual intent. For example, 'Serve held by the Italian superstar' (4) embodies a couple of disguises. ‘Serve’ is dressed up in the clue as a noun, whereas the underlying intention is that it should be equated with the verb ‘to DO’ (i.e. as a charlady). On the other hand, ‘Italian’ is disguised as an adjective relating to ‘superstar’, yet its role lies in the two words ‘the


Italian’ (i.e. Italian for ‘the’) which is IL. Finally, DO ‘held by’ IL yields the solution IDOL, a term which can be applied to a superstar. Conversely a noun can be dressed up as a verb to throw you off the scent. Take 'Hide article held by Goneril's father' (7) Sitting at the front ‘Hide’ looks for all the world like a verb and you probably wouldn’t realise it isn’t until you start putting the thing together from the clue’s other parts. Goneril’s father is LEAR – don’t worry if you didn’t know this, it’s the kind of thing we have in our glossary. Then, LEAR goes around THE (article) to produce the answer LEATHER, a noun synonymous with hide. The second form of deception is misdirection. The astute observer knows that whenever a conjuror says ‘Look, nothing in my hand’, the real business is likely to be taking place somewhere else, like the magician’s other hand. And so too, with the crossword. One must fight the temptation to look where the compiler is directing our attention. Example: 'Set meal' (2,6) This is a familiar phrase describing restaurant fare. Once we are on our guard that we might be being misdirected, the last thing we should think of is a restaurant! So, what else can the word ‘set’ imply? A radio set? A television set? Bells might ring at that point, leading to the notion that, in that context, a ‘set meal’ is in fact a TV DINNER. Remember, the crossword clue has to be synonymous with the solution (or at least be strongly suggestive of the answer) so the compiler will be very wily in using the only tools available to the craft: disguise or misdirection, usually both at the same time.

EQUIPMENT FOR THE JOB The beginner really needs to have a handful of reference books handy. Now, there is a feeling amongst many solvers that the use of books, etc. is in some way cheating. I have no such qualms. Of course, there will be expert solvers who will pride themselves on finishing a broadsheet cryptic with no use of aids, but these lucky people must be a minority, an enviable elite. My attitude has always been that the compiler has many books and aids at his disposal so why should the common-or-garden solver (like me and most of the readers of this book) be at a disadvantage?


So you need: 1 a standard dictionary, the bigger and the more up to date the better. Obviously you can only use a dictionary if you already know what you are looking for, so the main function of your dictionary will be for confirming spelling. However it can also be used for checking the existence of a word you’ve never heard of. As an example, the word ‘barathea’ may mean nothing to you – as it meant nothing to me when I tackled the following clue: 'Arab returns holding two articles made from a fine woollen cloth' (7) However, ‘Arab returns’ gives you BARA, while THE and A are ‘two articles’. Putting the articles into BARA leads you to BAR-A-THE-A. Never heard of it, we say. But you look it up in your regular dictionary and discover (again, as I did) that BARATHEA is some kind of fabric. Another valuable use for dictionaries is to search for some combination or phrase, provided you know the first word. Say you are faced with 'Tossed aside?' (9,6) and the letters you already have suggest that the first word might be ‘throwaway’ but you have a mental block over ‘aside’ (mental blocks do happen). Looking through a dictionary can reveal the expression THROWAWAY REMARK – and you’re there. 2 a thesaurus, which will provide synonyms. The original thesaurus (Roget) now has several versions on the market. 3 an atlas. One of the side benefits of crossword puzzles for me is that I am pushed into brushing up my geography. 4 a UK Gazetteer (for example, an AA book) as almost any town and village in the UK is fair game. Also be warned: a knowledge of London landmarks and suburbs, not to mention Underground stations and lines, is assumed. If you live out in the sticks like me you will need some kind of map of the capital. In addition you will find useful 5 Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable. I had never heard of this wonderful tome until someone bought me one as a present. It is invaluable as a reference work on Classical Mythology and a whole range of literary and linguistic material. 6 a book of quotations. Not essential but you will get the occasional quotation thrown at you. But don’t be too worried because the quotes will be well-known ones.


7 anything with elementary French, German, Spanish, etc. (say, a tourist phrase book) as compilers are prone to include basic words from the major languages when they have a mind to. However, the most common borrowings from foreign tongues that are used in solution construction will be found in our glossary. 8 a book of lists, usually with Crossword in the title. Such a book not only gives all kinds of lists (flowers, mountains, etc.) but does so very helpfully in order of word-length. For example, Crossword Lists, published by A & C Black. (In the present book we do incorporate lists but we restrict ourselves to the short words amenable to being used as components.) Also, some of these books (and some dictionaries) list abbreviations, which figure constantly in cryptics. The present book does not aim for comprehensiveness in the provision of abbreviations, but most common ones have been included in the glossary along the way. 9 finally, the kind of books that you might find on the family bookshelf – the Bible, history books, general knowledge books, the works of Shakespeare and so on – will not come amiss. The characters created by Messrs Shakespeare and Dickens are regular cast members on the crossword stage. See Exit, pursued by a bear, also published by A & C Black. Incidentally, don’t be put off by the length of the above list. One or two books you probably have already and you can pick up the others piecemeal. I found that once people close to me knew of my new pastime, I began receiving appropriate books as presents. A daily dose of cryptic puzzle solving not only keeps the mind active – and you’ll be surprised how many people you meet (strangers included) who share your pastime once you get into the swing of it – it is also an ongoing educational experience. That is why it is no sin to use the back-up of reference books – indeed, even a pocket crossword machine. I received one of the latter as a present and am not ashamed to include it in my armoury. My technique is to tackle a puzzle in three stages: 1

I go through and see what I can do unaided;


then use books (starting with this one), and finally

3 take recourse to my little battery-operated friend, when there are any obstinate holes left in the grid, as there usually are. Again, this isn’t ‘cheating’. Professional compilers use them, so why shouldn’t we? Interestingly, it is one of the constant pleasures of crossword solving that, after hitting a brick wall with a particular grid and putting the thing aside for a while, a critical answer can come easily when one returns to it. As in other areas of activity, the value to the mind of a break is a mysterious but


real phenomenon. (Hey, phenomenon – that’s a word I can now spell, thanks to crosswords.) Still a mystery to psychologists as to its exact workings, the phenomenon seems to come about either because a break allows the brain to come at a problem from a different angle, or during the break the subconscious still works on the problem in some mysterious way. Finally, there is a clear pecking order in terms of difficulty with regard to the different national newspapers. Generally, the more popular the paper, the easier is the paper’s cryptic. So, the beginner may choose to start with a tabloid. However, test runs have shown that using this book, the novice can actually start with one of the broadsheets – the ‘Ivy League’ of crosswords – if so choosing. Before we go any further let’s get some technical words out of the way.

CROSSWORD TERMS Definition: It is one of the basic rules of the game that the compiler includes a word or phrase which defines the answer in some way. It will be in the form of a definition or an example. If the answer is MARSUPIAL the clue will include either a definition of marsupial or an example (for instance ‘kangaroo’ or ‘jumper’), the latter usually prefixed by ‘say’ indicating it is an example. Synonym: A word or phrase that has the same meaning as another (dog, cur, canine and so on). Because compilers will not usually give precise dictionary definitions of what they are after, the term ‘definition’ and ‘synonym’ themselves have the same meaning for our purposes. Component: The most common form of cryptic clue is the compound type where one is required to build up the solution from given bits. These bits are letters, groups of letters or complete words, and throughout this book we call them components or elements. They can be used as they stand or require adaptation (shortening, reversing etc.) as signalled by indicators. Indicator: We use the term indicator to describe a coded instruction about handling components. For instance, anagrams (mixing up letters) are one of the commonest devices and are signalled by indicators such as ‘mixed up’, ‘changed’, etc.


GUIDELINES AND CROSSWORD TRICKS A SIMPLE STARTING POINT About 80% of cryptic clues will contain the vital synonym either at the beginning or the end of the clue. Effectively this reduces the cryptic, at least in part, to an easier ‘concise’ puzzle. So one can make a start by limiting one’s attention to the beginning of a clue, and if this doesn’t throw up anything useful, concentrate for an equal amount of time on the end. Consider the following clue: 'Move quickly to squeeze Conservative out' (4) In this example the synonym lies at the beginning. Hence we need a synonym for ‘Move quickly’. Well, we take CRUSH (i.e. squeeze) from which we omit or ‘out’ C for Conservative, leaving us with the answer – RUSH. On the other hand, the synonym lies at the end of 'Beat veteran to the starting place' (9) Some kind of ‘starting place’ is what we require and THRESH (beat) + OLD (veteran) leads to THRESHOLD. So remember, about 40% of the time the definition of your answer is the first word or words of the clue, and about 40% it is the last word or words. Which leads us to another tip: if you can’t solve a clue straight away but notice the first and last words end in S, then there’s a good chance the answer ends in S. But use a pencil when you put it in, just in case.

LITTLE WORDS MEAN A LOT... (...AND MAY NOT BE AS INNOCENT AS THEY LOOK) Often the definite and indefinite articles (a, an, the) and other parts of speech are openly used in the clue to build the answer itself. For example, 'The gilt-edged alternative' (5) is deliberately written in a way that encourages you to overlook ‘The’. Yet its very letters are the bulk of the answer! THE edged with OR (i.e. gilt) is needed to construct O(THE)R which we run together to give the answer OTHER, the required synonym for ‘alternative’. The trick is a little more abstruse when we not only have to focus on a small word that our eye may skim over, but then be required to use only part of it. Consider the following cleverly constructed clue: 'Split half of capital' (5)


On the face of it, this looks like we are seeking a word synonymous with ‘Split’ which consists of half the letters of some capital city. If we think this then we have been successfully misdirected because, in fact, the ‘half’ applies to ‘of’. Then, with QUIT for ‘split’ and adding the O from ‘of’, we get QUITO, the capital of Ecuador. So keep an eye on the little words!

WORDS PUT INTO THE ‘WRONG’ CONTEXT The compiler will try to nudge your brain in the wrong direction by deliberately confusing parts of speech (using nouns as verbs, adjectives as nouns etc.) as in the following. 'Not the main sort of crustacean' (4-4) ‘Main’ is made to look like an adjective in the sense of ‘principal’ or ‘chief’. In fact it needs to be seen as a noun meaning ‘sea’. Thus, a crustacean not of the sea leads to the answer LAND-CRAB. (Incidentally, the compiler’s use of a noun as an adjective is not cheating in the sense of being grammatically illegal. Unlike many other languages which severely restrict parts of speech, English positively thrives on its looseness.)

SPOONERISMS If you didn’t already know it, The Rev. W.A.Spooner of Oxford is credited (or discredited) with the slip in speech where initial sounds of words are transposed so as to form some ludicrous combination, such as ‘The Lord is a shoving leopard’ (for ‘loving shepherd’). As a result the so-called spoonerism makes an occasional appearance in crosswords. A convoluted example is demonstrated by 'Not served by Hatter, one at tea-party put to sleep (as the eccentric Oxford don had it!)' (10) Ready? Then here we go: ‘One at tea party’ = HARE (remember the March Hare from ‘Alice in Wonderland’?). ‘Put to sleep’ = BEDDED. This gives us HARE-BEDDED which is then spoonerised to provide the answer BARE-HEADED (i.e. not served by hatter – or more plainly, without a hat). Phew!


WORDS DO NOT HAVE SACROSANCT BOUNDARIES A component word can be used to cross from one word to another in the answer. For example: 'City porter's to carry on to the end' (4,3) The ‘City’ is LA (i.e. the American city) and the required synonym for porter (i.e. the drink) is STOUT. This gives us LASTOUT – which we have then to split appropriately to give us LAST OUT i.e. to carry on to the end,

MISDIRECTION As we have said, misdirection is a standard ploy. For instance, the compiler can give a string of elements which automatically suggest a certain group or idea. In the following clever example one has difficulty avoiding the notion of publications when, in fact, the compiler has a completely different grouping in mind: 'Common feature of The Times and The Guardian – but not Punch' (7, 7) The important classification is not ‘publications’ but ‘parts of speech’, thus what is common to the first two titles but not the last is ‘The’. From this example, the answer: LEADING ARTICLE.

IGNORE PUNCTUATION! Beware of punctuation. While used to make some kind of sense to the clue, punctuation will also be used to misdirect the solver. Consider: 'Improvise after trade gets into difficulty, in a way' (7,3) ‘In a way’ looks separate from the rest, being split off with a comma. However, we should ignore the comma and read the last four words as a whole – because we need to look for something synonymous with ‘difficulty in a way’. Thus, ‘Improvise’ (JAM from jazz) placed after ‘trade’ (TRAFFIC) gives a ‘difficulty in a way’: TRAFFIC JAM, the answer. Note how the compiler has naughtily thrown in the comma to break up the synonym and put the solver off the track – as ‘difficulty in a way’ should be read as a whole without a break.


THE SENTENCE ITSELF One of the aspects of playing with words is to refer to the sentence itself while misdirecting attention or simply aiming to confuse. Consider: 'This would define it where you have to get it' (6,6) This could send your brain off in search of some form of shop. Following this train of thought you might come up with something like RETAIL OUTLET which has the requisite number of letters. But you should be uneasy with this, as it is only partially satisfactory. Further consideration might suggest that ‘it’ is actually the definition and we come up with the answer, DIRECT OBJECT, which is the grammatical function of ‘it’ in the sentence that makes up the clue.

THE DREADED PUN – WHERE BOOKS AREN’ T USEFUL A small number of clues are not based on synonyms and therefore are not amenable to book research. These are usually pun-based or otherwise tongue-in-cheek. With these cases there is nothing for it but to put on the old thinking cap. For instance: 'Might one be worn by a feller?' (6-6) A question mark often indicates that some extra trickery is going on. Here, the compiler is playing with the word ‘feller’, suggesting it is a casual way of spelling ‘fellow’ where in fact a feller of trees is the base reference, which directs us to the answer: LUMBER-JACKET.

OLD WORKHORSES These are the clichés of the game that are frequently used (‘feller’ in the above example is one of them), confounding beginners – and arousing an amused ‘Oh not again’ response from veterans. If you’re a beginner you’ll soon join the ranks of the groaners. For the record, amongst the commonest are ‘flower’ to denote a river and ‘number’ to denote some kind of painkiller. Another one, which we might call The Hidden ‘And’, requires AND to be inserted, without a direct reference to it in the clue. An easy example is: 'Measurement of horse's extremities?' (5) The extremities of the word ‘horse’s’ are the letters H and S. Inserting the implied AND we get H AND S, giving HANDS. Do I hear a groan already?


PLAYING THE GAME We have likened the crossword compiler to a conjuror. However, the analogy is not total because, unlike a conjuror, the compiler is not supposed to cheat. While a conjuror can tell us downright lies, a compiler is obliged to tell us the truth – albeit in a convoluted form. In this sense he is playing a game and like all games there are rules. One of these is that all words must count. No words must be thrown in just to make the clue look better. The implication of this is that the solver should consider every word. If you’re stuck, a useful tactic is to go through the clue again looking at each word separately. Having said that, there is some bending of this convention with little words. For instance, some setters do use definite and indefinite articles which are not strictly necessary for the definition. Another rule is that each clue must contain at least one definition of, or synonym for, the answer. What you are looking for – either as a word or phrase – is in there somewhere! In addition, the definition is supposed to be a good match with the solution. Again a reservation, as opinions do differ on this one with regard to particular cases. For example, The Times team are not allowed to equate CAN and ABLE. But the entries in this book are geared to what appears in a wide spread of puzzles and as other setters regularly use this specific pair they are included. I have to say that quite a few times I have quibbled with an example that I have come across – maybe it was a little unfair, clumsy or even non-PC – but my rule in compiling the glossary is that if it has appeared in practice it merits inclusion.

FORMS OF CLUE Usually the clues in a cryptic crossword fall into one of four categories: the compound, single definition, double definition and one that, for want of a better term, I call the whimsical clue. The Compound Type This is the most common form. Here the compiler provides components with instructions on how to put the solution together like a set of Lego bricks. The instructions are largely in the form of indicators (described later). This type has also been compared to Charades, being similar to the parlour game where hand signals are the coded instructions and mimes supply the components to make up the answer. Compound clues can be short and straightforward as: 'Stupid person departs with tear' (4) D (for departs) along with RIP (for tear) gives DRIP, a stupid person. The following is much longer but still straightforward:


'Not generating a profit, one French company has no managing leader in charge' (10) UNE (one French) + CO (company) + NO + M (managing leader) + IC (in charge) adds up to UNECONOMIC, not generating a profit. Some help on the compound type comes later when we look at indicators. Single Definition Masquerading as a clue from an ‘easy’ or ‘quick’ crossword this type gives what appears to be a straightforward definition, usually two words. However, for it to justify its position in a cryptic there must be a twist. Example: 'English flower' (5) The uninitiated might immediately start trawling a book of lists for a flower (i.e. a bloom) of five letters. However one should realise that the word ‘English’ is in there for a reason, denoting some kind of twist, The problem with these apparently simple ones is that even a seasoned solver cannot be sure of the answer until he has a few letters in. Say we have T-E-T and we are still having trouble finding a flower that fits. With experience we come to realise that ‘flower’ is an old standby for river (mentioned earlier), and we get TRENT. Double Definition This consists of two words (or phrases) that are synonymous with each other. Again, no indicators are used leaving the solver to rely entirely on his knowledge of words (or the books beside him). Example: 'Medium number' (5) The ‘medium’ that was assumed in former days to permeate space is ETHER, and it is also a ‘number’ (with a silent ‘b’), one of the old workhorses we have mentioned. Whimsical Clues The clues for these (and their answers) are usually longer than normal. A phrase or sentence is given very often with a question mark signalling that the answer is related to it in some quirky or humorous way. Of the four types of clue this is the one where reference books are of the least use because, with no indicators or other conventional help, the field is so open. Example: 'Not the monarch at Bannockburn?' (6,3,5) You can look up monarch and get a whole list of kings and queens. You can look up Bannockburn, with little effect, apart from maybe suggesting a


Scottish king, say Robert the Bruce – another red herring. Then it might occur to you to split up the last word and look up ‘bannock’ separately. That gives you ‘Scottish bread or cake’. Still no sense. Eventually, hopefully, you might relate ‘cake’ to ‘burn’ and, bingo, you come up with ALFRED THE GREAT. This type of clue can be quite a stumbling block in the completion of a grid and is thankfully restricted in use, although they do provide satisfaction and maybe a chuckle when cracked. Now, back to the most common type of clue, the compound.

INDICATORS The compiler will get up to all kinds of tricks to misguide the solver in building up the compound solution but the rules of the game require that he plays fair. Namely, he needs to specify what kind of legerdemain he is up to and he does this by using a set of codes that we have called indicators. A large number of such indicators has been built up and the most common ones will be found in this book. However, such a list can never be complete because adventurous setters are continually designing new ones. For our purposes indicators consist of the following groups. Anagram indicators Examples: mixed up, replaced, gusty, fixing, clumsy An anagram is a word of phrase formed from transposed letters of another word or set of words, e.g. LAIR and RAIL. Where the answer requires the construction of an anagram, an appropriate indicator will be given. Anagram indicators are many and varied but they all have in common the notion of something being wrong (e.g. broken, off) or changed (e.g. altered, redistributed) or worked on (e.g. hammered, sorted), that kind of thing. In the simplest form, the letters to be reworked will be contained in a single word as in the following example: 'Exceptionally good purse distributed' (5) Here the anagram indicator is ‘distributed’ telling us we have to shuffle some letters. The indicator is usually adjacent to the word (or words) to be operated on and in this case the target word is PURSE. The definition is ‘exceptionally good’ and, juggling the letters of PURSE leads us to the answer SUPER. A little more difficult is when we have several words or components to work on, as in: 'Draw entailed clashing with European' (9) The word ‘clashing’ signals an anagram. However, there are not enough letters in ‘entailed’ and we have to throw E (signalled by European) into


the mix. Our task then is to rearrange ENTAILED along with E to get a synonym for ‘draw’ – DELINEATE. Omission indicators Examples: drop, leave, quit Here target letters, words or components have to be omitted in order to help construct the answer. This requirement is signalled by such words as ‘out’, ‘not entirely’ and so on. Example: 'Out east, sell vehicle for writer' (4,5) ‘Out east’ suggests we should drop E (for east) from ‘sell’ or a word meaning the same. Thinking about it leads hopefully to MARKET which, with the E ‘outed’, becomes MARKT. ‘Vehicle’ clues WAIN while ‘writer’ is the definition, telling us a writer’s name is required. Putting MARKT and WAIN together, then splitting them appropriately we get the answer, the novelist MARK TWAIN. Reversal indicators Examples: return, rising, northern These make an appearance in the form of straightforward words like ‘back’, ‘over’, or more subtlely in words like ‘retiring’. Once we suspect a reversal we have to decide whether it requires us to reverse letters or whole components. In the following example, ‘retiring’ is the reversal indicator and it is the letters that have to be reversed: 'Papal diadem represented by retiring Italian painter' (5). IT (for Italian) is reversed, followed by ARA (i.e. an Associate of the Royal Academy) to give the Papal diadem: TI + ARA, that is TIARA. On the other hand, letter-order is to remain the same but the order of components is to be reversed in: 'Cheerful mug? Just the reverse' (6). ‘Mug’ clues BEAT UP, then the two words are put in reverse order to give ‘cheerful’: UPBEAT. In this second form, the reversal indicator can also be thought of as an ordering indicator – see later. Nesting indicators Examples: accepted, accomodation, nursing


Here one component is to be nested or embedded within another. The instruction can be in one of two forms. Firstly there is the notion of one component going into another (penned in, engaged in etc.) as in: 'First (first of Romans) engaged in building empire' (7) ‘First’ gives us the synonym for the word we are looking for, while ‘first of Romans’ gives us ‘R’. ‘Building’ is an anagram indicator signalling that ‘empire’ is an anagram. Fiddling around with the letters we get PEMIER. Into this we have to ‘engage’ or nest R to get PREMIER (i.e. first). Secondly, the indicator can focus on one component going round the other (examples: penning, restricting, absorbing, circling, choking etc.) as in: 'Rank ivy choking short bough's vitality' (8) ‘Rank’ indicates that ‘ivy’ is an anagram (VIY). ‘Short’ indicates that a synonym for ‘bough’ (BRANCH) should be shortened, specifically BRANC. Then ‘choking’ signifies that VIY should encircle BRANC to give ‘vitality’, namely VIBRANCY. Homophone indicators Example: audition, spoken, we hear A homophone is simply a component or word that sounds like another but has a different meaning, such as HEIR and AIR, and is a common device in crosswords. That such a target is sought is signalled by such words as ‘soundly’, ‘sounding’, ‘broadcast’, and by phrases like ‘on the radio’ etc. as in: 'Facilitate the sounding of notes' (4) Firstly, the word ‘sounding’ can be a homophone indicator, so we might be looking for sound-alikes. The notes required are EEs which is a homophone for EASE, the answer, i.e. ‘facilitate’. Another way the homophone game is played is to misguide us by the use of capital letters which are appropriate for the sense of the clue but inappropriate for getting the answer. For example: 'Popular accommodation inside Hull, we hear' (7) ‘We hear’ is a popular homophone indicator and its role in this clue is to suggest to us that we go by the sound of ‘Hull’. So we should read it, not as the town with a capital H, but as the common noun ‘hull’. In other words we are looking for something indicative of the interior of a boat. ‘Popular’ clues IN, ‘accommodation’ clues BOARD and we have the answer: INBOARD.


Run indicators Examples: run, piece of, outburst, occurring in In this case the setter is signalling that the answer (or required component) is embedded in the clue itself as a run or series of consecutive letters, usually crossing from one word to another. Common run indicators: ‘part of’, ‘not all’, ‘sampled in’, ‘section’. The beauty of this type is that once we have identified it as a straight ‘run’ clue it is the easiest to solve because the answer is staring us in the face as in the following: 'Oriental city with a noisy section' (5) ‘Section’ is cluing that we should look for a run, which inspection reveals to be within the phrase ‘with a noisy’ – HANOI which is the Oriental city of the answer. Strictly, ‘Hanoi’ requires a capital letter but another lesson that might be learned from the above example is that the normal rules about the use of capital letters are invariably ignored. So you may have to imagine the capital letter, as in the above. On the other hand, as in our Hull example, you might have to discount a capital letter to get to the answer. Here’s another one: 'Specific humidity as sampled in Cape' (5) ‘Sampled’ suggests that the answer lies in a run, and it does, But we are misdirected by the capital letter to Cape which suggests the answer is geographic. However, the answer is FICHU, which appears as a clear run of letters within the clue. And a fichu, our dictionary shows us, is a cape, an item of women’s clothing. As this type is one of the easiest to solve, there is rarely more than one within a crossword. But to confuse the issue, such a run may be in reverse or consist of alternate letters, the sequence of which can be signalled by odd, even, etc. as in 'Sway, creeping in at regular intervals' (5) Here, ‘Sway’ is the definition and the answer is REIGN, indicated by the even-numbered letters (i.e. at regular intervals) in the sequence ‘creeping in’. Whimsy indicators Examples: ?, “ ”, ! When the compiler takes a flight of fancy, pursues some caprice, uses poetic licence, stretches a point or otherwise breaks the rules, usually with humorous intent, there will be some indication by what we may call a


whimsy indicator. The most common such indicator is the use of a question mark. Also beware of an exclamation mark or quotation marks. Example: 'A "silly" place for flowers' (6,3) The answer is WINDOW BOX – the logic being that a window box is on a sill and therefore may be described as “silly”. Do I hear another groan? The remaining indicators require little explanation. Abbreviation indicators Examples: short, little, small Abbreviations are probably the most common device of all in cryptics and can be cued by words such as ‘briefly’. However, that an abbreviation is required is not always signalled, presumably because they are seen as a part of everyday speech. They fall into two types. Firstly, acronyms like RAF. Ideally the solver should have a separate abbreviations reference list but the present book includes most of the common examples and you’ll soon get used to the popular ones anyway, such as ‘artist’ calling for RA or ARA; ‘defence body’ for NATO, ‘accountant’ for CA and so on. Of course, computer acronyms are becoming increasingly common – DOS, RAM, ROM etc. The second kind are common shortenings and diminutives, and these are often signalled by ‘little’ for example. ‘Boy’ and ‘little boy’ call for a shortened first name (RON etc.). The same applies to ‘little girl’ with DI coming near if not at the top of the list. She makes one of her many appearances in this one: 'Absent-minded little girl with crazy artist' (8) which emerges as DISTRAIT (DI + an anagram of ARTIST) Colloquialism indicators Example: commonly, Cockney Apart from a small number (such as AINT) these are not very frequent and call for slang or other informal speech. If regional dialect is called for it will usually be signalled e.g. GANG requires ‘Scottish’ in the clue, NOUT and OUT (for nothing and something) requires ‘Northern’ or ‘Yorkshire’, and so on. Probably the most widespread use of colloquialism is the dropping of initial H signified by an apostrophe ( ’ ) as in 'Courageous London coppers start to take over the French 'abitation' (10)


where the last word clues OME (i.e. ’ome). Result: MET + T + LES + OME = METTLESOME. Repetition indicators Examples: again, repeatedly Just as it says, some letter or component (or its synonym) has to be repeated to complete the answer. Initial letter indicator Examples: leader of, hint of, pointer The signal that you are to use only the first letter of a word usually comes in the form of straightforward words like ‘front’, ‘beginning’ or ‘start’, as ‘start of hostilities’ cues H. However, the compiler may use a more abstruse word such as ‘top’ as where ‘top-sail’ clues S. Even more abstruse is the use of a synonym for ‘top’ that fits the character of the clue. Consider: 'Old boat's load seen with hatch removed' (4) The initial letter indicator is ‘hatch’ (i.e. top). Removing the initial letter from CARGO (load) we get ARGO, an ‘old boat’, the vessel of Jason and his Argonauts. Other specific letter indicators Examples: last, finally, middle Apart from the initial letter indicator, indicators can call for the last or central letters of words to be used. Occasionally, a numbered letter may be stipulated. For example ‘the fourth of July’ identifies Y. With me being an avid classics fan, it took a long time to sink in that, in the context of cryptics, Beethoven’s Fifth has got nothing to do with old Ludwig at all. Ordering indicators These specify the order in which components are to be set and are usually self-explanatory in the form of ‘first’, ‘last’, ‘before’ and so on. In the following, ‘chases’ is an ordering indicator: 'Wild lady chases thousand in a crazy manner' (5) Its function is to tell you that ‘wild lady’ (an anagram of LADY) follows M (for thousand) – giving MADLY.


Palindrome indicators A palindrome is a word which is spelled the same whichever way you read it e.g. LEVEL, ANNA and their use is indicated by phrases such as ‘in both directions’. In the following ‘whichever way you look at it’ plays the role of a palindrome indicator: 'It's to be done whichever way you look at it' (4) which is satisfied by DEED. Such words do crop up but, just as they are rare in reality, they are rare in crosswords too. Combinations Most compound clues will contain a combination of indicators, usually two but three or more are possible. For example, 'Singer pockets rearward ball, then another, in pool' (9) incorporates three: ‘pockets’ is a nesting indicator ‘rearward’ is a reversal indicator ‘another’ is a repetition indicator Here we go. ‘Ball’ is reversed – LLAB, to be followed by another ball (i.e. O) to give LLABO. This is then nested within the singer BING (the compiler assumes you remember him) yielding BI-LLABO-NG, i.e. BILLABONG, an Australian word for pool!



Remember that in the majority of cases the synonym for the answer is the first or last part of the clue.


Ignore the obvious. Remember that the setter is trying to trap you with the obvious, so look for a less obvious meaning.


Consider each word separately, especially when the words have been made to look as if they go together.


Be on the lookout for the code words and phrases that serve as indicators.


When you reach an impasse with a particular grid, don’t lose your cool and give up. Just put it aside for a while, do something else and return to it at another convenient time. Remember, these things are supposed to be fun.


A LAST WORD Finally, it has to be said that a book such as this can never be complete. New words are being coined everyday and old words are taking on new meanings, so even an imposing authoritative dictionary can never be up-to-date. Bearing that in mind, the entries in this book can be seen as being of two kinds. Firstly there is the core of standard indicators and components that are a part of the compiler’s armoury. While we hope that most of them are contained here, it must be borne in mind that compilers are an ingenious lot and are forever devising new tricks with which to challenge us. The glossary’s other entries may be seen as peripheral in the sense that they surround this core and are themselves at the edge of the vast lexicon that is the evolving and expanding English language. This is where your dictionaries and other reference books come in. Therefore, if you are a beginner and are prepared to persevere, this book should certainly help you to make some inroads into a grid. And, if it does that for you, it’s done its job. As implied at the beginning, I now have a modicum of experience at puzzling, but the following glossary is still my main source of reference – so I’m sure even case-hardened veterans will find it of use. OK, keep your wits about you, be alert to the continual flood of new words and, if this is your copy, don’t be afraid to write your own discoveries in the margins – that’s what they’re there for. Lastly, to beginners and veterans alike – happy puzzling!


PREFACE TO THE SECOND EDITION As with the first edition, the aim continues to be the provision of a handy reference for the codes and words used for building solutions to cryptic crosswords. Apart from considerable increase in content, some minor changes have been incorporated. Where a headword is accompanied by a long list, the entries are now divided into two. As an aid to the solver’s task, abbreviations, components and the most common words are provided first. Then, following the 쐍 symbol, longer and less common words are given. Although it is not the intention to provide a comprehensive thesaurus, these longer entries, being complete words, are more likely to be full answers in themselves. In the choice of these particular words, some priority has been given to those which, it is thought, may not occur readily to the solver. Also, technical terms used in the discussion of crosswords are now included and these are positioned alphabetically in the text preceded by the symbol 쐓. As they have already been explained in the introduction, they are provided in the text more as reminders for the reader to stumble upon but they can be looked up specifically to help one’s understanding as they provide extra examples and may give a different slant.

FORMAT OF ENTRIES Entries are usually made up in the following way: (1) Listed first in alphabetical order are possible components that are often used in the construction of words. Then, following a black square (쐍) as explained above, complete words are shown that are longer and likely to be full answers in themselves. When lists are extensive, this lay-out has the added advantage of splitting up the items into the more common, then the less common, which should make the reader’s task a little easier. (2) Next come comments on the entry with regard to its use as a coded instruction i.e. anagram indicator, homophone indicator etc. (3) Finally, in squared brackets marked 쒁, some words are offered which are commonly associated with the entry. For example, the sausage entry will give BANGER and so on, but will round off with [쒁 DOG].


CROSS-REFERENCING Two kinds of cross-referencing are used. Where a word is in the entry as a useful component in itself but can further expand the synonyms that the solver may be looking for, it is marked by (qv) so that it can be referred to as a headword in its own right. Where it may be to advantage to look up a word that is not in the entry list, the reader’s attention will be drawn to it at the end of the relevant list preceded by the instruction ‘see …’

ABBREVIATIONS USED IN THIS BOOK AC A.S. abbr. adj. Afr. alt. anag. anat. ans. arch. Aus. bot. Chin. colloq. cric. DC East. eng. esp. excl. Gael. hom. imper. Ital. Lat. mus. myth.

Across clue Anglo-Saxon abbreviation adjective African alternative anagram anatomical answer archaic Australian Botanical Chinese colloquialism Cricket Down clue Eastern engineering especially exclamation Gaelic homophone imperative Italian Latin music mythology


naut. physio. pr. (qv) rev. Scand. Scot. Shak. sp. Sp. univ. U.S. v. with cap Yid.

nautical physiology printing indicates a word that is a headword in itself reverse, reversal Scandinavian Scottish Shakespearean spelling Spanish university United States verb with a capital letter Yiddish


associated word or words

leads to, gives the following answer


the exclamation mark is used to emphasise that a device may need thinking about or has an element of wit

used as a divider between more common and less common words and components in entry lists

쐓 *

denotes a technical term used in crosswords


denotes that what is given in the clue is not the definition but an example of the definition. So, in our book the headword trade will give DEAL, SWAP etc. which are ‘definitions’. However, the headword trade* covers cases such as ‘trade for example’, ‘trade for instance’, ‘trade, say’ against which you will find WIND to suggest to you that the unstated reference might be trade wind


Aa a, A ONE; PER; TOP; UPPER; be wary that ‘a’ is often used in the guise of being part of the grammar of the clue sentence when it is in fact a component to be used in constructing the answer a change of air ARIA a follower B a foreign EIN; UNE; UNE A4 SHEET a French UN; UNE a German EIN a head EACH; PER a Parisian UN; UNE a second AS a university’s AUS AA can indicate something to do with (i) Alcoholics Anonymous, (ii) Automobile Association, or (iii) author A. A. Milne, creator of Winnie the Pooh Aaron’s brother MOSES AB RATING; TAR; can indicate something to do with sailors, boats, navy etc. abacus COUNTER abandon CEDE; CUT; DITCH; DROP; DUMP; FREE; JILT; LEAVE; QUIT; SCRAP; SHED; SLOUGH; STRAND; YIELD; 쐍 AXE; CHANGE; DESERT; SHELVE; omission indicator, as “seen to abandon extremes” 씮 EE abandon, with anagram indicator abandoned EX; FREE; LEFT; LOOSE; LORN; OFF; QUIT; SHED; anagram indicator; omission indicator abandoned item RELIC abandoning anagram indicator abandonment CESSION abash SHAME abase LOWER abate FALL

abated FELL abbreviations being short groups of letters (or even a single letter), abbreviations are a common staple of cryptics in which they are used as building blocks to form answers. For example, “doctor” (qv) can require the use of DR, MO etc., while “say” or “for example” can be code for the use of EG (an abbreviation of the Latin exempli gratia in the form of e.g.) and so on abdicate RESIGN abdominal pain COLIC Abel’s murderer CAIN abet AID; see HELP abhor DETEST abhorrent ODIOUS abide BEAR; BROOK; DWELL; LIVE; STAND; STAY Abigail MAID ability ART; FLAIR; POWER; SENSE; SKILL; TALENT ability, natural APTITUDE able ACUTE; BRAINY; BRIGHT; CLEVER; DEFT; FIT; GOOD; HANDY; QUICK; SHARP; SLICK; 쐍 ACTIVE; ADEPT; with a capital letter, can signify a sailor able, be, is CAN ablution BATH ably WELL abnormal ODD (qv); anagram indicator abnormal form SPORT; 쐍 MUTATION abnormality WARP aboard ON; run indicator; nesting indicator which is usually disguised in a seafaring context as “Family aboard tanker” 씮 OILSKINS (i.e. KIN is nested within OIL S.S.) aboard ship can indicate that a component is to be nested within SS abode PAD; see DWELLING abode, poor HOVEL abolish SCRUB; see BAN



abolished omission indicator; can indicate a word (or phrase) beginning with NO (as “Service abolished? That’s fate” 씮 NORN) abominable anagram indicator abominable snowman YETI aborted anagram indicator abound SWARM; TEEM about A; AROUND; ASTIR; AT; (i.e. circa); CA; OF; ON; OVER; RE; UP; anagram indicator; reversal indicator; nesting indicator about noon requires N to be nested within a component about now anagram of NOW; NOW or a synonym (e.g. AD) to be nested within a component about time CAGE (i.e. c + age); CT; RET; T to be nested within a component; a synonym for time (e.g. AGE) to be nested within a component – see TIME for synonyms about to dock ROOM about to drop ALLIN (i.e. all in) about to go READY; SET; indicator for C to be omitted about to break into RE to be nested within a word or component about to leave can indicate that a synonym of “about” (e.g. C, RE, see ABOUT) is to be omitted above OVER above all a component to be placed in front of ALL, SUM etc above all others BEST; CREAM; TOP Abraham’s nephew LOT Abraham’s place/of birth UR abrasion SCRAPE abreast LEVEL abridge see CUT abridged omission indicator (as “abridged edition” 씮 ED); can call for some abbreviation abroad AWAY; GONE; OFF; OUT; 쐍 ABSENT; can indicate the foreign version of a word as “abroad she” 씮 ELLE; anagram indicator abrupt (very) CURT; RUDE; TERSE


abscond BOLT; DESERT; ELOPE; FLEE; RAT; see RUN absence BLANK; LACK; NEED; WANT absence of NO; 쐍 WITHOUT; omission indicator (as “absence of oxygen” calls for O to be omitted) absent AWAY; GONE; OFF; OUT; 쐍 ABROAD; MISSING; omission indicator absent-minded SCATTY; 쐍 DISTRAIT absent oneself GO absolute SHEER; UTTER absolutely QUITE; YES absolve CLEAR absorb EAT; nesting indicator absorbed by nesting indicator absorbing nesting indicator abstain FAST; 쐍 DESIST abstainer TT abstainers AA abstaining anagram indicator abstemious TT abstemious, time to be LENT abstentionist DRY abstinence, period of/time of FAST; LENT abstract DIGEST; PRECIS; RESUME; anagram indicator abstract painting OPART (i.e. OP ART) absurd DAFT; SILLY; WILD; anagram indicator absurdly anagram indicator abundance, be in TEEM abundant RICH abuse CHEEK; CURSE; FLAK; HARM; ILL; LIP; MUD; RAIL; RAILING; RATE; anagram indicator; 쐍 INSULT; REVILE; TIRADE VERBAL abused HURT; anagram indicator abusing anagram indicator abusive, be see ABUSE abysmal BAD; POOR; 쐍 CHASMIC abysmally anagram indicator abyss DEEP; HELL; HOLE; PIT acacia WATTLE


academic BA; DON; FELLOW; LECTOR; MA; PROF; see DEGREE; 쐍 GRADUATE; PROFESSOR; READER academic achievement BA; MA; see DEGREE academic appointment CHAIR academic award GRANT academic establishment LSE; MIT; SCHOOL; U; UNI; see COLLEGE, UNIVERSITY academic position CHAIR academic stream CAM; ISIS academic terms SESSION academician ARA; RA academy A accent ACUTE; BEAT; BROGUE; BURR; GRAVE; MARK; PITCH; SOUND; STRESS; TONE; TWANG accent, “correct” RP accept PASS; TAKE; WEAR; nesting or run indicator accept without questioning SWALLOW acceptable DONE; GOOD; LICIT; MEET; NICE; ON; OK; U; WORTHY; nesting indicator as “an acceptable” requires AN to be nested acceptable, socially DONE; IN; U acceptance from France OUI accepted IN; TOOK; U; nesting indicator accepting nesting indicator access DOOR; ENTREE; ENTRY; GATE; nesting indicator access, gain HACK accessory EXTRA; TIE accident BUMP; CHANCE; CRASH; FLUKE; SMASH; SPILL; anagram indicator accident, by FLUKEY; FLUKY accident, have an SLIP accident, minor SHUNT accident, narrowly avoided MISS accident, no MEANT accidental FLAT (mus.); HAP accidentally anagram indicator acclaim PRAISE

accommodate ADAPT; BOARD; HOUSE; nesting indicator accommodated by nesting indicator accommodates nesting indicator accommodating KIND; nesting indicator; run indicator accommodation BB; BOARD; DIGS; FLAT; HOME; HOUSE; MESS; MOTEL; NEST; PAD; ROOM; SPACE; VILLA; 쐍 CAMP; HUTCH; LODGING; MANSE; QUARTERS; SHELTER; STABLE; nesting indicator; anagram indicator; see BUILDING accommodation, more ANNEXE accommodation, temporary CAMP; TENT accommodation to, affording/ giving nesting indicator accommodation for nesting indicator accommodation for animals CORRAL; DEN; LAIR; PEN; POUND; STY; ZOO accommodation, give HOUSE accommodation, one renting TENANT accompanied ACC accompanied by WITH accompanied by Cockney WIV accompaniment BACKING; can signify a phrase beginning with WHILE accompany BACK accompanying AND; WITH; can simply mean that one component is to follow another accomplished ABLE; DID; DONE; OVER; see ABLE accomplishment FEAT; SKILL accord COMPLY according to AFTER; PER accordingly SO; THUS accost STOP; 쐍 MOLEST account AC; ACC; BILL; FUND; RESUME; SCORE; STORY; TALE; TALLY; VERSION; SCORE; TALLY; 쐍 RECORD;


account, brief

RELATION; REPORT; can indicate something to do with a novel account, brief AC; ACC; NOTE account, long EPIC accountant ACC; CA; CLERK; 쐍 AUDITOR; [쒁 AUDIT; BALANCE] accountants CACA; CAS accumulate AMASS; KEEP accuracy TRUTH accurate EXACT; RIGHT; 쐍 PRECISE accurate, not OUT accusation CHARGE; SLUR accusation, bring an LODGE accusation, response to PLEA accuse BLAME; BOOK; BRAND; CHARGE; INDICT; NAME; SMEAR; SUE; TAX accustomed USED; 쐍 INURED ace A; BEST; CARD; CRACK; ONE; SERVE; STAR; STROKE; SUPER; TOP; 쐍 EXPERT; PRIME; WINNER ace, flying BADER acerbic BITTER; SHARP; SOUR; TART acetic SHARP ache LONG; SMART; YEARN ache, slight TWINGE achieve DO; GET; HIT; MEET; PASS; WIN achieved DONE; GOT; HIT; MET achieved, isn’t quite last letter(s) to be omitted achievement FEAT; SLAM (i.e. at cards) acid BITTER; SOUR; TART; URIC; 쐍 PHENOL acid* JAZZ acid, measure of PH acid, type of FOLIC acidity level PH acidity, soil PH acknowledge ACK; ALLOW; KNOW; NOD; OWN; WAVE; 쐍 ADMIT acknowledged ACK; KNEW acknowledgement LETTER; NOD; ROGER; WAVE; can indicate a specific greeting e.g. HI


acknowledgement of mistake OOPS Ackroyd ROGER acme PEAK; TOP (qv) acne SPOTS acorn SEED; 쐍 ANCESTOR; FRUIT; [쒁 OAK] acquiesce RESIGN; 쐍 AGREE acquire BAG; CATCH; EARN; FIND; GAIN; GET; LAND; NET; TAKE; WIN acquire unfairly see STEAL acquired BOUGHT; FOUND; GOT acquiring nesting indicator acquisition BUY acquit BEAR; CLEAR; FREE; 쐍 ABSOLVE; RELEASE acre AREA; FIELD acreage STRETCH acrid BITTER; SHARP acrobat TUMBLER acrobatic FLEET; anagram indicator acrobatically anagram indicator acronym first letters indicator; can indicate a standard acronym (UN, RA, RAF etc) across AX; OVER; 쐍 ATHWART act BILL; BLUFF; DEED; DO; LAW; MOVE; PLAY; POSE; SHAM; SHOW; STUNT; TURN; 쐍 PERFORM act badly HAM act foolishly TRIFLE act in exaggerated fashion HAM act indecisively DITHER; WAVER act out PLAY; anagram of ACT act partly SCENE act, reversal of REPEAL act uneasily anagram of ACT act, unkind CUT act vigorously GOIT (i.e. go it) acted DID acting anagram indicator acting, system of METHOD action CASE; DEED; FIGHT; PLAY; SUIT; WAR; 쐍 BATTLE;


DOING; STEP; STRIKE; anagram indicator; [쒁 FORCE] action, in anagram indicator action, person taking DOER action, prepare for ARM action, start SUE action, started SUED activate BOOST; CHEER; HEAT; MOVE; ROUSE; START; STIR; WAKE activated, activating anagram indicator active ABLE; ABOUT; BUSY; SPRY; UP; anagram indicator active, be DO actively anagram indicator activity FEVER; HUM; RUSH; 쐍 BUSTLE; DOING; FERMENT; HUSTLE; anagram indicator activity, corrupt VICE activity, non serious PLAY actor AGENT; EXTRA; GABLE; HAM; LOM; PLAYER; TREE; 쐍 DOER; OLIVIER; PECK; [쒁 LINES; SCRIPT; STAGE] actor, bad, poor HAM actor, big-name STAR actor, clumsy HAM actor, leading STAR actor, old TREE actor’s words LINES actors CAST; 쐍 TROUPE; can indicate something to do with acting, role, part, stage actors’ union EQUITY actress LEIGH actress, famous TERRY actress, old GISH acts can indicate something to do with Acts, the Biblical book actual REAL; TRUE; VERY acute KEEN; SHARP ad see ADVERTISEMENT ad hoc anagram indicator adage SAW Adam’s ale HYDRO; WATER adapt ADJUST (qv); FIT; 쐍 CHANGE; IMPROVE; anagram indicator adaptable, adapted, adapting, adaptation anagram indicator

ADC AIDE add PUT; SUM; TOT; TOTAL; 쐍 APPEND; CAST (arch.) add alcohol LACE add secret ingredient LACE add up MUS; see ADD added ON; PLUS added item PS added to a component is to be placed alongside another; nesting indicator adder SNAKE; SUMMER; can indicate something to do with an accountant, calculator etc addict USER; 쐍 FIEND addict’s treatment DETOX addicted HOOKED addition EXTRA; MORE; ON; PS; SUM; 쐍 ANNEX addition, in AND; PLUS; TOO; 쐍 ALSO addition to, in ON additional EXTRA; MORE; NEW; OTHER; OVER; PLUS; SECOND additional item MORE; PS additional material/words PS addled BAD addling ROTTING address DIRECT; FACE; HOME; PAD; PLACE; ORATION; SPEAK; TALK; 쐍 LOCATION; NUMBER; SPEECH; TITLE address, give ORATE; SPEAK; see ADDRESS address, in homophone indicator addressed SENT adept HANDY; PRO; see ABLE, CLEVER adequate AMPLE; ENOUGH; OK adequate, are SERVE adequate, barely SCANT adequate, be PASS adequately OK adhere CLEAVE; CLING; STICK adherent FAN; BUFF; can indicate a word ending in IST (e.g. impressionist) adherents CAMP adhesive GLUE; GUM; PASTE; STICKY



adjacent BESIDE; CLOSE; NEAR; NEXT; ordering indicator adjourned ROSE adjournment BREAK; RECESS adjudication JURY adjust ALIGN; ALTER; ARRANGE; FIT; ORDER; SET; TUNE; 쐍 CHANGE adjustable, adjusted anagram indicator adjusting anagram indicator adjustment anagram indicator adjustment, make TWEAK adjustment, needing anagram indicator administer APPLY; DIRECT; RUN administered RAN; anagram indicator administration anagram indicator administrative district WARD administrative division PARISH; REGION administrator HEAD; REGENT; see CHIEF admirable person BRICK; HERO; ST; TRUMP admiral ADM; DRAKE; HOOD; 쐍 BLIGH; NELSON admire LIKE; REVERE admired man HERO admirer BEAU; FAN; LOVER; SUITOR admission ENTRY; IM (i.e. I’M); nesting indicator admission card TICKET admission, giving nesting indicator admission office RECEPTION admission, publicise OUT admit ALLOW; ENTER; GRANT; OWN; LET; 쐍 ACCEPT; can require I followed by a AM or DO etc as “Heathen admits to being a procrastinator” 씮 IDOLATOR admit superiority CEDE; YIELD admits nesting indicator; can require I followed by a AM or DO etc, see ADMIT admittance, seek KNOCK


admitted IN; OWNED; nesting indicator admitted (to secrets) PRIVY admonish CHIDE; WARN ado TROUBLE (qv); anagram indicator adopt AFFECT; TAKE adopted nesting indicator adopted by nesting indicator adolescence YOUTH adolescent TEEN; YOUTH adore LOVE adorn DECK; 쐍 BEDECK; DECORATE adornment see GEM, JEWELLERY, STONE adornment, with little BALD; PLAIN adrenalin, source of GLAND adrift FREE; LOOSE; OFF; OUT; anagram indicator adroit CLEVER adult A; BLUE; MAN adult males MEN adulterate FIX; 쐍 DOCTOR adulterated MIXED; anagram indicator advance COME; CLIMB; GAIN; LEAD; LEND; LOAN; MOVE; OFFER; ON: PRE; PREFER; RAISE; RISE; STEP; SUB; 쐍 NEAR; PROGRESS advance, amorous PASS advance cautiously INCH; NOSE advance, in can indicate a word beginning with PRE advance, made LENT advance, make LEND; LOAN advance of funds IMPREST advance payment ANTE; SUB advance stealthily CRAWL; CREEP; EDGE; INCH advanced AHEAD; EARLY; LENT; NEW; 쐍 FORWARD advanced in years AGED; OLD advanced, is can indicate that a letter in a word is brought forward (usually by one place) as “Man: leading intelligence in brain is advanced” 씮 BRIAN

African port

Advanced Passenger Train APT advances, made LENT advancing COMING; RISING; one letter to be moved to beginning of word advantage ASSET; BOON; EDGE; GAIN; GOOD; PLUS; PRO; START; VAN; 쐍 BENEFIT; PROFIT; [쒁 CAP] advantage of, take USE advantage of, taken USED advantage, take AVAIL; MILK; USE advent COMING advert see ADVERTISEMENT advertise PLUG; PUFF; PUSH; 쐍 PROMOTE advertised, effectively SOLD advertisement AD; HYPE; NOTICE; PLUG; POSTER; PUFF advertiser’s broadcast message BY advertiser’s message BUY advertising PROMO; see ADVERTISING advertising firm HOUSE advice CLUE; HELP; HINT; TIP; 쐍 COUNSEL advice, former/old REDE advisable WELL advisable, more BETTER advise CAUTION; GUIDE; INFORM advise, strongly URGE advisor MENTOR advocacy, exaggerated HYPE advocate PLEAD; URGE advocate in court PLEAD advocates BAR aerial UP aerobatic manoeuvre LOOP aeroplane BUS; CRATE aeroplane, part of CABIN; WING aesthete, like an ARTY aesthetic ARTY affair AMOUR; DO; FLING; MATTER 쐍 CONCERN; INTRIGUE

affect MOVE; 쐍 CONCERN; IMPRESS; TOUCH affect, badly DENT affect slightly TINGE affectation POSE; anagram indicator affected ARCH; ARTY; CAMP; anagram indicator affected attitude AIRS affected by drink/drug SMASHED affected, one FOP affecting anagram indicator affection LOVE affection, demonstration / show / sign of CARESS; HUG; KISS affection, sign of KISS affection, token of RING affectionate FOND; TENDER; 쐍 LOVING affiliation LINK; TIE affirm AVER; OK; STATE; SWEAR affirmative AY; AYE; OK; YES affirmative yore AY affirmed SWORN affixed STUCK afflicted LAME; 쐍 STRICKEN; anagram indicator affliction ACHE; TRIAL; anagram indicator; see ILLNESS, PAIN affluence EASE affluent RICH affray MELEE affront INSULT; SLIGHT (qv) Afghan DOG aficionado FAN afield ABROAD; AWAY; OUT aflame ALIGHT; BURNING; LIT aforesaid DITTO afraid LEERY; SCARED; WINDY; 쐍 CHICKEN; DREADING; FEARFUL; YELLOW afresh RE; anagram indicator Africa, part of NATAL; 쐍 BENIN African MOOR; RIFF African chief OBA African city TUNIS African country BENIN African party ANC African port ORAN


African prince

African prince RAS African province NATAL Afro-Caribbean BLACK aft BACK after LATER; PAST; POST; SINCE; 쐍 SEEKING; ordering indicator after a time LATE; a component to follow AT after hours LATE after midnight AM after-school activity FISHING(!) after speaking LATOR (hom.) after that time SINCE after tax NETT after time LATE after you were meant to LATE afternoon PM afternoon, early in the ATI (i.e. at one) afterthought PS afterwards LATER; THEN again ANEW; BACK; BIS (mus.); MORE; OVER; RE; can indicate an element is to be repeated; anagram indicator again, perform REDO against AGIN; ANTI; AVERSE; CON; CONTRA; V; 쐍 COUNTER; one component is to be placed alongside another against, be OPPOSE against it, to be up ABUT age CYCLE; ERA; EON; TIME; PERIOD; YEAR; 쐍 AEON age, at a young EARLY age, show evidence of DATE; YELLOW ageing GREY; OLD agencies MEDIA agency CIA; HAND; MEANS; 쐍 BUREAU; OFFICE agency girl TEMP agency, intelligence CIA agency, news TASS agency worker TEMP agent BOND; FACTOR; FED; REP; SPY; TOOL; 쐍 BROKER; BUYER; DELEGATE; IMPLEMENT; SLEEPER; can indicate a specific tool (as “bor-


ing agent” cues AWL); can indicate any thing that produces a result, thus “press agent” can lead to FLATIRON agent, business FACTOR agent, insurance BROKER agents CIA; MI; SPIES ages YONKS; see AGE aggravate IRK; NETTLE; PRY aggravated, aggravating anagram indicator aggregate, mineral ORE aggressive HARD; 쐍 FIERCE; MACHO aggressive person BULL; BULLY aggressively masculine BUTCH aggrieved SORE; anagram indicator aggro TROUBLE agile SPRY; 쐍 NIMBLE aging OLD aging, show signs of YELLOW agio COST agitate IRK; SHAKE; STIR; 쐍 CHURN; FLUSTER; NEEDLE agitated SHOOK; 쐍 TWITCHY; anagram indicator agitated, be FLAP; SHAKE; SIMMER agitating anagram indicator agitation LATHER; anagram indicator agitator REBEL; 쐍 CHARTIST; anagram indicator agonise BROOD agony HELL; PAIN; 쐍 THROES; TORMENT agony, in anagram indicator agony, cause RACK agree CHIME; GRANT; MATCH; NOD; OK; SETTLE; SQUARE; SUIT; TALLY; UNITE; 쐍 ASSENT; COMPROMISE; CONTRACT; CORRESPOND; EQUATE; OKAY; ROGER; STRIKE; YIELD agree, don’t DEMUR; OBJECT agree to do business CONTRACT agreeable FINE; GOOD; NICE; OK; SWEET; 쐍 PLEASANT


agreeable, be NOD; 쐍 COMPLY agreeable situation, in a a component to be nested within NICE, OK etc agreeably WELL agreed DONE; OK; OKED (i.e. okayed); ON; 쐍 ATONE (i.e. at one); SURE; TALLIED agreement AY; AYE; BOND; DEAL; NOD; OK; PACT; SYNC; UNION; YEA; YES; 쐍 ACCORD; ASSENT; COMPACT; CONTRACT; SAYSO; TREATY; TRUCE agreement, acknowledgement of OK; SURE; YES; see AGREEMENT agreement, announce ASCENT agreement in Germany JA agreement, old, traditional YEA agreement, show NOD; SIDE agreement, sign of NOD agricultural building BARN; FARM agricultural business FARM; HOLDING; RANCH agricultural machinery TRACTOR agriculture FARMING aground ASHORE ague FEVER; FIT ah O ahead A; ON (as in “get on”); UP; 쐍 FORWARD; LEADING; WINNING; one component to precede another ahead, go LEAD ahead, went LED aid ABET; CRIB; HELP; RELIEF aide ADC; [쒁 DECAMP]; see ASSISTANT ail TROUBLE aileron FLAP ailing ILL; SICK; 쐍 HURT; anagram indicator; ailment, minor COLD ailments, disposed to frequent WEAK aim END; GOAL; MEAN; PLAN; POINT; TRAIN; TRY; 쐍 DESIGN; DIRECT; INTEND;

INTENT; LEVEL; MISSION; OBJECT; TARGET; TELOS aim high LOB aim of sportsmen GAME aim to score goal SHOOT aimed MEANT aimlessly anagram indicator aimlessly, move DRIFT; MILL air AURA; GAS; PORT (Gael.); SIDE; SONG; STRAIN; TED; TUNE; WARM; WIND; 쐍 BEARING; DISPLAY; MANNER; MIEN; OZONE; PARADE air current WIND air defence AD air, foul SMOG air, go by FLY air, in the UP; anagram indicator air-intake VENT air, passage through FLIGHT air speed , high MACHI (i.e. mach 1) air-trip HOP; anagram of AIR air trooper PARA airborne, become/get FLY; RISE airborne soldier PARA aircraft CRATE; JET; MIG; PLANE aircraft company LINE aircraft compartment BAY aircraft control FLAP aircraft, part of WING aircraft staff CREW aircraftman AC aircraftsman ERK airhole VENT airline, old BEA airman AC; FLIER; LAC; PO; 쐍 PILOT airmen RAF airplane CRAFT; see AIRCRAFT airport LUTON; [쒁 STRIP; TERMINAL] airport, move around TAXI airy LIGHT ait ISLE ajar OPEN Alabama AL alarm APPAL; BELL; DREAD; FEAR; RATTLE; ROCK;


alarm, cause

SCARE; SHOCK; WORRY; 쐍 ALERT; HOOTER; PANIC; SIREN; WARNING alarm, cause ROCK 쐍 AFRIGHT; FRIGHT; FRIGHTEN; see ALARM alarm, cry of O; OH alarm, noise of BLEEP alarm, show sudden START alarm system GUARD alarmingly anagram indicator alas ALACK; SHAME Albania AL albeit THOUGH albeit briefly THO Albert AL; WATCH Albert Hall event PROM album BOOK; DISC; LP; TRACKS albumen GLAIR alcohol BEER; CIDER; DRINK (qv); GIN; KIR alcohol, add extra LACE alcohol free DRY; TT alcohol, not having DRY; TT alcohol, not having much LITE alcohol of, large quantity CASE; see BARREL alcohol supplier of BAR; PUB (qv) alcohol, take TIPPLE alcoholic see DRUNKARD alcoholic refreshment MEAD; see ALCOHOL ale BEER; DRINK (qv); [쒁 BREW] ale, long drink of YARD alert AWAKE; QUICK; WARN alert mind, of ABLE Alfred ALF; [쒁 GREAT] alfresco OUT Algerian music RAI Algerian port ORAN Ali CLAY alias AKA; anagram indicator alien ET; 쐍 STRANGE; STRANGER; anagram indicator, as “alien race” 씮 an anagram of RACE alienating anagram indicator Alighieri DANTE (i.e. the poet’s first name)


alight IN; LAND; 쐍 BLAZING alight, set FIRE; 쐍 BLAZE align DRESS; 쐍 ARRANGE alive QUICK all FULL; FULLY; LOT; PER; QUITE; SUM; TOTAL; TOUT; U; WHOLE all about anagram indicator all but one letter to be omitted, usually the last all but the first initial letter to be omitted all in French TOUT all in Paris TOUT all of France TOUT all of us UN all one has SUM (qv) all over can act as simple reverse indicator (as over) but more often it signifies that all components referred to are to be reversed all over the place anagram indicator all points NEWS all right APT; FAIR; FINE; FIT; GOOD; OK all round nesting indicator; a component to be nested within ALL (or a synonym such as SUM) all-round RING all-rounder BALL; SASH; SPHERE All Saints’ Day NOVI (i.e. November 1st) all the time EER; EVER all through OVER all-time EVER all times EVER all to see, for U (i.e. film category) all wrong LAL; LLA allay CALM; LULL allegation CHARGE; CLAIM allegation, damaging MUD allegations, make CHARGE; CLAIM; 쐍 CONTEND allege CONTEND allegiance, showing LOYAL allegiance, transfer DEFECT; RAT allegory PARABLE allegro FAST


alleviation RELIEF alley LANE; PATH; 쐍 MARBLE alliance AXIS; BLOC; MATCH; NATO; UNION; 쐍 LEAGUE alliance, of/in anagram indicator allies BLOC allocate ASSIGN allocate resources BUDGET allocated anagram indicator allocation QUOTA; RATION; SHARE; anagram indicator allot ASSIGN; GRANT; SHARE allotment BEDS; GRANT; PART; PLOT; SHARE; RATION; 쐍 GARDEN allow CLEAR; ENABLE; GRANT; LET; OK; PASS; 쐍 OKAY allow access ADMIT allow, don’t BAN; BAR allow, not BAN; BAR; STUNT allow use of LEASE allowance GRANT; QUOTA; RATION; 쐍 BUDGET allowed LET; LICIT; ON; 쐍 LEGIT allowed back TEL allowed, is MAY allowed, not BANNED; OUT allowed, what’s RATION alloy BRASS allude REFER allure CHARM allusion to, make REFER alluvial area DELTA ally PAL; see FRIEND Almighty GOD almost NEAR; NEARLY; NIGH; omission indicator, usually one letter from the end of a word (note that the omission can be of an implied word, as “almost everyone” 씮 AL) almost all AL; MOST almost at once SOON almost certainly SUR almost everything AL almost fail DI almost give up VIG almost nobody NOON almost time NIGHT (i.e. nigh-t) aloft HIGH; UP

alone SOLE; SOLO; 쐍 ONLY along BY along with AND alongside BY; CLOSE; NEAR aloof COLD; ICY aloud homophone indicator Alp MOUNT; PEAK alphabet ROMAN alphabet, half the ATOM (i.e. A to M) already arranged PRIOR also AND; TOO also go back OOT also in France (Paris etc) ET also known as AKA also once ITEM (arch.) alter AMEND; COOK (as in cook the books); CHANGE; REFORM alter ego HYDE; anagram indicator altercation ROW (qv); anagram indicator alteration CHANGE; anagram indicator alteration to end of last letter to be changed alterations, without any ASIS altered anagram indicator altered state TRANCE alternate can indicate the use of alternate letters as “Theorize air’s iamb as showing alternate rhyme scheme” gives TERZA RIMA alternative ALT; OR; OPTION; OTHER; 쐍 STEAD; anagram indicator alternative case OTHER alternative expression AWE (hom.) alternative quarters OR to be placed between two compass points to give NORW, SORE, EROS etc alternatively OR; anagram indicator alternatively named AKA altitude HEIGHT altogether NUDE aluminium AL alumnus OB



always AY (Middle English); EER; EVER; 쐍 ETERNAL always returned REE; REVE am unable CANT amalgamate MERGE; anagram indicator amass GATHER; HOARD; SAVE amateur A; AM; LAY; LOVER amateur, not PRO amaze STUN; 쐍 STAGGER amazement AWE; WONDER amazement, struck with AWED; DUMB amazing, amazingly anagram indicator Amazon can indicate something exclusive of men ambassador HE (abbr. for His Excellency) ambiguous anagram indicator ambit RANGE; SCOPE ambition DREAM; END; GOAL; GRAIL ambitious type PUSHER amble STROLL amend ALTER; FIX; anagram indicator amended anagram indicator amending, needs anagram indicator amendment CHANGE; FIFTH; anagram indicator amends, make ATONE; REQUITE amenities NT America AM; STATES; UNION; USA US America, change in DIME America, from can indicate American spelling as in “Letter from America” 씮 REALTOR America, in can indicate American spelling as “beauty in America” clues LUSTER America, part of STATE America, people from MAYA America’s cut AX America, small profit in BUCK American A; AM; GI; INCAN; US; YANK; see AMERICAN INDIAN; can indicate the Ameri-


can spelling of a word (color, pretense, thru etc) American associate BUD; PARD American band TIRE American bill CHECK; TAB American bonnet HOOD American car LIMO; SEDAN; [쒁 HOOD; SHIFT; TRUNK] American chap BO American college see AMERICAN UNIVERSITY American colony, founder of PENN American cutter AX American, defective TRICK (i.e. adj. in US) American, dull GRAY American exclamation GEE American firm INC American flag COLOR American fool SHMO American friend BUD American fuel GAS American girl BROAD; DOLL; GAL American guy MAC; 쐍 BUSTER American hack AX American heart CENTER; RI American heartland CENTER American hero REVERE American Indian BRAVE; CREE; CREEK; CROW; FOX; HOPI; OSAGE; UTE; 쐍 APACHE; CARIB; INCAN American kid BUB American lawyer DA American letter ZEE American litigant, typical DOE American magazine LIFE American money BUCK; CENT; DIME; FOLD; QUARTER; ROLL American novel, hero of FINN American nuts NOODLES American, ordinary JOE American people CREE; HOPI; UTE; see AMERICAN INDIAN American poker STUD American prosecutor DA American, serving GI


American ship see AMERICAN VESSEL American side ENGLISH American’s blue, perhaps COLOR American’s finished off THRU American’s mood COLOR American, serving GI American soldier GI; GRUNT American state AL; ALA; ALAS; ARK; AZ; CAL; COL; COLO; CONN; DAK; DEL; GA; I; IA; ID; ILL; IND; KANS; KS; KY; LA; MA; MAINE; MASS; ME; MICH; MINN; MISS; MO; MONT; ND; NEB; NEV; NH; NJ; NY; OK; OR; ORE; PENN; RI; SC; SD; TENN; TEX; TX; UT; VA; VT; WASH; WIS; WYO American suits DECK American tone COLOR American uncle SAM American university MIT; YALE American vessel US; USS American volume LITER American waistcoat VEST American warrior see AMERICAN INDIAN American wood LUMBER American woman, vulgar BROAD; DAME American writer POE; 쐍 EMERSON Americans GIS Americans, a quantity of LITER Americans’ ready BUCK; see AMERICAN MONEY Amerindian CREE; HOPI; UTE; see AMERICAN INDIAN amicable KIND amid AMONG; nesting indicator amid confusion anagram of AMID amidships a component to be nested within SS or another synonym for ship (qv) ammo, old GRAPE ammunition BALL; BULLET; ROUND; SHOT amok WILD; anagram indicator among AMID; IN; MID; nesting indicator; run indicator

amorous FRESH; LOVING amorous, be BILL; COO; SPOON amorous type LOVER amorously, behave NECK; see AMOROUS, BE amount DROP; LOT; SOME; STAKE; SUM; TON; 쐍 EXTENT; SUPPLY; TOTAL amount, large TON; 쐍 PECK amount, least WHIT amount of nesting or run indicator amount owed BILL amount, say can refer to a mountain (where ‘say’ is acting as a homophone indicator) amount, small DAB; DOT; DRIB; SPOT; TOT; TRACE 쐍 MICRON; OUNCE; WHIT amount to BE; TOTAL amount, unspecified SOME amour BEAU; LOVER amphetamine SPEED amphibian CROC; EFT; FROG; NEWT; TOAD amplify BOOST amplitude RANGE ample RICH; 쐍 ENOUGH amply WELL amulet CHARM amuse TICKLE; 쐍 DIVERT amuse greatly KILL amusement FUN; 쐍 LAUGHTER; can indicate any pastime (game, skipping etc.) amusement, shout of HA amusement, show SMILE; see SMILE amusing DROLL; FUN; FUNNY; 쐍 WITTY amusing character/person CARD; CAUTION; WAG; WIT amusing item/thing TOY an remember that AN itself can be part of the solution anaemic-looking PALE anaesthetic ETHER; LOCAL; NUMBER anaesthetise FREEZE; GAS anaesthetised NUMB



anagram in normal use, an anagram is a word of phrase which is formed by the letters of another in a different order. It is probably the most common device in cryptics, for example: “For Ed, a fancy hat” 씮 FEDORA. However, it can be extended to the manipulation of part words (as “anti-coagulant” can require you to form AINT, for example in building up the answer FAINT or TAINT) anagram indicators these are the coded words in the clue which tell us we have to solve an anagram. For example, the role of “fancy”, “involved”, “new”, “reordered” etc in a clue is usually that of an anagram indicator analgesic NUMBER analyse TEST; 쐍 PARSE analyse sentences PARSE analysis anagram indicator analysis, brief CRIT analyzing anagram indicator anarchic LAWLESS; anagram indicator anarchy anagram indicator Anatole FRANCE ancestor can indicate the beginnings of anything living, so “ancestor of tree” 씮 ACORN ancestors LINE; TREE ancestry LINE; RACE anchor CAT; KEDGE; MOOR; 쐍 WEIGHT anchor, part of FLUKE anchor, raise WEIGH anchor, raised AWEIGH anchorage ROADS ancient AGED; ELDER; FLAG; O; OLD; OLDEN; SAGE; 쐍 ENSIGN; can indicate a person in a senior position; with a cap it is likely to refer to IAGO (Shakespearean character), see OTHELLO Ancient Briton PICT ancient city ROME; TROY; UR; 쐍 ILIUM; THEBES ancient custom RELIC


ancient letter RUNE Ancient Mariner, The SALT ancient, more OLDER ancient oath ODS ancient, the YE ancient times BC ancient tongue LATIN ancient vessel ARGO and PLUS; THEN; WITH; note that AND itself can be part of the solution; also beware that it can represent the three letters to be omitted as in “...and gets thrown out” 씮 AND is to be omitted and* JOINER and French ET and German UND and in French ET and in German UND & Lit refers to the type of clue which is written in such a way that it simultaneously provides the definition of the solution and the instructions for solving it, so that it has to be read through twice. Example: “Some male – cocksure?” (4). Here, the definition is a “male – cocksure” (better understood as a “cocksure male”), while “Some” is hinting that the answer is a run of letters within the clue, leading to ALEC i.e. as in smart Alec and not NOR and others ETAL (i.e. et al); ETC and so on ETC anecdotes ANA Andes* RANGE anew AGAIN; anagram indicator angel BACKER; BRICK; 쐍 DARLING; SERAPH angel* COIN; can refer to a specific angel e.g. Gabriel angelic fashion WINGS anger BILE; FIRE; FURY; GALL; HEAT; IRE; IRK; RAGE; RILE; 쐍 ANNOY; TEMPER; WRATH anger, fit of HUFF anger, show STAMP anger, showing CROSS; MAD angered GALLED; HEATED; HOT; IRKED; RAGED; RILED


angle BEND; CAST; CORNER; FISH; LINE; SLANT; TURN; VIEW angle, set at an RAKE angler WALTON; [쒁 LINE] angler, cast by LINE angler’s equipment CREEL; NET; REEL; ROD Anglican CE Anglican cleric VEN Anglicans CE angrily anagram indicator angry BLACK; CROSS; HOT; IRATE; RED; SORE; SPARE; WILD; 쐍 HEATED; HET(UP); HOPPING; SEETHING; see ANGERED; anagram indicator angry, be FUME; RAGE; RANT; 쐍 SEERED (i.e. see red); SEETHE; STORM; see ANGER angry display PADDY angry feeling IRE angry, get FUME; SIMMER angry looking BLACK; RED; 쐍 GLARY angry, visibly BLACK; RED anguish WOE angular BONY animal APE; ASS; BEAST; BOAR; CAMEL; CAT; CONY; DEER; DOG; HARE; KID; LION; MOOSE; PET; RAM; RAT; SABLE; SLOTH; SOW; STAG; YAK; 쐍 BISON; BRUTE; COATI; ELAND; HOG; MONKEY; RABBIT; STEER; WEASEL animal, arboreal MARTEN animal, badger-like RATEL animal call NEIGH animal controller LEAD; LEASH Animal Farm can indicate something to do with one of the characters in Orwell’s book e.g. Major, Napoleon animal enclosure CAGE; FOLD; PEN; STY; can indicate that an animal is to be nested animal fat TALLOW animal flesh MEAT animal fodder STRAW animal housing STY

animal’s call BRAY animal sanctuary ARK; PEN; RESERVE animal shelter COTE; ZOO animal, small ROO animal, smallest RUNT animal sound BAA; BARK; GROWL; GRUNT; LOW; MEW; MOO; PURR; YAP animal specialist VET animal that might fly PIG animal transport ARK animal, wild BOAR; STRAY; see ANIMAL animals ASSES; FLOCK; HERD; MICE; NEAT; PACK; STOCK; SWINE; ZOO; see ANIMAL animals, farm STOCK animals, inferior CULL; CULLS animals, lots of ZOO animate JOLT; MOVE; STIR; 쐍 EXCITE animated LIT; anagram indicator animation shot CEL animosity FRICTION; PIQUE; SPITE Anita LOOS annal RECORD annex APPEND annexe GRAB announce CALL; SAY; STATE; USHER announced, announcing homophone indicator announcement AD; BILLING; homophone indicator announces, he SAYER annoy ANGER; BUG; GALL; GRATE; IRK; MIFF; NARK; RIDE; TEASE; TRY; VEX; 쐍 BOTHER; HACKLE; HASSLE; NETTLE; PEEVE; PESTER; RATTLE; TROUBLE annoyance ANGER; PIQUE annoyance, cause BUG; 쐍 AGGRIEVE; RANKLE; see ANNOY annoyance, express SWEAR; TUT annoyed ATE; CROSS; RODE; SORE; 쐍 RATTY; SHIRTY; TRIED; see ANGRY


annoyed exclamation

mean “moving” in a clause like annoyed exclamation RATS “the coach is bound for the capiannoyed, get RILE tal” but can signify “unmoving” annoying person BLIGHTER; when it is used to mean “tied”. PEST However, some words are given annoying young person BRAT contrary meanings deliberately, annual* BOOK usually as a code within a closed annual return AR group. In recent years young peoannul CANCEL ple have borrowed “wicked” annulment, to effect an from the jazz world where for CANCEL generations it has been used to anode POLE mean “good”. Likewise the anoint ANELE (archaic) jazzman’s use of “cool” to mean anointing UNCTION “good” has now become wideanon SOON spread amongst the young, its anonymous ANON; GREY newer positive meaning contrastanonymously usually a signal that ing with the word’s negative N is to be omitted from indicated sense in contexts such as “his word idea met with a cool response” anorak GEEK; NERD Antarctic POLE another SECOND; SOME; anaAntarctic dependency ROSS gram indicator; when used with a ante BEFORE; STAKE; see BET; verb can indicate use of prefix [쒁 POST] 쒁 RE-; [ DOUBLE] antelope ELAND; GNU; SABLE; another way, in anagram indicator TOPI; 쐍 NAGOR answer A; ANS; FIT; RETORT; anthropoid HUMAN; see APE RETURN; 쐍 REPLY; anti AGAINST; AGIN; CON; NO RESPOND; RESPONSE; anti aircraft AA SERVE; SOLUTION; [쒁 anti-aircraft fire FLAK QUESTION] answer, fail to PASS anti smoking group ASH answer, find the CRACK; SOLVE anti-union place RENO answer, have the SOLVE antic CAPER; GAME; PRANK answer, near to WARM anticipation HOPE answer, provide an REACT anticlimax BATHOS answer, sharp RETORT anticoagulant can indicate an anaanswer, short A; ANS gram of ANTI answers, set of KEY anticyclone HIGH antagonism OPPOSITION Antipodean AUSSIE; MAORI antagonym a term recently coined antiquated OLD to describe a word that has two antique OLD; PERIOD; 쐍 AGE contradictory meanings. As the (qv) meanings of such words depend on context they can be the source antique coin DUCAT antique, more OLDER of confusion in everyday use and Antony MARK therefore make regular appearances in crosswords so it pays to 쐓 antonym a word (or phrase) that be aware of them. For example, “ has a meaning opposite to ancleave” means “stick together” or other (TALL/SHORT, “split apart” depending on its CLEAN/DIRTY etc); antonyms context. Such words can come are commonly used in cryptics as about through natural evolution “Note the advertisement is no of the language, as “bound” can good” (3) 씮 BAD



anvil can indicate something to do with the inner ear anxiety CARE; STRESS; WORRY; 쐍 ANGST; CONCERN; PANIC anxiety cause SCARE; 쐍 ALARM; see ANXIETY anxiety, causing FRAUGHT anxious KEEN; TENSE; anagram indicator anxious, highly [쒁 ACROPHOBIA; VERTIGO] anxious, be CARE; FRET; WORRY anxious, was CARED anxiously anagram indicator any SOME any more AGAIN any number N anything but NOT anybody ONE anyhow anagram indicator anything AUGHT; OUT; OWT anyway anagram indicator; can indicate a palindrome (as “Appeal, anyway” leads to REFER) apart ASIDE; ASUNDER; AWAY; anagram indicator apart from SAVE apartment APT; FLAT; PAD; ROOM apathetic COOL apathetic, be MOPE ape COPY; CHIMP; GIBBON; MIMIC; ORANG; 쐍 ECHO; SIMULATE aperture GAP; see HOLE apex PEAK; TOP aphrodisiac PHILTRE; PHILTER (thus “aphrodisiac said” 씮 FILTER) Aphrodite, son of EROS Apocryphal book TOBIT apologetic SORRY apostle PETER; SPOON; 쐍 PAUL apostrophe (’) when an apostrophe is placed before a word it usually signals the omission of the initial ‘h’ which in turn indicates that ‘h’ is to be dropped from the beginning of the target word to provide the solution;

when an apostrophe appears at the end of a word it usually signals the omission of the ‘g’ in ‘ ing’ which in turn indicates the omission of the final ‘g’ in the target word appal SHOCK appalling DIRE; 쐍 CHRONIC; anagram indicator appallingly anagram indicator apparatus RIG apparel DRESS; see CLOTHING apparent CLEAR; OVERT; PLAIN apparent in run indicator apparently AP appeal ASK; BEG; CHARM; CRY; IT; O (e.g. as in ‘O Jerusalem’); PLEA; PLEAD; REFER; SA (i.e. sex appeal); SUE; UMP (verbal cricket appeal) appeal; may mean that the answer is in the form of a question appeal, make an PLEAD appeal, earnest PLEADING appealing CUTE; FETCHING appealing, not very PLAIN appear BE; COME; EMERGE; LOOK; LOOM; SEEM; SHOW; anagram indicator as “idols appear” 씮 SOLID appear as anagram indicator appear, it may anagram indicator appear to do ACT appearance AIR; CAST; ENTRY; FACE; FRONT; GUISE; LOOK; LOOKS; 쐍 ASPECT; ENTRANCE; MIEN; ONSET appearance, deceptive FRONT appearance, first DEBUT appearance, put in an ATTEND appeared CAME appearing ON; anagram indicator appearing unusual anagram indicator appears can indicate that the definition precedes appease CALM appellation NAME append ADD; ANNEX appended ON; something to be appended to a component



appendix END; can indicate a noted appendix e.g. the Apocrypha appetite HUNGER; TASTE appetite, abnormal PICA applaud CHEER; CLAP; PRAISE; 쐍 ACCLAIM; EXALT applause CHEER; CHEERS; HAND; 쐍 ACCLAIM; CLAPPING; OVATION applause, acknowledge BOW applause, round of HAND apple COX; CRAB; EATER; 쐍 RUSSET appliance anagram indicator; see TOOL application APP; COAT; USE; 쐍 PLASTER; REQUEST; anagram indicator application document FORM application for cut PLASTER applied ON; anagram indicator applied to ON apply BEAR; USE; 쐍 EXERT apply light touch DAB apply lubricant OIL applying care TEND; 쐍 NURSE appoint ASSIGN; 쐍 ORDAIN appointment DATE; POST; JOB appointment, make an DATE apportion ALLOT apportioned anagram indicator appraisal anagram indicator; 쐍 REVIEW appreciate DIG; GROW; KNOW; LIKE appreciate, do not RESENT appreciation GAIN appreciation, show CLAP apprehend ARREST; FEAR; DREAD; GRASP; see CATCH apprehended CAUGHT; see CATCH apprehension DREAD; FEAR apprehensive WINDY; 쐍 DREADING apprehensive, be DREAD; FEAR apprentice BOY; CUB; L; 쐍 LEARNER; TRAINEE; TYRO


approach ANGLE; CLOSE; COME; DRIVE; LINE; NEAR; RULE; TAKE; WAY; 쐍 ACCESS; COMING approach, method DOOR; GATE approach threateningly LOOM approaching ALMOST; NEAR; TO; one element to precede another approbation can indicate some expression of approval such as “Well done” appropriate APT; DUE; FIT; JUST; RIGHT; ROB; STEAL; TAKE; WHIP; 쐍 ASSUME; COLLAR; FITTING; PILFER; PIRATE; POCKET; PROPER appropriate backing MEET; see APPROPRIATE appropriate to FOR appropriately WELL approval AMEN; FAVOUR; NOD; OK; YES; 쐍 ASSENT; see APPROVE approval, cry of BRAVO approval from France OUI approval from Germany JA approval, mark, sign of TICK approval, seal of OKAY approval, word of AMEN; YES approve ALLOW; GRANT; LIKE; NOD; OK; PASS; TICK; 쐍 ADOPT; COMMEND approve of LIKE approve, those who CLAPPERS approved OK approved, was OKED (i.e. okayed) approving FOR approximate NEAR; ROUGH; anagram indicator approximately ORSO (i.e. or so); ROUGH (as “Food, approximately how old?” 씮 ROUGHAGE); anagram indicator apt ABLE; FIT; FITTING; MEET; PRONE; RIGHT; 쐍 APPROPRIATE; LIABLE; LIKELY apt, are/be TEND apt, increasingly FITTER

argument over

aptitude BENT; FLAIR; TALENT aquatic beast HIPPO; 쐍 WHALE aquatic bird GULL; LOON; see BIRD aquatic creature OTTER; WHALE; 쐍 FISH; MINKE aquatic mammal SEAL Ar ARGON Arab AR; HORSE; 쐍 OMANI Arab chief SHEIK Arab country OMAN Arab territory once UAR Arabia AR Arabia, part of OMAN Arabian AR Arabic pot KIF arbiter REF arbitrary anagram indicator arbitrator REF arbour BOWER arc BEND; BOW; 쐍 CURVE arcade CLOISTER arch BAND; BEND; BOW; BRIDGE; CHIEF; SLY; TOP; 쐍 CUNNING; SKEW; VAULT; anagram indicator arch, sort of SKEW archaeological site (etc) DIG archaeologist DIGGER [쒁 DIG] Archbishop LANG; 쐍 RUNCIE; TUTU archdeacon VEN archer HOOD; TELL architect NASH; SPENCE; WREN; 쐍 ADAM architects RIBA architecture, style/type of ADAM; ORDER; 쐍 IONIC; NORMAN Arctic POLE Arctic, in the/of the POLAR ’ard ARSH ardent AVID; KEEN; 쐍 ZEALOUS ardour ZEAL arduous HARD arduous, not very EASY; LIGHT; SIMPLE are A; EXIST; with a homophone indicator can mean R

are confused AER; EAR; ERA; RAE; REA are French ES are in nesting indicator; ARE to be nested within a component are not ARNT Are you French? ESTU (i.e. es tu?) Are you hearing right? RUR Are you talking? RU area A; ACRE; AREA; DEPT; FIELD; LAND; PLACE; RANGE; REGION; ROOD; ROOM; SITE; SPACE; TRACT; 쐍 EXTENT; LOCUS; PART; ZONE area, copper’s MANOR area, extended TRACT area for playing COURT; GROUND area, in the immediate BY area, military SECTOR; ZONE area of land ACRE; HIDE (arch.); ROOD area, of the LOCAL area, playing COURT; FIELD area, protected RESERVE area, specialised DEPT arena LISTS; RING; 쐍 GROUND arête RIDGE argon AR Argonaut captain JASON argot CANT argue PLEAD; REASON; ROW; SPAR; 쐍 BICKER; DEBATE argue about, something MOTION argue for PROPOUND argument CON; DO; ISSUE; PLEA; RIFT; ROW; SPAR; SPAT; TIFF; WORDS; 쐍 BARNEY; DEBATE; SETTO (i.e. set-to); TODO (i.e. to-do); anagram indicator argument against CON argument, have a ROW; SPAR; see ARGUE argument in favour/support PRO argument over a synonym for “argument” to be reversed e.g. WOR, TAPS, see ARGUMENT


argument, typical of

argument, typical of ERISTIC arguments, heard ROUSE argumentative ROWING argumentative, be CARP; ROW arguments in favour/support PROS argy-bargy see ARGUMENT, FIGHT arise EMERGE arising reversal indicator aristocracy GENTRY aristocrat COUNT; EARL; LORD; NOB; NOBLE; PEER; TOFF; 쐍 COUNTESS; DUKE aristocrat, old THANE aristocratic NOBLE; U aristocratic young man BUCK arithmetic R (as in the thee R’s) Arizona AZ ark BOX (arch.) Arkansas AR ’arken EAR (i.e. ’ear) ’arkened EARD (i.e. ’eard) Arkwright NOAH arm GAT; GUN; LIMB; RIFLE; WING; 쐍 BRANCH; MEMBER; ROTOR; see WEAPON arm, end of CUFF; HAND; M armada FLEET armchair [쒁 CRITIC] armed assailant GUNMAN armed conflict ACTION; BATTLE; WAR armed men POSSE armed services FORCES armlet BAND armour MAIL; 쐍 GREAVE armour, piece of VISOR armoured vehicle TANK armoury TANKS army A; FORCE; HORDE; HOST; MEN; TA army branch, corps, part of RA; RE; REME; RI; UNIT army chief/supremo OC; 쐍 GENERAL army corps see ARMY BRANCH army craftsmen REME army depot CAMP army doctors RAMC army drill BULL


army man SM; see OFFICER, SOLDIER army medic MO army, part (unit, part of) CORPS; 쐍 CADRE; DIVISION; see ARMY BRANCH army vehicle JEEP; TANK Arnold, Dr HEAD aroma REEK; SCENT aromatic ingredient SPICE around C; CA; RE; anagram indicator; reversal indicator; nesting indicator, for example “around midnight” indicates that G (i.e. the middle of “night”) is to be nested within a component or between components; 쐍 CIRCUM around, for instance GE (i.e. e.g. reversed) around us HERE; US to be nested arouse STIR aroused, arousing anagram indicator arrange ALIGN; DO; DRESS; EDIT; FIX; ORDER; PLAN; POSE; RIG; SCORE; SORT; STAGE; 쐍 COMB; LAY; MARSHAL; SETTLE; anagram indicator arrange appointment DATE arrange to meet DATE arranged LAID; SET; anagram indicator arrangement DEAL; ORDER; PACT; PLAN; anagram indicator; 쐍 CONTRACT; SET-UP; SYSTEM arrangement of sails RIG arranging ORDERING; anagram indicator arrant UTTER array ORDER; ROW arrayed anagram indicator arrears DEBT; IOUS arrears, in (financial) OWING; SHORT; SHY arrest BOOK; BUST; CATCH; CHECK; COLLAR; COP; GRAB; NAB; STEM; STOP; STUNT; 쐍 LIFT (slang); NICK; PULL; PULLIN (i.e. pull in);


RESTRAIN; RUNIN (i.e. run in); nesting indicator arrested nesting indicator arresting nesting indicator arrival ADVENT; ARR; COMER; COMING; 쐍 LANDER; REACHER arrival, expected time of ETA arrive ARE; ARR; COME; LAND; REACH arrive at ATTAIN; HIT; REACH arrive noisily CUM arrived ALONG; ARR; CAME; GOT; HERE; IN arrives ARR; see ARRIVE arriving ALONG arriving, someone COMER arrogance SIDE arrogant COCKY; HIGH arrogant person SNOB arrow DART; 쐍 BOLT; MARKER; POINTER; SIGN arsenic AS ’arsh ARD arsonist LIGHTER art CRAFT; PIC; SKILL; 쐍 CUNNING; TECHNIQUE Art TATUM art, classical ARS art equipment BRUSH; EASEL art form DADA art, French ES (i.e. French verb) art school SLADE art, style of DECO art work anagram of ART art, work of BUST; MURAL; OIL; 쐍 ABSTRACT; PAINTING artery ROAD artfully anagram indicator Arthur ART artic LORRY article A; AN; DER; DIE; EL; IL; IT; ITEM; LA; LE; LES; LOS; PAPER; PIECE; THE; THING; UN; UNE; 쐍 CLAUSE; COLUMN; LEADER; OBJECT article, definite THE article, indefinite A; AN article, newspaper STORY; 쐍 ITEM article, old YE

article, useless LEMON articles WARE; can indicate that definite or indefinite articles (see ARTICLE above) are to be linked in some kind of combination e.g. ANTHE (e.g. to construct “panther”); the last example uses English articles but if the clue has some non-English reference then articles from foreign languages might be needed as ILDER (e.g. to construct “wilder”) articulate FLUENT; UTTER; VERBAL artificial FAKE; MOCK; SHAM; anagram indicator artillery RA artist ETTY; HALS; HUNT; MUNCH; RA; TITIAN; TURNER; 쐍 DALI; DURER; LEGER; LELY; MATISSE; MANET; MIRO; MONET; PAINTER artist’s model FIGURE artist’s piecework COLLAGE artist’s stand/support/tripod EASEL artist, sit for POSE artistic man RA artistic set RAS; RSA artistic society RSA artistic technique OIL artistic work ICON; see ART artistry CRAFT; SKILL artless SIMPLE; 쐍 NAIF as LIKE; QUA; SINCE; SO as before DO (abbr. of ditto); SAME as far as TO as I see it TOME (i.e. to me) as if anagram indicator as it happens LIVE as it were QUASI as new anagram indicator as regards RE as soon as ONCE as usual PAR as well AND; TOO as you might say homophone indicator ascend CLIMB; MOUNT; RISE; SCALE; reversal indicator



ascended ROSE ascent CLIMB; RISE ascetic FAKIR; YOGI; 쐍 ESSENE ashamed RED ashen PALE; PALING ashes EMBERS ashore AGROUND; LANDED Asia EAST Asian INDIAN; PATEL; THAI Asian dish, food BALTI aside APART ask BEG; BID; DEMAND; PLEAD; POSE; 쐍 APPEAL; CHARGE; ENTREAT; QUIZ; REQUEST ask advice CONSULT ask for CLAIM; SEEK ask for help CONSULT ask question again REPOSE ask questions PRY ask piteously BEG asked BADE askew anagram indicator asking ROGATION asleep ABED; OUT aspect ANGLE; FACE; FACET; HUE; SIDE; TONE; VIEW aspersion SLUR; SMEAR aspersions, cast SMEAR asphyxiate SMOTHER; 쐍 STRANGLE aspiration AITCH; DREAM; H; HOPE aspiration, without H to be omitted aspire HOPE; LONG; YEARN aspiring, one HOPER ass DOPE; FOOL; MOKE ass, sound like an BRAY assail ATTACK assailant RAPIST assassin BOOTH; KILLER; 쐍 CUT-THROAT assassinated, assassination anagram indicator assault HIT; RAID; RUSH; 쐍 CHARGE; STORM; STORMING assault, serious RAPE assay TEST; TRY


assemble BUILD; EDIT; GATHER; HOARD; MAKE; MEET; MUSTER; SIT; 쐍 COLLECT; anagram indicator assembled MET; SAT; anagram indicator assembly DIET; MEET; MEETING; RALLY; SITTING; 쐍 TURNOUT; anagram indicator assent OK; YES assert CLAIM; STATE; SWEAR assertion, make AVER; CLAIM; STATE assertiveness PUSH assess CHECK; GAUGE; GRADE; MARK; RATE; TEST assessment GRADE; MARK; RATING; SCORE; TEST; TRIAL asset PLUS; 쐍 BENEFIT; RESOURCE assets ESTATE 쐍 CAPITAL assign GRANT; PIN; POST; 쐍 APPOINT; DETAIL assignation DATE assignment JOB; MISSION; TASK assimilate DIGEST; nesting indicator assimilates nesting indicator assist ABET; AID; BACK; HELP; SERVE assist in negotiation MEDIATE assistance AID; HAND; HELP; 쐍 RELIEF; SERVICE assistance, financial BACKING; GRANT; RELIEF assistance, without ALONE assistant ADC; AIDE; AIDER; DRESSER; MATE; PA; 쐍 ABETTER; HELPER; SECOND; can be stretched to include anything which assists, thus “swimmer’s assistant” 씮 FIN assisted AIDED associate ALLY; MATE; PAL; 쐍 COLLEAGUE; MEMBER; RELATE association BOND; CLUB; GUILD; RING; TIE; UNION Association member GUIDE


association, old trade GUILD assorted, assortment anagram indicator assuage ALLAY; SLAKE assume DON; GUESS; 쐍 ADOPT; POSIT; PUTON (i.e. put on); SEIZE assumed TACIT assuming nesting indicator (as “assuming a” could require A to be nested) assumption can indicate an item of clothing assurance NERVE astern AFT; BACK; 쐍 BEHIND astonish SHOCK; STAGGER astonishing anagram indicator astonishing, that’s COR astonishment AWE; SHOCK; WONDER astonishment, cause see ASTONISH astray LOST; anagram indicator astray, go ERR; SIN; WANDER astride ON; UP; nesting indicator astronomer HALLEY; HUBBLE astronomical unit EPACT astute ABLE; CLEVER (qv); QUICK; SHREWD; WISE asylum RETREAT asymmetric, make SKEW at IN At chemical symbol for astatine at all EVER at all times EER; EVER at any time EER; EVER at church ATCH at first ERST; IST (i.e. 1st); initial letter indicator as “Honour kept us doing our shoes at first” clues KUDOS at heart insertion indicator; can indicate that middle letter(s) are to be used, as ‘liberal at heart’ clues E or BER at home IN at last last letter indicator, usually applicable to one word but can apply to the last letters of several words in the clue at liberty FREE; LOOSE

at no time NEVER at once NOW at one time EX; ONCE; 쐍 FORMER at sea ADRIFT; SAILING; anagram indicator as “lost at sea” 씮 anagram of LOST at that time THEN at the moment NOW at the present time NOW; can indicate something associated with Christmas (i.e. time for presents) at this point HERE; NOW at work anagram indicator ate BIT; CHEWED; DINED Athenian ATTIC; TIMON Athenian character TIMON; can indicate a Greek letter needs to be used as a component (see GREEK CHARACTER) Athens, in can indicate the use of a Greek letter (see GREEK CHARACTER) athlete BLUE; RUNNER athletic FIT athletic event HEAT; JUMP; MILE; RACE; RELAY; RUN; SHOT; 쐍 DISCUS athletic type BLUE; RUNNER athwart ACROSS; SLANT atlas CHARTS; 쐍 MAPS atmosphere AIR; AURA; FUG; 쐍 AMBIENCE; SPIRIT atmosphere, heavy/unpleasant FUG atomic particle ION atomic pile REACTOR atone PAY atop UPON atrium COURT; HALL atrocious DIRE; anagram indicator atrociously anagram indicator attach FIX; PIN; STICK attached ON attachment BOND; LINK; LOVE; TAG; TIE attack ASSAIL; BOMB; CHECK (i.e. in chess); CLUB; FIT; GOAT (i.e. go at); HIT; PUSH; RAID; SHELL; SORTIE; TILT 쐍 GO FOR; KICK; POUNCE;


attack, continuous

SNIPE; STORM; STRIKE; anagram indicator; see UNDER ATTACK attack, continuous FIRE attack, pointed STAB attack, sudden FORAY attack with club COSH attack with explosives SHELL attacked BIT; HIT; 쐍 SETON (i.e. set on) attacker RAIDER attain REACH attar OIL attempt AIM; BID; CRACK; GO; SHOT; SHY; STAB; TACKLE; TRY; 쐍 FLING; GOAT (i.e. go at); TRIAL attempt at goal SHOT attempt to win COURT attempts TRIES attend APPEAR; BEAT (i.e. be at); GRACE; HEAR; HEED; MAKE (as in “make it”); SHOW; WAIT attend carefully to NURSE attendance GATE; TURNOUT attendance, in PRESENT attendant BUTLER; CARER; GROOM; MAN; NURSE; PAGE; USHER; 쐍 COURTIER; KEEPER; WAITER attendant, theatre USHER attendants TRAIN; 쐍 PAGES; RETINUE attendants, royal COURT attending AT; HERE; IN; PRESENT attending, lot/number/those GATE attention CARE; EAR; HARK; HEED; NOTE; 쐍 INTEREST attention! SHUN attention, call for HO attention, give/pay CARE; HARK; HEED; NOTE attention, pay no DISCOUNT; 쐍 IGNORE attention, requiring TODO ( i.e. to do) attention, this draws AHEM attest SWEAR


attic GARRET; LOFT; with a capital letter can indicate something to do with Greece, e.g. the country, alphabet, mythology attire DRESS; FROCK; GOWN; RIG; SHIRT; SKIRT attire, item of TIE; see ATTIRE attitude AIR; LINE; MANNER; POSE; STAND; TONE; 쐍 POSITION; POSTURE; STANCE attitudinise POSE attorney ATT; DA; see LAWYER attract DRAW; ENGAGE; LURE; PULL; TEMPT; 쐍 ENTICE attract attention STAR; see ATTRACT attracted DREW attracted to the components on either side of the phrase to run consecutively attraction BAIT; DRAW; IT; LURE; PULL; RIDE attractive CATCHY; CUTE; DISHY; FAIR; GLAM; NICE; PLUM; PRETTY; TAKING; TASTY; 쐍 BECOMING; DRAWING; FETCHING; WINNING attractive, be DRAW attractive female, girl, woman BELLE; DOLL; DISH; LOOKER attractive, notedly CATCHY attractive one CUTIE; see ATTRACTIVE FEMALE attractive person CRACKER attractive, something DRAW; LURE; 쐍 HONEYPOT; MAGNET attractive, was DREW; LURED attractive, what’s see ATTRACTIVE, SOMETHING attractive woman BELLE attractiveness, superficial GLOSS attribute ASCRIBE; CREDIT; 쐍 ATTACH attribute of run indicator atypical RARE; STRANGE Au GOLD auction SALE

available, not

auction item LOT auctioneer, equipment for GAVEL audacious BRAVE; COOL; FORWARD; LIPPY; RASH audacity BOTTLE; CHEEK; GUTS; NECK; NERVE audible homophone indicator audible disapproval BOO; HISS audibly ALOUD; homophone indicator audience EAR; HOUSE; PUBLIC; 쐍 HEARING; READERS audience, appreciative CLAPPERS audio homophone indicator audio equipment EAR audio-visual AV audit CHECK; 쐍 INSPECT audition HEARING; TRIAL; homophone indicator; [쒁 EAR(S)] auditioning homophone indicator auditor EAR auditor, for the homophone indicator auditor, to homophone indicator auditory equipment, to do with OTIC augur SEER August AUG; GREAT; 쐍 IMPERIAL Augustus GUS Aunt Sally BUTT aura CHARM aureole HALO Aurora DAWN auspicious LUCKY Aussie fellow SPORT Aussie party DING Austen heroine EMMA austere DOUR; HARSH; SEVERE; 쐍 BRUTAL; SPARTAN; STRICT Australia AUS; OZ Australia, water in DARLING Australian AUS; OZ; STRINE Australian, coarse OCKER Australian fool DILL Australian friend COBBER Australian lake EYRE

Australian man BRUCE Australian, red-haired BLUE Australian runner EMU Australian sheep shearer RINGER Australian truck UTE Australian utility, fire UTE Austria A Austrian architect LOOS Austrian, old ALT Austrian scientist MACH authentic GEN; REAL; TRUE; 쐍 ECHT; see GENUINE, REAL authenticate SIGN author BARRIE; ECO; ELIA; HOPE; LEWIS; ME; PARENT; PEN; POTTER; READE; SAND; SNOW; TWAIN; WELLS; YEATS; 쐍 CAMUS; ELIOT; JEROME; LAMB; ORWELL; PROUST; SCRIBE; SETTER; URIS; VERNE; WRITER; see NOVELIST, WRITER author, German MANN author, humorous JEROME authorisation OK; 쐍 SANCTION authorisation, give see AUTHORISE authorise OK; ORDER; SIGN authoritative instruction ORDINANCE (useful for making ORDNANCE) authority ARM (as in “arm of the law”); CLOUT; EXPERT; MIGHT; OK; POWER; RIGHT; RULE; SAGE; SAY; SWAY; 쐍 SAY-SO Authority BOARD authority, position of CHAIR autobiography LIFE; [쒁 BY] autograph SIGN automatic reaction TIC autumn FALL autumn, part of OCT avail SERVE; USE avail, to no IDLY available AROUND; FREE; IN; ON; OPEN; OUT; TAP; anagram indicator available in nesting indicator available, not OFF; OUT


available, people (or resources etc)

available, people (or resources etc) POOL available, readily HANDY available, what is RANGE availing USING avant-garde VAN; anagram indicator avarice GREED avenue AVE; DRIVE; MALL; WAY aver AFFIRM; STATE average AV; AVE; MEAN; MEDIUM; NORM; PAR; SOSO (i.e. so-so); 쐍 MEDIAL average, above HIGH average, less than LOW aviation FLYING; [쒁 FLIGHT] aviator PILOT avocado PEAR avoid DUCK; ELUDE; FLEE; MISS; SHUN; WARE; 쐍 ABSTAIN; DODGE; ESCAPE; ESCHEW; EVADE avoid being decisive HEDGE avoid commitment HEDGE avoid one’s duty SKIVE avoid offending RESPECT avoid reading SKIP avoid straight answers FENCE avoiding omission indicator, as “avoiding greeting” 씮 HI to be omitted Avon can indicate something to do with Shakespeare avow SWEAR aw GEE; see EXPRESSION OF SURPRISE Aw! SHAME await BIDE awaiting payment OWING awake AWAKE; UP awaken ROUSE award BAY (i.e. laurel wreath); CUP; EMMY; GOLD; GRANT; MM; OM; PALM; POT; PRIZE; TONY; 쐍 OSCAR; TROPHY; see HONOUR, MEDAL award points to can indicate some combination of the points of the compass (N, S, E, W) to be included in the solution e.g. EN


award, public service BEM award, sporting CAP award, theatre TONY aware AWARE; HIP; ONTO aware, are KNOW aware of INTO aware of trends HIP awareness SENSE away ABROAD; AFIELD; GONE; HENCE; OFF; 쐍 APART; anagram indicator; omission indicator, such as initial or final letter away from OFF; OUT OF away from home ABROAD; AFIELD away, put DINE; EAT awe DREAD; FEAR; WONDER awful BAD; LOUSY; 쐍 CHRONIC; FRIGHTFUL; NASTY; VILE; anagram indicator awfully anagram indicator awfully good PIOUS awkward BAD; STICKY; 쐍 NAFF; anagram indicator awkward position (situation) CORNER; FIX; HOLE; JAM; PICKLE; SPOT awn BEARD awning SHADE awkwardly anagram indicator axe CHOP; CUT; FIRE; HEW; SACK; 쐍 CHOPPER; HATCHET; as a term in jazz, can refer to a musical instrument (e.g. saxophone); in more recent years has been borrowed by rock music to refer specifically to a guitar axed CUT; HEWN; first letter to be omitted; see CUT axeman CHOPPER; HEWER axing first letter to be omitted; see CUT axis LEAGUE; PIN Ayrshire COW

bad end

Bb B KEY babble PRATE; PRATTLE babbling homophone indicator Babe RUTH baby CHICK; CHILD; CUB; KID; KITTEN; PUP; SMALL; [쒁 QUILT] baby-carrier PRAM; STORK baby food RUSK baby, look after SIT baby-sitter MINDER babywear NAPPY Bach [쒁 G] Bach’s works, like some of FUGAL bachelor B; BA; SINGLE bachelor’s home PAD back AFT; AGAIN; BET; END; HIND; HOME; REAR; SECOND; SPINE; STERN; TAIL; 쐍 CHAMPION; ENCOURAGE; HELP; RATIFY; SWEEPER; reversal indicator; can indicate an adjective or verb beginning with REback at sea AFT back door POSTERN back entrance ROOD (rev.) back, not TON back-numbers SON back of last letter indicator (as “back of store” clues E) back on see BACK OF back pain YNOGA (a reversal which is useful because losing the N gives YOGA) back-pay YAP; 쐍 DRAWER i.e. reversal of “reward” back-room DRAW; MOOR back row WOR back-street a synonym for “street” to be reversed, thus ENAL, TS etc back street in Paris EUR back to OT

back to the East OTE back up PU (i.e. “up” reversed); a synonym of “back” to be reversed e.g. TEB; for synonyms see BACK, SUPPORT back-up RESERVE; anagram indicator backbone CHINE; SPINE backchat LIP backed reversal indicator backed by YB; joint run and reversal indicator as “Statesman backed by Labour henchman” 씮 NEHRU; can indicate a component is to come last in the solution backer ANGEL; 쐍 SECOND; SPONSOR backfired reversal indicator background PAST; REAR; STORY; 쐍 AMBIENCE background music, supply PIPE backhander BUNG backing AID; reversal indicator; element to be placed at end of word backing, given reverse indicator backslapping HEARTY backstreet ALLEY; TS (i.e. reversal of ST) backtracking reverse indicator backward DRAW; HIND; reversal indicator backwards AFT; reversal indicator bacon RASHER bacon, cut of BACK; GAMMON; see BACON bacon, feature of STREAK bacteria CULTURE bad CROOK; DIRE; EVIL; HARD; HIGH; ILL; OFF; POOR; ROTTEN; 쐍 ADDLED; MAL; SEVERE; WICKED; anagram indicator; can indicate a word beginning with MISbad actor HAM bad acting HAM bad back ROOP (i.e. rev.) bad, become ROT bad behaviour CRIME; SIN bad conditions RAIN bad end D


bad feeling

bad feeling HATE; SPITE; 쐍 MALICE; ODIUM bad for Americans BUM bad French MAL bad habit VICE bad hat CAD; ROTTER bad, is not as EASES bad language CUSS; OATH bad lot ROTTER bad manners, one with BOOR bad name MUD bad name, give a BRAND bad odour see BAD SMELL bad return LIVE (i.e. rev.) bad service FAULT bad situation PASS; see SPOT bad smell BO; PONG bad taste, in TACKY bad tempered CROSS; MEAN; TESTY; 쐍 CRABBY bad thing CRIME; SIN bad time SLUMP bad turn LLI (i.e. rev.) bad, turn ADDLE bad, very CHRONIC; EVIL bad visibility FOG bad weather FOG; HAIL; RAIN; SNOW badge MARK; SIGN; TAG badge of rank STRIPE badger BROCK; NAG; RIDE; 쐍 HARRY; HOUND; PESTER; badger’s hole, home EARTH; SETT badgered anagram indicator badinage CHAFF badly ILL; anagram indicator badly, behave SIN badly-built anagram indicator badly-cooked anagram indicator badly formed anagram indicator badly lit DARK; DIM; anagram of LIT badly made TRASHY; anagram indicator badly written anagram indicator baffle STUMP baffling anagram indicator bag CASE; CATCH; CLAIM; GRIP; LAND; NAIL; NET; POKE; PURSE; SAC; SACK; 쐍


CARRIER; RESERVE; SACHET; SATCHEL; STEAL; nesting indicator bag, in the PACKED; STOWED; can indicate that a component is nested within a synonym of “bag” (see BAG) bag, large SACK bag reportedly, in the PACT bagel ROLL baggage CASE; GEAR; GRIP; SLUT; TART; 쐍 SLATTERN; TROLLOP baggage handler/man PORTER bagged GOT bagging nesting indicator Baggins BILBO baggy, get STRETCH bagpipe, part of CHANTER bags LOTS; OODLES; can indicate something to do with trousers, plus-fours, trews etc; nesting indicator bail BAR; SCOOP bailiff REEVE bait KID; LURE; RIB; TEASE; 쐍 GENTLE (fishing); SPRAT (i.e. to catch a mackerel) bait, accept the BITE; RISE bake COOK; FIRE; TAN; can indicate something to do with sunbathing baked anagram indicator; [쒁 BEAN] baker COOKER baking HOT baking, some CAKE; PIE; TART balance POISE; REST; SCALES; WEIGH; 쐍 CREDIT; EVEN balanced EVEN; LEVEL; SANE; 쐍 RATIONAL; SQUARE bald BARE; PLAIN; STARK bale PAIN baleful SULKY; SULLEN Balkan SERB; TURK Balkan town SPLIT ball BLACK (i.e. colour in snooker); BLUE; BROWN; DANCE; GREEN; JACK; LOB; O; ORB; PILL; PINK; RED; SHOT; SLUG; 쐍 BUMPER; DELIVERY; MARBLE; PARTY;

banned reportedly

PELLET; POMPOM; TICE; YELLOW; YORKER ball, fetch FIELD ball, go to FIELD ball, high LOB; SKYER ball in the net GOAL ball of yarn SKEIN ball shot CANNON ballad AIR; LAY; POEM; SONG ballet exercise support BARRE ballet leap JETE balloon O; GLASS; SWELL ballot POLL; VOTE balls OO; OVER bally BLOODY; WRETCHED Balmoral HAT Baltic port RIGA balustrade FENCE; RAILING ban BAR; BLACK; DEBAR; OUT; STOP; VETO ban on spirits usually refers to exorcism banal DULL; FLAT; TRIPE; TRITE bananas BATS; HAND; HANDS; MAD; NUTS; 쐍 NUTTY; CRACKERS; anagram indicator band ARCH; BAR; BELT; CIRCLE; FESS; GANG; GIRD; GROUP; HOOP; LINE; LOOP; O; RANGE; RING; SASH; SHOE; STRAP; STREAK; STRIP; STRIPE; TEAM; TIE; TRACK (as on a record); WAVE (i.e. radio); ZONE; 쐍 BANGLE; COLLAR; COMBO; ELASTIC; ROUT (archaic); TROOP; can indicate something to do with Robin Hood or one of the well-known members of his band band for arrows, narrow DOUBLE; TREBLE band, decorated FRIEZE band leader B band, member of PLAYER; can indicate a specific instrument e.g. TUBA band, metal SHOE band performance GIG band, record TRACK bandage DRESS; SWADDLE; SWATHE

bandit BRIGAND bandleader B bandsman LOSS; MILLER bang BLOW; CLAP; KNOCK; REPORT; SLAM; STRIKE; WHAM bang down feet STAMP banged out anagram indicator banged up INSIDE banger CAR; CRATE; GUN; HEAP; can indicate something to do with explosive, chemical constituents of, etc; or sausage, chipolata etc Bangkok, cash in TICAL bangle BAND banish OUST banished anagram indicator bank BAR; BLUFF; CAY; HEAP; LEAN; REEF; RELY; ROW; SCARF; SHELF; SIDE; SHORE; SLOPE; STOCK; TIER; 쐍 BRAE; CAMBER; LENDER; LIAN; LIST; MASS; STORE bank employee/worker TELLER bank of river BAR Bank of Scotland BRAE bank robbery HEIST bank, sort of GIRO bank transfers can indicate something to do with ferryman e.g. Charon banker CAMBER; LENDER; a favourite with compilers, indicating a river (in the form of banked, between banks etc); see RIVER banker, popular GIRO banking CAMBER banking facility/system GIRO banknote BILL; FIVER; TENNER banknotes ROLL; WAD bankroll WAD bankrupt BROKE; BUST; 쐍 INSOLVENT bankrupt, go CRASH; FOLD bankruptcy RUIN banks indicates first and last letters to be used banned OUT; TABU banned reportedly BARD



banner FLAG; 쐍 HEADLINE; PROHIBITIONIST; STANDARD bannock BREAD; CAKE; LOAF banquet FEAST banter CHAFF; JEST; RALLY bap BREAD; ROLL baptism DIP baptism, place for FONT bar BAIL; BAN; BAND; BANK; BILLET; BLACK; BOLT; BUT; COUNTER; EXCEPT; FRET; GATE; INN; LATCH; LEVER; LINE; LOCAL; PUB; RACK; RAIL; RAY; ROD; RUNG; SAVE; SHELF; SHOAL; SPAR; STOP; STREAK; STRIP; STRIPE; 쐍 CLOSE; ESTOP; PIG; PREVENT; PUBLIC; SALOON; SAVING; TAVERN; VETO; often indicates something to do with the legal profession; in the singular or plural can indicate something to do with music or a composer; can indicate something to do with a pub or the high-jump; [쒁 CODE; SOAP] bar, disreputable DIVE bar group COUNSEL bar parlour SNUG bar, seedy DIVE bar, sleazy DIVE bar, type of PUBLIC bar-work GRILL barb ARROW; DIG; HOOK Barbara MAJOR (title of Shaw play) Barbarian GOTH; HUN; 쐍 SAVAGE barbaric person BRUTE; see BARBARIAN barbarism TERROR Barbie DOLL Barcelona NUT bard POET Bard WILL bare BALD; PLAIN; 쐍 LACKING; NAKED; NUDE; SIMPLE; [쒁 BUFF] bare teeth GRIN barely JUST


barely adequate/sufficient SCANT barely visible FAINT; see FAINT; can indicate something to do with striptease (strip club, strip show, etc) bargain DEAL; HAGGLE; SNIP; TRADE bargain, where one gets a SALE barge BOAT; BUMP; LIGHTER; SCOWL barge through tunnel, propel LEG bark BAY; GRAZE; SCRAP; SNAP; SHIP; TAN (i.e. leather); YAP; 쐍 SHOUT; see BOAT; [쒁 SHIN] barked, one can indicate a tree barker DOG; can refer to a specific breed of dog; see DOG barking MAD; YELP; anagram indicator; [쒁 SHIN] barley GRAIN; MALT; [쒁 AWN] barmy NUTS (qv); SILLY; anagram indicator barn-dance anagram of BARN e.g. BRAN Barnaby RUDGE barney see ARGUMENT barometer GLASS baron B; LORD; PEER baron, Scottish HOME baronet BART; BT baroque FANCY; anagram indicator barrack BOO; 쐍 HECKLE barracks CAMP; 쐍 QUARTERS barrage balloon BLIMP barred can indicate the site of a drinking establishment such as the “nineteenth hole” at a golf course barrel B; BIN; BL; BUTT; CASK; DRUM; KEG; PIN; TUN; see CASK barrel part STAVE barren BLEAK; DULL; DRY; STARK barren area/terrain DESERT; HEATH; WASTE barricade FENCE; WALL

battle, in the midst of

Barrie can indicate something to do with Peter Pan, Hook, Wendy, Lost Boys etc Barrie’s dog NANA barrier BLOCK; BOOM; DAM; FENCE; GATE; HEDGE; PALE; PLUG; RAIL; RAILING; WALL; 쐍 CORDON; RAILING barrister BRIEF; SILK; 쐍 COUNSEL; LAWYER; TEMPLAR; [쒁 BAR] barrister’s requirement WIG barrow CART; GRAVE bars CAGE; GRATING; GRILL; RAILING; see PRISON bartender [쒁 COUNTER] barter TRADE; TRUCK base BAD; BED; CHEAP; EVIL; FOOT; FOUND; HOME; LOW; MEAN; MOUNT; REST; ROOT; SEAT; VILE; 쐍 BOTTOM; DEPOT; FLOOR; STATION base, firm ROCK base of final latter indicator baseball game INNING baseball player CATCHER; PITCHER bash BEAT; BUMP; CLUB; DO; GO; HIT (qv); PARTY; RAM; THUMP; TURN; 쐍 BATTER; BUFFET; CLOBBER; PUNCH; see HIT bashed anagram indicator bashful COY; SHY basic CRUDE; RAW; RUDE; 쐍 SPARTAN; STAPLE basic instinct ID basil HERB basin BOWL; DOCK; SINK; STOOP (for holy water) basis STAPLE basket CREEL; FRAIL (for figs); HAMPER; LEAP; TRUG; 쐍 DILLY; SKEP e.g. of wickerwork); TROLLEY basket, type of MOSES bass DEEP; FISH; LOW; SINGER bastard SHAM baste SEW; TACK bat BLINK; CLUB; HIT; RAP; STICK; 쐍 RACKET; STRIKE; WILLOW

batch SET bate RAGE bath DIP; POOL; TUB; 쐍 SALINA (Sp.); [쒁 SOAP] Bath can refer to some aspect of the city bath, lie in the SOAK bath towel WIPER bathe LAVE; STEEP; WASH bathing, go DIP bathroom LAV; LOO; PRIVY; see TOILET bathroom accessory TOWEL bathroom feature SINK baton ROD; STICK; can indicate something to do with relay race, conducting bats DAFT; MENTAL; anagram indicator; see BAT, NUTS bats, getting anagram indicator batsman OPENER; STRIKER batsman’s hit STROKE batsman, leading OPENER batsman’s position CREASE batsman’s spell KNOCK batsman’s turn INNINGS batsmen, late TAIL batten down NAIL batter BASH; COAT; RAM; STRIKE; 쐍 CRICKETER; POUND; see HIT batter, piece of FRITTER battered anagram indicator battering anagram indicator; nesting indicator battery GUNS; [쒁 CELL] battery, not FREE (i.e. free-range with regard to chickens) battery, part of CELL batting IN batting first word to begin with IN batting session INNING(S) battle ACTION; CLASH; FIGHT; FRAY; SCRAP; WAR; can refer to a specific battle e.g. ALMA, CRECY, LOOS, MARNE, MONS, SEDAN: SOMME battle-axe CROSS battle, do FIGHT; WAR battle, in the midst of a component to be nested within TT


battle line

battle line FRONT battle with ENGAGE; FIGHT battle zone FRONT battles anagram indicator battles, series of WAR battleship RAM batty anagram indicator bawdy BLUE; CRUDE; EARTHY bawl CRY bawl out RATE bay BARK; BIGHT; BROWN; COVE; CRY; HORSE; HOWL; ROAD; ROAN; SPACE; 쐍 BELLOW; NICHE; can indicate something to do with a house or window bayed can indicate something to do with being honoured as a laureate Bayeux can indicate something to do with sew, sewing bazaar FAIR; FETE; SALE; anagram indicator BB with a homophone indicator can call for BEES BBC AUNTIE be EXIST; LIVE be able CAN be against OPPOSE be angry RANT; see ANGRY be back EB; RETURN be careful! EASY; OOPS be clearly SHOW (as “be clearly worried” gives SHOW FEAR) be down OWE be first LEAD; WIN be given GET be likely TEND be paid EARN; GET be roused WAKE be, to (with some indication of France) ETRE be told HEAR be unwell AIL be upset CRY beach COAST; LIDO; SAND; SHORE; STRAND; 쐍 SHINGLE beach area SAND; see BEACH beachwear THONG bead DROP; [쒁 DRAW] beak BILL; HOOTER; NEB (Scot.); NOSE; RAM


beam BAR; GLOW; LIGHT; RAY; SHAFT; SHORE; SMILE; 쐍 LASER; RAFTER; TRAVE (on a cart) beam, type of LASER bean HEAD; PULSE; SEED beano see PARTY bear ABIDE; BROOK; CARRY; SELLER; SHOW; STAND; TOTE; 쐍 ACQUIT; BALOO; BRUIN; ENDURE; GRIZZLY; KODIAK: POOH; SHOULDER; THOLE; TOLERATE; WINNIE; YIELD bear in America TOTE bear witness VOUCH beard AWN; FACE; 쐍 GOATEE; IMPERIAL bearded fellow AARON bearing AIR; E; EAST; N; NE; NORTH; NW; POSE; S; SE; SOUTH; SW; W; WEST; 쐍 MANNER; MIEN; PRESENCE; nesting indicator bearing weapons ARMED bearings see BEARING bearskin, we hear homophone indicator for BARE or a synonym, see NUDE beast ASS; BOAR; BRUTE; CAMEL; LION; see ANIMAL beast, large ELK beast of burden ASS; MULE beast, sound like a LOW; see BEASTLY SOUND beastly VILE; anagram indicator beastly accommodation, home, place etc DEN; LAIR; STY beastly type see ANIMAL beastly disease BSE beastly sound GROWL; GRUNT; MOO; ROAR beasts STOCK beat BASH; BEST; CAP; CANE; CLOCK; CLUB; COSH; DRUB; DRUM; FLOG; FOIL; LACE; LAM; LASH; LICK; PASTE; PIP; POUND; PULSE; RAP; ROUT; SCOOP; SLAM; SLAP; STRIKE; SWITCH; TAN; THRASH; THRESH; THROB; TICK; TOP; WHIP; 쐍 ALLIN

beef producer

(i.e. all in); BETTER; CREAM; CUFF; LEATHER; MASTER; ORBIT; ROUND; SCOURGE; TROUNCE; WALLOP; WELT; WHISK; can indicate a word beginning with out (outrun, outplay, outstrip etc) [쒁 HEART] beat everything else TOP beat on board MATE beat soundly CAINE; KANE beat up BASH beaten CANED; ROUTED; anagram indicator beaten, be, get LOSE beaten up anagram indicator beatified ST to precede a name, as “beatified Fitzgerald” 씮 STELLA beating HIDING; LASH; PULSE; anagram indicator beating, administer a CANE; LACE; see BEAT beating retreat reversal indicator beau DANDY; LOVER; see BOYFRIEND Beau NASH beautiful FAIR beautiful creature PERI beautiful girl PERI; 쐍 NYMPH beautiful Italian BELLA beautiful lady, woman BELLE; VENUS beautiful thing GEM beauty BELLE; DISH; GEM; GLAM; LOOKS; PERI; 쐍 GLAMOUR; can indicate something to do with sleep beauty competition, entrant in MISS beauty in America LUSTER beauty queen MISS beauty spot EDEN; MOLE became anagram indicator because AS; FOR; SINCE because of FOR; FROM beck STREAM beckon MOTION Becky SHARP become FIT; GET; SUIT; TAKE (as in “take ill”); TURN; anagram indicator

become less ABATE; 쐍 SHRINK become tired FLAG; WANE becoming APT; FIT; PROPER; see ATTRACTIVE bed BUNK; COT; COUCH; CRIB; DIVAN; FORM; KIP; LITTER; PATCH; PLOT; REST; SACK (as in “hit the sack”); 쐍 BERTH; GARDEN; LAYER; LITTER; PALLET; can indicate something to do with flowers, gardening (as exemplified by “skill in bed” 씮 GREEN FINGERS(!)) or the sea-bed; [쒁 COVER; DORM; DREAM; PROCRUSTES; QUILT; SHEET; SLEEP] bed cover QUILT; SHEET bed, didn’t stay in ROSE bed, French LIT bed, get out of RISE bed, go to RETIRE bed, got out of ROSE bed, in NOT UP (which conveniently reverses to get PUT ON); a component to be nested within BED or COT bed, one in usually refers to a garden flower, see FLOWER bed, out of ASTIR; UP bed, ready for TIRED bedaub SPLODGE; see DAUB bedding LITTER bedding LITTER bedding, Japanese FUTON Bedouin ARAB bedroom DORM beds GARDEN bedsitter FLAT; PAD bedspread QUILT bee note that, apart from an insect, a bee is also a form of social gathering beef BARON; BRAWN; BULLY; GRIPE; GROAN; GROUSE; MEAT; MIGHT; OX; ROAST; STEER; WHINE; 쐍 COMPLAIN; GRIEVANCE; GRUMBLE; MUSCLE; can indicate a cut of beef e.g. FILET, RUMP, TOPSIDE; CARP beef, cut of SIDE beef producer COW


beef, producing

beef, producing CALVING beehive SKEP Beelzebub DEVIL been out, having anagram of BEEN beer ALE; BREW; HALF; KEG; LAGER; MILD; PILS; PINT; 쐍 BITTER; DRAUGHT; PORTER; SWIPE(S); WALLOP beer-barrel TUN; see BARREL beer froth HEAD beer, glass of HALF; JAR; PINT beer, ingredient of (for) HOP beer mug STEIN beer, small HALF beer, something in HOP(S) bees sounding like B’s this word can, with a homophone indicator, refer to BB beet MANGEL Beethoven, like DEAF beetle DOR before ANTE; ERE; PRE; preceding indicator; can indicate a preceding number, hence “before five” can cue FOUR or IV, “before eleven” TEN or X and so on before, as DO before long ANON; SOON before magistrate UP before mid-day AM before noon AM before now AGO; ALREADY before time EARLY befuddled anagram indicator beg ASK; PLEAD; PRAY; SUE 쐍 APPEAL; ENTREAT began AROSE begged ASKED; PLED begin ARISE; OPEN; SETTO (i.e. set to); START; 쐍 BROACH; FOUND; see START; with a capital letter can refer to the Israeli statesman begin again RENEW beginner L; SEED; TIRO; TYRO; 쐍 FOUNDER; LEARNER; TRAINEE; initial letter indicator beginning A; ALPHA; BIRTH; DAWN; SEED; START; initial letter indicator; [쒁 NEW]


beginning, near EARLY beginning of life EGG beginning of new era OAD (i.e. zero AD) beginning to be BECOMING beginning to end, from THROUGH beginning to learn L beguile CHARM; ENCHANT begun STARTED behalf INTEREST; PART behalf of, on FOR; PRO behave ACT behave badly SIN behaviour ACTION; PLAY; 쐍 CONDUCT; MANNER behaviour, silly ANTIC; CAPER; PRANK behaviourist SKINNER behead TOP; see BEHEADED beheaded TOPPED; indicator that the first letter is to be omitted beheaded king CR behind AFT; AFTER; BACK; DOWN; DUE; END; LATE; PAST; REAR; RUMP; STERN; TAIL; 쐍 ASTERN; TARDY; TRAILING; can also indicate the last letter or letters of the answer behind bars INSIDE; can indicate something to do with drinks or the serving of drinks e.g. bottle, cocktail shaker behind, be TRAIL behind in points DOWN behind schedule LATE behind, show MOON behind the ship ASTERN behind time LATE behindhand DUE; LATE; TARDY behold LA; LO; OBSERVE; SEE; 쐍 ECCO; HERES (i.e. here is) beige BUFF Beijing reported PEAKING being AS; PERSON; LIVER; MAN; SELF; SOUL being performed ON being shown ON being simple DILL; see FOOL being staged ON being very big TITAN; 쐍 GIANT


beleaguer CRAMP belfry [쒁 BATS] Belgian FLEMING; 쐍 LEIGE Belgian province NAMUR Belgian singer BREL Belgium, town in MONS; SPA belief CREDIT; CREED; FAITH; ISM; TENET belief in God DEISM believe CREDIT; FEEL; HOLD; 쐍 SWALLOW believe, hard to TALL believer DEIST; RC believer in God DEIST believing, someone DEIST belittle DECRY; KNOCK; REDUCE; 쐍 LESSEN bell TOLL; 쐍 ALARM; CHIME bell-boy PAGE bell, part of CLAPPER bell, ring TING bell sound CHIME; CLANG; DING; RING; TING; TOLL bellicose VIOLENT Bellini heroine NORMA Bellini’s work NORMA bellow BAWL; BAY; BLARE; ROAR bellows mender FLUTE (character from Midsummer Night’s Dream) bells PEAL belly GUT; PAUNCH; POT; TUM; TUMMY bellyache CARP; MOAN; GRIPE; WHINE belong to run indicator belonging to IN; OF; run indicator; can indicate a word ending in S (i.e. ‘s) belonging to us OUR beloved DEAR; 쐍 INAMORATA beloved Parisian CHER below DOWN; INFRA; UNDER belt BAND; FLOG; HIT; HURRY; KNOCK; SWIPE; 쐍 POUND; ZONE; see RUN; [쒁 GARTER] bemused MAD; anagram indicator Ben HUR bench FORM; PEW; SEAT; SETTLE

bench, one on the SUB bend ARC; ARCH; BIGHT; BOW; FOLD; HOOK; KNOT; LEAN; PLY; S; SAG; TURN; U; Z 쐍 CORNER; CROOK; CURVE; STOOP; WARP; anagram indicator bend, go round the CORNER; TURN bend over HEEL bender KNEE beneath BELOW; LOW; UNDER; 쐍 INFERIOR Benedictine DOM; NUN benediction, give BLESS beneficial to FOR beneficiary HEIR benefit AID; ASSET; AVAIL; BOON; DOLE; GAIN; GOOD; HELP; PERK; RIGHT; USE; 쐍 CREDIT benefit, sort of FRINGE benefit, unexpected MANNA; 쐍 WINDFALL benevolent KIND Bengal [쒁 LANCERS; TIGER] benign GOOD bent ASKEW; CROOK; CROOKED; HABIT; LEANT; 쐍 BOWED; LEANING; TALENT; anagram indicator bent forward BOWED bent one CROOK; LIAR berate SCOLD berated anagram indicator Berkshire PIG Berlin, one in EIN berserk anagram indicator berth BUNK; DOCK; PLACE; POSITION beseech ENTREAT besieged by anagram indicator beside ON; NEAR besmirch SMEAR besmirching STAIN besom BROOM besotted anagram indicator bespattered anagram indicator Bess’s man PORGY best BEAT; CAP; CREAM; ELITE; FINEST; FIRST;


best China

FLOWER; IDEAL; PASTE; PEAK; PICK; PLUM; NOI (i.e. No.1); STAR; TOP; TOPS; 쐍 DEFEAT; THRASH; WORST best China MING best, do your TRY best man TOASTER best quality AI; TOP; see BEST best part CREAM best-seller HIT bestow AWARD; GRANT bet ANTE; BACK; GAMBLE; LAID; LAY; NAP; PUNT; RISK; STAKE; WAGER; 쐍 FLUTTER; TREBLE; [쒁 CHANCE; RACE] bet, good CERT; EVENS bet on BACK betimes EARLY; SOON betray DESERT; RAT; SELL; SHOP; RATON (i.e. rat on) betrayal TREASON betrayed SOLD better ABLER; BACKER; BEAT; CAP; EXCEL; FINER; FITTER; LAYER; MASTER; PUNTER; TOP; 쐍 IMPROVE; MEND; SUPERIOR; can indicate something to do with betting e.g. TOTE; in conjunction with a verb can indicate the use of OUT, as “be a better pilot” 씮 OUTFLY, for example better, get EASE; IMPROVE better, got EASED; IMPROVED better half BET; MATE; TER better, make CURE; ENHANCE; HEAL; IMPROVE better qualified FITTER better state, bring to a CURE; IMPROVE better, take a turn for RALLY better, to get CAP; RALLY; RISE; 쐍 IMPROVE betting SP; STAKING betting-machine TOTE betting record BOOK betting system TOTE between INTER; 쐍 AMONG between poles a component to be nested between some combination of N, E, W or S


between sides a component to be nested between R and L, or L and R bevel CANT beverage CUP; DRINK (qv) bewail KEEN; LAMENT bewilder CONFUSE (qv); DAZE bewildered anagram indicator bewitch ENCHANT beyond OVER; PAST bias SKEW; SPIN; anagram indicator bias, without FAIR biased ASKEW; 쐍 PARTIAL; anagram indicator bib POUT Bible AV; RV Bible class RI Bible, part of HEB; NT; NUM; OT; VERSE; see BIBLE, BOOK Bible, short passage from TEXT Bible story PARABLE Biblical character EVE; JOB; LOT; MARK; SAUL Biblical king OG Biblical mountain SION Biblical twin ESAU biblical version RV Biblical writer LUKE; MARK bicycle BIKE; [쒁 SPOKE] bid CALL; CHARGE; OFFER; ORDER; TENDER; 쐍 DOUBLE (i.e. in bridge); INVITE bid, ambitious SLAM biddable TAME bide STAY biff BLOW big GREAT; HUGE; LARGE; OS; TALL; 쐍 HIGH; HOT; MAJOR; GRAND; VAST Big Apple NY big band music SWING Big Ben CLOCK; [쒁 FACE] big car LIMO big cat CHEETAH; see CAT big cheese VIP big effort HEAVE big end G big-headed B big hit SIX

bird sound

big house GRANGE; MANOR big name STAR; VIP; 쐍 CELEBRITY big-name actor STAR big noise VIP big one WHOPPER big part, play a STAR big, really MEGA big shot VIP; WORTHY big top B; TENT; 쐍 MARQUEE bigger than average OS; TALL biggest TOP; 쐍 RECORD bighead B bigheaded B bight BAY; BEND; COVE; LOOP bigness SIZE bigwig CHEESE; NOB; VIP bike CYCLE; MOPED; [쒁 RIDE] bike out, take the CYCLE bikini TANGA Bikini ATOLL bile SPLEEN bill AC; ACT; AD; BEAK; NOSE; NOTE; POSTER; TAB; 쐍 ADVERT; CAST (i.e. in theatre); CHARGE; COST; INVOICE; can indicate something to do with a bird; [쒁 LAW] Bill W bill in U.S. CHECK; NOTE; TAB Bill’s partner COO bill to pay CHIT; [쒁 DEBT; IOU] billet BAR; JOB; LOG (as fuel); NOTE; TASK; 쐍 QUARTERS billiards, start playing BREAK billion B; BN billions B billow SWELL billowing anagram indicator Billy BUDD; GOAT; KID; can indicate something to do with having a beak billy goat GRUFF bin DROP; STORE; see DISPENSE WITH binary digits IO; OI bind FASTEN; GEL; HOLD; HOLE; JAM; PEST; STRAP; TAPE; TIE bind, to anagram indicator binder together CEMENT

binder COIL; CORD; FOLDER; ROPE; 쐍 STRING binding CORD; TIE; 쐍 CEMENT; VALID binge BLIND bingo LOTTO biography LIFE; [쒁 BOSWELL] biology group GENUS birch CANE bird CAPON; CHAT; COCK; COOT; CRANE; CROW; DAW; DIVER; DRAKE; DUCK; EAGLE; EGRET; EMU; FINCH; FOWL; GULL; HAWK; HEN; HOBBY; JAY; KITE; KNOT; LARK; LIFE; LOON; LORY; MINA; MOA; PEN; PIE; RAIL; RAVEN; REE; ROLLER; ROOK; RUFF; SAKER; SCOTER; SMEW; SWAN; TEAL; TERN; THRUSH; TIME; TIT; WREN; 쐍 BUDGIE; CHOUGH; CUCKOO; DIPPER; GANNET; GOOSE; GREBE; GROUSE; HARRIER; IBIS; NODDY; OUSEL; PHEASANT; RHEA; ROBIN; ROOSTER; SARU; SHRIKE; SNIPE; SPARROW; STORK; SWALLOW; TUI; [쒁 ROOST; WING] bird, bright TOUCAN bird, dead MOA; 쐍 DODO bird disease GAPES; ROUP bird, early LARK bird, extinct MOA bird, fabulous, legendary, mythological ROC bird, flightless EMU; RHEA; 쐍 MOA; PENGUIN; OSTRICH bird, large ERNE bird, male COCK; DRAKE bird no longer DODO; MOA bird, nocturnal OWL bird, noisy STARLING bird, old DODO; MOA bird, royal SWAN bird’s nest [쒁 CLUTCH] bird sanctuary NEST bird song TRILL; TWEET bird sound CHEEP; CLUCK; COO; TWEET


bird, voracious

bird, voracious RAVEN bird, wise HOOTER; OWL birds, a lot of FLOCK birds, of/to do with AVIAN birdwatchers’retreat HIDE Birmingham BRUM; note, can refer to Alabama or the American South as well as the English Midlands city Birmingham, part of ASTON Birmingham venue NEC birth ORIGIN birth date AGE birth, of NATAL birthplace MANGER birthstone GARNET biscuit NUT; RUSK; SNAP; 쐍 CRACKER; WAFER bisect SPLIT; 쐍 HALVE bish ERROR (qv); 쐍 BLOOMER bishop B; MAN; PIECE; RR bishop’s domain/office/place SEE bishop’s responsibility SEE bishop’s staff VERGE bishopric ELY; SEE Bismarck OTTO bistro CAFE bit CRUMB; DROP; GRAIN; JOT; LITTLE; LUMP; NIPPED (i.e. verb); ORT; PART; PIECE; PINCH; RAG; SCRAP; SHRED; SPOT; TAD; TASTE; TRACE; 쐍 IOTA; MORSEL; PARTICLE; PORTION; SECTION; SNAFFLE; run indicator bit, for a run indicator bit, little WHIT bit of SOME; run indicator; can indicate one or two letters to be used from the word that follows usually from the beginning bit of, a SHORT bit of fun LARK; LAUGH; SPREE; 쐍 JOKE (qv) bit part CAMEO; EXTRA bit, tiny DRIB bite CHAMP; CUT; EDGE; GNAW; GRIP; NIP; SNACK; SNAP; STING; TANG


biter GNAT; NIPPER; SNAPPER; TOOTH; see TOOTH biting RAW; TART; nesting indicator bits and pieces a term often used for the selected letters or abbreviations used to build a solution (most of the common abbreviations and letter indicators will be found in the present book); also refers to the type of clue which is made up entirely of them, otherwise known as the charade clue (qv) bitten NIPPED bitter ACID; ACRID; ALE; BEER; ICY; SHARP; SOUR; 쐍 KEEN; SARKY bitter plant ALOE bitterness GALL; WARP bitterness, feel RESENT bivouac CAMP bizarre ANTIC; MAD; RUM; WEIRD; 쐍 OUTRE; anagram indicator blab CRY black B; BAN; BAR; BL; INKY; JET; NIGHT; SABLE; 쐍 CARBON; EBONY; NOIR; RAVEN; TARRY black coat TAR black eye MOUSE; SHINER Black Hills state SD Black Horse BESS black, looking GRIM; TARRY black magic BART (i.e. black art) black marketeer TOUT black rock COAL black, something CLUB; NIGHT; SPADE black stuff JET; SOOT; TAR black, turn CHAR black, very BB blackberry bush BRAMBLE blacken INK; SLANDER blackguard CAD; KNAVE; RAFF blackleg RAT; SCAB blade EDGE; OAR; SHARE; SWORD; VANE; 쐍 CUTTER Blair ERIC blame RAP; SLUR blame, it’s said WRAP


bland DULL; MILD Blandings, Empress of PIG blandish FLATTER blank NOTHING; VOID blanket SHEET blast BLOW; RAIL; ROAST; TRUMP; WIND; 쐍 DAMN; REPORT blasted anagram indicator blasted place HEATH blatant GLARING; LOUD blaze FLARE; MARK blazer COAT; FIRE; SUN; STAR; 쐍 JACKET; can refer to something involving fire as “Blazer at the present time” 씮 YULE-LOG blazing, are BURN bleak FISH; POOR; SPARE; see DRAB blear DIM; FOG; 쐍 DREARY bleeding heart ED blemish DEFACE; FLAW; MARK; SCAR; SMEAR; STAIN; TAINT; WART blend MINGLE; MIX blend of anagram indicator blending anagram indicator bless HALLOW blessed HAPPY; HOLY blessing ASSET; BOON; GRACE blight BANE; DASH; MAR; RUST blighted anagram indicator blighter CAD; IMP blimey COO; COR Blimp COL blind BINGE; DAZZLE; SCREEN blind man PEW blink BAT blinking BALLY; DANG bliss DELIGHT; HEAVEN; JOY bliss, create DELIGHT; ELATE blithe HAPPY blob BLOT; O bloat SWELL; see ENLARGE block BAR; BARRIER; BRICK; CHECK; CLOSE; CONDO; CUBE; DAM; DIE; LET; PAD; SET; SETT; STEM; STONE; STOP; VETO; WEDGE; 쐍 THWART block between banks DAM

block of paper PAD block of seats TIERS block off road CONE blockage DAM blockage, cause a DAM; IMPEDE blockbuster EPIC blocked run indicator bloke BOD; CHAP; COVE; GENT; LAD; SID; see MAN blokes MEN blonde FAIR blood CLOT; GORE; RACE; RED; STOCK; STRAIN; 쐍 DANDY blood group A; AB; B; O blood, involving much GORY blood, lost BLED blood sport HUNTING blood-vessel VEIN bloodshed GORE bloodshed, involving much GORY bloodsucker FLEA; GNAT; LOUSE bloodsuckers FLEAS; LICE bloodthirsty GORY bloody RARE; RED; GORY; 쐍 BALLY bloom BLUSH; FLUSH; FLOWER; can refer to steel making; see FLOWER bloomer BISH; BLOOM; BLUSH; BOOB; BREAD; ERROR; FLOWER; LOAF; SLIP; can refer to a flower e.g. ASTER, see FLOWER bloomer, bit of a see FLOWER-PART blooming OUT; 쐍 BALLY; FLORAL; HEALTHY; RUDDY blossom MAY; 쐍 BLOOM; FLOWER blot SMUDGE; SPLODGE; SPOT blotchy anagram indicator blouse TOP blow BIFF; BLAST; CLIP; CUFF; GALE; GUST; HIT; JAB; PUFF; PUNCH; SHOCK; SLUG; SMACK; SOCK; SPEND; STRIKE; STRIPE; STROKE; TAP; THUMP; TOOT; WAFT; WIND; 쐍 BUFFET; BUMP; can


blow a fuse

indicate something to do with sneeze blow a fuse RAGE; RANT blow briefly TOOT blow, deliver HIT; see BLOW blow, final COUP; OK blow, force of BRUNT blow, heavy ONER; see BLOW blow horn HOOT blow, light CLIP; SMACK; TAP blow-out FEAST; a component to be nested within a synonym of blow such as GALE blow, sharp JAB Blow this! can signify a wind instrument blow to the French COUP blow up BLAST; ENLARGE; 쐍 BOMB; EXPLODE; anagram indicator blower PHONE; can indicate a specific wind e.g. north-easter, sirocco, see WIND blowing anagram indicator blown SPENT blown up anagram indicator blows can indicate something to do with wind e.g. weather-cock, vane, storm-cone blows his top first letter to be omitted blows up anagram indicator blub CRY; SOB; WEEP blubber see CRY bludgeon CLUB blue ADULT; AZURE; BLOW (slang for ‘squander’); CAM (i.e. university colour); DOWN; LOW; NAVY; RIGHT; ROYAL; SAD; SEA; SKY; TORY; 쐍 ANIL; BICE; GLOOMY; LEWD; PRUSSIAN; RIBALD blue, be MOPE blue eyed boy PET blue material DENIM blue party CON blue-pencilled CUT blue peter being the flag hoisted before sailing can indicate SAILING, GOING, LEAVING blue, shade of LIGHT; NAVY; ROYAL; SKY; see BLUE


Bluebeard usually indicates something to do with having several wives bluebottle COP; FLY; see POLICEMAN Bluegrass state KY blues, the DEJECTION bluish-grey PERSE bluff FRANK; KID; HEARTY; 쐍 CLIFF; see DECEIVE blunder BISH; BOOB; BONER; ERR; ERROR; GAFFE; TRIP; 쐍 FAULT; HOWLER; see ERROR blundering anagram indicator blunt CRUDE; DULL; PLAIN; RUDE; STARK; 쐍 POINTLESS blur FUZZ; SMUDGE blurb AD; HYPE; PUFF blurred VAGUE; 쐍 FUZZY; anagram indicator blush BLOOM; GLOW; REDDEN; ROUGE blushing PINK; RED blustery anagram indicator boa FUR; STOLE boar PIG; SWINE board DEAL; DECK; FOOD; PLANK; TABLE; 쐍 COUNTER; DIRECTORS; EMBARK; PANEL; PENSION; TIMBER; also can refer to material used in boards e.g. DEAL; can indicate something to do with chessboard (commonly MAN, MATE); can indicate something to do with dartboard (commonly BULL, INNER, OCHE, OUTER); can indicate something to do with food; can indicate something to do with cheese; [쒁 CHALK; FILE; IRONING; RANK; SURF] board game GO board, go on EMBARK board meeting can indicate a formal meal (as “Main board meeting” 씮 DINNER) board member EXEC board, on often indicates that an element is to be inserted between the letters SS (i.e. for Steamship) as “is not on board” 씮 SAINTS; a little less often can require a


component to be nested within TABLE board ship EMBARK board, sweep the WIN board, taken by can indicate that a component is to be nested within TABLE boarded nesting indicator boarding PENSION; can indicate something to do with the timber industry as “Boarding establishment” 씮 SAWMILL; nesting indicator boarding house PENSION boards can indicate something to do with the stage or chess boards, the STAGE boards, he treads ACTOR; 쐍 HAM boast BRAG; CROW; VAUNT boasted CREW boastful manner SIDE boastful, was CREW boasting, idle BLUSTER boat ARGO; ARK; BARGE; BARK; CAT; CRAFT; EIGHT; GALLEY; GIG; HOY; KETCH; PRAM; PUNT; RAFT; REEFER; SCOW; SHELL; SHIP; SMACK; SS; STEAMER; SUB; TRAMP; TUB; TUG; 쐍 BARQUE; CUTTER; DHOW; FISHER; LAUNCH; LIGHTER; PACKET; PROA; SKETCH; SKIFF; YACHT; see SHIP; can indicate something to do with Jerome K. Jerome’s Three Men in a Boat, characters etc. e.g. Harris; [쒁 OAR] boat, Arab DHOW boat, fishing PROA; SMACK boat, front of BOW; PROW boat, on ABOARD boat out, push the LAUNCH boat, second man in a HARRIS (character from Jerome’s book) boat trip ROW; SAIL; 쐍 CRUISE boat, use ROW; SAIL boater HAT; can indicate something to do with a sailor boating team EIGHT

boatman COX; NOAH; OAR; RATTY; see SAILOR boatmen CREW; EIGHT Boaz can indicate something to do with RUTH (Bible) bob BOW; CUT; DIP; DUCK; S (i.e. shilling); TRIM; 쐍 CHIME; FLOAT; JIG; PEAL; RING; can indicate something to do with haircut Bob UNCLE Bob, Old S bobbin REEL; SPOOL Boche HUN body MASS; MUMMY; SECT; SOMA; STIFF; 쐍 CORPSE; GROUP; VOLUME body, as a ALL body builder STEROID body condition, good TONE body of work CORPUS body, part of ARM; BACK; CHEST; EAR; FOOT; HAND; HEAD; HEART; HIP; LEG; LIMB; LIVER; NAIL; SHIN; SPINE; 쐍 ANKLE; CHIN; FINGER; ORGAN; TOE body snatcher HARE bodyguard HEAVY; MINDER; 쐍 AIR BAG bog FEN; MARSH; MIRE; SWAMP; 쐍 QUAG; SLOUGH; see TOILET bog fuel PEAT bog plant MOSS bog product PEAT bogged down can indicate a component is nested within MUD boggy area FEN bogus FAKE; SHAM; anagram indicator; see FAKE Bohemian ARTY Bohemian girl MIMI boil HEAT; 쐍 FUME; SIMMER boil over anagram of BOIL boiler HEATER; RANGE boiling anagram indicator boisterous ROUGH; anagram indicator bold BRASH; BRAVE; DARING; 쐍 IMPUDENT; INTREPID boldness NERVE



Bolshevik LENIN bolt ARROW; BAR; DASH; EAT; ELOPE; FLEE; LOCK; PIN; RIVET; RUN; STUD; TEAR; WOLF; 쐍 GORGE; LEVANT (old slang); SHOOT bolted ATE; see BOLT bolting anagram indicator bomb A; ATOM; ATTACK; DUD; EGG; FALL: FLOP; H; VI bomb attack PRANG bombard SHELL bombast RANT bombastic speech RANT bombed anagram indicator bombshell BLONDE bon mot QUIP bona-fide REAL bond KNOT; LINK; TIE; 쐍 MANACLE; RELATION; SHACKLE Bond perhaps AGENT; JAMES; SPY Bond perhaps briefly JAS bonds, in TIED bone AITCH; RIB; SHIN; STEAL; 쐍 FILLET; ILIUM; INCUS; STERNUM bone cavities ANTRA bonehead B; see FOOL bones DICE; ILIA; SACRA; TARSI bonfire BLAZE bong PIPE bonnet CAP; HAT; HOOD; POKE bonnet, American HOOD bonus BOON; EXTRA; PERK; PLUS bonus, unexpected ICING bony LEAN; SPARE; THIN boo JEER boob ERROR (qv); 쐍 BLOOMER booby TRAP book ACTS; AMOS; AV (for authorised version); B; DAN (for Daniel); EDITION; EPH; EX; HEB; HOLD; HOS; JER; JOB; KIM; KINGS; LIB; LOG; MAL; MARK; MATT; NT (for New Testament); NUM; NUMB; OT (for Old Testament); PRIMER; READ (as in “a good read”);


RESERVE; RUTH; SHE; TIM; TITLE; TOME; VOL; 쐍 ALBUM; ANNUAL; CHARGE; ENGAGE; FOLIO; JOSH; JUDGES; LEDGER; PSALMS; QUARTO; SUTRA; see BIBLE book, basic PRIMER book, brief contribution to CHAP book, change EDIT book division CHAPTER book end FINIS; K book, finish BIND book, finished BOUND book, French ROMAN book, good JUDGES; see BIBLE, BOOK book illustration PLATE book, last K; REV book, OT NUMB; see BIBLE, BOOK book, part/section of LEAF; PAGE; 쐍 CHAPTER book, short can indicate an abbreviation of either a synonym of “book” e.g. VOL or of a specific title, usually from the Bible e.g. TIM for Timothy, NUM for Numbers book-work STUDY booked can allude to a novel or fictional character as “Singer booked by Fielding?” 씮 TOM JONES bookmaker BINDER; WRITER; can allude to a novelist; can indicate a person’s name used as the title of a Biblical book e.g. JOHN, MARK bookmaker, work for a BINDING books AV; NT; OT; see BOOK bookworm READER boom BANG; SPAR; POLE; 쐍 REPORT; RESOUND boomer ROO boomer, baby JOEY boomeranged reversal indicator booming RACKET boors SWINE boor LOUT; 쐍 YAHOO boost KICK; RAISE


boost, given a reversal indicator boot KICK; SACK; SHOE boot out BOUNCE boot, to TOO bootblack SHINE booted character PUSS booth STALL; STAND; TENT booty LOOT; SPOILS booze ALE; BEER; DRINK (qv); TIPPLE boozer BAR; PUB; TOPER; see DRUNKARD, PUB boozy session BENDER bop DANCE Bordeaux CLARET; PORT; as the name belongs to a place as well as a wine it can be used merely to signify something French border ABUT; BOUND; EDGE; EDGING; FRINGE; HEM; LIMIT; LINE; LIST (i.e. in jousting); MARCH; MARGE (old word); METE; ORLE (heraldry); RIM; SIDE; TRIM; VERGE border control CUSTOMS border flower TWEED border, reinforced WELT borderline HEM; see BORDER borders can indicate first and last letters as “borders of Europe” 씮 EE bore BIND; BRED; DRAG; DRILL; DRIP; EAGRE; FAG; IRK; PAIN; PALL; PEST; PIERCE; REAM; WELL; 쐍 CARRIED; MUZZLE; TIRE; WAVE; YIELDED bored BLASE boring ARID; DEAD; DRY; DULL; FLAT; SLOW; VAPID; 쐍 STODGY; can indicate some cognate of NUMB; [쒁 YAWN] boring, become PALL boring bit BROACH boring into nesting indicator boring item AWL boring job/task CHORE; WELL boring place WELL boring, something AWL boring tool AWL boring type NERD born B; NEE

borne CARRIED; nesting indicator borne by ON Bosche HUN bosom HEART boss ED (i.e. newspaper); HEAD; LORD; ORDER; RUN (i.e. verb); STUD; SUPER; 쐍 CHIEF; GAFFER; LEADER; MASTER bosses BOARD Boston institute MIT botch BUNGLE; GOOF both TWAIN bother BANE; CARE; DO; DRAT; EAT; FUSS; HECK; HINDER; NARK; PEST; RATS(!); RILE; ROW; TIFF; WORRY; 쐍 BRAWL; HINDER; PESTER; TROUBLE; anagram indicator both flanks LR; RL both hands, in a component to be nested within LR or RL both of us WE both sides ALL; LR; RL bother MIND; 쐍 FLUSTER; TROUBLE (qv); WORRY bothered ATE; CROSS; anagram indicator bothering anagram indicator bothering person see NUISANCE bottle NERVE; 쐍 FLAGON; PHIAL; can indicate the contents of a bottle (ale, port etc); [쒁 WEAN] bottle-opener B bottle top B; CORK; TEAT bottle, with extra BRAVER bottled anagram indicator bottles anagram indicator; nesting indicator bottom BASE; BED; BUM; FOOT; KEEL; LAST; LUG; RUMP; SEAT; STERN; 쐍 HIPS; PRAT; last letter indicator as “bottom of pile” 씮 E bottom pinched, getting last letter to be omitted bottom, river/sea BED bottomless last letter to be omitted, as “bottomless lake” 씮 MER



bottle GRIT; NERVE; 쐍 FLAGON; GUTS; MAGNUM; PHIAL; VIAL; see AUDACITY; [쒁 CORK] bough BRANCH bought it something to do with having died boulder ROCK bounce BOB; BUMP; EJECT; GO; 쐍 SPRING bounced anagram indicator bouncer BALL bouncy anagram indicator bound END; HOP; JUMP; LEAP; LIABLE; LOPE; READY; SPRING; SURE; TAPED; TIED; 쐍 BORDER; CAPER; CORDED; HEADED; INTENT; LOLLOP; STRAPPED; nesting indicator, as “duty-bound” might require a component to be nested within EXCISE or TAX [쒁 BOOK] bound over CLEAR bound, say TIDE bound, we hear PACT; TIDE; TRUST boundaries first and last letters of associated word to be used as “city boundaries” signifies CY; see BOUNDARY boundaries of first and last letters of the word following to be used (as “boundaries of Durham” signifies DM) boundary BORDER; EDGE; END; FENCE; FOUR; HEDGE; IV; LIST (i.e. in jousting); METE (boundary stone); RIM; SIX; VI; RUNS; WALL; 쐍 LIMIT bounder CAD; FENCE; HEEL; ROO; 쐍 KNAVE; ROTTER bouquet AROMA; AURA; NOSE; POSY; SCENT bout FIT; JAG; SPELL; 쐍 MATCH bout, short FIT bovine OX; STOLID bovver boy SKIN bow ARC; ARCH; BEND; BOB; FRONT; HEAD; KNOT; PROW; STEM; STOOP; YIELD; can refer to something to do with a violin, viola, violinist or a ship; first


letter indicator as “vessel’s bow” 씮V bow, at the FORE Bow, in can indicate the dropping of an initial H bow tie PAINTER(!) bower ARBOUR bowl DISH; FONT; PAN; PLATE; SPEED; WOOD; YORK; 쐍 JACK; HOLLOW; STUMP (cric.) bowl over WOW bowl, shallow PLATE bowl, sort of FINGER bowled B; OUT bowled over reversal indicator bowler DERBY; DRAKE; HAT; TILE; 쐍 SPINNER; [쒁 BALL; JACK; OVER] bowler, type of SPIN bowling ON; OVER; SPEEDING; anagram indicator bowling lane ALLEY bowling, sort of SPIN bowling, spell of OVER bowling success STRIKE bowling venue GREEN bowls target JACK bowman ARCHER; HOOD; TELL box ARK; BIN; CASE; CASKET; CHEST; COFFER; CRATE; CUFF; FIGHT; LOGE; PACK; SPAR; TIN; TREE; TUBE; TV; 쐍 CARTON; INRO; TELLY; [쒁 PUNCH] box, Japanese INRO box of cards SHOE box, private LOGE box, put in CRATED box, pill INRO box, sort of ICE boxed CASED; CRATED boxed, something COMPASS boxer ALI; DOG; PUG; 쐍 CRATER(!) Boxer as the name of the horse in Orwell’s Animal Farm can indicate something to do with the horse, the book or Orwell boxes TELLIES; see BOX

bread, loaf of

boxing nesting indicator; [쒁 BOUT; RING] boxing match ROUNDS boy LAD; PAGE; SON; SONNY ; can signal a male proper name e.g. MILES, PETER but very often the use of “boy” calls for the diminutive of a proper name e.g. AL, ART, NED, PHIL – for other male first names see MAN’S NAME boy, armed CUPID boy, chubby PUTTO (art) boy, expectant PIP boy king TUT boy of fifties TED boy standing up DAL boycott, boycotted BLACK boyfriend BEAU; DATE; FLAME; STEADY; LOVER boys, little PUTTI (art) brace COUPLE; PAIR; STEEL; STRUT; TENSE; TWO bracing BRISK bract LEAF brad NAIL brag BOAST; CROW; 쐍 BROADCAST braid JOIN; LACE; TAPE brain HEAD; HIT; (remember, the giraffe has the most superior brain! ) brain, of little DENSE; THICK brainless DENSE; THICK brains WIT; 쐍 NOUS brains, bit of LOBE brains, without see BRAINLESS brainwave IDEA; anagram of BRAIN brainy ABLE; BRIGHT; CLEVER brainy, not THICK brake CATCH; COPSE; FERN; GROVE; REIN; SLOW; STOP; THICKET; [쒁 DISC] brake, part of SHOE branch ARM; BOUGH; FORK; LIMB; LOG; SPRAY; SPUR; STICK; SUB (as in sub office); TINE; TWIG branch line SPUR branch out FORK; 쐍 EXPAND

branch, tiny end of TWIG branching out FORK brand CLASS; LINE; LABEL; MAKE; MARK; MARQUE; NAME; SEAR; SORT; TYPE brandish SHAKE; WAVE; WIELD brandishing anagram indicator brandy FINE; MARC; PEG brash FLASHY brash child BRAT brass BUGLE; CASH; CHEEK; HORN; HORNS; NECK; NERVE; LIP; TUBA; 쐍 MONEY; RHINO; SAUCE; see MONEY brasserie BAR brassie CLUB brassy CHEEK; FRESH; LOUD brat IMP brave BOLD; CREE; DARING; DEFY; DOUGHTY; FACE; GOOD; GRITTY; INDIAN; STOUT; see AMERICAN INDIAN brave device HATCHET brave man HERO; see AMERICAN INDIAN brave partner SQUAW brave person, type LION bravery GUTS; see NERVE bravo BULLY; OLE brawl ROW; SCRAP; SETTO (i.e. set to); 쐍 DISPUTE; MELEE brawn BEEF; JELLY brazen BOLD Brazil BR; [쒁 NUT] Brazilian state ACRE; PARA breach GAP; RENT; RIFT; SPLIT; 쐍 CRACK; FOUL; RUPTURE SCHISM breach of duty TORT bread BRASS; CASH; COB; DIME; FARE; LOAF; NAN; PITA; ROLL; 쐍 BAP; NAAN; TOAST; see MONEY; [쒁 CRUST] bread, chunk of ROLL bread, dry CRUST bread, Indian NAAN; NAN bread, loaf of TIN



break BUST; CRACK; GAP; LAPSE; KNAP (dial.); PART; PAUSE; REND; RENT; REST; RIFT; SHEAR; SMASH; SNAP; SPLIT; STAVE; STOP; TRASH 쐍 CRUMBLE; FLOUT; DETACH; HOLS (i.e. holidays); RECESS; RESPITE; RUIN; SHATTER; SPLINTER; anagram indicator; break around PANS break down FAIL; STOP; anagram indicator; anagram of DOWN break head BRAIN break-in RAID; nesting indicator break in electricity OUTAGE break into song SING break new ground DIG break off SNAP break out ESCAPE break out violently RIP break rule INFRINGE break, short COMMA break, sort of TIE break up LAUGH; REND; SCRAP; anagram indicator; nesting indicator break-up, part of SHARE breakable anagram indicator breakdown BREACH; anagram indicator breaker ROLLER; WAVE breakfast can indicate some kind of cereal breakfast, bit of see BREAKFAST FOOD breakfast food EGG; KIPPER; ROLL; TOAST; see CEREAL breaking anagram indicator breaking out in anagram indicator breaking up anagram indicator breaks anagram indicator; nesting indicator breaks down anagram indicator breakthrough nesting indicator breakwater MOLE breath GASP; HINT breath, catch one’s GASP breath, deep SIGH breath, out of WINDED


breathe quickly PANT breather BREAK; GILL; LUNG; PAUSE; REST breathing equipment NOSE breathless, be GASP bred RAISED breed KIND; RACE; RAISE; REAR; STRAIN breeding establishment STUD breeze WIND breeze, be borne on WAFT breeze, cold DRAUGHT breezing around anagram indicator breezy AIRY Bren GUN Brent GOOSE brew BEER; MASH; PLAN; anagram indicator; [쒁 ALE; BITTER; TEA] brew tea anagram of TEA brewed anagram indicator brewing AFOOT; anagram indicator briar ROSE bribable VENAL bribe BUNG; OIL; SOP 쐍 NOBBLE; SQUARE bribery, open to VENAL brick BLOCK; STRETCHER brick box HOD brick waste GROG bricklayer, something used by HOD bricks, pile/stack of CLAMP bride WIFE; [쒁 GROOM] bridegroom say, what did the IDO bridge ARCH; CROSS; GAME; LINK; SPAN; TOWER; SPANNER; [쒁 RUBBER]; can refer to the nose or some aspect of it bridge bid NT bridge games RUBBER bridge players/opponents etc. usually refers to various combinations of N, S, E, W bridgework DENTURE brief CURT; LETTER; MINI; NOTE; PRIME; SHORT; SPEC;


TASK; TERSE; 쐍 COMPACT; REMIT; SILK (i.e. law); TINY; can indicate that something is of short duration, or concise in expression; abbreviation indicator; see SHORT brief, not LONG brief note MEMO brief shower SPAT briefs maker SILK brier HEATH brigand BANDIT; RAIDER bright BRAINY; CLEVER; FAIR; LIGHT; LIT; LOUD; SHINY; SUNNY; 쐍 GLAD; GOLDEN; see CLEVER bright light SUN bright, not UNLIT; see DULL bright, was GLARED; GLOWED; SHONE brighten CLEAR; LIGHT brighten up CLEAR brightened LIT brightened up LIT brightly coloured RED brightness SUN; SHEEN brightness, measure of IQ brill TOPPING brilliance FLAIR brilliant STAR; SUPER; 쐍 MEGA brilliant, be SHINE brilliant effect ECLAT brim EDGE bring FETCH bring about CAUSE; EFFECT bring ashore LAND bring down LAND; RASE; RAZE bring forth BEAR; BREED bring home EARN; STRESS bring in EARN; IMPORT; NET bring on INCUR bring out EDUCE bring to bear EXERT bring to light EXPOSE; OUT bring together (troops) MUSTER bring up BROACH; REAR; RAISE; reversal indicator brink EDGE; RIM; VERGE; 쐍 LIMIT briny MAIN

brio GUSTO brisk LIVELY; SMART; SPRY; 쐍 BRACING; QUICK bristle AWN; TEEM bristles BEARD; 쐍 SETAE (botany); STUBBLE Brit POM Britain, most crowded area of SE British B; BR; UK British administration RAJ British Columbia BC British control, rule RAJ British Isles BRIS British rugby player LION Briton, early PICT Briton, North PICT; SCOT Briton in Australia POM Britten, character of BUDD broach BEGIN; OPEN; SPIT; TAP broaching anagram indicator broad LARGE; WIDE broad and slow, musically LARGO broad-minded OPEN broadcast AIR; BEAM; BRAG; EMIT; ISSUE; RELAY; OB; SEND; SENT; SHOW; SOW; SOWN; SPREAD; STREWN; 쐍 SCATTER; anagram indicator; homophone indicator broadcast, outside OB broadcaster RADIO; SOWER; 쐍 AIRER broadcasters CHANNEL broadcasting AIRING; ON; anagram indicator brochure TRACT; 쐍 PROSPECTUS broke BUST; SKINT; SPLIT; STUCK; 쐍 SMASHED; STONY; STRAPPED; TRASHED; anagram indicator; nesting indicator broke, almost BUS; SKIN broken BUST; anagram indicator broken down anagram indicator broken heart ATHER broken leg, with word to end in GLE broker AGENT; FACTOR bronze TAN; THIRD



brooch CAMEO; PIN brood ISSUE; LITTER; NEST; SIT; STEW; SULK brooded SAT brook ABIDE; B; BEAR; BURN; RILL; STAND; STREAM broom BRUSH; SHRUB broth DISH brother BR; BRO; FR; MONK; PAL; SIB; 쐍 BRER brotherhood COWL brothers BROS; GRIMM; ORDER brought GOT; LED brought about anagram or run indicator brought back reversal indicator brought forth BRED brought in nesting indicator brought to light BORN; EXPOSED; OUT brought round nesting indicator brought up BRED; reversal indicator brow EDGE; HILL; RIDGE; TOP browbeat BULLY; COW brown BAY; BREAD; DUN; RUST; RUSTY; TAN; UMBER; 쐍 BEIGE; BICE; DARK; SIENNA brown bread TOAST brown, dark UMBER brown, light FAWN brown, purplish PUCE browned off, get TAN brownie IMP browning TAN Browning GUN Browning, with ARMED Brownish SEPIA brownish-grey TAUPE brownish-yellow AMBER browse EAT; NIBBLE; READ Bruckner ANTON bruise MARK; WELT bruised anagram indicator Brunel [쒁 BRIDGE] brunette, not FAIR brush BROOM; BUFF; SCRUB; SCUFF; SPAT; SWEEP; TAIL; TIFF; TOUCH; 쐍 CLEANER]


brusque BRIEF Brussels EU brutal CRUEL; FERAL brutal person BEAST; FIEND brute BEAST Brutus ROMAN bubble BOIL; SEETHE; SIMMER bubbly ASTI; FIZZY; anagram indicator buccaneer PIRATE; see PIRATE buck DEER; HIND; JUMP; KICK; [쒁 DOE] buck up CHEER; REAR bucked anagram indicator bucket PAIL bucking anagram indicator Buckingham, for example PALACE buckle BEND; CLASP; FASTEN; SHIELD; WARP buckler SHIELD bucks can indicate something to do with rabbits Bucks town IVER bud GERM; PAL; SHOOT; see FRIEND Buddhism ZEN Buddhism, practise DOZEN (i.e. do Zen) Buddhist ZEN Buddhist monk LAMA buddy PAL; see FRIEND Buddy HOLLY budge MOVE budgy PET; 쐍 BIRD buff FAN; NUT; POLISH buff, in the see NAKED Buffalo Bill CODY buffer can indicate someone who polishes e.g. shoeblack buffet BAR; BASH; BEAT; BLOW; STRIKE buffoon see FOOL bug ANT; GERM; LOUSE; PEST; 쐍 INSECT; MIDGE; see ANNOY, INSECT, IRRITATE bugging device TAP bugle BRASS; PLANT; WIND build FORM; FOUND; MOUNT; 쐍 ERECT builder anagram indicator


builder’s carrier HOD building B; BLOCK; DOME; HALL; HOUSE; HUT; PILE; SHACK; SHED; TOWER; VILLA; anagram indicator building block BRICK building for storage BARN building, imposing PALACE building material BRICK; CEMENT building, part of large WING building, sacred CHAPEL; CHURCH; TEMPLE; 쐍 CATHEDRAL; MINSTER; MOSQUE building, side of WALL building, tall TOWER buildings, collection of COMPLEX; ESTATE built of anagram indicator built-up anagram indicator; reversal indicator built-up area CITY; ESTATE; TOWN bulb CLOVE; LAMP bulb, garlic CLOVE bulge SAG bulk see MASS bull CENTRE; NEAT; OX; ROT; see RUBBISH; can indicate something to do with darts (e.g. inner, outer, board) bull’s eye GOLD bullet ROUND; SHELL; SHOT; SLUG; TRACER; [쒁 BARREL; CHAMBER] bullet, sound of PING bulletin NEWS bullets AMMO; ROUNDS; see BULLET bullock STEER; 쐍 STOT bully BEEF; BRAVO; HECTOR; 쐍 BOSS; BROWBEAT; COWER; OPPRESS; TYRANT; anagram indicator Bulwer-Lytton hero ARAM bum RUMP; TRAMP; anagram indicator bump BARGE; BLOW; CRASH; 쐍 COLLIDE; STRIKE bumped into MET; nesting indicator

bumper GLASS bumpkin CLOD; HICK; LOUT; OAF; RUBE (U.S.); YOKEL bumpy anagram indicator bun MOP; WAD (slang) bunch CLUSTER; FLOCK; GANG; LOT; POSY; SET; WAD; see GROUP bunch of documents FILE; WAD bunch of girls BEVY bunch of keys some combination of A, B, C, D, E, F, G bundle BALE; PACK; STACK; WAD bundled anagram indicator bundles, in anagram indicator bung BRIBE; PLUG; SOP; STOP; STOPPER bungle GOOF; MASH; MUFF; 쐍 BOTCH; MUDDLE bungled anagram indicator bunk BED; BERTH; COT; ROT; see RUBBISH bunk off can be a general omission indicator or can mean that a synonym (e.g. bed, cot) is to be omitted bunker SAND bunting FLAGS buoy FLOAT buoyancy CHEER buoyant, be FLOAT bur STICKER burden CROSS; HEAVY; LADE; LOAD; LUMBER; ONUS; PACK; TAX; WEIGHT; 쐍 CUMBER; SADDLE burden, carry SHOULDER burdened LADEN; TAXED bureau AGENCY burgeon SPROUT burgle ROB burgundy RED; WINE; 쐍 MAROON burial place GRAVE; TOMB; 쐍 CHAMBER burial mound BARROW; TUMULUS (useful to get CUMULUS) buried HID; UNDER; nesting indicator


buried in

buried in run indicator; nesting indicator Burlington House RA burn BROOK; CHAR; FIRE; FLARE; ITCH; RILL; SCALD; SEAR; SINGE; WATER; 쐍 CREMATE; IGNITE; SIZZLE; STREAM burn, lightly SINGE burn slowly SMOULDER burn-up CREMATION burn with a strong flame BLAZE burning AFIRE; ABLAZE; AFLAME; ALIGHT; HOT; LIT; LIVE; ON; 쐍 ITCHING; KEEN; anagram indicator burnish RUB; SHINE Burns POET; can indicate something to do with rye burp BELCH; [쒁 WINDY] burrow HOLE; SETT burst POP; SPLIT; anagram indicator burst of activity FIT bursting anagram indicator burton TACKLE Burton, gone for a anagram indicator bury HIDE; INTER bus COACH; [쒁 STOP] bus garage DEPOT bus, on ABOARD bush PLANT; see PLANT; 쐍 INN SIGN busiest PEAK business ADO; AGENCY; BIZ; CO; DEAL; DO; FIRM; HOUSE; LINE; SHOP; TRADE; 쐍 AFFAIR; COMMERCE; CONCERN; OPERATION; PIGEON; see COMPANY, TRADE business, agricultural FARM; HOLDING business centre CITY business community CITY business deal SALE business, do DEAL; TRADE business graduate MBA business qualification MBA


business transaction, bit of DEAL; SALE businessman EXEC; TYCOON businessman, top CEO busk [쒁 AD LIB; PLAY; STREET] buss KISS bust ARREST; BREAK (qv); BROKE; CHEST; PARTY; RAID; SMASHED; 쐍 FIGUREHEAD; see BREAK; anagram indicator busted anagram indicator bustle ADO; FLAP; HUM; STIR bustling ASTIR; anagram indicator busy ACTIVE; ENGAGED; PEAK; anagram indicator busy character BEE busy, get WORK busy person/type BEE busy worker ANT; BEE busybody PRY but SAVE; 쐍 EXCEPT; ONLY; may call for the opposite – as “right angle” could be clued by “But one could turn left at the corner ...” but in Latin SED but not EXCEPT but not a A to be omitted butcher KILL; MANGLE; SLAY butcher-bird SHRIKE butcher’s LOOK butchered anagram indicator butchers LOOK; 쐍 DEKKO butler SERVANT; [쒁 PANTRY] Butler RAB butt CASK; END; FISH; STUMP; 쐍 STOOGE; TARGET; can indicate something to do with shooting practice; last letter indicator Butt CLARA butter FAT; GOAT; RAM; 쐍 GHEE butter, portion of PAT butterflies anagram of BUTTER butterfly COMMA; STROKE; 쐍 ADMIRAL; IMAGO; SKIPPER; with a capital letter can refer to something to do with the opera ‘Madam Butterfly’ button KNOB; [쒁 PANIC, PUSH]

call attracting attention

buttonhole ACCOST; COLLAR; nesting indicator buttonholed nesting indicator Buttons PAGE buttress PIER; PROP buy GET; SHOP; STAND buy it DIE buyer BULL buyer’s option BO buzz HUM; KICK; RING; can indicate something to do with bee e.g. drone; 쐍 THRILL buzzer BEE; BELL; WASP buzzing HUM; anagram indicator by AT; IN; NEAR; OVER; PER; THRO; VIA; X; 쐍 ALONG; THROUGH by all means DO by climbing REP (i.e. reversal) by, French DE; DES By God! EGAD by hiding nothing BOY by means, or by way of PER; VIA by mouth ORAL by oneself ALONE; LONE; SOLE; SOLO by stopping sin BERRY (i.e. b-err-y) by the way can indicate something located at the roadside (e.g. kerb, gutter) or street furniture (e.g. streetlamp, post-box) by virtue of being QUA by way of IN; VIA by-law RULE bye RUN bygone OLD; OLDEN; PAST bypass DODGE byre SHED byway LANE

Cc cab TAXI Cabaret performer BOWLES cabbage COLE; KALE; LODGE

cabbage, some HEART cabin CHALET; CRIB; HUT; SHACK cabinet CLOSET cable CORD; LINE; ROPE; WIRE; 쐍 FLEX cache HIDE; HOARD; STORE cackle CHATTER; GAS cacophony DIN; ROW cad BOUNDER; CREEP; HEEL; ROTTER cadence CLOSE; FALL caddis FLY; YARN cadet L; SCION; 쐍 TRAINEE Cadmus, daughter of AGAVE cadre GROUP; UNIT Caesar’s fateful day IDES Caesar’s last question ETTU (i.e. et tu) cafe DINER cage COOP; PEN; POUND cake BUN; PUFF; ROCK; ROLL; SCONE; SET; SOAP; WAD; 쐍 ANGEL; CLOT; PASTRY; PAT; SPONGE; TORTE cake ingredient CURRANT cake mixture BATTER cake, piece of EASY caked SET cakes BAKING calamitous FATAL; anagram indicator calculate ADD; INTEND calculation SUM; anagram indicator calculator ADDER Caledonian PICT; SCOT calf LEATHER calibre BORE California CAL Caligula ROMAN call BID; CITE; CLAIM; CRY; DIAL; DUB; HAIL; HEADS; HI; HOOT; LET (i.e. in tennis); NAME; NEED; O; PAGE; PHONE; PLEA; RING; TAILS; TERM; TIME(!); TITLE; 쐍 DEMAND; EXCLAIM; HOLLER; SHOUT; TITLE; YODEL call attracting attention AHEM


call back

call back ETIC call for NEED; USE; WANT call for help SOS call names SLAG call out man’s name HUGH call to attract attention HO call up ETIC (i.e. cite reversed); EVOKE; RING call-up EMAN (i.e. name reversed); see CALL UP Callas MARIA called CRIED; RANG; RUNG called in French DIT caller GUEST calling CAREER; VOCATION Calliope MUSE calls for homophone indicator calm COOL; EASE; EVEN; LULL; PEACE; STILL; 쐍 ALLAY; APPEASE; PLACATE; QUELL; QUIET; SEDATE; SERENE; SOOTHE calmer SOP calmness POISE calorie allowance DIET calumniate see CALUMNY calumny SLANDER; SMEAR camber BANK Cambridge University CU; MIT came across FOUND; MET; READ came down RAINED came first LED; WON came to AWOKE came up AROSE; ROSE camp BASE; GAY; PARTY (qv); TENT campaign ACTION; DRIVE; FIGHT; WAR campanologist RINGER can BILLY; GAOL; KEN; KNOW; LOO; MAY; STIR; TIN; 쐍 JOHN; PICKLE; PRESERVE; see PRISON can be anagram indicator can be bought VENAL can containing nothing TION can get can indicate that the synonym for the answer follows can lead to anagram indicator can work out anagram indicator


Canada CAN; in a phrase such as “in parts of Canada” can indicate a French word, see FRANCE, FRENCH canal CUT; GUT; GUTTER; can indicate a specific canal e.g. Panama, Suez canal boat BARGE canal constructor NAVVY canal, stretch of LOCK canap SNACK canary FINCH cancel CUT; ERASE; REVOKE; SCRUB; 쐍 ANNUL; BIN; DELETE; DROP; DUMP; SCRAP; TRASH; UNDO; omission indicator cancellation OFF cancelled OFF; omission indicator, as “one is cancelled” requires I to be omitted candid FRANK; OPEN; PLAIN candidates FIELD candle LIGHT; TAPER; [쒁 WICKED] cane BEAT; GRASS; REED; ROD; STAFF; STEM; STICK; THRASH; 쐍 BIRCH canine FANG; TOOTH; note, can refer to a dog, usually a specific breed canker ROT cannabis HEMP; JOINT; POT canned nesting indicator; particularly it can call for a component to be nested within TIN as “Poison derived from canned meat” 씮 TOXIN (i.e. T-OX-IN) cannon ORDNANCE (useful to make ORDINANCE) canny CLEVER; CUTE; SHREWD; WISE canoe racing ROWING canon LAW; ROUND; RULE; TEST canons CHAPTER canopy TESTER canopy of sky DOME cant HEEL; LIST; SLANG; SLOPE; 쐍 ARGOT; BEVEL Canterbury LAMB; SEE cantilever BEAM


canvas SAIL; TENT; can indicate something to do with circus or circus artistes canvas shoe SNEAKER cap BEAT; COVER; CROWN; HAT; LID; TAM; TOP; 쐍 BETTER; BONNET; FINIAL (arch.); TIP cap decoration HACKLE cap off/removed first letter to be omitted capable FIT capable of anagram indicator capacity G; GAL; JOB; ROOM; VOL; 쐍 ABILITY; CONTENT; GALLON capacity of, in the QUA cape C; CLOAK; HORN; NESS; 쐍 TIPPET (clothing) cape, American SABLE caper ANTIC; LARK; LEAP; PRANK; SKIP; 쐍 BOUND; FROLIC; CRIME; TARTAR SAUCE (i.e. an ingredient in); SCAM; anagram indicator capering anagram indicator capital AI; CAP; CITY; GOOD; GREAT; HEAD; SUPER; TOP; 쐍 BACKING; FUNDS; HAVANA; LEADING; MONEY; RESOURCES; WHEREWITHAL; initial letter indicator; can refer to a capital city, popular examples: ADEN, CAIRO, LIMA, PARIS, RIGA, ROME; SOFIA; can indicate something to do with head, brain or hair capital, island PALMA capital, provide FUND capitulate CEDE; YIELD Capone AL; 쐍 SCARFACE capricious anagram indicator capsized anagram indicator; reversal indicator captain BLIGH; CAP; CAPT; HARDY; HOOD; KIDD; PILOT; SKIP; 쐍 FLINT; MORGAN; NEMO; SKIPPER captivate CHARM; nesting indicator

captivated, captivating nesting indicator captive POW captives nesting indicator, as “ten captives” requires TEN to be nested capture BAG; LAND; TAKE; TRAP; 쐍 CATCH; SNARE captured TAKEN; TOOK; nesting indicator capturing nesting indicator car AUTO; COUPE; ESTATE; GT; LIMO; TRAM; 쐍 HEARSE; can refer to a specific make or model: ETYPE; FORD; JAG; MAXI; MINI; POLO; ROLLS; ROVER; UNO car control BRAKE; CLUTCH car, dilapidated HEAP car, fast GT car, go by DRIVE car, leave PARK car, old CRATE; HEAP; 쐍 BANGER; MORRIS car, smart RR car, US DODGE car, went by DROVE carapace SHELL carbonaceous rock COAL card A; ACE; CLUB; COMB; COVE; HEART; J; JACK; K; KING; Q; TREY; WAG; WIT; 쐍 CAUTION; CHARACTER; DEUCE; DIAMOND; QUEEN; SPADE; TAROT card game BRAG; BRIDGE; LOO; NAP; POKER; SNAP; STUD; 쐍 BANKER; OMBRE; PIQUET; SKAT; RUMMY; WHIST; [쒁 DEAL; HAND; TENACE; TRUMP] card player B; EAST; N; NORTH; S; SOUTH; W; WEST card session DEAL; HAND; RUBBER cardinal CHIEF; HE; MAIN; RED; STRESS; WINE; 쐍 RED HAT; can refer to the cardinal points of the compass: N, E, W, S; can indicate a cardinal number ONE, TWO, etc including for-



eign cardinal numbers as “first French cardinal” clues UN etc cards DECK; HAND; HANDS; PACK; PAIR cardsharp ROGUE care CHARGE; MIND; RECK (archaic word but still retained in reckless); TEND care of CO care of, take MIND career DASH; JOB; LINE; RACE; RUN; RUSH; SPEED; TEAR; WORK; 쐍 CALLING career golfer PRO carefree GAY careful MIND carefully anagram indicator careless LAX; SLACK; 쐍 REMISS; SLOPPY; anagram indicator caress BILL; NECK; PET; STROKE cargo LADING; LOAD; 쐍 FREIGHT cargo on, put LADE; LOAD cargo space HOLD Caribbean SEA Caribbean island CUBA caricature GUY carnival site/venue RIO carnivore, small MINK; STOAT; WEASEL carol SING; SONG; WASSAIL carol singers WAIT carol singing WASSAIL carousel can indicate something to do with luggage e.g. cases carp BEEF; CAVIL; FISH; NAG carpenter CHIPPY; CHIPS; 쐍 QUINCE carpenter’s appliance VICE carpet LAYER; MAT; RAP; RATE; ROAST; RUG carriage BRAKE; CAB; COACH; FLY; GAIT; GIG; PORT; PRAM; SET; STAGE; TRAP; 쐍 BEARING; CHAISE; HACKNEY; MIEN; POSTURE; SURREY Caribbean WI carried BORNE


carried away RAPT; SENT carried by run indicator carrier BAG; CARTER; HOD; SACK; SHIP; TRAY; TRAIN; 쐍 MULE; PORTER carries nesting indicator; run indicator; see CARRY carries on ON to be nested carrot BAIT; LURE; VEG; 쐍 BRIBE; UMBELLIFER carry BEAR; CART; HOLD; LUG; TOTE; 쐍 ENDURE; HANDLE; STOCK; TAKE; nesting indicator carry away SEND; TAKE carry on FLIRT; LAST; RAGE; WAGE carry out DO; EFFECT; RENDER carrying BEARING; TOTING; anagram indicator; nesting indicator cart BARROW; DRAY; GIG; TRAP; 쐍 CARRY; DILLY; WAGON; WAIN carte MENU cartoon STRIP cartoon hero BATMAN carve CUT (qv); ETCH; FORM; HEW; SHAPE; SLICE; [쒁 JOINT] carved CUT; ETCHED; GRAVEN; HEWN; insertion indicator; anagram indicator Casanova LOVER; 쐍 ROUE case ACTION; APPEAL; BAG; BOX; COVER; CRATE; FILE; FRAME; GRIP; NUT; POD; SHELL; SUIT; TRIAL; 쐍 COMPACT; ETUI; EXAMPLE; HOLSTER; INSTANCE; PATIENT; SHEATH; SHEATHE; VALISE; WALLET; nesting indicator; can refer to a grammatical case such as DATIVE, VOCATIVE or in abbreviated form – DAT, VOC, ACC, GEN, ABL; can refer to something to do with patient, illness, hospital etc; can indicate something to do with the difference in letter case, i.e. between upper and lower case, such as to express ‘I’ in

cats and dogs

lower case (i) requires a DOT; can indicate something to do with luggage e.g. bellhop; can indicate first and last letters as “case to try” 씮 TY case for can indicate that the item that follows is to be nested, for example “case for Oriental” can mean that E is to be nested case, in LEST cases can refer to the outer letters of a word (so that “brief missing cases” 씮 RIE) cash CHANGE; COIN; NOTE; PENNY; PROP (i.e. property); READY; TIN; 쐍 LUCRE; MONEY; TENDER can signify a specific currency e.g. ANNA, DIME, QUARTER etc; see CURRENCY, MONEY cash for the day, a bit of FLOAT cash drawer TILL; 쐍 REGISTER cash, hard COIN cashier FIRE; TELLER casing COVER; RIND; SHELL; first and last letter indicator; nesting indicator casing, tough RIND; SHELL cask BUTT; KEG; PIN; PIPE; TUN cassette TAPE cast ANGLE; BUNG; DASH; DIE; FLING; FORM; FOUND; HEAVE; PITCH; SET; SHAPE; SHED; SHIED; SHY; SLING; THREW; THROW; 쐍 CHUCK; COMPANY; PLAYERS; TROUPE; anagram indicator cast down LOWER cast light LIT cast out EVICT; EXILE caste CLASS castigated anagram indicator Castilian, the EL castle C; FORT; KEEP; PIECE; ROOK; 쐍 FASTNESS castle, Englishman’s HOME castle, old* RUIN casual EASY; LAX; ODD; anagram indicator casual shirt T casual worker TEMP

casual workers LUMP casually DOWN (as in dress down); anagram indicator casually turn over RIFFLE casualties DEAD cat FAN; FLOG; KIT; LASH; LION; OUNCE; PET; PUSS; ROPE; TOM; WHIP; 쐍 FELINE; GENET; KITTY; MOGGY; MOUSER; PANTHER; PUSSY; QUEEN; SCOURGE; TABBY; TIGER; can indicate something to do with jazz, New Orleans etc; [쒁 FUR; FURRY; MEW; PURR] cat’s paw PAWN; TOOL cat, theatre GUS cataclysm anagram indicator catalogue LIST; anagram indicator catapult SLING catastrophe RUIN catcall BOO; JEER; MEW catch ARREST; BAG; BOLT; BRAKE; COP; GET; GRAB; HEAR; HOOK; LAND; NAB; NAIL; NET; NIP; SEE; SNAG; TAG; TAKE; TRAP; TRICK; TRIP; 쐍 CLASP; CLOSER; COLLAR; CORNER; DETENT; ENTRAP; FASTENER; HOLD; LASSO; POT; SNARE; SNIB (small bolt); nesting indicator; can indicate something to do with angling, fish, fishing industry, fishing boats etc. catch fish TROLL; see FISH catch sight of ESPY; SPOT; 쐍 NOTICE catch up TEN cater FEED catering for anagram indicator caterpillar LOOPER cathedral CHESTER; DOM; ELY; MINSTER cathedral city CHESTER; ELY cathedral precinct CLOSE catholic BROAD Catholic RC Catholic dignitary DOM; DOMINEE cats PRIDE cats and dogs RAIN 쐍 BUCKETS



cattle BEEF; COWS; HERD; KINE; NEAT; STEER(S); STOCK cattle disease BSE cattle food CUD; MANGEL cattle pen CORRAL catwalk [쒁 MODEL] caucus CELL caught C; CT; OUT; 쐍 NIPPED; SNARED; see CATCH; anagram indicator; nesting indicator caught by nesting indicator caught in C to be included; run indicator; nesting indicator caught out C to be omitted cause DO; GROUND; LET; MAKE; RAISE; REASON; 쐍 PROMPT; anagram indicator cause amazement AWE; STUN cause friction RUB cause of ferment YEAST cause of irritation RANKLE cause stress STRAIN; WORRY caused by usually indicates that what follows are components of the solution caustic anagram indicator caustic comment DIG caution CARD; CARE; HEED; WARN; 쐍 AMBER; SCREAM; WARINESS caution, move with EDGE; INCH cautionary light AMBER cautious CHARY; LEERY; WARY cavalry GREY; HORSE cavalry man LANCER; RIDER cave GROT; HOLE; 쐍 ANTRE (poet.); GROTTO; WARNING (i.e. Latin) cave-dweller TROG caved in GAVE caviar, caviare ROE cavities ANTRA; see CAVITY cavity CRATER; DENT; GAP; HOLE; SAC cavort, cavorted, cavorting anagram indicator CC with a homophone indicator can call for SEAS CD, item on a TRACK


cease DIE; DROP; HALT; REST; STOP; 쐍 ABSTAIN; DESIST cease attending LEAVE cease employ DROP; SACK (qv); SCRAP cease to have LOSE ceded omission indicator ceiling TOP celebrate FEAST; FETE; PARTY; SING celebrated NOTED; SUNG celebration DO; FAIR; GALA; MASS; PARTY; 쐍 CARNIVAL; REVEL celebration in college GAUDY celebratory FESTIVE; JOLLY celebrities ALIST (i.e. the A list) celebrity FAME; HERO; NAME; NOTE; STAR; VIP; 쐍 LEGEND; LION celerity SPEED cell EGG; GROUP cells TISSUE Celtic IRISH cement BOND; FIX; 쐍 POINTING cementing nesting indicator censor BAN; BANNER; CATO; EDIT; GAG; STOP censorship BAN; GAG censorship of anagram indicator censure PAN; RAP; RAIL; RATE; STICK; see REPRIMAND centaur HORSE central CHIEF; KEY; MAIN; MID; 쐍 LEADING; MIDDLE; use middle letter(s) of associated word; run indicator central heating CH Central London ND (think about it!) centre BULL; CORE; HEART; HUB; MID; NUB; PITH; WAIST; 쐍 DEPOT; FOCUS; MIDDLE; use the middle letter(s) of associated word centre, business CITY centre-forward W centre for intelligence BRAIN centre, in the AMID

change of course

centre of population CITY; LA (which can be ingeniously used to get the answer LOS ANGELES!); TOWN centrepiece middle letter(s) of a word century C; TON; 쐍 TRECENTO century, half L century, one short of OO (i.e. first digit from 100) ceramic POT; TILE ceramic material CLAY cereal BRAN; CORN; CROP; GRASS; OAT; OATS; RICE; WHEAT; SAGO; 쐍 BARLEY; MILLET cereal, bit of EAR cereal head EAR ceremonial POMP ceremony FORM; MASS; POMP; RITE cert CINCH; NAP certain ACTUAL; BOUND; SURE certain, a ONE; SOME; SURE certain amount SOME certain French SUR certain, make ENSURE certain, not MAY certain number SOME certain people SOME certain quantity RATION certainly AY; AYE; OK; SURE; YEA; YES; 쐍 CERTES; INDEED; REALLY certainty NAP certificate DEED; SCRIP; TICKET; 쐍 DIPLOMA cessation of hostilities TRUCE cha TEA chafe FRAY; FRET; RUB; 쐍 RANKLE chaff AWN; BANTER; REFUSE; RIB; TEASE; 쐍 HUSKS chain BOND; CABLE; LINKS; RANGE; SHACKLE; TIE chair HEAD; POST; ROCKER; RUN; SEAT; SEDAN; SITTER chair meeting PRESIDE chair, took SAT chairman PROF; PROFESSOR; [쒁 BOARD]

Chairman MAO chairman, act as HEAD chairs SEATING challenge CLAIM; DARE; DEFY; TACKLE challenge for ball TACKLE chamber PO; POT; ROOM (qv); SOLAR; [쒁 BULLETS; STAR] chamber group TRIO chamber room VAULT Chamberlain JOE champ BITE; CHEW; EAT; MUNCH; see CHAMPION; [쒁 TEETH] champagne BRUT; WIDOW (brand name; 쐍 MAGNUM) champion ACE; BACK; BEST; CHAMP; KNIGHT; STAR; TOP; VICTOR; 쐍 ESPOUSE; VICTOR; WINNER champion, former ALI; LAVER championship TITLE chance BET; FALL; FLUKE; HAP; LOT; LUCK; RISK; SHOT; STAKE; THROW; WAGER; 쐍 GAMBLE; HAPPEN; PROSPECT; RANDOM chance, take a DICE; RISK; 쐍 GAMBLE Chancellor CE chances ODDS; see CHANCE chancy DICY change ALTER; AMEND; CASH; EDIT; EMEND; FIX; P; SHIFT; SWAP; SWITCH; TURN; VARY; 쐍 COPPERS; FLOAT; FLUX; MONEY; MUTATE; SILVER; anagram indicator, as “change of gear” 씮 GREA); can signify money (COIN) especially small coins; can indicate a verb form beginning with RE; [쒁 NEW] change angle TURN change book EDIT change course SHEER; TACK change of NEW, as “change of players” can clue NEWCAST (in order to construct NEWCASTLE for example) change of course TACK


change opinion

change opinion SWING change over a synonym of “change” to be reversed (e.g. PAWS) change position STIR change sides DEFECT; within the target word R is to replace L or vice versa change, small P change, sudden VEER change with age YELLOW; 쐍 MATURE; RIPEN changed NEW; anagram indicator; replacement indicator (e.g. one letter for another) changed direction reversal indicator changes PEAL; VARIES; anagram indicator changing anagram indicator changing places change-in-order indicator changing sides within the target word R is to replace L or vice versa changing sex substituting F for M or vice versa changing sides within target word R to replace L or vice versa channel DITCH; DRAIN; DUCT; MOAT; RIVER; SEWER; SIDE (i.e. TV channel); SOUND; TRENCH; TROUGH; TUBE; 쐍 COURSE; DIRECT; GUTTER; LANE; SINUS; SOLENT Channel Island HERM Channel Islands CI Channel port DOVER chant MANTRA; SING; SLOGAN chanted SANG chaos MESS; PIE (from printing); 쐍 HAVOC; anagram indicator chaos, in anagram indicator chaotic, chaotically anagram indicator chap BOD; COVE; CRACK; GENT; GUY; HE; MAN (qv); SORE; 쐍 FELLOW (qv); MISTER; a man’s name (usually shortened) e.g. AL, ALF, BILL, DAN, DON, HERB, IAN, JOE, LEN, PHIL, REG, RON, SID,


STAN, TIN, TOM, TONY; for further names see MAN’S NAME, FELLOW chap, greedy PIG chap, old COVE chap’s HIS chaps MEN chaps, you say GUISE chapter C; PHASE; [쒁 VERSE] chapter, part of CANON char BURN; CHAR; DAILY; FISH; SINGE; TEA; 쐍 CLEANER character AIR; CARD; GIST; KIDNEY; LETTER; MAN; PART; ROLE; RUNE; THORN (runic); TONE; TYPE; 쐍 ETHOS; DISPOSITION; NATURE; can refer to a specific letter either at face value e.g. A, B, C or as a homophonic ‘word’ e.g. BEE, DEE, GEE, ESS etc; can refer to a Greek character. alpha etc character-forming can indicate something to do with writing or graphology characteristic TRAIT; 쐍 IDIOMATIC; PROPERTY characters CASE (i.e printing); CODE; see CHARACTER; anagram indicator; run indicator characters, in anagram indicator; run indicator characters’ limits AZ characters lined up TYPE characters, relating to old RUNIC charades refers to the type of clue where the answer is wholly built up using bits and pieces, in the manner of the well-known parlour game. Example: “Attack American president” (6) Answer: AMBUSH charge AC; ACC; ASK; BILL; BOOK; C; CARE; CH; COST; DEBT; DUE; FEE; FILL; HOLD; ION; LOAD; LUNGE; PRIME; ORDER; PRICE; RAM; RAP; RATE; RENT; RUN; RUSH; SUE; TAX; TOLL;

checked letter

WARD; 쐍 ACCUSE; ATTACK; CANTON (heraldry); COMMAND; DEVICE (heraldry); FREIGHT; INDICT; INVOICE; LEVY; POSTAGE; RETAINER; TITHE; TRUST; can signify something to do with electricity, neutron, etc; can indicate something to do with heraldry charge, criminal RAP charge, in IC; OVER charge, not at a FREE charge of, in IC; OVER charge of, take BOSS; RUN; 쐍 MANAGE charge, sort of DEPTH charge, was in LED charge, without FREE charged HADUP (i.e. had up); LIVE charged, not FREE charged one ION charges DUES; TERMS chariot CART charioteer HUR charitable organisation LIONS charity AID; ALMS; CAUSE; RAG charity event FETE; RAG; 쐍 RAFFLE charlady CLEANER; DAILY Charles CHAS; CHUCK Charlie ASS; MUG; can signify a celebrity of that name e.g. Chaplin, Parker; can indicate something to do with cocaine; see FOOL charm AURA; ENGAGE; OBI; SPELL; TAKE; 쐍 APPEAL; ENAMOUR; ENCHANT; SMOOTH; TALISMAN; UNCTION charmer WITCH charming CUTE; SWEET; 쐍 ENTHRAL; can indicate something to do with casting a spell chart GRAPH; LIST; MAP; PLAN; PLOT; TABLE; 쐍 SURVEY charter CONTRACT charts ATLAS; MAPS

chary WARY chase HUNT; ETCH; FOLLOW; FRAME; HARE; RUN; TAIL; 쐍 ENGRAVE; PURSUE chased RAN; see CHASE chasm GORGE; RENT; SPLIT chaste MODEST chat PATTER; RAP; SPEAK; TALK; see TALK chat inconsequentially PRATTLE chatter GAB; GAS; PRATE; RABBIT; TALK; 쐍 NATTER chatting homophone indicator chauffeur DRIVER chauffeur, be a DRIVE cheap LOW; BASE; PALTRY cheap stuff TAT cheaper DOWN cheat CLIP; CON; DO; DUPE; RIP; ROOK; RUSH (colloq.); SCREW; SHARP; STING; TRICK; TWIST; GYP; 쐍 COZEN; DIDDLE; DUPER; FIDDLE; FLEECE; KNAVE; SWINDLE (qv) cheated DID; ROOKED; TRICKED cheater CON; DUPER; FIDDLER cheating, no FAIR check AUDIT; BLOCK; CH; CURB; DAM; DETER; EDIT; FOIL; LEASH; MARK; PLAID; RATE; REIN; STAY; STEM; STOP; TEST; TRY; VET; 쐍 ARREST; BALK; BAULK; INSPECT; LIMIT; REBUT; REPRESS; RESTRAIN; SCREEN; STAUNCH; STUNT; THWART; can indicate something to do with chess check, final MATE check out VET; see CHECK check-up TEST; can indicate the reversal of a “check” synonym e.g. METS, POTS checked letter the technical term for a letter which forms part of the answer to both an Across and a Down clue. Checked letters are the essence of crosswords and are


checked stuff

obviously helpful where an answer is difficult checked stuff PLAID checking nesting indicator; see CHECK checkout TILL Cheddar CHEESE; GORGE cheek BRASS; CHAP; GALL; LIP; MOUTH; NECK; NERVE; SAUCE; 쐍 JOWL cheek in America SASS cheeky BRASH; PERT; FRESH; INSOLENT; see IMPERTINENT cheer CLAP; ELATE; LIVEN; OLE; PERK; PLEASE; RAH; ROOT; SHOUT; 쐍 BRAVO; ENCOURAGE cheer, give a ROAR cheer up ELATE; LIVEN; PLEASE cheerful BRIGHT; GLAD; HAPPY; HIGH; JAUNTY; PERKY; 쐍 CHIPPER; SUNNY; UPBEAT cheerful, not see CHEERLESS cheerless DISMAL; DOUR; DREAR; DRAB; SAD; 쐍 DREARY cheers TA; TATA cheese BRIE; EDAM; FETA; 쐍 CHEVRE; TRUCKLE cheese, different from CHALK cheese, French BRIE cheesecake PIN UP chef COOK Chelsea BUN chemical CH; ESTER; OXIDE; TIN; see CHEMICAL ELEMENT chemical element when a chemical element is specified to be used as a component it usually signifies that the technical symbol for the element is to be used, such as AS for arsenic, etc. chemical firm ICI chemical happening REACTION chemise SHIFT chemist CURIE; DAVY; HENRY cherish HUG; LOVE Cheshire CHEESE; [쒁 CAT] Cheshire town CREWE


chess, constricted position in PIN chess opponents BW; WB chess player BLACK; WHITE chess player, very good MASTER chessman B; K; KING; KNIGHT; KT; N; P; PAWN; PIECE; Q; QUEEN; R; ROOK chest ARK; BOX; BUST; COFFER; 쐍 BREAST; BUREAU; THORAX Chester DEVA Chesterton GK chestnut GAG; SAW chesty noise RALE chevron STRIPE chew CHAMP; CHOMP; EAT; MUNCH; NIBBLE; [쒁 CUD] chew, something to GUM; QUID chewed BIT; GROUND; anagram indicator chic SMART chicken BROILER; FOWL; HEN; SCARED; WINDY; YELLOW 쐍 COWARD chicken cage COOP Chicago, train in EL chide SCOLD (qv) chief AGA; ARCH; BOSS; C; CAPO; CH; CINC (i.e. C in C); FIRST; HEAD; KEY; KING; LEAD; MAIN; PRIME; TOP; 쐍 EMIR; LEADER; PRIMARY; RULER; STAPLE; THANE; initial letter indicator Chief Education Officer CEO chief executive CHAIR; DG; CE child BABE; BAIRN; BOY; CH; ELF; IMP; INFANT; ISSUE; KID; LAD; MITE; SON; TOT; 쐍 CUB; NIPPER child in street GAMIN child minder NANNY child, mischievous ELF; SCAMP child, naughty/precocious BRAT; IMP; 쐍 BLIGHTER; PICKLE; TERROR; URCHIN child of five QUIN child, Scottish BAIRN; WEAN child, small CH; see CHILD child’s fare HALF

Christian sayings

child, troublesome see CHILD, NAUGHTY child worker PAGE childless D (for daughter) or SON to be omitted children ISSUE; KIDS; SEED; see CHILD children’s writer MILNE chill COLD; COOL; ICE; ICED chilled COLD; ICY chilling ICY; RAW chilly COLD; ICY; PARKY chime PEAL; RING; 쐍 AGREE; BELL; STRIKE chimney CLEFT (in climbing); FLUE; FUNNEL; LUM; STACK china CH; CHUM; COBBER; CUP; FRIEND; MATE; MING; PAL; POT; 쐍 AMIGO; CROCKERY; MINTON; SAUCER; see FRIEND China CATHAY China, right in, (proper in) TAO chine JOINTS; RIDGE; SPINE Chinese criminals, criminal society TONG Chinese detective CHAN Chinese dish RICE Chinese dynasty HAN; MING; SUNG; TANG Chinese gang TONG Chinese leader C; MAO Chinese life force CHI; QI Chinese measure LI Chinese port CANTON Chinese vase MING Chinese vessel JUNK chink CRANNY; GAP; RIFT chinwag CHAT chip BIT; CUT; LOFT; SILICON; SLICE; SLIVER; in its meaning as a golf stroke can indicate something to do with the game chips STAKE; can indicate something to do with sculpting, sculptor etc; [쒁 FISH; SALT] chiropodist [쒁 FOOT] chisel CARVE; CHEAT; CUT; FIDDLE; GOUGE; TOOL; TRICK chit DOCKET; NOTE

Chlorine CL choc a block FULL chock WEDGE chocolate, some BAR choice CREAM; EITHER; ELITE; FINE; GOOD; OPTION; PICK; PLUM; RARE; TOP; 쐍 PICKED; SELECT; SELECTION; can indicate something to do with voting; can indicate that OR (i.e. signifying an alternative) is to be inserted between two components as “Girl has choice of dress arrangement initially” 씮 DORA; [쒁 MENU] choice, make a see CHOOSE choice product FLOWER choir SINGERS choir member SINGER choirboy TREBLE choke GLUT; 쐍 STRANGLE; THROTTLE choking nesting indicator choleric CROSS choose DRAW; ELECT; LIST; OPT; PICK; SELECT choosing OPTION chop AXE; CRACK; CUT; DICE; HACK; HEW; LOP; MINCE; SACK Chopin’s friend SAND chopped CLOVE; CUT; HEWN; last letter to be omitted; anagram indicator chopped up CUT; HEWN; anagram indicator chopper, US AX choppers TEETH choppy anagram indicator chore FAG; JOB; TASK; WORK chorus SING chosen DRAWN; ELECT; GOOD; PICK; OPTION; RARE; TOP; 쐍 ELECTED; ELITE; NAPPED; PICKED; SELECTED chosen people/person ELECT christen DUB; NAME Christian COPT; 쐍 COPTIC; can indicate something to do with Fletcher Christian, Bounty, mutiny, Hans Christian Andersen Christian sayings LOGIA



Christine TINA Christmas NOEL; YULE; [쒁 CRACKER: HOLLY; PRESENT; SANTA; WISHBONE] Christmas, around CED (i.e. rev. of December); DEC Christmas decoration HOLLY Christmas dinner TURKEY Christmas offering CARD Christmastime DEC chromium CR chromosome X; Y chromosome, man’s XY chronicle ANNAL; RECORD chuck CAST; FLING; THROW; anagram indicator chuck out DUMP (qv) chucked CAST; FLUNG chucked in nesting indicator chuffed GLAD chum BUD; PAL; MATE chump FOOL (qv) chunk LUMP chunter GRUMBLE church ABBEY; CE; CH; CLOTH; MISSION; RC; 쐍 FOLD; KIRK; MINSTER; ORATORY; ROME; SION; [쒁 ALTAR, APSE, CHANCEL; NAVE; ROOD] church dignitary CANON; VEN church feature ALTAR; APSE; CHANCEL; NAVE; ROOD; SPIRE; 쐍 AISLE; STEEPLE church land GLEBE church liturgy USE church office NONES church official ELDER; USHER; VERGER church, part of see CHURCH FEATURE church response GRADUAL church roof LEAD church, Scots KIRK church season ADVENT church service MASS; RITE church service, part of PROPER church, underground CRYPT Churchill WINNIE churchman CANNON; CLERIC; CURATE; ELDER; REV; VERGER; VICAR


churchwarden PIPE churned up anagram indicator chute SLIDE; TROUGH cicatrice SCAR CID man DI; see POLICEMAN cigarette FAG; GASPER; REEFER cinch CERT; 쐍 HOLD circle BALL; BAND; BELT; HOOP; LOOP; O; RING; ROUND; 쐍 ORBIT; WHEEL; WHIRL; anagram indicator; can indicate something which is characteristically circular e.g. tonsure circle line OL; ORY circles OO; OS; nesting indicator circling anagram indicator; nesting indicator circuit LAP; RING; ROUND; WAY; can indicate something to do with motor racing circuitous INDIRECT circular O; ROUND; anagram indicator 쐍 ROUNDED circular stone DISCUS circulate FLOW; ISSUE; UTTER; 쐍 ORBIT; anagram indicator; see PUBLISH circulated ROUND; anagram indicator circulating anagram indicator; reversal indicator circulation anagram indicator; can indicate a palindrome as “Old foreign coin retained in circulation” 씮 ANNA (i.e. a foreign coin which reads the same both ways) circulator FAN circumnavigator FOGG circumscribed nesting indicator circumstance CASE; STATE circumstances can act as a nesting indicator (as “in rare circumstances” could indicate a component is to be nested in RARE) circumstances, existing ASIS (i.e. as is) circumstances, in the a component to be nested within THE

classical theatre

circus RING; note, as well as the ‘big top’ this includes the Roman circus and its associations e.g. gladiators cistern TANK cite NAME; QUOTE citizen BURGER citrus LIME city TOWN; URB; WEN; specific city names are often used as components to build up solutions and popular British ones include BATH, DERBY, DERRY, ELY, HULL, STOKE, TRURO, YORK; common foreign ones used in word construction include ADEN, BONN, EC (abbreviation for Empire City, one of New York’s nicknames), LA (i.e. Los Angeles), NANCY, NY (New York), PARIS, RIO, ROME, SALEM, TURIN, UR (ancient city); see CAPITALS; [쒁 URBAN] City SMOKE; WEN city, ancient (old) ROME; TROY; TYRE; UR; 쐍 ILIUM City area/district usually indicates a London postcode, ECI, NI, SE, EC, etc circle, biblical UR city, going to UP city in Kansas DODGE city limits CY city of the Angels LA city outskirts CY city reportedly SITY City Road pub EAGLE city, way to UP civil LAY; 쐍 POLITE civil disorder RIOT civil engineer CE civil, less RUDER civil, not RUDE civil servants IRS Civil Service CS civil wrong TORT civilisation CULTURE clad CLOTHE; 쐍 ENROBE clad in nesting or run indicator claim ACTION; ASSERT; AVER; AVOW; BAG; CALL;

DEMAND; GET; HOLD; PLEAD; RIGHT; TITLE; 쐍 ALLEGE; CAUSE; DROIT; MAINTAIN; PROFESS; can indicate a word beginning with IM (i.e. I’m) as “Tense claim by paragon” 씮 IMPERFECT (i.e. I’m perfect); similarly can indicate a phrase beginning with AM, as “Claim to be myself” 씮 AMME ( i.e. am me) to build up “rammed” for example claim, justified RIGHT clairvoyant FEY clamber CLIMB clamour BRUIT; CRY; DIN clan SEPT (Irish); TRIBE clanger BELL; ERROR; GAFFE clap CRACK claptrap CANT; ROT claret RED clarify REFINE; RENDER clash FIGHT; JAR; SCRAP; WAR clasp CATCH; GRIP; HOLD; LOCK; 쐍 TACHE (from Bible) class BRAND; CL; CASTE; FORM; KIND; LINE; ORDER; RANK; RATE; RATING; SECT; SET; SORT; TABLE; TERM; TYPE; 쐍 GENRE; GENUS; GRADE; GROUP; LEAGUE; LESSON; POLISH; REMOVE; STREAM; TEACHING Class A UPPER class, one of MEMBER class system CASTE classic DERBY; OAKS; can indicate word or phrase taken directly from Latin and usually unaltered in its modern use; see CLASSICAL classical TRAD; 쐍 GREEK; LATIN; OLD; ROMAN; can indicate that a common Latin term is required as “this classical” calls for HIC classical art ARS classical character see GREEK LETTER classical style ATTIC; DORIC; IONIC classical theatre ODEON



classification RANK; RANKING; STATUS classification, requiring anagram indicator classify GRADE; RATE; SORT; 쐍 CODE classmates FORM; STREAM classy U clatter RATTLE claw NAIL; TALON clay LUTE; TILL; not that if beginning with a capital letter this can denote ALI clean BATHE; BRUSH; CHAR; DUST; FAIR; GROOM; LAVE; MOP; PURE; SCRUB; SWEEP; WASH; 쐍 LAUNDER; PREEN; WIPE clean cut NEAT; TRIM clean, thoroughly PURGE; SCRUB; 쐍 SCOUR clean out an anagram of CLEAN clean up HOOVER; MOP; SWEEP; WIN cleaned SWEPT cleaner BRUSH; CHAR; DAILY; MOP; SWEEP; 쐍 MOPPER; SCRUBBER cleanse WASH; 쐍 SOAP clear ALLOW; FAIR; FREE; NET; NETT; OPEN; OVERT; PATENT; PLAIN; PURE; PURGE; RID; SHEER; STARK; WIPE; 쐍 ABSOLVE; ACQUIT; DISTINCT; JUMP; LIMPID; LUCID; SURE; VAULT; anagram indicator clear-headed C clear, make RID cleared out DECLARE (i.e. an anagram) cleared up anagram indicator clearing GLADE; omission indicator clearly PLAIN; WELL cleave PIERCE; SPLIT; STICK; SUNDER; 쐍 ADHERE clef KEY cleft GAP; SPLIT; 쐍 CHIMNEY i.e. in climbing clement MILD clergy CLOTH


clergyman ABBE; CANON; CURE; DEAN; PARSON; PASTOR; RECTOR; REV; REVD; 쐍 CURATE; DEACON; MINISTER; PRIEST; VICAR; see CLERIC clergymen CLOTH cleric CANON; DD; DEAN; MINISTER; PARSON; REV; VEN; 쐍 RECTOR; see CLERGYMAN clerical garment ALB clerical worker TEMP clerics CLOTH; CHAPTER clever ABLE; BRAINY; BRIGHT; CUTE; FLY; HANDY; SHARP; SMART; 쐍 CANNY; DEFT; NIFTY; WITTY; anagram indicator clever chap MA cleverly anagram indicator cleverness GUILE clich CORN cliff BLUFF; CRAG; SCAR; SCREE climax HEAD; TOP climb MOUNT; RISE; SCALE; SHIN; 쐍 ASCEND; ASCENT; CLAMBER; reversal indicator; can indicate a verb followed by UP climbed ROSE climber IVY; PEA; VINE; 쐍 LIANA climbing reversal indicator cling CLEAVE; HOLD; STICK clinic SAN; 쐍 HOSPITAL Clio MUSE clip BLOW; CHEAT; CLOUT; CUT; HIT; PACE; PEG; PIN; SHEAR 쐍 PRUNE; STAPLE; STRIKE; anagram indicator; clipped CUT; SHORN; indicator for first and last letters of associated word to be omitted clippers SHEARS clique RING; SECT Clive can indicate something to do with India, Empire etc Cliveden, former occupant of ASTOR


cloak CAPE; COPE; HIDE; TOGA; 쐍 DOMINO; MANTLE clobber BASH; CLUB; DRESS; GEAR; 쐍 CLOTHES cloche HAT clock DIAL; FACE; HIT; MUG; SEE; TIME; TIMER; 쐍 STRIKE; WINDER clod FOOL (qv); LUMP clone COPY close BAR; BLOCK; BOLT; DEAR; END; ENDING; FOLD; HANDY; LOCK; MEAN; NEAR; NIGH; ON; STOP; SEAL; SHUT; STICKY; TIGHT; WARM; 쐍 CORK; HUMID; LOOMING; NARROW; STUFFY; can indicate the last letter of an adjacent word; [쒁 LAST] close, come LOOM; NEAR close fitting TIGHT close to BY; NEAR; last letter indicator close up PURSE closed can indicate a word beginning with NO as “Negative consequences of gym being closed” (4) 씮 NOPE (i.e. no PE) closely follow DOG closer CATCH closet PRESS closing END; LAST; NET closing date E; END clot ASS; DOPE; SET cloth FELT; LAWN; PLAID; RAG; REP; RIG; SATIN, SERGE; TOWEL; TWEED; 쐍 LINEN; LUNGI; REPP; TERRY; WORSTED cloth, man of the DRAPER cloth sample SWATCH clothe CLAD; 쐍 DRESS; ENROBE clothes DUDS; GARB; GEAR; KIT; SLOPS; SUIT; WEAR; 쐍 CLADS; CLOBBER; [쒁 HORSE] clothing ATTIRE; BELT; COAT; DRESS; GARB; GEAR; HABIT; KIT; POLO; SHIFT; SUIT; TIE; VEST; 쐍 CLOBBER; JACKET; RAIMENT; REEFER;

SPENCER; TOGS; see GARMENT; nesting indicator clothing, item/piece of SCARF; see CLOTHING cloud RACK; 쐍 CUMULUS (useful to get TUMULUS); NIMBUS cloudiness GLOOM cloudy DIM; DULL clout CLIP; HIT; MIGHT; POWER; PULL; 쐍 CUFF; NAIL; STRIKE clove CUT (qv); 쐍 SPICE clown ANTIC; COCO; FOOL; TWIT; 쐍 AUGUSTE; COMIC; FESTE (Shak.); IDIOT; JESTER; PIERROT; see FOOL club BAT; BASH; C; CARD; DISCO; DRIVER; HIT; MACE; PASTE; SIDE; TEAM; 쐍 COSH; GROUP; IRON; MALLET; PRIEST; PUTTER; RAC; SOCIETY; STAFF; STRIKE; [쒁 GLEE; GROUP; ROTARY]; can refer to pregnancy; or a specific football club e.g. SPURS; see GOLF CLUB club, someone in the MEMBER clubman MEMBER clubs* SUIT clue HINT; KEY; LIGHT (i.e. the technical term for a crossword clue); POINTER SIGN; TIP clue for... (sometimes followed by ?) reverses the role of solver and setter, requiring the solver to produce an appropriate clue for the word or phrase given. Examples: ‘...clue for pore...’ (8-4) gives SKIPPING-ROPE, ‘...clue for Fidel...’ (7-5) gives PLAYING-FIELD clue, this ACROSS; DOWN (i.e. the direction of the clue itself in the grid} clumsy, clumsily anagram indicator clumsy person APE; OAF cluster BUNCH; CLUMP; SWARM; anagram indicator clutch BROOD; GRAB; GRASP; HOLD; SITTING; 쐍 PEDAL; SEIZE; STICK [쒁 EGG]


clutch, part of

clutch, part of EGG clutching nesting indicator coach BUS; FLY; SCHOOL; STAGE; TEACH; TRAIN; 쐍 CARRIAGE; TRAINER; TUTOR coaches TRAIN; TRAINS coagulate CLOT coal EMBER; SLACK; [쒁 PIT; MINE; SEAM] coal-scuttle HOD coal supplier MINE; PIT coalesce FUSE; MERGE coarse CRUDE; EARTHY; ROUGH; RUDE; THICK; 쐍 RABELAISIAN coarse person LOUT; OAF; SLOB Coast, East/West note, the term can refer to countries other than UK, usually US coast, part of BEACH; CAPE; SHORE coast, not near INLAND coastal area, region BAY; COVE coat COVER; FILM; FUR; HIDE; LAYER; MAC; MAXI; PLATE; SPRAY; TAILS; 쐍 BATTER; FLEECE; JACKET; MIDI; PLASTER; REEFER; VARNISH coat, expensive FUR coat, kind of ARMS coat of arms see HERALDRY coat, part of TAIL; 쐍 LAPEL; SLEEVE coated inside LINED coating COVER; FILM; LAYER; 쐍 FLAMBE; LINING cobbled anagram indicator cobbler can indicate something to with ‘last’ i.e. cobbler’s tool cobblers NUTS; ROT cocaine C cocaine abuse OCEANIC cocaine, dose of LINE cocked READY; SET; anagram indicator; reversal indicator cockfight MAIN cockney usually the cue to drop initial H from a word, as “tough Cockney” clues ARD; can indicate the use of cockney rhyming


slang (example: “Cockney charlady” 씮 ROSIE LEE) cockney chief EAD (i.e. ’ead) cockney lady ER (i.e. ’er) cockney man IM (i.e. ’im) cockney pal CHINA cocktail anagram indicator; 쐍 GIMLET coconut PATE; see HEAD cod FOOL coda ENDING code LAW; MORSE; [쒁 BAR (i.e. as in barcode)] coded anagram indicator coerce FORCE; 쐍 COMPEL; DRAGOON; IMPEL coercive measures, use FORCE; see COERCE coffee MOCHA coffee* BLACK; FILTER coffee, style of French NOIR coffer ARK; BOX; CHEST coffin KIST (Scot.) coffin nails usually indicates something to do with cigarettes, smoking etc cogitate MUSE; 쐍 DEBATE; PONDER; THINK cohere GEL coil BIND; HANK; RING; SPRING; TWINE; WIND coin BIT; CASH; CENT; CROWN; CHANGE; DIME; ECU; MARK; ORE; P; PENNY; STAMP; 쐍 ANGEL; DINAR; NICKEL; RIAL; TENDER coin in America BIT; see COIN coin, old AS; BIT; CROWN; D; GROAT; S; SOU; TANNER; 쐍 DUCAT; FLORIN; JOEY; SHILLING coinage CASH; see CURRENCY; [NEW WORD] coinage a word which is invented. Compilers have a penchant for inventing their own words that make sense but are not in normal usage. An old warhorse that appears in the grids is “de-tail” in the sense of cutting off the tail. For example “Removes the E from ‘minutiae’?” has the answer

colour, add

DETAILS, a word that you are unlikely to find in a dictionary. Similarly, “The tight-lipped ship’s officer?” is solved by PURSER, another word which, in the sense of a person who is tight-lipped, exists only in crosswords coined word see COINAGE coins CHANGE; PENCE; SPECIE coins, make MINT cold C; CHILL; CHILLY; DANK; DEAD; ICY; NIPPY; OUT; SNIFF; ZERO; 쐍 ALOOF; DISTANT; FRIGID; can indicate something to do with charity cold cabinet FRIDGE; 쐍 ICE-BOX; FREEZER cold shoulder SHUN; 쐍 REBUFF cold spell SNAP cold stuff FROST; ICE; SNOW colic PAIN; WIND collaborator ALLY collaborationist LAVAL collapse BANG; BUMP; DROP; END; FAIL; FALL; FOLD; GO; RUIN; SAG; SLUMP; 쐍 BUCKLE; anagram indicator collapsed FELL; FLAT; anagram indicator collapses, collapsing anagram indicator collar BAND; CATCH; COP; NAB; PINCH; RING; RUFF; 쐍 ARREST; NICK collar-fixer STUD collared by nesting indicator colleague ALLY; MATE; OPPO; PARTNER; 쐍 ASSOCIATE collect AMASS; GATHER; GLEAN; HOARD; MASS; REAP; 쐍 HARVEST; PRAYER; nesting indicator collected anagram indicator; nesting indicator collection BUNCH; FILE; LIST; LOT; PACK; SET; 쐍 BUNDLE; RANGE; anagram indicator; can signify amalgamation of elements to achieve solution collection, large RAFT collection of books NT; OT

collection of papers FILE; REAM; SHEAF collection of stories ANA collection of suits DECK; PACK collective wisdom LORE collector’s item CURIO college C; ETON; HALL; KINGS; LSE; MIT; POLY; TECH; 쐍 DOWNING; INSTITUTE; ORIEL college, at UP college celebration RAG college once POLY college servant SCOUT (Oxford) college term SESSION college, time at CLASS; COURSE; TERM; SESSION collide CLASH; CRASH colliery PIT collision BUMP; CRASH; HIT colloquialisms are expressions used in speech rather than in print and are very common in crosswords e.g. IM for “I am”, S for “is” as in “he’s”, etc; then there is HI (signalled by “greeting”) and EH which is the sound we might make to emphasise a question and is signalled by words such as “questionable”, and so on colonel CO; COL colonialist RHODES colonise SETTLE colonist ANT; PENN; SETTLER colonists, new SWARM colonnade STOA colony GIB; HIVE colony, former/old ADEN colony, found SETTLE colophony RESIN Colorado CO colour AMBER; AQUA; BLUE; DYE; FLAG; FLAME; GREEN; HUE; ORANGE; PAINT; RED; SHADE; STAIN; TAN; TEAM; TINGE; TINT; TONE; 쐍 CYAN; IRIS; LAKE; LAVENDER; OCHRE; PASTEL; PIGMENT; PINK; PUCE; SILVER; TAINT; YELLOW colour, add DYE; PAINT; SHADE TINGE; TINT


colour, light

colour, light ECRU colour, lose FADE; PALE colour, with less ASHIER; PALER colourful can indicate any colour (see COLOUR) usually to be used as an adjective, as “colourful digits” 씮 GREEN FINGERS colourless ASHEN; GREY; PALE; WAN; WHITE; can indicate that a colour is to be omitted, usually RED colours FLAG (qv); 쐍 STANDARD; see COLOUR column FILE; LINE; LIST; POST; SPINE; SPIRE; 쐍 ARTICLE; PILLAR; [쒁 CAPITAL] comb CARD; CREST; CURRY; SEARCH combat FIGHT combat/fight, scene of ARENA; LIST; LISTS combination FUSION; UNION; anagram indicator combination, in anagram indicator combine MERGE; POOL; SPLICE come ENSUE come after TRAIL; 쐍 ENSUE; FOLLOW come ashore LAND come down DIP; DROP; LAND; LIGHT; RAIN; SNOW; see FALL come-down see COME DOWN come down on WHAM come first LEAD; WIN come from anagram indicator come in ENTER; LAND come out FLOWER come round AWAKE; ROUSE; TURN; WAKE; WAKEN; nesting indicator; a component to be nested within COME; reversal indicator come through WEATHER come to AWAKE; ROUSE; TOTAL; WAKE come to rest HALT; STOP come up ARISE; RISE come upon FIND


comeback RETURN; reversal indicator comedian CARD; DODD; JOKER; SCAMP; TATI; WAG; WIT; 쐍 GAGSTER; SCREAM; see COMIC comedian Will HAY comes back reversal indicator comes round nesting indicator; reversal indicator comes from anagram indicator comes to grief anagram indicator comes up reversal indicator comeuppance reversal indicator comfort CHEER; EASE; RELIEF; 쐍 SOLACE; SOOTHE comfortable COSY; EASY; NICE; SNUG; WELL comfortable, get NESTLE comfortable, more COSIER comfortable place/position BED; NICHE comforter DUMMY; SCARF comfortless BLEAK comic DANDY; DROLL; FOOL; SCAMP; WAG; 쐍 CHAPLIN; CLOWN; GAGSTER; TICKLER; anagram indicator; see COMEDIAN comical DROLL; FUNNY; RICH coming ADVENT coming back reversal indicator coming from EX; OF; what follows to be used as the basis for an anagram coming in nesting indicator coming out anagram indicator coming round nesting indicator; reversal indicator coming up RISING; reversal indicator comma STOP; can indicate something to do with insect, butterfly command BID; CHARGE; DIRECT; EDICT; FIAT; MUSH; ORDER; 쐍 BIDDING; DECREE; ENJOIN; GOVERN; RULE; [쒁 TOP] command to accelerate GEE command to dog SIT commanded BADE; BID


commander AGA; CINC (i.e. C in C); CO; COM; HEAD; OC; 쐍 CBE; CHIEF; EMIR; HEAD; SHOGUN; SUPREMO commendation PRAISE; TRIBUTE commandment RULE; see COMMAND commandments, all the/ number of TEN commence START commences first letter indicator commend LAUD; PRAISE commendation PRAISE comment NOTE; OPINE; REMARK; RIDER; SAY; 쐍 MAXIM; SHOT; can indicate the noise of some animal as “setter’s comment” 씮 BARK comment, witty SALLY commented SAID commerce TRADE commercial AD; ADVERT commercial venture SPEC commission CHARGE; CHARTER; CUT; ORDER; TASK; 쐍 APPOINT; ERRAND; RETAIN commitment DEVOTION committed LIABLE committee BOARD; COM committee boss CHAIR common BANAL; C; GREEN (as in ‘village green’); RIFE; STOCK; TRITE; 쐍 GENERAL; NORMAL; can indicate a colloquialism or slang (so-called ‘common’ speech) such as the dropping of aitches from the beginning of a word (thus “common border” leads to EM i.e. ’em); see WIDESPREAD Common Market EC common name SMITH common sense NOUS commonly colloquialism indicator, e.g. “friend commonly” 씮 MATE, “isn’t commonly” 씮 AINT; indicator for dropping initial ‘h’

commonplace BANAL; LOW; TRITE; TRUISM; 쐍 PLATITUDE Commons CHAMBER commonsense NOUS commotion ROW; STIR; STORM; 쐍 NOISE; anagram indicator commotion, cause a STIR communicate PHONE; REPORT; STATE (qv); TALK; WIRE; 쐍 CONVERSE; EXPRESS; IMPART; RESPOND; SIGNAL communicate non-verbally SIGN communication FAX; LETTER; LINK; MAIL; MEMO; NOTE; POST; SIGNAL; 쐍 CONTACT; MESSAGE communication, intuitive ESP communication, means of BLOWER; MORSE; PHONE; see COMMUNICATION communist COM; COMM; MAO; RED; TROT communist leader C; MAO community CITY; GROUP; NATION; PUBLIC; STATE; TOWN; VILLAGE; 쐍 ABBEY; can indicate the name of a specific town or city; Community EC community, business CITY commute CUT; anagram indicator; omission indicator compact BRIEF; CASE; DENSE; SNUG; TIGHT; TRIM; [쒁 POWDER] compact disc CD companies, amalgamation of MERGER companion CH; DATE; MATE; PAL companion, honoured CH company ACTORS; BAND; CAST; CO; COY; CREW; FIRM; GUEST; GROUP; HOST; ICI; MEN; PLC; REP (i.e. stage company); THREE; TROOP; TWO (i.e. as in “two’s company”); 쐍 CONCERN; HOUSE; ENTOURAGE; [쒁 ALONG; AMONG]; see BUSINESS


company, large

company, large ICI company, theatre REP comparatively can indicate a comparative adjective (i.e. ending in ER) comparatively little LESS compare LIKEN; MATCH compartment BAY; CAR; HOLE; PLACE; SPACE compass RANGE; ROOM compassion PITY; RUTH compel DRIVE; FORCE; MAKE compensate ATONE; EXPIATE compere FRONT; HOST; 쐍 PRESENT; PRESENTER compere, act as see COMPERE compete BID; RACE; VIE compete for possession TACKLE competent ABLE; FIT; PRO; 쐍 CAPABLE competent person PRO competent way, in a ABLY competition COMP; CUP; EVENT; HEAT; OPEN; RACE; RALLY; TIE; 쐍 CONTEST; STRIFE; TRIAL competition, be in RUN; VIE competition, early stages of HEAT competition, was in RAN; VIED competitive activity SPORT competitor PLAYER; 쐍 ENTRANT; ENTRY; RIVAL competitors ENTRY; FIELD compile LIST compiled anagram indicator compiler I; ME; SETTER compiler, this ME compiling anagram indicator complacent SMUG complain BEEF; BIND; BITCH; BLEAT; CARP; GRIPE; MOAN; NAG; OBJECT; RAIL; WHINE; WHINGE; 쐍 GROUSE; GRUMBLE; LAMENT complainant CARPER; GRIPER complaint BEEF; BENDS; BLEAT; COLD; FLU; GOUT; GRIPE; GROUSE; MOAN; NAG; RASH; STRESS; STYE;


TB; WHINE; 쐍 AGUE; MALADY; WHINGE; YAMMER complaint, French MAL complaints ILLS complement CREW complete ALL; CLEAN; DEAD; ENTIRE; END; FILL; FULL; OVER; RANK; READY; ROUND; SHEER; TOP; UP; UTTER; WHOLE; 쐍 ARRANT; GENERAL; INTACT; THOROUGH completed ENDED; OVER; DONE; OUT; THRO; UP; WHOLE; 쐍 THROUGH completely ALL; CLEAN; FULLY; QUITE; SHEER; UP complex PHOBIA; 쐍 INTRICATE; anagram indicator complex, not EASY; SIMPLE complexion HUE compliant EASY; YIELDING complicate MUDDLE; RAVEL; TANGLE complicated MUDDLED; TANGLED; can signify a word beginning with OVER (e.g. over-elaborate); anagram indicator complicated system MAZE complication HITCH; SNAG; TANGLE; anagram indicator complimentary FREE comply ACCORD; OBEY comply with OBSERVE component BIT; PART; UNIT components anagram indicator compose PEN; SCORE; SETTLE; WRITE; anagram indicator composed CALM; COOL; SERENE; STILL; STILLED; anagram indicator composer ARNE; BACH; BERG; BLISS; BRIDGE; CAGE; FIELD; GLUCK; HOLST; PARRY; RAVEL; 쐍 BYRD; CHOPIN; DELIUS: DOWLAND; FALLA; FRANCK; HANDEL; LEHAR; IVES; LISZT; LULLY; ORFF; SATIE; STAINER; SUPPE;


TIPPETT; VERDI; WAGNER; WALTON; WEILL composite, not SIMPLE composition DUET; ESSAY; NUMBER; PIECE; TRIO; TUNE; 쐍 NONET; SONNET; anagram indicator composure anagram indicator compound ALUM; AMINE; PEN; can indicate some chemical e.g. chrome, ester, oxide; anagram indicator; nesting indicator; can indicate the compound type of clue comprehends nesting indicator comprehensible CLEAR; PLAIN comprehensive FULL; GENERAL comprehensive coverage BLANKET comprehensively ALL compromised anagram indicator compromises HAS compunction REGRET computer APPLE; ERNIE; MAC; SUMMER; [쒁 DOS; GOPHER; ICON; MOUSE; SCROLL; SCREEN] computer accessory, equipment MOUSE computer class IT computer facility SERVER computer group BYTE computer industry IT computer key ESC computer memory units RAM computer part BUS; DRIVER computer program DOS; LOADER computer program text CODE computer science IT computer store ROM computer studies IT computer system DOS computer system, access HACK computer tool MOUSE computerised tool ROBOT computers IT computers installed, having no ITLESS (i.e. IT-less); can indicate IT to be omitted

comrade ALLY; see FRIEND con AGAINST (qv); CAN; CHEAT; DO; FOOL; HAVE; KEN; KNOW; LAG; LIFER; NAY; ROOK; SCAM; STEER; 쐍 FIDDLE; STING; SWINDLE con man CHEAT; see CHEATER conceal BURY; HIDE; PALM; SCREEN; VEIL; 쐍 ECLIPSE concealed BLIND; HID; HIDDEN; LATENT; run indicator concealed by nesting indicator; run indicator concealed at first initial letter to be omitted concealing HIDING; nesting indicator; omission indicator e.g. “boat concealing bottom” clues PUN where ‘bottom’ refers to the last letter of ‘punt’; run indicator concealment COVER conceals, it COVER; SCREEN concede ADMIT; ALLOW; CEDE; GRANT; OWN; YIELD conceited VAIN conceited fellow TOAD conceited young man PUP conceivably can indicate the compiler is stretching a point, so expect something especially tricky concentrate MASS concentrated INTENT; STRONG; THICK concept IDEA; NOTION; THOUGHT; 쐍 THEORY conception see CONCEPT concern CARE; FIRM; MATTER; WORRY; 쐍 AFFAIR; BOTHER; BUSINESS; COMPANY; INTEREST; PIGEON concern, excessive FUSS concern, show CARE; RECK concerned CARING concerned, be CARE concerned with ABOUT; IN; ON; RE concerning ABOUT; ASTO (i.e. as to); OVER; RE; ON concert GIG; PROM; UNITY; UNISON concession SOP



concise BRIEF; TERSE condiments, add SEASON condition, make LIMIT conscious SENTIENT conclude END; CLOSE; INFER; 쐍 DEDUCE; REASON conclusion END; TAIL; Z; 쐍 CODA; ENDING; FINDING; OMEGA; POINT; can indicate that the last letter(s) of a word should be used conclusion of game E; MATE concoct HATCH concocted, concoction anagram indicator concupiscent RANDY condemn DOOM condemnation, condemned anagram indicator condescend DEIGN; STOOP condescension, show DEIGN condition COMA; IF; NICK; STATE; TEACH; TRAIN; 쐍 FETTLE; RIDER; TONE condition, hopeless DESPAIR conditioned anagram indicator conditions STATES etc; anagram indicator conduct LEAD; RUN; TAKE; USHER conductor COPPER; EARTH; WOOD (i.e. Sir Henry); 쐍 BEECHAM; [쒁 BATON; TIME]; can indicate any kind of leader, for example “Neat conductor” 씮 DROVER or HERDSMAN conduit GUTTER confab CHAT; TALK; WORDS confection anagram indicator; see CONFECTIONERY confectionery CAKE; SWEET; TRUFFLE Confederacy SOUTH confederate ALLY; with a capital letter can indicate something to do with that aspect of American history e.g. LEE confer AWARD; GRANT; 쐍 BESTOW; DISCUSS conference SESSION; with a capital latter can indicate PEAR; 쐍 MEETING


confess ALLOW; OWN; SING; 쐍 ADMIT confession IAM (i.e. I am) confidence BOTTLE; SECRET; TRUST confidence, lack DOUBT confidence trick SCAM confident SURE confident expectation TRUST confidential CLOSED; SECRET confidential, not OPEN confine GATE; HOLD; PEN; GATE; INTERN; 쐍 CHAIN confined IN; PENT; anagram indicator; nesting indicator confined space COOP confined to quarters can indicate that a component is to be nested within two points of the compass as where “always confined to quarters” 씮 SEVERE (i.e. EVER within SE) confirm OK; PROVE; RATIFY; 쐍 ATTEST conflab see CONFAB conflict ACTION; CLASH; FRAY; JAR; STRIFE; WAR; 쐍 ENCOUNTER conflict, in anagram indicator conflict, prepare for ARM conform FIT; SUIT confound it anagram indicator confounded BEAT; anagram indicator confront BEARD; FACE; MEET; TACKLE confronted MET Confucian way TAO confuse ADDLE; DAZE; FOX; 쐍 BAFFLE; BEWILDER; RAVEL; SCRAMBLE confused ADDLED; anagram indicator confused, get see CONFUSE confused matter/state see CONFUSION confused with anagram indicator confusing anagram indicator confusion BABEL; BOTHER; DAZE; DUST; FOG; MESS; 쐍 CLUTTER; MUDDLE; SNAFU; TANGLE


confusion, in anagram indicator congealed SET congregate GATHER; MASS; MEET; RALLY; SWARM anagram indicator congregation FOLD conifer FIR; PINE; YEW conjecture GUESS conjunction AND; BUT; NOR; UNION conjured up anagram indicator conk BEAK; HEAD (qv); HOOTER; NOSE connect BRIDGE; LINK; MEET; TIE connected TIED connected to RE Connecticut CT connection BOND; BRIDGE: EARTH; LINE; LINK; TIE; 쐍 JOINT; RELATION connection, make BOND; JOIN; RELATE conned DID; HAD; READ conniving anagram indicator connoisseur EXPERT; PRO; 쐍 FANCIER conquer BEAT; ROUT; TOP conqueror NORMAN conscious AWAKE; AWARE; 쐍 SENTIENT consciousness EGO; HEAD consecrate BLESS consecrated BLEST consecutive letters can refer to the use of consecutive letters in the alphabet, e.g. FGH; run indicator consent OK consequence EFFECT; END consequently ERGO; SO conservation body, conservationists NT conservative C; CON; RIGHT; SAFE; SQUARE; TORY; 쐍 HIDE-BOUND conservative, moderate WET conserve SAVE conserve energy E to be nested consider CASE; COUNT; DEEM; FEEL; JUDGE; MULL;

PONDER; RATE; SCAN; SEE; THINK; WEIGH; 쐍 DEBATE; FIND; REGARD; VIEW consider carefully NB; WEIGH considerable BIG; HUGE; TIDY consideration CARE considered FOUND; RATED; SAW; THOUGHT; anagram indicator consign SHIP consigning nesting indicator consistent EVEN; 쐍 REGULAR; UNIFORM consolidate PUN conspicuous, be SHINE conspiracy CABAL; PLOT; 쐍 INTRIGUE conspirator BRUTUS; 쐍 CASCA; CINNA; FAWKES; [쒁 PLOT] conspirators CELL conspire PLOT constable COP; PC; SPECIAL; see POLICEMAN; [쒁 BEAT] constant C; K; PI; STILL; 쐍 STATIC Constantine’s mother HELEN constantly EVER constellation LEO constituency SEAT constituent FRACTION; PART constituents (in) anagram indicator; run indicator constitution CHARTER; 쐍 NATURE; anagram indicator constrain URGE constraint LET constricted NARROW construct BUILD; MAKE; WEAVE; 쐍 ASSEMBLE constructed, constructing anagram indicator construction ART; MAKE; READING; anagram indicator construction worker RIGGER construed anagram indicator consume DRINK; EAT; SCOFF; SWALLOW; TAKE; USE consumed ATE; DRUNK; EATEN; anagram indicator; nesting indicator



consumer DINER; EATER; SCOFFER consumerism, end of FAST consumption, not ready for GREEN; RATHE; RAW; 쐍 UNCOOKED contact MEET; RING; TOUCH; 쐍 TACTION container BAG; BASKET; BIN; BOWL; BOX; CAGE; CAN; CASE; CASK; CHEST; COFFER; CRATE; CUP; DISH; DRAM; DRUM; EWER; HOD; JAR; PAIL; PAN; PEN; POD; POT; PURSE; SACK; SKIP; TIN; TRAY; TUB; TUN; URN; VASE; VAT; 쐍 BOTTLE; CANISTER; DRAWER; HOPPER; OLLA; PACKET; SKEP (straw basket); STEIN; TANK; see VESSEL; note: can indicate a body part that contains e.g. ribcage container refers to the device whereby a component is embedded in another, elsewhere called nesting. Example: “Principal university lecturer keeping ring for evidence” (5) Answer: PROOF (i.e. O for ring is nested within PROF for professor) container, water BATH; TANK; WELL; see CONTAINER containing nesting indicator; run indicator contaminant TAINT contaminated anagram indicator contemplate MUSE; PONDER; THINK contemporary IN; MOD; NEW contempt SCORN contempt, show HISS contempt, shout of BOO contemptible BASE; LOW; SHABBY; 쐍 PISH; SCURVY contemptible person CAD; CUR; HEEL; LOUSE; RAT; TOAD; 쐍 INSECT contemptuous expression ROT contend HOLD; VIE; 쐍 CHALLENGE; COMPETE contending VYING


content HAPPY; PLEASE; PLEASED; 쐍 MATERIAL; run indicator; can indicate something that fills (in this way “less content” 씮 EMPTIER) contented noise PURR contention WAR contention, in VYING contents INDEX; nesting or run indicator contents must be nesting indicator, as “contents must be fair” can require JUST to be nested (to get ADJUSTS, for example) contents of use middle letters of the word that follows; with longer words this can indicate that all but the first and last letters of following words to be used; can indicate a synonym for the word that follows is trimmed of first and last letter (as “contents of epistle” 씮 ETTE) contest BATTLE; BOUT; CUP; DUEL; EVENT; FIGHT; GAME; HEAT; MATCH; PLAY; RACE; ROUND; SCRAP; TRIAL; WAR; 쐍 LISTS; STRIFE; TENSON; VIE contest between troubadours TENSON contest, part of BOUT; ROUND; see CONTEST continent ASIA; CHASTE; NA Continental FRENCH continental, a EIN; EINE; UN; UNE Continental, that QUE Continental, the DER; EL; IL; LE; LA; LES continue KEEP; LAST; RESUME; STAY; can indicate that a verb is required which is followed by ON to make another word or component e.g. ACT/ON, BAT/ON, GO/ON, FLAG/ON. (Example: “Continue to desire a hussy” 씮 WANTON} continue to restrict KEEP continued CONT contract CATCH; CRAMP; DEAL; DEED; GET; KNIT;


LEASE; MAKE; NARROW; PACT; PURSE; TREATY; TUCK; 쐍 CHARTER; DECLINE; DRAWIN (i.e. draw in); ENGAGE; GATHER; LESSON; SHRINK; can indicate something to do with bridge, e.g. trick, north, south etc contracted TAUT; TENSE; nesting indicator contradictory PERVERSE contradictory response NO contrary ADVERSE; anagram indicator; can indicate a meaning opposite to the immediately preceding idea. Example: “Series with city setting? On the contrary” uses RUN (series) and NY (city) to provide the answer RUNNY i.e. the opposite of setting contrary, on the NO; reverse indicator contrary gardener MARY contribute ADD; GIVE; OFFER contributing to component to be included; run indicator contribution FACTOR; INPUT; SUB; WHACK; 쐍 POINT contrive FRAME; PLAN; anagram indicator contrived, contriving anagram indicator control DAM; HAND (i.e. as “in hand”); HEAD; HELM, HOLD; LEAD; LEASH; LEVER; MASTER; POWER; REIN; RIDE; RULE; RUN; STEER; 쐍 BUTTON; CLUTCH; DIAL; DOMINION; POLICE; REIGN; anagram indicator control horse REIN control intake DIET control, lose SKID controlled RAN; anagram indicator controller of players BATON; 쐍 CONDUCTOR controller, traffic LIGHT controlling anagram indicator controls, man/person/woman at the DRIVER; PILOT

controversial/ly anagram indicator convalesce HEAL; REST convenience FAST (i.e. food); LAV; LOO; WC; see TOILET convenient APT; HANDY; LUCKY; 쐍 OPPORTUNE convention RULE; 쐍 HABIT; MEETING conventional SQUARE; STAID conversation CHAT; TALK; 쐍 CHATTER; PATTER; TALKING; homophone indicator conversation, superficial PATTER conversion anagram indicator convert ALTER; TURN; 쐍 CHANGE (qv); PAUL; anagram indicator converted anagram indicator converted at last last letter to be changed convertible anagram indicator converts anagram indicator convey BEAR; CARRY; FERRY; LEAD; PASS; PUT; TOTE; TRUCK; 쐍 TRANSPORT conveyance BUS; CAB; TAXI; TRAIN; 쐍 CARRIAGE; see VEHICLE conveyed LED; when in the context of something like ‘what is conveyed by’ can indicate the answer consists of consecutive letters in the rest of the clue i.e. working as a run indicator conveyed by IN; run indicator convict CON; LAG; LIFER; 쐍 CONDEMN; FELON; INMATE; [쒁 INSIDE] convict, dangerous LIFER conviction BELIEF convinced SURE convincing CREDIBLE convoluted anagram indicator convulsion TIC cook ALTER (as in cook the books); BAKE; BOIL; BRAISE; BROIL; CHEF; DEVIL; DO; FRY; GRILL; POACH; RIG; ROAST; SIMMER; STEAM; STEW; 쐍 SAUTE; SILVER (i.e. Long John); anagram indicator


cook, place to

cook, place to HUB; see COOKER cooked DONE; FRIED; ROASTED; STEWED; anagram indicator (so beware that “cooked meal” could call for an anagram of MEAL, “cooked pie” 씮 anagram of PIE and so on) cooked lightly RARE cooked, previously COLD cooker AGA; APPLE; HUB; OVEN; POT; RANGE; STOVE; 쐍 BAKER; CHEF cooking ON; 쐍 BOILING; STEAMING; anagram indicator cooking pot WOK cooking surface HOB cooks FRIES; see COOK cool AIR; CALM; CHILL; FAN; HIP; ICE; ICY; OK; 쐍 COMPOSED; DISTANT; FINE; PLACID; TEPID; can indicate something to do with a cucumber; [쒁 SHADE] cool down CHILL cool guy CAT cool sounding PHAN cooler CAN; FAN; ICER; PEN; STIR; see PRISON coolness CHILL; NERVE coop PEN; 쐍 HENNERY i.e. hen coop cooperate PLAY cooperative UNION coordinate DESIGN; PLAN; X; Y cop CATCH; NAB; NICK; see POLICEMAN cope DEAL; DO; HANDLE; RUN cope with STAND copper CENT; COIN; CU; D (i.e. old penny); P; PEELER; PENNY; PC; S; see POLICEMAN copper once D copper’s CUS coppers CUS; P; PP; PS; see POLICEMEN coppers, collection of CID; see COPPERS coppice THICKET copse BRAKE; WOOD


copy APE; C; CLONE; CRIB; FAKE; FORGE; PRINT; REPRO; TEXT; TRACE; 쐍 EDITION copyist APER; SCRIBE cor HOMER (measure) coral PINK coral ridge REEF cord CABLE; FLEX; LINE; ROPE; STRING; TWINE cordial WARM; 쐍 GENIAL; TONIC core HEART; WICK cork BUNG; PLUG; STOPPER; 쐍 CLOSE; [쒁 BOTTLE] corn CHAFF; EAR; can indicate something to do with foot; [쒁 GRIST] corn, some EAR; EARS corner ANGLE; BEND; CATCH; HOG; NICHE; NOOK; TRAP; TURN; can refer to a “corner” of the world e.g. SE cornered nesting indicator cornet CORN; HORN Cornish SW Cornish resort BUDE; LOOE Cornwall’s wife REGAN corolla, flower’s BELL corporal NYM (Shak. character) corporal punishment CANE; 쐍 BEATING; LASHING corporal punishment, giver of BEATER; CANER; LASHER corporation POT; TUM; can indicate something to do with stomach, waistline etc corps CADRE; GROUP; UNIT corpulent BIG; FAT; GROSS corral PEN correct AMEND; DUE; EDIT; EMEND; IMPROVE; MARK; OK; REVISE; RIGHT; 쐍 PROPER; REDRESS; anagram indicator correct text EDIT corrected anagram indicator correction anagram indicator correctly RIGHT; anagram indicator correspond AGREE; RELATE; SUIT; TALLY; WRITE


correspondence MAIL; MATCH; POST; RATIO; 쐍 IDENTITY; LETTER; LETTERS corrode RUST corroded RUSTY corroding anagram indicator corrosion RUST corrupt ABASE; BAD; BASE; ERRING; ROT; SINNING; SPOIL; 쐍 ROTTEN; TAINT; anagram indicator corrupt activity VICE corrupted anagram indicator corruption ROT; anagram indicator; 쐍 GANGRENE corsage SPRAY; 쐍 BODICE corset STAY cosh SAP cosmetic LINER; TONER cosset CRADLE; PAMPER cost BILL; FEE; LOSS; PRICE; RATE; TOLL; 쐍 AGIO; CESS; CHARGE; OUTLAY cost, at a cost of FOR cost, at a great DEAR cost, high, large BOMB costly DEAR; HIGH costume GOWN; HABIT; SUIT WEAR; 쐍 CLOAK; CLOTHING; DRESS; GET-UP; ROBE cosy SNUG; WARM cot BED; CRIB coterie RING cottage, small COT cotter PIN cotton CHINO cotton thread LISLE couch BED; DIVAN; SOFA couched in nesting indicator cough CROUP; HEM could MAY; MIGHT could be anagram indicator; can also indicate that the idea that immediately follows is an example of the word (or words) required as the solution. Example: “Copper’s weapon could be bloody” (4,4) which clues CUSS WORD (i.e. CU’s sword)

could have, make anagram indicator council BOARD; DIET counsel ADVICE counsel, old/once REDE count ADD; NOBLE; POLL; RATE; SCORE; SUM; TALLY; TELL; TITLE; 쐍 CENSUS; MATTER; NUMBER count, start of ONE counter BAR; BOARD; CHIP; DISC; FISH; MEET; TABLE; 쐍 AGAINST; OPPOSE; REPLY; TOKEN; reversal indicator; can indicate something to do with accountant, adding machine, abacus, shop, shopkeeper counterfeit BASE; DUD; FAKE; FEIGN; FORGE; MOCK; SHAM; anagram indicator counterfoil STUB counterpart TWIN countries, cooperating ALLIES country CLIME; LAND; NATION; REALM; STATE; short named countries are often used as components e.g. CHILE, EIRE, LAOS; MALI, OMAN, WALES, and abbreviations especially e.g. GB, UK, US, USA country, another ABROAD country, cooperating ALLY country estate SEAT country, fabulous UTOPIA country house GRANGE; HALL; MANOR; SEAT; VILLA country man PEASANT country, old RUS country, open HEATH; MOOR country, part of TRACT; 쐍 REGION country person PEASANT; 쐍 FARMER country property FARM; see COUNTRY HOUSE country pursuit HUNT; HUNTING; RAMBLE country seat ESTATE country walk RAMBLE countrywoman can indicate a nation personified as female e.g. BRITANNIA



county AVON; BEDS; BUCKS; CLARE; CO; DOWN; GLAM; HUNTS; KENT; MAYO; MEATH; SHIRE; SOM; STAFFS; 쐍 DERBY; DORSET; KERRY; NOTTS; SURREY; YORKS coup anagram indicator couple BRACE; DUO; HITCH; II; ITEM; LINK; LOVERS; PAIR; TIE; TWO; UNITE; WED; YOKE; 쐍 CONNECT; DOUBLE; JOIN; TWAIN; can indicate two words (or components) joined by AND as “couple for a Cockney chap” clues ME AND ER i.e. meander; [쒁 DUAL] couple of first two letters of the succeeding word to be used couples beginning (starting etc) can require either the first two letters of the succeeding word – or the first letters of the two succeeding words – to be used courage BOTTLE; DARING; GRIT; GUTS; HEART; NERVE; PLUCK; RESOLVE; 쐍 BRAVERY; SPIRIT; [쒁 DUTCH] courage, having see COURAGEOUS courageous BOLD; BRAVE; DARING; HARDY; PLUCKY courier MULE course DISH; FISH; HUNT; LAP; LAYER; LINE; LINKS; MEAL; MEAT; PATH; PLATE; PPE; RACE; RAN; RIVER; ROAST; ROUTE; RUN; STUDY; TACK; TRACK; TREND; WAY; 쐍 CURRENT; DESSERT; ENTRE; PUDDING; SOUP; STARTER; STREAM; SWEET; TENOR; can refer to something to do with a meal (e.g. TABLE) or eating, for example “takes courses” 씮 EATS; anagram indicator; can indicate something to do with golf; can mean a flow of water, in this regard see RIVER, CURRENT; can indicate a racecourse feature as “course enclosure” clues RING; can refer to a specific race


course e.g. AINTREE, ASCOT, EPSOM; [쒁 TOTE] course (as ‘in course of’) nesting indicator course at Oxford see OXFORD COURSE course, change of TACK course, in due SO course, main LIVER; ROAST course, of NATCH (i.e. colloq. for ‘naturally’) course of action LINE; PATH; TACK; TRACK course of, during the nesting indicator course of treatment CURE course, part of BRICK; CLASS; LEG; STAGE; TEE course, particular ROUTE; see COURSE course, second PUD; SWEET; 쐍 DESSERT course, state of GOING course, take TRAIN courses MEAL; MENU; TABLE court CT; DATE; QUAD; ROTA; SEE (i.e. Papal See); SEEK; WOO; YARD; 쐍 ATRIUM; CHANCERY; CURIA; can signal something to do with tennis court case SUIT; TRIAL court, go to SUE court, in TRIED; UP; a component to be nested within CT court official MACER; USHER court order DECREE; WRIT court, person in SUER court, take to SUE courtesy, without RUDE courts ATRIA; see COURT courtyard GARTH couturier DIOR cove BIGHT; BAY; CHAP; 쐍 INLET cover BURY; CAP; CAPE; CASE; COAT; DRESS; FILM; FUR; HAT; GAMP; HIDE; HOOD; INTER; LAG; LID; MAC; MASK; PALL; ROOF; RUG; SHEATH; SHELL; SKIN; SPAN; TILE; TOP; WRAP; 쐍 CASING; DOME; DUVET;


GRATING; INSURE; QUILT; REPORT; SHADE; SHEET; SHELTER; SHUTTER; SLEEVE; STALL; VEIL; WRAPPER; first letter indicator (as “insurance cover” 씮 C) cover for nut HAT (qv) cover, temporary TENT cover, took HID cover up RUG; SHEET; see COVER; can indicate an item of clothing coverage of nesting indicator covered can indicate the use of a first letter (as “having yard covered” is a cue for the solution to begin with Y) covered by IN; nesting indicator; can indicate that the word or component that follows is to be placed at the front covered in, with nesting indicator covering BARK; CAP; CAPE; CASE (qv); COAT; COWL; CRUST; FOIL; FUR; HAIR; HAT; HOOD; LID; MAT; ON; OVER; ROUND; SKIN; 쐍 BIB; LINO; MANTLE; TYRE; nesting indicator; can indicate that an anagram is following; see COVER cow AWE; LOWER; NEAT; STEER; 쐍 FRIGHTEN; INTIMIDATE; JERSEY; [쒁 CUD] cow-slip KECK cow, young CALF coward MOUSE; SOOK (Aus.) cowardly CRAVEN; YELLOW cowards MICE cowboy, film WESTERN cower BULLY; CRINGE cowgirl IO (myth.) cowl HOOD cows HERD; LOWERS; STOCK; 쐍 KINE cowshed BYRE coy PRIM; SHY; 쐍 DEMURE crabstyle, move EDGE; SIDLE crack ACE; BREAK; CHAP; CLAP; CHOP; DIG; DRUG; GIBE; GO; JEST; QUIP; RAP;

RIFT; RENT; SEAM; SHOT; SOLVE; STAB; TOP; TRY; TURN; WHIP; 쐍 BREACH; CRANNY; EXPERT; REPORT; SPLINTER; anagram indicator crack, to anagram indicator crack troops SAS crack up PRAISE (qv) cracked CLEFT; MENTAL; RIVEN; 쐍 CRAZY; see MAD; anagram indicator cracked, become CHAP cracker WHIP crackers BARMY; DAFT; MAD; NUTS; anagram indicator cracking SPLIT; anagram indicator crackpot NUT cracksman, amateur RAFFLES cradle BED; [쒁 ROCK] cradle-song, use LULL craft ARK; ART; BARGE; BOAT; JET; PLANE; PUNT; SHIP; SKILL; SS; TRADE; WORK; can indicate a word ending in “ship” denoting some kind of skill (e.g. gamesmanship) or quality (e.g. sportsmanship); see BOAT, SHIP, VESSEL craft, old ARGO craft, simple RAFT craftsman ARTISAN; COOPER; MASON; POTTER; SMITH; WRIGHT crafty ARCH; FOXY; SLY; WISE; anagram indicator crafty group GUILD crag ROCK cram JAM; STOW; STUFF; SWOT cramp STUNT crank HANDLE; LEVER; LOON; WINCH; see ECCENTRIC cranny CRACK crash BANG; PRANG; RAM; RUIN; SLAM; 쐍 FAILING; anagram indicator crash into HIT crashed, crashing anagram indicator crass CRUDE crate BOX; CAGE; CASE; HEAP crater HOLE; 쐍 BOXER(!)



crawl CREEP; GROVEL; STROKE; can indicate something to do with swimming crawler can indicate an insect or snake craze FAD; MANIA; RAGE; WHIM crazy BARMY; BATS; GAGA; LOCO; MAD; NUT(S); RAVING; SICK; WHACKY; WILD; 쐍 MENTAL; NUTTY; WACKY; anagram indicator cream BEAT; BEST; ELITE; PLUM; SKIM creamy RICH; THICK crease FOLD; LINE; RUCK; 쐍 PLEAT; WRINKLE create FORM; FOUND; MAKE; RANT; 쐍 COMPOSE create difficulty STIR created MADE creation anagram indicator creative anagram indicator creative work ART Creator GOD creature EFT; MOLE; STOAT; 쐍 BEING; see ANIMAL, BIRD, FISH creature, arboreal SLOTH creature irresponsibly passed BUCK creature, miserable WORM creature, nocturnal BAT; BADGER creature, stubborn MULE creature, thick-skinned HIPPO creature, troublesome MIDGE creatures, lot of ZOO credible REAL credit CR; TICK; 쐍 ASCRIBE; BELIEF; BELIEVE; HONOUR; MERIT; TRUST credit card VISA; 쐍 PLASTIC credit notes IOUS creditor CR credulous NAIVE creek COVE creep CAD; EDGE; FAWN; SNEAK; TOADY cremate BURN crest COMB; RIDGE; TOP


crevice CRACK; NOOK; SLIT crew BAND; CUT (i.e. hairstyle); FOUR; EIGHT; HANDS; ISIS; MAN; MEN; SQUAD; STAFF; TEAM; [쒁 SHIP] crewman/crew member AB; HAND; TAR; see SAILOR crib BED; COT; KEY; MODEL; 쐍 CABIN; COPY cricket GRIG (insect); cricketing terms are very popular among compilers so there are many associated words, e.g. BAT; BAIL; IN; LEG; OFF; ON; OUT; OVER; POINT; TEST cricket* HOPPER cricket, a little OVER cricket ball BEAMER; BOUNCER; YORKER cricket ground LORDS; OVAL; PITCH cricket kit BAT; PAD(S) cricket match TEST cricket pitch GROUND; LORDS; OVAL; [쒁 CREASE; STUMPS; WICKET] cricket season SUMMER cricket side LEG; OFF; ON cricketer BAT; GRACE; POINT; SLIP; 쐍 BOWLER; FIELDER; KEEPER cricketer, old GRACE cricketer’s position CREASE cricketer’s protection BOX; PAD cricketers CC; MCC cried WEPT; see CRY crikey COR; MY crime ARSON; EVIL; JOB; SCAM; SIN; THEFT; TREASON; VICE; 쐍 CAPER; HEIST; OFFENCE; PIRACY crime squad CID crime wave MERCI (i.e. anagram) criminal BAD; BENT; CON; CROOK; FELON; FENCE; FORGER; HOOD; LAG; THUG; 쐍 COINER; MOBSTER; PIRATE; anagram indicator criminal activity RACKET; SCAM; 쐍 PIRACY criminal charge RAP criminal group TRIAD


criminal, possible SUS criminals TONG crimson LAKE; RED crimson clad component to be nested within RED cringe COWER crippled LAME crisis DANGER; HEAD crisp NEW critical GRAVE; SEVERE; VITAL critical, be KNOCK critical remark BARB; DIG criticise CARP; CHIDE; FLAY; PAN; RAP; RATE; ROAST; SLAG; SLAM; SLATE; SNIPE; 쐍 ATTACK; BERATE; KNOCK; REVIEW; RUBBISH criticism FLAK; PAN; PANNING; SLATE; STICK; SLIGHT; 쐍 REPROACH; REVUE; ROASTING; ROCKET croak DIE croaker FROG Croatia [쒁 SPLIT] crockery CUP; PLATE crocodile* CLIP croft FARM crony see PAL crook BAD; BEND; CON; STAFF; STICK; can indicate something to do with shepherd; anagram indicator; see ROGUE crooked AWRY; BENT; SKEW; anagram indicator crooks anagram indicator crooned, one who BING crooner BING crop CORN; CRAW; CUT; FOOD; GORGE; GRAIN; HAY; OATS; REAP; RICE; RYE; TRIM; YIELD; 쐍 ETON; MAIZE; MILLET; WHIP; anagram indicator; can indicate a hairstyle e.g. crewcut, tonsure crop, part of STOCK crop up ARISE; 쐍 EMERGE cropped up AROSE crops FOOD; SEED; see CROP Crosby BING cross BRIDGE; FORD; IRATE; MAD; MULE; PASS; PLUS; ROOD; SORE; SPAN; STERN;

TAU; TESTY; TREE; X; 쐍 FLAMING; IRACUND; KISS; SHIRTY; SNAPPY; TRAVERSE; can indicate something to do with voting, electioneering, St George, Maltese, Eleanor (Queen) cross, make ANGER; MARK cross over DOOR crossed anagram indicator crossing BRIDGE; FORD; PASS; 쐍 PASSAGE nesting indicator crossing point STILE crossing river R to be nested within a component crossword BLAST; DAMN (i.e. a cross word); can indicate a feature of a crossword e.g. grid, clue, across, down, or a technical word associated with crosswords e.g. light, checked letter crossword, do/tackle SOLVE crossword warhorses these are the devices that have been used so much by compilers over the years that they have become crossword clichés. Still with us are warhorses like “flower”, “banker” and “runner” to denote a river, and “number” to denote a pain-killer – but used cleverly they can still momentarily throw seasoned solvers crosswords anagram of WORDS crowd ALL; CRAM; DROVE; FLOCK; GANG; GATE; HERD; HOST; HOUSE; JAM; LOT; MASS; MOB; PACK; PARTY; PRESS; RUCK; SET; SWARM; THREE; 쐍 HORDE; HUDDLE; RABBLE; SCRUM; THRONG crowd, milling SCRUM crowds MANY crown CAP; CR; DOME; ER; HEAD; NUT; PEAK; TOP crows, lots of MURDER crucial GRAVE; KEY crucial point see CRUX crucial, said to be QUAY (hom.) crucible POT crucifix ROOD



crude BASE; OIL; RAW; ROUGH; 쐍 COARSE; EARTHY; GROSS; anagram indicator crudely anagram indicator crudely formed ROUGH cruel HARD; ILL; 쐍 HARSH; ROTTEN; SAVAGE; anagram indicator cruel emperor NERO cruise TRIP Cruise TOM crumble, crumbled, crumbling, crumbly anagram indicator crumpled anagram indicator crush BREAK; GRIND; ROUT; SMASH; STAMP; STAVE; SWAT; 쐍 SCOTCH; SQUASH; TRAMPLE; anagram indicator crushed GROUND; anagram indicator crushed by nesting indicator crust BREAD; LAYER; PASTRY; SCAB; can indicate that first and last letters are to be used as “crust of bread” 씮 BD crustacean CRAB; SHRIMP crutch FORK crux GIST; KEY; NUB cry BAWL; BAY; BRAY; CALL; CAW; HOWL; KEEN; MEW; OH; OW; SCREAM; SOB; WAIL; WEEP; YELL; YELP; 쐍 BLUB; BLUBBER; HAWK; NEIGH; PULE; SHRIEK; YAP; see CRY OF ALARM etc, EXPRESSION OF JOY, PAIN, etc cry, a brief CALL cry for help SOS; 쐍 MAYDAY cry of alarm O; OH cry of excitement WHOOP cry of exultation HO; WHOOP cry of pain OH; OUCH; OW cry of surprise COR; HELLO; OH; OO; 쐍 GOSH cry of triumph AHA cry over a synonym for “cry” to be reversed hence BOS, BULB, PAY crypt VAULT cryptic the use of this word often requires you to write the clue to


get the solution! Example: “Dare in cryptic way to get info from PC” 씮 READ-OUT where the solution is the cryptic clue to get the implied answer “Dare” cryptic clue anagram of CLUE cryptic definition a clue that contains only a definition and nothing else, the definition being based on some kind of pun – for example “Drop a little lower” (5) for which the answer is CALVE crystal [쒁 GLASS] Cuba C; can indicate something to do with cigars Cuban export CIGAR cube BLOCK; DICE; DIE; EIGHT; SOLID cube shape DICE cubist LEGER cubs LITTER; PACK cuckoo DAFT cuckoo pint ARUM cuddle HUG; PET cudgel CLUB; RACK (one’s brains) cue TIP; 쐍 ROD; SIGNAL cue-ball WHITE cuff BEAT; BLOW; CLIP; END (of sleeve); HIT; SMACK; 쐍 CLOUT; STRIKE; MANACLE cull SELECT cult FAD; SECT cultivate COURT; CROP; FARM; GROW; TILL; anagram indicator cultivated REFINED; TILLED; 쐍 GENTEEL; anagram indicator cultivated land GARDEN cultivated, poorly RUDE cultivating TILLING; anagram indicator cultivation TILTH; anagram indicator culture ART; TASTE cultured ARTY cummerbund SASH cumulus* CLOUD cunning ARCH; ART; CRAFT; FLY; FOXY; GUILE; SHREWD; SLEIGHT; SLY; TRICKY; WILE; WILY; 쐍 SNEAKY; anagram indicator


cunningly anagram indicator cup GRAIL; MUG; POT; TEE; 쐍 CHINA; TASSE; TROPHY cupboard ARK; CLOSET; PRESS; 쐍 DRESSER; LARDER; PANTRY cupholder SAUCER cupola DOME curative waters SPA curb BIT; CHECK; REIN; STOP; 쐍 RESTRAIN cure HEAL; JERK; PRESERVE; SALT; SMOKE; TAN; TREAT; 쐍 KIPPER; RESTORE; SPECIFIC cured BETTER; anagram indicator curia COURT curious NOSEY; ODD; RUM; 쐍 FUNNY; NOSY; QUAINT; STRANGE; anagram indicator curious, be NOSE; PRY curious, too NOSY curiosity RARITY; 쐍 INTEREST curiosity, show see CURIOUS, BE curiously anagram indicator; can indicate some kind of paradox or opposite (as “As defendant does when court is sitting, curiously” 씮 STAND TRIAL) curl COIL; TWINE; 쐍 KINK; WREATHE curlers can indicate something to do with the sport of curling e.g. SKIP (captain); [쒁 HAIR; WAVES] curling-iron WAVER curly anagram indicator currency COIN; EURO; TENDER; see CASH, MONEY, FOREIGN CURRENCY; can refer to a river (as “Ireland’s capital currency” 씮 LIFFEY) currency, Asian BAHT currency charge AGIO currency, foreign CENT; DM; ECU; EMU; EURO; FRANC; MARK; ORE; RAND; ROUBLE; SOU; YEN 쐍 ANNA; DOLLAR; KRONA; LIRA; TICAL; YUAN currency, old/outdated as well as an historically old currency (such

as ducat, groat, etc) can refer to the former monetary unit of a country now using the euro, hence it can call for mark, franc etc. current AC; AMP; AMPS; DC; DRIFT; EDDY; FLOW; I; IN; LIVE; NOW; PRESENT; RACE; RIFE; RIP; RIVER; STREAM; TIDE; TOPICAL; TOW; 쐍 GOING; RECENT; THERMAL; an old standby to indicate the name of a river, see RIVER; or otherwise indicative of running water, sea, etc current form, in its ASIS current measure AMP current round EDDY currently NOW; can indicate something to do with a river or the sea currently fashionable IN curry BALTI; COMB; DRESS; GROOM; anagram indicator; can denote something to do with horse grooming e.g. comb, ostler curse BANE; BLIGHT; CUSS; DAMN; DRAT; HANG; HEX; OATH; SWEAR; can indicate a traditional oath as “The curse of piracy” clues SHIVER MY TIMBERS; 쐍 ABUSE cursorily anagram indicator curt SHORT curtailed, curtailing last letter to be omitted curtain DRAPE; NET; VEIL curtains DEATH; END; FATAL curtsey BOB curvaceous anagram indicator curve ARC; ARCH; BEND; CAMBER curve downward SAG curve inshore BAY; BIGHT curved BENT; BOW; BOWED curvy figure/shape S cushion EASE; PAD cushy JAMMY custody officer JAILER custom HABIT; USE; USAGE; WAY; WONT; 쐍 MANNER; PRACTICE



customary STOCK; TRAD customer PATRON; SHOPPER; 쐍 BUYER; REGULAR customers TRADE customised anagram indicator customs MORES cut AXE; AXED; BARON; BIT; BOB; CHASE; CHIP; CHOP; CHUNK; CLIP; CLOVE; CROP; DICE; DOCK; ELIDE; GASH; HACK; HEW; HEWN; LANCE; LOP; LOPPED; LOWER; MILL; MINCE; MOW; MOWED; MOWN; NICK; PARE; PARED; POLL; PRUNE; REAP; SAW; SAWN; SCORE; SEVER; SHAPE; SHARE; SHEAR; SHORN; SHORT; SKIP; SLASH; SLICE; SLIGHT; SNIP; STAB; STEAK; TRIM; 쐍 ABRIDGE; BITE; CARVE; CREW; EXCISE; FAIL; GROOVE; NOTCH; REDUCTION; SECTION; SHRED; SNUB; WHACK; see CUT OF MEAT; insertion indicator; anagram indicator; omission indicator; last letter to be omitted cut-back a synonym of “cut” to be reversed hence EXA, POL etc cut closely SHAVE cut down FELL; HEW; PARE; REAP; see CUT cut of meat ROUND; RUMP; SHIN; STEAK; 쐍 LOIN; TOPSIDE cut off TRIM; see CUT; last letter to be omitted cut, power OUTAGE cut round POL (i.e. reversal of LOP); see CUT cut, short BOB; CREW; omission indicator (usually last letter); see SHORT CUT cut, small NICK cut-throat RAZOR; TOUGH cut up DICE; in a Down clue can indicate the reversal of “cut” (TUC) or of a synonym (e.g. BATS, EXA, POL, PINS, WAS etc); in the same way “American


cut up” 씮 XA; anagram indicator cutback see CUT-BACK cute CANNY; SHARP; TAKING; see SMART; 쐍 CHARMING cutie DISH cutis SKIN cutter BLADE; SAW; SWORD; 쐍 SICKLE cutting CLIP; KEEN; SHARP; SLIP; TART; nesting indicator cutting edge BLADE; SWORD cutting grass short LAW cutting remark BARB; DIG; JAB cycle AGE; ERA; MOPED; O; RING; ROUND; SERIES; SPIN; TRIKE; TURN; 쐍 PEDAL cycle inventor OTTO cycling anagram indicator cynic SCEPTIC cynical contempt, show SNEER Cynthia MOON Cyprus CY cyst SAC

Dd D-day can indicate something to do with the introduction of decimal currency d-drops of water DRAIN dab EXPERT; 쐍 TOUCH dab hand ACE; EXPERT dabble in TRY Dad PA; POP; PATER Dad retired AP Dad’s PAS daffodil BULB daffy see DAFT daft BATS; CRACKERS; MAD; SILLY; SIMPLE; see NUTS, STUPID etc dagger BLADE; DIRK; KRIS; 쐍 CREASE daily CHAR; HELP; PAPER; see NEWSPAPER, PAPER; 쐍 DOMESTIC; [쒁 TREASURE]


dainty TWEE; 쐍 DELICATE dairy produce/product BUTTER; MILK; 쐍 CHEESE (qv); CREAM; 쐍 YOGHURT Daisy see DAISY daisy ASTER; FLOWER; WEED Dakota DAK dam BLOCK; CHECK; WEIR; 쐍 MOTHER; PARENT; SMOTHER dam’d WEIRD (i.e. weir + d) damage BILL; CHIP; COST; CRACK; DENT; HARM; LAME; LOSS; MAR; PRANG; PRICE; SCAR; SLUR; SPOIL; TEAR; TOLL; 쐍 HURT; IMPAIR; anagram indicator damage, slight DENT; SCRAPE; 쐍 SCRATCH damage to can indicate an anagram of the word that follows damaged HARMED; HURT; TORN; anagram indicator damaging anagram indicator dame, theatrical TERRY damn CURSE; DARN; DRAT damp DANK; MOIST; WET damper BREAD damsel see GIRL Dan can refer to a judo belt (black, green etc) dance BALL; BOP; CAPER; DISCO; FLING; GALOP; HAY; HEY; HOP; JIG; JIVE; LIMBO; PASS (i.e. step); REEL; STEP; STEPS; TANGO; TRIP; TWIST; 쐍 BALLET; CONGA; LAMBADA; LANCERS; MORRIS; POLKA; STOMP; VOLTA; anagram indicator, as “barn-dance” 씮 BRAN dance around anagram of DANCE; a component to be nested within a synonym of dance, see DANCE dance club DISCO dance company BALLET dance, half of CAN dance, lively GALOP dance music SWING dance orchestra BAND dance, sort of TAP; see DANCE

dancer PRIMA; 쐍 SALOME dancing BALL; DISCO; HOP; PAS; TAP; anagram indicator dander TEMPER dandy BEAU; BLOOD; BUCK; DUDE; FINE; FOP; OK; SWELL; TOFF; 쐍 NASH danger PERIL; RISK; 쐍 HAZARD; THREAT danger at sea BERG; REEF danger, disregarding RASH danger, out of SAFE danger, posing no SAFE danger, put in IMPERIL danger, sign of RED danger to aircraft ICING danger warning ALARM; ALERT dangerous HAIRY; TIGHT; RISKY 쐍 DODGY; PARLOUS; anagram indicator dangerous, electrically LIVE dangerous exploit STUNT dangerous situation JAWS dangerous woman WITCH dangerously anagram indicator dangerously equipped ARMED dangle HANG; SUSPEND Daniel DAN dank MOIST dapper SMART (qv) dappled SPOTTED dare DEFY Dare DAN daring BOLD; BRAVE; HARDY; NECK; NERVE; RISKY daring manoeuvre STUNT dark BLACK; DIM; DUN; GREY; NIGHT; 쐍 GLOOMY; INKY; MIRK; MURK; SHADOW; UNLIT; [쒁 HORSE] dark, after LATE dark almost NIGH dark brown UMBER dark hue NOIR dark liquid INK dark, not FAIR; LIGHT dark patch SHADOW dark thoughts DREAMS darkness BLACK; GLOOM; NIGHT; 쐍 MIRK (alt. sp.);



MURK; can indicate something to do with MOON darling DEAR; LOVE; PET; SUGAR; 쐍 HONEY; LOVER; TOOTSY; see DEAR Darling GRACE Darling pet NANA darn DASH; SEW darned FLAMING; MENDED dart ARROW; LUNGE; RACE; SHOOT; TUCK darts GAME; [쒁 BOARD; BULL; DOUBLE; FLIGHT; TREBLE] darts, line of fire for OCHE dash BLIGHT; BOLT; DARN; DART; ELAN; HARE; HINT; LINE; RACE; RUN; RUSH; SPOT; SPRINT; TINGE; TROT 쐍 BRIO; CAST; CAREER; GALLOP; HASTEN; SPLATTER; TOUCH dash about wildly RAMP dash off anagram of DASH dashed RAN; anagram indicator dashing anagram indicator dashing figure BLADE dashing, was RAN data FILE; GEN; INFO; INPUT; TABLE data, set of LIST; TABLE data transmission DT date DAY; ERA; IDES; TIME; YEAR; 쐍 ENGAGEMENT date, fateful IDES date, usual STEADY dated OBS; OLD dates, list of CALENDAR dative CASE datum FACT daub COAT; PAINT; SMEAR; SPLODGE daughter D; MISS daughter, treacherous REGAN David can indicate the French painter, or one of the biblical Davids Davy [쒁 LAMP] dawdle DALLY; POTTER dawn MORN; START; 쐍 COCK day D; DATE; LIGHT; IDES; PERIOD; day of the week in ab-


breviated form: MON, TUE, WED, THURS, FRI, SAT, SUN; where a number precedes it, it can refer to the name of a month e.g. “thirty day month” calling for April, June, September or November and so on; with a capital letter can indicate DORIS or something to do with film stars day before EVE day, big VE day-centre A day, fateful IDES day in France JOUR day in Rome DIES (Lat.) day, last working FRI day of month IDES day of victory VE day off the abbreviation for a day to be omitted, as “Arthur’s day off” 씮 AR daybreak D; DAWN; anagram of DAY daydream REVERIE daylight DAWN days DD; WK (abbreviation of week) days, number of LENT; see DAYS days of fasting EMBER; LENT days, these AD; LATELY; see NOW daze STUN dazzle AWE; BLIND dazzling display RIOT dazzling one GLAM dead DULL; FLAT; GONE; LATE; NUMB; OUT; OVER; QUIET; STILL; [쒁 BIER] dead beat anagram of DEAD dead bird DODO; MOA dead-line DATE; DL; LIMIT deadheaded D; first letter to be omitted deadly AWFUL; FATAL; 쐍 LETHAL; MORTAL deal ALLOT; CONTRACT; COPE; DATE; HAND; PINE; PLAN; SALE; SHARE; TRADE; TREAT; TREATY; WOOD; 쐍 EXCHANGE; anagram indicator; can indicate something to do with


playing cards e.g. CARD; can indicate something to do with plank, carpentry deal, a good BAGS; LOT; LOTS; MANY; OODLES deal effectively COPE deal incompetently with MUFF deal with COVER; TREAT; 쐍 ADDRESS; HANDLE; SETTLE; TACKLE; dealer AGENT; TOUT; TRADER; 쐍 COSTER; PEDDLER; PACK dealer, crooked FENCE dealers in collaboration RING dealing anagram indicator dealings, have TRADE dealing with ABOUT; ON; RE; anagram indicator dealings TRUCK dealt anagram indicator dealt with DID dean INGE; SWIFT Dean NELLIE; can indicate something to do with forest; see DEAN dear CLOSE; DUCK; HONEY; LAMB; LOVE; PET; PRICEY; PRICY (alt. sp); SWEET; 쐍 EXPENSIVE; SWEETIE; see DARLING dear French CHER dear in Paris CHER dear me TUT dear, my LOVE; PET dear one see DARLING, DEAR dearth LACK; WANT death BANE; END; EXPIRY; 쐍 DEMISE; PASSING; [쒁 LAST] death notice OBIT deathly PALE debacle anagram indicator debar SUSPEND; see BAN debarked ASHORE debase DEVALUE; LOWER debatable MOOT debatable idea MOTION debate ARGUE; MOOT; REASON; TALK debate, place for FORUM debated, to be MOOT debauched IMMORAL

debauchery, place of DEN; STY debilitated TIRED; WEARY; 쐍 FEEBLE debilitated, become ROT debt IOU; RED debt, be in OWE debt collector DUN debt, out of AFLOAT; SQUARE debt, was in OWED debtor OWER debtor, chase DUN debts IOUS debut START decade TEN decade, half a see FIVE YEARS decamp LEAVE; [쒁 AIDE] decant POUR; anagram indicator decant wine an anagram of wine (usually WEIN or WIEN) decapitated initial letter to be omitted decapitation TOPPING decay ROT; RUST; 쐍 CARIES; CRUMBLE; anagram indicator decay, indication of RUST decayed BAD; OFF; ROTTED; ROTTEN; anagram indicator deceased DEAD; DEC; EX; GONE; LATE; [쒁 ESTATE; WILL] deceit FRAUD; LIE; LYING; SHAM; TRICK deceitful LYING deceitful device TRICK deceive CHEAT; CON; DUPE; FOX; HAVE; KID; TRICK; 쐍 BLUFF; SWINDLE deceived DONE; HAD; SOLD deceiver CHEAT; FRAUD; LIAR December 1st D; DECI decent CLEAN; PROPER; RIGHT; 쐍 PASSABLE deception CHEAT; FRAUD; LIE; SCAM; STING; TRAP; TRICK; 쐍 GAMMON; SLEIGHT deceptive LYING; anagram indicator deceptive appearance FRONT decide CHOOSE; RESOLVE; SETTLE


decide on

decide on CHOOSE; PICK; SELECT decide upon ELECT decide who will play CAST decided AGREED; CHOSE decimal OFTEN (i.e. of ten) deciphered anagram indicator decision RULING; VOTE; [쒁 SNAP] decisive move MATE deck ADORN; BOARD; COVER; DRESS; FLOOR; GROUND; PACK; 쐍 POOP deck, part of can indicate a card suit declaration DEC; homophone indicator; can indicate a word beginning with IM (i.e. I’m) as in “Tense declaration of total self-esteem” 씮 IMPERFECT declare ASSERT; AVER; AVOW; STATE; SWEAR; 쐍 ALLEGE; CLAIM declared homophone indicator declarer, belonging to MY decline AIL; DIE; DIP; DOWN; DROOP; DROP; EBB; FADE; FALL; FLAG; LAPSE; ROT; SAG; SET; SINK; SLIDE; SLUMP; WANE; 쐍 CONTRACT; DECREASE; DWINDLE; REFUSE declined AGED; FELL declining EBBING; WANING decommission in the sense of taking out of operation can indicate some word trick such as an anagram, omission or run decompose ROT decomposed HIGH; OFF; anagram indicator decorate ADORN; ICE; PAINT; TRIM; 쐍 COLOUR decorated ICED; ORNATE; can indicate that a component is to be nested within a synonym for “decorate” or “decoration”, see DECORATE, DECORATION decorating, start PRIME decoration BRAID; FRILL; ICING; OBE; SASH; SEQUIN;


TRIM; 쐍 FINIAL; GARNISH; PICOT; see MEDAL, HONOUR decorative anagram indicator decorative band SASH decorative fringes, with LACY decorative wear SASH decorous DEMURE; PROPER decoy LURE decrease DIP; DOWN; FALL; IRON (i.e. de-crease); see CUT, DECLINE decree ACT; EDICT; FIAT; LAW; ORDER; RULE decrepit anagram indicator dedicated SACRED dedication can indicate TO followed by a name as “dedication for a Scot” clues TOKEN (i.e. to Ken) deduce GATHER; INFER deduct, deducted omission indicator deduction CUT; DISCOUNT; omission indicator deduction from wages NI deed ACT; ACTION; FEAT; PAPER; 쐍 CONTRACT; GEST (i.e. heroic); can indicate something to do with land ownership, mortgage, etc deem JUDGE; RATE deep BASS; LOW; MAIN; SEA; 쐍 DOWN; PROFOUND; RADICAL deep division can indicate a stretch of water (channel, sea, strait) separating two land masses deep in trouble anagram, commonly EPED or PEDE deer BUCK; DOE; ELK; GNU; HART; HIND; RED; ROE; STAG; 쐍 AXIS; PRICKET; MOOSE; [쒁 RUT] deerstalker HAT deface SCAR defamation see DEFAME defamatory statement LIBEL defame SMEAR; 쐍 LIBEL; MALIGN; SLANDER; SLUR defeat BEAT; BEST; FAULT; FLOOR; HAMMER; KO; LICK; LOSS; PIP; ROUT; RUIN;

definition by function

UNDO; WORST; 쐍 DRUBBING; LICKING; MATE; TROUNCE; WATERLOO defeat, one suffering LOSER defeated BEAT; LICKED; LOSER; OUT defeated, be LOSE defeated party LOSER defect ERROR; FAULT; FLAW; GO; LEAVE; SPOT; STAIN; VICE; 쐍 FAILING defected GONE; LEFT; WENT; omission indicator, usually of immediately preceding element(s) defection omission indicator, usually of immediately preceding element(s) defective anagram indicator; omission indicator; see FAULTY defective from the start first letter to be changed or omitted defective, very V to be omitted defence ALIBI; FORT; KEEP; WALL; 쐍 AEGIS; GROYNE; REDOUBT; SHIELD defence body MOD defence of, in FOR; PRO defenceless NAKED defendant ACCUSED defendant, place for DOCK defender ALLY; BACK defender of the faith DF; HENRY defenders, our MOD defensive place FORT defensive system TRENCH defer DELAY; STAY; YIELD deficiency GAP; LACK; LOSS; omission indicator deficiency disease RICKETS deficiency of NO deficient BELOW; SCANT; SCARCE; SHORT; UNDER; omission indicator; last letter to be omitted deficit LOSS defile GORGE; PASS; SOIL; 쐍 SLANDER definite SURE; 쐍 CERTAIN; POSITIVE definitely SURELY definition MEANING

definition that part of the clue which gives the synonym for the solution; it is the equivalent that we have to find. Example: “fighting” is the definition in “Sci-fi stuff involved fighting” (10) where we have to come up with FISTICUFFS (“involved” indicates an anagram of “Sci-fi stuff”) definition by characteristic a clue in which the compiler only mentions one of the features of the thing we are looking for. For example “Ruthless one has an edge” (3-6) for which the answer is CUT-THROAT. This is a straightforward double definition clue but the secondary definition (i.e. “a cut-throat razor”) is only signalled to us as something that “has an edge” definition by example a clue in which the compiler mentions only an example of the thing we are looking for, as exemplified by the rather difficult “Bumped into, on my returning glass for a drink, maybe?” (7) where the answer is METONYM ( a bits-and-pieces type clue built up via MET-ON-YM – see METONYM). A less demanding example is given by “Lost, as a dog may be” (6). This is a double-definition type with the answer ASTRAY. “Lost” obviously equates with “stray”, but as far as a dog is concerned “a stray” is only one example of a type of dog definition by function this where a definition is restricted to its function as in “They try to keep you from losing your grip” (6). The answer is PLIERS where the second definition relates only to the function of a pair of pliers. Similarly “It throws light on a possible bloomer” (4) the solution of which is BULB, another double definition where one of the definitions is restricted to its



function i.e. it is a light bulb that “throws light” deflate POP; PRICK deflect TURN; reversal indicator Defoe’s creation MOLL; 쐍 CRUSOE deform STUNT deformed anagram indicator deformation LIBEL defraud CON; STING deft ABLE; CLEVER; HANDY; NEAT; NIMBLE; see ABLE, NEAT defunct anagram indicator defy BRAVE; FACE degeneracy anagram indicator degenerate FALL; ROT; SINK; 쐍 EFFETE; anagram indicator degeneration ATROPHY degree BA; BED; C (i.e. Centigrade, Celsius); F (i.e. Fahrenheit); MA; ORDER; PASS; PHD; PPE; RATE; STEP; 쐍 EXTENT; see GRADUATE; [쒁 STUDY] degree course PPE; MBS; see DEGREE degree, inferior PASS degree, of small SLIGHT degree of soil acidity PH degree without honours PASS degrees ANGLE; BAS; BEADS; HEAT; MAS degrees, higher HEAT deity GOD; RA; SOL; 쐍 ZEUS dejected LOW; SAD Delaware DE delay DALLY; DEFER; HINDER; ICE (as in “put on ice”); KEEP; LAG; PAUSE; STAY; TARRY; WAIT 쐍 LINGER; LOITER; [쒁 LATE; TIME] delay (in) returning GAL delay, without DIRECT; FAST delayed LATE dele EFFACE delegate AGENT; ASSIGN; DEPUTE; REP delegates COMMISSION delegation MISSION delete DROP; ERASE; OMIT; STRIKE


deliberate PONDER; 쐍 CONSIDER delicate AIRY; NICE; TENDER; 쐍 DAINTY; ELFIN; FRAGILE; LACY; WEAK delicate area GROIN delicate fabric LACE delicate situation SPOT; see DIFFICULTY; 쐍 FLASHPOINT delicately pretty DAINTY delicacy CAKE; ICE; SWEET; TASTE delicious TASTY; YUMMY delight ELATE; GLEE; GUSTO; JOY; PLEASE; REVEL; TREAT; 쐍 ELATION; ENTRANCE; TICKLE; TRANSPORT delight, give REGALE delight, show YELL delighted GLAD; SENT delightful NICE; PLEASANT delightful person GAS delinquent TED deliver BOWL; CARRY; FREE; HAND; RID; SAVE; SERVE; SHIP; 쐍 PIPE; RELEASE; SUPPLY; anagram indicator; [쒁 SPIN i.e. cricket] deliver ball BOWL; SERVE deliverance RELIEF delivered FREED; IN; RID; SAID; anagram indicator delivered first D; ELDEST deliveries BALLS; OVER (i.e. from cricket); see DELIVERY delivery BABY; BALL; DROP; POST; 쐍 BOUNCER; LABOUR; LETTER; ORATION; YORKER; can indicate something to do with birth (e.g. storks) delivery charge can refer to something to do with kidnapping, ransom etc delivery date usually refers to birthday delivery, make a BOWL; SERVE delivery route, service ROUND delivery task ROUND delivery truck TIPPER delude CON deluge FLOOD; 쐍 DROWN delve DIG; FORAGE


demand ASK; BID; BILL; CALL; CLAIM; DUN; MARKET; NEED; ORDER; 쐍 EXACT; EXPECT; REQUEST demand, huge RUSH demand, in HOT demand, make CLAIM demand payment DUN demanding HARD; STERN; TOUGH; TRYING; 쐍 EXACTING demands, make TRY demands, make great EXACT demean HUMBLE; LOWER demeanour AIR; FRONT demented MAD; anagram indicator demise END; 쐍 DEATH demo MARCH; TAPE demoiselle CRANE demolish RUIN; WRECK demolished anagram indicator; [쒁 CRASH] demolition anagram indicator demon DEVIL; FIEND; IMP demon driver TOAD (character in “Wind in the Willows”) demonstrate MARCH; PROVE; SHOW demonstrated MARCHED; SATIN (i.e. sat in); 쐍 PROVED; SHOWN demonstrating often immediately precedes the synonym for the solution demonstration MARCH; PROOF; SHOW demote LOWER; RELEGATE demoted (in conjunction with a word like “leader”) can indicate that the first letter of a word is to be transposed to the end demur REFUSE demure COY; OBJECT; PRIM; 쐍 MODEST den DIVE; EARTH; LAIR; HOLT; NEST; RETREAT; ROOM; STUDY denarius D denial NO; 쐍 NEGATION denial, old fashioned NAY

denied omission indicator (as “denied kiss” requires X to be omitted) denied love O to be omitted denigrate ABUSE denomination CLASS denote MEAN denounce NAME; SHOP denouement END; ENDING; can indicate the last letters(s) dense THICK dense, not THIN dent MARK; HOLE; 쐍 HOLLOW dental condition/problem PLAQUE dental decay CARIES dented anagram indicator dentures PLATE; SET denude STRIP deny DISOWN; REFUSE; 쐍 NEGATE; see DISALLOW denying omission indicator depend LEAN; RELY dependable STAUNCH depart DIE; GO; LEAVE departed DEAD; DIED; GONE; LATE; LEFT departed for Scotland AWA department AREA; DEPT; FIELD; can also refer to a French administrative district departs D; see DEPART departure EXIT; GOING; 쐍 EGRESS depend HINGE; RELY dependable TRUSTY; 쐍 CERTAIN; STOUT dependent SUBJECT depleted LOW deplorable, deplorably anagram indicator deplore RUE; 쐍 REGRET deploy USE deployed USED; anagram indicator deployed by anagram indicator; run indicator deployed in nesting indicator; run indicator deploying anagram indicator deployment USE



deportment BEARING depose OUST; USURP deposed anagram indicator; omission indicator, as “leader being deposed” calls for the omission of the initial letter deposit ASH; LAYER; LODE; LODGE; ORE; PARK; PLACE; SET; STORE; SUM depot BASE; STATION depravity EVIL; SIN; VICE depredate LOOT; ROB; RAID depress LOWER depressed BLUE; DOWN; GRIM; LOW; LOWER; SUNK depressed area DELL; GLEN; TROUGH; see DEPRESSION depressed, be MOPE depressed by in a Down clue, can indicate that a component is preceded by (i.e. “pushed down by”) another as in “Revolutionary man depressed by cold” 씮 CHE depressed, get SINK depressed, one’s KEY depressing GREY; SAD; 쐍 DISMAL; can indicate something to do with typewriting, keyboard etc depressing event DOWNER depression COL; COMBE; DALE; DELL; DENT; DIP; GLEN; HOLLOW; LOW; PIT; RECESS; RUT; SAG; TROUGH; VALE; 쐍 CRATER; DUMPS; VALLEY; in a Down clue can be a reversal indicator; deprivation LACK; NEED deprive DENUDE; ROB; see ROB, STEAL deprive of TAKE; see CUT deprived BEREFT; NEEDY; anagram or omission indicator; can indicate an adjective beginning with UN or one ending in LESS; omission indicator as “deprived of powers” requires P to be omitted deprived of can indicate an adjective ending in -LESS depth MEASURE depth, ascertain SOUND


depth, be out of one’s FLOUNDER depth of water DRAUGHT deputy DEP; SUB; 쐍 LOCUM; PROXY deputy head D deputy leader D deranged MAD; anagram indicator Derby* CHEESE; CLASSIC; HAT; RACE; SAGE Derek DEL derelict TRAMP; anagram indicator deride JEER; MOCK; TAUNT derider MOCKER derision BOO; JEER; SCORN derision on, heap MOCK (qv) derisive, be SCOFF derisive remark JEER derisive sound BOO; YAH derivable from the word(s) that follow to be used as the basis of an anagram derivation ORIGIN derogatory SNIDE; 쐍 SLIGHTING Descartes THINKER (“I think therefore I am”) descend DROP; FALL; SINK; STOOP descendant SCION descendant of anagram indicator descendants LINE; TREE; 쐍 FAMILY descent DIVE; RACE; STOOP describe CALL; DEPICT; DETAIL; DRAW; EXPRESS; PRESENT; RECOUNT; REPRESENT; SKETCH; describe, can/may anagram indicator describe vividly PAINT description SPEC; 쐍 ACCOUNT description, detailed SPEC desecrated SOILED; anagram indicator desert ARID; DEFECT; DUE LEAVE; QUIT; RAT; SAND; WASTE; 쐍 BETRAY; DROP; MAROON; REWARD


deserted LEFT; WENT; omission indicator deserter RAT deserts DUE deserve EARN; RATE; 쐍 MERIT deserving EARNING; GOOD; JUST; RATING desiccated DRY design AIM; ART; END; DECOR; MEAN; PLAN; PLOT; 쐍 FIX; INTENT; PATTERN; STYLE anagram indicator; designate NAME; TERM designation NAME; TITLE designed MEANT; anagram indicator designer, fashion DIOR; QUANT designer, Victorian MORRIS designing CRAFTY designing individual ETCHER; PLANNER; see ARCHITECT, ARTIST desirable DES; PLUM desirable, most BEST desire CRAVE; DREAM; FANCY; GREED; HOPE; HUNGER; ITCH; LONG; LUST; URGE; WANT; WHIM; WILL; WISH; YEARN; YEN; 쐍 ENVY; PASSION desire, strong LUST desist CEASE; STOP; 쐍 ABSTAIN; REFRAIN desk AMBO; TABLE desolate LORN desolation RUIN despatch END; KILL; POST; SEND; see DISPATCH despatched SENT despatched again RESENT desperate DIRE; anagram indicator desperate character DAN desperate-sounding DIA (i.e. homophone of DIRE) desperately DIRE; anagram indicator despicable BASE; CHEAP; LOW; VILE despicable man/person CUR; HOUND; RAT; SCAB; TOAD

despise CONTEMN despised person LEPER despondency DESPAIR despondent BLUE; DOWN despot TSAR despot, rule as DICTATE despotic IMPERIOUS dessert AFTERS; APPLE; FLAN; FOOL; FRITTER; ICE; KISS; MOUSSE; PIE; PUD; SPLIT; TART; TRIFLE; WHIP; 쐍 JELLY; PUDDING; SWEET destabilised anagram indicator destined BOUND; FATED; MEANT destiny FATE; KARMA; LOT destitute NEEDY destroy DISH; END; RASE; RAZE; ROUT; RUIN; SLAY; TRASH; UNDO; WRECK; anagram indicator destroy by fire BURN destroyed ATE; GONE; anagram indicator destroyed, gradually ATE destroyer KILLER destroying anagram or omission indicator destruction END; RUIN; WRACK; 쐍 HAVOC destructively anagram indicator desultory, desultorily anagram indicator detach BREAK; PART; SEVER detached APART; 쐍 CLINICAL anagram indicator detached territory ISLE detachment UNIT; can indicate that a component is split detail FACT; ITEM; LIST; PIECE; POINT; RESPECT; SPEC; 쐍 PARTICULAR; last letter of a word to be omitted (.e. de tail) detail, lacking SKETCHY detailed last letter of a word to be omitted (i.e. de-tailed) detailed description SPEC detain HOLD; JAIL; KEEP; GATE; nesting indicator detained HELD; JAILED; nesting indicator



detect CATCH; NOSE; SENSE SPOT; TRACE detective COP; DI; DICK; DS; EYE; PI; TEC; 쐍 GMAN; HOLMES; MARPLE; MORSE; can indicate a colloquial term for detective such as busy, gumshoe Detective Charlie CHAN Detective Inspector DI Detective Sergeant CLUFF; DS detectives CID; PIS; TECS; YARD; 쐍 GMEN deter HAMPER; STOP detergent CLEANSER deteriorate AGE; ROT; RUST; 쐍 MOULDER; PERISH deterioration RUST; anagram indicator determination WILL determination, with FIRM determine FIX; SET; 쐍 GUESS; RESOLVE determined DOUR; EARNEST; INTENT; SET; anagram indicator detest HATE dethrone OUST; USURP detonator CAP; FUSE detour anagram indicator detrimental HARMFUL; see HARMFUL detrimental, be IMPAIR detrimental to, be see HARM devalue DEBASE; LOWER; 쐍 ALLOY devastated anagram indicator develop COME; FORM: GROW; 쐍 APPEAR; EVOLVE; anagram indicator; can indicate something to do with photography e.g. darkroom develop slowly CREEP developed EVOLVE; GREW; READY; RIPE; 쐍 UNFOLD; anagram indicator developed, not fully can indicate that a large section of word is omitted developer anagram indicator developing, development anagram indicator deviant anagram indicator


deviate ERR; STRAY; SWITCH; WANDER; YAW; 쐍 SWERVE deviation SHEER device CHARGE (heraldry); LASER; LOGO; RUSE; SIGN; THING; TOOL; TRICK; WINCH device for holding TONGS devices FANCY; WILL device, electronic TIMER devil BOGLE (Sc.); DEMON; DICKENS; DIS; DRUDGE; FIEND; HECK; IMP; NICK; SATAN devil, little IMP Devil’s hoof, like CLOVEN devilish EVIL; anagram indicator devilish character FIEND devilish group COVEN devious SHIFTY; anagram indicator deviously anagram indicator devise FRAME; RIG; PLAN; SET; 쐍 GET UP; INVENT devised SET; anagram indicator devising anagram indicator devoid of content only first and last letters to be used Devon SW devoted AVID; KEEN; PI devotee BUFF; FAN; NUT devotion LOVE; PIETY devotion, show ADORE; LOVE devour EAT; GORGE; nesting indicator devoured ATE; anagram or nesting indicator devout PIOUS; HOLY dewy WET dexterity SLEIGHT diabolical anagram indicator diabolically anagram indicator diacritical mark HACEK diagram GRAPH dial CALL; CLOCK; FACE; PAN; RING; 쐍 LAID-BACK(!) dialogue EXCHANGE; LINE; TALK dialogue, informal RAP diamond D; GEM; STONE; 쐍 SPARKLER; can refer to a spe-


cific diamond e.g. Koh-i-noor; can indicate something to do with baseball diamond, quality of WATER diamonds DD; ICE; ROCKS; SUIT Diana DI; DORS diaphanous SHEER diary LOG; PLANNER diary item ENTRY diatonic note C diatribe RANT; TIRADE dice BONES; CHANCE; CHOP; CUBE; CUT; RISK dicey TRICKY; in the context of a game can refer to backgammon etc dick see DETECTIVE Dickens DEVIL; HECK; HELL Dickensian character (hero, heroine) DODGER; NELL; PIP; OLIVER; RUDGE; TWIST dicky (Dicky) DODGY; IFFY; ILL; anagram indicator dictate ORDER dictated homophone indicator dictation can indicate something to do with dictation e.g. shorthand dictator DUCE; FRANCO; IDI; SHOGUN; TITO dictionary DICT; OED dictum SAW did (something) ACTED did very well SHONE diddle CHEAT; CON; DO; anagram indicator; see SWINDLE didn’t lose WON didn’t stand SAT didn’t win LOST didn’t win or lose DREW did the same thing APED; COPIED die BLOCK; CUBE; DROWN; END; EXIT; FADE; FAIL; FALL; GO; LONG; STAMP; STOP; YEARN; 쐍 CROAK; PERISH; TESSERA die around one PASSION (i.e. PASS-I-ON) die is cast, the anagram of DIE died D; FELL; OB; OBIT (Lat.)

died in prison BRIDG i.e. BRI-D-G (to construct BRIDGE for example) died out D to be omitted diesel oil DERV diet FARE; FAST; REDUCE; SLIM; 쐍 SLIMMING Diet HOUSE; can refer to specific seat of government differ VARY; anagram indicator difference CHANGE; GAP; SPAT; TIFF; anagram indicator difference, having OTHER difference, make a AFFECT; ALTER; AMEND; MATTER; TELL different APART; CHANGE; ELSE; OTHER; 쐍 ALIEN; ANOTHER; anagram indicator different one OTHER different people OTHERS different position, put in RESITE different version to anagram of what follows different way, find a DIVERT differently anagram indicator; can indicate a verb beginning with RE differing anagram indicator difficult BLACK (as in black spot); HARD; HELL; HOT (as in hot seat); STICKY; STIFF; TIGHT TRICKY; anagram indicator difficult for, too BEYOND difficult job/task CHORE; GRIND difficult, not EASY difficult position, situation LURCH; STRAIT; see DIFFICULTY difficult to accept BITTER difficult to believe TALL difficult to deal with STEEP difficult to see DARK; DIM difficulties MIRE; anagram indicator difficulties, in anagram indicator difficulty ADO; BIND; CORNER; FIX; HARDNESS; HOLE; JAM; LURCH; MESS; NET; PASS; PLIGHT; RUB; SCRAPE;


difficulty, advance with

SNAG; SPOT; 쐍 TROUBLE; anagram indicator difficulty, advance with LIMP difficulty, create STIR difficulty getting back BUR difficulty, in some anagram of SOME difficulty, minor BUG; GLITCH; KINK difficulty, walk with LIMP diffident COY; SHY dig BARB; CRACK; DELVE; GIBE; GRUB; JAB; JIBE; MINE; NUDGE; POKE; PROD; SEE; SPIT (i.e. with reference to spade); TILL; [쒁 INFRA] dig in ENTRENCH dig out anagram of DIG dig up GID dig with one’s feet HEEL digest ABSTRACT; anagram or nesting indicator; 쐍 CONSUME; UNDERSTAND digest, easy to LIGHT digesting anagram indicator; nesting indicator digger MINER; SHOVEL; SPADE digging MINE digit FIGURE; FINGER; NUMBER; THUMB; TOE digital equipment FINGER; THUMB; TOE digital heater MUFF digital signal can indicate a hand signal e.g. THUMBS UP dignified SEDATE dignitary LION; VIP dignity FACE; PRIDE digress RAMBLE; STRAY digs, something for SHOVEL; SPADE dilapidated SHABBY; TATTY; anagram indicator dilapidated castle/house RUIN dilatory LATE; SLOW; TARDY dilapidated car BANGER; CRATE; HEAP dilemma PLIGHT; SCRAPE; see DIFFICULT POSITION, DIFFICULTY dilettante LAY


dilettante interest in, take DABBLE dilute WATER diluted WATERY; WEAK dim BLEAR; DARK; FADE; FAINT; LOWER; MIST; SLOW; THICK (qv); UNLIT. dim-witted SLOW; THICK (qv) dimensions, relative SCALE diminished omission indicator diminished man GENT; can indicate the diminutive of a male name e.g. TED – see MAN diminutive SHORT; SMALL; TINY; abbreviation indicator; omission indicator diminutive chap TOM diminutive person SQUIT din NOISE; RACKET; ROW dine EAT; SUP dine out anagram of OUT dined ATE; EATEN diner EATER dingy DRAB; DULL dining room HALL; MESS dining room, feature of TABLE dinner MEAL; SPREAD dinner, invitation to GONG dinner, traditional ROAST dinosaur TREX (i.e. T. Rex) dint BLOW; STROKE; 쐍 EFFORT diocesan SEE diocese ELY; SEE; WELLS diode TUBE dip BATH; DROP; DUCK; DUNK; SAG; SWIM; RAMP; 쐍 PADDLE; IMMERSE; SAUCE diplomacy TACT; [쒁 SHUTTLE] diplomat HE; 쐍 ATTACHE; ENVOY diplomatic [쒁 TACT] diplomatic mission LEGATION dipper SCOOP dire BAD; EVIL; anagram indicator direct AIM; CAST; FRANK; LEAD; OPEN; ORDER; POINT; RUN; SHOW; STEER; STRAIGHT; TRAIN; 쐍 ADDRESS; BLUFF; CHANNEL direct debit DD


direct steering CON directed LED; RAN direction BEARING; COURSE; END; TACK; WAY; a compass bearing in full: EAST; NORTH; SOUTH; WEST, or abbreviated: E; N; NE; NW; S; SE; SW; W; similarly can indicate LEFT, RIGHT or L, R; 쐍 ACROSS; BEARING; can refer to a stage direction e.g. exeunt directions two or more compass bearings, usually as letters, WS, NE, SEE etc directions, going in different word or component to be nested within two letters from N, E, W or S directions, in both palindrome indicator directions, in opposite word or component to be nested within two opposite compass points (NS, EW); or within two opposite sides (RL) as “Animal took food in opposite directions” 씮 RATEL directive DECREE; EDICT; ORDER directly DUE director BOSS; DIR; DRIVER; HEAD; SOIL director, Austrian/German LANG directorate BOARD directors BOARD; D directors, lots of BOARDS directory INDEX direly anagram indicator dirge LAMENT dirk BLADE; DAGGER dirt BLUE; FILTH; GRIME; GROT; SCUM dirt, bit of SMUT dirty LOW; MEAN; SOILED; 쐍 BASE; FOUL; SHABBY; STORMY; see BASE dirty look FROWN dirty stuff SOOT dirty talk SMUT dis- can indicate an anagram of the remainder of the word as “dis-

pleases” signals an anagram of PLEASE (e.g. ELAPSE) disable KO; SCOTCH; 쐍 NOBBLE disadvantage CATCH; CON; LOSS; MINUS; SNAG disagreeable BAD disagreement RIFT; SPAT; TIFF; 쐍 BREACH; NEGATION disallow BAN; NEGATE; REFUSE; 쐍 ANNUL; CANCEL disappear GO; MELT; VANISH disappeared GONE; WENT disappearing GOING; omission indicator disappointed, very GUTTED disappointing OFF; POOR disappointment SELL 쐍 MARE’S NEST disapproval ODIUM disapprove soundly BOO; TUT disapproval, audible (express, voice, voiced, etc) BOO; TUT disapproval loudly, show BARRACK disarray anagram indicator disaster DOOM; ROUT; RUIN; 쐍 HUBRIS; anagram indicator disastrous DIRE; FATAL; LETHAL; 쐍 ADVERSE; anagram indicator disastrously anagram indicator disbelieving expression BAH disbursed PAID disc COUNTER; O; PLATE; RECORD (qv); TOKEN disc-jockey DJ discard DUMP; REJECT; SHED; TRASH discarded SHED; omission indicator discarding omission indicator discern SPY discerning CLEVER discernment EAR discharge ARC; EMIT; FIRE; MATTER; PAY; PUS; SACK; SHOT; SHOOT; SPARK; VENT; 쐍 ABSOLVE; BOOT; EJECTION; QUIETUS; RHEUM; SALVO



discharged SHOT; SACKED; omission indicator disciple can indicate a specific disciple of Christ e.g. MARK; 쐍 CHELA; LEARNER discipline ORDER; 쐍 CHASTEN; SUBJECT; [쒁 WHIP] discipline, enforcing STERN; STRICT disciplined CANED; TAUGHT; anagram indicator disclose REVEAL; STATE; 쐍 BREAK (as the news) disclosure LEAK disco CLUB; DANCE disco lighting STROBE discoloration STAIN discomfort ACHE; PAIN disconcert ABASH; RATTLE; 쐍 FLUSTER; THROW disconcerted THREW; THROWN; anagram indicator disconnect CUT; SEVER disconsolate LOW discontented anagram indicator discontented reaction RUMBLE discontinue DROP; END; STAY; STOP discontinued EX; OFF discord CLANG discordant anagram indicator discordantly anagram indicator discount CUT; 쐍 AGIO; REBATE; SAVING; omission indicator discount, at a pound L to be omitted (similarly at a two-pound discount in which LL is to be omitted) discount, initial omission indicator for initial letter discourage DASH; DAUNT; DETER; UNMAN discouraging sign NO discourse CHAT; ORATE; SPEAK; TALK; 쐍 CONVERSATION; LECTURE discourteous RUDE discourtesy SLIGHT; SNUB discover FIND; LEARN; RUMBLE; TRACE discovered FOUND


discovered in anagram indicator; nesting indicator as “discovered nothing in” requires O to be nested discovery FIND discreet POLITIC; WISE discreet, more WISER discretion TACT; TASTE discrimination TASTE discriminatory SEXIST discuss AIR; CHAT; 쐍 DISPUTE discussing ON; can require that ON is used in conjunction with its subject as “doctor discussing” 씮 MOON discussion AIRING; CHAT; DEBATE; MOOT; PARLEY; TALK; TOPIC; WORD; anagram indicator discussion about TOOM (i.e. reversal) discussion, join in CONFER discussion of homophone indicator discussion, public AIRING; DEBATE disdain SCORN; SPURN; 쐍 CONTEMPT disdainful, be SNIFF disease AGUE; GOUT; LURGY; TB; 쐍 BSE; SCURVY; anagram indicator disease, baffling ME disease, bird GAPES disease, evidence of RASH disease, flu like ME disease, put an end to CURE disease, swelling GOUT disease, toe-inflammation GOUT diseased ILL; SICK; anagram indicator disembark LAND disfigure MAR; SCAR; SPOIL; anagram indicator disfigured anagram indicator disfigurement SCAR disgorging omission indicator disgrace BLOT; STAIN; TAINT; 쐍 SLUR disgraced BLACKED; FALLEN

disorderly character

disgraceful anagram indicator disgruntled anagram indicator disguise ALTER; COVER (qv); HIDE; VEIL; anagram indicator disguised, disguising anagram indicator disgust APPAL; REPEL; REVOLT; 쐍 ODIUM disgust, sound of UGH; YUCK disgusted expression UGH disgusting FOUL; GROSS; ICKY; SICK; 쐍 FILTHY; anagram indicator dish ASHET; BOWL; CRUMBLE; FLAN; FOOD; HASH; MEAL; PAN; PEACH; PIE; PLATE; PLATTER; RUIN; STEW; TART; 쐍 CHARGER; COURSE; CREPE; CUTIE; PLATTER; SCOTCH; can refer to some aspect of a woman; anagram indicator dish, cold MOUSSE dish, Italian PASTA dish out ALLOT; DOLE; SERVE dish, serving PLATTER dish, slow-cooked STEW dish, sort of PETRI dish up SERVE; DISH, or a synonym for “dish”, to be reversed disharmony FRICTION dishearten CORE (i.e. take out heart); DAUNT; REJECT; 쐍 SADDEN disheartened CORED; omission indicator for middle letter(s) of associated word, as “not disheartened” 씮 NT disheartened girl GL disheartening an indicator that the middle letter(s) of an associated word be omitted dished out anagram indicator dishevelled anagram indicator dishonest BENT; CROOK; LYING; SHARP dishonest, be LIE dishonest person CROOK; ROGUE dishonesty LIE; LYING dishonour SOIL; STAIN

dishonourable man CAD; ROTTER dishonourably, behaving CADDISH dishy FAIR disinclined AVERSE disinfectant BLEACH disintegrate CRUMBLE disintegrating anagram indicator disjointed BITTY dislike AVERSION; HATE; ODIUM; RESENT dislocated RICKED; anagram indicator dislodged EJECTED; anagram indicator disloyal FALSE disloyal, be SHOP disloyalty TREASON dismal BLEAK; DREAR; DREARY; POOR; SAD dismantled anagram indicator dismay APPAL; DREAD dismembered anagram indicator dismiss AXE; BOOT; BOWL; EJECT; FIRE; REJECT; SACK; SHOO; SPURN; STUMP YORK; 쐍 CASHIER; CATCH; DEMIT; REMOVE; omission indicator dismiss contemptuously SPURN dismissal SACK; 쐍 BULLET; omission indicator dismissal, accept WALK dismissed BOWLED; OUT; UP; omission indicator dismissive remark NO dismount ALIGHT Disney [쒁 GOOFY; PLUTO] Disney film while there are many Disney films to pick from, DUMBO and FANTASIA seem to be the most popular in crosswords disorder FLU; MESS; MUDDLE; 쐍 CONDITION; ILLNESS; RUMPLE; anagram indicator disordered MUDDLED; anagram indicator disorderly ILL; anagram indicator disorderly character TED


disorderly group

disorderly group GAGGLE; MOB; RABBLE disorderly scene RAG disorganised SCATTY; anagram indicator disoriented anagram indicator disown CEDE; DENY; YIELD; an anagram of OWN e.g. NOW, WON disparage BELITTLE; DECRY; SLANDER disparagement SLUR disparaging CATTY; DEGRADING; anagram indicator disparaging words LIBEL; SLANDER dispassionate COLD dispatch END; KILL; POST; REMIT; SEND; SLAY; anagram indicator dispatched KILLED; SENT; SLAIN; SLEW; omission indicator dispense ISSUE; METE dispense with BIN; CHUCK; DITCH; DROP; DUMP; WASTE; omission indicator dispensed anagram indicator dispersed SPREAD; anagram indicator dispersing anagram or nesting indicator dispirited BLUE; LOW dispiriting can indicate something to do with exorcism displace OUST displaced anagram indicator display AIR; HANG; POMP; SHOW; SPORT; STALL; STAND; 쐍 ARRAY; PARADE; TABLE; anagram indicator; run indicator; can imply a word beginning with BE followed by an appropriate adjective as “Display humour, producing requisite for retiring camper” 씮 BED ROLL (i.e. be droll) display, brilliant FLASH display, lavish RIOT display of data TABLE display of watches LED


display strong feeling EMOTE; RAGE; RANT display, vain POMP displayed AIRED; HUNG; anagram indicator displayed in nesting indicator displaying anagram indicator; nesting indicator displaying, some nesting indicator displeasure ANGER disport PLAY disposable anagram indicator disposal SALE; anagram indicator disposal, at one’s USABLE dispose of DROP; DUMP; EAT; SELL; 쐍 SETTLE disposed anagram indicator disposed, isn’t anagram of ISNT disposed of SOLD disposes of omission indicator disposing of anagram indicator disposition MOOD; TEMPER; 쐍 NATURE; PENCHANT; anagram indicator disposition, by anagram indicator disprove REFUTE dispute ISSUE; ROW; SPAR; SPAT; TIFF; WAR; WRANGLE; 쐍 BATTLE; BRAWL; DISCUSS disqualified OUT; omission indicator disquiet UNREST disregard FLOUT; MISS; OMIT; 쐍 IGNORE; omission indicator disreputable SEAMY; 쐍 GRUBBY disreputable person RIP disreputable newspaper RAG disrespectfully to, speak DIS disrobe BARE disrupt BREAK; SHATTER; SPOIL; anagram indicator disrupted TORN; anagram indicator disrupting anagram indicator disruption RUFFLE; anagram indicator disruptions anagram indicator disruptive anagram indicator dissatisfaction IRE

disturbed by

dissatisfaction, expression of BOO dissembling anagram indicator disseminate, disseminated SPREAD; anagram indicator disseminating, dissemination anagram indicator dissent DEMUR; anagram indicator dissenter REBEL dissenters, group of FACTION; SECT dissertation PAPER dissident anagram indicator dissipate WASTE; anagram indicator dissipates, dissipated, dissipating anagram indicator dissolute LOOSE; 쐍 RAKISH; anagram indicator dissolute fellow/type RAKE dissolving anagram indicator dissuade DETER distance CUBIT; GAP; METRE; MILE; STEP; 쐍 LEAGUE; see LENGTH, MEASURE distance apart GAP distance, at a/in the AFAR; AFIELD; BACK; FAR; REMOTE distance, long LEAGUE distance, short FOOT; FT; IN; INCH; YD distance, some YARDS distant AFAR; COLD; COOL; CHILLY; FAR; FARAWAY (i.e. far away); REMOTE; STRANGE distend STRETCH distilled, distilling anagram indicator distinct CLEAR distinction MARK; SIGN; 쐍 MERIT; RENOWN distinction, add GILD distinctive SPECIAL distinctive atmosphere AURA distinctive in style see STYLISH distinguished EMINENT; GREAT distinguishing feature CACHET

distort BUCKLE; COLOUR; MANGLE; TWIST; anagram indicator distort signal SCRAMBLE distorted BENT; anagram indicator distorting anagram indicator distortion BUCKLE; anagram indicator distractedly, distraction anagram indicator distraught DOWN; LOW; anagram indicator distress HARROW; IRK; PAIN; REND; 쐍 AGONY; ANGST; MISERY; RUTH; anagram indicator distress call SOS distress, exhibit/show CRY; SOB; WEEP distress, in anagram indicator distressed NEEDY; SORRY; anagram indicator; like other words of the root ‘distress’, can refer to having hair cut, hair restorer etc distressing BAD; TRAGIC; anagram indicator distribute ALLOT; DEAL; SHARE; SOW distributed anagram indicator distributes cards DEALS distributing anagram indicator distribution SHARE; 쐍 DELIVERY; anagram indicator distribution of papers ROUND distribution of power GRID district AREA; PATCH District Commissioner DC distrustful WARY disturb MOVE; RATTLE; ROCK; SHAKE; STIR; anagram indicator disturbance RIOT; ROUT; 쐍 DUST; RACKET; RUCTION; UNREST; UPSET; anagram indicator disturbances anagram indicator disturbed MOVED; SHAKEN; anagram indicator disturbed by the word that follows to be nested



disturbing anagram or nesting indicator disunited anagram indicator disunited by nesting indicator ditch DROP; DUMP; DYKE; MOAT; SCRAP; TRENCH ditched partner EX dither HOVER; WAVER dithering anagram indicator ditty SONG diva MELBA divan COUCH dive DEN; DUMP; FALL; JOINT; PIKE; PLUNGE SINK; STOOP dive in ENTER diver PEARLER; SCUBA; can indicate something to do with a diving bird e.g. grebe diverge SPLIT diverging anagram indicator diverging from centre RADIAL divers VARIOUS diversified, diversifying anagram indicator diversion ANTIC; GAME; PLOY; SPORT; TRICK; 쐍 DETOUR; anagram indicator diversion, active SPORT diversionary ROUNDABOUT divert AMUSE; TICKLE; anagram indicator diverted AMUSED; anagram indicator Dives Latin for rich man, so can indicate something to do with the legendary rich e.g. Midas, Croesus; 쐍 PLUTOCRAT divide CLEAVE; CUT; FORK; PART; REND; SHARE; SPLIT divided APART; RENT; SPLIT; TORN divided about/by the word that follows to be nested divider RULER divine ANGEL; DD; HOLY; SACRED; see CRYSTALGAZING, PRACTISE divine being GOD (qv) divine location, in a component to be nested within RR divine messenger ANGEL


divine revelation ORACLE diving attempt HEADER divinity GOD; see GOD, GODDESS divinity graduate BD divinity lesson RE divisible by two EVEN division ARM; CLASS; CLEFT; SECTION; SPLIT; RENT division in church AISLE divorce PART(ING); SPLIT divorce, centre of RENO divorce, one involved in EX divorced APART divorcee EX; can indicate something to do with Henry VIII Dixie SOUTH DIY AUTO dizzy GIDDY; LIGHT; anagram indicator DNA, some GENE do ACT; APE; BASH; CHEAT; CON; COPY; FARE; PARTY; SLAY; STUDY; SUIT; TRICK; TURN; 쐍 DIDDLE; EXECUTE; FUNCTION; SERVE; TWIST; can signify a specific kind of party as “Do in” 씮 AT-HOME do at first D do away with ANNUL; ERASE; KILL (qv) do badly BOTCH do battle FIGHT; WAR do better BEAT; CAP; TOP do business DEAL; TRADE do good DOG (i.e. do-G) do not DONT do not give away KEEP (qv) do something ACT do well WIN; 쐍 PROSPECT; SUCCEED; THRIVE do what you’re told OBEY do with, to ON do without FAST; MISS; SKIP do wrong ERR; SIN do you have HAST docile TAME dock BERTH; CLIP; CUT; DETAIL (i.e. de-tail); LAND; LOP; PEN; PORT; MOOR; STOP (i.e. from pay); TAIL;


TRIM; WEED; 쐍 BASIN; HARBOUR; MARINA; SORREL; last letter to be omitted docked CUT; last letter to be omitted docket CHIT doctor ALTER; D; DD; DOC; DR; FAKE; FIX; GP; INTERN; MB; MD; MO; PHD; RIG; TEND; TREAT; VET; WHO; 쐍 GALEN; FALSIFY; FIDDLE; HEALER; TITLE; anagram indicator; can indicate something to do with a renowned literary or fictional doctor e.g. Jekyll, Doolittle, Who, Strangelove Dr Arnold HEAD doctor, evil NO Dr No MONO (i.e. MO-no) doctor’s charge CASE; PATIENT doctor’s time MOST (i.e. MO’s T) Dr Zhivago’s lover LARA doctors’army RAMC doctored anagram indicator doctoring SPIN doctrine ISM docudrama FACTION document DEED; FORM; MS; PAPER; LIST; RECORD; SCREED; SLIP; TICKET; VISA; WILL; WRIT; 쐍 DIPLOMA (usually to make diplomat); REPORT documents MSS dodder REEL; TOTTER dodderers anagram indicator doddery AGED; OLD; anagram indicator dodge AVOID; DUCK; ELUDE; EVADE; PLOY; RUSE; SCAM; SHIFT; TRICK; 쐍 RACKET dodging anagram indicator dodgy ICKY; IFFY; anagram indicator Dodie SMITH does ACTS; CHEATS; DEER; can indicate something to do with rabbits does (old, Shakespearian) DOTH

does wrong ERRS; SINS; anagram of DOES doesn’t start first letter to be omitted dog BASSET; BEAGLE; BITCH; BITER; CANIS; CHOW; CUR; FOLLOW; HOUND; HUSKY; LAB; MUTT; PET; POM; POODLE; PUG; PUP; SETTER; STRAY; TAG; TAIL; TRACK; TRAIL; 쐍 BARKER; BOW-WOW; BOXER; CAIRN; COCKER; COLLIE; DINGO; POINTER; POOCH; SHADOW; SPRINGER; YAPPER; can indicate a dog’s name, popular examples being Fido, Lassie, Pluto, Rex, Rover, Spot; in the sense of “follow” can mean that one component is to follow another dog, flea-ridden CUR dog, hunting SETTER dog, little D; PUP dog’s name FIDO dog, oriental CHOW dog, playful (cinematic, screen) PLUTO dog, say PEAK; TALE dog, wild DINGO dog-wood CORNEL dogfish NURSE dogs, going to the anagram indicator doing ACTION; 쐍 PLAN; WILL doing badly anagram of DOING doing one’s own repairs DIY doing time INSIDE dole GIRO; METE; RATION; UB dole money UB dole out ALLOT; anagram indicator doleful MOODY; SAD doll MODEL dollar BUCK; S dollar, a ACCENTS (i.e. a hundred cents – A+C+CENTS – where C denotes a hundred) dollars, lots of G dollop LUMP dolly SITTER dolphins SCHOOL dolt FOOL (qv); GIT; OAF



domain FIELD; REALM dome CROWN domestic DAILY; HOME; MAID; 쐍 INTERNAL; PRIVATE; see SERVANT domestic animal CAT; DOG; PET domestic appliance AIRER; IRON domestic area HEARTH domestic scene NEST domesticate TAME domesticated PET; TAME dome can indicate something to do with the top of the head dominant CHIEF; MAIN; SOL (mus.) domination REIGN dominate BOSS; RIDE domineering BOSSY dominion CONTROL Domino* FATS don DRESS; FELLOW; SENOR; WEAR; 쐍 ASSUME Don see DON QUIXOTE Don Quixote can indicate something to do with windmills, tilting, Sancho Panza, etc; can indicate the use of a Spanish word, as “Don Quixote’s goodbye” 씮 ADIOS don’t agree OBJECT don’t eat FAST don’t ever NEVER don’t follow LEAD don’t give up GOON (i.e. go on) don’t go REMAIN don’t keep ROT don’t let on SH don’t lose WIN don’t take LEAVE don’t take anything FAST donation GIFT; GRANT; PRESENT donation, made GAVE donation, make GIVE donations ALMS; GIFTS done OVER; UP; 쐍 AGREED; TRICKED done damage to anagram of DONE to be added to the end of a component (for example to


complete a verb in the past tense, as “sport done damage to” 씮 PLAYED ON) done, not RAW done wrong ERRED; SINNED; anagram of DONE donjon KEEP donkey ASS; FOOL; JENNY; MOKE donkey’s cry BRAY donor GIVER dons can indicate something to do with Spaniards, e.g. armada or some other aspect of Spanish history; can indicate a Spanish word don’t go STAY doodah, all of a anagram indicator doom DEATH; FATE; RUIN doomed FATED door ENTRY; EXIT; GATE; HATCH; 쐍 ACCESS; POSTERN door fastening LATCH; LOCK door, part of HINGE; JAMB doorkeeper see DOORMAN doorman BOUNCER; USHER doorpost JAMB doors ENTRIES doorway PORTAL; see DOOR doorway, part of JAMB dope ASS; CLOT; DRUG(S); GEN; GRASS; INFO; POT; SAP; TWIT; WEED; 쐍 TWERP dope-taking a synonym such as GEN to be nested – see DOPE dope-usage anagram of DOPE dopey anagram indicator; see FOOLISH dormant SLEEPING Dorothy DOT; 쐍 DOLLY dorsal BACK Dorset town POOLE dosage PILL dose TREAT dose of medicine TONIC dosh see MONEY doss SLEEP dosser TRAMP dossier FILE Dostoevsky (Dostoyevsky) can indicate something to do with


IDIOT, CRIME, PUNISHMENT etc dot POINT; SPECK; SPOT; 쐍 MARK; STIPPLE dote on PET; 쐍 ADORE dotty anagram indicator double BI; DRINK; DUAL; FETCH (naut.); MATCH; SPIT; TWIN; TWICE; TWO; 쐍 BID (i.e. in bridge); COUPLE; DUPLE; FETCH; RING (i.e. darts); RINGER; can indicate that a letter or component should be repeated double barrelled can indicate something to do with a hyphen double bend S; Z double definition clue a type of clue which is restricted to two definitions of the solution. Example: “Sit on youngsters” (5) 씮 BROOD double-duty some words in a clue have two functions. For example in “Direly enraged” (7), “enraged” is the material for an anagram as indicated by “direly” and is also the synonym for the answer angered. Similarly in “Where fires start raging in exits” (ans: GRATES) “start” is part of the clue’s definition (“Where fires start”) and also an initial letter indicator requiring R (i.e. start of “raging”); similarly in “The odd grants may be increased by a quarter”, the word “odd” serves as an anagram indicator of “grants” and also as the definition of the clue for which the answer is STRANGE double first AA; II 007 (Double-o-seven)* AGENT double up CREASE doubled can indicate double letters doubled capital can indicate that where L is the initial letter, it is to be replaced by C; similarly M to replace D doubles can signal the repetition of an element doublet can indicate double letters

doubt BUT; QUESTION; 쐍 QUERY doubt, leave no ENSURE doubt, little ER; UM doubt, no CERTAIN; SURE doubter SCEPTIC doubtful IFFY; MIGHT; MOOT; 쐍 UNCLEAR; anagram indicator doubtless CERTAIN; SURE; SURELY dough PASTA; PASTE; can indicate something to do with money e.g. CASH, BREAD, TENDER Douglas can indicate something to do with the Isle of Man e.g. Manx, tailless cat dour GRIM douse PLUNGE Dover* PORT dowdy DRAB dowel PEG down BELOW; BLUE; D; DRINK; FELL; FLAT; HILL; LOW; LOWER; NAP; OFF; OVER; OWING; PEAKY; SAD; SINK; UNDER; 쐍 DEEP; FEATHER(S); SWALLOW; WOLD; anagram indicator; when used with a verb can indicate a word-combination or phrase incorporating LESS (e.g. “cut down” 씮 DO LESS) down-and-out TRAMP down, bring TRIP down, cast LOWER down, go DIP; DROP down-to-earth FALLEN; GROUNDED; REAL down tools STRIKE down with French ABAS (i.e. a bas) downed in omission indicator downed tools, having OUT downfall DESCENT; DROP; RAIN; RUIN; anagram indicator downgrade DEMOTE downpour RAIN; STORM downright SHEER downsized last letter to be omitted downstairs BELOW downtown in a Down clue, can indicate either the reversal of a



word meaning town etc (e.g. YTIC) or the reversal of a specific town/city as “downtown Los Angeles” 씮 AL dowry DOT doze NAP dozen DOZ drab DINGY; DOUR; DOWDY; DULL; 쐍 TROLLOP; see DREARY drab surroundings, in a component to be nested within DOUR Dracula COUNT draft BILL; MS; PLAN; ROUGH; SKETCH drag DRAW; HALE; HAUL; HEAVE; LINGER; LUG; PUFF; PULL; TOTE; TOW; TRAIL; can indicate something to do with smoking drag a leg LIMP drag with force HALE dragged into nesting indicator dragon MONSTER drain DRY; EMPTY; SEWER; SPEND; SUCK; TAX; TIRE drain off STRAIN drainage scheme DITCH drained ALLIN (i.e. all in); DRY drake FLY Drake BOWLER dram NIP; TOT drama FUSS; PLAY; NO; NOH; 쐍 OPERA dramatic piece SCENE dramatic, something OPERA; PLAY dramatically anagram indicator dramatis personae CAST dramatist GAY; PINTER; SHAW; WILDE; YEATS; see PLAYWRIGHT draped anagram indicator drapery CURTAINS drastically anagram indicator drat BOTHER; DAMN draught SLUG; SWIG; TOT; WIND; can indicate something to do with a draught animal e.g. DRAY; 쐍 MAN (i.e. in board game); can indicate something to


do with beer as ‘draughtsman’ might clue TAPSTER draught, given a AIRED draught, take a HUFF draughthorse DRAY; PUNCH; SHIRE draughtsman DRAWER draw DRAG; ENGAGE; EVEN; LURE; PULL; SKETCH; STRETCH; TAKE; TAP; TIE; TOW; TRAIL; 쐍 ATTRACT; DOODLE; ELICIT; STALEMATE; can indicate something to do with a cigarette, smoking etc; [쒁 BEAD; MATCH] draw attention STRESS draw liquid TAP draw out anagram of DRAW; 쐍 EXTEND draw up FRAME; WARD drawback SNAG (qv); reverse indicator; especially it can indicate that “draw” itself should be reversed (to get WARD) or a synonym such as “tie” (to get EIT); see DISADVANTAGE drawer PULLER; TILL; TOWER; can indicate artist, pencil etc drawer, cash TILL drawer, top U (i.e. social status) drawers SHORTS; can indicate something to do with western gunfighters; can indicate an item of furniture with drawers e.g. TALLBOY drawing MAP; SKETCH; TOWING; 쐍 TRACTION; see ATTRACTIVE, DRAW drawing in TYING drawing instrument RULER drawing, one good at can signify a draught animal, shire horse etc drawl SPEAK drawn PINCHED drawn up reversal indicator, so “is drawn up” 씮 SI, “was drawn up” 씮 SAW etc dray CART dread AWE; FEAR; TERROR dreaded FEARED dreadful BAD; DIRE; 쐍 AWFUL; SHOCKING; anagram indicator

drink fast

dreadful (American) BUM dreadful feeling ANGST dreadful people SCUM dreadful, person PILL dreadful time HELL dreadfully anagram indicator dream FANCY; IDEAL; TRANCE; WISH dreamer BOTTOM (from ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’) Dreamland NOD dreamy MISTY drear(y) BLEAK; DRAB; DULL dreary experience DRAG dredged up reversal indicator dregs LEES; 쐍 GROUNDS dress COVER; DECK; DON; FIG; FROCK; GARB; GEAR; GOWN; GROOM; HABIT; LINE; ORDER; RIG; ROBE; SACK; SARI; SHIFT; SKIRT; SMOCK; SUIT; TOG; WEAR; 쐍 ALIGN; CLOTHE; GARNISH; LIVERY; anagram indicator dress, close fitting SHEATH dress down BRAG; NOD; SCOLD; 쐍 BERATE; PREEN dress, exotic SARI dress fussily PRIMP dress, mean RAG dress, short MINI; or it can indicate that the last letter of a synonym is to be omitted, hence FROC, SKIR etc dress up BRAG (i.e. garb reversed); DECK dressed CLAD; DECENT; ROBED; anagram indicator dressed, badly RAGGED dressed up anagram indicator dressing LINT; SALVE; 쐍 GAUZE; PLASTER; ROBING; SAUCE; TOPPING; anagram indicator dressy SMART drew TIED; TOWED dribble SLAVER dried AIRED; ARID dried flower TEASEL dried fruit RAISIN dried grass HAY



drink fit for the gods

drink fit for the gods NECTAR drink frequently TOPE drink, fruit SQUASH drink, give SERVE; WINE drink in Japan SAKE drink, large DOUBLE drink large amount SWILL drink, little D; DRAM; DROP; HALF; NIP; PEG; SHORT; TOT drink, make BREW drink, make a warming MULL drink milk SUCKLE drink, mixed SHRUB drink, needing a DRY drink, quick SWIG drink reportedly AIL; BIER; BROO; SEE; SIDER; WHINE; 쐍 LICKER; MANE see REPORTEDLY drink, small SIP drink, soft POP drink, source of GRAPE drink, spiced PUNCH drink, stiff TREBLE drink to celebrate WET drink up in a DC, a synonym for “drink” (qv) to be reversed, hence GORG, NIG etc drinker SOT; TOPER; see DRUNKARD drinking POTATION; nesting indicator drinking, avoiding/not DRY; TT drinking bout BENDER; BINGE drinking den BAR drinking establishment, place etc BAR; PUB, INN drinking, fit for POTABLE drinks for everyone ROUND drinking session BENDER; BINGE; BOUT drinks LAPS; ROUND; see DRINK drinks, lots of ROUND; see DRINK drinks order ROUND drip BORE; FALL; GIT; LEAK; WIMP; 쐍 TRICKLE dripping FAT drips, lots of SPLASH


drive DR; EGG; GO; IMPEL; FORCE; LUST; PUSH; RAM; RUN; SPUR; STEER; TRIP; SPIN; URGE; 쐍 AVENUE; MOTOR; THRUST; [쒁 TEST] drive a point home NAIL drive aimlessly TOOTLE drive away/out CHASE; OUST ROUT; SHOO drive back REPEL drive down hard RAM drive off REPEL; ROUT; SHOO; 쐍 ESTRANGE; REPULSE drive off, we hear SHOE drive out OUST drive, prepared to FEED drive through TOUR drivel PAP; ROT driver CLUB; ENGINE; HERD (as in shepherd); MOTOR; WOOD; 쐍 TEAMSTER driver, demon TOAD (character in “Wind in the Willows”) driver, inexperienced L driver, place for DICKY driver’s can indicate something to do with golf as “driver’s place” 씮 TEE drivers AA; RAC drivers, new LL driving competition RALLY driving, help for person TEE driving, no condition for FOG drizzle RAIN droit CLAIM; RIGHT droll FUNNY; MERRY; WITTY; WRY drone HUM; IDLER drool GUSH; SLAVER droop FALL; FLAG; FLOP; HANG; SAG; TIRE; WILT; 쐍 DECLINE drooping LIMP drop BEAD; BIT; DIP; DRAM; DUMP; FALL; HANG; JUNK; LOSE; LOWER; OMIT; POUR; RAIN; SAG; SCRAP; SHED; SLIP; SLUMP; SPOT; TASTE; TEAR; TOT; 쐍 DECLINE; REJECT (qv); omission indicator; can signify an animal giving birth as “Drop a little lower” 씮

dry land

CALVE; can indicate something to do with a parachute drop; [쒁 GUM] drop a line ANGLE; FISH; WRITE drop behind LAG drop, little CC drop of first letter indicator, as “drop of water” 씮 W drop off KIP; NAP; NOD; SLEEP dropout PROD (i.e. anag.) dropped FELL; SHED; anagram indicator; omission indicator dropping in CALLING; IN to be omitted; nesting indicator drops SPRAY drops suspended can refer to icicle or stalactite dross SCUM; SLACK; 쐍 REFUSE drove CROWD; FLOCK; HERD; HOST; SENT drove noisily ROAD (i.e. sound-a-like for RODE) drover HUGH (opera) drown DIE; KILL; 쐍 DELUGE; DRENCH drowned valley RIA drowsy, be NOD drub BEAT drubbing DEFEAT drudge DEVIL; HACK; SERF; SLAVE; TOIL; TOILER; can indicate something to do with Dr Johnson drudgery SWEAT; see TEDIOUS TASK drug ACID; COKE; CRACK; CURE; DOPE; DOWNER; E; GRASS; H; HEMP; HORSE; POT; SMACK; SPEED; UPPER; WEED; 쐍 BANG; OPIATE; OPIUM; POPPER; SPLIFF; STEROID drug-abuse anagram of DRUG drug addict FIEND; JUNKIE; USER; see DRUG TAKER; [쒁 TRIP] drug agent NARC drug dealer PUSHER drug dose SHOT; SPLIFF drug, hard CRACK drug, having taken UP

drug injection E to be nested drug, instance of E; see DRUG drug-pusher DEALER drug repeatedly, inject EE to be nested within component(s) drug session TRIP drug, soft POT drug taker TRIPPER; USER; 쐍 JUNKIE drug supplier DEALER; PUSHER drugged STONED drugs DOPE; see DRUG drugs agent NARC drugs, amount of DOSE; SHOT drugs, on HIGH drugs, take USE drugs, taking USING drugs, use of TRIP drum BEAT; MASS; TAP; TUB; 쐍 NAKER; TABLA; [쒁 ROLL; STICK] drummer’s performance ROLL drunk BLIND; CUT; GONE; HAPPY; HIGH; LIT; LUSH; MERRY; OILED; RIPE; SOAK; SOT; STONED; TIGHT; TOPER; 쐍 BLOTTO; BOTTLED; CANNED; FULL; LOADED; PICKLED; PLASTERED; ROLLING; SMASHED; SOAKED; SODDEN; SOUSED; SOZZLED; SQUIFFY; STEWED; STINKO; TIDDLY; WINO; anagram indicator; can indicate that a word is slurred drunk up in a DC, a synonym for “drunk” (qv) to be reversed, e.g. TOS, TUC etc drunkard BINGER; BOOZER; LUSH; SOAK; SOT; SOUSE; TOPER; 쐍 DIPSO drunken see DRUNK drunken state, in a see DRUNK dry AIR; ARID; BARREN; BORING; BRUT; SEC; SERE; THIRSTY; TT; can indicate something to de with being “on the wagon” dry, become PARCH dry land BANK; SHORE


dry off

dry off DRAIN dry surroundings, in a component to be nested within TT dry up FAIL; WITHER dryer see DRIER dual DOUBLE; can indicate that a component is to be repeated, or two components of similar meaning are to be used, probably consecutively dub NAME dubious FISHY; IFFY; 쐍 UNCLEAR; anagram indicator dubious shape, in BLUR dubiously anagram indicator duchess MALFI duck AVOID; BOB; DEAR; DIP; DODGE; DRAKE; ELUDE; FABRIC; LOVE; O; NIL; TEAL; TERN; ZERO; 쐍 EIDER; EVADE; SCAUP (bird); SCOTER; SMEE; WIGEON; [쒁 DOWN] ducking-stool [쒁 WITCH] ducks OO; OS duct CHANNEL; FLUE; PIPE; TUBE; 쐍 CHANNEL; dud BOMB; see FAILURE dude CAT; DANDY; FOP; TOFF Dudley LEICESTER duds can indicate something to do with clothes due FIT; FOR; OWED; OWING; 쐍 COMING; DESERT; EXACT; FITTING; PROPER due course TIME due to be recited ODE due, when one is ETA duel FIGHT duet SONG; [쒁 TWO; PAIR] duff FAKE; PUDDING; anagram indicator dug DELVED; MINED; TEAT dug up UNEARTHED; anagram indicator duke D; FIST Duke of Milan PROSPERO dull BLAND; DEAD; DENSE; DREAR; DRAB; DRY; FLAT; GREY; LAME; MAT; MATT; SLOW; TAME; THICK; TRITE; 쐍 BANAL; BLEAR; BLUNT;


BORING; DINGY; DREARY; STUFFY dull American GRAY dull appearance MAT; MATT dull brown DUN dull for American GRAY dull, go TARNISH dull, grow FADE dull person PUDDING dull report CRUMP dull speaker BORE dull speech PROSE dull writing PROSE; [쒁 HACK] dullard DUNCE dumb MUTE; THICK dumb show MIME dumbfound STUN dumbstruck AWED dummy CLOT; MODEL; SAMPLE; SHAM; 쐍 COMFORTER; SUCKER; can refer to an exposed hand at cards, and so something to do with laying one’s cards on the table dump CHUCK; DROP; REJECT; TIP dump in, dumped in nesting indicator dumped SHED; see DUMP; omission indicator dumping omission indicator dumpster SKIP dumpy SQUAT dun DEMAND; HORSE dunce ASS Dundee CAKE dunderhead ASS; D; DOLT dune SAND dunk DIP dunking nesting indicator duo BRACE; PAIR; TWO dupe CHEAT; GULL; PAWN; STING; 쐍 FOOL (qv); SUCKER duplicate COPY duplication can call for a letter or component to be repeated, as “a second duplication” 씮 ASS duplicity CHEATING; LYING; TREASON; see SCAM; also note the compiler may be invoking the word’s archaic meaning

early hours, into the

of “state of being double” as in the example “Craft necessarily entailing duplicity” to clue CATAMARAN duration of, for the OVER duress FORCE Durham COW during IN; ON; OVER; WHILE; WHILST; nesting indicator during French EN during the course of nesting indicator; see DURING dusk, after NIGHT dusky UMBER dust ASH; CLEAN; DIRT dust-free STUD dust-up STUD (i.e. anag.) duster FLAG dustman can indicate something to do with Doolittle, the character in “My Fair Lady” Dutch D; DU; WIFE; 쐍 MISSUS Dutch coast HOOK duty CHARGE; FEE; OFFICE; TAX; TOLL; ROLE; SHIFT; 쐍 EXCISE; JOB; ONUS; can indicate something to do with Customs and Excise duty list ROTA duty to pay, have a OWE duty, without FREE duvet QUILT dwarf DOC; HAPPY; LITTLE; SLEEPY; SMALL; STAR; STUNT; TROLL dwell ABIDE; LIVE; LODGE; RESIDE; STAY dwelling ABODE; FLAT; HOME; HOUSE; SEMI; TENT; 쐍 CABIN; SHANTY dwelling, crude SHACK dwelling, one-roomed CELL dwelling, small COT; HO dye COLOUR; STAIN; TINT; 쐍 HENNA; INDIGO; WOAD dying, be END dyke DITCH; WALL dyke-builder OFFA dynamic DRIVING dynamism GO dynamite HE; TNT

dynasty HAN; HOUSE; KING; see HOUSE dynamite HE dysprosium DY

Ee e-mails, unsolicited/unwanted SPAM each APIECE; EA; EVERY; ONE; PER ’eadgear AT (i.e. ’at) eager AGOG; AVID; FAIN; HOT; KEEN; PANTING eagle ERNE eagre BORE ear INTEREST; LUG ear, by homophone indicator ear hairs TRAGI ear, in one’s homophone indicator ear, of the/to do with the OTIC ear, on the homophone indicator ear, part of DRUM; LOBE ear-piece MUFF earl E; PEER earlier AGO; BACK; PRE; PRIOR; preceding indicator earliest can refer to the early years of a user (see EARLY) for example where “earliest form of transport” calls for PRAM early AM; RATHE (from A.S.); consider the word ‘early’ carefully even when it is used in what appears to be its ordinary sense, for instance “early transport” may call to mind penny-farthings etc but it may be referring to the early years of its users e.g. pram, push-chair, “early costume” can refer to playsuit and so on; similarly an “early bird” can refer to a flying creature from the dinosaur age early bird LARK early hours, into the LATE


early in the morning

early in the morning IAM (i.e. one a.m.) early light DAWN early part of day AM; MORN early piece PRELUDE early stage ACTI (i.e. Act 1); PARTI (i.e. Part 1) early stage of competition HEAT early, very IAM (i.e. one a.m.) earn GET; MAKE; MERIT; NET; PULL; WIND; 쐍 DESERVE; GAIN; WORK earned MADE earner PRO earnest GRAVE; INTEREST; PLEDGE earnest, in DEVOUT earnings INCOME; INTEREST; PAY; WAGE ears, all can indicate something to do with attending, listening etc ears, by the homophone indicator ears, of the OTIC ears, on the homophone indicator earshot homophone indicator earth CLAY; DEN; DIRT; DUST; EA; HOLE; LAIR; LAND; SOD; SOIL; TERRA; 쐍 GLOBE; GROUND; PLANET; SETT; WORLD earth, foot of SPIT earth, piece of CLOD; PLOT; SOD; 쐍 DIVOT] earth’s crust SIMA earth, sticky CLAY; MUD earth, wet MUD earthenware POTTERY earthwork DYKE earthwork builder OFFA earthy COARSE; CRUDE; LUSTY earthy pigment UMBER ease FREE; RELENT; REST; sounding like E’s this word can, with a homophone indicator, call for EE ease, it’s said EE easel FRAME; STAND easily anagram indicator easily carried PORTABLE


easily led/manipulated/persuaded PLIANT easily remembered CATCHY east E; can indicate a component is to be used reading from right to left (i.e. east to west) East Anglia, town in DISS East Anglian BROADS East End D; T; can also indicate that the initial H should be omitted from a word, or the final G from an -ing word (i.e. supposed East Ender’s pronunciation) East European SLAV; CROAT east, from the reversal indicator, as “American marksman watched a man from the east” 씮 DEADEYE (i.e. EYED-A-ED reversed) East German OST East London DON east of can indicate that the last letter of the ensuing word is to be used east of France EST East, out E to be omitted East Standard Time EST east to west reversal indicator Eastcheap can refer to a Shakespearean character associated with the area e.g. PISTOL Eastender T (i.e. end of ‘east’) Eastenders in the supposed manner of the speech of East End Londoners can denote the dropping of H, or that TH is to become F; Easter PASCH; [쒁 EGG; PASSION] Easter, first Sunday after LOW Easter, seventh Sunday after WHIT Easter, some time before LENT eastern, Eastern E eastern game GO eastern half of can indicate that the last half of the ensuing word is to be used eastern representative EMP eastern state can refer to an eastern state of the U.S. (e.g. VA) as well as an eastern country

edge, sharp

Eastwood CLINT easy LIGHT; LOOSE; PAT; SIMPLE; 쐍 COMFY Easy capitalized in this way, can refer to the eponymous hero of Marryat’s novel, hence midshipman, reefer etc easy catch SITTER easy pace AMBLE easy piece* CAKE easy shot/target SITTER easy, take it IDLE; LOAF; REST easy task CINCH easy thing PIE easy victory ROMP easy-going PLACID easy task CINCH; DODDLE easy to raise LIGHT eat BITE; DINE; ETCH; FEAST; FEED; GOBBLE; GORGE; GRAZE; SUP; TASTE; 쐍 CHAMP; CONSUME; INGEST; SWALLOW; TAKE; nesting indicator; [쒁 MESS] eat, a little to BITE eat a lot PIG; see EAT GREEDILY eat away ERODE eat daintily PECK eat grain PECK eat greedily/ravenously CRAM; GORGE; SCOFF; WOLF eat hurriedly BOLT eat lavishly FEAST eat leaves GRAZE eat noisily CHAMP eat out ETCH eat quickly BOLT eat ravenously PIG eat sparingly PECK eat too much GORGE eatables FOOD; see FOOD ’eated OT (i.e. ’ot) eaten DINED; ROTTED; ROTTEN eater APPLE; BITER; DINER eating FEAST eating-house CAFE; CAFF eating out ETCHING eating-place MESS eats FOOD; GRUB; TUCK; see EAT, FOOD; nesting indicator

eats late SUPPER ebb DECLINE; FALL; FLOW; RUN; see DECLINE ebbing reversal indicator ebullient HEARTY eccentric CAM (eng.); CAMP; CARD; CASE; CRANK; NUT; ODD; RUM; anagram indicator; 쐍 DOTTY; CHARACTER; OUTRE; WEIRDO eccentric Oxford don can signify a spoonerism (after The Rev. Spooner, see Introduction) eccentricity anagram indicator ecclesiastic DD ecclesiastical garment HABIT; 쐍 CASSOCK echelon LEVEL echo APE eco-friendly GREEN ecological GREEN ecologically correct GREEN economic development, place of rapid TIGER economical, be see ECONOMISE economies CUTS economies, make SAVE economise SCRIMP; 쐍 RETRENCH; SKIMP economise, feel keen to MISER economist BRIGHT; MILL; SAVER; 쐍 KEYNES economy CUT; THRIFT economy-minded TIGHT economy of truth LIE ecstasy BLISS; E ecstasy, form of TRANCE ecstatic HIGH; SENT; anagram indicator eddy RIP; 쐍 CURRENT Eden GARDEN edge BITE; BLADE; BRIM; BRINK; END; HEM; INCH; LIMIT; LINE; LIP; MARGIN; RIM; SIDE; VERGE; 쐍 FRINGE; KERB; RIDGE; first or last letter indicator edge, give HONE edge, put on HONE edge, rounded NOSING edge, sharp BLADE



edged nesting indicator edges first and last letters indicator edges of first and last letters indicator; note it may be necessary to insert the implied AND as “edges of high” 씮 H AND H = HANDH (on the way to building up HANDHOLD for instance) edging nesting indicator edgy JUMPY; TENSE edict BULL; ORDER Edinburgh Festival/audiences FRINGE edit CHECK; EMEND; REVISE; anagram indicator edited/editing anagram indicator edition BOOK; ED; ISSUE; PRINT; 쐍 COPY; NUMBER; VERSION; anagram indicator edition, special EXTRA editor ED; can indicate something to do with LEADER editor, lowly SUB editorial LINE editorial assistant SUB editorial work, do EMEND; ISED (i.e. is Ed); SUB educate SCHOOL; TEACH; TRAIN educated ED; TAUGHT; TRAINED; 쐍 LITERATE educated man DON; see GRADUATE educated people LITERATI education CLASS; ED; LEARNING; TRAINING education, person of BA educational establishment LSE; POLY; see COLLEGE, SCHOOL, UNIVERSITY educational publication TES educationalist, trained BED Edward ED; NED; TED Edward, King SPUD EE with a homophone indicator can call for EASE eerie WEIRD efface DELE effect CAUSE; END; TONE; 쐍 ENGINEER; IMPACT; anagram indicator effect, general TONE


effect, had an BIT effect, lasting SCAR effecting can indicate that the definition immediately follows effective NEAT; NET; NETT; TELLING; 쐍 ACTIVE effective, are/be BITE; COUNT effective, not LAME; see INEPT effective, more BETTER effective, was/were BIT effectively, acted BIT effectual SOUND effeminate man CISSY effeminate type PONCE effervescent anagram indicator efficient GOOD; 쐍 CLEAN effigy BUST effort PUSH; STRAIN; TRY; 쐍 DINT; TROUBLE; [쒁 HERCULEAN] effort, make STRAIN effort, one making TRIER effort, requiring HARD efforts TRIES effrontery FACE; see NERVE effuse GUSH effusive type GUSHER ’efty UGE (i.e. ’uge) Egad!* OATH egg DUCK; NIT; O; POKE; PROD; SPUR; URGE; 쐍 BOMB; CHEER; GOAD; PRESS; [쒁 CUP; LAYER; TIMER] egg collection CLUTCH egg-farm BATTERY egg-flip NOG egg-head BRAIN(S); E egg on PRESS; URGE egg-part SHELL; WHITE; YOLK egg-producer HEN; LAYER egg-shaped OVOID egg, size of an GLAIR (i.e. viscous substance) eggs OVA; ROE; SPAT; SPAWN; 쐍 CLUTCH eggs, produce LAY ego I egotist can indicate a word beginning with SELF egotistical can indicate some construction involving I or ME


Egypt ET Egypt once UAR Egyptian COPT Egyptian god RA; 쐍 HORUS Egyptian river NILE Egyptologist CARTER eider DUCK eight CREW; CUBE eight German ACHT eight, group of CREW; OCTET eight, one over the COX eight pints GALLON eight short OCT eighteen holes ROUND eighteen, under MINOR Eisenhower IKE; 쐍 DWIGHT either way can indicate the answer is a palindrome (see Introduction) eject BOUNCE; OUST; OUT ejected OUT eke out RATION elaborate RICH; anagram indicator elaborate, not PLAIN elaborating anagram indicator élan DASH; GRACE elapse PASS elastic YIELDING elasticity GIVE elate CHEER; DELIGHT; PLEASE elation LIFT; 쐍 JOY; DELIGHT elbow NUDGE elder SENIOR; TREE elderly AGED; OLD elderly relative GRAN elder, group of* WOOD Eleanor ELLIE elect OPT; PICK; VOTE elected IN election POLL; VOTE; 쐍 BALLOT; OPTING; OPTION; [쒁 PRIMARY] electoral division WARD electoral process VOTE electoral system PR electric SHOCKING; anagram indicator electric current AC; DC; I electric tool DRILL electric wire ELEMENT

electrical device BULB; FADER; FUSE; LAMP; LIGHT; PLUG; SWITCH electrical fault SHORT electrically dangerous LIVE electrician GAFFER; SPARKS electricity AC; DC; HYDRO; JUICE; MAINS; POWER electricity, break in OUTAGE electricity, discharge ARC electricity supply see ELECTRICITY electrified LIVE electrify CHARGE electrode ANODE electronic communication IT electronic component CHIP electronic device BUG; CHIP; MODEM; TIMER electronic point of sale EPOS electronic tracking device TAG electroplated EP elegance CHIC; FLAIR; GRACE; STYLE elegant CHIC; SMART; SPRUCE elegant, make REFINE elegy DIRGE; LAMENT element ARGON; AS; FIRE; IRON; LEAD; NEON; PART; RADON; RESPECT; TIN; U; 쐍 FACTOR; SPHERE; WATER; when a chemical element is specified, it usually calls for the use of the technical symbol for the element, AS for arsenic etc [쒁 PERIODIC; TABLE] element, noble ARGON elemental SPIRIT elementary BASIC; PRIME; can indicate a chemical element; or something to do with the weather elementary work PRIMER elephant DUMBO; JUMBO elevate RAISE elevated HIGH; UP; reversal indicator, as “elevated knight” 씮 RIS elevated, not very LOW elevated, was ROSE elevation HILL; LIFT; MOUNT; reversal indicator; 쐍 UPLIFT


elevation, in

elevation, in reversal indicator eleven II; SIDE; TEAM; XI; 쐍 ONE BY ONE eleven abroad XI eleven, before TEN eleven, first K (i.e. position in the alphabet) eleventh hour LATE elf FAIRY; TROLL; 쐍 PIXIE elfin SMALL elicit DRAW; EXTRACT elide CUT; OMIT eliminate END; ERASE; OMIT; SCRATCH eliminating omission indicator elite BEST; CREAM; PICK; SAS; SELECT; TOP elite body of troops SAS Elizabeth BET; BETTY; ER; LIZ elk MOOSE elliptical OVAL; OVOID; anagram indicator elocution DICTION elope BOLT elsewhere GONE; OFF; OUT; anagram indicator elude AVOID; ESCAPE elusive anagram indicator emanate ISSUE; SPREAD embankment DAM; DYKE embargo BAN; BLACK; BLOCK; STOP embark BOARD; ENTER embark on military action ENGAGE embarked OFF embarking on nesting indicator embarrass ABASH embarrassed RED; SHY; anagram indicator embarrassing anagram indicator embarrassingly anagram indicator embarrassment FLUSH; SCRAPE (qv) embarrassment, in anagram indicator embarrassment, show BLUSH embarrassment, sign of BLUSH; FLUSH embassy MISSION embassy office CHANCERY


embattled anagram indicator embed SET embellish LARD embellished anagram indicator embellishment FRILL embellishment, without PLAIN embellishments DECOR ember GLOWER embers ASHES; CINDERS embezzlement PECULATION (convenient for reaching the answer “speculation”); anagram indicator emblem BADGE; CREST; LEEK; LOGO; MARK; ROSE emblem of authority STAFF emblem, spiritual TOTEM emboss CHASE embrace CLASP; GRASP; GRIP; HOLD; HUG; 쐍 CLINCH; CUDDLE; ENFOLD; ESPOUSE; run indicator; nesting indicator embraced, embraces run indicator; nesting indicator embraced by run indicator; nesting indicator embraces nesting indicator embracing nesting indicator embrocation OINTMENT embroidery CREWEL embroidery, bit of PICOT emcee HOST emending anagram indicator emerge ARISE; PEEP; SHOW emergency NEED; SPARE (i.e. as an adj.) emergency appeal SOS emergency take-off SCRAMBLE emigre EXPAT Emily, Little EM eminence HILL; MOUNT; PEAK; RIDGE; TOR; 쐍 STATURE; can refer to the name of a particular mountain emissary LEGATE emit ISSUE; SEND; SHOW emmer WHEAT emoted RAGED emotion HATE; IRE; LOVE; PANG; 쐍 FEELING; PASSION


emotion, show CRY; SOB; WEEP emotion, showed WEPT emotion, showing no STOLID emotional HOT 쐍 INTENSE; TORRID emotional, less DRIER emotions, state of MOOD emperor EMP; NERO; OTTO; TITUS; 쐍 CAESAR; CSAR; HADRIAN; TRAJAN; TSAR emphasis ACCENT; STRESS; TONE emphasise ACCENT; STRESS emphatically can indicate a word is to be repeated (as “Emphatically know how to dance 씮 CANCAN) empire-building anagram of EMPIRE employ HIRE; USE employed PAID; USED employed in nesting indicator employed, one HAND employee HAND; MAN 쐍 EARNER employees MEN; STAFF; see STAFF, TEAM employer BOSS; USER employing anagram indicator; nesting indicator employment JOB; PLACE; POST; USAGE; USE 쐍 EXERCISE; TRADE employment, in USED empower ENABLE emptied omission indicator, all but first and last letters of associated word to be omitted, as “emptied bottle” 씮 BE empty BARE; DRAIN; IDLE; VAIN; 쐍 FLAT; HOLLOW; VOID; omission indicator where all but first and last letters of associated word to be omitted as “empty container” 씮 CR; can also indicate the nesting of O within a word or component, as “Chap’s empty complaint” clues MOAN (i.e. M-O-AN) empty bed BD; CT empty space VOID empty talk GAS (qv)

empty threats BLUSTER empty tin TN Empyrean can indicate something to do with sky, heaven emulate APE; COPY; MATCH emulate betters WAGER emulsion PAINT enable ALLOW; LET; 쐍 EMPOWER enamour CHARM encase SHEATHE encased in nesting indicator enchant CHARM; DELIGHT enchantress CIRCE; FAIRY; SIREN; WITCH enclose CORRAL; PEN; nesting indicator enclosed ENC; nesting indicator enclosed space YARD enclosure CAGE; CIRCLE; ENC; ENCL; FOLD; PALE; PEN; PIT; RING; WALL; YARD; 쐍 COMPOUND; CORRAL; FRAME; WEIR; [쒁 GROUNDS] enclosure, animal CAGE; CORRAL; PEN; POUND; STY; ZOO enclosure, course RING enclosure, small ENC; PEN; STY encoded anagram indicator encomium PRAISE encompass/ed, nesting or run indicator encompassed in nesting or run indicator encompassing nesting indicator encore AGAIN; BIS (mus.); MORE encore, give an REDO; REPEAL encounter FACE; INCUR; MEET; [쒁 BRIEF; COWARD] encounter, brief can indicate something to do with Noel Coward encountered MET encountered in nesting indicator encourage BACK; CHEER; EGG; PRESS; PROD; PUSH; SPUR; URGE; 쐍 HEARTEN; INCITE encouragement FILIP; NUDGE; PUSH; can indicate a word beginning with DO (as “encourage-


encouragement, give/provide

ment to take a chance” signals DOWAGER) encouragement, give/provide CHEER; INSPIRE; see ENCOURAGE encouragement (word of) DO (as in “Old woman’s encouragement to take a chance” gives DOWAGER) encroachment INROAD encrypted a component to be nested within CODE end AIM; BACK; BOUND; CHECK; CLOSE; DEATH; DIE; EDGE; EXPIRE; FINIS; GOAL; LAST; RUIN; STOP; TAIL; TIP; Z; 쐍 CLOSURE; CURTAINS; DESIGN; EXTREME; FINALE; OBJECT; OMEGA; indicator of first or last letter(s); in conjunction with a homophone indicator the sound of the last letter or letters of a word can be required, for instance “told about family’s end” clues WISE (i.e. y’s). end, came to an DIED; STOPPED end, come to an DIE end, from end to THROUGH end of last letter indicator (as “back of queue” clues E) end of book FINIS; K end of game MATE; 쐍 WHISTLE end of piece, wood TENON end of sequence E; Z; 쐍 OMEGA end of the E end of the line, at the can indicate the name of a specific railway station end, towards the LATE end up LAND; MIA (i.e. reversal) endearment, term of PET endeavour ATTEMPT; TRY Endeavour MORSE ended DONE; OFF; OVER; UP ending CODA; DEATH; last letter indicator; 쐍 OUTRO (mus.); TERMINATION ending, game’s MATE endless EVER; S (i.e. end of the word itself); last letter(s) to be omitted from associated word;


can indicate that first and last letters of the succeeding word are omitted (example: “endless lines” 씮 INE) endless endorsement OK; STAMP; 쐍 APPROVAL; VISA endless fuss D; FUS endlessly AY; EVER; last letter(s) to be omitted from associated word; can indicate that both first and letters are to be omitted endorse BACK; OK; RATIFY; SECOND; SIGN endorsement OK endowed GIVEN ends indicator of first and last letters endue CLOTHE; INVEST endurance, show LAST; see ENDURE endure BEAR; LAST; STAND; STICK; WEAR; 쐍 SUFFER; TOLERATE enduring LASTING; LONG; STABLE; STEADY Endymion poet KEATS enemy FOE; TIME energetic person DOER; GOER energise POWER energy DRIVE; E; ELAN; GO; LIFE; PEP; POWER; STEAM; VIM; 쐍 OOMPH; ZING energy, amount of KW energy, conserving E to be nested within a component energy, full of LUSTY energy, lacking TIRED; WEAK; letter E to be omitted energy-provider BATTERY; CHARGER; can indicate a water-wheel, mill-race etc; also see ENERGY, SOURCE OF energy, source of COAL; E; GAS; OIL; 쐍 PETROLEUM enfold HUG engage BOOK; CHARM; DRAW; ENLIST; HIRE; LOCK; MESH; SIGN engaged PLEDGED engaged, become PLIGHT engaged by nesting indicator

entered by

engaged, get MESH engaged in AT; nesting indicator; engagement ACTION; DATE; WAR; can indicate something to do with battle, fighting, sporting contest, etc engagement, one fixing (making) FIANCE engagements, series of WAR engaging nesting indicator engender BREED engenders anagram indicator engine LOCO; MOTOR; TRAIN engine cover BONNET engine failure STALL engine, increase speed of REV engine, part of SUMP engine’s sound WHIRR engineer CE; EFFECT; ENG; SAPPER; WATT; 쐍 BRUNEL engineering anagram indicator engineering graduate BE engineers CES; RE; REME England E; ENG; REALM English E; ENG English Channel EDUCT English Channel, part of SOLENT English coins EP English in Spain INGLES English navy ERN English, Old OE Englishman abroad/in Australia POM engrave CHASE; ETCH; STAMP engrave into, to nesting indicator engraver BLAKE; ETCHER engraver, work of CHASING; ETCHING engraving PRINT engrossed RAPT engulf SWAMP enjoin ORDER enjoy DIG; HAVE; LIKE; LOVE; SAVOUR enjoy book READ enjoy life BE enjoyable FUN enjoyable time BALL; FLING; PARTY enjoyment FUN; GLEE; KICK

enjoying, show sign of GRIN; SMILE; 쐍 LAUGH enjoys HAS enlarge BLOAT; FATTEN; GROW; INCREASE; SWELL enlarged, become GROW; INCREASE enlightened WISE enlightenment can indicate a light source e.g. lamp; lamppost etc enlist JOIN enlist support, try to CANVASS enlisted in nesting indicator ennoblement ERMINE enormous HUGE; MEGA; OS; VAST enough AMPLE; ENOW enough, had/having had SATED enough, not UNDER enquire ASK enquiry can indicate that the answer is in the form of a question and so is likely to begin with an interrogative pronoun (what, where, where, etc); if the answer is one word then it may mean the answer itself is simply an interrogative (what, etc) enraged IRATE; MAD; 쐍 ANGRY; anagram indicator enraptured SENT enrobe CLAD; CLOTHE enrol MUSTER ensconced nesting indicator ensemble anagram indicator; see GROUP enshroud COVER; HIDE; VEIL ensnare TRAP (qv) ensnared, ensnares, ensnaring nesting indicator ensue COME; FOLLOW ensure SEE ENT specialism EAR entangled anagram indicator entanglement KNOT entangling anagram indicator enter LIST; LOG; START; 쐍 LAY; PIERCE entered WENT; nesting indicator; 쐍 INCAME (i.e. in came) entered by nesting indicator



entering nesting or run indicator enterprise DRIVE; GO; 쐍 SPIRIT; VENTURE enters nesting indicator entertain AMUSE; FETE; HOST; TREAT; 쐍 DIVERT; HARBOUR; REGALE; nesting indicator entertain lavishly FETE entertained nesting indicator entertainer ARCHIE (Osborne character, first name); ARTISTE; COMIC; HOST; RICE (Osborne character, second name); STAR; SINGER entertainer, radio DJ entertaining FUN; FUNNY; anagram indicator; nesting indicator entertaining person CARD; HOST entertainment FAIR; FUN; PANTO; PLAY; PORT (Gael.); REVUE; SHOW; TREAT; 쐍 SPECTACLE entertainment, free TREAT entertainment, place of (venue etc) CLUB; FAIR entertainment, provide REGALE enthral HOOK enthralled by nesting indicator enthralling nesting indicator enthuse FIRE; RAVE enthusiasm FAD; FIRE; GO; GUSTO; MANIA; RAGE; ZEAL; 쐍 ENERGY; SPIRIT enthusiasm, exude GUSH enthusiasm, feel BURN enthusiasm, filled with FIRED; can indicate that GO is to be nested within a component enthusiasm, show LIKE; LOVE enthusiasm, wild RAVING enthusiast BUFF; FAN; NUT; 쐍 ADDICT enthusiast, keen NUT enthusiastic AVID; HEARTY; HOT; INTO; KEEN; MAD; MANIC; WARM; 쐍 CRAZY enthusiastic about INTO enthusiastic, not see UNENTHUSIASTIC


enthusiastic, someone see ENTHUSIAST entice BAIT; DRAW; LURE; TEMPT enticement BAIT; DRAW; LURE enticed LED (ON) entire ALL; FULL; WHOLE entire range AZ entirely ALL; CLEAN (as in “clean cut”); QUITE entitled can indicate something to do with the peerage, or a book title; 쐍 ALLOWED; NAMED entitled, be DESERVE entitled, one LADY; see NOBLE entitlement RATION; RIGHT; SHARE (qv) entitlement, legal LIEN entomb INTER entourage TRAIN entrance ADIT; DOOR; CHARM; GATE; PASS; 쐍 APPEARANCE; BEWITCH; DELIGHT; ENCHANT; MOUTH; PORCH; PORTAL; nesting indicator; initial letter indicator entrance hall FOYER; LOBBY entrance to initial letter indicator entranced RAPT entrap CATCH; NET; TRICK entreat ASK; BEG; PLEAD; PRAY entreaty PLEA; PRAYER entrée COURSE; STARTER entries GATE; GATES entry DOOR; GATE; ITEM; PASS; 쐍 ADMISSION; COMPETITORS; INGRESS; LOBBY; nesting indicator entry in ledger ITEM entry permit PASS; TICKET; VISA entwined anagram indicator enumerate COUNT; DETAIL; LIST envelope SAE envelope, put in WRAP envious GREEN; 쐍 JEALOUS envious, be COVET


environment HOME; MILIEU; SETTING; nesting indicator, as “in modern environment” requires a component to be nested within NEW or RECENT environment, concerned with GREEN environmental GREEN environmentally-friendly GREEN environmentalist GREEN environs of first and last letters indicator envisage SEE envy COVET; RESENT; SIN ephemeral DAY epic BIG; GRAND; SAGA; STORY; VERSE epidemic RIFE; SARS; 쐍 PLAGUE epidermic eruption BOIL; PIMPLE; SPOT epiglottis FLAP epilogue END episode EVENT; PAGE; STORY epistle ELI; EP; LETTER; TIM epistler PAUL; PETER epitaph RIP Epsom* SALTS; can indicate something to do with the racecourse, racing etc equal EVEN; LIKE; MATCH; PEER; 쐍 EGAL equal outcome DRAW; TIE equal to, be MATCH equalised EVEN equality PARITY equally AS Equator LINE equestrian RIDER equine establishment STUD equip ARM; KIT; RIG; SUPPLY equipment GEAR; KIT; PLANT; RIG; TACKLE; 쐍 CLOBBER; FITTING; can indicate some kind of instrument (qv) equipment, provide KIT equipment, riding TACK equipment, winter sports SKI equipped KITTED; RIGGED equipped, dangerously ARMED

equitable FAIR; JUST; RIGHT equity RIGHT; SHARES Equity UNION equity, in accordance with JUST; see EQUITABLE er UM era AGE; TIME era, our AD eradicate omission indicator erase WIPE ’ere ENCE erect BUILD; PITCH (i.e. tent); RAISE; 쐍 STANDING erected UP; reverse indicator ergo SO eric FINE Eric AMBLER erica HEATHER ermine STOAT erne EAGLE Ernest ERN ’ero ECTOR erode EAT; ROT eroded edges, with first and last letters to be omitted eroding anagram indicator Eros LOVE; [쒁 CIRCUS] Eros, beloved of PSYCHE erotic SEXY; STEAMY erotic desire EROS err FALL; SIN; SLIP; STRAY; 쐍 WANDER errand MISSION; TASK; 쐍 ORDER errant anagram indicator erring SINNING; SLIPPING; anagram indicator error BLIP; BOOB; BUG; FLAW; GAFFE; LAPSE; OUT; SIN; SLIP; TYPO; 쐍 BISH; BLOOMER; BLUNDER; OMISSION; OVERSIGHT; WRONG error, in AMISS; ASTRAY; OUT; 쐍 WRONG; anagram indicator error, minor BLIP erroneous, erroneously anagram indicator ersatz FAKE Erse IRISH



erstwhile EX; LATE; OLD; 쐍 FORMER erupt FLARE; anagram indicator erupting anagram indicator eruption RASH; SPOT escalation RISE; SURGE escapade ANTIC; STUNT escape AVOID; BOLT; BREAK; ELUDE; FLEE; FLIGHT; FLY; GO; LAM; LEAK; RUN; VENT; [쒁 OUT] escape (US) LAM escape, arrange SPRING escape, means of OUT escape mechanism RELEASE escape, narrow SQUEAK escaped FLED; FLEW; GONE; WENT escaping out of omission indicator escarp SLOPE eschew AVOID escort BEAU; BRING; DATE; LEAD; SQUIRE; TAKE; USHER; [쒁 SHIP] escorted LED; TOOK escorting nesting indicator esker RIDGE Eskimo INUIT especially ESP espionage activity BUGGING espionage device BUG espouse BACK; 쐍 CHAMPION; EMBRACE; MARRY esprit WIT espy SPOT; NOTE essay GO; TRY WORDS; 쐍 ARTICLE; PAPER; THEME; anagram indicator essayist ELIA (pen-name of Lamb); LAMB; STEELE; 쐍 BACON essence CORE; GIST; GUTS; HEART; NUB; OIL; POINT; ROOT; SCENT essential BASIC; KEY; MUST; ROOT; VITAL; can indicate that the middle letter of a word is to be used as “what’s essential to house” signals U, and “minimum essential” 씮 NIM essential data see ESSENCE


essential element PITH; THREAD; see ESSENCE essential for (in, to) run indicator essential ingredients only the middle letters of a word to be used as “essential ingredients of meal” clues EA essential oil OTTO; 쐍 ATTAR essential quality see ESSENCE essential, something MUST essentially this can mean that the middle of a word is to be used; more rarely, and a little more complicated, it can mean that the middle run between two words constitutes the necessary set of letters as “Essentially Royal Society rescheduled party” cues an anagram of ALSOCI leading to SOCIAL essentially wasted middle letter(s) to be omitted essentials anagram indicator establish FOUND; DEFINE; FIX; FORM; ROOT; SET; SETTLE; 쐍 DEPLOY; INSTIL established E; EST; HARD; SET; STABLE; SURE; 쐍 FIXED; PROVEN established actor, performer STAR established, more OLDER established, was DWELT establishment BODY; CE; FIRM; PLACE; STAFF; 쐍 FOUNDATION; FOUNDING; LOCATION; see RESIDENCE; Establishment SYSTEM establishment, anti- RED establishment, small COTTAGE estate CAR; EST; LAND; MANOR; 쐍 GROUNDS estate, cattle RANCH estate manager STEWARD esteem RATE; 쐍 HONOUR; REGARD; RESPECT; SALUTE; VALUE estimate ASSESS; COST; RATE; THINK; 쐍 GUESS estuary HUMBER ET ALIEN etch EAT

everybody in France

eternally EVER eternity AGE; AGES; EON ethical MORAL; RIGHT ethical standards CODE ethics, of MORAL Ethiopian prince RAS ethnic group RACE; TRIBE ethos SPIRIT etiquette CODE(S); FORM eulogise PRAISE euphoria BLISS euphoric HIGH; anagram indicator euphoric feeling/state HIGH; RUSH Euphrates city UR euphuist LYLY Europe EC; EU; EUR European E; EC; EUR; can indicate a European nationality e.g. BALT, DANE, FINN, GREEK, LAPP, POLE, SLAV, ROMAN European city PARIS; ROMA; ROME; TURIN European Commission EC European, East SERB European, from a can indicate a European word as “discouraging sign from a European partner” cues NON European, North LAPP European, northern LETT European Parliament EP European project EMU European question EQU; see entries under FRANCE and FRENCH European said CHECK (i.e. homophone of CZECH) European river ODER; see RIVER European’s voiced CHECK European Union EU European, we hear CHECK evade AVOID; DODGE; PARRY evaluate ASSESS; APPRAISE; MARK; RATE; SCORE evaluation MARK; RATING; SCORE evangelist JOHN; LUKE; MARK evasion PARRY

evasive COY; SHIFTY; 쐍 SLIPPERY evasive, appear SHUFFLE even EEN; ENE; FLAT; FLUSH; IRON; LEVEL; PAR; PLANE; SLACK; SQUARE; STILL; YET; 쐍 JUST; QUITS; REGULAR; UNIFORM even if THOUGH even in can indicate that the even letters be taken from the word that follows (as “even in Bedlam” clues ELM) even now STILL; YET even so BUT even-tempered EQUABLE even the score AVENGE even though IF even up ALIGN evening EEN; EVE; LATE; NIGHT evening in Paris SOIR evening out can indicate something to do with ironing evening wear GOWN; TAILS evenly the even-numbered letters to be used or omitted evensong SERVICE event DO; FETE; HEAT; PARTY; RACE; RALLY; RESULT; 쐍 CONTEST; INCIDENT event, distance MILE eventually LATER ever AY; AYE (Mid. Eng.); KEEPS ever-changing anagram of EVER Everest MOUNT; PEAK every EA; EACH; PER every one PER every respect, in FULLY every second can indicate that only the even-numbered letters of the indicated words are to be used (as “Vessel just being still every second” 씮 UTENSIL) every side, on ROUND every thoroughfare EAST every year PA everybody ALL everybody else REST everybody in France TOUT


everybody is about

everybody is about the word (or component) which follows to be nested within ALL everyone ALL; E; EACH; WORLD everyone, concerning NATIONAL everyone, for APIECE everything ALL; LOT; POT; SUM; TOTAL; TOUT; 쐍 THE LOT Evesham area VALE evict OUST evidence CLUE; PROOF; SIGN; TRACE; 쐍 GROUND; GROUNDS; HINT evidence of debt IOU evidence of disease RASH evident CLEAR; PLAIN; OVERT; 쐍 OBVIOUS evident in, among, etc run indicator; anagram indicator evident therein run indicator; nesting indicator evil BAD; BASE; CRIME; HARM; ILL; MALIGN; SIN; VICE; VILE; WRONG; anagram indicator evil act CRIME; SIN evil doer IMP evil event CRIME evil woman WITCH evince SHOW evolution anagram indicator evolve CHANGE; anagram indicator ewer JUG ewes sounding like U’s this word can, with a homophone indicator, call for UU ex LATE; OLD; 쐍 FORMER; PREVIOUS ex- see EX ex officio EO ex-PM DERBY; see PRIME MINISTER ex-rail BR ex-student GRAD; OB exact DUE; EVEN; RIGHT; 쐍 DEMAND; PRECISE exactly DUE


exaggerate STRETCH; can signpost a word beginning with OVER exaggerated CAMP; OTT; 쐍 STRETCHED; can signpost a word beginning with OVER exalt PRAISE exalted HIGH; RAISED; UP; reverse indicator; can indicate something to do with a means of being elevated e.g. being on stilts exalted, not LOW exam see EXAMINATION exam answer(s) SCRIPT exam, get through PASS exam, repeat RESIT exam result GRADE; MARK; MERIT; SCORE exam, second go at RESIT exam success PASS exam, take SIT exam, took SAT examination AUDIT; CHECK; MOCK; MOT; ORAL; PAPER; SCAN; STUDY; TEST; TRIAL; VIVA; 쐍 ASSAY; HIGHER; MEDICAL; PHYSICAL; PRELIM; SEARCH; VETTING; anagram indicator examination body BOARD examination, medical SCAN examine CASE; CHECK; EYE; SCAN; STUDY; TEST; TRY; VET examine cursorily SKIM examine judicially HEAR; TRY example CASE; IDEAL; MODEL; ONE; 쐍 INSTANCE; LESSON example, by way of SAY example, fine ONER example, following AFTER example, for AD; EG; SAY exams FINALS exams, those setting BOARD exasperate ANGER; BAIT; GALL; TRY exasperation IRE excavate DIG; DISINTER excavation DIG; MINE; PIT; QUARRY excavations, do DIG

exclamation, vexed

exceed TOP; 쐍 CAP; OUTDO; SURPASS; can indicate a verbal phrase ending in OVER (e.g. go over) exceeding OVER excel BEAT; CAP; SHINE; STAR; TOP; can indicate a word beginning with OUT-, as “excel in egg production” 씮 OUTLAY excelled LED excellence CLASS excellent ACE; AI; BEST; CLASS; COOL; DIVINE; FAB; FINE; GOOD; GRAND; GREAT; MEGA; PRIME; RIPPING; STRONG; SUPER; TOP; TOPPING; 쐍 BRAVO; GOLDEN; RARE; SUPERB excellent one ACE excellent position FIRST; LEAD; TOP excellent, something really TOPPER excellent specimen RATTLER excellent thing PEACH except BAR; BUT; SAVE exception BAR exception of BUT; SAVE exceptional RARE; SUPER; 쐍 ESPECIAL; NOTABLE; anagram indicator exceptionally anagram indicator exceptionally good RARE excerpt PART; SCRAP excess GLUT; OTT; SPARE; [쒁 OVER] excess, in OVER excess, to can indicate a verb beginning with OVER excessive HIGH; OTT; THICK; UNDUE; WILD; can indicate the use of TOO; can indicate a word beginning with OVER excessive amount LASHINGS excessively OTT; OVER; TOO; 쐍 UNDULY; can indicate an element to be repeated excessively high STEEP excessively large OS exchange BARTER; DEAL; SWAP; SWITCH; SWOP; TRADE; TRUCK; 쐍

CONVERSION; anagram indicator exchange of words can indicate something to do with translation exchange, Parisian stock BOURSE exchange rate anagram of RATE excising omission indicator; can indicate something to do with tax excite INFLAME; ROUSE; ROUST; WOW excited AGOG; ASTIR; HOT; RANDY; SENT; UP; anagram indicator excited expression WHEE excited, get PEP; WHET; WOW excited state FEVER; FLAP; TIZZY; WHIRL excited, unnaturally MANIC excitedly anagram indicator excitement ADO; BUZZ; FEVER; FLAP; HEAT; HUM; KICK; STIR; THRILL; ZING; 쐍 FERMENT; MUST (i.e. amongst animals) excitement, cause AROUSE excitement, in a state of AGOG excitement in Ireland TRILL excitement of anagram indicator excitement, sense of BUZZ exciting HOT; anagram indicator exclaim CALL; CRY; 쐍 SHOUT; YELL; see CRY exclamation AH; AW; CRY; GOSH; HA; MY exclamation of annoyance BOTHER; DRAT exclamation of disapprobation TUT exclamation of disapproval BOO; TUT exclamation of dismay LOR exclamation of distaste UGH; YUCK exclamation of joy WHEE exclamation of pain OUCH; OW exclamation of surprise, pleasure AH; BOY; COR; GEE; MY; WOW exclamation, Spanish OLE exclamation, vexed PHEW



exclude BAN; BAR; BLACK; DEBAR excluded ALONE; OUT excluding EX; NO; omission indicator exclusion BAN; BAR exclusion order BAN exclusive INNER; SOLE; SCOOP exclusive group ELITE; SET exclusively WHOLLY; 쐍 SOLELY excrement, piece of PAT excursion DRIVE; OUTING; TOUR; TRIP excuse ALIBI; PLEA; REASON; 쐍 OUT; PRETEXT execute ACT; DO; HANG; KILL; TOP; 쐍 IMPLEMENT executed initial letter to be omitted, as “executed villain” 씮 ROOK execution can indicate CAPITAL (as in capital punishment); can indicate the first letter is to be omitted as “The issue is execution for treason” 씮 EDITION (i.e. initial S omitted) execution, means of ROPE executive EXEC; SUIT executive, chief DG exemplary EG; IDEAL; MODEL exempt FREE; 쐍 CLEAR exemption WAIVER exercise APPLY; BIKING; DRILL; EXERT; JOG; PE; PT; RUN; SPORT; TRAIN; USE; WIELD; anagram indicator; 쐍 EMPLOYMENT; OPERATION; RUNNING exercise choice PICK; SELECT exercise regime, follow TRAIN exercise soldiers DRILL exercise, do SKIP exercised anagram indicator exercises USES; YOGA; anagram indicator exercising anagram indicator exercising, person USER exercising power REGNANT exert EXPEND exert force PRESS exertion, show PANT


exhaust DRAIN; TIRE; WEAR; 쐍 POOP exhausted ALLIN (i.e. all-in); BEATEN; DEAD; OUT; HOT; SPENT; TIRED; USED; WAN; WHACKED; in the sense of being “well-worn” can indicate words such as TRITE exhaustion WEARINESS exhibit BOAST; HANG; SHOW exhibit distress CRY; SOB; WEEP exhibited in run indicator exhibition EXPO; FAIR; SHOW; SPECTACLE; anagram indicator exhibition centre NEC exhibition equipment STAND exhibitor SHOWER exhort see URGE exile DEPORT; EJECT exist AM; ARE; BE; LIVE existed BEEN; LIVED; WAS; WERE existed previously WAS existence LIFE existence, have see EXIST existing BEING existing circumstances ASIS exists IS; LIVES exit DIE; DOOR; GATE; EGRESS; GO; LEAVE; LEAVING exonerate CLEAR exotic ALIEN; anagram indicator exotic, we hear ALIAN expand DILATE; GROW; PAD; SWELL expanse SEA; SPREAD; STRETCH expansion SPREAD; SWELL STRETCH; 쐍 SWELLING expansive VAST; WIDE expatiate ENLARGE expatiate on RAMBLE expect AWAIT; HOPE expectant AGOG; in relation to a person (e.g. hero) can indicate something to do with Dickens’ ‘Great Expectations’ e.g. PIP expectantly AGOG expectation HOPE; 쐍 PROSPECT


expectation in a component to be nested within HOPE expected DUE; PAR; 쐍 LABOUR; NORMAL expected time of arrival ETA expected to win TIPPED expecting HOPING; 쐍 IN THE CLUB; PREGNANT; UP THE SPOUT expectorate SPIT expedition HASTE; MISSION; TOUR; TRIP; 쐍 DESPATCH expedition, with FAST; can indicate that something is done quickly e.g. ‘move with expedition’ can clue RUN, RUSH expel EJECT; OUST; OUT; REMOVE expelled RID expels omission indicator expend EXERT expense COST; PRICE; RENT expense, bear the AFFORD expenses EXES expensive DEAR; HIGH; STEEP expensive coat FUR expensive, not CHEAP; FRUGAL expensive, now more UP experience FEEL; HAVE; KNOW; LIVE; MEET; SEE; SENSE; SUFFER; TASTE; TOUCH; TRY; USE; 쐍 ENCOUNTER; WISE experience, brief SAMPLE; TASTE experience, dreary BIND; CHORE; DRAG; FAG experience, harrowing ORDEAL experience life BE experience, short of GREEN; RAW experience strong emotion BURN experience, without GREEN experienced ABLE; FELT; HAD; KNEW; PROVED; SAW; SEEN; 쐍 SEASONED experiences HAS experiment PILOT; TEST; TRIAL; TRY

experimental anagram indicator; see EXPERIMENT experimenting TRYING; anagram indicator expert ABLE; ACE; ARCH; BUFF; CRACK; DAB; DEFT; DEMON; MASTER; ONER; PRO; 쐍 HOTSHOT; WHIZ expertise ART; SKILL expertly ABLY; WELL expiate ATONE expire DIE; END; LAPSE; PASS expired DEAD; ENDED; GONE; OVER; UP explain SHOW; TELL explain away GLOSS explained SHOWED; SHOWN explanation KEY; MOTIVE; REASON expletive BLAST; CURSE; DAMN; HECK; OATH explicit PLAIN; 쐍 OPEN explode GOOFF (i.e. go off) exploded, explodes, exploding anagram indicator exploit ACT; DEED; FEAT; MILK; STUNT; TAP; USE; 쐍 ADVENTURE; anagram indicator exploit, daring STUNT exploitation USE exploited USED; anagram indicator exploited, someone TOOL exploiting USING explore PROBE explorer BYRD; COOK; CABOT; OATES; PARK; ROSS; SCOTT; 쐍 TASMAN exploring anagram indicator explosion BANG; BOOM; REPORT; anagram indicator explosive H; HE; MINE; SHELL; TNT; 쐍 JELLY; see EXPLOSIVE DEVICE explosive device BOMB; CAP; MINE; SHELL explosive, lay down MINE explosive, use BLAST exponent LOG; POWER



export omission indicator as “ice, one for export” clues CE (i.e. ‘i’ to be omitted) exported anagram indicator expose AIR; BARE; OUT; SHOW; STRIP; 쐍 OPEN; REVEAL expose briefly FLASH expose, do not COVER; HIDE; SHIELD exposed AIRED; BALD; BARE; NUDE; OUT; anagram indicator; see EXPOSE exposing can indicate that the definition follows exposition SHOW expounds, so to speak TENNER express FAST; PUT; SAY; STATE; TALK; UTTER; VENT; 쐍 COMMUNICATE; homophone indicator express a preference VOTE express annoyance TUT express contempt BOO; MOCK express disappointment, pain GROAN express disapproval BOO; HISS; OBJECT; TUT express discontent CARP express dissatisfaction BOO; CARP; JEER express despair SIGH express doubt QUESTION express emotion EMOTE express glee CROW express gratitude to THANK express hesitation ER express pleasure PURR express regret SIGH express relief SIGH express reluctance ER express sadness SIGH express scorn HISS express self-satisfaction GLOAT express sorrow REGRET express triumph GLOAT express view OPINE express weariness SIGH expressed homophone indicator expressed glee CREW


expressed, not COVERT; INNER; SECRET expression FACE; LOOK; TERM expression, lacking BLANK; GLASSY expression of aggression SNARL expression of amazement WOW expression of amusement HA; HAH; LAUGH expression of annoyance HOOT(S) expression of approval AY; AYE; BRAVO; YES expression of astonishment GEE; WOW expression of contempt BAH expression of delight AH; WHEE; WOW expression of derision BOO; HA; YAH expression of disapproval AHEM; BOO; TUT expression of discontent BAWL; BOO; FIE; GROAN; SIGH; YAH expression of disdain POOH expression of disgust BAH; FIE; UGH; YUCK expression of dismay FIE; HECK expression of dissatisfaction BOO expression of exultation WHOOP expression of gratitude TA expression of grief CRY; WEEPING expression of horror UGH expression of impatience TUT; 쐍 PSHAW expression of joy AH expression of pain AGH; AW; OUCH; OW expression of refusal NO expression of regret SIGH expression of relief ALACK; PHEW expression of surprise AH; AW; COR; EH; GAD; GOLLY; GOSH; LOR; MY; OH; OHO; OOH; WELL; WOW

extremely expensive

expression of sympathy THERE expression of triumph AHA expression of triumphant surprise OHO expression of weariness SIGH expression of wonder GEE (U.S.) expression, relieved SIGH expression, style of DICTION expression, suggestive LEER expression, sulky MOUE expression, sullen SCOWL expression, suspicious HA expulsion OUT; OUTING exquisitely anagram indicator extempore, extemporised anagram indicator extend GROW; REACH; SPREAD; STRETCH extend all round RING extend loan RENEW extended LONG extended (Scottish) LANG extension STRETCH; STRETCHING; [쒁 EXTRA] extensive LARGE; LONG; HIGH extent AMBIT; AMOUNT; AREA; LENGTH; RANGE; SIZE; SCOPE (qv) extent, of great HUGE; LONG; VAST extent (to some extent) run indicator exterior nesting indicator exterior, tough SHELL exterminated omission indicator external OUTER; nesting indicator extinguish DOUSE; SNUFF extort WRING extorted WRUNG; anagram indicator extortionate anagram indicator extra ACTOR; BONUS; BYE; GASH; MORE; ODD; OVER; PLUS; RISE; RUN; SPARE; SUR (as in surcharge); WIDE; 쐍 GARNISH; RELIEF (i.e. as a relief bus); SPECIAL extra fifty changes an L to a C extra, five changes a V to an X

extra five hundred changes a D to an M extra money TIP extra note PS extra payment BONUS extra, provide ADD extra, unexpected BONUS extract DRAW; EXT; MILK; OUST; PART; PRESS; PUMP; 쐍 DERIVE; ELICIT; REMOVE; run indicator extract, appetising TRAILER extract from, in run indicator extract metal SMELT extract money TOUCH extracted DREW; OUT; TOOK; omission indicator extraction DESCENT extractor MINER extraordinary E; anagram indicator extraordinarily anagram indicator extravagance, burst of SPLURGE extravagant FANCY; OTT; 쐍 LAVISH; OUTRE; anagram indicator extravagantly anagram indicator extravaganza anagram indicator extreme EDGE; POLE; POLAR; UTTER; 쐍 HARSH; MEGA; UNDUE; first or last letter indicator; can indicate an adjective ending in MOST extreme characters AZ; see EXTREMES OF extreme measures, favouring ULTRA extreme, not MIDDLE extremely EDGY (i.e. having extremes); MOST; TOO; ULTRA; VERY; 쐍 FILTHY (as in “filthy rich”); MEGA; first and/or last letter indicator, as “extremely secure” leads to SE; can indicate that the first and last letters of a word are used while linked by AND as “extremely coy” clues CANDY (i.e. C-AND-Y) extremely expensive EE; see EXPENSIVE


extremely large

extremely large LE; OS extremely rare RE extremely rude RE extremely trendy TY extremely unpopular UR extremely unusual UL extremely useful UL extremely tacky TY extremes AZ; see EXTREMES OF extremes of indicator of first and last letters of associated word(s); can also require AND to be inserted between the end letters of indicated word e.g. “extremes of rascality” gives RANDY, “extremes of paranoia” gives PANDA; can indicate something to do with fingertips, nails, toes, etc extremis, in OTT; see EXTREMES OF extremist ULTRA extremists AZ; ZA; first and last letters only to be used (example “nasty extremists” 씮 NY) extremity END exuberance BRIO; PEP exudes anagram indicator exult CROW; GLOAT exultation, cry of WHOOP eye LOOK; OGLE; ORB; REGARD; SCAN; SEE STUDY; [쒁 SIGHT] eye movement BLINK; WINK eye-opener E; LID eye protector VISOR eyelid sore STYE eyepiece LENS eyepiece, with OCULAR eyes sounding like I’s this word can, with a homophone indicator, call for II eyewash SALVE; ROT; see RUBBISH Ezra POUND


Ff F LOUD fab SOUND fable LIE; STORY (qv); TALE fable, lesson of MORAL fabric CHINO; CLOTH; DUCK; LACE; LAME; LINEN; LISLE; NET; RAYON; REP; SATIN; SERGE; TOILE; TWILL; 쐍 ANGORA; CREPE; DENIM; DIMITY; FELT; LAWN; NINON; SCRIM; TISSUE; TWEED; VOILE fabric, delicate/flimsy LACE fabric join SEAM fabric, woven TWILL fabricated LIED; anagram indicator fabrication LIE; LYING; MYTH fabulous GREAT fabulous bird ROC fabulous female PERI facade FRONT; SHOW face BRASS; BRAVE; CLOCK; DIAL; FRONT; LOOK; MEET; MUG; PAN; RISK; SIDE; 쐍 ASPECT; BEARD; RESIST; TYPE; can refer to coal-face face disruption anagram indicator face down PRONE face-lift anagram indicator face of initial letter indicator face, part of BROW; CHEEK; EYE; LIP; MOUTH; NOSE face-saving device VISOR face up to DEFY faced MET faceless initial letter omission indicator facet SIDE; 쐍 ASPECT faces initial letters to be used facial disorder TIC facial feature BROW; CHIN; CHEEK; LIP; NOSE; see FEATURE

Falkland Islands

facial hair BEARD; GOATEE; TACHE facile GLIB; LIGHT; WEAK facility EASE; ROOM facility, recreational CLUB fact DEED; TRUTH; 쐍 DATUM; GOSPEL faction GROUP (qv); PARTY; SECT; SET; SIDE; TEAM factor AGENT; PH; REASON; 쐍 BROKER factory MILL; PLANT; WORKS facts DATA; GEN; INFO; TABLE; TRUTH facts, brief INFO faculty FLAIR; TASTE fad CRAZE; RAGE fade DIE; FLAG; GO; PALE; TIRE; 쐍 WITHER fade away DIE; EBB faded EX; PASSE; RUSTY fading DYING; GOING; LOW; see FADE fag CHORE; TIRE; WEED; can indicate some kind of servant; [쒁 CIGARETTE] fag-end ROACH (U.S.) Fahrenheit F fail DIE; FLOP; FLUNK; LAPSE; LOSE; MISS; OMIT; 쐍 BOMB; CUT; PLOUGH (univ. slang); anagram indicator; can indicate a verb beginning with UNDER fail, likely to DICKY; IFFY; see DICKY fail to can indicate a word beginning with NOT, as “Fail to come up” 씮 NOTARISE fail to answer PASS fail to do SKIP fail to see/observe MISS fail to win DRAW; LOSE failed DIED; LOST; MISSED; anagram indicator (e.g. “has failed” 씮 SHA) failed, we hear MIST (i.e. homophone of “missed”) failing CRASH; DYING; ERROR; FLAW; GREED; LAPSE; SIN; VICE; 쐍 DEFECT; INFIRM; LOSING; MISSING; anagram indicator; omission indicator; can

indicate an adjective ending in -LESS; see ERROR failing at the start first letter to be omitted failing finally last letter to be omitted failing half half a word to be omitted failing to open first letters to be omitted failing to see BLIND faille SILK failure BOMB; BREACH; DUD; FLOP; LAPSE; LOSER; 쐍 CROPPER; OMISSION; anagram indicator failure, admission of ICANT (i.e. I can’t) failure to hit ball STRIKE faint DIM; PALE; SWOON; VAGUE; WAN; 쐍 FEEBLE; GENTLE; HAZY; SLIGHT; WEAK fair BRIGHT; CLEAN; CLEAR; DUE; EVEN; FINE; JUST; LIGHT; MARKET; PALE; PRETTY; RIGHT; SALE; SHOW; WELL; 쐍 DISHY; GOOD; HONEST; RIGHTFUL; SPORTING fair-haired type BLONDE fairground attraction RIDE fairies ELVES fairly PRETTY; QUITE fairly big TIDY fairy ELF; FAY; HOB; PERI; PUCK; SPRITE; 쐍 PIXIE fairy, male PERI fairy tale LIE faith BELIEF; TRUST faithful TRUE faithful woman NUN fake BUM; COD; COPY; DUFF; ERSATZ; FRAUD; MOCK; PASTE; SHAM; 쐍 CHARLATAN; DOCTOR; FUDGE; PHONY; PHONEY; SWINDLE faked anagram indicator falcon SAKER Falkland Islands FI



fall DIE; DIP; DIVE; DRIP; DROOP; DROP; ERR; LAPSE; MISS; RAIN; SAG; SIN; SLIP; SNOW; SPILL; TRIP; 쐍 ABATE; CHANCE; FLOP; SETTLE; SHOWER; STUMBLE; TUMBLE; can require a verb followed by DOWN or OFF fall and rise TIDE fall apart CRUMBLE fall behind LAG; TRAIL fall heavily POUR; SHEET; TEEM fall, likely to TOTTER fall out FIGHT; SCRAP; 쐍 QUARREL; anagram of FALL Fall story, feature of APPLE; SNAKE; TREE fallacious UNSOUND fallen anagram or reverse indicator falling anagram indicator falling apart anagram indicator falling out anagram indicator fallout anagram indicator; 쐍 SPIN-OFF fallow IDLE falls apart from being in the sense of the verb (see DROP) can also indicate a waterfall (e.g. cascade) or a particular waterfall e.g. Victoria, Niagara; anagram indicator falls in nesting indicator false SHAM; 쐍 PSEUDO; anagram indicator; see FAKE false beard anagram of BEARD false hair WIG; anagram of HAIR false impression LIE false information LIE false teeth DENTURE false, was LIED false witness LIAR falsehood FICTION; LIE; TALE falsely anagram indicator falsetto, intermittent YODEL falsified anagram indicator falsified the facts LIED falsify LIE; 쐍 FIDDLE; can indicate a verb beginning with MIS falter FLAG; HALT faltering anagram indicator


falteringly, go DODDER fame NAME; NOTE; 쐍 CELEBRITY; REPUTE fame at last E familiar OLD; PAL; see FRIEND familiar, perhaps CAT familiar with, was KNEW family BROOD; CLAN; FAM; HOUSE; ILK; KIN; KIND; LINE; OWN; RACE; SEPT; STRAIN; TRIBE; 쐍 BLOOD; DESCENT family chart TREE family chronicle SAGA family emblem CREST family line DESCENT family member AUNT; GRAN; RELATION (qv); SIS; SON; UNCLE; 쐍 RELATIVE; see FATHER, MOTHER family, member of see RELATIVE family member, young SCION family record TREE family, royal ORANGE; HOUSE family tendency STRAIN famine DEARTH famous NOTED; STAR famous person CELEB; NAME; VIP; 쐍 LION famous performer/player STAR famously WELL famous group FIVE (i.e. from Enid Blyton) famous horse ARKLE; BESS fan BUFF; CAT; COOL; NUT; 쐍 ADMIRER; COOLER; DEVOTEE; FREAK; LOVER; anagram indicator; [쒁 ROTARY] fanatic NUT; 쐍 BIGOT; see FAN fanatical MAD (qv); RABID fancied to win HOT fanciful AIRY fancy DREAM; FAD; GUESS; IDEA; ITCH; LIKE; LOVE; NOTION; WHIM; anagram indicator fanfare TUCKET fang TOOTH fans, number of GATE

fast, moved

fantastic FAB; MAGIC; SUPER; WOW; 쐍 GRAND; OUTRE; anagram indicator; can indicate something to do with a wellknown legend or myth fantastically anagram indicator fantasy DREAM far-fetched TALL far from REMOTE far off REMOTE; anagram of FAR far side of last letter indicator (as “far side of room” clues M) far, too OVER farce COMEDY fare BREAD; CHEER; CHOW; DIET; DO; EATS; FOOD; MEAL; MEAT; MENU; PRICE; TABLE; 쐍 PASSENGER; RATIONS; TRAVEL; can indicate a specific food; see MEAL, FOOD fare, child’s HALF fare, quick SNACK farewell ADIEU; ADIOS; AVE; BYE; VALE; 쐍 CONGE farm CROFT; GROW; RANCH; SPREAD; STUD; 쐍 HOLDING farm animal BULL; COW; CROFT; EWE; GOAT; PIG, RAM; SHEEP; SOW; STEER farm animals FLOCK; HERD; KINE; STOCK; see FARM ANIMAL farm building BARN; BYRE; STY farm labourer see FARM WORKER farm machine/machinery COMBINE; HOPPER; TRACTOR farm overseer in Scotland GRIEVE farm policy CAP farm shop DAIRY farm store BARN; SILO farm vehicle CART farm worker HIND (Sc.); REAPER; SHEARER farmer SOWER farmhouse BREAD; GRANGE; LOAF farming concern see FARM

farming policy CAP farming scheme, European CAP farming, type of ARABLE farmland ARABLE farmstead GRANGE farmyard produce EGG fascinated SMITTEN fascinated by INTO fascist leader DUCE fashion CULT; DRESS; FAD; FORGE; FORM; HEW; MODE; RAGE; SHAPE; TON; TONE; TREND; WAY; WISE (arch.) ; 쐍 ALA (i.e. a la); MODAL; STYLE; VOGUE; anagram indicator fashion, after a anagram indicator fashion designer DIOR fashion, man of RAKE; SWELL fashion, people of TON fashionable CHIC; HIP; HOT; IN; POP; SMART; SWELL; TON; TRENDY; U; anagram indicator fashionable crowd TON fashionable, more HIPPER fashionable society TON fashioned anagram indicator fast FIRM; FLEET; LENT; NIPPY; PACY; QUICK (qv); SPEEDY; STUCK; SWIFT; 쐍 ABSTAIN; EXPRESS; FIXED; NIPPY; RAMADAN; SECURE; SLIM; [쒁 BUCK]; can indicate something to do with Lent, Ash Wednesday fast behaviour, showing LOOSE fast days EMBER fast delivery EXPRESS fast food apart from hamburgers, pizza etc., this can refer to traditional food that is quickly cooked e.g. minute steak fast-food outlet CHIPPY fast, held STUCK fast, move DART; RACE; RUN; RUSH; SPEED; 쐍 HASTEN fast, not LOOSE; see SLOW fast pace LICK fast talking LEANT (i.e. homophone) fast time LENT fast, moved RAN; SPED


fast, went

fast, went RAN; SPED fasten BIND; CLIP; CLOSE; FIX; LACE; LASH; LOCK; NAIL; PIN; REEVE; ROPE; SCREW; SEAL; TAG; TAPE; TIE; ZIP fastened ROVE; 쐍 FIXED; TIED fastener CATCH; CLIP; FROG; HASP; HOOK; LOCK; NAIL; NUT; PIN; SCREW; STAPLE; STUD; TIER; ZIP; 쐍 BUTTON; TOGGLE fastening KNOT; LATCH; LOCK; SEAL; TAPING; TIE fastening device see FASTENER fastest TOP; WINNER fastidious CHARY; NICE; PICKY; 쐍 DAINTY fat ESTER; FLAB; GROSS; HUGE; LARD; PLUMP; RICH; STOUT; SUET; 쐍 BUTTER; DRIPPING; DUMPY; GREASE; TALLOW; TUBBY fat, extremely GROSS fat, not see SLIM fat, very OS fatal, without LEAN fatal DIRE; [쒁 BANE] fate DOOM; LOT; 쐍 KARMA; NORN (Scand). fated to die FAY; FEY; FIE fateful day IDES father DA; DAD; FR; PA; POP; SIRE; 쐍 BEGET; ELDER; PAPA; PATER Father Christmas SANTA Father, Old usually refers to the Thames fathom PLUMB fatigue TIRE; WEAR fatigued DRAWN; TIRED; WEARY fatuous DUMB fault BLIP; ERR; ERROR; FLAW; HITCH; MISS; PRIDE; RIFT; SHORT (i.e. elec.); SIN; SLIP; VICE; 쐍 BLUNDER; DEFECT; can indicate something to do with earthquake fault, at anagram indicator fault, find CARP; 쐍 CENSOR faultfinder CRITIC


faulty DUFF; OUT; anagram indicator faulty item DUD; REJECT faux pas ERROR; GAFFE; SLIP; 쐍 BLOOMER; CLANGER favour BOON; GRACE; HELP; LIKE; 쐍 ADVOCATE; PARTIAL; ROSETTE favour, in FOR; PRO favour of, not in AGIN; ANTI; CON favourable NICE; PRO; 쐍 BOON favourable review PUFF favourable slant SPIN favourable vote AYE; FOR; YES; 쐍 PLACET; PRO favoured IN; PET; POPULAR favouring FOR; PRO favourite CERT; PET favourite, one who has LOVER fawn CREEP; FLATTER; 쐍 ECRU FBI GMEN FBI agent FED FBI agents GMEN FBI man FED fear ALARM; AWE; DREAD; SCARE; TERROR; 쐍 PANIC fear, extreme PANIC fear, show QUAKE; SHAKE; TREMBLE fear, sudden PANIC fearful TIMID; anagram indicator fearless BRAVE fearless hero HERO feast DO; EAT; EATING; SPREAD; 쐍 GAUDY; GORGE; JUNKET; REGALE feat ACT; DEED; EXPLOIT; STUNT feather HACKLE; 쐍 PLUME feathers DOWN feathers, grow FLEDGE feathery accessory BOA feature MARK; PROPERTY; STAR; TRAIT; often indicates a facial feature commonly CHIN, EAR, LIP, NOSE; also can indicate a distinctive part of anything (e.g. with reference to a limb can indicate a particular bone) or something essential (e.g. as a ball

fellow in blue

is to snooker); can refer to a geographic feature e.g. plain; when related to a named place (e.g. as a geographic feature) can refer to a specific river, mountain, etc; anagram indicator feature, distinguishing STAMP; TRAIT feature, facial HAIR; see FEATURE feature, geographic PLAIN; see FEATURE feature of run indicator; can indicate some grammatical feature of whatever follows e.g. apostrophe, hyphen featured BILLED (i.e. as on a poster) features FACE; MOVIES; STARS; see FEATURE; run indicator features, set of FACE February FEB; within the context of a clue which has some reference to omission, can indicate FIVE or FIFTH (i.e. it is the month usually missing the fifth week!) fed PAID fed-up BLUE; BORED; DEF; FULL; LOW federal agents CIA; GMEN (i.e. G-men) federal district of America DC federation FED; UNION; 쐍 ALLIANCE; AXIS fee CHARGE (qv); COST; PAY; RATE; SUM; TOLL feeble DAMP; FAINT; FRAIL; LAME; LIMP; PUNY; SAD; SLIGHT; WEAK; WET; 쐍 ABJECT; PATHETIC feeble, grow LANGUISH feeble individual WIMP feeble performer RABBIT feeble person NERD; WIMP feed DINE; EAT (qv); PAY; STOKE feed fire STOKE feed greedily see EAT GREEDILY feeding nesting indicator feeding system HOPPER

feeding, was ATE feel BE; FINGER; GROPE; PROBE; SENSE; TOUCH feel afraid FEAR feel bad AIL; RESENT; feel bad about LIA (i.e. reversal); RESENT; RUE feel bitter RESENT feel ill AIL feel insulted RESENT feel longing YEARN (qv) feel sick AIL feel the loss of MISS feeling HEART; HUNCH; MOOD; SENSE; 쐍 EMOTION; HUMOUR; SENTIENCE; SENTIMENT feeling, bad ODIUM feeling, not DEAD; NUMB feeling pain ACHE feeling, passionate HATE; see PASSION feeling, without CRUEL; DEAD; HARD; NUMB feeling, induce EMOTIVE feelings, arousing EMOTIVE feelings, show EMOTE feet HOOVES; IAMBI feet, several YARD feign ACT; SHAM feline CAT; LYNX; see CAT fell CHOP; CUT; DIED; DOWN; HIDE; HILL; MOOR; SKIN; 쐍 ABATED; anagram indicator; can indicate something to do with the felling of trees felled CHOPPED; DOWN; anagram indicator felling anagram indicator fellow BOD; CHAP; CO (i.e. co- as in co-worker)); COVE; DON; F; GENT; GUY; LAD; MALE; MAN; MATE; PEER; 쐍 GEEZER; can refer to a man’s name; see MAN fellow American FUS fellow, Aussie SPORT fellow-citizen BRIT fellow in blue TAR; see POLICEMAN, SAILOR


fellow left

fellow left F (or some other synonym for fellow) to be either omitted or followed by L (e.g. FL) fellow-member HON (i.e. MP’s title) fellow’s HIS fellow, sound GEYSER fellow, that/the HIM fellows FF; MEN felony CRIME felt CLOTH female DAM; DOE; F; GAL; HEN; HER; LASS; MISS; MS; SHE; SISTER; 쐍 BITCH; MAIDEN; MATRON; can refer to a woman’s name, see WOMAN; can indicate that a word ends in -ESS, as “Value of the female donkey?” 씮 ASSESS female, a French UNE female body WI female, characterised as DISTAFF female, common BIRD female community HAREM female dress, gear DRAG female, enchanting CIRCE female, fiendish/monstrous OGRESS female of unknown marital status MS female ox COW female principle, universal YIN female relative AUNT; DAUGHTER; GRAN; SIS; SISTER; see MOTHER female teacher MISS female’s HER female, vulgar HUSSY; TART; TIT females WOMEN; see FEMALE feminist LIB fen BOG fence HEDGE; LIMIT; PALE; PALING; PICKET; RAIL; 쐍 BARRIER; OXER; RAILING; RECEIVE fence, bit of RAIL fence material WATTLE fencing KENDO; PALING; RAIL; RAILING; [쒁 TOUCHE]


fend off WARD feral BRUTAL; WILD ferment BREW; anagram indicator ferment, cause of YEAST fermented, fermenting anagram indicator fermenting agent YEAST ferocious WILD ferret RIFLE ferret, male HOB ferry BOAT; [쒁 CROSS; OVER] fertile RICH fertiliser PEAT; 쐍 COMPOST; MULCH fervour ARDOUR; FIRE; HEAT; ZEAL; 쐍 HWYL (Welsh) fester RANKLE; see ANNOY, NEEDLE festival EASTER; FETE; GALA; WHIT; can indicate something to do with Mardi Gras festive GAY; JOLLY festive meal SPREAD festive occasion GALA; see FESTIVAL festive season NOEL; YULE festivity GALA fetch BRING; DOUBLE; GET fetch up LAND fetched BROUGHT; GOT fetish TOTEM fetter HOBBLE feud FIGHT fever AGUE; HEAT feverish HECTIC; anagram indicator feverish cold CHILL few SOME; small number, TWO, THREE, FOUR or a low Roman numeral viz. IV, V, VI few feet, a YARD few feet, up a DRAY few lines, a MEMO; NOTE; VERSE few, they say FU few words NOTE few words, with TERSE fewer LESS Fiat UNO fib LIE


fibre ISTLE; JUTE; RAFFIA; RAYON; STRAND; see FILAMENT fibrous STRINGY fibrous stuff, some HANK fiction FIB; LEGEND; LIE; NOVEL; STORY; TALE; 쐍 FALSEHOOD fiddle BOW; CHEAT; CON; FIX; LIFT; POTTER; RIG; SCAM; SCRAPE; STRAD; TINKER; TOY; VIOL; 쐍 CHISEL; RACKET; SWINDLE; TAMPER; anagram indicator; [쒁 BOW; NERO] fiddle cash LAUNDER fiddle, fellow on the NERO fiddle, part of NECK; STRING fiddle, play the BOW fiddle with FIX; RIG; 쐍 FINGER fiddled, fiddles, fiddling anagram indicator fiddlesticks BOWS; ROT Fido DOG fiddly anagram indicator fidgeting, finish SETTLE field ACRE; AREA; ENTRY; DOMAIN; GROUND; LAND; LEA; PITCH; STOP (cric.); can indicate the name of a specific football or cricket field e.g. OVAL; 쐍 RANGE; REALM; SPHERE Field can refer to the composer field event DISCUS; HAMMER field officer FO field, one in see FIELDER field, one on the REF; see CRICKETER, FOOTBALLER, PLAYER field, part of OFF; ON field, take from the SCRATCH fielder GULLY; POINT; SLIP; 쐍 CATCHER fielding OUT fielding position COVER; GULLY; MIDON (i.e. mid-on); POINT; SLIP Fielding’s novel AMELIA fieldwork TILLING fiend DEMON; DEVIL

fiendish EVIL; GRIM; anagram indicator fiery HOT; RED fiesta BEANO; PARTY (qv) 1500m-equivalent (race) MILE 15th of month, Roman IDES fifth change to V, or the fifth letter of a word, to be changed as instructed fifth-rate E fifties LL fifties, boy of TED fifty L fifty cents being half a dollar can thus signify the three letters DOL (or LAR) fifty extra changes an L to a C fifty-nine LIX fifty-one LACE (i.e. L+ACE); LI 50% DEMI; HALF; SEMI; or half a word is to be used fifty pounds LL fifty-two cards DECK; PACK fig DECK; DRESS Figaro BARBER fight ACTION; BOUT; BOX; BRAWL; CLASH; DUEL; FENCE; FEUD; MATCH; MILL; ROW; SCRAP; SPAR; TIFF; TILT; 쐍 AFFRAY; BATTLE; COMBAT; MELEE; SETTO (i.e. set-to); anagram indicator fight, prepare to ARM fighter BOXER; FENCER; GI; MIG; ZERO; see SOLDIER fighter, old VET fighters ARMY; WING fighting ACTION; FRAY; WAR; 쐍 BATTLE; JUDO; SUMO; anagram indicator fighting area RING fighting-cocks can indicate the use of MAIN fighting-fit see HEALTHY fighting force ARM; ARMY (qv); TA; UNIT fighting man BOXER; FENCER; see SOLDIER fighting, people see ARMY figure BUILD; CIRCLE; CONE; COVER; DIGIT; FIG; FORM;


figure-head (or figurehead)

M; NUMBER; OBLONG; PRICE; SHAPE; SQUARE; SUM; TRIANGLE; 쐍 MODEL; POLYGON; PUPPET; STATUE; see NUMBER figure-head (or figurehead) BUST; F; FRONT; TOKEN figure in the sky can refer to a constellation e.g. Orion figures in run indicator figures of speech are instances of where we distort or exaggerate our statements to make an effect. Top writers of the day will be creating new figures of speech but many old ones have become so embedded in our everyday speech and writing that we are not aware of their figurative origin (such as “paying cash on the nail”). Figures of speech are common in crosswords as in “Deteriorated down at the track?” 씮 GONE TO THE DOGS figures, set of TABLE Fijian capital SUVA filament HAIR; STRAND; THREAD filch PINCH; STEAL file LINE; LIST; MARCH; RASP; ROW; 쐍 FOLDER; STREAM fill CHARGE; MEAT (as in sausage); PACK(IN); STOCK fill between tiles GROUT fill up BRIM; TOP filled, we hear PACT filled with run indicator fillet BONE filling STOCKING; nesting indicator; run indicator filling, sandwich HAM fillip LIFT; RISE filly HER; SHE film CINE; COAT; COVER; EPIC; ET; FLICK; LAYER; LOOP; MIST; MOVIE; PANC; PIC; PSYCHO; REEL; ROLL; SCUM; SHINE; SHOOT; SHORT; SKIN; SPOOL; 쐍 GREASE; IRIS; KODAK; MEMBRANE; VIDEO film actor EXTRA


film actress GARBO; LOREN film director LANG; LEAN; REED; TATI film director’s milieu SET film excerpt, extract CLIP film for everyone U film, long EPIC film, make SHOOT film music SCORE film part BIT; EXTRA; LEAD; REEL; ROLE; STAR film, part of REEL film, part of proposed TAKE film, piece of CLIP; FRAME; REEL; TAKE film premiere F film, section of see FILM, PIECE OF film, short PIC; VID; can indicate an abbreviation of anything listed under FILM film shot TAKE film, some REEL film star ACTOR; CHAPLIN; COOPER; GABLE filming, location (place) of SET; STUDIO filming, stop CUT filter STRAIN filth DIRT; GRIME; MUCK; SMUT filthy BAD; BLUE; DIRTY; 쐍 SQUALID filthy accommodation/place STY final CLOSE; END; EXAM; HEAT (as in a sports event); LAST; NET; NETT; ULT; 쐍 MATCH; last letter(s) indicator final check MATE final letter Z final piece CODA; END; TIP final point END final score TOTAL final words PS finale END; ENDING; last letter(s) indicator finalise charges BILL finalise, to component or word to go at end

fire up

finalist last letter indicator as “cup finalist” 씮 P finally last letter(s) indicator; 쐍 AT LAST finally dropped last letter to be omitted (as “Penny finally dropped” 씮 COI) finally failing last letter to be omitted finally get TUMBLE finally going last letter to be omitted finally gone ahead last letter of word to be relocated to the beginning finally made E finance BACK; FUND; RESOURCE finance house BANK financial adviser CA financial analysis AUDIT financial backer ANGEL financial centre N; NY financial district CITY financial obligation DEBT; IOU financial obligations IOUS financial ratio GEARING financial relief AID financial resources CHEST; FUND financially support FUND finch SERIN find TRACE; 쐍 DISCOVER; LOCATE; UNCOVER; UNEARTH find answer CRACK; SOLVE find fault CARP; 쐍 UPBRAID find new job for REUSE find new place RESITE find not guilty CLEAR find, one who manages to TRACER find out HEAR; SUSS; anagram of FIND fine ACE; AI; CATCH; DANDY; F; FAIR; GOOD; GRAND; NICE; OK; OKAY; RIGHT; SHEER; SUPER; THIN; WELL; 쐍 COOL; PENALTY; SCONCE fine chase FETCH fine fabric LACE

fine once in Ireland ERIC fine one PEACH fine rain, spray MIST fine, really SUPER fine Scottish BRAW fine specimen PEACH finesse ART; SKILL finest BEST; TOP; 쐍 ELITE finest product FLOWER Fingal’s Cave, island of STAFFA finger INDEX; PINKIE; SHOP; TOT; 쐍 HANDLE finger on, lay a TOUCH finger tip TOUCH fingered FELT fingertip NAIL fingertips can signify something to do with nail polish, nail varnish, manicure etc finish AMEN; CEASE; CLOSE; DIE; DO; EDGE; END; ENDING; KILL; LEAVE; STOP; last letter indicator finish off END; KILL (qv); SCOTCH; SEAL finish off, something to ENDER finish to game MATE finished DEAD; DONE; GONE; OFF; OVER; PAST; READY; UP; USED; 쐍 ENDED; THROUGH finished early last letter to be omitted finishing END; last letter(s) indicator Finland, Finnish SUOMI fir PINE fire ANGER; FLAME; INGLE; LIGHT; LOB; PYRE; SACK; SHOOT; 쐍 ENTHUSE; HEARTH; [쒁 ARSON] fire, bit of EMBER; FLAME; SPARK fire, consequence of ASH; EMBER fire goes out anagram of FIRE fire, on ALIGHT; FLAMING; LIT fire-raising ARSON fire, start LIGHT fire to, set LIGHT; TORCH fire up STOKE


fire when told

fire when told LITE firearm GUN; GAT; RIFLE fired LIT; SHOT; anagram indicator fired again RELIT fired up TIL fireman [쒁 HOSE; STATION] fireplace GRATE; INGLE; HEARTH; HOB fireside HEARTH firewood FAGGOT firewood, load of CORD firework CRACKER; SQUIB firing ARSON; SACKING; 쐍 REPORT; SHOOTING; omission indicator firing, result of SHOT firm CO; COY; FAST; HARD; SET; SOLID; STABLE; STEADY; STIFF; STRICT; STRONG; SURE; TIGHT; 쐍 BUSINESS; CONCERN; CONSTANT; HOUSE; STAUNCH; STURDY firm, are not QUAVER; SHAKE; WAVER (qv) firm hold CINCH; GRIP firm, make CEMENT; ENSURE firmness STEEL firms COCO first A; ALPHA; ARCH; BEST; FORE; GOLD; HEAD; I; IST; LEADING; ONE; ORIGIN; PRIME; PROTO; START; TOP; WINNER; 쐍 LEADER; MAIDEN (as in “maiden speech”); OPENER; ORDINAL; ORIGINAL; initial letter(s) indicator; ordering indicator first and second ISTS first, be B; BEAT; LEAD; WIN first-born B first class AI; C; GRAND; SUPER; TOP; 쐍 TOPPING first-class return IA; SPOT first couple of first two letters of subsequent word to be used first eleven E; K (i.e. position in the alphabet) first few, among the PLACED first, go G; LEAD first, gone G; LED


first lady EVE; L first light DAWN; L first love L first man ADAM; M first mate EVE; M first mate on boat MARK first of month can indicate I in combination with the abbreviation of a month e.g. IDEC, DECI, JANI first off O; initial letter(s) to be omitted First Officer O first person ADAM; I; P; 쐍 CHAMP; WINNER first person in France JE first person killed ABEL first person’s MINE; MY first place GOLD; LEAD; P; TOP; VAN; 쐍 FRONT first place, man in CHAMP first rate A; ACE; AI; AONE (i.e. AI); CLASS; CRACK; GOOD; PRIME; R; TOP first sign ARIES; S first signs of initial letters to be used first sixteen letters ATOP (i.e. A to P) first son CAIN; S first thirteen letters ATOM (i.e. A to M) first thoughts PLAN; T first three, in the PLACE first to T; can indicate the first letter of the word that follows first to last the first letter of a word to be moved to the end of the word (as “Despatch first to last objects” 씮 ENDS) first two letters AB first, was LED; W; WON first week W; can refer to Genesis first wife EX; W first woman EVE; W; 쐍 PANDORA fish ANGLE; BARB; BASS; BIB; BLEAK; BREAM; BRILL; BRIT; DAB; CARP; CATCH; CHAR; CHUB; COD; DORY; EEL; FLUKE; GAR; GOBY; HAG; HAKE; HUNT; ID; IDE;


KIPPER; LING; LOACH; LUCE; PARR; PERCH; PIKE; PLAICE; POPE; POUT; RAY; ROACH; RUDD; RUFF; SCAD; SCHOOL; SHAD; SHINER; SKATE; SMELT; SOLE; SPRAT; TAI; TENCH; TOPE; TRAWL; TROLL; TROUT; TUNA; 쐍 ANGLER; BLOATER; CHARR; ELVER; FLOUNDER; GROPER; GROUPER; HERRING; ORFE; RUFFE; SNAPPER; SWIMMER; TETRA; TUNNY; TURBOT; [쒁 COURSE; ROD; WANDA] fish, amount of CATCH; DRAUGHT fish, attraction for see BAIT fish basket CREEL fish, bit of FIN; FINGER fish-catcher NET fish-eater GULL fish eggs ROE fish, little MINNOW fish, part of, piece of GILL; FIN; SCALE fish-plate SCALE fish product ROE fish, some SCHOOL fish, type of PERCA (genus for perch) fish, way to catch TICKLE fish, young ELVER fisherman ANGLER; WALTON fishing aid (equipment, tackle etc) HOOK; LINE; NET; REEL; ROD fishing boat SMACK fishing, go ANGLE; TRAWL fishing-spear GAFFE fishnet TRAWL; 쐍 TRAMMEL; see NET fishy ODD; RUM; anagram indicator fishy feature FIN; GILL fishy, something CRAN (a measure of fish catch) fissure CRACK; GAP; RENT; SPLIT fist DUKE; HAND; PUNCH fist full, having a HANDED

fit ABLE; AGUE; AI; APT; BOUT; GO; HALE; HEALTHY; MEET; MOOD; PET; RIGHT; SOUND; SPELL; SUIT; TRIM; TURN; WELL; 쐍 ADAPT; ANSWER; STROKE fit for drinking POTABLE fit for employment ABLE; USABLE fit of anagram indicator fit of depression, pique HUMP fit of temper SNIT; see TEMPER fit out EQUIP fitfully anagram indicator fitly ABLY fitness FORM; 쐍 APTITUDE; HEALTH fitted ABLE; anagram indicator fitter BETTER fitting APT; MEET; PROPER; RIGHT; 쐍 EQUIPMENT; anagram indicator Fitzgerald ELLA five V; 쐍 PRIME; QUIN five centavos COLON five digits HAND five extra changes a V to an X five hundred D; MONKEY; THOU (i.e. half a thousand!) 501 DI five hundred extra changes a D to an K five hundred pages REAM five hundred pounds MONKEY five-o, the big L five years LUSTRE; 쐍 LUSTRUM fiver FIN fix AMEND; CLAMP; CLIP; CURE; FASTEN; HOLE; JAM; LOCK; NAIL; PICKLE; PIN; PLACE; PLANT; REPAIR; RIG; RIVET; SCRAPE; SCREW; SET; SPOT; STAPLE; STEW; TIE; 쐍 ARRANGE; CEMENT; EMBED; WANGLE; anagram indicator; see PICKLE fix firmly CEMENT; PLANT; see SECURE fix up RIG; a synonym of fix (see FIX) to be reversed e.g. LIAN fixation THING



fixed FAST; SET; STABLE; 쐍 PRESET; SEWN; STEADY; STUCK; SURE; anagram indicator fixer HYPO; RIGGER fixing anagram indicator; 쐍 CEMENT fixing device BOLT; CLIP; NAIL; PIN; RIVET; SCREW fixing pin see FIXING DEVICE fixture AWAY; DATE; HOME; MATCH; TIE; VENUE; 쐍 MEETING fixture, part of LEG fizzle out DIE fizzy anagram indicator flab FAT flabbergasted anagram indicator flabby LIMP flag COLOUR; DROOP; FADE; FALTER; HAIL; IRIS; JACK; PAVE; PIN; SAG; TAG; TIRE; WAVE; WILT; 쐍 BANNER; DUSTER; ENSIGN; PENNON; STANDARD; STREAMER; can indicate something to do with pavement; [쒁 POLE] flagrant GROSS; RANK flags BUNTING; see FLAG flags, group of HOIST flags, put out PAVE flair STYLE flak STICK flaky anagram indicator flame BEAU; FIRE; LOVER flame, old EX flames FIRE flames, in AFIRE; see FIRE, ON flaming ALIGHT; CROSS; HOT; RED 쐍 DARNED; STEAMING flan DISH; FLY; TART Flanders MOLL flank SIDE; WING flanks first and last letters indicator flanks, both LR; RL flap BUSTLE; COVER; TAB; TODO (i.e. to-do); 쐍 PANIC; SPOILER; [쒁 WING] flapping anagram indicator flare BLAZE; LIGHT; WIDEN flare-up, result of EMBER


flash GLEAM; LINE; SECOND; STREAK; STRIP; TICK; 쐍 GLINT flash fellow SPIV flash of run indicator flash socket SHOE (i.e. on a camera) flashing light STROBE flashy BRIGHT; LOUD; SHOWY; 쐍 JAZZY flashy clothes, man who wears DUDE flat BANAL; DEAD; DOWN; DULL; EVEN; HOME; LOW; LEVEL; MAT; MATT; OUT; PAD; PLAIN; PRONE; STALE; 쐍 BORING; PLANAR; SMOOTH; TAME; UNIFORM; VAPID flat land PLAIN flat surface TABLE; 쐍 RINK flatfish PLAICE; SKATE flats can indicate something to do with theatrical scenery flatter SUIT; TOADY; 쐍 BLANDISH flatterer TOADY flattery BUTTER; SOAP; UNCTION flaunting anagram indicator flavour SPICE; TANG; TASTE; 쐍 MINT flavour enhancer ADDITIVE flavouring ANISE; MINT; SPICE; THYME flavoursome TASTY flaw BLEMISH; see BLEMISH flawless CLEAN; IDEAL; PURE flaws, without see FLAWLESS flay FLOG; SKIN fleck SPOT fled RAN flee BOLT; FLY; RUN fleece CHEAT; COAT; COVER; GULL; HAIR; ROB; SHEAR; SKIN; STRIP; WEB; WOOL can indicate something to do with the Golden Fleece, Jason, Argonauts etc fleeced SHORN fleet ARMADA; FAST; NAVY; PACY; RAPID; RN; SWIFT


fleet, one in AB; BOAT; SHIP see SAILOR Fleming’s hero BOND flesh MEAT; SKIN flesh, loose WATTLE fleshly CARNAL fleshy PLUMP flew FLED flex BEND; CABLE; CORD flexible LIMP; LITHE; 쐍 ELASTIC; PLIANT; SUPPLE; anagram indicator flexible, more SUPPLER flick FILM flickering anagram indicator flier BADER; BAT; GNAT; PILOT; PO; TIT; WING; see BIRD flier, low OWL flier, old BEA fliers RAF flies JETS flight FLOCK; LAM; TRIP; WING; 쐍 ESCAPE; can indicate something to do with stairs e.g. caracole, newel, stair, step; can indicate something to do with Exodus, Moses etc; can require that a word is to be followed by UP e.g. ‘catch flight’ can clue TRIP UP; [쒁 STAMPEDE; TEST] flight, component/part of RISER; STAIR; STEP; TREAD flight, disorderly ROUT flight leader MOSES flight, put to ROUT flight, short HOP flight, start ROUT flight, unaccompanied SOLO flighty creature see BIRD flighty type PILOT; see AIRCRAFT, BIRD flimsy FRAIL; LIGHT; WEAK (qv) fling CAST; HURL; PARTY (qv); PITCH; SHY; TOSS; 쐍 AFFAIR; DANCE (qv); THROW flint ROCK; STONE; 쐍 LIGHTER flip SPRING; anagram indicator flippancy AIRINESS flippant AIRY

flipped SPRUNG; anagram indicator; reversal indicator flipper FIN flipping SPRINGING; anagram indicator; reversal indicator flipping rubbish! TOR flirt SPOON; TOY; VAMP flirtation DALLIANCE flit FLEE flitted FLED flitting anagram indicator float BOB; LAUNCH; 쐍 BUOY; CHANGE float around anagram indicator floater BOAT (qv); RAFT; SHIP (qv) floating anagram indicator flock DROVE; TROOP flog BEAT; BELT; FLAY; HIDE; LASH; LICK; SELL; 쐍 HAWK; SCOURGE; THRASH flood FLOW; SPATE; SWAMP; 쐍 POUR; WASH; WATER; can indicate something to do with Noah’s Ark; can indicate something to do with lighting (i.e. floodlight) Flood, survivor of the HAM flood-survivor HAM flooded AWASH floodland FEN; MARSH floor BASE; DECK; DOWN; FL; KO; STOREY; 쐍 GROUND; LEVEL floor covering MAT; RUG; 쐍 LINO; CARPET floor, covering for see FLOOR COVERING floored, one can refer to a rug, mat, carpet etc floozie TART; 쐍 STRUMPET flop BOMB; FAIL; FALL; SAG; WILT; 쐍 DROOP; SLEEP; TURKEY; see DISASTER; anagram indicator floppy LIMP flora PLANTS; see FLOWER, PLANT flora and fauna NATURE floral BLOOMING floral tribute WREATH Florence FLO



florid RED; SHOWY; 쐍 ORNATE Florida FL Florida Keys FLAG Florida town TAMPA flounder DAB; FLUKE; WALLOW; anagram indicator floundering anagram indicator flour MEAL flour, mixed BATTER flour, source of WHEAT flourish BLOOM; SHAKE; WAVE; 쐍 FLOWER; THRIVE; TUCKET flourished FL; anagram indicator flourishing PALMY; anagram indicator flow CURRENT; EBB; FLOOD; RUN; STREAM; SURGE; 쐍 SCAPA flow, gentle TRICKLE flowed RAN flowed around anagram and/or nesting indicator flower ASTER; BELL; BLOOM; FLAG; GLAD; PICK; PLANT; POPPY; PRIME; ROSE; STOCK; TULIP; 쐍 ANNUAL; CAMPION; CARNATION; ORRIS; see PLANT; also an old standby to signal a river, see RIVER; in this way it can also signal any other kind of waterway, as “Artificial flower” 씮 CANAL flower, artificial CANAL flower, blue NILE flower-bud CLOW flower garland LEI flower-girl IRIS; LILY; ROSE; VIOLET; see GIRL, WOMAN flower-part PETAL; STAMEN; STEM flower’s corolla BELL flower, unopened BUD flower, white NILE flowers BUNCH; LEI; SPRAY; see FLOWER flowers, bunch of SPRAY; see FLOWER flowery can indicate something to do with flowers, see FLOWER-PART


flowing RUNNY; anagram indicator fluctuate SWING flue DUCT; VENT fluent GLIB fluent, insincerely GLIB fluently anagram indicator fluff BOTCH; BUNGLE; DOWN; NAP fluffing anagram indicator fluid FL; anagram indicator; see LIQUID fluke CHANCE; 쐍 FLOUNDER flummox STUMP flung CAST; PITCHED; anagram indicator flunk FAIL flurry, in a anagram indicator flush LEVEL; RED; SCOUR; START; SWILL; 쐍 ROLLING flushed RED flustered anagram indicator flute PIPE; WIND flutter BET; HOVER; WAGER; WAVE; see BET; can indicate something to do with a bird, moth or a flag flutter, have a BACK; BET; GAMBLE fluttering anagram indicator fly BOT; CADDIS; FLAP; FLEE; FLIT; GLIDE; GNAT; HARE; HOVER; JET; RUSH; SHARP; SOAR; WING; 쐍 COACH; DRAKE; HACKLE; MIDGE; SHREWD; SMART; STREAK ZOOM; anagram indicator; can indicate a colloq. imper. such as “get lost”, “push off”, “vamoose” fly-by-night BAT; MOTH; OWL fly, give help to IMP fly off GLANCE; SOAR; anagram of FLY fly-trap WEB fly, unable to GROUNDED flyer AD; BAT; PILOT; 쐍 AIRMAN; can indicate a bird, butterfly, moth etc; see BIRD, FLIER flyers RAF; see AIRCRAFT, BIRD flyers’decoration AFM

food provided

flying UP; 쐍 AVIATION; RUSHING; WINGING; anagram indicator flying ace BADER flying manoeuvre LOOP flying, one can indicate a bird, see BIRD flying saucer UFO flying, send SCRAMBLE Flynn ERROL foam HEAD focus AIM; HUB; 쐍 CENTRE fodder CLOVER; GRUB; HAY; 쐍 STRAW; VETCH; anagram indicator fodder crop HAY fog BLEAR; FRET; MIST; 쐍 HAZE; MURK fog, in a anagram indicator; also can indicate that something is not seen (e.g. indiscernible) or that someone cannot understand fogy, old SQUARE fogeyish PASSE foil BAFFLE; BEAT; CHECK; METAL; SWORD; 쐍 SCOTCH; SCUPPER foil, use FENCE fold BEND; CLOSE; PEN; PLEAT; TUCK; 쐍 CHURCH; CREASE; FLOCK folded anagram indicator; reversal indicator folder BINDER; FILE; can indicate something to do with origami foliage FROND folio F; LEAF; PAGE folk KIN; MEN; 쐍 SET folks KIN follow CHASE; DOG; SHADOW; STALK; TAG; TAIL; TRACE; TRACK; TRAIL; 쐍 ENSUE; OBEY follow, closely ATTEND; HEED follower BUFF; FAN; LACKEY; NUT; TAIL; can indicate the next in some familiar sequence (example: “March follower” signifies APRIL); can indicate the surname of some noted person when the first name is given in the clue

as “a follower of Calvin” clues COOLIDGE follower, a B follower, enthusiastic FAN; see FOLLOWER followers SCHOOL; TAIL following AFTER; F; NEXT; POST; 쐍 LATTER; SECOND; can indicate that one component is to be placed behind another following almost every FEVER following example AFTER fomented, fomenting anagram indicator fond of, be LIKE; LOVE fond of, be foolishly DOTE fondness BENT fondle STROKE food BOARD; BRAN; BREAD; BUN; CAKE; CHOP; CHOW; CROP; DIET; DISH; EATS; EGG; FARE; FISH; FODDER; GRUB; HAM; MEAL; MEAT; OATS; PASTA; PIE; RICE; STEAK; TABLE; TART; TOAST; TRIPE; TUCK; 쐍 BEEF; CHEER; COURSE; ENTREE; HONEY; NOSH; SCAMPI; TACK; WAFFLE; see COURSE, MEAL, MEAT food and drink CHEER food, Australian TUCKER food container ASPIC food, cooked DISH; see FOOD, MEAL food enhancer SPICE food enhancers, use SEASON food, fatty CREAM food from heaven MANNA food, go without FAST; [쒁 LENT] food-hall MESS food, health(y) BRAN food, hot CHILLI; TOAST; TOASTY food, invalid PAP food, particular DISH food, prepare DRESS; see COOK food, processed PATE food-processor can indicate a tooth (e.g. MOLAR), the stomach, intestines etc food provided TABLE


food recycled

food recycled HASH food regime DIET food, semi-liquid PAP food, selection of DIET food, served DISH food shop DELI food, soft PAP food, sweet JAM food store DELI; 쐍 LARDER; PANTRY food, traditional English BEEF fool ASS; CHEAT; CHUMP; CLOD; CLOT; COD; CON; DILL; DOLT; DOPE; DUPE; GIT; GOOSE; GULL; JESTER; KID; LOON; MUG; NIT; NOODLE; NUT; OAF; PRAT; SAP; SUCKER; TRICK; TWIT; WALLY; 쐍 BERK; CLOWN; CUCKOO; DELUDE; DESSERT; DOLT; DONKEY; DORK; DUMMY; DUNCE; GOON; IDIOT; JERK; MORON; NERD; NINNY; NUTTER; PUDDING; TWERP fool, Australian DILL fool of, made a HAD fool, pale-faced AUGUST fool, upper-class ASS foolery ANTIC foolhardy RASH foolish CRASS; DUMB; MAD; POTTY; RASH; SILLY; SIMPLE; anagram indicator foolish later life DOTAGE foolish person ASS; see FOOL foolish talk YAK; 쐍 TWADDLE foolishly anagram indicator fools ASSES; GEESE; see FOOL foot BASE; FT; HOOF; PAD; PAW; PAY; 쐍 PAEON; SPONDEE; TOOTSY; TROTTER foot, bottom of SOLE foot of page, written at PTO foot, one seen on can call for any type of footwear foot, part of ARCH; INCH; SOLE; TOE foot soldiers LI; INFANTRY football RU; 쐍 SOCCER


football club FC; FOREST; MANU; ORIENT; SPURS; UNITED; XI football facility GROUND football kit STRIP football match TIE football pitch PARK football, place for GROUND; PITCH football team FC; XI; see FOOTBALL CLUB football team, most of TEN footballer BACK; HALF; WING; 쐍 FORWARD; HIB; KEEPER; KICKER; PELE; STRIKER; WINGER; see RUGBY PLAYER; [쒁 NET] footballers FA; see FOOTBALLER footer can indicate a dancer footfall TREAD footing last letter indicator footing, losing can indicate that the last letter is to be omitted, as “walker losing footing” 씮 RAMBLE footing, on equal PAR footloose last letter to be omitted, as “footloose traveller” 씮 TRAM footman LACKEY footnote PS footpath TRAIL; WAY footsore CORN footwear BOOT; CLOG; HOSE; MULE; OXFORD; PUMP; SHOE; SLIPPER; SOCK; TRAINER fop DUDE (qv) for ON; PER; PRO; TO; can indicate that the definition follows; can indicate a substitution as “given shelter for one” requires I to be replaced by LEE for a poet THO (i.e. though) for all to see U for church FORCE for each PER for every PER for example EG; SAY for French AU; POUR for instance AS; EG; SAY


for me MY for nothing FREE for sale GOING for this reason HENCE for us OUR for, Spanish POR forage DELVE foray RAID forbid BAN; BAR; VETO forbidden OUT; 쐍 BANNED forbidden to speak BAND (i.e. homophone of “banned”) forbidding DOUR; GRIM; STERN force ARMY; BRUNT; CRAM; DRIVE; F; FLEET; G; JAM; MAKE; MIGHT; POWER; PRESS; PRISE; RAF; RAM; RUC; SQUAD; STRAIN; STRESS; TA; UNIT; WEIGHT; WREST; 쐍 BRANCH; COERCE; DURESS; DYNE; EDGE; EXERT; MUSCLE POLICE; POSSE; SERVICE; TEETH; THRUST; TORQUE; can indicate something to do with the police; [쒁 ACTION] force, elite (British, special) SAS force, fighting TA etc; see ARMY force, in ING (i.e. in + g); RULING; VALID force into shape BEND force of law POSSE; see POLICEMEN force one’s way PUSH force, oppressive WEIGHT force out GOUGE force, positive YANG force, remove by OUST; REAVE force, rotating TORQUE force, sort of TASK force 10 STORM force to flee, fly ROUT force, using PRISING; see FORCE force, without GENTLE; 쐍 GENTLY forced MADE; anagram indicator forceful HARD; PUNCHY; STERN; STRONG; TELLING Forces’sweetheart VERA

forcible restraint GAG forcibly anagram indicator forcing anagram indicator ford CROSS; WADE Ford’s preferred colour BLACK fore FRONT; VAN forecast TIP; 쐍 PREDICT forecaster SEER forego PASS forehand SHOT forehead BROW foreign ALIEN; ODD; STRANGE; anagram indicator foreign, a EIN; UN, UNE foreign agent SPY foreign article DER; EIN; EL; IL; LA; LE; LES; UN; UNE foreign articles UNDER (i.e. un + der) foreign city AIX; ROME; PARIS foreign coin see FOREIGN CURRENCY foreign currency COLON; DM; FRANC; GUILDER; LEU; LIRA; LIRE; MARK; ROUBLE; RAND; SEN; YEN foreign dignitary KHAN foreign friend AMI foreign hotel PENSION foreign land see COUNTRY foreign language LANGUE Foreign Office FO foreign parts, in ABROAD foreign private GI foreign royalty ROI foreign soldier GI foreign, the DER; EL; IL; LA; LE; LES foreign title PASHA foreigner ALIEN; STRANGER; beware that this can refer to any nationality other than British (some compilers seem to assume that ‘foreigners’ don’t attempt their crosswords!) foreman GAFFER; 쐍 GANGER; can indicate something to do with jury foremost BEST; TOP; first letter(s) indicator forepart FRONT; PROW


foreshore, part of

foreshore, part of HARD forest ARDEN; BLACK; DEAN; JUNGLE; WOOD; 쐍 TAIGA; TREES forest clearing GLADE forest, small WOOD Forester’s book GUN (i.e. The Gun) forfeit WAIVE forge COIN; SMITHY forged MADE; anagram indicator forger SMITH forget LEAVE; MISS; OMIT forgetful ABSENT forgetting omission indicator forgiving disposition MERCY forgot LEFT; MISSED forgot to mention PS forgotten LOST; omission indicator; see FORGOT fork BRANCH; Y; 쐍 CRUTCH forked, something see FORK form BED; BENCH; CAST; CLASS; FOUND; MAKE; SEAT; SHAPE; VERSION; 쐍 CREATE; FIGURE; GROUP; OVAL; anagram indicator form of anagram indicator for the word or words that follow formal DRY; PRIM; STIFF; 쐍 STARCHY formal attire TAILS formal gathering BALL; DANCE; MEET formal guidance CLASS; LESSON; 쐍 COURSE; TUITION formal pronouncements DICTA formal, stiffly PRIM formal wear DRESS; SUIT formality ICE; RESERVE; STARCH format PATTERN format, in new anagram indicator formation anagram indicator; 쐍 CREATION formation, in anagram indicator formed MADE; anagram indicator formed in run indicator former EX; LATE; OLD; ONCE; OLDEN; PAST


former days BC; ONCE former pupil OB former pupils OBS former student OB; see GRADUATE formerly EX; LATE; NEE; ONCE; 쐍 ERST; can indicate that a component is to be placed at the front; can indicate some device or institution in the past which has now been superseded formerly named NEE formers CLASS formidable GRIM formidable type TERROR; 쐍 DRAGON forming anagram indicator formula SECRET; anagram indicator formula, magic SPELL formulated anagram indicator forsaken LORN forsaking omission indicator fort KEEP fortepiano FP forth ON forthcoming attraction TRAILER forthcoming, not COY; SHY forthright BLUNT Forties SCORES; [쒁 ROARING] fortification CAMP; KEEP; REDAN; WALL fortified place KEEP fortitude COURAGE; GRIT fortress CASTLE; TOWER fortunate HANDY; HAPPY; LUCKY fortunately WELL fortune BOMB; DOOM; FATE; LOT; LUCK; MINT; PILE; 쐍 CHANCE; WEALTH fortune, good LUCK fortune, having good LUCKY fortune, reverse of DOWN fortune-teller PALMIST; SEER; 쐍 SYBIL forty XL forty-five inches ELL forty-nine IL forty ponies GRAND


forty winks NAP forward AHEAD; EARLY; LOCK (rugby); ON; PERT; SEND; can indicate a component is to be placed at the front as “spectators surge forward to barrier” 씮 FLOODGATE forward play RUCK forwarded SENT fosse DITCH; TRENCH fossick MINE foster BACK; NURSE; 쐍 HARBOUR; SUPPORT foul BREACH; DIRTY; EVIL; RANK; VILE; anagram indicator foul-mouthed F fouled, fouling anagram indicator found BASE; CAST; FORM; MET; START; TRACED; 쐍 BEGIN; CREATE; LAUNCH; run indicator; anagram indicator found, are LIE found everywhere COMMON found here run indicator found in run indicator; nesting indicator; can mean that the answer is contained in what follows as a run or anagram; or that instructions and components follow to build up the answer as a compound found out nesting indicator foundation BASE; BED; CAUSE; FOOT; REASON; ROCK; START; can indicate the first or last letter of a word foundation, given a new first or last letter to be changed foundation, without the first or last letter to be omitted founded anagram indicator founder SINK; anagram indicator foundered SANK foundering anagram indicator fountain JET; SODA four IV four, one of QUAD four, reportedly FOR four pints GAL four points TRY 14 lb STONE fourth D

fourth-rate D fowl HEN; SULTAN fowl, water GANDER; see BIRD fox CON; TOD; 쐍 REYNARD; VIXEN; see CON; [쒁 EARTH] fox-hunt fixture MEET foxhole EARTH fracas SCRUM fraction BIT; PART; PORTION; RATIO; TITHE; can also refer to ordinary fractions e.g. half, third, quarter etc; [쒁 (IM)PROPER; VULGAR] fractured anagram indicator fracturing anagram indicator fragile TENDER; 쐍 DELICATE fragment BIT; CHIP; PIECE; SCRAP; SHRED; SNATCH; SPLINTER; 쐍 IAMB; anagram indicator fragments ORT fragrance AROMA; SCENT fragrant air see FRAGRANCE frail BASKET; WEAK(qv) frame CASE; CHASE; EASEL; GRID; MODEL; PLAN; SASH; 쐍 MOULD; PLANT; STILL (i.e. cinema film); YOKE; nesting indicator; run indicator frame (under skirt) BUSTLE frame of mind MOOD; TEMPER framed, frames nesting indicator; run indicator framing nesting indicator France, and in ET France, close by in PRES France, first person in JE France (formerly) GAUL France, from (in) DE France in EN France in, or OU France, part of MIDI France, said in DIT France, summer in ETE France, that in QUE France, these in CES France, town in LENS; see TOWN France, well in BIEN France, you in TU; VOUS Francis DRAKE



frank BLUFF; BLUNT; OPEN; PLAIN; STAMP; 쐍 CANDID; DIRECT; HONEST; MARK; SINCERE; STRAIGHT frantic MAD; WILD; anagram indicator frantically anagram indicator fraternity ORDER fraud CON; FAKE; RACKET; SCAM; STING; 쐍 PSEUD; SWIZZLE; anagram indicator fraudster CON fraudsters CONMEN fraudulent FAKE; PHONY fraudulent type PSEUD fray RUB; STRAIN frayed RAGGED; TATTY; anagram indicator freak FAN; WEIRDO; anagram indicator freakish WEIRD; 쐍 ODD; RUM; anagram indicator free CLEAR; EASE; LOOSE; OFF (as “mark free from parasite” cues TICK OFF); OPEN; OUT; RID; UNTIE; 쐍 ACQUIT; DELIVER; EXEMPT; GRATIS; RELEASE; SPRING; UNDO; anagram indicator; can indicate a verb beginning with UN (as “Become free of habit” signals UNDRESS); can indicate a phrase beginning with NO (e.g. no charge) free entertainment TREAT free entertainment, provide TREAT free entry PASS free-lance anagram of LANCE free, not BOUND; CAGED; ENGAGED; TIED free offer, we hear TREET free passage VENT free play VENT free transport LIFT free travel HITCH; LIFT freedom EASE; PLAY; 쐍 LATITUDE; LIBERATION freedom of movement PLAY; see FREEDOM freeholder LETTER freeloader SPONGE


freemartin CALF freely LIEF; anagram indicator freer SAVER; SAVIOUR freewheel COAST freeze ICE; STILL freezer ICER freezing BITTER; GELID freezing point F; O; 쐍 ICICLE freezing temperature IC (i.e. one Centigrade) freight LOAD French F; FR; the use of a French locality in a clue, commonly Paris, Nice, can indicate that a French word is required, see some of the combinations below French accent ACUTE; GRAVE French actor TATI French alternative OU French are ES French art ES French aunt TANTE French author see FRENCH WRITER French authoress SAND French beach PLAGE French bed LIT French biography VIE French book ROMAN French bread PAIN French, by DE French Canadian native CREE French capital F; PARIS; can also indicate the French spelling of London i.e. Londres French cat CHAT French, certain SUR French city CAEN; NANCY; NANTES; NICE; NIMES; ROUEN French coast COTE French coin, old SOU French collaborator PETAIN French comic actor TATI French company CIE French complaint MAL French Connection, The TUNNEL French count ODO French dear CHER French deep MER

fresh, get

French department MARNE; OISE French drink VIN French, during EN French eleven ONZE French fashion TON French fashion, in the ALA (i.e. a la) French father PERE French, first person in JE French for POUR French friend AMI French good BON French here is VOICI French horn COR French house MAISON French husband MARI French, in DE; EN French inn AUBERGE French is EST French island ILE French king ROI French kiosk TABAC French land TERRE French maid BONNE French name NOM French naval base BREST French nobleman CONTE; DUC French novel ROMAN French novelist HUGO; PROUST; SAND; 쐍 DUMAS; VERNE; see FRENCH WRITER French, of DE; DES; DU French or OU French plainsong CHANT French port BREST French priest ABBE; CURE French provincial, old NORMAN French pussy CHAT French queen REINE French refusal NON French resort NICE French river OISE; SEINE French school ECOLE; LYCEE French sea MER French, second person in TU French she ELLE French, some DES French, speaks in DIT French state ETAT

French station GARE French street RUE French, the LA; LE; LES French, this CE French to A; ALA (i.e. a la); AU; AUX French town BREST; NANCY; NICE; PAU; TOURS; VILLE French trip TOUR French, very TRES French veto NON French wall MUR French water MER French way, the RUE French, we translated into NOUS French what QUOI French where OU French wine VIN French woman ELLE French writer CAMUS; GIDE; SAND; ZOLA; see FRENCH NOVELIST Frenchman FROG; IL; M; RENE; 쐍 JULES; LOUIS; PIERRE Frenchman, said by the DIT frenzied MAD; anagram indicator frenzied excitement MUST (with regard to animals) frenziedly anagram indicator frenzy, in a anagram indicator frequency F; PITCH frequency, high OFTEN frequent COMMON; 쐍 REGULAR; VISIT frequently FR; OFT; OFTEN fresco PAINTING fresh BRACING; CLEAN; CHEEKY; CHILLY; FORWARD; GREEN; LATE; NEW; NOVEL; PERT; RECENT; SAUCY; 쐍 IMPRUDENT; MINT; VERNAL; anagram indicator; can indicate a verb beginning with RE- (as “Put fresh string around document” 씮 RECORD) fresh display of anagram of letters that follow fresh, get see FRESHEN


fresh, no longer

fresh, no longer see FRESHNESS, LACKING fresh, not STALE fresh-sounding NEU; NOO; PNEU fresh, when anagram indicator freshen AIR; RALLY; REVIVE freshening up, in need of anagram indicator freshly can indicate a word beginning with RE as “freshly directed” 씮 RESENT freshness, lacking OFF; OLD; USED fret BAR; CHAFE; EAT; FOG; FUSS; MIST; MOPE; PINE; RUB; WORRY Freudian concept ID friar AUSTIN; TUCK friary CONVENT friction RUB; 쐍 STRIFE; [쒁 OIL] friction, cause RUB friction, reduce OIL Friday via the nursery rhyme can refer to LOVING, GIVING fried food CHIP friend ALLY; AMI; BUD; BUDDY; CHINA; CHUM; COCK; CRONY; MATE; PAL Friend QUAKER friend, American BUD; BUDDY friend, best DOG; can also refer to a particular breed, see DOG friend, familiar COCK friend from France/Paris AMI friend from US BUD friend, French AMI friend, like a see FRIENDLY friendly KIND; PALLY; 쐍 AFFABLE; AMICABLE; PLEASANT friendly gesture PAT friendly spirit AMITY friendly terms, on WELLIN (i.e. well in) friends ALLIES; see FRIEND friends upset SLAP (i.e. reversal) friendship AMITY fright PANIC; SHOCK; TERROR frighten CHILL; COW; SCARE; 쐍 ALARM; INTIMIDATE


frightened SCARED; 쐍 PSYCHED frightened, seem WHITEN frightening SCARING; SCARY frightening noise BOO frightening story CHILLER frightfully anagram indicator frigid COLD; ICY frigidity ICE frill RUFF; TUCK fringe BANG (i.e. hairstyle); BORDER; EDGE; VERGE; see HAIR; can indicate something to do with Edinburgh (i.e. via The Fringe) fringe benefit PERK fringes of first and last letters to be uses as “fringes of society” 씮 SY frisk FROLIC frisky anagram indicator fritter away time POTTER frivolous LIGHT; SHALLOW; 쐍 GIDDY frivolously, act TRIFLE frock DRESS frolic CAPER; FRISK; LARK; PRANK; ROMP from EX; OFF; OUT; run indicator; can indicate that the definition precedes (i.e. before the word “from”); can indicate that an adjective is required as “Rich son may come from the county” signals the adjective CORNISH; can indicate that the word(s) that follows is an anagram; can indicate that the word that precedes “from” in the clue should be placed last as “In the break see girl from Bury” 씮 INTERVAL from French DE from Latin AB from start to finish AZ from that day on SINCE from the French DU from within RO (i.e. a run within FROM) front BOW; FACE; FACADE; FORE; HEAD; LEAD; NOSE; PRE; PROW; SHOW; VAN; WAR; 쐍 BRASS; IMPUDENCE;


TEMERITY; first letter/word indicator; preceding indicator; can indicate something to do with weather, meteorology front, hinged DOOR front, in AHEAD; HEADING; LEADING front page RECTO front seat STALL front, to the last letter of a word to moved to the beginning (as “Run to the front – hear this bird” 씮 RHEA) front, was in LED; WON frontage first letter indicator frontal first letter/word indicator fronted first letter/word indicator; preceding indicator frontier BORDER; MARCH frost HOAR; RIME frosty coating ICING froth FOAM; HEAD; SCUM; SUDS froth, bear HEAD frown LOUR frozen COLD; FRIGID; ICE; ICY; NUMB; STATIC frozen, girl partly MIMI frozen, more NUMBER (one of the classic chestnuts) frozen water ICE frugal SPARE fruit ACORN; APPLE; BERRY; CONE; CROP; DATE; FIG; GRAPE; HAW; HIP; ISSUE; LIME; MAST; NUT; OLIVE; PEACH; PEAR; PLUM; PRUNE; SLOE; 쐍 ANANAS; CRAB; GOURD; MELON; QUINCE; RAISIN; SWEETIE; TANGELO; TOMATO; anagram indicator fruit cake NUT; NUTTER fruit drink CRUSH; SQUASH fruit, large MELON fruit of oak trees ACORN; MAST fruit-picker HOPPER fruit product JAM fruit stone PIP; PIT fruits CROP; see FRUIT, PROFIT fruity RICH; RIPE frumpish DRAB; DOWDY

frustrate BAFFLE; DASH; FOIL; SCOTCH; 쐍 COUNTER frying material BATTER frying pan SKILLET FT PAPER; can indicate something to do with PINK (as the newspaper) fuddled anagram indicator fudge COOK; FAKE; SWEET; anagram indicator fuel COAL; COKE; DERV; FIRE; GAS; OIL; PEAT; PETROL; STOKE fuel, add STOKE fuel pipeline PLUTO fuel, place for BUNKER; FIRE; GRATE; LIGHTER; SCUTTLE fuelling, tanker for BROWSER fugitive RUNNER; 쐍 RUNAWAY full FAT; 쐍 COMPLETE; GENERAL; PACKED; THOROUGH full amount SUM; TOTAL full-bodied RICH full choice RANGE full complement SET full of nesting indicator full of energy E to be nested full of wind a synonym of “wind” (e.g. GAS) to be nested full range AZ (i.e. range of alphabet) full set BEARD full strength NEAT full-toned RICH fully ALL fulminate RAGE; RAIL fumble GROPE fumbled anagram indicator fume BOIL; RAGE; SMOKE fun FLING; GLEE; JAPES; JEST; LARK; PLAY; SPORT fun, bit of LARK fun, have REVEL function DO; EVENT; GO; JOB; PART; PARTY; ROLE; USE; WORK; anagram indicator; can refer to a mathematical function, commonly COS, COT, LOG, SINE



functioning ON fund KITTY; MINE; POOL; STORE; SUB; 쐍 ACCOUNT; RESOURCE fund-raising event RAG fundamental BASIC; PRIME; ROOT; see IMPORTANT fundamental part ROOT funding see FUNDS funds AID; BACKING; PURSE funds, way of accessing PIN funeral bell KNELL funeral car HEARSE funeral fire PYRE funeral gathering WAKE funeral stand BIER funerary receptacle URN fungi CEP fungus CEP; ROT; 쐍 MILDEW; MUSHROOM; TOADSTOOL; TRUFFLE fungus reproducer SPORE funnel HOPPER funnily anagram indicator funny COMIC; DROLL; ILL; ODD; RUM; 쐍 AMUSING; QUEER; STRANGE; anagram indicator funny character CARD; see JOKER funny fellow FISH; WAG; WIT funny, something HOOT; JOKE; LAUGH funny story JOKE; anagram of STORY funny, they’re see COMEDIAN, COMIC, JOKE, JOKER funny, very KILLING fur COAT; NAP; SABLE fur covering TIPPET; see FUR, HIDE furious CROSS; MAD; RED; 쐍 IRATE; LIVID; RAGING; anagram indicator; see ANGRY furious, be RAGE; RANT furious, become SEERED (i.e. see red) furious speech RANT


furiously anagram indicator furnish GIVE; EQUIP; 쐍 PROVIDE; SUPPLY furniture BED; BUNK; CHAIR; COT; COUCH; DRESSER; PRESS; SOFA; STAND; STICK; STOOL; SUITE; TABLE; 쐍 COMMODE furniture, old LUMBER furniture, old-style REPRO furniture, set of SUITE furrow RIDGE; RUT further AGAIN; ALSO; ELSE; EXTRA; MORE; OVER; SERVE; 쐍 PROMOTE (qv); can indicate a verb beginning with OVER or OUT; in conjunction with verb can indicate the use of RE as a prefix furtiveness STEALTH fury ANGER; IRE; RAGE; 쐍 ALECTO; WRATH; anagram indicator furze GORSE; WHIN fuse JOIN; SHORT; SOLDER; WELD fuse, cause to blow a SHORT fusillade SALVO fusing anagram indicator fusion BLEND; 쐍 MERGER fuss ADO; DO; DUST; LATHER; POTHER; RACKET; RANT; ROW; STINK fuss, make a CREATE fuss over MOTHER; can indicate the reversal of a synonym for “fuss”, and so: OD, ODA, STUD, WOR etc fussed anagram indicator fussy PICKY; 쐍 PARTICULAR; anagram indicator future COMING; can indicate something to do with tense i.e. future tense in grammar fuzz BLUR

games, at least six

Gg G-string GROPE gab CHAT; 쐍 CHATTER gab, with the gift of FLUENT Gabriel ANGEL gad WANDER gadget DEVICE; HOOK; TOOL (qv) Gael SCOT Gaelic ERSE gaffe BLUNDER; ERROR gaffer BOSS (qv); SUPER gag JOKE; QUIP; RETCH; VOMIT gain GET; EARN; LAND; NET; WIN gain access HACK gainfully employed, be EARN gait CANTER gaiter SPAT gala FETE gale BLOW; WIND gall ANGER; CHEEK; 쐍 WORMWOOD gall bladder [쒁 BILE] gallery GODS; TATE; 쐍 LOUVRE; can indicate something to with rogue i.e. via rogue’s gallery gallery, contents of ART gallery, modern ICA galley SLIP (printing) Gallic FRENCH gallivant GAD gallon G gallop CANTER; DASH; RUN; anagram indicator galloped RAN; SPED gallows trapdoor DROP gambit PLOY gamble BACK; BET; CHANCE; DICE; LAY; PLAY; PLUNGE; PUNT; SPEC; STAKE; WAGER gambled DICED; LAYED gambler BETTER; PUNTER; STAKER; TAKER

gambler’s need CHIP; STAKE gambling LOTTO gambling behaviour STAKING gambling centre RENO gambling device TOTE gambling equipment CARDS; DICE gambling game CRAPS; see CARD GAME, GAME gambol FROLIC; PRANCE; ROMP gambolling anagram indicator game BINGO; BOWLS; BRIDGE; DARTS; DEER; FARO; FIVES; FOWL; FRAME; GO; HALT (i.e. lameness); LAME; LOO; LOTTO; MATCH; MEAT; MONTE; NAP; NIM; PLAY; PLUCKY; POLO; POOL; RAG; RU; RUSE; SNAP; SOLO; SPORT; TAG; TIE; TIG; TRICK; WHIST; 쐍 BEETLE; CHESS; CONTEST; CRAMBO; DRAUGHTS; FOOTER; GROUSE; HOCKEY; PIQUET; QUOITS; RUGGER; SCRABBLE; SQUASH; see CARD GAME, SPORT; can indicate something to do with hunted animal, bird etc [쒁 PANEL] game bird GROUSE; PHEASANT game, board GO game, card see CARD GAME game, children’s MARBLES game, easy SUCKER game, finish MATE game of chance DICE; LOTTO game of golf ROUND game, old gambling EO game over a synonym of “game” to be reversed so we get STRAD, UR etc game over! MATE game, possibly MEGA game point RUN game, pursuit of COURSE game, shot BAG game taken BAG game’s ending MATE games PE; PT; RUBBER; SET; SPORT games, at least six SET


games, number of

games, number of RUBBER; SET games period INNINGS gamin STRAY gammon ROT gamut RANGE gander GOOSE; LOOK; PEEK gang BAND; CREW; CROWD; LOT; MOB; RING; SQUAD; SWARM; TEAM; 쐍 BUNCH; GROUP; HORDE gang-leader G gangster AL; CAPONE; HOOD gangster’s friend MOLL ganja POT gap BREACH; BREAK; CLEFT; GORGE; HOLE; RIFT; ROOM; SPACE; VENT gap in printing EM; EN gap, narrow SLIT gap, wide GULF; 쐍 CHASM gape YAWN gape at EYE gaper CLAM gaping OPEN garage, job in MOT garb RIG; WEAR; see CLOTHING, GARMENT garble JUMBLE garbled anagram indicator garden BED; EDEN; HOE; KEW; PARK; PATCH; PLOT; WEED; YARD; 쐍 GARTH; GROUNDS; ROCKERY; [쒁 FLOWER; PLANT] garden equipment FORK; HOE; MOWER; RAKE; SPADE garden feature FLOWER; LAWN; ROCKERY garden, part/section of BED; PLOT garden pest SLUG garden, prepare TILL garden suburb KEW garden tool see GARDEN EQUIPMENT garden, work in DIG; HOE; WEED gardener ADAM gardener, contrary MARY gardener’s son ABEL; CAIN


gardening, do HOE; WEED gardens HOES; KEW; 쐍 GROUNDS garish LOUD garland LEI garlic ALLIUM garlic, segment of CLOVE garment BRA; CAPE; CLOAK; COAT; DRESS; GOWN; HABIT; LUNGI; MINI; MAXI; ROBE; SHIFT; SKIRT; SLIP; STOLE; TOGA; TOP; VEST; 쐍 JACKET; SWEATER; TUNIC; VESTMENT; see CLOTHING garment, church COTTA garment maker TAILOR garment, old TOGA garment, scant MINI; THONG garment, singular DUD; TIGHT; TOG garment, tiny THONG garments SHORTS; see GARMENT garner GATHER garret ATTIC garter ORDER; [쒁 BELT; SNAKE; STITCH] gas A; AIR; ARGON; CHAT; CL; CS; H; HE; N; NE; O; TALK; XE; 쐍 CHATTER; NEON; RADON; SPEECH; WAFFLE gas, escape of VENT gas unit THERM gash CUT; REND; RENT; SPARE; TEAR; WOUND gasket SEAL gasp PANT; SOB gat GUN; ROD; TOOL gate CROWD; ENTRY; PORTAL; WAY; WICKET; 쐍 ATTENDANCE; POSTERN gate-crashing nesting indicator gatehouse LODGE gatekeeper PORTER gates ENTRIES Gateshead G gateway DOOR; PORTAL gather AMASS; DRAW; GLEAN; HEAR; INFER; MEET; 쐍 COLLECT; CONTRACT; GARNER; HOARD; LEARN; MARSHAL; MUSTER


gathered MET; anagram indicator gathered by nesting indicator gathering BALL; CROWD; DO; GROUP MASS; MEET; PARTY; RALLY; SOCIAL; anagram indicator gathering, formal BALL; 쐍 MEETING gathering in nesting indicator as “before gathering in” 씮 ERINE gaudy FEAST (college); FLASHY; SHOWY; 쐍 GARISH gauge METER; TIMER gauge, sort of OO gaunt SPARE; THIN gauntlet GLOVE gave PAID gave birth BORE gave off SHED gave up QUIT gavel HAMMER gawp STARE gay [쒁 OUT] gay, openly OUT gaze EYE; GLARE; STARE gaze at EYE gazelle GOA gear COG; DRESS; KIT; RIG; 쐍 HARNESS; NEUTRAL; STUFF can indicate something to do with clothes, or engine gear, female DRAG gear, not in see NAKED gear, one in fancy MODEL gearwheel COG Gee! COO; COR gee-gee, say GG geese GAGGLE geese, flock of SKEIN gel BIND; SET gelatine SETTER gelatine-like substance AGAR gelignite, bit of STICK Geller URI gem AGATE; OPAL; PEARL; ROCK; RUBY; STONE; 쐍 GARNET; QUARTZ; [쒁 CARAT] gemstone see GEM gen DOPE gender SEX

general AVERAGE; BROAD; COMMON; CUSTER; FULL; G; GEN; LEE; PUBLIC; RIFE; THUMB; WOLFE; 쐍 AVERAGE; COMPLETE; MASS; NORMAL; OVERALL; [쒁 STAFF] General Assembly GA general effect TONE general, small THUMB general’s assistant ADC generally known OPEN; PUBLIC generate BREED; CAUSE; START generating anagram indicator generation AGE generous AMPLE; BIG; KIND; LARGE; NOBLE; OPEN; 쐍 LAVISH; PROFUSE generous, be GIVE generous character SANTA generous, extremely GS generous, hardly/not MEAN; TIGHT Genesis BIRTH genetic material DNA genial KIND; SUNNY genius BRAIN Genoa SAIL genre CLASS; KIND; SORT; STYLE gent MAN (qv); NOB; SWELL; TOFF Gentile GOY gentle KIND; MILD; P; SOFT; TAME; TENDER; 쐍 FAINT; MAGGOT; MEEK; QUIET; SLIGHT gentleman G; GN; MR; SIR(E); 쐍 SQUIRE gentleman, gypsy RYE gentlemen LOO; 쐍 CONVENIENCE; TOILET; see GENTLEMAN gentlemen, one preferred by BLONDE gently P gently wash LAP gents MEN; see TOILET genuine ECHT; HONEST; REAL; RIGHT; STRAIGHT; TRUE; 쐍 PROPER


genuine, accepted as

genuine, accepted as CANON genuine, not SHAM genus BREED; CLASS; SORT; TYPE geological sample/specimen CORE; ROCK George G; GEO; GR; can indicate something to do with the automatic pilot of an aircraft George* SAINT Georgia GA Gerald JERRY germ BUG; SEED; SHOOT German D; G; GER; HANS; HERR; HUN; OTTO; VON; 쐍 PRUSSIAN German, a EIN; EINE German and UND German article DAS; DER; DIE; EIN German bread STOLLEN German car AUDI German chap heard HAIR German child KIND German city EMS; ESSEN; TRIER German commander ROMMEL German consent JA German count GRAF German cry of pain ACH German currency DM; M; MARK German dramatist SCHILLER German east OST German, famous GOETHE German gentleman HERR German how WIE German is IST German joiner UND German leader G German Mr HERR German, old ALT; ANGLE; FRANK German physicist PLANCK German poet HEINE German prince ELECTOR German quarter OST German songs LIEDER German state LAND; REICH German states LANDER German, the DAS; DER; DIE


German town EMS; ESSEN; TRIER German wine WIEN German with MIT German woman FRAU German writer MANN Germanic people, member of ANGLE Germans, OK for the JA Germany D; GER Germany, east of OST Germany, is in IST Germany, new from NEU Germany, part of LAND Germany, parts of LANDER Germany’s leader G Gershwin IRA; [쒁 RHYTHM] Gestapo SS gesture MOTION; NOD; PASS; SHRUG; SIGN; WAVE; 쐍 BECKON gesture, empty TOKEN gesture of affection CARESS; KISS gesture, suggestive WINK get BUG (i.e. to irritate); CATCH; CLAIM; COP; EARN; FETCH; GRASP; MAKE; NARK; PEEVE; SEE; TAKE; TWIG; inclusion indicator; in the context of getting someone to do something, can indicate ORDER; can indicate that the clue’s definition immediately follows (as “Get praise” can signify PLAUDIT) get a goal SCORE get a load of COP get a move on see RUN get airborne FLY get angry RILE get annoyed RILE get away FLEE; FLY; 쐍 ESCAPE; anagram of GET get back REGAIN get beaten LOSE get better RALLY; RISE; 쐍 IMPROVE; RECOVER get better of BEAT; PIP get by COPE; PASS; 쐍 MANAGE get down EAT get excited ELATE; WOW


get from run indicator get going ROUSE; START get heated RAGE get hold of CLUTCH; GRAB; GRASP get hot under the collar SEETHE get imprisoned INTERN get in ALIGHT; ELECT; ENTER get into ENTER get less TAPER get lost SHOO get money EARN get moving STIR get off ALIGHT; LIGHT get on AGE; ALIGHT; BOARD; FARE; MOUNT get on feet STAND; RISE get on one’s back NAG get on well CLICK; PROSPER get one going I to be omitted get out ALIGHT; ESCAPE; EXTRACT; 쐍 EXIT; anagram of GET get over CLEAR; VAULT get ready DRESS; RIPEN; EARN get rid of BIN; CLEAR; DITCH; DROP; DUMP; EJECT; FIRE; KICK; KILL; OUT; PURGE; SACK; SCRAP; SHED; SLING; TRIM; 쐍 DELETE; DROP; DUMP; ERASE; REMOVE; SCRATCH; SCRUB; ZAP; can indicate that the answer is a verb beginning with DE as ‘get rid of shadow’ clues DETAIL (i.e. de-tail) get rid of mess CLEAN get spotless CLEAN get the better of can allude to a verb beginning with OUT-, e.g. outdo, outsmart get things moving START get through COPE; PASS; PIERCE get to EAT; REACH get to grips COPE; WRESTLE get to know HEAR; LEARN get to one’s feet ARISE; RISE; STAND

get-together can suggest that a word is to be repeated as “seamen’s get-together” 씮 TARTAR get together ALLY; BAND; CLUB; RAISE; UNITE get up CLIMB; LIFT; REAR; RISE; STAND; STIR; reverse order indicator; anagram indicator get-up see DRESS, GET UP get very excited OVERHEAT get weary FLAG; TIRE get well CURE; HEAL getaway ESCAPE gets HAS; can indicate that the clue’s definition immediately follows gets better RALLIES gets some run indicator gets up reverse order indicator getting hot HEATING; WARMING; H to be added getting on AGED; AGEING; AGING; LATE; OLD; OLDER getting on, person BOARDER geyser SPOUTER Ghana GH ghastly WHITE ghetto SLUM ghost SHADE; SPIRIT; SPOOK; 쐍 SPECTRE; [쒁 HAUNT] ghost, give up DIE GI’s shop PX giant GOG; HUGE; OGRE; TITAN gibe BARB; CRACK; DIG; GUY; MOCK; SCOFF; TAUNT Gibraltar GIB; ROCK; 쐍 STRAIT Gibson MEL giddy DIZZY; LIGHT; SPINNING; anagram indicator giddy up GEE gift DOWER; PRESENT; TIP; 쐍 ALM; TALENT gift paper WRAPPING gift, propitiatory BUNG; SOP gift, speaker’s GAB gifted ABLE gifts, with ABLE gig CART; 쐍 CONCERT giggle TITTER gigot LEG


Gilbertian princess

Gilbertian princess IDA gilt-edged BEST gimmick TRICK gimp LIMP gin SNARE; TRAP; [쒁 SLOE] gin cocktail anagram of GIN gin sling anagram of GIN gin-soaked a component to be nested within GIN, TRAP etc, as “Gin-soaked married woman who’s promiscuous” 씮 TRAMP ginger SANDY; SPICE ginger biscuit SNAP gipsy queen MEG giraffe BROWSER girder(s) can indicate something to do with a form of clothing around the waist girl DOLL; GAL; HER; LASS; MAID; MISS; WENCH; can signal a female proper name e.g. ANN, CLARE, see WOMAN’S NAME, but very often the use of “girl” calls for the diminutive of a proper name e.g. SUE, TESS, see LITTLE GIRL girl, attractive DISH; DOLL girl coming out DEB girl, good GLASS girl, good-time TART girl, grown-up LADY girl, high class DEB girl, little DI; SAL; SIS; SUE; VAL; VI; see GIRL girl, of the HER girl, presentable DEB girl, pretty BELLE; CUTIE girl, promiscuous HUSSY girl’s DIS; HER girl, slovenly SLUT girl, small CHIT girl, stunning PEACH girl, US SIS girl who marries BRIDE girl, young DEB girlfriend BIRD; DATE; FLAME; LOVER; STEADY girlfriend, American BROAD girlfriend, Peter’s WENDY girls, group of BEVY giro DOLE


gist DRIFT; HEART; NUB; POINT git DRIP give ALLOT; DOLE; HAND; PLAY; PRESENT; 쐍 BESTOW; METE; RENDER give a beating PASTE give a hand AID; CLAP; HELP give an order TELL give and receive SWAP; 쐍 EXCHANGE give away SHOP give back RETURN give details RETAIL; TELL give in see YIELD give in, don’t RESIST give instructions BRIEF; TEACH; TRAIN; TELL give money to PAY give name LABEL give notice RESIGN give off, out EMIT give out YIELD give over TURNIN (i.e. turn in) give pleasure TICKLE give title DUB give, to RENDER; YIELD; can indicate the definition follows give too little space to CRAMP give up CEDE; DITCH; DROP; KICK; QUIT; WAIVE; YIELD; 쐍 FORSAKE; RENDER; RESIGN; TURNIN (i.e. turn in) give voice SING give way BREAK; CEDE; CRACK; DEFER; SAG; YIELD; 쐍 BUCKLE give weapons ARM given IF; 쐍 GRANTED given away omission indicator given, be GET given orders BOSSED gives anagram indicator gives a different look anagram indicator giving ELASTIC giving up CESSION glad HAPPY; PLEASED glade ARBOUR gladly FAIN; LIEF glamorous GLAM

go back

glamour CHARM; GLITTER; 쐍 ALLURE glance LOOK; PEEK glance at SCAN gland LIVER; ORGAN glare GAZE; GLOWER; LIGHT; LOUR glaring PLAIN glass FLUTE; JAR; LENS; PANE; PONY; 쐍 BALLOON; BUMPER; MIRROR; RUMMER; SCHOONER; TUMBLER glass, fit with GLAZE glass, large RUMMER glass plate SLIDE glasses SPECS glaze SIZE gleam FLASH; GLINT; SHINE; TRACE; 쐍 GLISTEN glean GATHER; PICK glee FUN; 쐍 DELIGHT; MIRTH glee, expressed CREW glen VALE glib PAT glide SKATE; SKIM; SOAR glide along SWEEP glider PLANE; SKATE; can indicate a snake glimmer INKLING; LIGHT glimpse SIGHT glint FLASH glisten GLEAM; SHIMMER glittering GARISH glitzy GLAM globe BALL; EARTH; O; ORB; 쐍 SPHERE gloom DAMP; DARK; DUSK; SCOWL gloom, former DOLE gloom, period of NIGHT gloomy DARK; DISMAL; DOWN; DREAR; DULL; GREY; LOW; SABLE; SAD; 쐍 BLUE; DISMAL; EERIE; MOROSE; SULLEN gloomy, become CLOUD gloomy dean INGE (one-time Dean of St Pauls) gloomy type MOPER glory PRAISE; 쐍 LUSTRE

gloss SHEEN; SHINE; SPIN gloss over PAINT gloss over, doesn’t STRESS glossy SLEEK glove MITT; MITTEN glove, type of OVEN glow BEAM; BLUSH; SHEEN; SHINE glower EMBER; STARE; can indicate anything that emits a light, (lamp, firefly etc) glowing coal EMBER glowing with heat RED glue PASTE; SIZE; STICK glum MOROSE glut GORGE glutton HOG; PIG gluttony GREED gnarl KNOT gnash GRATE; GRIND gnat FLY gnaw CHEW gnawed away EATEN gnome MORAL; SAW; SAYING go CRACK; DIE; DRIVE; EXIT; LEAVE; PEP; QUIT; SCAT; SHOO; SHOT; STAB; SWING; TRAVEL; TRY; TURN; VEND; WORK; 쐍 BEAT IT; BOUNCE; DEPART; ENERGY; MOVE; SALLY; can indicate a colloq. imper. such as “push off” go about business CO to nested within a component go across BRIDGE; SPAN go after CHASE; ENSUE go ahead LEAD; LEAVE go-ahead OK go along with TAG; 쐍 ACCEPT; AGREE go around GAD; TOUR; TRAVEL; a component to be nested within GO or one of its synonyms go ashore LAND go astray ERR; SIN; WANDER go away LEAVE; PASS; SCRAM; SHOO; 쐍 DEPART go back OG; RETIRE; REVERSE; 쐍 REGRESS; RETURN; REVERT



go-between MEDIATE; GO to be nested within component(s) go broke SHATTER go by PASS go carefully EDGE; INCH; NOSE go cold CHILL; 쐍 FREEZE; ICE go down DIE; DIP; EBB; FALL; SET; SINK; SWOON; 쐍 LOWER go down quickly DIVE; SKILL; SLIDE go downhill COAST go fast BELT; HURTLE; NIP; TROT; see HASTEN go for FAVOUR; HIT; LIKE; PREFER; 쐍 ATTACK go from (one place) to (another) CROSS (Example: “Go from Mile End to Stratford East for weapon” 씮 CROSSBOW) go-getter DOER go hard CAKE; SET go, have a PLAY; TRY; 쐍 SHOOT go in ENTER go into ENTER go mad FLIP; RANT; RAVE go North of the Border GANG go off ADDLE; ELOPE; LEAVE; ROT; SOUR; START; TURN; 쐍 DEPART; anagram indicator go off course STRAY go on PRATE; RABBIT; RANT; ROLL; see TALK go on and on RAMBLE go one better TRUMP go out DIE; EXIT; LEAVE; SALLY; STRIKE go over CROSS; OG; RECAP; TOP; VAULT; 쐍 TRAVERSE go over again RECAP; RELIVE go quickly BELT; NIP; see HASTEN go round EDDY; LAP; ROLL; SPIN; TURN; nesting indicator go round corner BEND go separate ways PART go slowly AMBLE; DALLY; LINGER go so far as EVEN go straight ARROW


go through RIFLE; 쐍 PIERCE; PEPPER go to BASH go to court, law SUE go to ground EARTH go to Paris ALLER go to pieces SHATTER (qv); SPLIT; anagram indicator go together AGREE go topless first letter to be omitted go up CLIMB; reverse indicator go with speed WING; see MOVE FAST go without LACK go without food FAST; STARVE go wrong ERR; anagram indicator goad DRIVE; EGG; POKE; PRESS; PROD; PUSH; SPUR; URGE; 쐍 NEEDLE; ROWEL goal AIM; CROSS; END; 쐍 OBJECT goal, attempt at HEADER; SHOT goal, put ball into NET; SCORE goalie SAVER; 쐍 KEEPER goalkeeper SAVER; [쒁 BALL; NET] goat BILLY; KID; NANNY; 쐍 BUTTER; IBEX; IZARD goat, young KID gobbling anagram indicator goblet CUP goblin TROLL god ARES; D; FAUN; IDOL; LAR; MARS; ODIN; PAN; RA; SOL; THOR; TITAN; 쐍 DEITY; HORUS; INDRA; KAMA; PLUTO; TRITON; WODEN God-fearing PI God, speak to PRAY God, Thank DG God Willing DV goddess ATE; HEL; MUSE; VESTA; 쐍 DIANA; HEBE; HERA; ISIS; KALI; VENUS Godiva, one like LADY godly man ST godly style, treat in DEIFY godparent PATRON gods can indicate something to do with theatre seats


goes across one element to span another goes out DATES; LEAVES; anagram indicator, especially of GOES goes to one’s head a component to be placed before INESS Goethe can indicate something to do with Faust Gog* GIANT goggle STARE going EXIT; OFF; ON; 쐍 LEAVING; SPEED going away omission indicator going by VIA going down DESCENT going down, person DIVER going for ON going in ENTRY going into nesting indicator going off BAD; HIGH; RANK; ROTTING; TURNING going out EGRESS going round reversal indicator; nesting indicator; anagram indicator going through nesting indicator going to a A to be added to the end (or sometimes the beginning) going to pieces anagram indicator going up reverse indicator goings-on ACTIONS gold AU; BULL; OR; SPECIE; WEALTH; 쐍 BULL’S EYE gold and diamonds ORD gold-backed can indicate that AU or OR are to be reversed (RO, UA) or that AU or OR are to be included at the end of a word or component gold coin SOV gold, covering of GILT gold cross AUX gold, get WIN gold measure CARAT gold-plated an element to be nested within O and R gold, source of MINE golden AURIC; BRIGHT; can indicate that the answer is a word beginning with AU or OR

golden retriever can indicate something to do with Jason, Argo, fleece etc Golden State CAL golf GAME; SPORT; 쐍 BIRDIE; CLUB; EAGLE; GREEN; HOOK; IRON; PRO; TEE; [쒁 ROUND] Golf CAR golf-ball GUTTA golf course TROON golf club BRASSY; DRIVER; IRON; SPOON; WOOD; WEDGE 쐍 BRASSIE; MASHIE; NIBLICK golf, game of ROUND golf, play PUTT golf shot PUT; PUTT golf, some ROUND golf tournament OPEN; MASTERS golfer PALMER; PUTTER golfer, good PRO golfer’s achievement ACE golfer’s need CADDY; CLUB; TEE; see GOLF CLUB golfer’s position STANCE; TEE golly GOSH; see EXPRESSION OF SURPRISE gone BY; LATE; LEFT; PAST; SPLIT; WENT gone ahead LED gone back reversal indicator gone down FELL; SUNK gone first LED gone in front LED gone off HIGH; LEFT; TURNED; anagram indicator; anagram of GONE gone round nesting indicator gone through MET Goneril’s father LEAR gong MC; MEDAL goober NUT good ABLE; BON; FAIR; FINE; G; GRAND; HIGH; HOLY; KIND; MORAL; OK; PI; PIOUS; PLUM; RIGHT; 쐍 CHASTE; PRODUCT; SKILLED; can indicate some religious association as “good


good at heart

book” for Bible, “good man” for saint etc; [쒁 WELL] good at heart G to be nested within a word or component good, be too can indicate a verb beginning with OUT (e.g. outdo, outmatch) good bloke SPORT good book AV; BIBLE (qv); JER; JUDGES; MATT; see BOOK good book, section of NT; OT; see BIBLE good condition FIT good deal BAGS; LOT; MANY; TON good deal of, a most of a word to be used good definition, with CLEAR good, exceptionally HOLY; see GOOD good for eating PI to be nested good fortune LUCK good French BON good gracious EGAD; GEE; MY good hand FLUSH good health, in FINE; HALE; WELL (qv); 쐍 BLOOMING good heavens GOSH; MY good in Scotland GUID good, jolly SUPER; TOPPING good-looking DISHY; PRETTY good man S; ST good movement G to be relocated within a word good, not BAD; ILL; OFF good opening G good order, in TRIM good, particularly TOPS good party GRAVE (i.e. G + RAVE) good queen BESS good, really SUPER good reason, with RIGHTLY good result GAIN; WIN; 쐍 CREDIT; SUCCESS good result in race PLACE good sense NOUS good shot BULL; INNER good sort BRICK good start G good terms, on IN


good thing ASSET; BOON good time BALL; FUN; UP good time girl TART good time, in EARLY good, very ACE; AI good writing see BIBLE goodbye TATA; VALE goodness LORD; LUMME (contraction of ‘Lord love me!’); MY (i.e. exclamation) goods GG; LINE; STUFF; WARES; 쐍 FREIGHT; PRODUCE; PRODUCTS; PROPERTY goods, cheap, shoddy TAT goods for sale see GOODS goods, one who delivers SHIPPER goodwill AMITY Goodwood COURSE goody-goody PI; PRIG goof BOTCH; BUNGLE; see MISTAKE goose BRENT; EIDER; EMBER; GANDER; IRON; MUTT; NENE; SAP gorge EAT; FEAST; GAP; GULCH; NECK; 쐍 ABYSS; BOLT; DEFILE; OVEREAT; RAVINE gorse WHIN gory BLOODY; RED gosh COR; GAD; GEE; LORD; MY; OH; OOPS gosh! (Scots) OCH gospel FACT; can indicate a Biblical book e.g. LUKE, MARK Gospeller MARK gospels NT gossip ANA; CHAT; CHATTER; GAB; GAS JAW; NOISE; RAP; RATTLE; YAP; 쐍 NATTER; SLANDER; TATTLE; TATTLER got back TOG got over TOG Gotham NY; can refer to some aspect of New York got TOOK got on AGED got rid of FIRED; SACKED; SHED; 쐍 KILLED

grass, mown

got together MET got up ROSE; STOOD; TOG; reverse indicator got up, having RISEN gourmand PIG govern DIRECT; LEAD; RUN; 쐍 COMMAND governed, being UNDER governed by UNDER governess ANNA; EYRE governing IN governing body BOARD government REIN; REIGN; RULE; STATE government department FO; MOD government leader G; PM government official WHIP; 쐍 CONSUL government, place in FO government report PAPER government study CIVICS governess MISS governor BEY; BOSS; DAD; HE; HEAD; PA; POP; 쐍 FATHER; GAFFER; RULER; see FATHER gown DRESS; ROBE; SHIFT GP DOC grab CATCH; GRASP; SNATCH; 쐍 ANNEXE; CLUTCH grab greedily HOG grabbing nesting indicator; run indicator grace POISE; 쐍 CHARIS; ELAN; UNCTION graceful AIRY gracious COR; KIND; MY(i.e. My!); PLEASING; see GOOD GRACIOUS grade A; B; C; CLASS; D; E; MARK; LEVEL; RANK; STAGE grades, decreasing DEF gradual GENTLE gradual progress, make INCH gradually reduce TAPER graduate BA; BE; BED; BSC; MA; MBA; PASS; 쐍 MARK graft SPLICE grail CUP

grain CORN; CROP; GR; MEAL; RICE; SEED; SPELT; WHEAT; 쐍 BARLEY grain, remainder of BRAN grain store SILO grains SAND grains, number of DRACHM gram G grand BIG; EPIC; FINE; G; GOOD; K; NOBLE; SUPER Grand Master GM grandma MOSES; see GRANDMOTHER grandmother GRAN; NAN granny KNOT; see GRANDMOTHER grant ALLOW; AWARD; CEDE; CONFER; DOLE; LEND; LET; OWN; PRIZE; YIELD; 쐍 AGREE; ASSIGN; PRESENT grant, don’t REFUSE; see VETO grant to tenant LEASE; LET granted LET; 쐍 ALLOWED grape juice MUST graph CHART; PLOT grapple with TACKLE grasp CLING; GET; GRAB; HOLD; SEE; SEIZE; TAKE; 쐍 SNATCH grasp firmly CLAMP grasped GOT; SAW grasping MEAN grasping thing CLAW grass BENT; CANE; CEREAL; HAY; JOINT; LAWN; NARK; NOSE; OAT; OATS; PANIC; PEACH; POT; REED; REEFER; RYE; SEDGE; SEED; SHOP; SING; SNEAK; SNOUT; SOD; SPILL; SWARD; TALK; VERGE; WEED; 쐍 BLADES; MARRAM; RICE; WHEAT grass bordering fairway ROUGH grass by seaside MARRAM grass, chewed CUD grass, cover with TURF grass leaf BLADE grass, long REED grass, lots of LEAS grass, mown LAWN


grass, some of the

grass, some of the BLADE grassland LAWN; LEA; LEY; MEAD; PARK; SWARD grassy area FIELD grate FILE; FRAME; GRIND; JAR; RIDE; RUB; WEAR gratify PLEASE; SATE grating COVER; GRID; GRILL(E); HARSH; JAR gratis FREE gratitude THANKS gratitude, expression of TA gratitude, show THANK gratuitous FREE gratuity TIP grave ACCENT; CHASE; PLOT; STERN; SAD; TOMB; 쐍 MAJOR; SERIOUS; SOMBRE; [쒁 EPITAPH; RIP] grave letters RIP grave, put into BURY; INTER grave situation, put someone in a BURY; INTER gravel GRIT; SHINGLE graves STYLE Graves* POET; WINE Gravesend E gravitational centre SUN gravy SAUCE gravy, container for BOAT Gray POET graze BARK; EAT; FEED; SCRAPE grazed FED grazing area FIELD; LEA grease FAT; LARD; OIL; SMARM grease, covered in OILY greasy OILY; WAXY greasy spoon CAF; CAFF great BIG; FAB; GOOD; GRAND; GT; HIGH; HUGE; LARGE; MAIN; MAJOR; MEGA; MOST; OLD; OS; SUPER; TOPS; VAST; 쐍 FULL; GREAT; INTENSE; TOPPING Great Bear PLOUGH great deal LOT; LOTS; OODLES; SIGHT; TON; TONS great force GALE; MAIN


great in extent HUGE; LONG; VAST great man can indicate a giant, Cyclops etc great many HOST; SLEW; see GREAT DEAL; M or some combination with other Roman numerals e.g. IM, MI, ML, MD great-sounding JAR great time BALL greater EXTRA; MORE greatest BEST; TOP greatest possible ALL grebe DIVER Greece, once area of DEME Greece, we hear FAT greedy AVID greedy chap/person HOG; PIG greedy episode BINGE Greek ATTIC; GR; SOLON; TIMON Greek character, letter 2 letters: EI, MU, NU, XI, OU, PI; 3 letters: ETA, RHO, TAU, PHI, CHI, PSI; 4 letters: BETA, IOTA, ZETA; 5 letters: ALPHA, GAMMA, DELTA, THETA, KAPPA, LAMBDA; SIGMA, OMEGA; 7 letters: EPSILON, OMICRON, UPSILON Greek cheese FETA Greek city SPARTA Greek contest AGON Greek god ARES Greek heroine ELECTRA Greek island COS Greek maiden IO Greek poetess SAPPHO Greek, thinking can refer to an ancient philosopher e.g. Aristotle Greek, wise old NESTOR green CALLOW; COMMON; COURSE; ECO; LAWN; LEAFY; LIME; NEW; OLIVE; RAW; SAGE; SICK; TURF; VEG; VERT; YOUNG; 쐍 BICE; EMERALD; GARDEN; GROWING; can indicate a fruit or vegetable; can indicate something to do with golf; can indicate something to do with GO (i.e. traffic light);


green feature BUNKER; HOLE green, kind of PEA green light OK green, not ADULT; 쐍 MATURE green stone PRASE green, type of CROWN Greene character LIME greenkeeper can indicate something to do with COURSE greens VEG greenstuff VEG Greenwich, say TIME greeny blue CYAN greet FLAG; HAIL; KEEN; SALUTE; WAVE; 쐍 KISS greeting AVE; CARD; HAIL; HAILING; HALLO; HELLO; HI; HOW; WAVE; YO greeting card HIJACK greeting, Cockney ALLO; ELLO greeting, Indian HOW greeting sent CARD greetings HIS grew ROSE grey AGE; ASHEN; ASHY; DULL; DIN; GY; OLD; PALE; SAD; 쐍 BICE; GRIS grey-haired OLD grey in Paris GRIS greyish ASH; STONE; 쐍 ASHY greyish-brown DUN grid FRAME; GRATING; LATTICE grief SORROW; WOE; anagram indicator grief, come to anagram indicator grief, evidence/sign of TEAR grief, express CRY; WEEP grievance BEEF; GRUDGE; see GROUSE grieve MOAN; MOURN; 쐍 SIGH; SORROW grieves audibly SIZE Griffin as the main character in H G Wells’ The Invisible Man can indicate something to do with visible/invisible grill BROWN; COOK; TOAST; 쐍 GRATING; QUESTION; TOASTER grilled HOT; anagram indicator

grim DOUR; HARD; STARK; STERN grim end M grime DIRT Grimes SWEEP grin SMILE grind CHEW; CRUSH; GNASH; GRATE; MILL; POUND grinder MOLAR; POUNDER grip BITE; CASE; HOLD; TREAD; VICE; 쐍 CINCH; CLINCH; nesting indicator Grip’s owner RUDGE (pet raven owned by Dickens’ character) gripe BEEF; BITCH; GROAN; GROUSE; MOAN; PAIN gripped BIT; BITTEN; HELD; nesting indicator gripped by nesting indicator; run indicator gripper CLAM gripping nesting indicator grips run indicator grips with, get to TACKLE; WRESTLE grist [쒁 MILL] grit GUTS; NERVE; PIP; PLUCK; SAND; 쐍 GRAVEL; RESOLUTION; see COURAGE gritty BRAVE; SANDY grizzled GREY; 쐍 HOARY groan GRIPE; SIGH; 쐍 BEEF grog DRINK; RUM groggy anagram indicator groggy, make DAZE grommet RING groom COMB; CURRY; DRESS; PREEN; TRAIN [쒁 BRIDE] groomed TRAINED; anagram indicator groove CHANNEL; CUT; RUT; SLOT groovy COOL; HIP; IN grope FEEL; FUMBLE gross FAT; GR; RANK; SUM gross, not NET grotesque ANTIC; anagram indicator grotto CAVE ground CLAY; EARTH; FIELD; FLOOR; LAND; LOT; MOOR;


ground-breaking work, do

PARK; PLOT; SITE; SOD; TERRA; 쐍 CAUSE; CRUSHED; REASON; STRAND; TERRAIN; VENUE; anagram indicator (as “ground rice” calls for an anagram of RICE) ground-breaking work, do DIG ground, get your feet back on the ALIGHT ground, on the ATERRE (i.e. terre) ground, our HOME ground, piece of LOT; SOD ground, to the DOWN ground, unstable BOG grounds DREGS; DROSS; ESTATE; LEES; 쐍 CAUSE; GARDEN; PARK; can indicate something to do with coffee groundwork BASIS group BAND; BATCH; BEE; BLOC; BLOCK; BOARD; BODY; CASTE; CELL; CIRCLE; CLAN; CLASS; CLUB; FACTION; FORM; GANG; GP; LOT; MASS; ORDER; PACK; PARTY; RING; SECT; SET; SIDE; SORT; TEAM; TRIBE; TRIO; TROOP; WING; 쐍 BEVY; BRACKET; BUNCH; CLUSTER; COVEN; ENSEMBLE; FORCE; GENUS; LEAGUE; ROUT (arch.); SCHOOL; UNIT; see BUNCH; anagram indicator; as a run indicator can refer to a group of consecutive letters within the clue group, breakaway/dissenting FACTION; SECT group in run indicator group, management BOARD; TRUST group of companies CARTEL group of conspirators CELL group of flags HOIST group of girls BEVY group of horses STRING group of lions PRIDE group of organisms GENERA group of people NATION; see GROUP


group of players BAND; CAST; LSO; ORC group of pupils CLASS; FORM; 쐍 SCHOOL; STREAM; YEAR group of quail BEVY group of workers CREW; GANG; GUILD; SHIFT; STAFF; TU; UNION group, organised FORCE group, our US group, political PARTY; CELL group, small CELL; DUO; TRIO groups GENERA; see GROUP grouse BEEF; BITCH; CRAB; GRIPE; GRUDGE; MOAN; 쐍 GAME; GRUMBLE; MUTTER; WHINGE grove BRAKE; HURST; THICKET grovel CRAWL grow BLOOM; FARM; RAISE; SWELL; THRIVE; WAX; [쒁 PLANT; SOW] grow old AGE grow older AGE; RIPEN grow large SWELL; WAX growing LIVE; 쐍 BECOMING; GREEN growing things FLORA growl GNAR (arch.); GRUNT; SNARL growler see DOG grown-up, almost ADUL grows in/into anagram indicator growth BEARD; CROP; FLOWER (qv); MOSS; MOULD; PLANT (qv); POLYP; SPRIG; TREE (qv); WART; WEN; see VEGETABLE growth area(s) FARM growth, large TREE growth, new BUD; SHOOT growth point NODE growth potential EGG; SEED grub CHOW; EATS; FODDER; FOOD; LARVA; NOSH; ROOT; ROOTLE (i.e. to rummage in the manner of a pig); ROUT; TUCK; WORM; 쐍 DIG; MAGGOT grudge RESENT grudging regard ENVY

gut feeling

gruelling HARD; anagram indicator gruff HOARSE 쐍 HUSKY grumble BEEF; CARP; CRAB; CRIB; CHUNTER; GROUSE; MOAN; MUTTER; NAG; YAMMER; see GROUSE grumpy CROSS; SURLY grumpy expression RATS Grundy see GRUNDY, MRS. and GRUNDY, SOLOMON Grundy, Mrs PRUDE (character in play); see GRUNDY, SOLOMON Grundy, Solomon indicates an activity or its associated day stemming from the nursery rhyme: Born on Monday, Christened on Tuesday, Married on Wednesday, Took ill on Thursday, Worse on Friday, Died on Saturday grunt OINK guarantee ENSURE; INSURE; SEAL; 쐍 ASSURE; PROMISE; WARRANTY guaranteed CERTAIN; SURE guard FENCE; KEEP; SCREW; SENTRY; WARDER; WATCH; anagram indicator; nesting indicator; 쐍 CAVE (Lat.); ESCORT; FENDER; SHIELD guard, on one’s WARY guard’s intended ALICE guarded CAGY guardian ARGUS; 쐍 CARETAKER guarding nesting indicator guck SLIME Guernsey can refer to the island or breed of cattle guerrilla CONTRA guerrilla leader CHE; G Guevara CHE guess DIVINE; FANCY; OPINE; RATE; SHOT; STAB; THINK; 쐍 RECKON; ESTIMATE; THEORY guest INVITEE guests COMPANY guests, receive ENTERTAIN; HOST

guide DIRECT; LEAD; LEADER; MAP; PILOT; PLAN; POINT; RUDDER; RULE; SCOUT; SHOW; STEER; TRAIN; USHER; 쐍 GILLIE; POINTER; RANGER; STANDARD; TEMPLATE Guide Leader G guide-line STANDARD guided LED; SHOWN guild uniform LIVERY Guinness ALE; STOUT guitar AXE guitar, play STRUM gulf SPLIT Gulf state OMAN gull CHEAT; CON; DELUDE; DUPE; MEW; SUCKER gullible GREEN gully PASS gulp (down) SWALLOW gum GLUE; STICK; PASTE gummy, something MASTIC gumption NOUS gumshoe EYE; TEC gun ARM; COLT; GAT; PIECE; PISTOL; REV; RIFLE; ROD; SHOT; STEN; 쐍 HEATER; LUGER; MORTAR; REVOLVER; SHOOTER; UZI gun component COCK; HAMMER; STOCK; TRIGGER gun-play anagram of GUN gun, pull a DRAW gun, with ARMED gunman EARP; SNIPER gunmen RA gunners RA Gunpowder Plot TREASON guns (big) ORDNANCE guru SWAMI gush SPOUT; 쐍 DROOL; POUR gust BLOW; RUSH; SQUALL; WIND Gustave DORE (artist) gusted BLEW gusto BRIO; SPIRIT; VIM; ZEST gusty anagram indicator gut see GUTTED gut feeling HUNCH; INSTINCT



gutless the middle of a word to be omitted, usually to leave just the first and last letters guts GRIT; PLUCK; 쐍 BOTTLE; NERVE guts, some COLON gutted can indicate that the middle letter(s) to be omitted, possibly all but the first and last letters as, for example, “gutted salmon” 씮 SN gutter CHANNEL guttering CHANNEL; anagram indicator guy APE; BLOKE; CHAFF; DOPE; MALE; MAN; RAG; RIB; ROPE; STAY; TEASE; TRICK; can also signify a man’s name e.g. SAM, STAN; see MAN; can indicate something to do with tent, camping, guyrope etc [쒁 MICKEY; PEG] Guy can indicate something to do with Fawkes, Bonfire Night, November 5th, Gunpowder Plot etc guys MEN; [쒁 CAMP; TENT]; see GUY guys heard GUISE guzzle SWILL guzzler GANNET gym PE; PT gymnast’s posture PIKE gyp PAIN (qv) gypsy ROM; TINKER gypsy gentleman RYE gyrate SPIN; TURN

Hh haberdashery, item of NEEDLE; PIN habit BENT; DRESS; SUIT; USE; WIMPLE; 쐍 VESTMENT; can indicate some specific item of clothing (see GARMENT); can indicate something to do with holy orders, or riding


habit, bad VICE habit-forming ADDICTIVE habitat HOME; RANGE hack AXE; CHOP; HEW; HORSE; KICK; LOP; MANGLE; NAG; RIDE; SEVER; 쐍 DRUDGE hackle FEATHER hackneyed BANAL; STALE; TRITE hackneyed idiom CANT hackneyed stuff/work CORN had D (i.e. ’d usually clued with an abbreviation indicator e.g. ‘briefly’); OWNED; TRICKED had been WERE had, I ID (i.e. I’d) had in mind THOUGHT had on CARRIED; SPORTED; WORE had somehow anagram of HAD Hades HELL (qv) hag FISH; WITCH haggard DRAWN; GAUNT Haggard woman SHE haggle BARTER hail AVE; CALL; CHEER; FLAG; WAVE; 쐍 ACCLAIM; GREET hail-storm anagram of HAIL hair BEARD; BRAID; BRISTLE; BUN; CREW; DOWN; LASH; LOCK; MANE; MOP; ROLL; SHOCK; STRAND; TACHE; TRESS; WIG; 쐍 KEMP (usually wool); THATCH; WHISKER; [쒁 SHAMPOO] hair, back-comb TEASE hair dye HENNA hair, fine FUZZ hair, knot of BUN hair, lacking BALD hair, long MANE hair, losing one’s BALD; BALDER hair-restorer COMB hair, short BOB hair of the dog usually indicates something to do with alcohol or where it is drunk haircloth CILICE

hammered, hammering

haircut HAI (i.e. last letter of “hair” omitted); TRIM; see HAIRSTYLE haircut, short BOB; CREW hairdo PERM; RINSE; see HAIRSTYLE hairdressing establishment SALON hairless BALD hairpiece WIG; 쐍 TRESS hairpin BEND(S) hairs, a few LOCK hairstyle AFRO; BANG; BOB; BUN; CROP; CUT; TRIM; 쐍 FRINGE hairstyle treatment PERM hairy ROUGH; anagram indicator hairy, less BALDER hairy man ESAU hairy, not BALD; 쐍 SHAVEN Hal, like BLUFF hale SOUND half DEMI; SEMI; half of the indicated word to be used, as “left half” cues LE or FT half a chance EVENS half-a-dozen VI half-a-dozen, less than V half century L half-cooked RARE half-day SUN, MON etc half-day closing FRIEND half-door HATCH half-forgotten half of word to be omitted half-hidden half of word to be omitted half-hearted AL; one of the two middle letters of an evenly-numbered word to be omitted as “half-hearted lawman” 씮 COPER half-heartedly one of the two middle letters of an evenly-numbered word to be omitted as “half-heartedly shout” 씮 BELOW half hour two letters to be used from HOUR half-hundred L half-inch CH; IN; STEAL

half-measure EN half-mile LE; MI half, more than MOST half of F; O; half of the word that follows ‘of’ to be used half of, failing half of succeeding word to be omitted half of the weekend SAT; SUN half-portions half the letters of the associated words to be used half-score TEN half-sister SIS or TER half-term two consecutive letters of TERM to be used half ticket TIC or KET half-time two consecutive letters from TIME to be used (usually TI or ME, but IM is possible) half-truth VERA half-witted DAFT half-wrecked anagram of HALF hall LOBBY; ROOM; SEAT; 쐍 CHAMBER; HOUSE hallow BLESS halo RING haloed nesting indicator halt CEASE; END; LAME; STOP; 쐍 FALTER; LIMP halt to, call a STOP halt, come to a END; STOP; STALL halting LAME halve SHARE ham THIGH Ham can indicate something to do with Noah, Ark etc Hamlet DANE; LEAD; PLAY; PRINCE; can indicate something Danish e.g. pastry; [쒁 IDIOT; MADNESS; TRAGEDY] hammer BEAT; DRIVE; GAVEL; HIT; RAM; SLEDGE; TILT; TOOL; 쐍 MALLET; STRIKE; TROUNCE; can indicate something about the inner ear hammer-blow, deal KNAP hammer, type of MAUL; SLEDGE; TRIP hammered, hammering anagram indicator



hamper BAR; BLOCK; CLOG; CUMBER; DETER; TIE; 쐍 BASKET; IMPEDE hampered nesting indicator Hampton Court, feature of MAZE hand AID; DEAL; E; EAST; FIST; GIVE; MAN; MITT; N; NORTH; PALM; PASS; PAW; S; SOUTH; W; WEST; 쐍 DELIVER; DUMMY; HELP; MEMBER; PRESENT; SCRIPT; WORKER; [쒁 FINGER; PAW]; can indicate something to do with manicurist hand around PASS hand, clenched FIST hand, could be on GLOVE hand, give a AID; DEAL; HELP hand, good FLUSH; STRAIGHT hand, on CLOSE; NEAR hand out DEAL; DOLE; ISSUE; METE; anagram of HAND; can indicate that a component is to be nested within HAND or a synonym such as PAW; see HANDOUT hand, out of anagram indicator hand out pieces SHARE hand over GIVE; PASS; PAY; REFER; SIGN; WAP (i.e. paw reversed); 쐍 CEDE; CONSIGN; PRESENT hand, show one’s VOTE hand signals, give WAVE hand, take in GRASP handbook MANUAL handcart BARROW handcuffs SNIPPERS handed down GENIC handful FEW handicap SADDLE handiwork DIY handkerchief TISSUE handle COPE; CRANK; CROP (i.e. the handle of a whip); DO; HAFT; HILT; LEVER; NAME; RUN; STOCK; TACKLE; TAG; TITLE; TREAT; 쐍 FINGER handle roughly MAUL; PAW; SCRAG handle well COPE


handled DID; FELT; RAN handler COACH; TRAINER handling TOUCH; anagram indicator handout ALMS; DOLE; GIFT; GRANT hands CREW hands, in both a component is to be nested between L and R handshake can indicate an anagram of HAND handsome man HUNK handsome youth ADONIS; APOLLO handwriting FIST; SCRIPT handy ABLE; CLEVER; CLOSE; DEFT; NEARBY handy way of can indicate a blow delivered by hand e.g. punch, chop hang DROOP; KILL; PEND; SAG; SLING; SWING; 쐍 DANGLE; KNACK; LYNCH; SCRAG; SUSPEND hang about/around HOVER; IDLE; LINGER; LOAF; STAY; TARRY; WAIT; 쐍 LOITER hang on TARRY; WAIT hang onto KEEP; RETAIN hang over BEETLE hang up DRAPE; GAS; [쒁 BAT] hang-ups can indicate something to do with washing line e.g. peg hanged, be SWING hanger-on BAT; BURR; PARA hanging ARRIS; can indicate something to do with paintings hangman’s rope NOOSE hank COIL hanker LONG; YEARN; 쐍 DESIRE; WANT Hannibal LECTER; can indicate something to do with elephants haphazardly anagram indicator hapless WRETCHED happen BE; BEFALL; CHANCE; COME; OCCUR happened CAME; 쐍 BEFALLEN; BEFELL happening AFFAIR; EVENT happens, as it LIVE


happens, where something VENUE happily in the past LIEF happiness BLISS; GLEE; JOY happiness, place of HEAVEN happy GAY; GLAD; ELATED; OK; PLEASED; 쐍 BLESSED; BLITHE; CHUFFED; CONTENT; FINE; TIPSY happy event DELIVERY; 쐍 BIRTH happy, not SAD happy sound PURR harangue DECLAIM; ORATE; TIRADE harass NAG; 쐍 HECKLE; HOUND; PESTER harassed anagram indicator harbinger HERALD harbour BERTH; DOCK; FACE; FOSTER; HIDE; HAVEN; HOME; POOLE; PORT; 쐍 ENTERTAIN; MARINA; QUAY; SHELTER; see PORT harbour we hear HYDE harbouring nesting indicator; run indicator harbour PIER(S) harbours reportedly DOX hard FIRM; GRIM; H; RAW; ROUGH; SET; STERN; STIFF; 쐍 GREAT; HEAVY; ILL (as “ill use” = “hard treatment”); IRON; ROCKY; SEVERE; STONY; STRONG; TOUGH; [쒁 ROCK] hard area CALLUS hard at work BUSY hard-faced H hard-fought CLOSE hard-hearted AR; H to be the centre of an element hard look GLARE hard matter can indicate diamond, jasper etc hard, not SOFT; H to be omitted hard on, be SCOLD (qv) hard place TOR hard skin CORN hard tissue BONE hard to catch H to be nested within a component

hard to follow H to be inserted after a component hard to open TIGHT hard to put in H to be inserted hard-up BROKE; SKINT; 쐍 INSOLVENT hard wood EBONY; HELM (i.e. H + elm); TEAK hard work FAG; GRAFT; HOP (i.e. H op.) hard worker BEE hardly worth mentioning MINOR; SLIGHT harden SET; 쐍 ENURE; INURE hardliner DRY (i.e. in politics as opposed to “wet”) hardship NEED; PINCH hardware, article of SCREW hardwood see HARD WOOD hardy SPARTAN Hardy OLLIE Hardy hero JUDE Hardy sergeant TROY Hardy’s girl TESS hare CHASE; DASH; FLY; RACE; RUN (qv); RUSH hare-brained SCATTY hare, sort of MARCH hared SHOT harm EVIL; HURT; ILL; MAR; SPOIL; anagram indicator harmed, not OK; see ALL RIGHT harmful BAD; EVIL harmful, very FATAL harmonic ACCORD harmonise/ harmonize CHIME; FIT; TONE; 쐍 KEY harmonised WENT harmonium ORGAN harmony BLISS; ORDER; 쐍 ACCORD; CONCERT; KEEPING; UNITY harness HITCH; REIN; TACK Harrier FIGHTER Harris ISLE; ROLF Harris’s brother BRER (i.e. Brer Rabbit) harry HECKLE; NAG; 쐍 MOLEST; anagram indicator; see WORRY



Harry HAL; anagram indicator; see HARRY above harsh CRUEL; GRIM; HARD ; ROUGH; RUDE; STERN; STRICT; 쐍 ACID; AUSTERE; EXTREME; SEVERE harsh conditions RIGOUR hart STAG harvest CROP; GLEAN; REAP harvester CROPPER; GLEANER; REAPER has OWNS; S (i.e. ’s abbr.) has-been GONER has cracked anagram of HAS e.g. ASH has different anagram of HAS has previously HATH has to MUST hash CHOP; MESS; MINCE; NUMBER (U.S.); POT; SPACE (pr.); anagram indicator hasn’t omission indicator, usually the following word to be omitted hassle BOTHER; BUG; TROUBLE see ANNOY haste HURRY; RUSH; SPEED; 쐍 CELERITY haste, made RAN; SPED; SURGED; TORE haste, make RUN; SURGE; TEAR hasten BELT; HIE; NIP; RUN; RUSH; SPEED; TEAR; TROT 쐍 HURRY hastened RAN; TORE hastily assembled SCRATCH Hastings area SE hasty RASH hat CAP; LID; TAM; TILE; 쐍 BERET; BOATER; BONNET; BOWLER; DERBY; LEGHORN; MITRE; TAM; TOPI; TOPPER; TOQUE; TRILBY; see HEADGEAR hat, raised DIL; PAC hatch PLOT; TRAP hatchet CUTTER hate DETEST hate, do not LOVE hating ANTI hatred SPITE


haughty LOFTY; PROUD; 쐍 GRAND haul DRAG; HEAVE; LUG; PULL haul up HOIST hauled HOVE hauled up reverse indicator haulier CARTER haunch HIP haunt FOLLOW; PLACE; SHADOW [쒁 GHOST; RESORT] hauteur PRIDE Havana SMOKE; 쐍 CIGAR have CON; HOLD; KEEP; OWN; TRICK have a word with SEE have existence ARE have fun PLAY; SPORT have, I IVE have importance COUNT have life BE have power CAN; P to be nested have, to WITH haven PORT having OWNING; WITH having a ball BALL (or O etc) to be nested having no can indicate an adjective beginning with UN or ending in LESS; can indicate that the definition follows immediately having, no longer LOSING having no power UNABLE; P to be omitted having no record CLEAN having potential ABLE having problems anagram indicator having spoken SAID Hawaiian greeting ALOHA hawk CRY; COUGH; SELL; TOUT; 쐍 BIRD; PEDDLE hawser, use KEDGE Hawthorn MAY hay COCK; CROP; DANCE; FODDER; RICK; 쐍 GRASS hay, bundle of BALE; see HAY hay, make TED haymaker BALER; PUNCH haystack COCK; RICK hazard BAR (i.e. sandbar); BERG; FOG; REEF; RISK; 쐍 CHANCE;

heading off

DANGER; GUESS; PERIL; WEIR hazard for plane ICING hazard, maritime BAR; BERG; REEF hazardous see DANGEROUS; anagram indicator haze FOG; MIST Hazel* NUT haziness see HAZE hazy FAINT; UNCLEAR; anagram indicator he can indicate a man’s name, worker or occupation; in the same way, can indicate a word ending in ER describing the participator in some activity or who displays some characteristic, as “he seems happy” can cue SMILER; 쐍 PRONOUN He as the symbol for helium can indicate something to do with chemical symbol he had HED he in France IL he scored can indicate the name of a composer he will HELL he would HED head BEAN; BLOCK; BONCE; BOW; BRAIN; CAPE; DOME; FIRST; FRONT; LEAD; LOAF; MIND; NESS; NOB; NUT; PATE; PEAK; POLL; PRES (for President); PROW; TIP; TOP; 쐍 CRANIUM; CROWN; DIRECTOR; FROTH; LEADER; NAPPER; NODDLE; NOODLE; ONION; POINT; PRECEDE; PRESIDENT; SKULL; initial letter indicator; can indicate something to do with head (e.g. hair, hat); can refer to a particular geographic head e.g. LIZARD; [쒁 CAP; HAIR; HAIRBRUSH; LEAD; LED] head, a EACH; PER head branch ANTLER head-butt GORE head, cereal EAR head covering HOOD; see HAT head-dress D; see HEADGEAR

head first H head lowered initial letter to be relocated further back into the word as with “Imposing gaze with head lowered” changes GLARE (i.e. gaze) into the solution LARGE (i.e. imposing) head of can indicate that the initial letter of the ensuing word is to be used, as “head of lab” 씮 L Head of Division D head of faculty DEAN; F head of family DON head of government G; PM; PRES head of house PRIOR head of state ER; KING; S; 쐍 PRESIDENT; QUEEN head off first letter to be omitted head over heels anagram indicator; reversal indicator head-over-heels, go TUMBLE; reversal indicator head, part of CHIN; FACE; 쐍 SKULL head’s supporter NECK head scholar S head, Scottish RECTOR head to foot initial letter to be transposed to the end as “Shook head to foot” clues HOOKS headache BOTHER; see PROBLEM headed LED; first letter indicator headed off first letter to be omitted headgear BERET; BONNET; CAP; CROWN; G; HAT (qv); TOP; TOPI; VEIL; 쐍 BOWLER; TOPPER; TURBAN heading BOUND (as “heading East” cues EBOUND); 쐍 DIRECTION; initial letter indicator (as “today’s heading” 씮 T); can indicate that a component is to go at the beginning heading for initial letter of the word that follows heading for the T heading north reversal indicator in a DC heading off first letter to be omitted


heading west

heading west reversal indicator in an AC headland CAPE; L; POINT headless first letter(s) to be omitted headlight HALO headline SPLASH headlong RASH headmaster HM; M headquarters see HQ heads TOPS; see HEAD; [쒁 TAILS] heads (all the) only the initials of indicated words to be used heads off initial letters to be removed from adjacent words; anagram of HEADS headwear HAT (qv); see HEADGEAR headwind W heady STRONG; RASH heal CURE health TOAST health food BRAN health, offer TOAST health, propose TOAST health centre AL; HYDRO; SPA health risk CARRIER health wing SAN health-worker see DOCTOR, NURSE healthy FIT; GOOD; HALE; SOUND; TRIM; WELL; 쐍 WHOLE healthy, appearing less PALER healthy food FRUIT healthy, looking TRIM; see HEALTHY healthy, not AILING; ILL PEAKY; SICK healthy, opposite of ILL; TIF; see NOT HEALTHY healthy town SPA heap CAR; CLAMP (i.e. of vegetables); CRATE; HILL; LOAD; MOUND; PILE; RICK; STACK; anagram indicator heap of vegetables CLAMP heaped LADEN; STACKED; anagram indicator heaps, in PILED; STACKED


hear CATCH; GATHER; TRY; homophone indicator; can indicate a word of phrase sometimes uttered by the subject; similarly; can indicate a sound associated with the subject (BARK for dog, MEW for cat and so on) hear about anagram of HEAR hear, we homophone indicator heard TRIED; homophone indicator hearing SESSION; TRIAL; homophone indicator hearing aid EAR hearing, in homophone indicator hears TRIES hears about anagram of HEARS heart CENTRE; CORE; GIST; H; NUB; PITH; TICKER; 쐍 BOSOM; CRUX; ESSENCE; GUTS; MIDDLE; MORALE; the middle letter(s) of a word is to be used, as “heart of gold” 씮 OL heart* ORGAN heart, at see AT HEART heart, having a A to be nested within a component heart, lose DESPAIR; middle letter(s) of a word to be omitted heart of America CENTER heart-throb PULSE heartbreak anagram of HEART heartbroken anagram of HEART e.g. EARTH hearted indicates an element to be inserted in middle of a word heartens previous word to be nested in word that follows hearth HOME; INGLE; [쒁 FIRE] hearth-frame FENDER heartily the middle letter(s) of a word to be used heartily sick IC heartless STERN; 쐍 CRUEL; can indicate that one should omit the middle of a word, usually one letter (as “heartless man” 씮 MN) but can mean several letters (as “heartless lady” 씮 LY, “heartless rogue” 씮 RE and so on) heartless bloke GY; MN heartless, not KIND (qv); NT

hell, feature of

heartless woman SE heartlessly omit the middle of a word, for example, “heartlessly cool” 씮 CL, see HEARTLESS hearts H; see HEART hearty WELL heat ANGER; BAKE; BOIL; EVENT; FEVER; H; MULL; RACE; WARM; 쐍 FINAL (as in a sports event) heat, get BURN heat injury BURN heat, source of SUN heated HOT; WARM; 쐍 ANGRY heater BOILER; FIRE; KETTLE; OVEN; STOVE heater, small RAD heath BRIER; MOOR; (COMMON heathen PAGAN; [쒁 IDOL] heather ERICA; LING; [쒁 PURPLE] heats H; RACES heave CAST; DRAG; LIFT; PULL; PUSH; RAISE; RETCH; SWELL heaven BLISS; SKY heaven, in ABOVE heavenly being ANGEL heavenly body COMET; EARTH; MOON; PLANET; STAR; SUN; 쐍 ASTEROID heavenly body’s LUNAR; SOLAR; 쐍 VEGA heavenly creature ANGEL heavenly food MANNA heavenly life HEREAFTER heavenly surroundings, in a component to be nested within SKY heavens GOSH; SKY; 쐍 SKIES Heavens! COR; GEE heavenwards reversal indicator heaviness WEIGHT heaving motion SWELL heavy BOLD; HARD; THUG; 쐍 LEADEN; ROUGH; WEIGHTY; can indicate some kind of tough guy, bodyguard, villain in play or film etc heavy demands, make TAX

heavy metal LEAD; PB heavyweight TON Hebridean island HARRIS Hebrew measure COR heckle HARRY hectic, hectically anagram indicator hector BADGER; BULLY hedge FENCE heed NOTE; RECK; 쐍 ATTEND; WATCH heel CAD; CANT; LEAN; LIST; RAT; SWAY; SWINE; 쐍 BOUNDER; LOUSE; ROTTER; ROGUE heel, with square S to be added at the end heedless of omission indicator heft RAISE height H; HILL; HT; MOUNT; RIDGE; TOR; 쐍 ALTITUDE; STATURE; can require a specifically named mountain height, more than average TALL heighten RAISE; UPRAISE Heights GOLAN heights, reach new VAULT heinous EVIL; WICKED heir SUCCESSOR; [쒁 WILL] heiress, Venetian PORTIA heist ROB; STEAL; 쐍 ROBBERY held HAD; PENT; nesting indicator held by nesting indicator held by the a component to be nested within THE held captive nesting indicator held fast STUCK held in run indicator; nesting indicator held on CLUNG held, to be TENABLE held up HUNG; LATE; PENT; 쐍 ONICE (i.e. on ice); reversal indicator; UP to be nested within a component Helen’s mother LEDA helium HE; GAS hell DIS; HADES; 쐍 ABYSS; INFERNO hell, feature of PIT



hell-hole ABYSS hellfire PI (as “hellfire sermon” gives PIRANT – i.e. pi-rant – to construct ASPIRANT) hellish anagram indicator hellish place DIS hello see GREETING helm, man at the LEADER helmet CREST; LID helot SLAVE help ABET; AID; BACK; HAND; HINT; SERVE; SOS; 쐍 ASSET; ASSIST; AVAIL; FAVOUR; MAYDAY; RELIEF; RELIEVE; SERVICE; can indicate some kind of device (as “current help” might refer to a water-wheel, mill-race etc) help, inside AID to be nested within a component help out can indicate an anagram of HELP (qv) help, outside a component to be nested within AID help, request for SOS helper AID; AIDE; ALLY; HAND; MATE; can indicate a device or instrument, see HELP helper at wedding USHER helpers can indicate a device or instrument as “seeing helpers” can lead to spectacles, pince-nez helpful AIDING; KIND; WILLING; 쐍 INSTRUMENTAL helpful, be ABET; see HELP helping RATION; SHARE; SLICE; 쐍 PORTION; SERVICE helpless omission of the letters AID helter-skelter anagram indicator hem COUGH; EDGE (qv); PEN; SEAM; VERGE hen LAYER; POULE; PULLET hence SO henna DYE hennery COOP; RUN henpeck NAG Henry FORD; H; HAL; HANK; HY; can indicate something to do with the Martini-Henry rifle Henry VIII, wife of ANNE Her Majesty ER; HM


Herald SIGNAL heraldic band FESS heraldic device CREST heraldic designs ARMS heraldry [쒁 ORDINARY, SINISTER, CHEVRON] heraldry flower LIS herb CHIVE; DILL; RUE; SAGE; SIMPLE; THRIFT; THYME; 쐍 CICELY; FENNEL; PARSLEY herb, aromatic MINT Herbert LOM Hercules can indicate something to do with labour, labourer, labours etc herd CROWD; DROVE; FLOCK herd, one of the COW; HORSE; PIG here GRID (i.e. the puzzle itself); LOCAL; NOW; PRESENT here and there ABOUT here in France ICI here in Germany HIER here in Paris ICI here in Rome HIC here, not THERE hereditary element GENE heretic ARIAN; ARIUS (ancient priest) Hereward [쒁 FEN] hermit CRAB hero BADER; FAUST; IDOL; LEAD; LION; STAR heroic BRAVE; EPIC heroic exploit FEAT; DEED heroin H; HORSE; SMACK heroine BECKY; BESS; DIDO; EMMA; MOLL; NELL; NORMA; SHE (from Rider Haggard’s novel); TESS heroine, tragic MIMI heron EGRET herring KIPPER Hertfordshire town WARE hesitancy see HESITATION hesitant UNSURE; WAITING hesitant expression/utterance ER; UM; UR hesitate ER; HOVER; HEM; UM; WAVER; 쐍 DITHER; FALTER; TEETER

high on drugs

hesitate to take off ER or UM to be omitted from as word (as “Hesitate to take off sweater” 씮 JUMP) hesitation DOUBT; ER; UM; UR; 쐍 STAMMER hesitation about MU; RE hesitation, express ER het-up anagram of HET; see ANGRY heteronyms words with the same spelling but different meanings and pronunciations e.g. polish/Polish. In clues they will be used without an indicator and in such a way as to put you onto the wrong meaning hew CHOP; CUT (qv); HACK hewn AXED; CYT hex AXE; SPELL; WITCH hi-fi, piece of AMP hiatus BREAK; GAP hibernation SLEEP Hibernian IRISH hiccup BUG; GLITCH; SNAG hick YOKEL hidden INNER; SECRET; UNDER; 쐍 COVERT; DOGGO; nesting indicator; run indicator “The Hidden ’And” with this device the word AND has to be assumed, for example the solution to “The girl who has my letters” is MANDY (i.e. M and Y) hidden by run indicator hidden clue another name for the type of clue in which the answer is a run of letters within the clue; see RUN hidden danger TRAP hidden word clue see RUN and RUN INDICATOR hide BURROW; CACHE; COAT; COVER; DEN; FELL; FLOG; KID; KIP; LAIR; LEATHER; PELT; SCREEN; SKIN; SUEDE; 쐍 HARBOUR; SECRETE; anagram indicator; nesting indicator; run indicator hide in order to be found PLANT hide, some THONG

hideout DEN; HOLE; LAIR; anagram of HIDE hider of pain ETHER hides run indicator hidey-hole DEN hiding BEATING; ROUT; nesting indicator hiding, give BEAT; SPANK; 쐍 THRASH hiding-place CACHE; DEN; HOLE hiding-place for can indicate that the component that follows is to be nested hie URGE higgledy-piggledy anagram indicator high GREAT; H; MANIC; OFF; STEEP; STONED; TALL; TOP; UP; 쐍 ECSTATIC; LOFTY; SMELLING; SPACED OUT; anagram indicator; can indicate something to do with being drunk or on a drug-trip; can refer to an elevated location as “high water” can clue TARN; similarly with regard to the body e.g. “high level habit” can indicate some kind of headwear high class U high cost BOMB high explosive HE high-flier EAGLE; PILOT; 쐍 ICARUS; see BIRD; [쒁 AIR] high-fliers RAF; see BIRD high-flying can refer to a bird, cloud, aircraft, pilot etc high-flying singer LARK; MARTIN; see BIRD high frequency OFTEN high, get RISE high, got ROSE high ground HILL; MOUNT; TOR; 쐍 EMINENCE high-level RIDGE; ROOF high-level cover-up HAT high living can indicate a people or breed of animal living in mountainous region high, on ALOFT high on drugs STONED


high place

high place HILL; MOUNT; STATUS; RIDGE; TOR high-point APEX high position, in ALOFT; UP high-quality AI; FINE; TOPS high-ranking TOP high regard, held in RATE high-rise RIDGE high shot LOB high sound HI high speed, at see FAST high-speed train APT; HST high-spirited FRISKY high spirits ELATION high spot TOR high temperature, having a HOT high tension HT high-up can indicate something to do with flying, aircraft or a bird esp. eagle high voice TREBLE high water TIDE high winds GALE highball LOB higher BETTER; UP; 쐍 SUPERIOR higher degrees HEAT higher, get CLIMB higher in price UP highest BEST; TOP; 쐍 SUPREME highest level, at the ATOP highest medal GOLD highest place TOP highest point APEX; PEAK highflyer see HIGH-FLIER highflyer, legendary ROC Highland area ROSS Highland dress KILT; 쐍 JABOT highland feature RIDGE Highland gathering MOD Highland town WICK Highlander SCOT; see HIGH LIVING highlight STRESS; STAR highly can indicate something or someone in a physically high position as “Highly-reclusive sort” 씮 STYLITE; [쒁 TOP] highly desirable PLUM highly priced DEAR highway ROAD


hike RAISE; RAMBLE; RISE hiker RAMBLER hiking club YHA hilarious person RIOT highlight VERY (i.e. from Very pistol) hill BERG; BRAE; BROW; DOWN; FELL; HEAP; MOUND; PEAK; RISE; TOR hill, northern BEN hill-range RIDGE hill top BROW; H; 쐍 RIDGE hill, top of H; PEAK; PIKE Hillary [쒁 ASCENT; EVEREST] hills MOORS; RANGE hillside FELL; BANK; BRAE hilltop H; RIDGE hilly area DOWNS Hilton can indicate something to do with Shangri-La hind BACK; DEER; REAR; STERN hinder BLOCK; CUMBER; 쐍 IMPEDE hindered LET hindquarters HAUNCH; RUMP hindrance LET; see IMPEDIMENT Hindu goddess KALI Hindu status CASTE hinge MOUNT; 쐍 DEPEND hint CUE; CLUE; DASH; IMPLY; TIP; TRACE; 쐍 BREATH; INKLING; can signal that only a small part (usually one letter) of the indicated word is to be used hint, give a CUE; INTIMATE hint of first letter of the word that follows to be used hint of colour C; TINGE hip COOL; HAUNCH; [쒁 CHEER] hippy BROAD (i.e. in the beam!) hippy gathering LOVE-IN hips BOTTOM (as in “To wiggle one’s hips is the nadir” (4,6) 씮 ROCK BOTTOM) hire LEASE; LET; RENT; 쐍 CHARTER hired LEASED; LET; RENTED hired man HAND

hold sway

hired out a component to be nested within LET hires LET hirsute HAIRY hirsute growth BEARD; TACHE hirsute, not BALD his new form ISH his or her ONES his undoing ISH hiss SCOFF historian BEDE; LIVY; 쐍 HERODOTUS; TACITUS historic OLD historic city TROY; UR history PAST; 쐍 ACCOUNT; RECORD history oral PASSED history, sort of POTTED hit BANG; BASH; BAT; BELT; BLOW; BUTT; CLIP; CLOCK; CLOUT; CLUB; CUFF; LAM; LASH; PAT; POUND; RAM; RAP; SLAP; SLOG; SLUG; SMASH; SMITE; SOCK; STRUCK; SWIPE; 쐍 BRAIN; BUTTED; RAPPED; SLAPPED; SLOGGED; SMASHED; SMITTEN; SUCCESS; WALLOP; WELT hit ball high in the air SKY hit, big ACE; SIX hit forcefully SOCK hit gently PAT; TAP hit hard RAPH (i.e. rap H); see HIT hit high in the air SKY hit it off CLICK hit-man PAT hit on head CLOCK hit out HIT to be omitted; anagram of HIT; a component to be nested within HIT, LASH etc hitch TIE; TETHER; can indicate a knot; see SNAG hitching can indicate something to do with getting married hitherto unknown NEW; NOVEL Hitler’s deputy HESS Hitler’s bully boys/men, some of SS hitting, keep FLOG

HM ER hoard SAVE; STASH; STOCK; STORE; 쐍 COLLECT; GATHER; SAVINGS; SUPPLY hoarse GRUFF; HUSKY; ROUGH hoax BLUFF; CON; DUPE; GULL; KID; SPOOF hob RANGE; SHELF hobble FETTER hobby INTEREST; note, this is a bird as well as meaning ‘pastime’ hobby-horse can indicate something to do with morris dancing hock PAWN; POP; WINE hoe WEED; 쐍 GARDEN hog SWINE; 쐍 CORNER hogshead BUTT; CASK hogsheads, two PIPE hoist LIFT hold BIND; GRASP; GRIP; HAVE; HUG; KEEP; LOCK; OWN; PIN; STAY; STORE; 쐍 CARRY; CLAIM; CLINCH; CLING; CONTEND; CLASP; NELSON; RESERVE; RETAIN; can indicate a wrestling hold e.g. armlock; nesting indicator; run indicator hold-all BAG hold back DAM; DEFER; DELAY; REIN; STEM; WAIT; WAVER; 쐍 RESTRAIN; RETAIN; can indicate a synonym of “hold” is reversed, e.g. PIN hold back, to the component which follows is to be reversed and nested hold, do not DROP hold down PIN hold firmly GRIP; GRASP; [쒁 VICE] hold forth ORATE hold in run indicator hold in regard RESPECT; see ESTEEM hold in respect REGARD; see ESTEEM hold line L to be nested hold on CLING; GRASP; LAST hold on to CLASP; GRIP; KEEP hold out OFFER; RESIST hold sway REIGN


hold tight

hold tight CLASP; CLING; GRIP hold, to nesting indicator hold up BLOCK; DEFER; DELAY; PROP; 쐍 DELAY; IMPEDE; reversal indicator hold-up DAM; DELAY; GLITCH; HEIST; HITCH; SNAG; reversal indicator hold-up, device for HANGER; HOOK holdall BAG holder CUP; HOD; PEN; 쐍 KEEPER; see CONTAINER holding nesting indicator; run indicator holding on ON to be nested holding one back ENO to be nested hole CELL; CORNER; CRATER; CUP; DEN; DENT; EARTH; GAP; GORE; JAM; LAIR; MINE; O; PIT; POCK; PORE; PORT; SLOT; SPACE; SPOT; VENT; VOID; 쐍 ABYSS; CAVE; SITUATION hole in one ACE hole in one, got a ACED hole, make a BORE; DRILL; GORE hole, small PORE holiday BREAK; EASTER; FEAST; HOL; JAUNT; LEAVE; REST; TRIP; VAC; WHIT; 쐍 CRUISE; OFF; PACKAGE; RECESS; VACATION holiday centre RESORT; SPA holiday destination RESORT holiday, Northern WAKE holiday, on AWAY; OFF holiday period EASTER; SUMMER; see HOLIDAY holiday, prepare for PACK holiday region MED; SW holiday souvenir TAN holidaymaker CAMPER; TRIPPER; [쒁 RESORT] Holland, place in EDAM holler CALL hollow CAVE; COMBE; COOMB; CRATER; DELL; DENT; DIP; HOLE; PAN; PIT; 쐍 DIMPLE; GUTTER; SOCKET; TOKEN;


can indicate the use of first and last letters only as “hollow sound” 씮 SD hollow in ground PAN hollow sound BONG hollow victory VY; WN hollowed BORED hollows ANTRA; see HOLLOW holly ILEX Hollywood LA; [쒁 STAR, MOVIE] Hollywood spectacular EPIC Hollywood star COOPER; GABLE holm OAK Holst usually refers to “The Planet Suite” and so calls for one of the planets in the solar system mentioned in the work holster CASE holy GOOD; PI; 쐍 BLESSED; can indicate a word beginning with ST; [쒁 ORDERS] holy book BIBLE (qv); KORAN; can call for a specific book from the Bible, esp. its abbreviation e.g. GEN, EX – see BIBLE, BOOK holy books NT; OT holy city ROME; SION holy, make HALLOW holy man MONK; SAINT; ST; 쐍 FAKIR holy orders can refer to the ten commandments, the Decalogue etc holy person SAINT; ST holy place SHRINE; see CHURCH Holy See ROME holy writ NT; OT homage, do KNEEL home BACK; BASE; COT; DEN; EARTH; FLAT; HOUSE; IN; LAIR; NEST; PAD; VILLA; 쐍 HEARTH; INTERIOR home again BACK; ININ home before midnight ING home, bring STRESS Home Counties SE home, get a SETTLE home help CHAR

horns, trim

home improvement DIY home-made anagram of HOME home of monster LOCH Home Office HO home, stately HALL; PILE home team INSIDE (i.e. IN-SIDE) homeless, make EVICT homer COR (a Hebrew measure); can refer to the pigeon Homer can indicate a Greek letter as “last character in Homer” 씮 RHO; note, despite the capital letter, Homer can refer to the pigeon as well as the poet homestead FARM homework DIY; PREP homicide KILLING homo sapiens MAN homophone a word that is pronounced like (or very much like) another such as ‘might’ and ‘mite’, ‘gate’ and “gait’. Its use in a clue will be signalled by the use of a homophone indicator which has the connotation of being restricted solely to sound (examples: “on the radio”, “heard”). In this way, for example, “Sound money order test” calls up CHECK (i.e. sounding like ‘cheque’) homosexual GAY homosexuality, reveal OUT honed SHARP honest FAIR; FRANK; JUST; OPEN; RIGHT; STRAIGHT; TRUE; UPRIGHT; WORTHY; 쐍 CANDID; CLEAN honestly REALLY; TRUE; TRULY honesty TRUTH honey COMB; DEAR; LOVE; MEL honey-badger RETAL honey, source of COMB honour CBE; CH; DBE; DUB; LAUD; MBE; OBE; OM; ORDER; 쐍 AK; CREDIT; CROWN; MERIT; can refer to an honour card i.e. ACE, JACK, QUEEN, KING honourable HON

honoured FETED honoured companion CH hood BONNET; COWL; COVER; ROUGH; with a capital initial can refer to Robin Hood hood, wearing a COWLED hooded can refer to something to do with (i) a monk (ii) a cobra (iii) Robin Hood hoodlum GANGSTER; 쐍 THUG hook GAFF; 쐍 CATCH; SHOT; STROKE Hook PIRATE hooker TART hooligan LOUT; ROUGH; TED; THUG; YOB; 쐍 ROWDY hoop BAND (qv); RING hooter HORN; NOSE; OWL; SIREN; 쐍 CONK; SIGNAL hop BOUND; DANCE; LEAP; NIP; REEL; SKIP; SPRING hop off PHO hop the twig DIE hope TRUST; YEARN; 쐍 ASPIRE; YEARNING Hope can refer to the author and his work; [쒁 ZENDA] hope for a response FISH hope, lose DESPAIR hopeful ROSY; 쐍 PROMISING hopeless DEAD hopelessly anagram indicator hopelessness DESPAIR hopper FROG; ROO Horace, characteristic of his poetry ODIC Horatio can indicate something to do with philosophy (i.e. from Hamlet) horde ARMY; DROVE; GANG; MASS; MOB; SWARM horizon KEN horizontal FLAT; LEVEL; LYING; can indicate something to do with sleeping; 쐍 PRONE horizontal, was LAY horn CORNET; HOOTER; LUR; 쐍 BASSET horn, sound TOOT horns BRASS horns, trim POLL



horrible FRIGHTFUL; VILE; anagram indicator; see NASTY Horrible! UGH horribly anagram indicator horrid anagram indicator horrid thing NIGHT horrific GORY; anagram indicator horrify APPAL horrid NASTY; see HORRIBLE horror FRIGHT horror, sound of UGH horse ARAB; BARB; BAY; BESS; CHASER; COB; COLT; DAM; DRIER; DRUG; DUN; FILLY; FOAL; GG; GREY; H; HACK; KNIGHT; MARE; NAG; PACER; PINTO; PONY; PUNCH; ROAN; SHIRE; STUD; 쐍 AMBLER; AIRER; ARKLE; CHARGER; COURSER; DRIER; HUNTER; JADE; MOKE; WHEELER; see RACEHORSE; [쒁 RIDE; SADDLE; TRIP (i.e. as in a “bad trip”)] horse, back of CROUP horse, black/dark BESS horse, child’s GG horse chestnut COB horse, concerning EQUINE horse, cowboy’s TRIGGER horse-dealer COPER horse entered in minor race PLATER horse-feed BRAN; CORN; HAY; OATS horse, food for, stuff for see HORSE-FEED horse, frame for difficult TRAVE horse, like a EQUINE horse, on a RIDING; UP horse, resembling a EQUINE horse sure to win CERT horse-trader see HORSE-DEALER horseback GAN (i.e. nag reversed) horseback, on UP horseback, travel on RIDE horseback, went on/was on/were on RODE horseman RIDER


horses HERD; STABLE; STRING; STUD horses, some see HORSES horseshoe PLATE hose LINE; SOCK(S); STOCKING(S) hose, single TIGHT hospital BARTS; ENT; GUYS; H; MASH; SAN; 쐍 CLINIC hospital admission H to be nested within a component hospital department ENT hospital drama ER hospital facility WARD hospital, military MASH hospital, part of ENT; WARD; WING hospital patient CASE hospital room WARD hospital unit BED; ENT; WARD hospitality CHEER hospitality, one receiving GUEST host ARMY; CROWD; LOT; MASS; MC; SWARM; nesting indicator; 쐍 ENTERTAIN hostelry INN hostile ANTI; AVERSE; COLD; COOL; ICY; ILL; 쐍 ADVERSE; ALIEN; HARSH hostile promise THREAT hostile reaction BOO hostilities STRIFE; WAR hostility ANGER; FEUD; MALICE; SPITE hosting nesting indicator hot BAKED; CROSS; H; IN; NEW; 쐍 BAKING; BIG; LIVE; RED; STEAMY; STOLEN; SULTRY; TROPICAL hot and humid STEAMY; see HOT hot, get unpleasantly SWELTER hot-headed RASH hot issue LAVA hot meal CHILLI hot potato ISSUE hot spot OVEN hot stuff LAVA hot, very RED; SEARING hot weather HEAT; SUN

Hugh, we hear

hotel H; HYDRO; INN; PORTER; 쐍 RITZ hotel employee PAGE hotel guest RESIDENT hotelier HOST hothead H 쐍 MADCAP; see HOTLY TIPPED hotheaded H; see HOTLY TIPPED hotly tipped can indicate a volcano e.g. ETNA hotpot STEW hound HUNT; 쐍 BADGER; see DOG hour H; HR; TIME; ZERO; can indicate any figure up to twelve hour in which something starts (take-off, ascent etc) ZERO hour of prayer SEXT hourly HORAL hours of darkness NIGHT house BINGO; BULL (i.e. Taurus); CASTLE; CO; CROWD; DIET; DRUM; FIRM; GRANGE; H; HO; HUT; INN; LEO; LODGE; LOTTO; MANOR; MANSE; ORANGE; RES; SEMI; SIGN; STABLE (as a verb); VILLA; YORK; 쐍 FRIARY; GAFF; HALL; HANOVER; LANCASTER; TUDOR; WINDSOR; run indicator (as a verb); can indicate something to do with theatre; can indicate something to do with astrological houses e.g. Cancer, or their signs e.g. crab house, big GRANGE; MANOR; MANSE house, European/French MAISON house, large country HALL house limit WALL house, little COT; H house, minister’s MANSE house, part of big WING house, secluded part of DEN house, section STOREY house, small HO; HUT house, Spanish CASA house, splendid CASTLE house vacated HE

household FAMILY; MENAGE householder, small SNAIL houseman MEMBER houseman, US INTERN houses ESTATE; nesting indicator; run indicator; see HOUSE housewife HOW; 쐍 ETUI housing nesting indicator housing complex ESTATE housing development CITY; ESTATE; TOWN hovel HUT; SHACK; SHED; STY hover FLY; WAIT; WAVER how annoying! PISH how Frenchman COMMENT how German WIE how old AGE how old one is AGE how Parisian COMMENT how to can indicate the answer is an adverb, usually ending in LY; can indicate a word in which the first component is a self-standing verb (as “Informant – how to put the kids to sleep” signals TELLTALE) Howard’s End D Howdy HI however BUT; THO; YET; 쐍 THOUGH; anagram indicator howl CRY; ROAR; WAIL howler BLUNDER; MONKEY HQ BASE; DEPOT; 쐍 STATION hub FOCUS hubbub DIN; see NOISE Huck FINN huddle CROWD Hudson RIVER; ROCK; can indicate something to do with film star hue SHADE; TINCT; TONE huff PET; PIQUE hug ENFOLD; LOCK; nesting indicator; run indicator huge BIG; FAT; GREAT; TALL; TITAN; 쐍 JUMBO huge amount PILE; TON hugged by nesting indicator Hugh DROVER (opera) Hugh, we hear HEW; HUE



hugs nesting indicator; run indicator hull BOAT 쐍 BILGE; KEEL Hull note, as well as the town can refer to a boat hullabaloo DIN Hulot, Monsieur TATI hum BO; BUZZ; DRONE; ODOUR; PONG; REEK; SMELL; STINK (qv) hum, humming can indicate something to do with smell human being MAN human beings MAN; MEN humane studies ARTS humanity MEN humanity, show ERR humble ABASE; DEMEAN; LOW; LOWER; MEEK; MODEST humble person HEEP (i.e. from Dickens) humble place HOVEL; HUT; SHED humbug CANT; FUDGE; PHONY; ROT; SHAM humdrum BANAL; TRITE humid CLOSE; MOIST humiliate DEMEAN; GALL; TEASE humiliation GALL humming NIFFY humorist CARD; LEAR; WAG; WIT humorous COMIC; DROLL; FUNNY; WITTY humorous material, feeble CORN humorous, quietly DRY humour MOOD; WIT; 쐍 FEELING humour, object of BUTT Humpty Dumpty, like OVOID humus MOR hunch CLUE; HINT; HUMP hundred C; TON 114 cm ELL 100 mph TON hundred-odd acres HIDE hundred, one short of IC; OO hundred pence POUND


hundred sheets REAM hundreds CC; D hung DRAPED; see HANG hung about, around WAITED hunger GREED; ITCH; NEED; YEARN(ING) hunger, suffer STARVE hungry EMPTY; NEEDY; this is one of the old chestnuts where, if a person or animal is involved in the clue, ‘hungry’ can signify the insertion of O into the person or animal (i.e. “has nothing inside”!); note, the last comment can apply to any living creature hungry, extremely HY hunt CHASE; FISH; HOUND MEET; QUEST; SCOUR; SEARCH; SEEK; SHOOT; 쐍 COURSE; POACH hunt illegally/illictly POACH hunt protester SAB hunt’s objective FOX hunted animals GAME hunter HORSE; MOUNT; WATCH; 쐍 ORION; TRAPPER hunting expedition/party SHOOT hunting trophy BRUSH huntsman PEEL hurdle JUMP hurl FLING; LOB; PITCH; THROW; TOSS hurled anagram indicator hurly-burly BUSTLE hurrah CHEERS hurried RAN; RACED; SPED; TORE hurry BELT; DASH; HASTE; HIE; NIP; RACE; RUN; RUSH; SPEED TEAR; URGE; 쐍 BEETLE; HASTEN; LEGIT (i.e. leg it); SCRAMBLE hurry along see HURRY hurry, in a RUSHED; RUSHING hurry up TRAD (i.e. reversal of “dart” in a DC) hurst GROVE hurt ACHE; HARM; ILL PAIN; SMART; STAB; STING; 쐍 ACHED; HARMED; STUNG; WOUND

I shall

hurt, appeared BLED hurtful remark BARB hurting SORE hurtle PLUNGE; see RUSH hurtled SPED; TORE hurts, that OUCH husband GROOM; H; MAN; MATE; SAVE; STORE; 쐍 CONSERVE; RESERVE; SPOUSE; USELESS (i.e. use less) husband, French MARI husband no longer EX hush SH hush money BRIBE; BUNG hush up CONCEAL husk AWN husks BRAN; CHAFF husky GRUFF; HOARSE; THROATY husky, sounds HORSE hussy WANTON hut CABIN; HOGAN; HOVEL; SHACK; SHED; 쐍 SHANTY hybrid ASS; MULE; anagram indicator hydrocarbon TERPENE hydrophobic RABID hygienic CLEAN hymn PAEAN; 쐍 ANTHEM; SEQUENCE hymn-writer DAVID hymnbook MISSAL hype PUFF; SPIN hyperactive MANIC; anagram indicator hyphen DASH; LINK hypnotised UNDER hypocrisy CANT hypocrisy, showing SLY hypocrite PRIG hypocritical SLY hypocritical words CANT hypotenuse* SIDE hypothetical NOTIONAL hysteria PANIC

Ii I EGO; ONE; 쐍 PRONOUN; beware that the first person ‘I’ can itself be an element in the answer; as the symbol for iodine can indicate something to do with chemical symbol I admitted I to be nested within a component I agree YES; 쐍 TRUE I am IM I am proposing to ILL I am unable ICANT I don’t half IDO; INT I’d put up DI (in a DC) I, for example PRONOUN I had ID I had kept ID to be nested I have IVE I have to secure the following word to be nested within IVE I hear homophone indicator I heard EYE I in France JE I, in Paris JE I intend ILL I introduced I to be nested within a word or component I leave I to be omitted I’ll leave I or ILL to be omitted I’ll say ISLE I’ll set up LLI (in a DC) I’m IAM; IM; can indicate a word made up of I plus a verb as “I’m a trader” clues IDEAL I’m going to ILL I’m half D (i.e. in Roman numerals D is half of one M!) I’m out I to be omitted I object ME I reported(ly) EYE I royally WE I run about IRRE I say EYE; IGH I see, reportedly IC I shall ILL


I will

I will ILL I would ID Ibsen can indicate something to do with his plays e.g. BRAND, GHOSTS Ibsen heroine GABLER; HEDDA Icarus can call for something to do with sun, wax ICBM MISSILE ice BERG; CHILL; RINK; 쐍 RESERVE; can indicate something to with diamonds ice, break the CALVE ice, kind of BLACK; CREAM; PACK ice-cream CHOC; CONE; SCOOP; TUB; 쐍 CORNET; GLACE ice-cream container CONE ice, mass of BERG ice, quantity of BERG; CONE; RINK; SCOOP; ice venue RINK icebox FRIDGE Iceland IS icon IDOL ictus FIT; STRESS; STROKE icy COLD; COOL ID NAME Idaho ID idea DREAM; NOTION; PLAN; 쐍 FANCY; THEME; VISION; THEORY; THOUGHT ideal BEST; DREAM; MODEL; VISION; 쐍 EXAMPLE; PERFECT ideal situation THEORY ideally BEST idem SAME identical EQUAL; SAME identical statement EQUATION identification ID; LABEL; MARK; NAME; STICKER; 쐍 BRAND; TITLE identification, means of DNA identify FINGER; NAME; PLACE; SPOT; 쐍 LABEL identifying feature NAME; NUMBER; TITLE identifying, way of TEST identity ID


identity card ID idiot ASS; CLOT; GOON; NIT; SAP; TWIT; 쐍 DIMWIT; DOLT; TWERP; anagram indicator; see FOOL idiotic INANE; anagram indicator idle FALLOW; LAZE; LAZY; LINGER; LOAF; LOLL; REST; SLACK; VAIN; anagram indicator idle, be LOAF idle chatter GAS idle fellow see IDLER idle-sounding LAYS idle talk GAS; YAK; 쐍 PRATTLE idler DRONE; SLOB; WASTER; 쐍 CABBAGE; SKIVER idling LAZING; SLACKING; anagram indicator idol BAAL; ICON; JOSS; 쐍 IMAGE idols appear SOLID (anag.) idolise LOVE; REVERE if CONDITION if, say WEATHER if turned up FI (in a DC) iffy RISKY igloo HOME; HOUSE; [쒁 ICE; ROUND] ignite BURN; LIGHT ignited LIT; anagram indicator ignoble BASE; CHEAP; LOW; MEAN ignorance, state of LIMBO ignore CUT; DEFY OMIT; PASS; SLIGHT; omission indicator ignored CUT; omission indicator II with a homophone indicator can call for EYES ilex HOLLY ill AILING; BAD; FUNNY; POOR; POORLY; SEEDY; SICK; 쐍 AGUE; EVIL; anagram indicator, as “ill-starred” 씮 TRADERS ill-advised RASH; 쐍 MAD ill-advisedly anagram indicator ill-assorted anagram indicator ill, become AIL ill-behaved anagram indicator ill-bred type BOOR; CAD; OAF; LOUT; YOB


ill-defined HAZY; VAGUE; anagram indicator; 쐍 BLURRED ill-feeling can refer to illness as “widespread ill-feeling” 씮 PANDEMIC ill-fitting anagram indicator ill-gotten anagram indicator ill-gotten gains LOOT ill-humour ANGER; BILE; PET; SPLEEN; TEMPER ill in Australia CROOK ill-mannered CRUDE; ROUGH; RUDE ill-manners in speech RUED ill-mannered, someone BEAR; OAF; 쐍 LOUT ill-matched, be CLASH ill-natured CROSS ill-starred TRADERS ill, taken anagram indicator ill-temper SPLEEN; see TEMPER ill-tempered CRABBY; SURLY ill-treat can indicate something to do with treating the ill, hence nurse, tend, dose etc ill-used anagram indicator ill-written anagram indicator illegal HOT illegal act CRIME illegal business RACKET illegal enterprise RACKET illegal occupation SQUAT illegal substance see DRUG illegally anagram indicator illegally, raise money ROB (qv) illegally record BUG illegitimate NATURAL illicit BLACK; anagram indicator illicit gains LOOT illicitly anagram indicator illiterate anagram indicator; homophone indicator; see ILLITERATES, FOR illiterate signature X illiterates, for can indicate a deliberate misspelling as “school for illiterates brought back” 씮 LOOKS illness AGUE; BUG; FLU; MAL; TB; 쐍 AILMENT; INFECTION; QUINSY

illness, minor COLD illness, mystery/unidentified LURGY illuminated LIT illumination BEAM; LAMP; LIGHT; RAY; 쐍 CANDLE illumination, form of LED; SPOT illumination, provided LIT illusion DREAM; MIRAGE; can refer to an enduring myth e.g. yeti, Loch Ness Monster illustration PIC illustrative GRAPHIC illustrator, French DORE illustrious FAMED; LOFTY; NOBLE image ICON; IDOL; RINGER; 쐍 DOUBLE imaginary number I imaginative American POE (recalling his Tales of the Imagination) imagine DREAM; FANCY; see THINK imbecile ANILE imbibe DRINK; SIP; SUP imbibed DRANK; DRUNK; nesting indicator imbibed by nesting indicator imbibing nesting indicator imbued with nesting indicator imitate APE; COPY; FORGE; 쐍 ECHO; MIMIC imitation COPY; PASTE; SHAM; SPOOF imitative of recent past RETRO imitator APER; COPIER immaculate PURE immature CALLOW; EARLY; GREEN immediate PROMPT; 쐍 INSTANT; NEAREST immediate action, need for URGENCY immediately ANON; NOW; STAT (Lat.) immediately after NEXT; ON immense HUGE; STEEP immerse BATHE; DIP; PLUNGE immersed in nesting indicator immigrant ALIEN; INCOMER



immigrate INCOME (i.e. in come) immobile STATIC; STILL; STUCK immobilise car CLAMP immoral LOOSE immoral act SIN immoral woman TART immorality EVIL; VICE immune PROOF imp SPRITE; see CHILD, NAUGHTY impact BUMP; DENT; HIT; RAM; 쐍 EFFECT impact, have an TELL impact, make an TAP impaired anagram indicator impale SPEAR; SPIKE impart REVEAL impartial FAIR; JUST; 쐍 NEUTRAL impassioned MAD; STORMY; 쐍 FERVENT; see PASSIONATE impassive BLAND; STOLID impatience ITCH impatience in driving, show HOOT; TOOT impatient AGOG impatient, be ITCH impatient expression PISH impecunious BROKE; POOR; SKINT; can indicate that an associated word is to lose a money-related letter/component such as P, L impede BLOCK; CRAMP; HAMPER impediment BAR; BLOCK; LET; RUB; 쐍 SHACKLE impel DRIVE; FORCE; GOAD; MAKE; URGE impend LOOM imperceptible, almost SLIGHT imperfect SKETCHY imperial IMP imperial unit FT; INCH; OUNCE see MEASURE imperialist RHODES impersonate APE impersonating, one APER; MIMIC; RINGER


impertinence CHEEK; LIP; SAUCE impertinent COOL; FORWARD; LIPPY; SASSY; SAUCY see CHEEKY impetuous HASTY; RASH; can indicate a word beginning with HOT e.g. hot-headed, hot-tempered impetuosity ELAN implausible TALL implement AWL; AXE; HOE; POKER SPADE; SPIKE; TOOL; USE; 쐍 AGENT; EXECUTE; see INSTRUMENT, TOOL implement, kitchen PESTLE implication TONE implicit anagram indicator implied in anagram or run indicator implore BEG; PLEAD; 쐍 ENTREAT imply HINT; MEAN impolite RUDE; 쐍 IMPUDENT; PERT impolitic RUDE; 쐍 IMPRUDENT import DRIFT; FIT (i.e. verb); GIST; MEAN; NUB; POINT; WEIGHT; 쐍 MATTER; MEANING import into nesting indicator importance WEIGHT; 쐍 GRAVITY; MOMENT; STRESS; VALUE; can indicate something to do with Wilde’s play e.g. Ernest; see IMPORT importance, have COUNT importance, of minor LIGHT important BIG; GREAT; HIGH; KEY; MAJOR; PRIME; VITAL; WEIGHTY; 쐍 CAPITAL important, are MATTER important, more HIGHER; see IMPORTANT important, not quite the most can indicate a secondary position beginning with SUB important person LION; VIP imported MEANT; nesting indicator; can indicate a foreign word as “imported article” clues LE, UN, etc

in certain ways

importune BEG; PLEAD; PRESS impose FOIST; LEVY; SET imposing GRAND; STATELY; TAXING; 쐍 AUGUST imposition LINES; TAX impostor SHAM impound nesting indicator imprecise VAGUE impress CHARM; STAMP; TYPE; 쐍 AFFECT; AWE; STRIKE impress deeply INGRAIN impress, try to BRAG impressed AWED; STAMPED; see IMPRESS impression AIR; DENT; FEEL; IDEA; MARK; PRINT; SEAL; SENSE; STAMP; 쐍 DENTING; IMAGE impression, create a BRAG impression, indistinct BLUR impression, made an ETCHED; STAMPED impression, make an DENT; ETCH; PRINT; SEAL; STAMP impression of speed BLUR impressive EPIC; LARGE imprint SEAL; STAMP imprison CAGE; GATE; INTERN imprisoned INSIDE; PENT; nesting indicator; can indicate that a component is to be nested within a synonym for prison e.g. PEN or GAOL as in “Doctor could be imprisoned for caper” 씮 GAMBOL (i.e. GA-MB-OL) imprisoned, get INTERN imprisoned, not FREE; OUT imprisons CAGES; nesting indicates improbable, improbably anagram indicator improper CRUDE; RUDE; anagram indicator; see CHEEKY improper, not PURE improperly anagram indicator; can indicate an adjective beginning with NON improve BETTER; EMEND; MEND; RALLY; REFORM; TWEAK improve on CAP; TOP

improved BETTER; anagram indicator improvement REFORM; UP; anagram indicator; [쒁 GOOD] improvement, make an AMEND; MEND improvements DIY improvise JAM; RIG improvised, improvising anagram indicator imprudent RASH impudence CHEEK; CRUST; FRONT; GALL; LIP impudent BOLD; BRASH; CHEEKY; FRESH impudent language LIP impudent youngster BRAT; CHIT; IMP impulse INSTINCT; ITCH; THRUST; URGE; WHIM impulses ID impulses in check, keeping can indicate that ID is to be nested within a component impulses, set of ID impulsive RASH impurities, remove LEACH; REFINE in AT; BATTING; HOME; LIT; TRENDY; nesting indicator; run indicator; can indicate that whatever follows is synonymous with the answer; note that, like all small innocent looking words, IN itself can be part of the answer as “Element unknown in club” gives ZINC (i.e. Z-IN-C); used as a prefix can indicate NOT in a way anagram indicator in accordance with ASPER (i.e. as per) in addition AND; PLUS; TOO; 쐍 ALSO in advantageous position UP in, be BAT in between INTER; nesting indicator in care of nesting indicator in case LEST in certain ways a component to be nested within some combination of N, E, W and/or S


in charge

in charge IC in charge of OVER in company a component to be nested within CO in court UP in demand HOT in difficulties anagram indicator in extremis first and last letter indicator in error OUT in fact REALLY in favour FOR; PRO in foreign DE; EN in former days THEN in French DE; EN in French a UN; UNE in front AHEAD in good time EARLY in grip of nesting indicator in hearing homophone indicator in, is BATS in-joke GAG to be nested within a component in many cases OFTEN in motion GOING in my case a component to be nested within MY in no hurry PATIENT; SLOW in order to get FOR in other words IE in our opinion TOUS (i.e. to us) in panic anagram indicator in Paris a UN; UNE in pieces anagram indicator in place ON in question anagram indicator in real trouble a component to be nested within an anagram of REAL in respect of ABOUT; ON; RE in role of AS in rows TIERED in some way anagram indicator in South INS in such a way anagram indicator in that case THEN in the air ABOVE; ALOFT; anagram indicator in the case of FOR in the form of AS in the grip of nesting indicator


in the manner of ALA (i.e. a la); AS in the matter of RE in the open OUT in this case HERE in this manner SO; THUS in this place HERE in this way SO; THUS in three parts a component to be nested within an anagram of THREE in tune ONKEY (i.e. on key) inaccurate OUT; anagram indicator inaccurate statement LIE inactive ASLEEP; FALLOW; IDLE; RUSTY inactive, be IDLE; LAZE; SLEEP inactivity, affected by see INACTIVE inadequacy LACK inadequate POOR; SCANT; SLENDER; THIN; WEAK; 쐍 MEASLY; ROPY; SCANTY; anagram indicator inadvertently anagram indicator inapplicable NA (i.e. not applicable) inattentive, be SKIP inaugurate FOUND; LAUNCH; START inbuilt nesting indicator incandescent AGLOW incantation SPELL incapacitated LAMED incarcerate GATE; see IMPRISON incautious RASH incense ANGER; JOSS incensed, be FUME; RANT; RAVE incentive BAIT; BUNG; GOAD; MOTIVE; SPUR; 쐍 CARROT inch EDGE; I; IN incident EVENT incidental SIDE incise SCORE incision CUT incision, make an LANCE incisive SHARP; can refer to the incisor tooth


incisor TOOTH incite BAIT; DRIVE; GOAD; TEMPT; SPUR; URGE; 쐍 STIMULATE incited DROVE; SPURRED inclination BENT; CANT; GRAIN (as in “against the – ”); HUMOUR; LEAN; LIST; SLOPE; TILT; TREND; RAMP; 쐍 CAMBER; LIKING; PENCHANT; RAKE; TENDENCY inclination, have LEAN (qv); see INCLINE incline ANGLE; BEND; LEAN; LIST; RAKE; SLANT; SLOPE; TEND; TILT; RAMP; 쐍 ASCENT inclined ANGLED; BENT; LEANED; TENDED; 쐍 ASLANT; GIVEN; PARTIAL; STEEP; TILTED inclined, be TEND; 쐍 LEAN (qv) inclined to, be PREFER include ADD; COVER; 쐍 EMBRACE included IN; HAD; ON; nesting indicator; run indicator includes nesting indicator incognito ANON incoherent anagram indicator income FEE; PAY; SCREW; TITHE; WAGE; 쐍 CUT; EARNINGS; LIVING; MEANS; SALARY incomer SETTLER incoming nesting indicator incomplete PARTIAL; omission indicator; run indicator incompletely omission indicator (especially of last letter); run indicator inconclusive last letter to be omitted incongruous, be JAR inconsistent FADDY incontrovertible SOUND inconvenient way, in an anagram indicator inconveniently anagram indicator incorporate nesting or run indicator

incorporated INC; anagram indicator; nesting indicator; run indicator incorporates, incorporating anagram indicator; nesting indicator; run indicator incorrect AMISS; OUT; WRONG; anagram indicator incorrectly anagram indicator increase BREED; GROW; RAISE; RISE; SURGE; UP; 쐍 ACCRUE; APPRECIATE; BOOST; DOUBLE; ENLARGE; RALLY increase, pay RAISE; RISE increase rapidly TREBLE increase speed GUN increased ROSE; UP increases UPS; see INCREASE incredible FAB; TALL incredibly anagram indicator incriminate SET UP incriminating factor PLANT incubate HATCH incur MEET; 쐍 ENCOUNTER; SUFFER incursion RAID indecent BLUE; RACY indecent talk SMUT indecision ER; UM indecision, position of FENCE indecisive, be HEDGE; WAVER indecisive game DRAW indeed AY; TRULY; VERILY; YEA; YES; a component to be nested within DEED; see YES indefinite number N; X indent HASH (pr.) indentation BAY; BIGHT independent I; IN; IND indeterminate VAGUE index AZ; LIST; POWER; TABLE; 쐍 DIRECTORY; FINGER India I; IND India, authority in RAJ India, fare from RAITA India, rule in RAJ Indian I; IN; INCA; IND; can indicate something to do with tea; see AMERICAN INDIAN; [쒁 CURRY]


Indian, American

Indian, American see AMERICAN INDIAN Indian bread NAN Indian city AGRA Indian cooking BALTI Indian drums TABLA; 쐍 TOM-TOMS Indian food BALTI Indian greeting HOW Indian leader GANDHI; NEHRU Indian princess RANI Indian state, territory GOA Indian title SRI Indian tourist centre AGRA indicate MEAN; NOD; POINT; SHOW; SIGN; 쐍 DENOTE; SIGNAL indicated MEANT indication OMEN; SIGN; 쐍 POINTER indicating anagram indicator indicator ARROW; POINTER; SIGN; TIMER indicator of weather COCK; GLASS; VANE indict CHARGE; 쐍 ACCUSE indifference, show SLIGHT; SNUB indifferent COLD; COOL indifferently anagram indicator indigent POOR indignant CROSS; IRATE indigo ANIL indirectly anagram indicator indiscreet remark GAFFE indiscriminately anagram indicator indispose AIL indisposed ILL; anagram indicator indisposition, slight CHILL; COLD indistinct BLEAR; BLEARY; BLUR; FAINT; VAGUE individual EACH; I; MAN; NAME; ONE; OWN; PERSON; SINGLE; SOLE; SOUL; UNIT individual, for ONES individuality SELF indolent IDLE; LAZY


induce GOAD; LEAD; LULL; LURE; SPUR; TEMPT; URGE induced LED; anagram indicator inducement BRIBE; SOP indulge PANDER; PET; TREAT indulgence BINGE; TREAT indulger see DRUNKARD industrial action STRIKE industrial area ESTATE industrial magnate BARON industry LINE; TRADE; WORK industry, growth FARMING ineffective DUD; LAME; see INEPT ineffectual DUD ineffectual person DUD; PRAT; TWIT inefficient anagram indicator inept WET; WIMPISH; anagram indicator; see THICK ineptly anagram indicator inert STILL; 쐍 LAZY inexpensive CHEAP; 쐍 ECONOMIC; PENNY (as in penny whistle) inexperienced GREEN; NEW; RAW; 쐍 CALLOW; FRESH inexperienced person L infant BABE; CHILD; CUB; TOT; 쐍 MINOR; TODDLER infantry FOOT; LI infatuation PASH infect TAINT infected BITTEN; SEPTIC infected by CATCH infection BUG; CHILL; COLD; FLU; STYE; TAINT infer DEDUCE; GATHER; REASON inferior BAD; BASE; BELOW; LESS; LOW; LOWER; POOR; ROPY; SUB; UNDER; 쐍 BENEATH; CHEESY; CRUMMY; DOG; MINOR; NAFF; can indicate NO followed by a word as “inferior violin” 씮 NOSTRAD (for example to build up NOSTRADAMUS) inferior status, give DEMOTE inferior to can indicate that one component is to to follow another


infernal NETHER inferno FIRE; HELL; see HELL infest FILL; SWARM infestation, suffering NITTY infiltrate nesting indicator infinite ALL infinity C infirm FAILING; FEEBLE; anagram indicator inflame ANGER; HEAT; RILE; SWELL inflamed AFIRE; LIT; RED inflammation BOIL; 쐍 CROUP inflate SWELL inflation SWELLING inflation, affected by AIR to nested within a component inflexible HARD; RIGID; STERN inflict DEAL inflict defeat BEAT; WORST influence AFFECT; CHARM; CLOUT; DRAG; FACTOR; FORCE; HOLD; LEAD; PULL; REACH; SAY; SWAY; SWING; WEIGHT; 쐍 CHARISMA; HOLD; IMPACT influence, area of REALM; 쐍 FIELD; PATCH influence, has COUNTS influenced LED; 쐍 AFFECTED; SWAYED; SWUNG influential TELLING info DOPE; GEN inform GRASS; NARK; TELL; PEACH; RAT; RUMBLE; SHOP; SING; SPLIT; TELL; 쐍 SNITCH inform on FINGER; SHOP; SPLIT informal CASUAL; FREE; can indicate (i) the shortened form of a proper noun e.g. BILL; (ii) the nickname of an historical figure e.g. IKE for Eisenhower (iii) casual speech, slang etc informally anagram indicator information DATA; DATUM; DOPE; FACT; FILE; GEN; GRIEF; INF; NEWS; SECRET; TIP; WORD; 쐍 LOWDOWN information, attempt to get GRILL; PUMP information, give TELL

information, inside TIP information, provide GRASS; SHOP; TELL information, scandalous DIRT information, special LORE Information Technology IT information, try to get SNOOP; PRY information unit BIT informed AWARE; HIP; RATTED; SANG; SHOPPED; TOLD; UP informed, be HEAR informed, was HEARD informer GRASS; NARK; NOSE; RAT; SPY infra BELOW infraction BREACH; BREAKING; anagram indicator infrared IR infrequent RARE infringement see INFRACTION infuriate ANGER infuriated ANGERED; RILED infuse BREW; STEEP infusion BREW ingenious DEFT ingenious devices GADGETRY ingenuity ART; CRAFT; SKILL ingenuous GREEN; NAVE; PLAIN; SIMPLE; 쐍 ARTLESS ingest EAT; SWALLOW ingle FIRE; HEARTH ingratiate oneself CRAWL ingratiating SMARMY ingredients anagram indicator ingress ENTRY inhabit DWELL; LIVE; 쐍 RESIDE inhabitant NATIVE inhaled, inhaling nesting indicator inheritance GENE; LEGACY inherits, he HEIR inhibit DETER; STUNT inhibit growth STUNT inhibited SHY inhibiting nesting indicator iniquity, place of DEN initial FIRST; SIGN; initial letter indicator; can indicate the initial state of something e.g. “initial child” can clue BIRTH


initial discount

initial discount first letter to be omitted initially FIRST; initial letter(s) indicator; adjacent word or element to go to the front of the other element; can indicate the first in some historical line as “woman, initially” can refer to Eve initially dismissed first letter to be omitted initiate SPARK; START initiated, initiation first letter indicator initiative DRIVE; LEAD; first letter indicator; 쐍 RESOURCE initiative, showed LED inject JAB; PUMP injected nesting indicator injection IV; JAB; SHOT injection in nesting indicator injure HARM; HURT; LAME; MAR; 쐍 GRAZE; WOUND injured GAME; HARMED; HURT; LAME; anagram indicator injury BURN; CUT; HARM; HURT; SORE; SPRAIN; STRAIN; WOUND; 쐍 LASH; LESION injury, leg LIMP injury, minor/slight GRAZE; NICK; SCRATCH; SPRAIN injury, sign of SCAR injury to anagram indicator inkling HINT; IDEA; NOTION inky DARK inland HINTER Inland Revenue IR inlet BAY; COVE; CREEK; RIA; WASH inmate CON; INTERN; 쐍 RESIDENT inn HOTEL; LOCAL; MOTEL; see PUB, HOTEL; 쐍 SERAI innards WORKS inner ENDO; RED (i.e. target) inner cover LINING inner part can indicate an internal organ inner ring RED innings KNOCK; STAND innkeeper HOST


innocent CHASTE; CLEAN; GREEN; PURE; WHITE; 쐍 CANNY Innocent POPE innocent, declare CLEAR innocent person LAMB innovation anagram indicator inoffensive a component to be nested within RUDE inordinate anagram indicator inordinately anagram indicator input DATA input to nesting indicator inquire ASK inquisitive NOSY; 쐍 NOSING inquisitive, be NOSE; PRY inquisitive, is NOSES; PRIES inquisitive, was PRIED inroad RAID insane MANIC; see NUTS inscribe WRITE inscribed nesting indicator inscribing tool GRAVER insecure anagram indicator insect ANT; BEE; BUG; FLEA; FLY; GNAT; LOUSE; MIDGE; MITE; MOTH; WASP; 쐍 CRICKET; HORNET; IMAGO; INSTAR; LARVA; LOCUST; MANTIS insects ANTS; LICE; with a homophone indicator can call for BB (i.e. bees) insects, lots of SWARM insertion see NESTING inserts nesting indicator inset a component is to be nested within SET inside GUT; INNER; run indicator; nesting indicator; can indicate something to do with prison; can indicate the middle letters of a word are to be used (as “walk inside” cues AL) can indicate that a component is to be nested within SIDE inside and outside see NESTING inside, go LINE inside help, with AID to be nested within a component inside layer LINING


inside, person CON insidious DEEP insignia BADGE; CHAIN insignificant PETTY; SMALL; TINY; WEE insignificant person SQUIT insincere FAKE; GLIB; PHONY; SHAM; 쐍 LYING insincerely fluent GLIB insincerity CANT insinuating SLY insinuation HINT; 쐍 INNUENDO insipid BLAND; DULL; 쐍 TASTELESS; VAPID insist DEMAND; STRESS insist on EXACT insolence CHEEK; LIP insolent CHEEKY; LIPPY; PERT; RUDE; SHORT insolvent SKINT; 쐍 BROKE; BUST inspan YOKE inspect CHECK; EXAMINE; EYE; SCAN; TEST; VET; VIEW; 쐍 AUDIT inspect carefully CASE inspection CHECK; LOOK; MOT; TEST; 쐍 SCREEN; VET; see EXAMINATION inspection, make inspection see INSPECTION inspiration MUSE; 쐍 BREATH; ERATO inspiration, take BREATHE inspire FIRE; PUSH; URGE; 쐍 BREATHE; KINDLE; PROMPT inspired FIRED; LIT install SITE installation of nesting indicator installed SET installed in nesting indicator instance CASE; EXAMPLE instance, for AS; EG; SAY instant FLASH; MO; NOW SEC; TICK; TRICE; 쐍 SHAKE; TWINKLE instead a component to be nested within STEAD instinct DRIVE; EAR; ID; IMPULSE; URGE

institute FOUND; INST; LAUNCH; START institution HOME; HOUSE; INST instruct BRIEF; ORDER; PRIME; TEACH; TELL; TRAIN; 쐍 ENJOIN instructed TAUGHT; TOLD instruction BRIEF; LESSON; ORDER; RULE; STET (from printing); STOP; 쐍 CHARGE; COMMISSION; TRAINING; [쒁 SCHOOL] instruction, faithful RI instruction, give TEACH; TRAIN instruction to turn PTO instructions BRIEF; 쐍 RUBRIC instructions, issue ORDER; RULE; TELL; see INSTRUCT instructor TEACHER; 쐍 TRAINER instrument AWL; CLOCK; LEVER; METER; PROBE; TOOL; 쐍 BALANCE; DUPE; MEANS; PUPPET; see MUSICAL INSTRUMENT instrument, ancient LUR instrument of torture GADGE instrument, percussion DRUM; GONG instrument, pointed AWL instrument, stringed REBEC instrument, surgical PROBE instrument, textile CARD instrumentalist PIPER; PLAYER instruments BAND; BRASS; REEDS; STRINGS; ORC instruments of restraint CHAINS; CUFFS; IRONS insubstantial AIRY; LIGHT insufficiency of can indicate the last letter is to be omitted as “insufficiency of backbone” 씮 SPIN insufficient SCANT; SHORT insufficiently UNDER; can indicate a verb beginning with UNDER insulate LAG insulated cable FLEX insult ABUSE; AFFRONT; CUT; DISS; SLAG; SLIGHT; SLUR; SNUB



insulting RUDE; see CHEEKY; IMPERTINENT insurance COVER; INS insurance guarantee COVER insurance premium LOADING insure COVER insurgent REBEL insurrection RISING integrate FUSE intellect BRAIN; MIND; NOUS intellectual TITAN intelligence BRAIN; CIA; GEN; INFO; MI; NEWS; NOUS; SENSE; WIT; 쐍 ADVICE; IQ intelligence agency CIA intelligence, those with CIA intelligence, U.S. CIA intelligent BRIGHT; CLEVER; QUICK; SHARP; SMART intelligent, not very SLOW intemperate speech RANT intend AIM; MEAN; PLAN; 쐍 DESIGN; DESTINE; TRY intend to WILL intended MEANT; 쐍 AIMED; FIANCE; anagram indicator intended for the auditor MENT intended to do FOR intense ACUTE; GREAT; STRONG intensify HEIGHTEN intent BOUND; KEEN; 쐍 DESIGN; see INTENTION intent, with MEANT intention AIM; END; OBJECT; PLAN intention, with TRYING inter COVER; 쐍 BURY inter alia a component to be nested within ALIA interbreed CROSS intercede MEDIATE interchange anagram indicator interchanging INERT (i.e. anagram of “inter”); indicated letters to be swapped interdiction BAN interest CUT; INT; SHARE; SIDE; SLICE; SPICE; STAKE; USURY; 쐍 ARP; BEHALF;


CONCERN; GAIN; HOBBY; MONEY; RETURN interest, be of APPEAL interest, lack of APATHY; FREE interest rate, low can indicate something to do with being boring interest, sphere of FIELD interest, with little IDLY interested in INTO interested, very RAPT interesting, not very DRY; DULL; see BORING, DULL interesting object CURIO interfere AFFECT; TAMPER; 쐍 MEDDLE; TINKER interference SNOW; STATIC; anagram indicator interferes PRIES interfering with anagram/nesting indicator interior INNER; INT interior design DECOR interjection EEK intermediary BROKER interment, place for GRAVE; TOMB; VAULT interminable last letter to be omitted (i.e. unending); 쐍 UNENDING intermission BREAK intermittent PATCHY internal ENDO; INNER; run indicator internal organs VITALS internally nesting indicator international CAP; INT; TEST; UN international conference DIET international group BLOC; EC; NATO; UN; WHO international language NEO international league IL international medical group WHO international organisation see INTERNATIONAL GROUP international peacekeepers UN international show EXPO internet WEB internet address URL


internet, use the SURF interpret READ interpretation ANGLE; SLANT; SPIN; VERSION; VIEW; 쐍 OPINION interpreted READ interrogate GRILL; PUMP; QUIZ interrupt BREAK; HECKLE; anagram indicator; nesting indicator interrupt movement PAUSE interrupted nesting indicator interrupting nesting indicator; run indicator interruption BREAK interruption in service LET interruptions can indicate that several components are to be nested interrupts nesting indicator intersect CUT intertwine WREATHE interval BREAK; GAP; LULL; PAUSE; RECESS; REST; SPACE; 쐍 FIFTH intervene MEDDLE intervene, to nesting indicator intervening nesting indicator interview ASK; SEE interwoven anagram indicator intestinal infection CHOLERA intestine GUT intimacy SEX intimate BOON; CLOSE; HINT; IMPLY; MEAN; STATE; 쐍 BOSOM; INFORM intimation CLUE; HINT; WIND intimidate AWE; BULLY; COW into nesting indicator into action anagram of INTO (especially TION); can indicate a component is nested within ACTION or one of its synonyms e.g. DEED into wildly anagram of INTO (especially TION) intoxicated DRUNK (qv); anagram indicator intoxication HEADY intractable individual MULE; TARTAR intrepid BOLD intricacy WEB

intricate anagram indicator intrigue CABAL; PLOT; 쐍 AFFAIR intrigues anagram indicator intriguing anagram indicator intriguing character PLOTTER intro START introduce LAUNCH; PRESENT; START; nesting indicator introduce oneself, attempt to can indicate a word beginning with ME (in the style of “Me, Tarzan”) as “Physician’s attempt to introduce himself to non-English tipple” clues the wine MEDOC (i.e. Me, Doc) introduced first letter indicator; nesting indicator introduced by the component that follows to be placed first introducing nesting indicator introduction IM (i.e. I’m); START; 쐍 PREAMBLE; can indicate that the word alongside should be placed at the beginning; initial letter indicator introduction for/of/to initial letter indicator introduction, with no first letter to be omitted intrusive NOSY; nesting indicator intuition INSTINCT inundated nesting indicator inure TRAIN; 쐍 ACCUSTOM; HARDEN invade LAND invader ANGLE; GOTH; HUNT; JUTE invades nesting indicator invading nesting indicator invalid ILL; NULL invaluable RARE invariably ALWAYS; EER; EVER invasion RAID inveigh RAIL inveigle CON invent LIE; 쐍 DEVISE invention LIE; FICTION; [쒁 PATENT]; anagram indicator inventive ORIGINAL inventiveness ART



inventor BELL; MORSE; NOBEL; [쒁 PATENT] inventory LIST; [쒁 ITEM] invertebrate WORM inverted anagram indicator; reversal indicator invest SINK; 쐍 ENDUE; INDUE nesting indicator invest in BACK; FUND; SUPPORT; nesting indicator invested in nesting indicator investigate CHECK; NOSE; PROBE; PRY; STUDY; SUS; TEST investigation CASE; PROBE; STUDY; 쐍 CHECK; HEARING; SEARCH investigator DC; DI; DS; EYE; PI; TEC investigators CID investing apart from the financial meaning, can indicate something to do with donning clothes investment SPEC; STAKE; 쐍 CAPITAL; HOLDING; SEED; SPECULATION (convenient for reaching the answer “peculation”); TRUST; nesting indicator investment, make ENDUE investment, small some synonym for “small” (e.g. WEE) to be nested within a component investor ANGEL; SAVER; 쐍 FINANCIER invigorating BRACING invigoration TONIC invisible, being omission indicator invitation COME invite ASK; BID invited BADE invited in nesting indicator invited person GUEST inviting nesting indicator invocation KYRIE invoice BILL involved (in) INTO; anagram indicator; nesting indicator; run indicator involved with INTO inwardly, poets’ INLY involves, involving anagram indicator; nesting indicator


iodine I Iolanthe [쒁 PEER] ion CHARGE iota FIG; JOT Iowa IA Iranian, old MEDE Iraqi typically ARAB irascibility CHOLER irascible see IRRITABLE irate CROSS; MAD Ireland EIRE; I; 쐍 ERIN Ireland, house in DAIL Ireland, place in TARA; see IRISH TOWN Ireland, part of DOWN; see IRISH COUNTY iridescent substance NACRE iridium IR iris FLAG; ORRIS Irish ERSE; I; IR; TEMPER; can refer to some aspect of Irish culture, history or language, such as CEILIDH, CONACRE, etc; can indicate the dropping of H as “Irish thinking discussed” clues TAUT (i.e. thought) Irish accent BROGUE Irish author BEHAN; 쐍 JOYCE Irish boy see IRISH FELLOW Irish broadcasting RTE Irish city DERRY Irish county CLARE; CORK; DOWN; MAYO; 쐍 KERRY; LOUTH Irish fellow LIAM; PADDY; PAT; SEAN Irish lady BRIDGET Irish location TARA Irish lough ERNE Irish politicians DAIL Irish pound PUNT Irish town BALLA; BRAY; CORK Irish water LOUGH Irishman PAT; PADDY; 쐍 DECLAN; RORY; RYAN; with some reference to speech can indicate ‘H’ to be eliminated in ‘TH’, for example THREE to become TREE irk ANGER irksomely anagram indicator


iron CLUB; FE; MASHIE; PRESS; SMOOTH; SPOON; 쐍 DECREASE (i.e. de-crease); GOOSE; [쒁 ORE] ironclad F and E to be placed either side of element or word ironed anagram indicator ironic DRY irrational, irrationally anagram indicator irrational (number) E; PI irregular PATCHY; SPOTTY; anagram indicator; can indicate that the odd-numbered letters in a word are to be used (as “very irregular” 씮 VR) irregularly anagram indicator irrelevant TRIFLING irreverent RUDE; see CHEEKY irrigate WATER irritability BILE; CHOLER irritable EDGY; LIVERY; RATTY; SORE; TESTY; 쐍 CRABBY; see IRRITATED irritant BUG; THORN irritate ANGER; BUG; EAT; FRET; GET; GRATE; IRK; ITCH; RILE; 쐍 ANNOY; CHAFE; MADDEN; NEEDLE; PEEVE; PIQUE; RANKLE irritated CROSS; CRUSTY; EDGY; GOT; IRKED; ITCHY; RATTY; SORE; TESTY; anagram indicator; see IRASCIBLE irritated, be ITCH irritated, easily TESTY irritating GRATING; IRKING; ITCHY; SORE; anagram indicator irritating, be see IRRITATE irritating youngster BRAT irritation BIND; BUG; ITCH; PEST; PRICK; SORE; 쐍 NUISANCE; PIQUE irritation, cause see IRRITATE irritation, causing ITCHY irritation, express SNAP irritation, source of NEEDLE; see IRRITATE is S (i.e. ’s); note that IS can be innocently placed in clue while actually constituting an element in

building up the solution; can act as the link between the two definitions in a double definition clue is able CAN is back SI is French EST is German IST is hard ISH is, it TIS is no longer WAS is not half I or S to be used is turning over SI Isaac IKE Ishmael can indicate something to do with being an outcast isinglass MICA island AIT; ATOLL; BARRA; CAY; COS; CUBA; ELBA; I; INCH; IOM; IS; KEY; MALTA; MAN; MULL; SARK; SKYE; STAFF; 쐍 ARRAN; BALI; CRETE; EYOT; HERM; IONA; IOW; JAVA; LEWIS; SICILY; SKERRY; TIMOR; TIREE; TONGA; see ISLE; can refer to Great Britain or Ireland etc; note ELBA is very common with a reverse indicator because it usefully provides ABLE for the end of an adjective island, American ELLIS island, Celtic INCH; see ISLAND island group CI; GB island, holy IONA island, little AIT island race TT island retreat ABLE (i.e. Elba reversed) island, rocky SKERRY (Scot.) islander ARIEL islands CI; II isle MAN; WIGHT; see ISLAND islet KEY; see ISLAND Islington area NI isn’t AINT; NOT isn’t, commonly AINT isn’t in OUT isn’t normal anagram indicator isn’t out IN; anagram of ISNT isn’t that so? RIGHT Israel HANDS; ZION


Israel’s leader

Israel’s leader DAVID; I Israeli city ACRE Israeli, old see BIBLICAL CHARACTER Israeli parliament KNESSET Israelite JEW issue BROOD; CAUSE; EDITION; EMERGE; EMIT; FLOW; MATTER; NUMBER; POINT; PRINT; SEED; SON; SPAWN; TOPIC; UTTER; YOUNG; 쐍 EMANATE; EMISSION; LITTER; QUESTION; RESULT; can indicate something to do with children, offspring; anagram indicator it ARTICLE; SA (i.e. sex appeal); THING; 쐍 APPEAL; VERMOUTH; note that, although innocently placed, IT itself can be an element in constructing the solution; can refer to a drink as in ‘gin and it’ IT design CAD it is ITS; TIS it is past ITS or IT IS to placed at the end of a word it isn’t commonly TAINT it raised TI it’s TIS it’s easy anagram of ITS it’s necessary to can indicate that a run is hidden in what follows it’s not commonly AINT It’s Not Unusual anagram using the letters ITS NOT it’s possibly anagram of ITS it’s said homophone indicator it, with COOL; HIP; SEXY Italian I; IT; ITAL; 쐍 ROMAN Italian agreement SI Italian article IL Italian capitalist ROMAN Italian city COMO; ROMA; ROME; 쐍 GENOA; MILAN; TURIN Italian dictator DUCE Italian fare PESTO Italian food PASTA Italian footballers INTER


Italian gentleman SIGNOR Italian leader (former) DUCE Italian master TITIAN Italian one UNA Italian poet DANTE Italian restaurant TRAT Italian river ARNO Italian, the IL Italian wine VINO Italian writer ECO itch URGE (qv); YEN; 쐍 HUNGER; YEARN; see DESIRE itchiness see ITCH item ARTICLE; BIT; COUPLE; ENTRY; IT; PIECE; POINT; THING; UNIT item, auction LOT item, faulty DUD; REJECT item for sale LOT item in sports programme EVENT item, newspaper CUTTING item of property ASSET; EFFECT item, per EACH itemise LIST; TABLE items available MENU items, number of LIST itinerary ROUTE; WAY itinerary, planning ROUTING itself, by ALONE Ivan the Terrible VANI (i.e. anagram) ivories usually indicates something to do with a piano or piano-playing ivory WHITE; can indicate something to do with elephant’s tusk; can indicate something to do with a piano or piano-playing IVR denotes international vehicle registration letters (as, for example, “Dutch IVR” clues NL) ivy CREEPER

Jedi, renegade

Jj jab BLOW; DIG; POKE; PROD; SHOT; STAB; 쐍 INJECT jabber GAS; POKER; see CHATTER jack AB; BALL; BOWL; CARD; FLAG; HAND; J; KNAVE; LIFT; NOB (cribbage); RAISE; SPRAT; TAR; 쐍 ASS (i.e. jackass); KITTY; PIKE; STANDARD; see SAILOR; can indicate something to do with the nursery rhyme about Jack Sprat; or the proverb “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”; or money (U.S.); or the game of bowls; or lumberjack Jack FLAG; KETCH; MAN; RIPPER; [쒁 JILL]; see JACK above Jack Sprat can indicate something to do with fat, lean jacket COAT; COVER; PARKA; TUX; 쐍 BLAZER; BLOUSE; REEFER; TABARD jacket, sort of TWEED Jacob can indicate something to do with Jacob having no hair e.g. bare-faced Jacob’s son ASHER jade HACK; NAG; STONE jag BINGE; BOUT; BENDER; PRICK Jag CAR jagged ROUGH; anagram indicator jaggedly anagram indicator jaguar CAT jail CAN; CLINK; NICK; PEN; QUAD; 쐍 GAOL; PRISON; QUOD; SLAMMER jail sentence BIRD; LIFE; TERM; TIME; 쐍 STRETCH jail term BIRD; LIFE; TIME; 쐍 SENTENCE; STRETCH jailbird CON; LAG jailed INSIDE

jalopy BANGER; CAR; CROCK; HEAP jam BIND; BLOCK; CLOG; CORNER; CRAM; LOCK; PICKLE; PRESS; SCRAPE; SPOT; STICK; STUFF; WEDGE; 쐍 CONSERVE; PRESERVE Jamaican cult member RASTA jamb POST James BOND; JAS; JIM; SID jammy CUSHY Jane EYRE; GREY jangle anagram indicator Japan J; can indicate something to do with wood-finishing; [쒁 GLOSS] Japanese commander SHOGUN Japanese currency SEN; Y; YEN Japanese drama NO Japanese drink SAKE Japanese fencing KENDO Japanese fighting SUMO Japanese game GO jape CAPER; FUN; PRANK; TRICK; 쐍 JOKE; SCREAM jar CLASH; GLASS; GRATE; POT; ROCK; SHOCK; [쒁 POTTER] jargon BULL; CANT; PATTER; LINGO; SLANG Jason’s ship ARGO jaundiced SALLOW; YELLOW jaunt TRIP jaunty PERKY; PERT; 쐍 RAKISH jazz RAG; RIFF; STRIDE; SWING; TRAD; [쒁 TATUM] jazz dance BOP; JIVE; STOMP jazz drums TRAPS jazz enthusiast/fan/type CAT jazz group COMBO jazz music, piece see JAZZ jazz pianist WALLER jazz piece INTRO jazz songstress ELLA jazz style see JAZZ jazzman BASIE; jazzy anagram indicator jealous GREEN jealousy ENVY Jedi, renegade VADER



jeer BOO; FLOUT; HOOT; MOCK; TAUNT; 쐍 BELITTLE; HISS; SCOFF jelly BRAWN; GEL; 쐍 AGAR jennet ASS Jenny ASS; DONKEY; [쒁 SPINNING] jeopardy, in anagram indicator jerk CLOD; CURE; HITCH; TIC; TUG; YANK; 쐍 NERD; TWITCH; see FOOL jerker anagram indicator as in “no tear-jerker” 씮 ORNATE jerks PE jerry POT Jersey COW; SPUD; 쐍 POTATO; can refer to either the island or breed of cattle (and so, by implication, some general feature of cattle as “New Jersey?” 씮 CALF) Jerusalem SION jess STRAP jest COD; CRACK; JOKE (qv); SALLY jester FOOL; WAG; WIT; 쐍 FESTE Jesuits (etc) ORDER jet BLACK; FLY; PLANE; SHOOT; STREAM; SPOUT; SPRAY; 쐍 FIGHTER; STONE jete SPRING Jethro TULL jettison DROP; DUMP jetty MOLE; PIER jewel AMBER; GEM; OPAL; PEARL; ROCK; RUBY; STONE; 쐍 SARD jewellery see JEWEL, JEWELLERY, ITEM OF jewellery, cheap PASTE jewellery, item of BANGLE; CLIP; CORAL; RING; ROPE; STUD; see JEWEL Jewish SEMETIC Jewish roll BEGEL jibe CRACK; DIG; JEER; SCOFF jiffy MO; SEC jig BOB Jill FERRET; [쒁 JACK] jingle RHYME; VERSE


job BILLET; CHORE; LINE; POST; ROLE; TASK; WORK; 쐍 CAPACITY; CAREER; DUTY; ERRAND; LIVING; POSITION; STATION; TRADE; VOCATION; can indicate a specific job, e.g. fitter; anagram indicator Job can indicate something to do with patience job, boring/uninteresting CHORE; GRIND job, assess CASE job centre O job, give a APPOINT; PLACE; USE job, given a PLACED; USED job not started OB job, type of TRADE; see JOB Jock SCOT; can refer to something Scottish as “Jock’s interjection” clues OCH; see SCOT jockey RIDER Joe GI joey ROO jog NUDGE; RUN; TROT jogger can refer to some kind of reminder, so “A jogger in France” 씮 AIDE-MEMOIRE jogging anagram indicator John CAN; HEAD; HEADS; JACK; LAV; LOO; PRIVY; 쐍 TOILET; can refer to the painter Augustus John John* BULL; can refer to the disciple or biblical book of the same name join ABUT; ADD; BRAID; BRIDGE; ENTER; FUSE; KNIT; LINK; MEET; SCARF; SEAM; SEW; SPAN; SPLICE; TIE; UNITE; 쐍 COUPLE; MARRY; MERGE; RIVET; SOLDER; STAPLE; WELD; YOKE; can indicate something to do with marriage; can indicate that two components in a clue are to be set side by side join in nesting indicator join securely RIVET; see JOIN join together ALLY

Judah, king of

join up KNOT; LINK; TIE; 쐍 BIND; CONNECT; ENLIST; MARRY; WED joined up LINKED; can refer to being a member joined up with MET joined violently AMAIN (archaic) joiner AND; 쐍 UNITER joining UNION; can indicate the use of AND joins LINKS etc – see JOIN; can indicate that one component in a clue is to be placed alongside another joint ANKLE; BEAM; BEEF; BRAWN; CUT; DIVE; HINGE; HIP; HOCK; KNEE; LEVEL; LINK; LOIN; NECK; PLACE; RACK; RIB; SCARF; SHIN; SPLICE; 쐍 BRISKET; COLLAR; ELBOW; HAUNCH; KNUCKLE; MITRE; REEFER; ROAST; SEAM; SHOULDER; STIFLE; TALUS; TENON; WRIST; can indicate that AND is to be used as a component; [쒁 CARVE] joint exercise HIPPE (i.e. HIP + PE) joint, metal WELD joint near the end ROACH joint of meat LOIN etc – see JOINT joint, part of TENON joint stake SKEWER jointly can signal a word beginning with CO (co-worker etc) joints CHINE; SPINE joints, relating to ARTICULAR joist BEAM joke CRACK; GAG; JAPE; JEST; PUN; QUIP; RIB; TEASE; TRICK; 쐍 CHESTNUT; HOAX; JOSH; PLEASANTRY; SCREAM joke, practical TRICK joker CARD; FOOL; WAG; WIT; 쐍 CHARACTER; FUNSTER; PUNSTER jokes HUMOUR; WIT; see JOKE jokes, fellow making see JOKER jokes, old/trite CORN

joky COD jollification BEANO; PARTY (qv) jollity GLEE jolly FESTIVE; GAY; HAPPY; MERRY; RM (i.e. Royal Marine); TAR; VERY; can indicate something to do with sailors; see DRUNK Jolson AL jolt JAR; SHAKE; SHOCK Jonathan APPLE Jones INIGO Joplin piece RAG Joseph JO; JOE Josephine JO josh see JOKE jostle BUFFET jostled anagram indicator jostling anagram indicator jot BIT; NOTE; WHIT jotting NOTE; 쐍 NOTING jottings, make NOTE journal LOG; MAG; 쐍 DIARY; PAPER; PERIODICAL; RECORD journalism PRESS; WRITING journalism, example of REPORT journalist CUB; ED; HACK; SUB; 쐍 EDITOR journalist, part-time STRINGER journalist, routine HACK journalists PRESS journey DRIVE; GO; RIDE; SPIN; TOUR; TRIP; WAY; 쐍 JAUNT; ROUTE; TRAVEL; TREK journey, make a TRAVEL (qv) journey, part of LAP; STAGE journey, short HOP journo see JOURNALIST jousting weapon LANCE Jove in the exclamation “By Jove!” can refer to one of the satellites of Jupiter namely Io, Ganymede, Europa, Callisto jovial MERRY jowl CHEEK joy BLISS; GLEE; 쐍 DELIGHT; ELATION; EUPHORIA; TRANSPORT Judah, king of ASA



Jude note Jude is the patron saint of lost causes judge DEEM; HEAR; J; LUD; RATE; REF; SAY; SEE; TRY; UMP; 쐍 ASSESS; MEASURE; TESTER; TRIER judge, act as HEAR; SIT; TRY judge, acted as SAT judge, old GIDEON judge, part-time RECORDER judged SAT judges BENCH judgment DOOM; SENSE; 쐍 SENTENCE judicial enquiry CASE judicial investigation HEARING judiciary BENCH judicious WISE judo expert DAN jug EWER; POT; URN; 쐍 PITCHER; note this can also mean prison, e.g. CAN, STIR see PRISON juice SAP juicy MOIST Jules VERNE Juliet J; LOVER Juliet, perhaps WENCH jumble HEAP; MIX; 쐍 GARBLE; WELTER; anagram indicator jumble sale anagram of SALE Jumbo BIG; HUGE; LARGE; OS; PLANE; can indicate something to do with an elephant jump BUCK; CLEAR; HOP; LEAP; SKIP; START; 쐍 AXEL; BOUND; POUNCE; SPRING; VAULT jump, kind of HIGH; LONG jump over CLEAR jumper FLEA; FROG; ROO; TOAD; TOP (i.e. garment); 쐍 CRICKET; HOPPER; JOEY jumping HOPPING etc – see JUMP; anagram indicator jumping across can indicate that the component that follows is to be nested within what precedes – example: “Mister jumping across river to pet cat” 씮 MOUSER jumps, without FLAT


jumpy anagram indicator junction ANKLE; T; see JOINT jungle BUSH junior COLT; JUN; LESS; LOW; SON; SUB; 쐍 LITTLE; LOWER; MASTER; MINOR; UNDER; YOUNG junior counsel DEVIL junior editor SUB junior employee COG junior officer ALT junk BIN; BOAT; DROP; DRUG; DUMP; LUMBER; MEAT; SMACK; SPURN; TRASH; TRIPE; see RUBBISH junk mail SPAM junk meal BURGER junked anagram indicator junket FEAST; TRIP junkie USER jurisdiction REACH jurors PANEL jury PANEL jury’s recommendation RIDER just BUT; DUE; EVEN; FAIR; MERE; METE; MORAL; ONLY; RIGHT; 쐍 LICIT; ONLY; RIGHTFUL; SIMPLY just not on OFF just, only HARDLY just open AJAR just over fifty LI just over a hundred CI just over a thousand MI just right APT; PAT just so PAT just the same DO; 쐍 DITTO just the thing TICKET justice RIGHT; RECORDER; SHALLOW (i.e. Shakespearean character); SILENCE (from same play); can indicate something to do with NEMESIS; [쒁 BENCH] justification GROUND(S); REASON; RIGHT justified FAIR justify WARRANT juvenile CHILD; MINOR


Kk kaleidoscope TOY; 쐍 PATTERN kangaroo HOPPER; 쐍 JUMPER kangaroo, male BUCK Kansas KS karma FATE Kate SHREW Katherine SHREW Kay K kebab, type of SHISH keck RETCH keel LIST; SHIP keel over DIE; LEEK; LIST keen ACUTE; ARDENT; AVID; COLD; CRY; GREET; HOT; INTO; LAMENT; LOW (e.g. price); MAD; SAVE; SHARP; 쐍 CHEAP; BITTER; can indicate something to do with mourning; [쒁 WHET] keen, be LONG keen, be very RAVE keen, not COOL; LOTH keen on INTO keen on, be DIG keen type FAN keen, very AVID; MAD keenness EDGE keep FORT; GUARD; HOLD; LAST; MIND; STOCK; STORE; TOWER; 쐍 CASTLE; DEFENCE; OBSERVE; PRESERVE; REMAIN; RESERVE; RETAIN; nesting indicator; run indicator keep an eye on GAZE; OBSERVE; WATCH keep away from AVOID; SHUN keep back RESERVE; 쐍 RESTRAIN keep close CLUTCH; HUG keep, do not ROT keep down COW; REPRESS keep fit PE; PT; 쐍 EXERCISE keep going LAST keep in GATE; LIMIT; PEN

keep in touch WRITE keep left L to be inserted keep lid on CAP keep on at HARRY keep on complaining GRIPE keep out BAN; BAR keep out of clutches ELUDE keep pushing PLY keep quiet HIST; SH; WHIST keep score TALLY keep talking DRONE keep things to sell STOCK keep under lock and key INTURN keeper RING; nesting indicator as “steal book in titled person’s keeping” 씮 NOBBLE keeping nesting indicator keeping up HIP keeps EVER; nesting indicator; run indicator keepsake TOKEN Kelly GENE Kelvin K ken KNOW; RANGE Kenneth KEN; KENNY Kent can refer to Clark Kent and hence something to do with Superman Kent area SE Kent, in SE Kent town DEAL Kentish SE Kentucky KY kept HELD; HAD; PENT; STORED; nesting or run indicator kerb EDGE kernel NUT kernel of the middle letter(s) of the word that follows Ketch JACK kettle DRUM; 쐍 DIXIE; HEATER key A; B; BEST (as best man at a wedding is a key man); C; CAY; D; B; E; G; LEVER; MAJOR; MINOR; NOTE; PIN; PITCH; REEF; TONE; TYPE (i.e. verb, as on a keyboard); 쐍 CLUE; LOCKER; SEMINAL; can indicate a computer key e.g. DEL,


key mechanism

ESC; can indicate something to do with an island, islet etc; [쒁 LOCK] key mechanism PIANO key, off FLAT key ring BO, CO etc (i.e. a musical key to be followed by O, see KEY) keyboard, at the TYPING Khan AGA kick BLOW; BOOST; BOOT; BUCK; BUZZ; CROSS; HACK; PASS; SHIN; THRILL; 쐍 RECOIL; anagram indicator kick bucket DIE kick oneself RUE kick out EJECT; EXPEL; OUST kick up TOOB kickback reversal indicator kicked/kicking anagram indicator kid BILLY; CHILD; COD; CON; DUPE; FOOL; GOAT; JOSH; MITE; RIB; TEASE; TOT; TWIT; 쐍 LEATHER; NIPPER; SUEDE; YOUTH kid* SON kid, American BUB kidnap, kidnapping SNATCH kidneys, of the RENAL kids ISSUE kill BAG; DOIN (i.e. do in); END; HANG; ICE; PREY; RUIN; SLAY; STOP; SWAT; 쐍 DROWN; ZAP kill in America ICE kill without legal sanction LYNCH killed SLAIN; SLEW; STONED killed, be DIE killed, was FELL killer ASP; CAIN killer-whale ORCA killing MINT; PILE; POT; STACK can indicate something to do with laughing, something very funny kiln OAST; OVEN; STOVE kin OWN; STOCK; 쐍 RELATION kin, next of RELATED kind BRAND; BREED; CLASS; CLEMENT; GOOD; NICE; RACE; SORT; STAMP; TYPE; 쐍 GENTLE; TENDER


kind deed FAVOUR kind-hearted TENDER; a synonym for kind (e.g. GOOD) to be inserted into a component kind person ANGEL; BRICK; LAMB kindle INSPIRE kindling FAGGOT kindly GOOD; 쐍 BENIGN; GENTLE kindly fashion, in a GENTLY kindness FAVOUR kindred OWN king CARD; COLE; ER; GR; K; LEAR; MAN; R; REX; VIP; 쐍 ARTHUR; GEORGE; OFFA; PIECE; PRIAM; RULER; SAUL; [쒁 REIGN] king and his advisors COURT king and queen KER; RER King Arthur’s seneschal KAY King Edward ER; SPUD; TATER King Edward I ERI King Lear PLAY; can signify a character from the play e.g. Fool, Regan King of the Forest OAK king, old OFFA; 쐍 DAVID; see KING King, Old COLE king once CR; see KING king’s ERS; KS; MANS; REGAL; ROYAL; RS King’s Cross STATION king’s son HECTOR; PRINCE king said, the WRECKS (i.e. homophone of REX) kings, one of six GR kingdom NEPAL; REALM; STATE; UK; with a capital letter can signify something to do with Brunel kinked anagram indicator kinsman RELATION (qv) kink CURL kinky anagram indicator, as “kinky fun” 씮 UNF kinky, not STRAIGHT Kipling novel KIM Kipling verse IF kipper CURE


kiss BUSS; CROSS; NECK; PECK; SMACK; TOUCH; X; 쐍 GREET; SMACKER kiss passionately SNOG kiss, quick PECK kisser MOUTH kisses, give NECK kit CLOTHE; GEAR; RIG; SET; STRIP; can indicate something to do with clothing; being the name of a small violin, can indicate something to do with violin-playing kitchen GALLEY kitchen cabinet UNIT kitchen equipment GRILL; OVEN; STOVE kitchen, part of SCULLERY kitchen stove RANGE kitchen utensil GRATER kitchen wrap FOIL kittens LITTER kitty BANK; FUND; JACK; POOL; POT Klemperer OTTO knack ART; CARD; HANG; HONOUR (i.e. card); SKILL; TRICK; WAY knave CAD; JACK; 쐍 BOUNDER knead MASSAGE; PUMMEL; WORK knee BENDER kneel BEND kneeler HASSOCK knees-up DO knew long ago WIST knife BLADE; CUT; STAB; 쐍 CUTTER; LANCET knife wound STAB knight DUB; KT; MAN; N; PIECE; SIR; 쐍 CHAMPION; HORSE knighthood K knit BOND; JOIN; LINK; anagram indicator knitted anagram indicator knitting BONDING; [쒁 NEEDLE] knitwear JUMPER knob BOSS; NODE; PAT (i.e. of butter); STUD

knock BANG; BASH; BAT; HIT; PAT; PINK; RAP; TAP; 쐍 INNINGS; STRIKE knock back DOWN; DRINK; EAT knock down DECK; FLOOR knock drink back a synonym for drink to be reversed, hence MUR, PAL, PUS etc knock, gently TAP knock hard can indicate a synonym for “knock” followed by H e.g. BATH, PATH, RAPH knock off DISCOUNT; KILL knock on the head BRAIN knock out see KNOCK-OUT knock-out HIT; KO; STUN; 쐍 SUCCESS; can indicate something to with anaesthetic; an anagram indicator (for example “his knock-out” requires an anagram of HIS) knock unconscious KO; STUN knock up LOB; ROUSE; 쐍 SCORE knocked back ATE; DRUNK; reversal indicator knocked HIT knocked about a component to be nested within HIT knocked out GONE; anagram indicator knocked out of shape anagram indicator knocked over reversal indicator knockout see KNOCK-OUT knoll HILL knot BEND (naut.); BIRD; BOND; BOW; KT; MAT; REEF; SLIP; TIE; 쐍 GNARL; GRANNY; HITCH knot in handkerchief REMINDER knots anagram indicator; see KNOT knots, in anagram indicator knotted MATTED; TIED; anagram indicator know CAN; CON; KEN; 쐍 REALISE know from the past WOT know, get to LEARN know-how ART


know, let

know, let TELL know once WIST know, want to/ would like to ASK knowing ARCH; AWARE; FLY; SLY; WISE 쐍 AWARE; SHREWD knowing about ONTO knowledge KEN; LORE; 쐍 SCIENCE; can indicate something to do with a cab-driver (a requirement of the job being to have “the knowledge”) knowledge, fount of all ORACLE knowledge, having see KNOWLEDGEABLE knowledge, impart INFORM; TEACH knowledge, range of KEN knowledge, slight SMATTERING knowledge, sphere of AREA; FIELD; SCENE knowledgeable ABLE; HIP; INTO; SAGE; WISE known once WIST known, one of those ONION known OPEN knows how to CAN KO’d OUT Koran, part of SURA Koranic passage SURA Kosovan SERB kris DAGGER

Ll la! AH; LO; SEE label TAG; TALLY; 쐍 TICKET label attached TAGON (i.e. tag on) labour GRAFT; SLOG; TOIL; WORK; can indicate something to do with birth, baby etc. Labour LAB; LEFT; PARTY; RED


Labour, not fond of IDLE; 쐍 LAZY labour organization GUILD; TU labour schedule STINT laboured ORNATE; anagram indicator labourer HAND; PEON labourer, unskilled COOLIE labours can indicate something to do with Hercules lace SPIKE; TIE; 쐍 TATTING lace, make TAT lace-maker TATTER lack NEED; WANT; 쐍 DEARTH; OMISSION; can indicate a word ending in OFF (as “lack of performance” 씮 TURNOFF) lack of NO lack of clarity in speech SLUR lack of money, hampered by TIGHT lack of rain/ water DROUGHT lackey MINION; PAGE; VALET; 쐍 SERVANT lacking BARE; FREE; LESS; NO; SINE (legal); omission indicator as “lacking skill” requires ART to be omitted; can indicate a phrase involving NOTHING; can indicate an adjective ending in LESS lacking capacity UNABLE lacking cover NUDE; first letter to be omitted; synonym for “cover” (e.g. LID, CAP) to be omitted – see COVER lacking energy E to be omitted lacking experience GREEN; RAW lacking finish last letter to be omitted; END to be omitted lacking in self-confidence SHY lacking morals EVIL; see BASE lacking refinement CRUDE; RUDE; see CRUDE lacking spirit AILING laconic CURT (qv); FRANK (qv); TERSE lad BOY; SON; YOUTH; 쐍 FELLOW; see BOY lad in hearing BUOY ladder RUN; STEPS laden HEAPED


ladies LOO; WC; 쐍 CONVENIENCE; see LADY, TOILET ladies’ group WI ladies’ man ROUE ladies’ organisation WI lady DAME; HER; LASS; LUCK; SHE; WIFE; see WOMAN lady doctor DRESS (i.e. dr-ess!) lady, for HER lady, foreign FRAU Lady Jane GREY lady, lovely BELLE Lady MacBeth can indicate something to do with SPOT lady, nasty CAT lady, old GRAN; GRANNY; MUM lady, pert young CHIT lady’s HER; HERS lady’s man BEAU lady, titled DAME lady, young GAL; see GIRL lag CON; COVER; LATH; STAKE; STAVE; WRAP lag behind TRAIL lager PILS; 쐍 BEER; STELLA Lagos, money in NAIRA laid SET laid-back COOL; DIAL (i.e. rev.); reverse indicator laid down SET; PLACED laid out FLAT; SET; anagram indicator laid up ILL; reversal indicator; component to be nested within BED (i.e. in bed) lair DEN; HOLE; HOLT; HOME; NEST laity LAY lake COMO; ERIE; L; LAC; LOCH; MERE; TARN; WATER; 쐍 BALA; LOUGH Lake District NW lakes LL lam BEAT; FLIGHT; PUNCH lamb DEAR; EWE; RAM Lamb ELIA Lamb-like ELIAN lamb partly RACK (i.e. cut of veal)

Lambeth can indicate something to do with archbishop or palace lame GAME; POOR; THIN; WEAK lament ELEGY; KEEN; MOURN; WAIL; WEEP; 쐍 BEWAIL; DIRGE; MONODY; YAMMER lamina PLATE lamp LIGHT lampoon SATIRE; SQUIB; see PARODY lance CUT; OPEN; PIERCE; SPEAR land ALIGHT; BAG; DOCK; ESTATE; FIELD; GAIN; LIGHT; NATION; PARK; PLOT; PROPERTY; REACH; SOIL; STATE; TERRA; TRACT; 쐍 AREA; ASHORE; COUNTRY; EARTH; GROUND(S); SETTLE; SHORE; TERRAIN land in America REALTY land, low-lying VLEI land mass ASIA; ISLE land, native HOME land, on ASHORE land, open COMMON; LEA land, piece of ACRE; LOT; PLOT; SOD; TRACT; 쐍 ISLE land, poor HEATH landed LIT; can indicate some form of landowner, see LANDOWNER landed property ESTATE; REALTY landholder THANE landing DOCK; JETTY; QUAY; can indicate something to do with stairs; can indicate an historical military operation such as Gallipoli landing place/stage DOCK; JETTY; PIER; 쐍 QUAY (plus note its old spelling: KEY) landlord HOST; LETTER landowner LAIRD; SQUIRE lands ESTATE lane ALLEY; ROAD; TRACK; WAY Langley CIA language LANG; LINGO; SLANG; TALK; WORDS; 쐍


language, African

ARGOT; can indicate a specific language e.g. BASQUE, ERSE, FRENCH, HINDI, NORSE, PUNIC, TAMIL, THAI language, African IBO language class, group NORSE language, computer JAVA language, empty LE; RANT language, Indian HINDI; PALI language, informal SLANG language, old ERSE; LATIN language, ordinary PROSE language, special CANT; JARGON language, vulgar ARGOT language, with command of FLUENT languages ROMANCE languish FADE; PINE; 쐍 WITHER languishing PINING; anagram indicator lanky RANGY; TALL; THIN lap CIRCLE; DRINK; LEG; ROUND; STAGE; SUP; can indicate something to do with racing as “Lap-dog” cues GREYHOUND; 쐍 CIRCUIT lapse ERROR; FAIL; FALL; PASS; SIN; SLIP; TRIP; 쐍 EXPIRE; omission indicator lapse morally SIN lard FAT; GREASE large AMPLE; BIG; BROAD; FAT; GRAND GREAT; HUGE; L; LG; MEGA; OS; WIDE; 쐍 JUMBO; ROOMY; TIDY large amount TON large amounts LOTS; POTS large, at FREE large company ICI large enough AMPLE large family, member of QUIN large group MASS large, grow WAX large helping of several letters from the following word to be used large number C; K; M; MANY large portion of can indicate all but the last letter of what follows (or a synonym) is to be used as


“Large portion of spaghetti” 씮 PAST large quantity LOT; 쐍 OODLES; PILE; REAM(S) large scale EPIC; MASS large size OS large sum MINT; POT large town CITY large, very OS large wave ROLLER larger MORE lark ANTIC; CAPER; FUN; JAPE; PLAY larva BOT; BOTT; GRUB lasagne* PASTA laser BEAM lash CAT; FLOG; WHIP lashed by nesting indicator lashings LOTS lass GAL lassie GAL; see GAL lasso CATCH; ROPE; KNOT; LOOP last END; ENDURE; FINAL; REAR; STAND; STICK; TAIL; WEAR; 쐍 BOTTOM; can indicate something to do with cobbler, shoes, etc; by implication can indicate the last of something e.g. Z, OMEGA, AMEN; last letter indicator last (as in ‘last of a kind’) SOLE last bit ENDER last bit of last letter indicator last character Z; ZED; 쐍 OMEGA; last letter indicator last course AFTERS last letter see LAST CHARACTER last minute LATE last minute, at the LATE last month ULT last, not quite the last-but-one component to be used last of last letter indicator last one ENDER last ones going last letters to be omitted last pair YZ last pair, almost the XY last say, has/have the Y

lawless type

last unknown Z last wishes RIP last word AMEN last, work at/on HEEL; SOLE; 쐍 COBBLE latch LOCK late EX; DEAD; GONE; OLD; SLOW; 쐍 BEHIND; FORMER; NEW; NIGHT; PAST; RECENT; TARDY; WITCHING (as in witching hour); can indicate something to do with death, e.g. autopsy, funerals, heaven, meeting one’s maker, as “late transport” 씮 HEARSE late activity NIGHT late, became DIED late, become DIE; see DIE late eats SUPPER late edition EXTRA late, extremely E; LAST late in the day EVEN; NIGHT; 쐍 EVENING late in the evening ATTEN (i.e. at ten); TEN late news OBIT late party WAKE later AFTER; NEXT; NEW; THEN latest HOT; NEW; NEWEST; NEWS; last letter indicator latest odds SP lathe TOOL; 쐍 TURNER lathe worker TURNER lather STATE; STEW; SWEAT lather, in a anagram indicator Latin L; LAT; can refer to some Latin word or phrase e.g. “in Latin thus” clues HOC Latin bird AVIS Latin, but in SED Latin country RUS Latin epigrams, source of MARTIAL Latin, from AB Latin name NOMEN Latin, this HIC Latin type ROMAN Latin, works in OPERA latitude PLAY; ROOM; SCOPE; SPACE latitude, warm TROPIC

latter RECENT latter part of day EVE; NIGHT lattice GRID Latvian LETT laud PRAISE (qv) laugh HA; HOOT; MOCK; SCREAM; TITTER laugh loudly ROAR laugh quietly NICKER laugh, real/great GAS laughable RICH laughter MIRTH laughter-maker COMIC; HYENA; JESTER laughter, some PEAL launch FLOAT; HURL; OPEN; PITCH; START launch, fast JATO (i.e. jet-assisted take-off) launched PITCHED; SENT launching first letter indicator launder CLEAN; WASH laundered CLEANED; anagram indicator laundry CLEANERS; WASH; WASHING; [쒁 MANGLE] laurel see PRIZE Laurel STAN lavished anagram indicator lava, particles of ASH lavatory CAN; HEAD; HEADS; JOHN; LAV; LOO; WC lavish RICH; 쐍 LIBERAL lavish affection DOTE lavish money SPEND lavish style, in PLUSH law DECREE; EDICT; LEX; ORDER; RULE; 쐍 STATUTE; [쒁 BILL; OHM; POOR] law, agreeing with LICIT law expert LLD law, go to SUE law group see LAWMEN law, lay down the DICTATE lawbreaker anagram of LAW; see CRIMINAL lawful LEGAL; LICIT; 쐍 FAIR lawgiver MOSES lawlessness CRIME lawless type see CRIMINAL



lawmaker MP; OHM; 쐍 SENATOR lawman DA; MOSES; MP lawman, Wild West EARP lawmen MPS; POSSE; see POLICE lawn CLOTH; GRASS; GREEN Lawrence DH; ROSS; TE Lawrence initially DH; L; TE lawsuit ACTION; CASE lawyer BL; DA; LLB; SILK; 쐍 COUNSEL; MASON; NOTARY; [쒁 BRIEF] lawyers BAR; INN; INNS lawyer, US DA lax LOOSE; SLACK; 쐍 CASUAL; anagram indicator laxity LATITUDE lay AIR; BET; CIVIL; PLACE; POEM; POSE; PUT; SET; SONG; SPREAD; [쒁 EGG] lay claim to BAG lay hand on FINGER; GRAB lay on THRASH lay out ARRAY; DECK; FLOOR; KO layer BED; COAT; CRUST; FILM; HEN; LEVEL; PLY; ROW; TIER; 쐍 CARPET; COATING; SHEET; STOREY; [쒁 EGG] layer of dirt SCUM layer of ore VEIN layout PLAN laze IDLE; LOAF; LOLL; REST lazily IDLY laziness SLOTH lazy IDLE; SLACK; 쐍 INERT; anagram indicator lazy lot SHOWER lea FIELD lead FRONT; GUIDE; HEAD; HERO; OPEN; PILOT; PB; STAR; STEER; USHER; VAN; 쐍 LEASH; METAL; can indicate that an adjacent word goes to the front; can indicate the use of UP as “to lead at Wimbledon” can clue SET-UP lead astray see TEMPT lead, in the AHEAD; FIRST; VAN; UP; a component to be nested within PB


lead off START; anagram of LEAD; see START lead, sort of DOG lead, take the lead STAR; START lead, taking the HEADING; STARRING; WINNING; can indicate that one component goes in front of another leaden HEAVY; WEIGHTY leader AGA; BOSS; CHIEF; ELDER; HEAD; KING; POPE; PRIME; STAR; TOP; 쐍 DUCE; FIRST; WINNER; initial letter indicator; can indicate something to do with a newspaper’s leading article leader being deposed first letter to be omitted leader demoted the first letter of a word to be transposed to the end leader, political PM leader’s disqualified initial letter to be omitted leaders initial letters indicator, either the initial letters of several words or the first two letters of one word; can require AND to be inserted between the initial letters as “Leaders of Royal Society” clues RANDS; can indicate something to do with a newspaper’s leading article(s) leadership, change of first letter to be changed leading AHEAD; ARCH; BIG; CHIEF; HEAD; PRIME; STAR; TOP; UP; initial letter(s) indicator; in conjunction with lady, man, etc. can indicate a ruler or the office of ruler leading actor, player, role STAR leading character A; ALPHA; first letter indicator; see LEADING ACTOR leading characters can indicate an anagram of the first letters of the alphabet ABC etc leading duo first two letters to be used leading group G; VAN leading fighters VAN leading journalist ED; J

leave car

leading lady L; STAR leading light BEACON; L leading man HERO; KING; M; STAR; 쐍 BOSS leading monk M; PRIOR leader of the mob DON leading, one HEAD; O; see LEADER leading part P; SOLO; STAR leading partner COSTAR (i.e. co-star); P leading performer P; STAR leading player P; can indicate something to do with the leading player in an orchestra e.g. violin, violinist, fiddle leading position FRONT; HEAD; P; STAR; TOP; VAN leading seaman S leads initial letter indicator leaf BRACT; F; FOLIO; PAGE; SHEET leaf, part of VEIN leaflet TRACT leafy borders LY leafy one PALM; see TREE leafy street AVENUE league ALLY; CLASS; GROUP; UNION; 쐍 ALLIANCE; AXIS; MEASURE league, first in L; TOP leak BLEED; ESCAPE; SEEP; DRIP; 쐍 WATER leakage EMISSION leaked BLED; anagram indicator Leamington SPA lean BEND; HEEL; LIE; LIST; POOR; RELY; REST; SPARE; TEND; THIN; TILT; TIP; 쐍 DEPEND; STOOP lean-framed a component to be nested within LIST (or LEAN) lean on ABUT lean period can indicate something to do with dieting lean-to SHED lean towards FAVOUR; LIKE Leander can indicate something to do with HERO leaning BENT

leaning, exhibit some HEEL; LIST; TILT leant BENT; BOWED; LEANED leap HOP; JETE; JUMP; 쐍 BASKET; SPRING; VAULT leap forward BOUND leapt SPRANG lear OVEN Lear can refer to Shakespeare’s play (and so Regan, Goneril, Cordelia) or Edward Lear, the latter suggesting something to do with nonsense Lear’s daughter REGAN learn CON; HEAR; 쐍 GATHER learn a trade TRAIN learn of HEAR learn, ready to APT learn, try to STUDY learned WISE learned people BAS; MAS learner L; 쐍 PUPIL; TIRO; TRAINEE; TYRO learner in driver’s place TELE learners CLASS; STREAM learning LORE learning method/process/way of ROTE lease HIRE; LET; RENT leased LET leaseholder TENANT leash LEAD least amount WHIT least familiar RAREST least suitable LAST leather BEAT; HIDE; KID; STROP; 쐍 CALF; OXHIDE; PATENT; THRASH; WELT leather, type of CALF; see LEATHER leathery HARD; ROUGH; TOUGH leave BREAK; DEPART; DROP; DESERT; EXIT; GO; LET; OFF; PART; QUIT; REST; SHOO; SPLIT; STRAND; RETIRE; WILL; 쐍 BEAT IT; DECAMP; EXEAT; FINISH; FURLOUGH; PERMISSION; see ABANDON leave behind WILL; 쐍 STRAND leave car PARK


leave decision to chance

leave decision to chance TOSS leave it be STET leave of absence EXEAT; see LEAVE leave off STOP; PROP leave out OMIT; SKIP leave suddenly VANISH leaves COPY; FF; GOES; SALAD; omission indicator; can indicate something to do with autumn, fall etc; can indicate something to do with a plant known for its leaves e.g. cabbage, lettuce, tea, mint, tobacco; see LEAF, PAGE leaves producer TREE (qv) leaving OFF; omission indicator leavings ASH lecher GOAT; RAKE; 쐍 ROUE; SATYR lechery LUST lector READER lecture CHIDE; LECT; TALK; 쐍 ADDRESS; CARPET; SERMON; SPEECH lecture series COURSE lecturer DON; L lecturers STAFF lectures COURSE led astray anagram of LED ledge SHELF; SILL ledger BOOK; 쐍 ACCOUNT lee SHELTER leer OGLE; STARE leery SHY lees DREGS left GONE; L; LABOUR; OFF; NEAR (i.e. side of car in UK); ODD; PORT; QUIT; RED; SIDE; SPLIT; WENT; 쐍 LORN; PARTED; SINISTER; omission indicator; run indicator; can indicate the initial letter of a word (i.e. the leftmost letter) as “left alone” 씮 A; [쒁 HEIR] left abandoned L to be omitted left behind PASSE; L or PORT to be at end of word left in charge LIC left-hand L; VERSO left on board PORT; SPORTS (i.e. PORT nested within SS)


left on road NEAR left out L to be omitted left-over COLD (as in cold meat); 쐍 RELIC; a component to be nested within LEFT left-overs REST left side VO (i.e. paper) left to be last L to be moved to the end of the target word left unfinished last letter to be omitted left-wing PINK; RED left-winger RED; TROT; 쐍 COMMIE leftie see LEFT-WINGER leftist RED leftover END; DREG; SCRAP; 쐍 RESIDUE; L to be at the front leg ON (i.e. cricket); LIMB; PIN; SHANK; SIDE; STAGE leg, bit/part of CALF; SHIN; 쐍 ANKLE leg injury LIMP leg on each side ASTRIDE leg, opposite OFF leg-protection SOCK; STOCKING; 쐍 GAITER leg, say SIDE leg, upper THIGH legacy BEQUEST legal LICIT; 쐍 LAWFUL; [쒁 ACTION; CASE; SUE; SUIT] legal action CASE; SUIT; TRIAL; 쐍 LITIGATION (useful to get mitigation) legal action, take CHARGE; SUE legal authority COURT; JUDGE; POWER; see AUTHORITY legal case/proceeding/process ACTION; APPEAL; SUIT legal claim DROIT; TITLE legal claim, basis for TITLE legal concern INTEREST legal document/paper ACT; DEED; WRIT; WILL legal document, part of CLAUSE legal entitlement LIEN legal profession BAR; LAW legal removal OUSTER legal right LIEN


legal type WIG legal validity FORCE legend FABLE; FOOT (i.e. leg end); G (i.e. last letter of leg); MYTH; YETI legendary bird ROC legendary figure TITAN leghorn FOWL; HEN legible PLAIN legion MYRIAD legislation ACT; BILL; LAW legislative assembly DIET legislative body COUNCIL legislator MP; 쐍 DRACO legislature DAIL; HOUSE legitimate FAIR; LEGAL; LICIT; 쐍 PROPER legs PINS; STAGES legume POD legwear TIGHTS Leicester CHEESE; SHEEP; [쒁 SQUARE] lend ADVANCE; LOAN lend uncle PAWN lender BANK(ER) length FOOT; INCH; L; MILE; SIZE; YARD length of, the ALONG lengthen EKE; STRETCH lengthy LONG lengthy period AGE; ERA lens GLASS Lent FAST lentil PULSE Leo HOUSE; SIGN Leonard LEN Leonardo VINCI Leopold BLOOM Les Anglais THE Leslie LES less FEWER; LACKING; MINUS; UNDER; omission indicator -less as a suffix “less” can be an omission indicator for the element to which it is attached as; for instance, “artless” signifies that ART be dropped; can indicate a word ending in FREE less loud F to be omitted less on top BALDER less so SO to be omitted

less than BELOW; UNDER; omission indicator; can indicate that the last letter is to be omitted as “less than one” 씮 ON lessee RENTER; TENANT lessened LOWER lesson CLASS; MORAL; 쐍 EXAMPLE; FORM; PERIOD; READING; TEACHING lessons/series of COURSE lest INCASE (i.e. in case) let ALLOW; ALLOWED; BLOCK; GRANT; LEASE; LEASED; HIRE; HIRED; RENT let down DEFLATE; LOWER let go DROP; FREE; 쐍 RELEASE let in ADMIT let it be AMEN; STET let it remain/stand STET let loose FREE; anagram indicator let me think UM let off FREE; FREED; LOOSE; anagram of LET let-off anagram of LET let out EMIT; FREE; FREED; HIRE; LEASED; VENT; anagram of LET lethargic INERT; LAZY lethargic type CABBAGE letter EP (abbr. for Epistle); NOTE; RUNE; 쐍 MISSIVE; SCREED; can indicate the use of a character (A, B, C etc., or in full e.g. EM, ESS, KAY, AITCH); note that “letter” is also an old standby for referring to something to do with a landlord letter, official MISSIVE letter, old RUNE; THORN letter opener L letter, short LINE; NOTE letter-writer PAUL letters MAIL; POST; anagram indicator; can indicate a run of letters within the alphabet as “nine letters” clues ATOI (i.e. A to I, the first nine letters of the alphabet) which is the device used in “Nine letters recalled in one” to yield IOTA; PRINT; see HIDDEN ’AND


letters from

letters from anagram indicator; run indicator; can indicate two letters linked by AND, thus “letters from father” clues PANDA (i.e. P and A) letters, give out SPELL letters said BEES; CEASE; EASE; ELLS; PEAS; TEASE; USE letters, send POST letting LEASING; ALLOWING lettuce COS level AIM; EVEN; FLAT; FLOOR; FLUSH; GRADE; PAR; PLANE; POINT; RANK; RASE; RAZE; STOREY; TIE; TIED; TIER; TRAIN; 쐍 ABREAST; BALANCE; MARSH level ground FLAT; PLAIN level-headed SENSIBLE level, make EVEN; ROLL level, not on the BENT; CROOKED; TILTED level of water TABLE lever BAR; PRISE; STICK; 쐍 HANDLE; RELEASE; TREADLE lever, sort of COCK Leviticus etc OT levy RAISE; RATE; TAX liability anagram indicator liability, not a ASSET liable APT; BOUND; PRONE liable to UNDER liaison AMOUR; BOND liar can indicate something to do with Ananias (the liar from the Biblical story) libel DEFAME libel action anagram of LIBEL liberal AMPLE; BROAD; FREE; LAVISH; OPEN Liberal L; LIB Liberal, old WHIG liberate FREE liberated FREE; anagram indicator liberation anagram indicator Liberia LIB Libra SIGN; 쐍 SCALES libertine RAKE; ROUE


liberty CHANCE; SCOPE; 쐍 LICENCE; FREEDOM; anagram indicator liberty, at FREE; LOOSE; anagram indicator libido LUST library equipment SHELF licence ALLOW; GRANT; PERMIT; RIGHT; anagram indicator licentious FREE; RIBALD licit LEGAL lick BEAT (qv); THRASH; can indicate something to do with tongue licking can indicate something to do with tongue lid CAP; COVER; HAT (qv); ROOF; STOPPER; TOP lid on, putting the ROOFING lie FABLE; FIB; FICTION; LINE; REST; TALE; 쐍 LOUNGE; REPOSE; RESIDE; STORY; WHOPPER lie back RECLINE lie, big WHOPPER lie in bed KIP lie in the sun BROWN; TAN lie in wait LURK lie low HIDE lie still REST Liechtenstein FL lied can indicate something to do with a song lied about anagram of LIED lien RIGHT lies FICTION; STORIES; see LIE lies about/around anagram of LIES; a component to be nested within LIES; the preceding word to be nested within LIES lies in LIES to be nested within a component; nesting indicator; run indicator lies, lot of TISSUE lieu PLACE lieutenant L; LT life BIO; GO; PEP; SPAN; VALE; ZIP; 쐍 BIOGRAPHY; SENTENCE; SPIRIT; [쒁 BIOGRAPHER; BOSWELL; BREATH]


life, account of BIO life after death OBIT life, enjoy BE life force CHI (Chin.); QI (Chin.) life, full of LUSTY life, have BE life in France VIE life in Rome VITA life of Caesar VITA life-preserver ARK life, Roman VITA life support AIR lifeless DEAD; NUMB; TAME; 쐍 INERT lifeless state DEATH lifetime DAY; SPAN lift HEAVE; HITCH; HOICK; HOIST; JACK; NICK; RAISE; RIDE; RISE; STEAL; SWIPE; reversal indicator lift-shaft WELL lift, sort of SNATCH lift, to nesting indicator lift to, giving reversal indicator lift up see LIFT lift weight in a Down clue can indicate the reversal of a “weight” e.g. BL, NOT, ZO liftable run indicator lifted PINCHED; RAISED; STOLE; reversal indicator lifted up PU; reversal indicator lifting reversal indicator (as “lifting lid” 씮 TAH) lifting device CRANE; HOIST; ROTOR; WINCH ligament SINEW; TENDON light AIRY; AMBER; BEAM; BRIGHT; CLUE (technical term from crosswords); DAY; FAIR; FIRE; FLARE; GLEAM; GREEN; LAMP; LAND; LOW; LT; MATCH; MOON; PALE; PLANE; RAY; RED; SHINE; SMALL; SOFT; SPILL; SPOT; STAR; SUN; TAPER; THIN; TORCH; UV; VESTA; 쐍 BEACON; CANDLE; FEEBLE; GIDDY; GLARE; KINDLE; NEON; SETTLE; SHAFT; SIMPLE; STROBE; VERY (i.e. Very Light); WICK; WINDOW;

as “light” has the technical meaning within crosswords of “answer to clue” it thereby can indicate something to do with crosswords light, artificial CANDLE; LAMP; TORCH light, bring to EXPOSE light, cautionary AMBER light, colour ECRU light, failing DUSK light-headed FAIR; L; see GIDDY light meal BITE; TEA light, natural SUN light of danger RED light, particle of PHOTON light period DAY light, poor GLOOM light, sort of HEAD; SIDE; SPOT; VERY light, source of BULB; CANDLE; FLAME; LAMP; SUN 쐍 FIRE; TORCH light speed C lighter BARGE; BOAT; CRAFT; FLINT; MATCH; PALER; SCOW; SPILL lighter, make EASE lighting LAMP; see LIGHT lightly cooked RARE lightning BOLT; FLASH lights LUNGS lights, put out the FUSE lightweight GR; GRAM; OUNCE; OZ like AS; DIG; LOVE; 쐍 EVEN (arch.); TOAST; can indicate some adjective (e.g. ending in -ISH) like, do not DETEST; HATE; LOATHE; MIND like, really DIG; LOVE like that/this SO; THUS; anagram indicator likeable NICE; PLEASANT liked DUG likely APT; PRONE; SET likely, are/be TEND likewise AS; SO; TOO liking CRUSH; FANCY; TASTE; 쐍 PALATE; PENCHANT; [쒁 KEEN]


liking for, show

liking for, show KISS lilt SWING; TUNE lily, type of ARUM limb ARM; BRANCH; LEG; WING; 쐍 MEMBER limber LITHE limbo PARADISE lime TREE; 쐍 GREEN limelight, in the LIT limerick JINGLE limerick writer LEAR Limey BRIT limit BORDER; BOUND; BOURN; BRINK; CAP; CHECK; EDGE; END; FENCE; LINE; RATION; RIM; TIE; TOP; 쐍 CONSTRAIN; RESTRAIN; RESTRICT; TERMINATE limit availability CUT; RATION limit, beyond OTT limit, within a component to be nested inside a synonym for “limit” e.g. PALE limit, without ALL limitation nesting indicator; 쐍 DIET limited LOCAL; NARROW; abbreviation indicator; 쐍 SPECIFIC limited amount RATION limited by nesting indicator limiting nesting indicator limits AMBIT; RANGE; 쐍 TERMS; first and last letters indicator; nesting indicator; can indicate something which surrounds; see LIMIT limits of first and last letters of succeeding word to be used (as “limits of Europe” cues EE) limo CAR limp GIMP limping HALT (arch.); LAME Lincoln ABE; GREEN; 쐍 PRESIDENT linden tree LIME line ANGLE; ARY (i.e. a RY); BAND; BAR; BARB; CLASS; CORD; DASH; DRESS; EDGE; EM; EN; FILE; JOB; L; LEY; LIST; MARK; NOTE; PAD; RANGE; RANK; RAY; ROPE;


ROW; RY; SCORE; SHEET; TACK; TIER; TRACK; VIEW; 쐍 CABLE; CAREER; COURSE; CREASE; HOSE; NOOSE; OCHE (darts); PAINTER; POLICY; QUEUE; REINFORCE; ROUTE; RULE; STREAK; STRING; STRIPE; THREAD; TRADE; TROPIC; WAY can indicate something to do with fishing; can indicate the policy of a particular group or organ e.g. editorial; [쒁 HOOK] line, brush STROKE line-dance CONGA line, get into DRESS line of workers ASSEMBLY line, part of EM line, put into ALIGN line, short BRANCH; L; NOTE; RY; SIDING line, small DASH; EM; EN; L; RY line stated/told/voiced CUE (homophone of “queue”) line, straight RAY line, thick CABLE line up DRESS; 쐍 FALLIN (i.e. fall in) line-up FIELD lined EDGED; see LINE lined up FELLIN (i.e. fell in) lineage BREED; STOCK linen CLOTH; SHEETS linen, colour of ECRU liner SS; 쐍 TITANIC; note: this can refer to anything that lines something as “Ocean liner?” 씮 COAST lines BAR; LL; ODE; ODES; POEM; R; RY; SONNET; TRACK; VERSE; 쐍 ECLOGUE; RADII; RHYME; STANZA lines, part of FEET lines, some PARA lines told CCUSE (i.e. homophone of “queues” as “a lines told” leads to ACCUSE i.e. A+CCUSE); see LINE TOLD linesman BARD; POET ling HEATHER linger LAG; STAY; TARRY; 쐍 DELAY; DRAGON (i.e. drag on)


lingerie KNICKERS lingerie, item of BRA lining nesting indicator; run indicator link BOND; BRIDGE; KNOT; NEXUS; SPAN; THREAD; TIE; YOKE linked clues different clues in a grid may be linked in various ways. For instance you may be told that part of the answer to one clue is to be used to build up the answer to another. A common ploy is for two consecutive clues to be written as one, with the first ending in a row of dots and the second beginning with a row of dots. There may be a connection between the two. For example, the answer to one (say, HORSE) is an example of the other (say, ANIMAL). But be wary: the compiler may be nudging you to think there is a connection when there isn’t one links CHAIN; MAIL; see LINK links carrier CADDY lion CAT; LEO; SIGN lion, little CUB lion-tamer DANIEL lioness ELSA lions PRIDE lip BRASS; CHEEK; EDGE; RIM; SAUCE; VERGE lipid FAT liqueur CASSIS liquid INK; LOTION; RAIN; WATER; 쐍 HUMOUR; RUNNY liquid, amount of see LIQUID MEASURE liquid food SOUP liquid from well INK liquid measure DRAM; FINGER; GILL; LITRE; NIP; PINT; QUART; SHOT; TOT liquid mess SLOSH liquid, tiny amount of DROP; SPOT liquid, without ARID; DRY liquidation anagram indicator liquefy MELT

liquor ALE; GIN; MEAD RUM; RYE; SAKE; see DRINK liquor measure FINGER lissom AGILE; LITHE list BANK; CANT; FILE; HEEL; LEAN; ROLL; ROSTER; ROTA; TABLE; TILT; TIP; 쐍 CHOOSE; DETAIL; ENTER; INDEX; KEEL; MANIFEST; MENU; RECORD; REGISTER list of candidates ENTRY list, itemised TABLE list, official ROLL listed LEANING listen HARK; HEAR; HEED; HIST; 쐍 ATTEND; homophone indicator listen to HEAR; HEED listen to you U listened (to) HEARD; homophone indicator listener EAR; HEARER listeners, for homophone indicator listening EAR listening device BUG; EAR; TAP listening equipment EAR listening to reason CENSE (i.e. homophone of sense) listing ROTA; 쐍 LEANING; see LIST listless, appear MOON; MOPE Liszt ABBE lit FIRED; IN; ON lit-up HIGH; see DRUNK literal extremes AZ literary [쒁 BOOK] literary collection ANA (i.e. suffix as in Americana, for example) literary drudge HACK literary gathering SALON literary man see WRITER literary work BOOK (qv); PLAY; POEM; TOME; VERSE literature LIT lithe SPRY; 쐍 LIMBER; SUPPLE; anagram indicator lithium LI litmus TEST litre L litter BED; BROOD; STRETCHER; 쐍 BEDDING;



REFUSE; see RUBBISH; [쒁 PUP] litter-holder STY litter, part of PUP little BIT; DASH; DROP; FINE; MINI; O; PETITE; PUNY; SHORT; SHRED; SLIGHT; SMALL; SPOT; TAD; TRACE; WEE; WHIT; 쐍 DWARF; MITE; PETIT; abbr. indicator (as “little old” 씮 O); run indicator (as “little gallery’s OK” 씮 LEGAL) little, a BIT; MITE; OUNCE; first letter to be used, as “ a little cry” 씮 CRY little American TAD little animal RUNT little bit OUNCE; WHIT little brother BRO; SIB little boy diminutive of male name (e.g. AL, ED, TED) see MAN little chap IMP; TITCH; TOM; 쐍 TIDDLER; see LITTLE BOY; can indicate something to do with midget etc little child BABY; TOT; see CHILD little, comparatively LESS little creature can indicate either the young of some creature or a physically small creature (e.g. insect) little drink DRAM; HALF; SHORT; TOT little girl SIS; diminutive of woman’s name (e.g. DI, MO) see WOMAN little house COT; H little ladies can refer to toilet, particularly short words for same, so LAV, LOO etc, see TOILET little left L little man PAWN Little Mary a term coined by Barrie for the stomach little money CENT; IP (i.e. one penny) L; P little one CUB; MITE; TITCH; TOT; see CHILD little path BYROAD little room CELL; DEN little, saying QUIET


little Scottish SMA little swimming, a STROKE little sister SIB; SIS little time HR; MO; SEC; T; YR little, very MINUTE; TRACE; 쐍 NOMINAL little water DRIP; DROP; SPOT little woman JO (from novel); W; can require the diminutive of a woman’s name (e.g. MO, SUE), see WOMAN Little Women W; can refer to toilet, particularly short words for same, so LAV, LOO etc, see TOILET little woman’s JOS little work ERG; OP liturgy RITE live ABIDE; ARE; BE; DWELL; LODGE; QUICK; RESIDE; 쐍 GROWING; HOT; THRIVE live appearance in, make BE or ARE to be nested within a component live, go to SETTLE live show CONCERT lived DWELT; WAS; WERE liveliness BRIO; ESPRIT; GO lively AGILE; BRIGHT; BRISK; GAMY; PACY; RACY; SPRY; 쐍 ALLEGRO; anagram indicator lively type SWINGER livened up anagram indicator liver MEAT; can indicate a word beginning with HEP Liverpool* PORT Liverpudlian SCOUSE lives IS living IS; QUICK; 쐍 BEING; CURACY; INCOME living, some BE Lizzie BET; BETH lo-calorie LITE load CARGO; FILL; HEAP; LADE; LOT; ONUS; PILE; STACK; 쐍 CHARGE; FREIGHT; LOAD; WEIGHT load, say WAIT loaded FULL; HIGH; LADEN; RICH; anagram indicator; nesting indicator; see DRUNK loaded with nesting indicator


loaf BEAN; BREAD (qv); COB; HEAD; IDLE; LAZE; LOUNGE; NOB; NOODLE; NUT; PATE; [쒁 BAKE] loafer BUM; DRONE; SHOE loam SOIL loan LEND; SUB; 쐍 LENDING loan, beg a TOUCH loan, extend RENEW loan shark USURER loan, type of BRIDGING loaned LENT loathe, loathing HATE lob LOFT; SHY; see THROW lobby HALL; FACTION; GROUP; 쐍 ENTRANCE; ENTRY; PASSAGE local CLOSE; INN; NEAR; NUMBER (i.e. anaesthetic); PUB (qv); 쐍 HERE; NATIVE; TOPICAL; can be disguised as an adjective while still referring to a pub as where “local vessel” calls for TANKARD local area PATCH local area, one from NATIVE local authority COUNCIL local-born NATIVE local office BRANCH locality AREA locality, in this HERE locatable in nesting indicator locate FIND; PLACE; SEE; SIGHT; SITE; TRACE located SET; see LOCATE located in nesting indicator location PLACE; SITE; SPOT; 쐍 ADDRESS; CORNER; SITUATION; VENUE location of can indicate a set of letters beginning with compass points as “location of Florida” 씮 SEUS (i.e. South-east U.S.) loch L; LEVEN; NESS lock BOLT; CLOSE; FIX; FORWARD (rugby); HUG; LATCH; SEAL; SECURE; STRAND; UNION; see HAIR; [쒁 KEY] lock, end of GATE; K lock-keeper HAIRNET

lock up CAGE; JAIL; 쐍 INTERN; nesting indicator; can call for a synonym of hair to be reversed e.g. SSERT locked TRESSED locker KEY locked in nesting indicator; run indicator locked up INSIDE; 쐍 BARS locking device HITCH; KEY locks HAIR (qv); QUIFF, TRESS locks, remove CUT loco MAD locomotive TRAIN; 쐍 ENGINE locum TEMP locus PLACE lode ORE; REEF lodge DWELL; HOUSE; LIVE; PLACE (qv); STAY; STOW; 쐍 SETTLE lodged in nesting indicator lodger RENTER; RESIDENT lodging CAMP; HOSTEL; HOTEL; HYDRO; INN; REST lodging-place REST; see LODGING lodgings DIGS; PLACE; 쐍 QUARTERS loft ATTIC; CHIP; LOB; [쒁 TOP] lofted shot CHIP; LOB loftiness PRIDE lofty HIGH; TALL; UP; [쒁 CAP; TOP] log ENTER; LOG; NOTE; 쐍 BILLET; RECORD log, bit of POWER; 쐍 EXPONENT; MANTISSA log-book DIARY logarithm LOG logarithmic ratio SINE logic REASON logic, piece of PREMISE; PREMISS logical process DEDUCTION; INDUCTION; REASON logo BRAND; MARK logs, collection of RAFT loiter DELAY; LOAF; MOOCH; TARRY loitering with intent SUSS loll LAZE; LOUNGE


lollipop, lolly

lollipop, lolly ICE; SUCKER London CAPITAL; CITY; SMOKE; TOWN; WEN; note, a fair knowledge of London landmarks, stations and suburbs is assumed, e.g. ACTON, POPLAR, SOHO London* CITY London area (borough, district, part of, etc) ACTON; BOW; BRENT; C; E; EALING; EC; KEW; N; NE; NW; POPLAR; S; SE; SOHO; SW; 쐍 BALHAM; BARNET London attraction EYE London club REFORM London college LSE; UCL London coppers/police MET; YARD London dock WAPPING London, from DOWN London, heading for UP London hospital BARTS; UCH London road STRAND London theatre GLOBE London, to UP London tourist attraction EYE lone SINGLE; SOLO long ACHE; DIE; HANKER; ITCH; L; LANK; PANT; PINE; REMOTE; SIGH; TALL; WANT; YEARN long ago ERST; OLD; YORE long-ago PAST long ago, knew WIST long and thin LANK long, before ANON long-delayed SLOW long-distance LEAGUE long-distance runner STAYER long-established OLD; 쐍 CHRONIC long for COVET; MISS long-legged LANKY; RANGY; TALL long live VIVA long live the Spanish VIVA long, not BRIEF; SHORT long period see LONG TIME long-suffering PATIENT long term LIFE; see LONG TIME


long time AEON; AGE; AGES CENTURY; EON; EPOCH; ERA long way AFAR; FAR long way off, a OUT long while see LONG TIME longer MORE longer-established OLDER longer, no ONCE; EX longing ACHE; DYING; ITCH; PAIN; URGE; WISH; YEN Longleat BATH longs DIES; see LONG; can refer to trousers e.g. TREWS loo GENTS; see TOILET look AIR; APPEAR; EYE; FACE; FROWN; GANDER; GAPE; GAZE; GLANCE; GLARE; LA; LEER; LO; MIEN; OGLE; PEEK; PEEP; PEER; SCAN; SEE; STARE; WATCH look after CARE; MIND; TEND look after baby SIT look after the kids SIT look angry LOWER look around KEEP look at READ look briefly GLANCE look closely EYE; PORE; see STUDY look curiously PEER; PRY look daggers GLOWER look, dirty LOUR look for (future event) AWAIT look forward to AWAIT; LIKE look hard STARE look, have a PRY; see LOOK look glum POUT look happy GRIN look hard PEER look-in, get a LO to be nested look inquisitively PEEK; PEER; PRY look into AUDIT; see CHECK look menacing SCOWL look, oppressive LOUR look out CAVE; WARE; LO to be omitted look-out SENTRY; LO to be omitted look over PERUSE; READ; SCAN

loss of power

look pleased BEAM; SMILE look, quick SCAN look quickly GLANCE look threatening LOWER look, unpleasant LEER look up CALL; VISIT; in a down clue can indicate the reverse of a synonym for look, so EES, KEEP, RIA etc look, sly PEEK look suggestively LEER; OGLE look sulky POUT look worried FROWN lookalike DOUBLE; RINGER looked EYED; GAZED looked for SOUGHT looked older AGED looked on EYED looker EYE looking after nesting indicator looking healthy RUDDY looking in run indicator looking round can indicate someone who is fat (as “Person looking round” 씮 ROLY-POLY) looking sickly PALE lookout, be on the STALK looks curiously PRIES looks for gold PANS looks silly anagram indicator looks, sly PEEKS looks up and down SEES loom APPEAR looming NIGH loon FOOL loony ASS; anagram indicator; see LUNATIC loop BIGHT; NOOSE; RING; 쐍 PICOT loose ADRIFT; FREE; LAX; SLACK; UNTIE; VAGUE; anagram indicator loose stones SCREE loose woman TART loosely anagram indicator loosen EASE; FREE; UNTIE loot ROB; SACK; STEAL; SWAG; 쐍 BOOTY looted anagram indicator lop CUT (qv); DOCK; HACK lop off SEVER; anagram of LOP

lope RUN; 쐍 BOUND; STRIDE lopped omission indicator lord BARON; BOSS; COUNT; EARL; LD; LUD; MASTER; PEER; TITLE Lord Lieutenant LL Lord Mayor LM Lord’s GROUND; can indicate something to do with cricket as “side at Lord’s” 씮 OFF lord’s partner LADY lords and ladies ARUM Lorna DOONE Lorraine CROSS lorry ARTIC; TANKER; TIPPER; TRUCK; WAGON lose DROP; MISS; WASTE; see DROP lose colour FADE; RED to be omitted lose direction N, E, W or S to be omitted lose figure SAG lose footing SLIP lose force DIE; can indicate omission of F (force), G (gravity) lose no time HASTEN; see RUN lose out MISS lose pounds can indicate something to do with metrication lose vital forces DIE lose way ERR; STRAY; can indicate that a component listed under WAY (e.g. ST) is to be omitted loses anagram indicator loses heart middle letter(s) to be omitted losing DOWN; FAILING; omission indicator; anagram indicator losing 1-0 an indicator that I and O are to be omitted losing backing last letter to be omitted losing good looks AZES loss COST; DEATH; MISS; TOLL; 쐍 WASTAGE; anagram indicator; omission indicator; can indicate that the word OUT is incorporated in the solution loss, big ROUT loss of power FALL


loss, without

loss, without FREE lost ASTRAY; SHED; omission indicator; anagram indicator, as “lost at sea” 씮 an anagram of AT SEA; [쒁 CAST] lost blood BLED lot ALL; CO (for company); CROWD; DEAL; DOOM; FATE; GANG; GROUP; LUCK; MANY; MASS; MUCH; PILE; PLIGHT; SET; SIGHT; SITE; STACK; 쐍 AMOUNT; BUNCH; KISMET; PORTION; in its meaning of “fate” can lead to associated words such as FATALIST; can indicate something to do with AUCTION, SALE lot, a BAGS; MUCH lot different, a anagram of LOT lot of can indicate that one is to use most of the letters in what follows to provide either a component (as “a lot of bother” 씮 FUS), or the complete answer (as “A lot of beverage for the sports venue?” 씮 RINK lot of, a MANY lot of birds FLOCK lot of money BOMB; GRAND; WAD lot of paper/writing REAM lot of sheep FLOCK lotion, cosmetic TONER lots MANY; MASSES; MUCH; REAMS; SIGHT; STACKS; TON; 쐍 HATFUL; OODLES; SCORES; can indicate something to do with auction, sale etc lots of can indicate that most of a word is to be used lots of dollars G lots of people CROWD (qv); GANG; RACE lottery CHANCE; DRAW; GAMBLE; SWEEP lotto BINGO loud BRASH; BRASSY; BRIGHT; F; FLASHY; NOISY; VOCAL; homophone indicator loud abuse FLIP


loud broadcast anagram of LOUD loud, not see QUIET loud, very FF loudly F loudly, not softly F to replace P loudspeaker TWEETER loudspeaker, through the homophone indicator lough ERNE; LAKE Louis JOE lounge IDLE; LAZE; LIE; LOLL; SIT lounge* ROOM; SUIT(E) louse BUG; HEEL (qv) lousy CRUMMY; anagram indicator lout OAF; BOOR; SLOB; THUG; YOB; 쐍 YAHOO lovable SWEET lovable rogue SCAMP love ADORE; DEAR; EROS; FANCY; LIKE; NIL; NOUGHT; O; PET; SEX; ZERO; 쐍 DEARIE; NOTHING; POINTLESS; see DARLING, DEAR love* PASSION love affair AMOUR love-bite NIP love, classic AMOR love-god EROS love, possible evidence of BITE love upset LIN (i.e. rev.) loveless indicates the omission of O from an associated word, as “loveless marriage” 씮 UNIN lovely DEAR; FAIR; NICE; SUPER; SWEET; 쐍 ANGELIC; CUTIE lovely French BEL lovely girl DISH; PEACH lover AMOUR; BEAU; BUFF; FAN; FLAME; SWAIN; 쐍 DARLING; ROMEO; LEMAN (arch.) lover boy EROS lover, classical HERO lover former/old EX lover, taken out by DATED lover, tragic LEANDER


loves OO lovesick anagram of LOVE loving FOND; 쐍 AMATORY; AMOROUS low BASE; BLUE; CHEAP; DOWN; FLAT; LIGHT; MEAN; MOO; POOR; SAD; SHORT; UNDER; 쐍 HUMBLE low alcohol LITE low-calorie LITE low down see BASE, DIRTY low-down GEN; INFO low place, in DOWN low point between peaks COL low position, in BELOW; DOWN; UNDER low quality CHEAP low river MOOR (i.e. MOO + R) low tone MOO low voice BASS low water NEAP low water, time of DROUGHT lowdown see INFORMATION lower ABASE; BELOW; COW; CUT; DIM; DOWN; DROP; LUFF; NETHER; OX; SCOWL; SINK; UNDER; 쐍 ABATE; DEMOTE; DEPRESS; can indicate something to do with cattle lower, a little CALF lower bottom SIT lower class NON-U lower classes DE lower grades ED lower head BOW; NOD lower standard INFERIOR lowers CATTLE lowest part BASE; BED (i.e. of river); FOOT lowland VALE loyal TRUE loyal person BRICK loyalty TRUST; 쐍 ALLEGIANCE; FAITH LSD ACID; CASH; DOPE; DRUG; MONEY; specifically it can refer to some aspect of pre-decimal currency lubricant OIL lubricate OIL

lubrication GREASE; OIL; see DRINK lucid CLEAR; PLAIN; SANE lucifer MATCH luck BREAK; CESS (Irish); CHANCE; HAP; LADY; LOT luck, bit of STROKE lucky CHARMED lucky, it’s FLUKE lucre see MONEY ludicrously anagram indicator lug DRAG; EAR; HAUL; PULL; SAIL luggage BAG; CASE; TRAPS; 쐍 EFFECTS luggage carrier PORTER; RACK luggage compartment BOOT luggage, piece of BAG; CASE luggage, put in PACK lull CALM; SOOTHE lumbar BACK lumber SADDLE; WOOD lumberjack LOGGER luminary LIGHT; STAR lump CHUNK; CLOD; LOBE; MASS; 쐍 DOLLOP; NUGGET lump (of butter) PAT lump, small PAT lunar excursion module LEM lunatic KOOK; LOCO; MAD; NUT lunch EAT; MEAL lunch, out to MAD; NUTS lunch time IPM lunch-time, at ATI; ATONE luncheon* MEAL luncheon meat SPAM lunchtime, around I; ONE lunge CHARGE; PASS; RUSH lung ORGAN; note “lung” can refer to open space near a city lungs LIGHTS (as food) lurch PITCH; ROLL; 쐍 SHAMBLE; STAGGER; TOTTER; note this can refer to a difficult situation as “to leave in the lurch” lure DRAW; TEMPT; 쐍 SEDUCE lurk behind DOG lush DRUNK; GREEN; RICH; SOT; TOPER



lust DRIVE; SIN; 쐍 CRAVING lustful LEWD; RANDY lustful, be LECH lustre GLOSS; SHEEN; SHINE; also can refer to five years (from Roman days) lustreless MAT; MATT lusty EARTHY lusty young man STUD lutetium LU Luton person HATTER luxuriant LUSH; PLUSH; RICH luxurious see LUXURIANT luxury CLOVER; EXTRA; 쐍 EXCESS luxury car GT; LIMO; ROLLS; RR luxury, in some WELL lying ABED; FLAT; 쐍 FIBBING; PRONE; RESTING; can indicate something to do with sleep lying, was LAY lyric AIR; ODE; VERSE; WORDS; 쐍 EPODE; LIN

Mm macabre SICK macaroni FOP; PASTA Macbeth OPERA; PLAY; THANE; [쒁 COVEN; LADY; WITCH] Macbeth character WITCH Macbeth, Lady [쒁 SPOT] Macbeth nobleman ROSS Macbeth, part of ROSS MacDonald FLORA mace CLUB; SPICE; STAFF machination PLOT machine GIN; LATHE; LOOM machine gun emplacement NEST machine part BEARING; COG machine, sound of HUM machine tool LATHE machinery PLANT machinery, piece of CAR; COG


macho MALE; MANLY macho types HEMEN mackerel TINKER; [쒁 SPRAT] mackintosh MAC; with a capital letter can indicate something to do with a Scotsman mackle SPOT mad BARMY; BATS; CROSS; FRANTIC; GAGA; LOCO; LOONY; NUTS; RABID; RAGING; WILD; 쐍 BATTY; INSANE; LUNATIC; MENTAL; TOUCHED; ZANY; [쒁 HATTER]; anagram indicator mad behaviour see RAGE mad character HATTER mad cow anagram of COW mad, go RAVE mad, not SANE mad party member HATTER Madagascar MR Madam Butterfly OPERA madcap anagram indicator; can indicate an anagram of CAP maddened, maddening anagram indicator made DID; DONE; GOT; SENT (as in made/sent one mad); anagram indicator made badly TRASHY made by anagram indicator made fun of RAGGED made out anagram indicator made redundant SHED made up LIED; anagram indicator made use of HAD made way WENT madly anagram indicator madman NUT; 쐍 HEADCASE; MANIAC; can indicate an anagram of MAN (similarly madmen, madcap, etc) madmen NUTS; anagram of MEN; see MADMAN madness RAGE Madonna MARY Madrid, team from REAL Mafia chief CAPO magazine COMIC; GLOSSY; ISSUE; MAG; ORGAN; specific titles e.g. ELLE, HELLO, LIFE,

make corrections

PUNCH, NATURE, TIME, WHICH; 쐍 PRINT magazine, Paris MATCH magazine, U.S. LIFE; TIME maggot GENTLE; GRUB magic ART magic concoction POTION magic formula SPELL magical feat TRICK magical power MANA magician WIZARD; [쒁 TRICK] magistrate BEAK; CONSUL; DOGE; JP; REEVE; 쐍 ARCHON; EPHOR; JUSTICE magistrate, before/facing UP magistrate, chief DOGE magistrate’s assistant LICTOR magistrates BENCH magnanimous NOBLE magnate BARON; TYCOON magnet DRAW magnificence GLORY magnificent NOBLE; REGAL magnum BOTTLE maid GIRL; MISS maid, old PRUDE maiden FIRST; M; MISS; can indicate something to do with OVER (i.e. cricket) maiden, divinely transformed IO maiden name NEE mail ARMOUR; POST; [쒁 DELIVERY; POSTER] mail, convey/distribute DELIVER mail distribution anagram of MAIL mail, regarding POSTAL mailer POSTER maim WOUND main CHIEF; HEAD; SEA; STAPLE; STAR; WATER; 쐍 BRINY; TIDE; usually has some sea connotation main addition SEA to be added main container can indicate the name of a particular sea main line SEAL main point CRUX; GIST; HUB main part BODY; LEAD

main road A; AI; ARD (i.e. A-road); 쐍 ARTERY Maine ME maintain AVER; KEEP; PLEAD; FIX; 쐍 AFFIRM; ALLEGE; HARBOUR; SUPPORT maintain firmly FIX maintaining nesting indicator maintenance CARE majestic LORDLY; REGAL; ROYAL major BIG; GRAVE; GREAT; KEY; MAIN; STAR majority MASS; MOST; 쐍 EIGHTEEN; can indicate that all but one letter of a word is to be used, thus “religious majority can clue HOL (i.e. first three letters of “holy”); can refer to coming of age (in U.K. now 18) and so can indicate some aspect of adulthood make BRAND; CAUSE; DO; EARN; FORCE; FORM; GET; SORT; TYPE; 쐍 CREATE; DELIVER (i.e. as with speech); MARQUE; anagram indicator; run indicator make a face POUT make a move ACT make a point SCORE make a record NOTE; see RECORD make a scene EMOTE make amends ATONE make an alteration EDIT; MEND; REPAIR make an effort TRY make an effort to see CRANE make an impression ETCH make arrangements ORDER make assessment RATE make beastly noise GROWL; LOW; MOO make better CURE; ENHANCE; HEAL; IMPROVE make changes AMEND; see CHANGE make coins MINT make contact see CONTACT make corrections AMEND; EDIT; EMEND


make, could

make, could anagram indicator make cuts LANCE; see CUT make dynamic progress BOUND make for HEAD make formal SETTLE make fun of RAG; RIB; TEASE; 쐍 JOSH make good MEND; 쐍 RESTORE make haste RUSH; TEAR make hay TED make heavy demands TAX make improvements BETTER make large numbers SPAWN make last EKE make merry PARTY; 쐍 REVEL make money EARN make more UP make much of FETE make notes SING make off ELOPE; see LEAVE make off with ROB; 쐍 ABDUCT; see STEAL make official SIGN make one’s way WEND make out SEE; 쐍 SCAN make preparation PLAN make progress MOVE; ROLL; 쐍 ADVANCE make progress socially CLIMB make provision CATER make ready EARN; 쐍 PREPARE; REALISE make recording TAPE make signal NOD; WAVE make short journey HOP make slow progress PLOD make solid FREEZE make smaller REDUCE make sure CLINCH; SEE make tea MASH make the most of resources EKE; 쐍 ECONOMISE make-up LINER; ROUGE; anagram indicator; [쒁 AD-LIB] make use of TAP make way STEP; see TRAVEL make well BORE; CURE; DRILL; HEAL make worse MAR; SPOIL; 쐍 COMPOUND


makeover anagram indicator makers anagram indicator makes anagram or run indicator makes mistakes anagram indicator makeshift anagram indicator making anagram indicator; run indicator making cuts AXING Malawian statesman BANDA Malay [쒁 PENINSULA; SARONG] Malay dagger KRIS Malaysian capital KL; M male BOY; BUCK; BULL; COCK; HE; LAD; M; MACHO; MAN; RAM; STAG; TOM; TUP; see MAN male, a French UN malediction CURSE malefactor FELON; see CRIMINAL malicious talk SCANDAL malformation anagram indicator malfunction BUG; FAULT; FLAW; GLITCH malfunctioned/ing anagram indicator malice SPITE malicious BAD; EVIL; SNIDE malign DEFAME; EVIL; 쐍 SLANDER malignant person DEVIL malleable PLIABLE; SOFT mallet CLUB; PRIEST; 쐍 HAMMER Malta M maltreated anagram indicator maltreatment anagram indicator mammal ANIMAL; can call for the name of a specific mammal, frequent examples used in word construction include COATI, MOLE, SEAL, SLOTH mammal, aquatic OTTER mammal, flying BAT mammal, marine SEAL mammoth BIG; HUGE man AGENT; BLOKE; BOD; CHAP; GENT; GUY; HAND; HE; HIM; HOMO; LAD; MALE; ONE; STAFF; VALET;

managing, one


HANDLE; HOMBRE; see FELLOW; can refer to a man’s name, often shortened – see MAN’S NAME; can refer to a chess piece in full or abbreviated form i.e. B, BISHOP, CASTLE, K, KING, KNIGHT, KT, N, P, PAWN, PIECE, Q, QUEEN, R, ROOK Man I; IOM; IS; ISLE; 쐍 FRIDAY; note that this is a favourite with compilers, referring to the island, usually with ‘Man’ at the beginning of the clue so the solver may not realise the added significance of the capital letter man about town TOFF man, admired HERO man, associated with HIS man at crease BAT man at the controls DRIVER; PILOT man, big/handsome HUNK man, classical VIR man-eater OGRE; TIGER man, first ADAM man, good ST man in BATTER (cric.) man in America CHECKER (as in checkers, the term used in the U.S. for the game of draughts) man in charge HEAD; KING; MASTER; see CHIEF man in love MINO (i.e. m-in-0) man, little PAWN; can call for the short form of man’s name e.g. LES, TIM, see MAN’S NAME man, most powerful QUEEN man of action DOER; HERO man of cloth CURATE; DRAPER; REV; 쐍 TAILOR; see PRIEST, VICAR etc man of fashion RAKE man of muscle HUNK man of note often calls for a composer’s name man of straw RICK man of the match GROOM man on board DRAUGHT (i.e. the board game); HAND; see CHESSMAN, SAILOR

man on field PLAYER; REF; see PLAYER man’s HES (i.e. he’s); HIS Man’s device LEGS (i.e. Manx emblem) man’s name AL, ALF, ART, BEN, DAN, DEN, DES, DON, ED, EMIL, GREG, GUS, HERB; IAN, JACK; KAY, KIT, LEN, LES, MILES, NAT, NED, NICK, PAT, PHIL, RAY; REG, RICK, RON, ROY, SID, TED, THEO, TIM; RAY; VIV; 쐍 ALAN; ALEX; ANGUS; BERT; CARL; COL; COLIN; DAVE; ERIC; ERNEST; FELIX; FRED; GARY; HECTOR; LESTER; MICK; MIKE; NEIL; PETER; ROGER; ROLF; SERGE; TERRY man’s, the HIS man, strong TITAN man, the HIM man, typical JACK man uncouth LOUT; OAF man, violent BRUTE man, young LAD; MASTER manage BOSS; COPE; DO; FEND; HANDLE; RUN; SHIFT; SWING; TEND; TREAT; 쐍 ADMINISTER; WANGLE manage, do not FAIL manage for oneself FEND manage to retain SALVE; SAVE managed DID; DONE; RAN; SWUNG; anagram indicator; see MANAGE management ADMIN; BOARD; 쐍 EXECUTIVE; RUNNING; anagram indicator management graduate MBA management group BOARD; TRUST manager BOSS; CHIEF; COPER; EXEC; HEAD; RUNNER; anagram indicator managers BOARD manages, person who COPER managing COPING; anagram indicator managing director MD managing, one BOSS; HEAD


Manchester orchestra

Manchester orchestra HALLE Manchester, part of SALE mandarin DRAKE mandate CHARGE mane HAIR; SHOCK maneater OGRE; TIGER manger TROUGH mangle HACK; PRESS; WRINGER mangled RENT; TORN; anagram indicator Manhattan as well as the district in New York can indicate something to do with the cocktail or drinking mania CRAZE; RAGE manifest LIST; PLAIN; 쐍 OBVIOUS; [쒁 CARGO] manifesto LINE manipulate FIX; HAND; RIG; USE; 쐍 MANAGE; MASSAGE; anagram indicator manipulated USED; anagram indicator manipulating anagram indicator manipulation anagram indicator manipulates USES; anagram indicator mannequin MODEL manner AIR; FRONT; MODE; STYLE; TONE; WAY; WISE; 쐍 BEARING; MIEN manner, condescending AIRS manner, hypocritical UNCTION manner, in this SO; THUS manner in which can indicate the answer is an adverb (usually ending in LY) manner of ALA (i.e. A LA) manner of saying/speaking BROGUE; DRAWL; DICTION; 쐍 ACCENT manner, old-fashioned WISE mannered TWEE mannerisms STYLE manoeuvrable NIPPY manoeuvre FEINT; GAMBIT; PLOY; TACTIC; anagram indicator manoeuvre little by little EASE; INCH


manoeuvres anagram indicator manoeuvring anagram indicator manor HALL manor, grounds of ESTATE manpower STAFF manservant VALET manservant, Dickensian WELLER mansion PALACE mansion, country SEAT mantle PALL mantra CHANT; OM manual CONSOLE manual workers can indicate something to do with audience, clappers etc manufacture BRAND; MAKE; anagram indicator manufactured MADE; anagram indicator manufacturer MAKER; anagram indicator manure MUCK; 쐍 GUANO; HUMUS manuscript MS Manx cat can indicate that “cat” or one of its synonyms has its last letter omitted (and so is tailless like a Manx cat) e.g. CA, PUS, TO many BAGS; LOT; LOTS; M; MASS; MUCH; MULTI; POTS; 쐍 MASSES; OODLES; can be used to signal a Roman numeral for a large number, such as L, C, D, K etc; see GREAT MANY many, great SLEW; see MANY many occasions, on OFTEN many people HOST many years AGE; see LONG PERIOD map CHART; GUIDE; PLAN; PLOT map-making department OS map, type of OS (i.e. Ordnance Survey); RELIEF maple ACER mar BLIGHT; SPOIL; STAIN; TAINT marauder RAIDER

marriage settlement

marble AGATE; ALLEY; ALLY; ROCK; STONE; TAW; with a capital letter can indicate ARCH marbles can indicate something to do with brains, intelligence march BORDER; DEMO; FILE; STEP; STRIDE; STRUT; WALK; 쐍 PARADE; PROTEST March [쒁 IDES] March Hare, like the MAD march, on the anagram indicator march past PARADE March past PARADE; can indicate something to do with April (e.g. April Fools’ Day) or the season of spring Marco Polo note that this is also the name of an airport as well as a famous explorer mare DAM Margaret MEG; PEG Marge’s rival BUTTER Margery PEG margin CUT; EDGE; RIM; 쐍 BORDER marginal explanation GLOSS Marie CURIE marijuana GRASS marina DOCK; HARBOUR marinate SOAK marine RM marine creature SEAL; WHALE; see FISH marine growth CORAL mariner MASTER; see SAILOR mariner, senior CAPT; SKIPPER mariners ABS; NAVY; RN; see SAILOR Marines RM maritime environment SHORE mark BADGE; BLAZE; BLOT; BRAND; CHECK; DENT; DOT; EMBLEM; GRADE; LINE; LISTEN; M; MK; MODEL; NOTCH; NOTE; POINT; RATE; SCAR; SCUFF; SEE; SIGN; SMEAR; SPOT; STAIN; STAR; TALLY; TEE; TICK; WEAL; WELT; 쐍 ACCENT; CARET; FRANK; GRADUATE; PRINT; RECORD; STIGMA; STRIPE; can indicate something to do with

money (i.e. the former German currency) e.g. change; with a capital letter can refer to the gospel; can indicate a punctuation mark (exclamation, question etc) Mark TWAIN; 쐍 ANTONY; GOSPEL mark, black BLOT; STAIN mark, make DENT; see MARK, SCORE mark, make one’s SIGN mark of distinction STAR mark of rank BADGE; PIP; STRIPE mark on body/skin SCAR mark, second best B; SA mark, slight TOUCH mark, top A; STAR mark of rank PIP mark on horse’s face BLAZE marked SEEN marked “special” STARRED marker SIGN; 쐍 ARROW; BUOY; CAIRN; POST market AGORA; FAIR; MART; SALE; SELL; TRADE; 쐍 EXCHANGE market leader M marketed SOLD marketing PR; TRADE marketplace MALL; MART marks M; see MARK marksman SNIPER Marlborough can indicate something to do with Churchill Marlene LILY marmalade CAT; 쐍 LEMON; ORANGE; SQUISH maroon DESERT; LEAVE; STRAND marque BRAND; MAKE marquetry BUHL Marquis SADE marred anagram indicator marriage ALLIANCE; BOND; MATCH; PAIRING; UNION; WEDDING; 쐍 NUPTIALS; [쒁 MARITAL] marriage certificate LINES marriage settlement DOWER; 쐍 DOWRY



married M; MATED; SPLICED; WED; [쒁 SHELF] married, get MATE; WED married, not M to be omitted married ladies WIVES marrow GIST marry HITCH; PAIR; UNITE; WED; 쐍 ESPOUSE Mars ARES marsh BOG; FEN; MIRE; SWAMP marsh plant RUSH marshal NEY; 쐍 ARRANGE marshland FEN; see MARSH marshy PLASHY marshy land FEN; see MARSH marsupial ROO; 쐍 TUAN martial artist DAN Martin Luther King [쒁 DREAM] martyr ST martyr, English ALBAN martyrdom END marvel WONDER marvellous BRILL; FAB; SUPERB; SWELL Marx CHICO; GROUCHO; HARPO; 쐍 KARL Marxist RED Maryland MD mask COVER; HIDE; VISOR Masons LODGE masquerading anagram indicator mass BODY; BULK; CRAM; CROWD; GLOB; GRAM; HEAP; LUMP; M; PILE; RUCK; STACK; TON; 쐍 DRUM; SERVICE; TONNE; WHOLE; can signify a specific mountain or mountain range; can signify the general population as “Mass in Greek” clues HOI POLLOI mass mailing SPAM mass meeting RALLY mass, part of CREDO mass stuck together CLOT Massachusetts MA; MASS massacre KILL; SLAUGHTER; SLAY; anagram indicator massacred KILLED; SLAIN; SLEW; anagram indicator


massage KNEAD; anagram indicator massaged anagram indicator masse STROKE masses, the PROLES; 쐍 HOI POLLOI masseur RUBBER mast POLE; STAFF mast, up the ALOFT master ACE; BEAT; BETTER; BOSS; HEAD; LEARN; LORD; M; MA; MAN; SIR; 쐍 TAME; SKIPPER; TEACHER; can indicate something to do with a dog master of ceremonies EMCEE masterful ACE masters MAS; see MASTER masterstroke COUP mastery ART; CRAFT; SKILL masticate CHEW masts, arrangement of RIG mat RUG match AGREE; BOUT; FIT; FUSE; GAME; GO; LIGHT; PAIR; PEER; SET; SO; SUIT; TALLY; TEAM; TEST; TIE; VESTA; 쐍 BEST; COMPARE; CONTEST; EQUAL; FINAL; LIGHTER; SAME; anagram indicator; can indicate something to do with wedding, marriage; [쒁 DRAW] match, big TEST match, boxing BOUT match, football TIE match in series LEG match-making, consequence of ARSON matched MET matches CUP; RUBBER matching TWIN mate ALLY; BRIDE; BUD; CHINA; COCK; CHUM; COBBER; GROOM; HEN; OPPO; PAL; TOSH; WIN; 쐍 MUCKER; SPORT; SPOUSE; can indicate something to do with chess mate, American BUD mate, Australian SPORT mate down under COBBER


material CHINO; CLOTH; CREPE; DENIM; FELT; ISTLE; LACE; MATTER; PRINT; REP; SERGE; STUFF; TERRY; TICKING; TOILE; TWEED; TWILL; WOOL; 쐍 APPROPRIATE; CONTENT; EARTHLY; GERMANE; see FABRIC; anagram indicator material, delicate LACE material, roofing SLATE; THATCH material, striped TICKING material, strong TICKING material, surfacing MACADAM material, vitreous GLASS material, woollen FELT mates PAIR; SIDE mathematical quantity LOG mathematical section CONIC mathematical shape CONE mathematician ADDER; 쐍 EULER; FERMAT; GAUSS mathematician’s line ORDINATE; 쐍 TANGENT; [쒁 FUNCTION] mathematician’s power LOG mathematician’s table LOG mathematics, bit of GRAPH maths, simple SUM Matilda can signal something to do with lies, lying matinee actor/star IDOL matrix WOMB matt DULL; FLAT matter COUNT; ISSUE; PUS; TOPIC; WEIGHT; 쐍 AFFAIR; BUSINESS; STUFF; THEME Matthew and the rest NT mattress BED mattress cover TICK mature ADULT; AGE; AGED; FLOWER; RIPE; RIPEN mature, become AGE; RIPEN maturity AGE maudlin SLOPPY maudlin behaviour, display SLOBBER maul SCRUM mauled anagram indicator maunder RAMBLE

Maureen MO maverick anagram indicator maxim MORAL; SAW; SAYING; 쐍 MOTTO; TRUISM maximum BEST; HEIGHT; LIMIT; TOP maximum number LIMIT maximum speed C may CAN; MIGHT; along with another verb (be, have etc) can be an anagram indicator May BLOSSOM; MONTH may be anagram indicator may be used to make anagram indicator may come from anagram indicator May French MAI may have anagram indicator, as in the neatly constructed clue “She may have dresses cut beguilingly” (10) where the answer is SEDUCTRESS. (Note the all-round cleverness in choice of words here: the clue reads well, the scenario (qv) is relevant, and then there is the way in which the two words “dresses cut” do double-duty (qv), serving both as the basis for the anagram and as part of the definition.) may not CANT maybe anagram indicator; can indicate that the clue contains an example of the answer (as “China disrupted American radar, maybe?” leads to ACRONYM); can indicate that the clue contains an example of a component (as “London maybe” clues CITY) Mayday SOS Mayfair WI mayonnaise DRESSING mayor’s insignia CHAIN maze WARREN; anagram indicator MC HOST me SETTER Me MAINE me, belonging to MINE me, for MINE; MY me, you and US meadow LEA; LEY



meagre LEAN; SLENDER; SLIM; SPARSE; THIN; WEAK meal COURSE; CURRY; DINNER; DISH; FARE; FEAST; FEED; FLOUR; GRAIN; LUNCH; OAT; OATS; PULSE; SNACK; SUPPER; TEA; 쐍 BRUNCH; PIZZA; REPAST; SPREAD meal, gave FED meal, had ATE; FED meal, have a EAT (qv) meal, having a EATING; 쐍 DINING meal, hot CHILLI; CURRY meal, reheated HASH meal-starter M meal, take EAT; FEED meal ticket LV meal, took ATE; FED meals EATS; BOARD meals, have BOARD; EAT mealy PALE mean AIM; BASE; CLOSE; DIRTY; IMPLY; INTEND; LOW; NEAR; NORM; PAR; PLAN; STINGY; TIGHT; 쐍 DENOTE; DESIGN; GRASPING; INTIMATE; LOWDOWN; MEASLY; PROPOSE; SHABBY; SKINNY; SPARING mean, comparatively LOWER meandering anagram indicator meaning DRIFT; GIST; IMPORT; INTENT; SENSE means MEDIA; WAY; 쐍 AGENCY; INCOME; RESOURCES; see MONEY means of access WICKET; see ACCESS means of bearing LITTER; see TRANSPORT means of, by VIA means of controlling REIN means of raising money TAX; VAT means to buy see MONEY means to secure NAIL; SCREW; TACK meant AIMED; FATED; IMPLIED


measly SPOTTED; SPOTTY; see TIGHT measure ACT; AMP; BAR; BOLT; CARAT; CC; CL; DANCE; DOSE; DRAM; DROP; ELL; EM; EN; ERG; FOOT; FT; GILL; HAND; INCH; JUDGE; METE; METER; MIL; MILE; MM; OPTIC; PACE; PECK; PH; PINT; POLE; QUART; ROOD; RULE; RULER; STEP; TUN; UNIT; YARD; 쐍 CUBIT; DOSAGE; EPHA; GIRTH; LEAGUE; PINCH; WATT; can refer to a particular dance; can indicate a cardinal number e.g. ONE, TEN; see QUANTITY measure, imperial OUNCE; see MEASURE measure of brightness IQ measure, medicinal DOSE measure of cloth BOLT; ELL measure of grain PECK measure of horse HAND measure of insulation TOG measure of noise BEL measure of power WATT measure of rhythm FOOT measure of speed KNOT; MACH; MACHI; MPH measure of viscosity STOKE measure, old ELL; LEAGUE measure, short EM; EN; FT; INCH; MM; see MEASURE, SMALL measure, small DASH; IMM (i.e. one MM); SNORT; SPLASH; can indicate abbreviation of standard measures see MEASURE measure up some unit of measurement to be reversed e.g. DRAY measured amount DOSE measured lines usually indicates something to do with poetry e.g. verse measurement SIZE; see MEASURE measurement, angular LATITUDE; [쒁 DEGREE] measurement of about 45’ ELL measurements, system of SI measures FEET; see MEASURE

melancholy, tending to

measuring device/instrument METER meat BARON; BEEF; CHOP; FARE; FISH; FLESH; GAME; HAM; LAMB; LEAN; LIVER; LOIN; MINCE; NUB; OX; PORK; RIB; RUMP; SPAM; STEAK; VEAL; 쐍 CAPON; CLAM; HAUNCH; MUTTON; OFFAL; SATAY; see JOINT meat, cooked anagram of MEAT; see MEAT, MEAT DISH meat dish PATE; ROAST; see MEAT meat, joint of BRAWN, COLLAR; see MEAT meat paste PATE meat, piece of CHOP; HAUNCH; STEAK; see MEAT meat, type of HAM; see MEAT meat with no fat LEAN meaty product SPAM meaty snack BURGER mechanic FITTER mechanical procedure ROTE mechanical, something DEVICE mechanical repetition ROTE mechanism GEAR; SERVO Med SEA medal AWARD; BEM; BRONZE; DSO; GC; GM; GOLD; MBE; MM; OBE; SILVER; VC; 쐍 PRIZE medallion DISC meddle NOSE media PRESS medic DOC; DR; see DOCTOR medic, famous GALEN medical degree MB medical journal LANCET medical officer MO; see DOCTOR medical specialist/speciality ENT medical treatment PILL medicament DRUG; see MEDICINAL PREPARATION medication PILL medicinal extract ARNICA medicinal preparation DOSE; LOTION; PILL; SHOT

medicine CURE; DOSE; MED; PILL; TONIC; 쐍 CURATIVE; DRAUGHT; POTION; TABLET medicine bottle PHIAL; VIAL medicine-box CHEST medicine, branch of ENT medicine man see DOCTOR medicinal measure DOSE medico DOC; DR; see DOCTOR medics MA (i.e. Medical Association) medieval copyist SCRIBE medieval historian PARIS medieval writer ROMANCER mediocre POOR; 쐍 AVERAGE; SOSO meditate BROOD; MUSE; PONDER meditation, place for RETREAT meditative technique YOGA meditator YOGI Mediterranean MED Mediterranean area LEVANT medium AGENT; ETHER; NORM; OIL; ORGAN; 쐍 MIDDLE; TEMPERA; [쒁 SPIRIT] medley anagram indicator medley-race anagram of RACE Medusa GORGON meek HUMBLE meet ABUT; APT; FACE; FIT; FITTING; GATHER; HUNT; PAY; RALLY; SEE; 쐍 COUNTER; ENCOUNTER; JOIN; SATISFY; TOUCH meet my needs, to TOME meeting AGM; BEE; CONTACT; DATE; MATCH; RALLY; SEANCE; SESSION; 쐍 ASSEMBLY; CONVENTION; ENCOUNTER; JUNCTION; TRYST meeting announced TRIST meeting for work BEE meeting place CLUB; DEN; VENUE meeting, run/take CHAIR; PRESIDE mega ACE; GREAT; SUPER melancholy, tending to MINOR (mus.)



mêlée SCRUM; anagram indicator mellow RIPE; THAW; 쐍 RIPEN melodic sequence LINE melodious SWEET melody AIR; STRAIN; TUNE melon OGEN melt SOFTEN; THAW; anagram indicator melt down RENDER melted anagram indicator melting snow SLUSH Melville HERMAN member ARM; BONE; BRANCH; JOIST; LEG; LIMB; M; MP; PART; PEG; TOE; [쒁 CLUB] member, crew HAND; see SAILOR member of IN member of family RELATION; see RELATIVE member’s end FOOT member, younger SCION members ARMS; LIMBS; anagram indicator; see MEMBER members of run indicator members of band BRASS members of church FOLD membership, evidence of BADGE membership fee SUB membrane CAUL (physio.); FELL; FILM; SKIN member, supporting BONE; RIB memento RELIC; TOKEN memo NOTE memo, write JOT; NOTE memoirs STORY memoranda NOTES memorandum NOTE memorial RELIC memorial tablet PLAQUE memory RAM; ROM; ROTE memory, aid to CRIB memory, sort of ROM Memphis area TENN men ARMY; STAFF; this can require the names of two men to be used together to form a new component or word e.g. PATRON; see MAN, REGIMENT men at work CREW


men, for STAG men only STAG men’s a synonym for man with the addition of S, e.g. ALS, LENS, CHAPS (see MAN) men with guns RA menace THREAT menacing look LOUR; SCOWL menagerie ZOO mend DARN; FIX; KNIT; PATCH; REPAIR; 쐍 COBBLE; IMPROVE; anagram indicator mendacious LYING mendacious, be LIE mendacity LYING mended anagram indicator, as “thing mended” 씮 NIGHT Mendelssohn can indicate something to do with ITALIAN (one of his symphonies) mendicant BEGGAR menial BASE; SERF menial work, one in CHAR menswear TIE mental BATS; MAD; 쐍 CRACKED; see MAD mental suffering ANGUISH mentally acute BRAINY; SHARP mention CITE; OBSERVE; REFER; 쐍 REFERENCE mentioned SAID; homophone indicator mentor SAGE menu BILL; CARTE; FARE; LIST; TABLE; [쒁 DISH] menu, item on COURSE; DISH merchandise GOODS; LINE; WARE; WARES merchant MONGER; 쐍 DEALER; TRADER; [쒁 TRADE] Merchant Navy MN merciless IRON mercurial MOODY mercury HG mercy QUARTER; RUTH mercy of, at the nesting indicator mere BARE; JUST; LAKE; LITTLE; POND; POOL; SMALL; WATER; can indicate a specific stretch of inland water merge FUSE; JOIN; UNITE


merger FUSION meringue SWEET; 쐍 DESSERT; PAVLOVA merit EARN; OM; RATE; WORTH; 쐍 CREDIT Merlin WIZARD merriment GLEE; 쐍 HILARITY merry GAY; HAPPY; anagram indicator; see DRUNK; [쒁 COLE] merry-go-round RIDE merry, make PARTY; ROISTER mesh GRID; NET; SIEVE mess BOTCH; HASH; PAP; SLOSH; 쐍 CLUTTER; SHAMBLES; TANGLE; anagram indicator; can refer to a place reserved for eating (as in the services); see CONFUSION mess, in a anagram indicator mess up FLUFF; MUFF message CABLE; LETTER; LINE; MEMO; MORAL; NOTE; SIGN; SIGNAL; SOS; WIRE; WORD; 쐍 CALL; COMMUNICATION; FAX; RING; can indicate a word ending in GRAM e.g. telegram, kissagram message received ROGER message, urgent SOS messed up, messing about, messy anagram indicator messenger ANGEL; PAGE; 쐍 COURIER; ENVOY; HERALD; RUNNER messily anagram indicator messing about anagram indicator messing up anagram indicator messy anagram indicator messy room STY messy situation STY met FOUND Met YARD; can indicate something to do with opera (i.e. via New York Metropolitan) metal AG; AU; BA; CU; DY; FE; FOIL; GOLD; HG; IRON; K; LEAD; NI; ORE; PLATE; SN; TIN; 쐍 COPPER; STEEL metal, bit of BLADE metal box TIN; see BOX metal container ORE; TIN

metal, lump of PIG metal man ROBOT metal, thin FOIL metallic TINNY metallic sound TING metals, mix of ALLOY metalworker BEATER; SMITH metamorphose into anagram indicator metamorphosis anagram indicator metaphor IMAGE mete DOLE; SHARE methane GAS method HOW; LINE; MEANS; MODE; ORDER; STYLE; WAY; 쐍 COURSE; MANNER; PLAN; SYSTEM; anagram indicator (as “knew a method” 씮 WAKEN) meticulousness CARE metonym this is where a single aspect of something is used to stand for the thing as a whole as “glass” can stand for “drink”, or “the ring” can stand for “the sport of boxing” metre M metre, nearly a YARD metre, one millionth of a MICRON metres can indicate something to do with verse metric can indicate something to do with verse metrical form/text VERSE metropolis CAPITAL; CITY mettlesome GAMY mew GULL Mexican HOMBRE Mexican food TACO Michael MIKE Michigan MI Mickey GUY; MOUSE Mickey Finn to, give a DOPE; DRUG mickey out of, take the see TEASE micro SMALL; TINY microphone MIC; MIKE mid- as a prefix (e.g. mid-July) usually signifies that the middle let-



ter(s) should be taken from the associated word e.g. “mid-July” indicates UL, “mid-afternoon” indicates R, “mid-off” indicates F; can indicate a run of letters within a word or phrase, as “Point, mid-south or north” 씮 THORN mid-afternoon R mid-day A; NOON mid-day, after PM mid-day, before AM mid-evening N mid-life IF mid-month IDES; N mid-morning N; TEN; 쐍 ATTEN (i.e. at ten) mid-stream RE mid-week EE Mid-West ES midday, after PM midday, before AM midday, one hour after ATI (i.e. at one) middle CORE; HEART (qv); TUM; WAIST; see MIDDLE OF middle-age G middle-aged GE Middle East AS; ME Middle Eastern ME; T; 쐍 ISRAELI Middle Easterner ARAB middle, in the AMID; can indicate that only the middle letter or letters be used (as “wrong in the middle” clues RON) middle of can signify that the middle letter(s) should be taken from the associated word as “middle of dinner” is a cue for NN middle of day A; NOON middle point MEDIAN middle, the H Middle-West ES middleman A middlemen E middling SOSO midfielder SCARECROW midge* FLY Midlands city STOKE midnight G; LATE


midnight, after AM midnight, hour after IAM midshipman EASY; REEFER Midsummer Night’s Dream can indicate a character from the play e.g. Bottom, Oberon, Puck, Titania mien AIR; MANNER MIG JET might BEEF; CLOUT; MAY; POWER migrant ALIEN Mike can indicate something to do with a microphone; depending on context (e.g. “as heard by Mike”) can be a homophone indicator mild GENTLE; LIGHT; LOW; SLIGHT; WEAK milder LESS mile M mile or so KNOT miler RUNNER; [쒁 LAP] miles MM miles away M to be omitted militant MARTIAL militant action WAR military ARMY; MIL military accommodation QUARTERS military action OP; WAR; 쐍 BATTLE military actions OPS military advance PUSH military alliance NATO military arm NAVY military base STATION military branch ARM military cadets RMA military commander AGA military display/entertainment TOURNEY; 쐍 TATTOO military group NATO; TA military honour MEDAL; VC; see MEDAL military HQ BASE; SHAPE; STATION Military Intelligence MI military leader M; see OFFICER military man see OFFICER, SOLDIER military music MARCH


military offender DESERTER military operation MISSION military personnel ARMY; see SOLDIERS, REGIMENT etc military prisoner POW military punishment FATIGUE military quarters BASE; CAMP 쐍 BARRACKS military slog YOMP military station CAMP military status RANK; SITREP (i.e. situation report) military, the ARMY; see ARMY, REGIMENT military training group OTC military unit COY; TA; see REGIMENT military vehicle JEEP; TANK military zone SECTOR milk PINT; SQUEEZE; WHITE; 쐍 EXPLOIT; EXTRACT; [쒁 DAIRY] milk cart FLOAT milk producer/provider COW; EWE; SOW; UDDER milk pudding SAGO milk, thickened CURD milk, top of the CREAM; M milksop WIMP milky WHITE mill GRIND; [쒁 GRIST; HOPPER; RACE] millennium building DOME millennium year MM Miller GLENN; MICK (racing dog) Milligan SPIKE millilitre ML milliner HATTER milling about, around anagram indicator; can simultaneously indicate an anagram and nesting million M millions M; MM Milne can refer to any of the author’s characters e.g. Winnie, Pooh, Tigger, Roo etc Milne’s bouncer TIGGER, as “run into Milne’s bouncer” 씮 TRIGGER mimer ACTOR mimic APE; COPY; MINA

mince CHOP; CUT; GRIND; HASH; anagram indicator mince-tart anagram of TART minced CUT; GROUND; anagram indicator mind BRAIN; CARE; HEAD; HEED; NOUS; RESENT; TEND; 쐍 BOTHER; [쒁 FANTASY] mind, in MENTAL minder NANNY; NURSE; 쐍 ESCORT mindless activity ROTE mine BOMB; BORE; DIG; FUND; PIT; 쐍 LIMPET; TUNNEL; WHEAL (Cornish) mine, entrance to ADIT mine, product of ORE Minehead M miner DIGGER mineral MICA; OPAL; SPAR mineral aggregate ORE mineral resource MINE; PIT miners NUM Ming POT mingle BLEND; MIX; 쐍 MELL mingled MIXED; anagram indicator mini CAR; SKIRT; SMALL miniature MINI; SMALL; TOY; 쐍 LITTLE minimal LIGHT; SMALL; can indicate the use of only one letter from an indicated word, usually the first letter minimal piece of can indicate the first letter of the word that follows, as “minimal piece of apparel” 씮 A minimal amount/sum IP; P minimally, minimum can indicate use of only one letter from an indicated word minimum LEAST; MIN mining land CLAIM minion TOOL; 쐍 LACKEY; SERF; UNDERLING minister CARE; DD; ENVOY; MIN; PARSON; PASTOR; PRIEST; REV; SERVE; TEND; TREAT; 쐍 CURATE; LECTOR; PRELATE; RABBI; RECTOR


minister, former foreign

minister, former foreign GREY minister’s house MANSE minister, junior CURATE minister’s office CURACY ministers CLOTH ministry MIN; MOD mink FUR mink-like FURRY minor CHILD; KEY; LESS; LIGHT; PETTY; SIDE (as in “a side issue”); SLIGHT; SMALL; TINY; WARD; 쐍 CHARGE; INFANT; LITTLE; can call for an abbreviation as “minor street” clues ST; first letter indicator; can indicate something to do with a child or children minor character PAWN minor hit PAT minor illness COLD minor personality CELEB minor player EXTRA minor route BROAD (i.e. B road) minority can refer to the condition or fact of being under age (in U.K. below 18) and so can signal teenage, youth etc mint COIN; NEW; POT; TOP; 쐍 FLAVOUR; FRESH; see CASH RESOURCES minus LESS; SIGN; omission indicator minute M; MIN; NOTE (i.e. as in take minutes); TINY; WEE; 쐍 BABY; MO; SEC; TICK minutes ACTA miracle was performed, where CANA Miranda usually refers to Shakespeare’s character (hence, “Brave new world”) or some aspect of “The Tempest” mire BOG; MARSH; MUD mirk DARK mirror GLASS; can indicate something to do with reflection, face or Snow White mirth GLEE; 쐍 HAHA; HILARITY mirthless DOUR mis- words beginning with mis- can indicate that the remaining letters


of the word are an anagram, as “miscue” calls for an anagram of CUE mis-sorted anagram indicator misanthrope TIMON misappropriate STEAL misappropriation can refer to a particular form of stealing e.g. embezzlement, mugging, piracy, robbery misbehave, misbehaved, misbehaving, misbehaviour a n a g r a m indicator miscalculation ERROR miscast anagram indicator miscellany ORIO mischief HARM mischief, do SIN mischief-maker ATE (Greek goddess); ELF; IMP; SCAMP mischievous ARCH; ELFIN; ELFISH; IMPISH mischievous child ELF; IMP; SCAMP mischievous type IMP; MONKEY misconduct anagram indicator misconstrued anagram indicator miscreant WRETCH; anagram indicator; see CRIMINAL miscue anagram of CUE misdemeanour SIN misdirected anagram indicator miser SNUDGE miserable BLUE; DOWN; GLUM; SAD; SORRY; 쐍 ROTTEN; anagram indicator miserable place HELL miserably anagram indicator miserly STINGY; TIGHT misery GLOOM; WOE misfire PINK; REBOUND; RIFE (anag.) misfortune BLOW; ILL; 쐍 REVERSE misgiving PANG misguided/misguiding anagram indicator mishandle BLOW; MUFF mishandled anagram indicator mishap, likely to cause RISKY


misheard anagram of HEARD misinterpretation anagram indicator misinterpreted anagram indicator mislaid LOST; omission indicator; anagram indicator; anagram of LAID mislaid, is IS to be omitted mislay LOSE; anagram of LAY mislaying, one LOSER mislead CON; DEAL (anag.); DELUDE; DUPE; LIE misleading anagram indicator misleading statement LIE misled LIED; anagram indicator (especially of LED) mislocated anagram indicator misplaced anagram indicator misread anagram indicator; anagram of READ misrepresent BELIE; TWIST; anagram indicator misrepresented anagram indicator misrepresentation LIBEL; LIE; SLANDER; SPIN; STORY; TALE; anagram indicator misrepresents anagram indicator miss AVOID; FAIL; LACK; LASS; LOSE; LOSS; MAID; MUFF; NEED; OMIT; SKIP; 쐍 SINGLE miss, modern MS Miss Peacham POLLY missed omission indicator missed, not can signify something to do with a married woman misshapen anagram indicator missile ARROW; DART; SAM; SCUD; 쐍 IBM missile-launcher BOW; EROS; SLING missing ASTRAY; GONE; LACKING; LOST; omission indicator missing end last letter to be omitted missing nothing omission of O missing the can indicate that the word THE is to be omitted mission AIM; QUEST; RAID; TASK; 쐍 ALAMO; DELEGATION

missionary PAUL missionary, Irish AIDAN Mississippi MISS Mississippi traveller HUCK missive LETTER misspelled anagram indicator missus see WIFE Mrs Mopp CHAR Mrs Trollope FRANCES mist DAMP; DIM; FOG; FRET; HAZE mistake BISH; BOOB; ERR; ERROR; FLUFF; GAFF; GOOF; LAPSE; MUFF; NOD; SIN; SLIP; 쐍 BLUNDER; BONER; BOTCH; BUNGLE; CLANGER; HOWLER; anagram indicator mistake, by anagram indicator mistake, make ERR; MUFF; NOD; see MISTAKE mistaken, mistakenly anagram indicator mistakes ERRORS; anagram indicator mistakes, without CLEAN; CLEAR mister MR Mr Chips can indicate something to do with school e.g. MASTER mistiness FILM mistook anagram indicator mistreated anagram indicator mistreatment, after anagram indicator mistress LOVER; TEACHER mistress, royal NELL mistrust DOUBT misused, misuses, misusing anagram indicator mitigate EASE mitt GLOVE mix BLEND; GARBLE; MINGLE; anagram indicator mix up JUMBLE; TANGLE; anagram indicator mixed anagram indicator mixed school COED mixed-up type PI; PIE mixer BLENDER; TONIC mixing anagram indicator



mixture BREW; MASH; anagram indicator mo SEC; SHAKE; 쐍 MINUTE; see TIME, LITTLE Moabite woman RUTH moan BEEF; GROUSE; SIGH; 쐍 GRUMBLE; PLAINT moat DITCH mob GANG; HERD; HORDE; LOT; 쐍 CROWD; RABBLE mobile ACTIVE; PHONE; anagram indicator; can indicate something to do with transport, cars, or people on the move e.g. nomad, ambler mobile, message on TEXT mobilise MARSHAL mock FAKE; RAG; SCOFF; SCORN; SHAM; TAUNT; 쐍 DERIDE; JEER; anagram indicator mockery CHAFF model COPY; CRIB; DOLL; FORM; FRAME; IDEAL; LAST (i.e. cobbler’s); MARK; POSE; POSER; SIT; T (i.e. from Ford Model T); TOY; TYPE; anagram indicator; 쐍 DUMMY; PATTERN; SITTER; TEMPLATE modelling FORMING; POSING; SITTING; anagram indicator moderate BLAND; CHAIR (i.e. meeting); CURB; EASE; LOWER; MILD; TEMPER; 쐍 SOFTEN; SO-SO; anagram indicator moderate Conservative WET modern AD; LATE; LATTER; MOD; NEW; RECENT; 쐍 NOVEL modern day AD modern girl MILLIE modern style HIP modern times AD modest CHASTE; COY; DECENT; HUMBLE; LITTLE; PURE; SHY; SLIGHT; SMALL 쐍 DEMURE modification CHANGE; 쐍 UPGRADE; anagram indicator;


can indicate that one letter has to be changed modified anagram indicator; can indicate that one letter has to be changed modify ALTER; CHANGE; TEMPER; 쐍 ADAPT; PREPARE modish IN Mogul capital AGRA moist DAMP moisten BASTE; WET moisten joint BASTE moisture DAMP; DEW moisture from, take DRY moisture, remove AIR; DRY moke ASS mole JETTY; PIER; SPY mole’s work SPYING molest ACCOST; see ANNOY, HARRY mollusc CLAM; GAPER; ORMER; SNAIL; SQUID; UNIO; WINKLE Molly BLOOM molten anagram indicator molten rock LAVA moment MO; SEC; TICK; TRICE; WINK; 쐍 INSTANT; JIFFY; SECOND moment, this, of the NOW momentary BRIEF; SHORT momentous SIGNAL momma MUM monarch ANNE; COLE; ER; GR; HM; KING; QUEEN; R; RH monarchy CROWN monastic clique, group etc ORDER monastic singing CHANT Monday MO; MON; via the nursery rhyme can indicate FAIR Mondeo FORD Mondrian PIET monetary union EMU money ANNA; BILL; BRASS; BREAD; BUCK; BUCKS; CASH; CENT; COIN; DOUGH; DOSH; ECU; FEE; FLOAT; FUND; GRANT; GREEN; KITTY; L; LOLLY; LOOT; LY; MEANS; NOTE; NOTES; P;


PAY; READY; RIAL; ROLL; SEN; SOU; TAKE; TENDER; TIN; WAD; 쐍 CAPITAL; BOODLE; CHANGE; COPPER; INTEREST; LUCRE; OOF (Yid.); RHINO; SCRATCH; TALENT; [쒁 MINT]; see CURRENCY and various MONEY entries below money, a little TIP money, a lot of GRAND; see MONEY, LOAD OF money advanced LOAN 쐍 IMPREST money, American BUCK; CENT; DIME; JACK; ROLL 쐍 DOLLAR money, amount of FUND money, appearance BAIL money, attempt to make SPEC money, bundle of WAD money demand BILL; FEE; PRICE; 쐍 CHARGE; RANSOM money earned SCREW; see INCOME money, European DM; FRANC; GUILDER; LIRE; LIRA; MARK money, extra BONUS; TIP; 쐍 INTEREST money for immediate use CASH; READY money foreign/from overseas LEU; see FOREIGN CURRENCY money, gambler’s CHIP money, get EARN money, give PAY money given PAID; TIP money, having enough SOLVENT money, having no BROKE; POOR; a synonym for money (e.g. P for pence) to be omitted money in America JACK; see MONEY, AMERICAN money in hand FLOAT money, in the PLUSH money instantly needed FLOAT money, lacking BROKE; see MONEY, WITHOUT money, large amount of see MONEY, LOADS OF

money, little CENT; MITE; PENNY; 쐍 FLOAT; can indicate the abbreviation of a monetary unit, hence D, L, P, S money, load(s), lot(s) of BOMB; MINT; PILE; STACK; WAD; 쐍 BUNDLE; PACKET money, made EARNED money, make EARN; GROSS; MINT money-makers MINT money, more RISE money, old BOB; CROWN; D; DUCAT; GROAT; JOEY; LSD; S; TANNER; 쐍 NOBLE; SHILLING; apart from an historically ancient currency, can refer to the former monetary unit of a European country now converted to the euro, MARK, FRANC etc money, one taking CASHIER money order CHEQUE; GIRO; PO money order, sound CHECK money out of, get TAP money provided LIF; MIF; PIF money, put down EARNEST money raised a synonym for money, particularly in a DC (i) to be reversed; or (ii) to be brought forward within a word as “money raised in Northern Ireland” 씮 LUSTER money, short of STUCK; see MONEY, HAVING NO money, some COIN; NOTE; see MONEY money supply FUND money, take CHARGE; ROB money, tiny sum of ICENT; IP money, try to get DUN money, very little SOU money, with RICH money, without BROKE; BUST; SKINT; 쐍 INSOLVENT; a synonym for money to be nested within a component (as “Transported traitor without money” clues RAPT); see MONEY, HAVING NO moneybag PURSE moneymaker MINTER



moneyman CA Mongol ruler KHAN mongrel CUR; CROSS; TIKE monitor SCREEN monk DOM; LAMA; TUCK (i.e. Friar Tuck); 쐍 BROTHER; FATHER monk, leading PRIOR monk, title of DOM monkey APE; MONA; 쐍 HOWLER; RHESUS; SAI monks ORDER; see MONK monogram CIPHER monograph PAPER monologue RAP monopolise HOG; nesting indicator monotonous SAMEY monotonous speech DRONE monotony TEDIUM monsoon RAIN monster DRAGON; FIEND; HYDRA; ORC; OGRE; TROLL; 쐍 BRUTE; NESSIE monster’s home NESS monstrosity anagram indicator month MO; MOON; abbreviations for months are common: JAN, FEB, MAR, APR, MAY, JUN, JUL, AUG, SEPT, OCT, NOV, DEC; (“two short months” can signal a word made up wholly in this way e.g. DECOCT) month in arrears ULT month in France/Paris MAI month, last DEC; ULT month, this INST; INSTANT month we are in INST; INSTANT months SEASON; YEAR months, several see MONTHS monthly MAG monument CAIRN; GRAVE moo LOW mooch MOSEY mooch about see WANDER mood AIR; FIT; KEY; STATE; TONE; TEMPER; VEIN; 쐍 FEELING mood, bad PET; see TEMPER mood, change of anagram of MOOD


moody PENSIVE moon LIGHT; LUNA; MOPE; PINE; 쐍 SATELLITE moon about MOPE moon cavity CRATER moonshine HOOCH moor BERTH; DOCK; FELL; HEATH; 쐍 ANCHOR moored TIED mooring BERTH mooring site BERTH; DOCK moorland FELL; HEATH moose ELK; 쐍 DEER mop CLEAN; CLEANER; SWAB mope FRET; MOON; PINE moral GOOD; JUST; MAXIM; POINT; RIGHT moral guidelines CODE moral principles ETHICS Moral Re-armament MRA moral slip SIN moral tale FABLE; PARABLE morale HEART; SPIRIT moralise PREACH morally wrong IMPURE moran BOG morass MARSH moratorium FREEZE more AGAIN; EXTRA; LONGER; OVER; PLUS; 쐍 ANOTHER; ENCORE; can suggest the answer is a word ending in ER; with a capital letter can refer to something to do with Sir Thomas More e.g. Utopia; can signal a verb beginning with OUT (e.g. “gape more” 씮 OUTSTARE); [쒁 PLUS] more absurd DAFTER more dubious anagram, of MORE more, fifty changes an L to a C more, five changes a V to an X more, five hundred changes a D to an M more or less ABOUT; C; 쐍 PRETTY; ROUGHLY more, say ADD more than OVER; run indicator (the suggestion being that the word or phrase containing the run has more letters than necessary)


more than enough AMPLE more than enough, to have SATED more than half MOST more than one can indicate the answer is a plural noun and so ends in S etc Morecambe ERIC moribund DYING morning AM; MORN morning, in the component(s) to be nested within AM moron FOOL (qv) morose GLUM; SOUR Morocco LEATHER; [쒁 BIND, BINDER, BOUND] Morse CODE Morse feature see MORSE SIGNAL Morse signal, unit DASH; DIT; DOT morsel BIT mortar GROUT; GUN mortgage LOAN mortified SICK Moslem ALI moss* PLANT most can indicate that most letters of a word are to be used, either in a run or as an anagram as, for example, “most profound” clues DEE (i.e. DEEP minus its last letter); can indicate an adjective ending in ER; in conjunction with an opposite can indicate LEAST as “most injudicious” 씮 LEASTWISE; can signify an adjective ending in EST most confused anagram of MOST most desirable BEST most important CHIEF; MAIN; TOP most of run indicator most part MAIN most part, for the a word to be used less one letter (usually first or last) most successful BEST; TOP mostly all but one letter (sometimes two letters) of a word to be

used, as “mostly to arrive” 씮 COM mostly silent DUM motel INN mothball STORE mother DAM; MA; MATER; MAMA; MUM Mother NATURE; 쐍 SUPERIOR mother* HEN; MARE; PARENT mother, ancient THETIS mother and child MACH; MAD; MASON mother, be BEAR; POUR mother, beastly DAM mother country HOME mother-in-law NAOMI mother, reverend MARIA mother’s MAS mother’s mother GRAN mother’s ruin GIN mother superior a synonym for “mother” (see MOTHER or MOTHER*) to be placed in front of a component Mothers’ Union MU motherland HOME motif DESIGN; THEME motion SIGNAL motivate DRIVE; FIRE; ROUSE; SPUR; URGE; 쐍 EGG ON motivation BUG; DRIVE; FIRE; GO; URGE; 쐍 ROUSING; URGING motivation, give see MOTIVATE motive REASON; SPUR; see MOTIVATION motor CAR; DRIVE; DRIVER; ENGINE; TURBO; can refer to a particular marque commonly: JAG, FORD, MINI, RR, ROLLER motor-sport event RALLY motor vessel, yacht MY motorbike rally SCRAMBLE motorcyclist BIKER motoring DRIVING motorist DRIVER motorist, awful TOAD motorists AA; RAC motorway AI; M; MI; ROAD


motorway organisation

motorway organisation AA; RAC mottled DAPPLE motto MAXIM; SAW mould CAST; FORM; FRAME; FUR; MUST; SHAPE moulded CAST; anagram indicator mouldering anagram indicator moulding, hollow SCOTIA mouldy OFF; STALE mouldy-smelling MUSTY moult SHED mound BANK; HEAP; HILL; PILE; 쐍 CAIRN; BARROW mount ASS; CLIMB; HILL; HORSE (qv); MULE; RAISE; RIDE; RISE; SCALE; STAGE; TOR; 쐍 BUILD; HINGE; can indicate that the name of specific mountain is required e.g. ATHOS, OSSA, RIGI mountain ALP; BEN; BERG; FELL; IDA; PEAK; SION; 쐍 ATHOS, IDA, RIGI mountain climb PLA (i.e. reversal of Alp) in a DC mountain, part of PEAK; RIDGE mountain pass COL; GATE; 쐍 GHAT mountain road PASS mountain side FACE mountain-top ALP; M; PEAK mountain water TARN mountaineer CLIMBER; [쒁 UP] mountaineer’s intent ASCENT; CLIMB mountaineer’s requirement CRAMPON; PITON mountainous area MASSIF mountains ANDES; CHAIN; RANGE mounted UP; reversal indicator mounting reversal indicator mourn RUE; 쐍 GRIEVE; LAMENT mournful PLANGENT mournful cry WAIL; WOE mourning GRIEF mouse MICKEY mouse, use CLICK mouser CAT


mousetrap CHEESE mousse GEL mouth MAW; GOB; SAY; SPEAK; STOMA; TRAP; 쐍 KISSER; can indicate the use of an initial letter as “mouth of the Nile” clues N mouth, by ORAL; ORALLY mouth, of the ORAL mouth off RANT mouth, part of GUM; LIP; ROOF mouthed first letter indicator, as “foul-mouthed” 씮 F mouthpiece CHEEK; GUM; LIP; ORGAN move ACT; AFFECT; BETAKE; BUDGE; CASTLE (as in chess); EDGE; FLIT; GO; HURRY; LUNGE; LURCH; ROLL; ROUSE; SELL; SHIFT; SHOVE; SIDLE; SLIP; STIR; SWAY; TOUCH; 쐍 REHOUSE; anagram indicator move about an anagram of either ABOUT or MOVE move aimlessly MILL move along the ground TAXI; see MOVE move awkwardly LUMBER move boat ROW move carefully EDGE; INCH move cautiously EASE; EDGE; INCH; NOSE move, decisive MATE move elsewhere RESITE move fast/quickly/swiftly DART; FLY; HURRY; RIP; RUN; RUSH; SCUD; SPEED; SPRINT; STREAK; WHIP; ZOOM; 쐍 BOMB; CANTER; DIVE; CAREER; HIE; see RUN FAST move, final MATE move forward SURGE; 쐍 ADVANCE move from side to side SWING move furtively CREEP; SIDLE move gently ROCK move in game CASTLE move, make a ACT move, on the ABOUT; ASTIR; GOING; anagram indicator move, opening GAMBIT


move out VACATE move painfully LIMP move quickly see MOVE FAST move quietly FLIT move rapidly see MOVE FAST move round TURN; anagram indicator move slowly AMBLE; CRAWL; EDGE; INCH move smoothly FLOAT; GLIDE; SKATE move suddenly DART; LUNGE; NIP move to side SHUNT move to next page PTO move towards APPROACH; NEAR move two pieces CASTLE move unsteadily LURCH; REEL; 쐍 STAGGER move up and down BOB move vessel KEDGE moveable steps RAMP moved RAN; SENT; anagram indicator moved quickly FLEW; HIED; RAN; RUSHED; SPED; TORN moved silently STOLE movement ACTION; LUNGE; MOTION; STEP; TIC; TWITCH; 쐍 BOBBLE; GROUP; LARGO; anagram indicator as “counter-movement” 씮 TROUNCE movement, in anagram indicator movement, quick DART movement, slow LARGO movement, sudden LUNGE; LURCH movement, uncontrollable/uncontrolled TIC movements TROTS; see MOVEMENT movie CINE; EPIC; ET; FILM; PIC movie actor see FILM STAR moving ASTIR; MOTIVE; anagram indicator; can indicate that the position of a letter in a word is to be changed as “moving east” means E has to be relocated

moving, not STABLE; STILL; 쐍 IMMOBILE; STATIC mow CUT Mozart, catalogue of K MP MEMBER; 쐍 REDCAP MP, is SITS MP, was SAT MPs, group of PARTY much FAR; LOT; LOTS; WELL; 쐍 OFTEN much of run indicator as in “Too much of coal’s on” 씮 ALSO much, too OVER much-travelled BEATEN muck GUNGE; MUD Muck ISLE mucked up anagram indicator mud LUTE; MIRE; OOZE; SLIGHT; SLIME; SLUR; SLUSH; 쐍 MUCK; SLANDER; [쒁 CLART; SLICK] mud, application of CAKE mud, covered in SOILED mud, roll in WALLOW muddle ADDLE; HASH; MESS; STEW; TANGLE; anagram indicator muddled ADDLED; STEWED; TANGLED; anagram indicator muddled, become ADDLE muddy MIRY muddy ground BOG; MIRE muff MAR; MISS; 쐍 BUNGLE; see SPOIL muffin ROLL muffled anagram indicator mug ASS; DUPE; FACE; NOODLE; PAN; POT; PUSS; ROB; SAP; STEIN; 쐍 CLOCK; see FOOL Muggins see FOOL mugshot PIC mule ASS; SLIPPER mull HEAT; MUSE; THINK mullet, type of RED multinational ICI; UN multipart programme SERIAL multiply BREED; DOUBLE; TRIPLE; 쐍 TREBLE multitude HOST; MASS multitudinous MANY



mum MA; MOTHER; SH; 쐍 SILENCE; SILENT mum, isn’t TALKS; TELLS mum, keep HUSH; SH; SHUSH mumble SLUR munch CHAMP; CHEW municipality TOWN Munro SAKI mural PAINTING murder CHOKE; DOIN (i.e. do in); DROWN; KILL; SLAY; 쐍 STRANGLE; anagram indicator murder, arrangement to CONTRACT murder penalty ERIC (Irish law) murder victim ABEL murdered man ABEL murderer CAIN; 쐍 ASSASSIN; KILLER; STRANGLER; see MURDER murderer, become see MURDER Murdoch publication (THE) BELL murmur COO; HUM; WORD 쐍 BUZZ; RUMOUR murmuring HUM Murphy can have something to do with potatoes muscle BEEF; BRAWN; CLOUT; MIGHT; PEC; POWER muscle-man HUNK muscle pain CRAMP muscle, pulled SPRAIN muscular BEEFY muscular chap HEMAN muscular flap LIP muscular spasm TIC muscular trouble CRAMP muse MULL; PONDER; THINK; 쐍 ERATO muse about can indicate an anagram of MUSE; see MUSE muse of history CLEO muses NINE museum VA; VANDA (i.e. V and A); 쐍 LOUVRE mush SLO 쐍 SCHMALTZ mushroom CEP (an edible variety;) 쐍 BUTTON; MOREL mushy anagram indicator


music AIR; CHANT; M; MUS; PIECE; POP; RAP; REEL; ROCK; SCORE; SONG; STRAIN; SWING; TANGO; TUNE; 쐍 CONCERTO; FUGUE; LARGO; PIECE; REGGAE; SUITE music, ability to appreciate EAR music, arrange SCORE music, black RAP music, church MASS music going the rounds DISC music group BAND; COMBO music, item of see MUSICAL ITEM music, kind of DANCE; DISCO; see MUSIC music, line of STAVE music maker/producer can indicate an instrument or a particular kind of musical performer; see INSTRUMENT, INSTRUMENTALIST, PLAYER, SINGER music, perform PLAY; SING music, piece of BAR; SNATCH music, pop MOTOWN; RAP; ROCK music producer BAND; DJ; see COMPOSER music, slow LARGO music, some PIECE music, sort of ROCK; 쐍 COUNTRY; see MUSIC music with strong beat ROCK music, write COMPOSE musical CATS; CHESS; EVITA; GIGI; HAIR; OLIVER; SHOW; 쐍 CAROUSEL; GREASE; OPERA musical composition PIECE; WORK musical drama see MUSICAL, OPERA musical entertainment DISCO; see MUSICAL musical family TRAPP musical gang, member of JET; SHARK musical group BAND; DUO; TRIO; 쐍 NONET; OCTET;

mystic symbol

ORCHESTRA; QUARTET; QUINTET; SEPTET; SESTET musical instrument BASS; BELL; CELLO; DRUM; FIFE; FLUTE; GONG; GRAND; HARP; HORN; LUTE; LYRE; ORGAN; PIPE; REED; SAX; SPINET; TUBA; UKE; VIOL; 쐍 BUGLE; CORNET; FIDDLE; REBEC; RECORDER; SITAR; TRUMPET; VIOLA; VIOLIN musical instrument, old STRAD musical item NUMBER; PIECE; SONG musical piece LIED; SONG; TUNE; VERSE music, piece of RIFF musical pieces LENTI musical performance CONCERT; 쐍 RECITAL musical performer PLAYER; RAPPER musical prince IGOR musical show OPERA; see MUSICAL musical tail CODA musical talent EAR musical technique BOWING musical, very ASSAI (Ital.); MOLTO (Ital.) musical work CHORALE; OPERA see MUSIC musically Italian musical terms (and their abbreviations) are used commonly as components, and are frequently signalled by the word musically; see the phrases starting with MUSICALLY below musically broad and slow LARGO musically loud F musically, quiet P musically rapid/rapidly MOSSO musically slowly LENTO musically very loud FF musically very quiet PP musician DRUMMER; FIDDLER; PIPER; PLAYER; SINGER; see COMPOSER musician, leading CONDUCTOR

musicians BAND; COMBO; GROUP; ORC; 쐍 ORCHESTRA musicians’ go-slow LARGO musicians, group of LSO; see MUSICIANS musicians’ union MU musketeer ATHOS; SAM (from an old song) Muslim SHIA; SUNNI Muslim council ULEMA Muslim judge CADI (Arabic) Muslim leader IMAM; M; 쐍 SULTAN Muslim state EMIRATE Muslim student SOFTA Muslim women HAREM Mussolini DUCE; FASCIST must MOULD mustard, like KEEN mutate ALTER; CHANGE anagram indicator mutated anagram indicator mutation can indicate that one letter is to be changed; anagram indicator mute DUMB muted P mutineer REBEL; SILVER; 쐍 CHRISTIAN mutiny, scene of NORE mutt CUR; DOG; GOOSE mutter DRONE; GROUSE; GRUMBLE mutton, joint of SADDLE muzzled MUTE; SILENT my (my!) can indicate some exclamation e.g. CRUMBS, GOSH; HA; see EXPRESSION OF SURPRISE etc my partner and I WE my way TOME (i.e. to me) My Word! WELL myself I; ME myself included I or ME to be nested within component(s) mysterious DARK; anagram indicator mysteriously anagram indicator mystery POSER; PUZZLE; RIDDLE; anagram indicator mystic symbol RUNE



myth FABLE; SAGA; STORY; TALE mythical figure TITAN

Nn Naaman LEPER nab see CATCH nabbed CAUGHT; PINCHED nabbing nesting indicator nag CARP; HACK; HORSE; MOAN; PESTER; SCOLD; 쐍 GETAT (i.e. get at); GRIPE; GRUMBLE; HARRY; TROUBLE; see HORSE nagging anagram indicator nail BRAD; CATCH; CLAW; CLOUT; HIT; PIN; SPIKE; TACK; 쐍 SPRIG nail-biting TENSE nail polish remover ACETONE (convenient for constructing ACT ONE) naive GREEN; RAW; 쐍 ARTLESS naked BARE; BUFF; NUDE; OPEN; RAW; 쐍 PATENT; STARKERS; STRIPPED name CALL; CITE; DUB; N; NOUN; STAR; STYLE; TAG; TERM; TITLE; 쐍 HANDLE; QUOTE; see MAN, WOMAN, BOY, GIRL name, add SIGN name, another ALIAS name, bad MUD name-calling DUBBING; 쐍 BAPTISM name, common SMITH name-dropping N to be omitted name, false ALIAS name from Ireland RYAN name, Latin NOMEN name on, put SIGN name, unpopular MUD name, without ANON named CITED; see NAME named, also AKA


named alternatively AKA nameless omission of N as “nameless individual” gives OE (i.e. “n” from “one”) namely SC nan GRAN nanny GOAT; NURSE; see GOAT nap DOZE; DOWN; FLUFF; KIP; PILE; SLEEP; TIP; 쐍 SIESTA nape SCRUFF Napoleon PIG; 쐍 BONY; BONEY; CONSUL narcissistic VAIN Narcissus, like VAIN narcotic DRUG; 쐍 DOWNER; UPPER nark ANGER; GRASS; 쐍 ANNOY; NEEDLE; TELLER narrative ACCOUNT; STORY; TALE; TELLING narrow TAPER; THIN; TIGHT; 쐍 SLENDER narrow escape SQUEAK narrow part NECK narrow passage ALLEY; GUT; see PASSAGE narrowly-defined STRICT nasal bone BRIDGE nasal intonation TWANG nasty BAD; EVIL; ICKY; ROTTEN; SEPTIC; 쐍 AWFUL; anagram indicator nasty lady CAT nasty smell BO nasty waste CRUD nation LAND; RACE; STATE; or, of course, can mean any country national DAILY; NAT; PAPER; or can refer to any specific national, usually French, Irish, Scot national emblem EAGLE; LEEK national organisation NT national representative BULL (i.e. John Bull) nations UN native LOCAL; SON; 쐍 NATURAL; can indicate a person or animal associated with a particular country, area or region; can indicate something to do with oysters

need for

native American see AMERICAN INDIAN native servant BEARER natter CHATTER natty see SMART natural PURE; RAW; 쐍 NATIVE natural light SUN natural, not FLAT; SHARP (music) nature KIND; SORT; TYPE; 쐍 CHARACTER; BENT; ESSENCE; DISPOSITION; can indicate a word ending in -NESS i.e. describing a quality; [쒁 MOTHER] naturist NUDE naughtily anagram indicator naughty BLUE; OFF; RACY; RUDE; anagram indicator naughty child IMP nauseous QUEASY naval officer HOOD; MATE; PO; see ADMIRAL, CAPTAIN, OFFICER naval officers POS navigable OPEN navigate SAIL; STEER navigating around anagram indicator; nesting indicator navigation system DECCA navigational aid/equipment COMPASS; HELM; LORAN; RADAR; RUDDER; SEXTANT; SONOR; STAR navigator DRAKE; PILOT navy FLEET; N; RN navy, part of FLEET Nazi HESS NCO CORP; CORPORAL; SM ne’er-do-well IDLER; WASTER near BY; CLOSE; LOCAL; MEAN; NIGH; ON; STINGY; TIGHT; 쐍 LOOMING; MISERLY near, come LOOM Near East BYE (i.e. BY + E); 쐍 LEVANT near fellow MISER near French PRES near future OFFING near, one that’s MISER

nearby CLOSE; HANDY; LOCAL; NIGH nearly ABOUT; 쐍 ALMOST; omission indicator, specifically for an associated word to be reduced, usually by one letter at the end, as “nearly correct” clues AMEN (i.e. last letter omitted from AMEND); or for a number to be reduced as “nearly all soccer team” clues TEN nearly all AL ( i.e. “all” minus last letter); MOST nearly everyone AL; MOST nearly new NE neat BULL; COW; DEFT; OX; SMART (qv); TIDY; TRIM; 쐍 CATTLE (qv) STEER; STRAIGHT neat, get it see NEATEN neat, make see NEATEN neaten ORDER; TIDY; TRIM Nebraska NE necessary MONEY; READY; run indicator necessitate ENTAIL necessity NEED neck BRASS; DRINK; CHEEK; COL; GORGE; SCRAG; see AUDACITY; can refer to some aspect of romancing e.g. bill, coo, canoodle neck, adornment RUFF neck and neck EVEN neck, back of NAPE neck, pain in CRICK; see IRRITATION neck-cloth see NECKWEAR necklace RUFF; [쒁 BEAD] neckwear SCARF; TIE; 쐍 CRAVAT; MUFFLER; see NECKLACE need CALL; LACK; MISS; WANT; 쐍 HAVE (as in “have to”); HUNGER; REQUIRE; with a homophone indicator (as in “need reportedly” i.e. knead) can indicate something to do with a masseur, masseuse need for can indicate a word beginning with NOT, as “Exceptional


need no

need for furniture” 씮 NOTABLE need no can indicate a phrase incorporating WITHOUT need to MUST needed DUE; anagram indicator needed, just what is IT needing to be paid DUE needle IRK; LEAF; NETTLE; PIQUE; POINT; SEW; 쐍 NARK; PEEVE; POINTER; RUFFLE; see ANNOY; [쒁 STITCH] needle, use SEW needles, use KNIT needlework STITCH needlework, do SEW; STITCH needs making up anagram indicator needs repair anagram indicator needs to travel anagram of NEEDS needy POOR ne’ertheless THO; see NEVERTHELESS negate DENY negative NAY; NEG; NO; NOPE; NOT; 쐍 ADVERSE negative comment NAY; see NEGATIVE negative indicator NO neglect FORGET; OMIT neglect, state of LIMBO neglected LEFT; omission indicator negligent REMISS negligible TINY negotiate DEAL; TREAT negotiated anagram indicator negotiating anagram indicator negotiation PARLEY; TALKS neigh CRY; NICKER; WHINNY neighbour ABUT neighbourhood AREA; ZONE neighbouring NEAR Nell GWYN; can indicate something to do with oranges Nelly DEAN Nelson HOLD; HORATIO; [쒁 COLUMN; HARDY] neo-Nazis NF nerd SAP; TWIT; WIMP


Nero can indicate something to do with fiddle, emperor, Rome, lyre Nero’s capital N; ROME nerve BOTTLE; CHEEK; FACE; LIP; NECK; STEEL; 쐍 DARING; GRIT; GUTS; SAUCE nerve cell NEURON nerve gas SARIN nerveless BRAVE; DEAD; INERT nerves STRESS nervous EDGY; JUMPY; SHY; TENSE; WARY; WINDY; 쐍 AFLUTTER; TIMID; TWITCHY; anagram indicator nervous about, most IMIT (i.e. rev. with last letter omitted) nervous, be TWITCH nervous disorder STRESS nervous flutter TWITTER nervous, make RATTLE nervous reaction TIC nervous state JITTERS nervous symptom TIC; TWITCH nervously anagram indicator nervousness, show TWITCH ness CAPE; HEAD nest DEN; DRAY; HOME; LAIR nested nesting indicator nesting a device in which one component is to be nested within another for the solution. It can be in the form of one component being inserted into another e.g. “Sweet little Daniel is in place of baptism” 씮 FONDANT (i.e. FON-DAN-T); or one component is required to go round another e.g. “Support that is gathered by prince” 씮 PIER (i.e. P-IE-R) net BAG; CATCH; EARN; LACE; MESH; TRAP; TRAWL; WEB; WIN; 쐍 CLEAR; ENTRAP; SNARE; TOIL; TRAMMEL; [쒁 FISH] Net WEB net advantage GOAL nether LOWER Netherlands NL nett FINAL


nettle ANGER; IRK; NEEDLE; RILE; STING; TEASE; WEED; 쐍 STINGER; see ANNOY network GRID; MAZE; TISSUE; WEB; 쐍 MESH; RETE (anat.) network, complex GRID neuralgia, cause of NERVE neutral WIRE; 쐍 IMPARTIAL Nevada NEV Nevadan city RENO never NARY; NEER never-ending R; 쐍 FORAY (i.e. for ay); last letter to be omitted never mind THERE nevertheless BUT; EVEN; STILL; THO; YET; 쐍 EVENSO (i.e. even so) new FRESH; MINT; N; NOVA; NOVEL; RAW; RECENT; 쐍 CHANGED; GREEN; HOT; MODERN; UPDATED; anagram indicator; can indicate that RE is to be placed before a word as a prefix New Age anagram of AGE new arrival BIRTH new couple ITEM new deal anagram of DEAL new deal, in anagram indicator new delivery anagram indicator new design for an anagram to be made from the word(s) that follow(s) new driver L New England state CT; MASS; ME; NH, RI; VT new form of anagram indicator new from Germany NEU new ground, break HARROW new growth SHOOT New Hampshire NH new heading, under/with first letter to be changed new idea INVENTION new layout anagram indicator new, no longer USED new style NS; anagram indicator New Testament (NT) book ACTS; EPH; COR; GAL; HEB; JAS; JOHN; JUDE; LUKE; MARK; PETER; PHIL; REV; ROM; TIM

New Year, before the DEC; INDEC (i.e. in Dec) New Year’s Day JANI New York NY New York area BRONX; QUEENS Newcastle area NE newly anagram indicator (thus “newly-rich” requires an anagram of RICH) newly-arrived JUSTIN newly-issued anagram indicator newly-wed BRIDE; GROOM news DOPE; GEN; GRIFF; WORD; 쐍 REPORT; STORY news agency TASS news broadcast anagram of NEWS news channels MEDIA news media PRESS news time GENT newsman ED newsmen PRESS newspaper DAILY; FT; ORGAN; RAG; SUN; TIMES; 쐍 NATIONAL; SHEET; SUNDAY; WEEKLY newspaper article LEADER; 쐍 COPY; ITEM; PIECE newspaper boss/chief ED newspaper coverage PRESS newspaper feature COLUMN newspaper item CUTTING; REPORT newspaper leader ED; N newspaper, send to FILE newspapermen PRESS newspapers PRESS newsworthy, something COPY next THEN next day MORROW next in line SUCCESSOR nexus LINK nib POINT; TIP nibble BROWSE; EAT; PICK nibbled BIT; FED nice FAIR; FINE; PLEASING; 쐍 PLEASANT Nice can indicate something to do with the French resort or its locality e.g. Cote D’ Azur; or can


Nice way

indicate a French word is required as “Nice young lady?” 씮 MADEMOISELLE Nice way RUE nicely WELL niche BAY; RECESS Nicholas NICK nick CELL; COP; CUT; NAB; PINCH; ROB; STEAL; SWIPE; 쐍 ABSTRACT; COLLAR; NOTCH; PRISON; SCRUMP; SNAFFLE; STATION; see PRISON nick, in good WELL nicked nesting indicator nickel NI nicker NEIGH nickname TAG Nietzsche can indicate something to do with Superman niff STINK; see SMELL, STENCH Nigerian state OGUN niggardly MEAN; NEAR niggardly person MISER nigh CLOSE; NEAR night BLACK; DARK; EVE; LATE night, at LATE night before EVE night-bird OWL night flier/flyer BAT; MOTH; OWL night in Calais, France etc NUIT night jar PO night spot CLUB; STAR nightclub DISCO; DIVE nightlight MOON; STAR nightwatchman can indicate something to do with batting in cricket nil see NOTHING nimble AGILE; DEFT; SPRY; 쐍 LITHE nimble-fingered DEFT nimbus HALO nincompoop ASS; DOLT; NINNY; TWIT; see FOOL nine IX nine players NONET Nineteen-eighty-four (1984), character from SMITH


1960’s teenager MOD ninety XC ninety-nine IC 90 Romans XC nip BITE; DASH; DRAM; HOP (as in hop over); PINCH; POP; RUN; SHOT SNAP; SPLASH; TOT; 쐍 CATCH; TASTE nipped BIT; BITTEN; RAN; 쐍 CAUGHT nipper BITER; CLAW; CRAB; FANG; TOOTH; see CHILD, TOOTH nippers PLIERS; TEETH; see CHILD, CHILDREN, TOOTH nippy COLD; FAST; SHARP nippy type BITER; RACER no NAY; O (i.e. zero); with an initial capital can indicate PLAY, DRAMA, etc (i.e. Japanese theatre); can indicate a word ending in -LESS; can indicate a phrase ending in OFF, as “No end to warning” 씮 TIP OFF no admission NO to be nested no approval NOOK no back chat OKAY (i.e. rev. of yak-O ) no backing ON; a word to end in NO no backtracking ON; YAN (i.e. reversal of “nay”) no bid PASS (cards) no charge FREE; 쐍 GRATIS no doubt SURE no end of last letter of following word to be omitted no future, one with no GONER no good NG; G to be eliminated from indicated word; anagram indicator no-good CAD; HEEL; ROGUE; ROTTER; see NO GOOD no handicap SCRATCH no-hoper JERK; LOSER no leader first letter to be dropped from indicated word no leaders either first two or three letters to be dropped from the indicated word or the first letter to be dropped from each of several words

noisy scene

no longer DEAD; EX; FORMER; OLD; ONCE; PAST no longer available OVER no longer fresh AGED; OFF; OLD; STALE no longer in fashion OUT; PASSE no longer keen OFF no longer performing well STALE no longer kept OFF no longer young AGED; OLD no lover of can indicate a noun ending in -PHOBE no matter which ANY no mistake ON no more ENOUGH; LESS no more than ONLY no-one NOI (i.e. No.1) no-one backed/backing ION no opening NO to be at the beginning; first letter to be omitted no Parisian NON no parking P to be omitted no place NP no points NOSE (i.e. no SE) no problem SURE no return, point of ACE no right NOR; usually indicates R is to be omitted no, say DENY no score LOVE; NIL; O; OO no special ANY No. 10 see NUMBER 10 no topping on first letter of target word to be omitted no trump/s NT no two ways about it SNOW (i.e. S-no-W) no variety can indicate a phrase starting with ALL no way NOST (i.e. “no St”); OST (i.e. zero ST); can indicate that a component meaning “way” (e.g. AVE, RD, ST) is to be omitted Noah* BOATMAN; [쒁 ARK] Noah’s son HAM Noah’s vessel ARK nob HEAD; SWELL; TOFF; VIP nobble BRIBE

nobbled, nobbling anagram indicator nobility LORDS; PEERS nobility, foreign COUNT noble BARON; COUNT; DUC; DUKE; EARL; GRAND; HIGH; LOFTY; LORD; PEER; THANE; TITLED noble, not BASE noble said LAUD nobleman see NOBLE nobleman from France DUC noblewoman DAME; LADY; 쐍 CONTESSA; COUNTESS nobody NONE; NOONE ( i.e. no-one) nobody heard NUN nocturnal NIGHT nocturnal mammal BAT nodding SLEEPY noddle HEAD nodule LUMP; SWELLING nog PEG noise BANG; BOOM; CLINK; COO; DIN; HUM; RACKET; ROAR; ROW; SOUND; 쐍 BRUIT; CACKLE; CLANG; DING; RATTLE; REPORT; TING noise, animal BARK; BLEAT; MEW; PURR; ROAR; WHINNY noise from motorist HOOT; TOOT noise, harsh BRAY noise, lots of DIN noise, loud BOOM; THUNDER noise, low RUMBLE noise, metallic CLANG noise, noisy homophone indicator noise of gunfire BANG; REPORT noise, weary SIGH noiseless DUMB; MUTE noises, horrible DIN; RACKET noises off anagram of NOISES noisily homophone indicator noisily finished OVA noisy F; FF; LOUD; VOCAL; homophone indicator as “noisy boys” 씮 GUISE noisy bird STARLING noisy scene CIRCUS



nomad KURD; ROVER nominal TOKEN nominate NAME nominated MADE non- NOT; can indicate that the word (or its abbreviation) to which it is hyphenated is to be omitted as “non-Eastern” signals the omission of E non-amateur PRO non-British omission of B or BR non-cleric LAIC non-clerical LAY non-Communist countries WEST non-coms OR; see NCO non-conformist REBEL non-consonant VOWEL non-ecclesiastical LAY non-edited anagram of NON non-ersatz REAL non-European omission of E non-factual account FICTION non-Jew GOY; 쐍 GENTILE non-member GUEST non-professional LAY non-ruling OUT non-speaking DUMB; MUTE non-specialised GENERAL non-specialist GENERAL non-starter first letter(s) to be omitted non-striker SCAB; 쐍 BLACKLEG non-U OFF; OUT; U to be omitted nonconformist REBEL nondescript GREY nondescript colour NEUTRAL none LOVE; NIL; NOUGHT; O; ZERO none the less see NONETHELESS none too bright DIM (qv) nonentity CIPHER nonplus BEWILDER nonsense BOSH; BULL; BUNK; COD; PAP; RATS; ROT; STUFF; TRIPE; 쐍 BILGE; FLANNEL; FUDGE; GUFF; TOSH; TUSH; anagram indicator; see RUBBISH, JUNK


nonetheless omit O from indicated word noodle HEAD; IDLE; LOAF; MUG; PASTA nook CORNER noon N; 쐍 AMEND (i.e. “a.m. end”); TWELVE noon, about two hours before TEN to be nested within a component noon, at AMEND (i.e. am end) noon, before AM; a component to be placed ahead of N noose LINE; LOOP; ROPE; TRAP Nordic verses EDDA Norfolk can signify something to do with The Broads Norfolk town DISS norm MEAN; NORM; PAR; STANDARD normal PAR; RIGHT; 쐍 GENERAL; STANDARD; USUAL Norman can refer to something to do with the Conquest e.g. WILLIAM Normandy town CAEN Norse poems/story EDDA North N; initial letter indicator (as “the northern” clues T); reversal indicator; 쐍 ARCTIC North African MOOR; RIFF North American NA; see AMERICAN, AMERICAN INDIAN north and south, going when in a Down clue can indicate the answer is a palindrome North, Northern N; initial letter indicator; reversal indicator North of Paris NORD North of the Border, one ANE; SCOT North Sea, part of WASH Northern LAPP; see NORTH northern bank BRAE Northern European LETT northern hillside BRAE Northern holiday WAKE Northern Ireland NI; ULSTER; 쐍 PROVINCE northern region ARCTIC

not fit

northerner LAPP; SCOT; 쐍 INUIT; SCOUSE Northumberland area NE northwards UP Norwich can signify something to do with The Broads Norwich town DISS nose FRONT; BEAK; PRY; SNOUT; 쐍 DETECT; FEATURE; HOOTER; MEDDLE; SNOOP nose, part of BRIDGE nosegay POSY; SPRAY nosey NASAL nosing EDGE; [쒁 SILL; STAIR; STEP] nostalgic for, be MISS nosy, be PRY nosy parker PRIER nosy parker, heard PRIOR nosy, was/were PRIED not NARY; NON; NOR; NT; 쐍 NE (arch.); omission indicator (usually the following word or its synonym); when followed by a gerund (e.g. skating) can signal OFF (for example to yield OFFICE i.e. “off ice”); can indicate solution ends in -LESS; can indicate a word beginning with UN as “not encountered” clues UNMET not a O not a lot BIT not above BELOW; UNDER not active RESTING; 쐍 DORMANT; INERT not all PART; SOME; run indicator not allow BAN; BAR not allowed BANNED; OUT not altogether PARTIAL; one or two letters to be omitted (usually the last), as in “Murderer falls? Not altogether” 씮 CASCA (i.e. “cascade” minus its last two letters) not, and NOR not applicable NA not as can indicate an adjective ending in LESS or ER not at all NEVER not at home AWAY; OUT

not at work AWAY; OFF not available OFF not back TON not bad DECENT; FINE; GOOD; OK; anagram of NOT not badly placed FINE; OK not begun first letter to be omitted not being served OFF not bound FREE; LOOSE not certain MAY not charged FREE not circulated TON not closing last letter to be omitted not concerned omission of RE not connected APART; OFF not crazy SANE not deep PALE; SHALLOW not done RAW not drinking DRY; TT not eat/eating FAST not elected OUT; IN to be omitted from a word not empty NT not enough SHORT; UNDER; can require TOO followed by an adjective as “Not enough left” can call for TOO RIGHT not entirely SEMI; 쐍 PARTIAL; omission indicator, particularly indicating that an incomplete word is to be used as “not entirely honest” 씮 PUR (i.e. last letter of “pure” omitted); run indicator not even ODD; ROUGH not everybody SOME not evident at first initial letter to be omitted not exactly anagram indicator not exalted BASE; LOW not expressed COVERT; INNER; SECRET not far CLOSE; NEAR; NIGH not fashionable OUT; PASSE not fat LEAN; THIN not favouring ANTI; CON not feeling NUMB not finished last letter to be omitted not fit UNABLE; see ILL


not following

not following omission indicator, usually in conjunction with some other indicator pinpointing what element is to be omitted (as “Roman man not following” 씮 RO) not for ANTI; CON not functioning see NOT WORKING not get MISS not going STILL not good BAD; ILL; G to be omitted not gross NET not half only half of word to be used not hard EASY; SIMPLE; SOFT; can signal the omission of H from the indicated word not hard-hearted can signal the omission of H from the centre of a word not healthy AILING; ILL; PEAKY not heartless NT not hitched can indicate a bachelor or spinster; can indicate the same in a foreign country as “This girl’s not hitched in Italy” 씮 SIGNORINA not hot COLD (qv); H to be omitted not in AWAY; OUT; IN to be omitted not in fashion OUT; PASSE not in favour ANTI; OUT; can indicate that FOR or PRO should be omitted from a word not in favour of AGIN; AVERSE not initially identified first letter to be omitted not interested BORED not interested, we’re told BOARD not keen LOTH not known NK not listened to KNOT not making moves INERT; STILL not many FEW not missed can refer to a woman and her marital status not mistaken RIGHT


not much LITTLE; SLIGHT; SMALL; SOME; TRIFLE; 쐍 MEAGRE not much to spend P; SOU not named ANON not new OLD; USED; N to be omitted not nice FOUL not noble BASE not notice MISS not now LATER; THEN not occupied FREE not occurring OFF not old NE (arch.); 쐍 YOUNG; see MODERN, NEW not on OFF; ON to be omitted not one PAIR; TWO not opening can indicate the omission of first letter not ordinary SPECIAL (qv) not out ALIGHT; IN; LIT not outstanding LOW not over/overly TON not paid HON (i.e. honorary) not paid for OWED; OWING not plentiful LEAN; SCARCE not popular IN to be omitted not prepared GREEN; RAW; anag. of NOT not prepared to listen DEAF not present NOW or HERE to be omitted from a word; 쐍 ABSENT not preserving anagram indicator; omission indicator not pretty PLAIN not previously used GREEN; NEW; STRANGE; VIRGIN not pro ANTI not properly ILL not qualified UTTER; see UNQUALIFIED not quite ALMOST; NEARLY; anagram indicator; letter sequence to be cut short, usually by one letter not quite finished the last letter to be omitted from a synonym of “finished” e.g. GONE, OVER, hence GON, OVE etc not real SHAM; see FAKE not reasonable STEEP


not recorded LIVE not reported KNOT not required OVER; SPARE not returned TON not right AMISS; BAD; EVIL; 쐍 OUT; WRONG; anagram indicator; can indicate that R is to be omitted from associated word; can indicate that the right half of a word is to be omitted not serious FLIP not settled DUE; OWED; OWING not so NAY; NO; 쐍 FALSE; WRONG; SO to be omitted not so bad BETTER not so many LESS not so much LESS not standing LYING not started first letter to be omitted not stiff LIMP not stopping last letter to be omitted not straying RIGHT not that much LESS not the can refer to the opposite of the word that follows, as “not the worst” can cue BEST; or can refer to something which is close but not the same, as “Not the final temperature” cues HEAT i.e. a heat of a sports event is not the final not to begin indicates omission of first letter not to worry anagram of NOT not-too-near future OFFING not unknown COMMON; X or Y to be omitted not up TON; UP to be omitted; see DOWN not up to BELOW; UNDER not used anymore EX not very V to be omitted not very good can indicate that a synonym for “very good” (e.g. PI) is to be omitted; see POOR not vulgar PURE not wanting AGAINST; OFF not well AILING; ILL not well done RARE not wild TAME

not willing AVERSE; LOTH; can indicate something to do with being intestate not winning DRAW; LOSING not without heart NT not working DOWN; FREE; IDLE; OFF; OUT; 쐍 AVAILABLE not worth considering OUT not worthy of consideration TRIFLING not written on BLANK not yet LATER notable BIG; STAR notable, nothing SILENT notation SIGN notch CUT; MARK; NICK; SCORE note A; B; BILL; C; CHIT; D; DO; DOH; E; F; FAH; FAME; FIVER; FLAT; G; HEED; IOU; LAH; LINE; LOG; ME; MEMO; MI; MINIM; N; PS; RAY; RE; SEE; SHARP; SO; SOH; SOL; TE; TI; TONE; 쐍 BREVE; EMINENCE; LETTER; NATURAL; QUAVER; RECORD; SOUND; TENNER; TONIC; WRITE; can indicate something to do with music; can indicate something to do with money note added PS; can indicate a synonym for “note” (see NOTE) is to be included note, brief MEMO note, make a (quick) JOT notebook PAD note free omission of a synonym for note (usually A-G or N); see NOTE noted SAW; can indicate something to do with music, song etc.; can indicate that a note be placed before a component as “noted member” 씮 ELEG noted, he usually calls for the name of a composer notedly can indicate something to do with music, song etc notepad JOTTER



notepaper can indicate something to do with musical score or scoring notes ROLL; WAD; 쐍 can indicate some combination of components listed under NOTE (for instance ME + RE to give MERE); this is also common shorthand for a piece of music so it can indicate some general word (such as air, tune, march, sonata, symphony) or it can require the title of a specific piece of music; see SONG, TUNE notes from bird TRILL notes, group of CHORD; see NOTE notes, make PLAY; SING; 쐍 LOG; RECORD; WRITE notes, producer of see MUSICAL INSTRUMENT notes, successive AB; DE; DEF notes, supply SING noteworthy SIGNAL nothing BLANK; LOVE; NIL; O; 쐍 NIX; NONE; NOUGHT; NOUT; NULL; ZERO; ZILCH; ; can indicate a phrase starting with ALL followed by the opposite, as “OK, nothing left” 씮 ALL RIGHT; [쒁 FREE] nothing but JUST; PURE nothing ensues/follows O to be added to end nothing figuratively ROUND nothing, for FREE nothing for the French RIEN nothing good OG nothing, having EMPTY; O to be inserted into, or attached to, a component; can indicate that the answer is an adjective ending in -LESS (e.g. penniless) nothing in America ZIP nothing in French RIEN nothing in return, getting LIN (i.e. rev.) nothing left OL; RIGHT; can indicate that O (or synonym e.g. NIL) is to be omitted nothing less O (or other synonym e.g. NIL) to be omitted


nothing more O (or other synonym e.g. NIL) to be added, usually at the end nothing more than MERE nothing on OON (i.e. O on); see NUDE nothing on, having/with NUDE; O to be added to the beginning or end; see NUDE nothing other than SHEER nothing, person saying CLAM nothing put away O to be omitted nothing, say SH nothing, showing DEAD nothing’s gained O to be included nothing’s left/missed/omitted can indicate that O (or synonym e.g. NIL) is to be omitted nothing visible O to be nested notice AD; MARK; SEE; SIGN; SPOT; SPY; 쐍 BOARD; CIRCULAR; HEED; MIND; NOTE; OBSERVE; POSTER; REMARK; REVIEW notice, take HEED; OBSERVE; see NOTICE noticed SAW noticed in nesting indicator; run indicator notify TELL notion FANCY; IDEA; INKLING; THOUGHT notion, vague CLUE; INKLING notorious ARRANT notwithstanding STILL; THOUGH nourish FEED; FOSTER nourishment FOOD (qv) nourishment, take EAT nourishment, took ATE nous BRAINS; WIT (qv) nova anagram indicator Nova Scotia NS novel NEW; 쐍 FRESH; RECENT; ROMAN; anagram indicator; can indicate some short titled novel commonly EMMA, KIM, SHE, SCOOP, TRILBY novel, French ROMAN novelist BATES; HOPE; MANNE; READE; SNOW; STERNE; WELLS; WOOLF; 쐍 COOPER;


DRABBLE; FORSTER; GREENE; JAMES; KAFKA; WAUGH novelty CHANGE; FAD; anagram indicator November, fifth of M novice L; LAY; TIRO; TYRO; 쐍 AMATEUR; [쒁 GREEN; RAW] now AD; HERE; PRESENT now, before ALREADY now expected DUE now expected to go first solution to begin with DUE now (then) NONCE nowadays AD NT see NEW TESTAMENT nuance SHADE nub GIST; MEAT; POINT nude BARE; BUFF; NAKED nude, appear in the/appearance in the STREAK nudge POKE; PROD; PUSH; 쐍 PROMPT; REMIND nuisance BIND; BORE; BOTHER; BRAT; IMP; ORDEAL; PAIN; PEST; PILL; 쐍 MENACE; SCOURGE; TRIAL numb DEAD number AIR; C; COUNT; D; EDITION; I; ISSUE; K; L; M; N; NO; PI; PIECE; PRIME; RANGE; SONG; SUM; TUNE; V; X; 쐍 DIGIT; FIGURE; INSTRUMENTAL; followed by an actual number can indicate a chemical element as “number 77” clues IRIDIUM; see SONG; can of course indicate the use of any arithmetic number but the following are commonly used as components: ONE, SEVEN, EIGHT, TEN; plus this is an old crossword warhorse, based on the fact that the unwary solver will overlook the secondary meaning of the word with a silent ‘b’, indicating a specific painkiller or anaesthetic e.g. ETHER number, any N number, large C; D; K; M; MANY; RAFT; SLEW; 쐍

CROWD; MASS; SCORES; STREW; see CROWD, MASS number losing height TREE number of Germans LIED (i.e. German for “song”) number of people killed TOLL number of performances RUN number of suits FOUR number of varieties RANGE number one SELF number shot BAG Number 10 can denote something to do with prime minister; can denote something to do with a bus number, unknown X; Y; Z number, unspecified SOME numbers NOS (i.e. no’s) numerous MANY numskull DORK; FOOL (qv) nun SISTER nunnery CONVENT nuns ORDER nun, short SIS nurse EN; REAR; SEN; SISTER; SRN; TEND; 쐍 ANGEL; AYAH; CARER; DRESS; HARBOUR; NANNY; RGN; SUCKLE; TENDER; [쒁 WARD] nurse, trained anagram of NURSE nursemaid ALICE nursery CRECHE; can indicate something to do with plant-growing, skiing (e.g. ski-slopes) as well as children; [쒁 CHILD] nursing CARE; nesting indicator nursing home SAN nurture REAR nut ASS; BEAN; BUFF; CASE; COB; CRANK; FAN; HAZEL; HEAD; LOAF; SNAP nutcracker anagram of NUT nuts BARMY; MAD; POTTY; 쐍 CRACKERS; CUCKOO; ZANY; anagram indicator nymph ECHO; OREAD


O’Hara’s boy

Oo O’Hara’s boy KIM oaf FOOL (qv); LOUT oak HOLM Oaks CLASSIC; RACE oar BLADE; ROW; STROKE; SWEEP oar, long SWEEP oar, manoeuvre FEATHER; ROW oarsman BOW; ROWER; STROKE oarsmen EIGHT oast OVEN oath CURSE; EGAD; GAD; PLEDGE; VOW; WORD oath, ancient EGAD; ODS oatmeal BROSE oats FOOD obedient GOOD obeisance, make/show BOW; KNEEL obese FAT obesity FAT object AIM; DEMUR; END; IT; MIND; RESENT; THING; 쐍 ARTICLE; CAVIL; GOAL; INTENT; PROTEST object of devotion GOD; IDOL object to MIND; RESENT objecting to ANTI objection BUT; DEMUR; OB; 쐍 CAVIL; PROTEST objection raised TUB objectionable, find RESENT objections raised STUB objective AIM; CASE; END; GOAL objector ANTI; CON obligation DEBT; DUTY; TIE obligation, had an MUST; OWED obligation to pay IOU; OWING; 쐍 DEBT obligation to pay, have OWE obligatory BINDING oblige FORCE


obliged BOUND; MADE obliged, be OWE obliged, is MUST obliged, was HAD obliging EASY obliging person, type ANGEL oblique ASKEW; INDIRECT; anagram indicator; [쒁 SKEW] obliquely ASKEW; anagram indicator obliquely, move SKEW obliterate ERASE obscene BLUE; RUDE; 쐍 INSULTING; LEWD obscene matter/pictures/publication PORN; SMUT obscenity OATH; SMUT obscenities SMUT obscure BEFOG; BLEAR; BLUR; CLOUD; DIM; FOG; HIDE; MIST; ODD; SMOKE; 쐍 SHADOW; anagram indicator; also can indicate that one element in the clue is to replace another obscuring omission indicator as “obscuring what’s above” calls for the omission of a first letter obscurity anagram indicator obsequious OILY; SMARMY obsequious, be FAWN observable OPEN; OVERT; PLAIN observant SHARP observation SIGHT; 쐍 COMMENT; SIGHTING observe BEHOLD; EYE; HEED; KEEP; LOOK; MARK; NOTE; SEE; SPOT; WATCH; 쐍 CELEBRATE; NOTICE; STARE observed SAW; SEEN observer EYE; SEER; 쐍 STARER obsession BUG; MANIA; THING obstacle BAR; BARRIER; BLOCK; HITCH; LET; SNAG; WALL obstinate DOUR obstinate fellow MULE obstreperous anagram indicator obstruct BAR; BLOCK; STALL; STOP; 쐍 HINDER obstruction BAR; LET; STOP

of us

obtain EXIST; GAIN; GET; HAVE; LAND; STAND 쐍 ACQUIRE; PREVAIL; SECURE obtain by threat EXTORT obtainable from anagram indicator; run indicator obtained GOT obtuse can indicate something to do with an angle obviate AVOID obvious CLEAR; OPEN; OVERT; PLAIN; 쐍 MANIFEST; PATENT occasion DATE; DAY; DO; EVENT; NOW; PARTY; REASON; ROOM; THEN; TIME; 쐍 CHANCE; ENTAIL; INDUCE; NEED occasion, have NEED occasion, on one ONCE occasional ODD occidental W occupant INMATE occupant of seat MP occupation LINE; TRADE; 쐍 CAREER; run indicator occupational therapist, therapy OT occupied FULL; nesting indicator occupied, be WORK occupied by nesting indicator occupied with AT occupies FILLS; ISIN (i.e. is in); see OCCUPY occupies, one who TENANT occupy DWELL; FILL; SQUAT; nesting indicator occupy, illegally SQUAT occupying nesting indicator occur ARE; FALL; 쐍 HAPPEN occurred CAME occurrence EVENT occurring in nesting indicator; run indicator occurs IS ocean DEEP; MAIN; SEA (qv); 쐍 ARCTIC ocean-going vessel accommodates a component to be nested within SS octet from Germany ACHT oculus EYE

odd DROLL; LEFT; RUM; STRANGE; 쐍 ATYPICAL; CURIOUS; QUEER; UNTYPICAL; anagram indicator odd assortment DOD odd bits see ODD CHARACTERS odd characters can signal that only the odd-numbered letters in an indicated sequence are be used e.g. “odd bits of iron traps” clues IOTAS odd couple anagram of COUPLE odd parts of see ODD CHARACTERS odd person see ODDBALL odd-shaped anagram of ODD odd type of see ODD CHARACTERS oddball CARD; CRANK; WEIRDO; anagram indicator oddity anagram indicator oddly anagram indicator; indicator for odd numbered letters to be used as “croft oddly” clues COT oddly disqualified/neglected odd-numbered letters in indicated word/s to be omitted oddly reduced see ODD CHARACTERS oddment SCRAP odds EVENS; PRICE; SP; can indicate the odd numbered letters (as “Wild play, ignoring the odds? In vain” 씮 IDLY) odds and ends ORT; TRUCK (Sc. and U.S.) odds to fall SPRAIN (i.e. SP + rain) Odin, son of BALDER odium HATE odour BO; HUM; SMELL of RE; can indicate a run in what follow (as “perpetual sound of a screech owl” 씮 ECHO) of course SURE; NATCH; can indicate something to do with food e.g. menu of French DE; DU of note OFF (i.e. of F) of rising FO of us OUR



off AWAY; BAD; DOWN; GONE; HIGH; OUT; START; SOUR; 쐍 LEAVING; NOTON (i.e. not on); RANCID; anagram indicator; omission indicator; can indicate a word beginning with LACK (as “24 hours off” 씮 LACKADAY) off colour ILL; PALE; SEEDY; SICK; 쐍 PASTY off course ADRIFT; ASTRAY; ERRING; anagram indicator off course, to be DRIFT; ERR; STRAY off-day anagram of DAY off duty FREE; 쐍 TAX-FREE off-form anagram indicator off, is GOES; LEAVES; 쐍 DEPARTS; PONGS; REEKS; WHIFFS see SMELL off-key FLAT off-limits OUT off, opposite LEG off-peak can indicate something to do with activity on mountain e.g. yodelling off-piste anagram of PISTE off-putting anagram indicator; can refer to delay, defer, later, etc off target MISS; OUT; see WRONG; anagram indicator off the ground UP off the rails anagram indicator off-track anagram indicator off-white CREAM offal LIVER; TRIPE offence ARSON; CRIME; HUFF; SIN; SLIGHT; 쐍 ABUSE; FAULT offence, give MIFF; SLIGHT offence, take RESENT offend HURT; INSULT; SIN; STING offender SINNER offensive BLUE; PUSH; RUDE; 쐍 ATTACK; can indicate something to do with military attack offensive, one favouring HAWK offer BID; EXTEND; PRESENT; SALE; SELL; TENDER; TRY; 쐍 PROPOSE; anagram indicator offer bait LURE; 쐍 TEMPT offer free TREAT


offer, make an TENDER offer period SALE offered BID; GAVE offering GIFT; PRESENT; 쐍 COLLECTION offertory ALMS office BRANCH; DUTY; POST; ROOM; SERVICE; SEXT; 쐍 AGENCY; CENTRE; POSITION office, at the IN office, bishop’s SEE office block, feature of LIFT office building BLOCK office, give up RESIGN office, in SITTING office worker FILER; SEC; TEMP; 쐍 CLERK officer AIDE; ALT; BRIG; CAP; CAPT; CO; COL; COP; DI; GEN; LT; MAJOR; MATE; NCO; OC; PO; SUPER; SM; 쐍 BOSN; BOSUN; CORNET; ENSIGN; GENERAL; JAILER; MARSHAL; PURSER officer* PETTY officer commanding OC officer, platoon LT officers COS; DIS; POS Officers’ Training Corps OTC official AGA; ELDER; OFF; REF; USHER; 쐍 CLERK; CONSUL; DIPLOMAT; FORMAL; REEVE officials BRASS offpeak can indicate something to do with activity on mountain e.g. yodelling offset anagram of SET offshoot BRANCH; SUCKER offspring BROOD; ISSUE; LITTER; SEED; SON(S); SPAWN offtrack anagram indicator often MUCH Ogden NASH ogle LEER; STARE ogre GIANT oh MY; 쐍 EXCLAMATION oh dear see OH DEAR! Oh dear! ALAS; MY; OOPS; WELL

old ring

Oh, you’ve heard! homophone indicator for “Oh” i.e. its sound, so a component such as EAU, O, OUGH (as in “dough”) or OW is required Ohio O oik see LOUT, YOB oil CASTOR; CRUDE; DERV; EASE; ESTER; 쐍 ATTAR; OTTAR; VIRGIN; can signal something to do with painting as “Oil off the coast” 씮 SEASCAPE oil container SUMP oil, essential ATTAR; OTTO oil mess SLICK; 쐍 GREASY oil product TAR oil reservoir SUMP oil, source of GUSHER; WELL; can indicate some kind of nut or seed oil spill anagram of OIL oilman RIGGER oily SLICK oily manner UNCTION oink GRUNT ointment BALM; SALVE; UNCTION OK, okay ALLOW; FAIR; FINE; GOOD; KOSHER; RIGHT; SWELL; TICK; WELL OK, show TICK Oklahoma OK old AGED; ARCH; AGED; DATED; EX; FORMER; GREY; LATE; O; OVER; PAST; RUSTY; STALE; USED; 쐍 AULD; PASSE; YORE; can indicate something historical (example: “old chucker” clueing BALLISTA); [쒁 AGE] ’old AVE old, a bit DATED old agreement YEA old American OUS old, anything but MINT old article YE old Austrian ALT old bird DODO old boat ARK Old Bob S old boy OB; OLAD

old boys MEN old chap COVE old city TROY; UR old copper D old counsel REDE old craft ARGO old days PAST old dodderers anagram of OLD Old English OE Old English, in a component to be nested within OE old-fashioned CORNY; DATED; OUT; PASSE; TRAD; SQUARE; STEAM; 쐍 QUAINT; anagram using the letters OLD old-fashioned denial NAY old-fashioned entertainment CORN old-fashioned individual/type FOG(E)Y; SQUARE old-fashioned way WISE Old Father usually refers to the Thames old fighter VET old flame EX old German ALT old, grow AGE Old Harry DEVIL; NICK old hat SQUARE; see OLD-FASHIONED old Iranian MEDE old item RELIC old jokes CORN Old King COLE old lady GRAN; MUM old letter RUNE old lover EX old maid PRUDE old man PA; POP; 쐍 BUFFER; CODGER; HUBBY; see FATHER old man’s PAS old money D; LSD; S old partner EX old people AGED; ELDERS; OAPS; can refer to a race or tribe from historical times (e.g. Iceni, Angles) old person ANGLE; OAP old ring OO


old ring binding

old ring binding component to be nested within OO old Scottish AULD old soldier VET old sovereign GR old-style REPRO Old Testament OT Old Testament book DAN; DEUT; EXOD; EZ; GEN; HAB; HAG; HOS; IS; JER; JO; JOB; JOSH; KINGS; LAM; LEV; MAL; MIC; NUMB; OBAD; PROV; PS; RUTH; SAM; ZEPH Old Testament character LOT old, the YE old, that YON old-time ONCE old timer apart from an old person can refer to a grandfather clock, hourglass etc old times BC; PAST; 쐍 HISTORY old vehicle CRATE old wife EX old woman CRONE; GRAN; HAG; MA; see MOTHER old, you THEE; THOU; YE older SENIOR oldest, the YE olive [쒁 STONE] Oliver HARDY; REED; TWIST; can signify something to do with the musical Oliver or the novel Oliver Twist; or can indicate something to do with Cromwell, Goldsmith Oliver’s friend STAN Olivier ACTOR; LARRY olla podrida STEW (Sp.) Olympian can indicate a Greek god e.g. HERA ’ome OUSE omen SIGN omen, be an BODE ominous BAD; DIRE; EVIL omission ERROR; LACK omission most cryptic puzzles will contain more than one example where you are required to omit a component from a word. You may be required to omit (i) the first letter, say to turn CRAVE into RAVE; (ii) the last letter, say


to turn BRAND into BRAN; (iii) the first and last letters, say to turn SPINS into PIN; (iv) the middle letter, say to turn PAINT into PANT, and so on. Each manipulation will be signaled by an indicator. Common examples of the above in turn: (i) ‘headless, ‘topless; (ii) ‘detailed’, ‘endless’; (iii) ‘trimmed’, ‘topped-andtailed’; (iv) ‘heartless’ omit CUT; DROP; ELIDE; FAIL; MISS; SCRATCH; SKIP; omission indicator omitted CUT; OUT; SKIPPED; omission indicator; can indicator a word or phrase beginning with NO omitted, with filling the middle letter(s) from a word to be omitted omnibus COACH omnivore COATI on AT; LEG (i.e. cricket); OVER; RE; 쐍 ABOARD; ABOUT; AHEAD (as in “get on”); ASTRIDE; ordering indicator (the component preceding ON to be directly followed by the next component, as “sent on course” clues HIGHWAY); nesting indicator (for example: “Excessive footprint on earth” calls for E to be nested to provide STEEP); note that, although innocently placed in the clue, ON itself can be part of the answer on all sides ROUND on behalf of FOR on behalf of king FORK on being engaged ON to be nested on board nesting indicator; commonly an element to be nested between S and S (i.e. Steamship); can refer to chess, pieces etc on boat ABOARD on edge TENSE on hand CLOSE; NEAR on high ALOFT; OVER; UP on holiday AWAY; OFF on no account NEVER

one short

on one’s own LONE; SOLE; SOLO on reflection reversal indicator on-screen display can indicate something to do with car parking (and ticket on windscreen) on show OUT on that account THEREAT on the go DOING on the loose FREE; anagram indicator on the move AFOOT; anagram indicator on the rocks AGROUND on the side WITH on the spot HERE; THERE on the way back can indicate a component is to precede TS, DR, etc, see WAY BACK on top of ABOVE; OVER; preceding indicator on top of everything TOO on tour ROVING; anagram indicator; can indicate something to do with nomads once EX; FORMER; 쐍 AFORE (arch.); can signal the use of an archaism, see ONCE KNOWN for an example once again RE; can indicate a verb beginning with RE once knew/known WIST once more AGAIN; can call for a verb beginning with RE once very SORE one A; ACE; AN; ANE (Scots); EACH; I; SINGLE; SOLE; SOLO; UNIT; UNITY; when accompanied by a colloquialism indicator (commonly, in speech, when talking etc) can signify UN one adding COUNTER one and all EACH one after another two synonyms for “one” juxtaposed, so AI, ANI, IA, IAN, II one arrested I to nested within a component; see PRISONER one aspiring HOPER one bit of first letter of word that follows

one born in NATIVE; or can require a specific nationality one bound SERF one by one II; 쐍 ELEVEN one casual UN (i.e. ’un, slang) one crafting SMITH one crossing ELECTOR one despising inferiors SNOB one, every PER one existing BEING; LIVER one flying can indicate a bird one for Beethoven EIN one Frenchman IM one hears homophone indicator one in I to nested within a component as “one in the way” clues SIT one in court CIT one in eight OAR one in five QUIN one in France UN; UNE one in Germany EIN one in pack CARD; DOG; HOOKER; WOLF; see RUGBY PLAYER one in Scotland ANE; YIN one in suit SPADE etc one looking PEEKER; SEEKER one missing from school TRAN one more ANOTHER one much disliking HATER one-night stand GIG one-nil IO one occupying seat IMP; MP one of the Scots ANE one of two DOUBLE; EITHER; TWIN one-off NONCE one on the way out GONER one ordered anagram of ONE one paid to work PRO one quarter empty FUL one rising REBEL one’s IS; MY; YOUR one’s depressed KEY one’s heart N; NE one’s time ONEST one seen hanging can indicate a pub-sign or a painting one short ON


one short of century, hundred

one short of century, hundred OO one taking instruction L; PUPIL; TRAINEE one that belongs MEMBER one that lifts JACK one time ONCE one-time EX one-time partner EX one upset ANTI one way to describe anagram indicator one we hear WON one who can indicate a word ending in ER (or IST) one who’s been had SUCKER one who holds up ROBBER one who is owed a favour OBLIGEE one who likes to be seen POSER one who’s in BATTER one who succeeds HEIR; WINNER; 쐍 HEIRESS one with no centre OE one who wanders NOMAD; ROVER one who’s fallen TART one with special interest FANCIER one worth supporting CASE oneness UNITY ones II; IS ones here, the THESE ones there, the THOSE oneself AUTO; EGO; I; ID onion BULB; 쐍 SCALLION; see HEAD onlooker SEER only ALONE; BUT; JUST; LONE; MERE; SINGLE; SOLE; can indicate O, as “Sign cryptically indicating females only?” 씮 OMEN only for men STAG only just BARELY only off NOON (i.e. no “on”) only remaining LAST onrush SURGE onset (of) initial indicator Ontario ONT


oodles LOTS oodles of money see MONEY, LOTS OF oomph ZING ooze MUD; SEEP opaque SMOKE; SMOKEY opal RING open AIRY; AJAR; BARE; BROACH; FRANK; FREE; LANCE; LEAD; OUT; OVERT; PRISE; RAISE; START; UNDO; UNLOCK; 쐍 CANDID; LAUNCH; NAKED; PATENT; PUBLIC; first letter indicator open air, in the OUT open country PLAIN open, doesn’t first letter to be omitted open for poets OPE open, in the OUT open, just AJAR open land DOWN open mouth GAPE open-mouthed AGOG open, not completely AJAR open shop S open space FIELD; GLADE; PARK; 쐍 GARTH; YARD open tennis match SERVE open to change anagram of OPEN Open University OU open up LANCE open wide YAWN opened UNDID; anagram indicator; initial letter indicator opened, to be anagram indicator opener BAT; KEY; initial letter indicator; can indicate the first letter of a word openers can indicate the first two (or three) letters of a word, or the first one (or two) letters of several words opening ADIT; CHINK; CLEFT; DOOR; ENTRY; GAP; GATE; HOLE; INTRO; MOUTH; PORE; PORT; RENT; START; VENT; 쐍 BREACH; CHANCE; CRANNY; GAMBIT; HATCH; LANCING; NOOK; ONSET; OPPORTUNITY; ORIFICE;


PORTAL; STOMA; anagram indicator; initial letter indicator; precedence indicator opening, American PROLOG opening lost L; first letter to be omitted opening move GAMBIT; M opening section INTRO; S openly gay OUT opera AIDA; NORMA; MET (i.e. the opera company in New York); OP; WORKS; 쐍 CARMEN; SALOME; THAIS; THE RING; [쒁 SOAP] opera character see OPERATIC PART opera company ENO opera house (US) MET opera, part of ARIA opera singer DIVA opera, sort of SERIA operas RING operate USE; WORK operated anagram indicator operatic extravaganza RING operatic heroine MANON; MIMI; NORMA operatic part AIDA; ARIA; LULU; MIMI; NORMA operating ON; anagram indicator operating room OR operating system DOS operation OP; PLAY; USE; 쐍 AGENCY; anagram indicator operation, in ON operations research OR operator DRIVER; USER; 쐍 SURGEON; WORKER opinion ANGLE; NOTION; POINT; SAY; SLANT; TAKE; VIEW; VOICE; 쐍 SENTIMENT; THOUGHT opinion, in our TOUS (i.e. TO US) oppo COLLEAGUE; MATE; see FRIEND opponent ANTI; FOE opponent mentioned FAUX; PHO opponents ANTIS; EN (from bridge); NE; SW; WS

opponents, our THEM; THEY opponents’ ground AWAY opportunist CHANCER opportunity BREAK; CHANCE; ROOM; SCOPE; SHOT; can indicate BUS, COACH in phrases such as “miss the bus” etc oppose BUCK; FACE; PLAY; RESIST; 쐍 COUNTER opposed AVERSE opposed (to) AGIN, ANTI; V; 쐍 AGAINST opposer NOE opposing ANTI; CON; V; 쐍 COUNTER opposing pair SE opposing sides variations of LR, NS, EW etc opposite ABEAM; COUNTER; REVERSE; can indicate that words or components are to be in reverse order; reversal indicator opposite sex, liking STRAIGHT opposite side OFF opposition ANTIS; CON; FOE; NOES; opposing sides in bridge e.g. EN; [쒁 OPPOSITION] opposition, being in V opposition, in COUNTER opposition leader O opposition, member of ANTI oppress BULLY; IMPOSE oppression, sense of WEIGHT oppressor DESPOT; 쐍 IMPOSER opt CHOOSE; ELECT opted for CHOSE; ELECTED; PICKED optic in conjunction with another word e.g. “optics expert” can signal something to do with bars or drinking optical character recognition OCR optimum BEST opting ELECTION option CHOICE; HEADS; TAILS; anagram indicator options MENU optimism HOPE optimistic ROSY; UPBEAT opulence WEALTH



opulent RICH or note that, although innocently placed in the clue, OR itself can be part of the answer or, France OU or rather NAY oral SAID; SPOKEN; homophone indicator oral contraceptive PILL oral examination VIVA oral statement SPEECH; WORD(S); 쐍 PAROLE orally homophone indicator orange AMBER; FLAME; LEVAN; NAVEL Orange HOUSE orange-peel ZEST orate TALK orator’s homophone indicator orb GLOBE (qv); O; 쐍 EYE orbit BEAT; FIELD; PATH; ROUND; can indicate something to do with EYE orchestra BAND; LSO; [쒁 PIT] orchestra, part of BRASS; FIDDLES; STRINGS; WIND orchestra, place of PIT orchestra section PIT; see ORCHESTRA, PART OF orchestrated anagram indicator ordain RULE; STATE; 쐍 APPOINT ordeal TEST; TRIAL; STRAIN order BATH; (i.e. order of knighthood); BID; BIDDING; CH; DECREE; DEMAND; DIRECT; DO; EDICT; ENJOIN; FIAT; FILE; LAW; O; OBE; OM; ORD; PO (i.e. postal order); RANGE; RULE; SET; SORT; TELL; TRIM; 쐍 BOSS; CHARGE; COMMAND; COMMISSION; DICTATE; ERRAND; GARTER; INDENT; MARSHAL; NEATEN; STATUTE; STRAIGHTEN; WARRANT; anagram indicator; an architectural order e.g. IONIC, DORIC; can indicate a religious order e.g. Benedictine; can indicate a word or phrase beginning


with DO as “order for matricide” yields DOMAIN (i.e. “do ma in”) order, in OK order indicator is a word that tells us the order in which letters or components are to be used. They are of two kinds. One type tells us in what order components should be placed. For example “Give instruction in the square before bad weather” tells us to place T before RAIN to get TRAIN. These are quite straightforward (such as “preceding, “after” and “following”) but there can be difficulty in spotting that the words are functioning as ordering indicators. The other kind consists of reversal indicators which are discussed under that heading. order, member of MONK; NUN; 쐍 BROTHER; FRIAR; SISTER Order of the British Empire OBE order to pay CHEQUE order to start shooting ACTION order to stop DONT order, out of LAY; anagram indicator ordered BADE; BID; anagram indicator orderly NEAT; SISTER; TIDY orders anagram indicator ordinance BULL ordinary PLAIN; 쐍 COMMON; NORMAL; as a class of armorial charges can indicate something to do with heraldry e.g. chevron ordinary charge can indicate something to do with heraldry ordinary language PROSE ordnance ORD ore ROCK Oregon OR organ BRAIN; EAR; EYE; GLAND; HEART; LIVER; LUNG; NOSE; SKIN; 쐍 CORTEX; SPLEEN organ, breathing GILL; LUNG organ knob STOP organ, of an RENAL organ, portable REGAL

other things, and

organic food HAY organisation ADMIN; BODY; CIA; CO; FIRM; UN; 쐍 COMPANY; OUTFIT organisation, national NT organise BUILD; DIRECT; HAVE; RUN organised HAD; RAN; anagram indicator organised properly TRIM organised workers TU organiser, party WHIP orgy REVEL Oriel can indicate something to do with Oxford orient E; EAST; PEARL oriental E; EASTER; 쐍 ASIAN; EASTERN; EMAN (i.e. E-man, eastern man); THAI oriental coppers can indicate eastern currency e.g. sen, yen oriental criminals TONG oriental dress SARI oriental drink SAKE oriental-sounding TIE oriental vessel JUNK; WOK origami, do some FOLD; 쐍 CREASE origin BUD; ROOT; SOURCE; START; 쐍 GENESIS origin of initial letter indicator original CARD; EARLY; EX; FIRST; MASTER; NEW; OLD; 쐍 PRIMAL; initial letter indicator; anagram indicator original American see AMERICAN INDIAN originality, lacking first letter to be omitted originally initial letter indicator; in conjunction with a homophone indicator can indicate a word with the sound of a word’s initial letter as “originally thinking aloud” can clue TEA; anagram indicator originally called NEE originally cancelled first letter to be omitted originate CREATE; SPRING; START; STEM originating BORN

originator of first letter indicator origins anagram indicator; first letters indicator Orion STARS ornament ADORN; DECOR; TRIM; 쐍 BANGLE; BROOCH; VASE ornament, supply ADORN; DECK ornamental FRILLY; anagram indicator ornamental, doesn’t sound PLANE ornamental, not PLAIN ornamentation TRIM ornate DRESSY; 쐍 BAROQUE; FANCY; FLOWERY; PURPLE; anagram indicator orphan ANNIE; OLIVER; TWIST; WARD ’orrible can indicate that the associated word has initial H omitted orris IRIS orthodox NORM; 쐍 NORMAL; STANDARD; USUAL Oscar O; PRIZE oscillate SWING osier WICKER; WILLOW; WITHY Osiris, sister of ISIS ostentation POMP; SHOW; SWANK ostentatious CAMP; SHOWY ostentatious, not HUMBLE ’ostile, to feel ATE (i.e. (h)ate) ostler GROOM ostracise BAN OT see OLD TESTAMENT OT book DAN; NUMB; see OLD TESTAMENT BOOK Othello MOOR; PLAY; can indicate something to do with the play e.g. Iago, Desdemona, jealousy other anagram indicator other people REST other ranks OR other than NOT other things ETAL (i.e. et al) other things, and ETAL; ETC


other words, in

other words, in can indicate something to do with translator, translation etc other-worldly FEY others ETAL; REST; 쐍 MORE; THEM others, and ETAL; ETC otherwise AKA; ELSE; OR; anagram indicator Otis can indicate something to do with regret (from Cole Porter song) otologist [쒁 EAR] Ottoman TURK OU course PPE Ouch! OW ought SHOULD ounce CAT; OZ our ONUS (i.e. on us); on the assumption that readers are British (mainly) “our” can refer to some aspect of Britain, thus “our country” 씮 UK; or the “us” can be inhabitants of earth, so “our way” 씮 MILKY our country UK our ground HOME our group US; WE our home EARTH our part of the world WEST our side US our side will WELL (i.e. we’ll) our time AD our years AD; AGE ourselves US ’ouse OME oust EJECT; 쐍 SUPPLANT ousting omission indicator out ABSENT; BAN; GONE; OFF; OVER (i.e. no longer available); UNDER; 쐍 ALOUD; ASLEEP; DEAD; EXCUSE; SLEEPING; anagram indicator (as “let out” cues an anagram of LET); nesting indicator; omission indicator; can refer to being absent, insensible, being asleep e.g. DREAM out- beware of words beginning with out-, as they may signify an anagram of the rest of the word where, for example, “outlet” can call for an anagram of LET


out-and-out RANK out at first initial letter to be omitted out, be ABROAD; AWAY; STRIKE out East E to be omitted out for can indicate some kind of hunting activity as “out for a duck” clues FOWLING out in Amsterdam UIT out in the middle U out, is BLOOM; BLOOMING out more INLESS out, not IN; anagram of OUT out of EX; anagram indicator; nesting indicator; run indicator; can indicate that the components necessary to construct the answer follow, a clever example being: “Run out of gas, visiting U.S. physicist” 씮 HENNERY (a hennery being a chicken run, achieved by nesting gas NE in the name of American physics scientist HENRY) out of bed UP out of breath, be GASP out of control ADRIFT; anagram indicator out of date OLD; PASSE out of date, almost OL; PASS out of fashion PASSE out-of-form anagram indicator out of joint anagram indicator out of one’s mind MAD; STONED; see DRUNK, MAD, NUTS, CRAZY etc out of order US (i.e. useless); anagram indicator out of place anagram indicator out of this world ALIEN; ET out of tune anagram indicator out of turn AMISS; anagram indicator out of water DRY out of work IDLE out to lunch MAD (qv) out to lunch? EATING out West W to be omitted outbreak anagram indicator; anagram of OUT (e.g. TOU) outbreak of initial letter indicator


outbuilding BARN; SHED outburst FIT; GUST; RANT; anagram indicator; run indicator outcast LEPER outcome END; see RESULT outcome, level DRAW; TIE outcry NOISE outdated EX; OLD; PASSE outdo BEAT; CAP; TOP; 쐍 BETTER outdoes anagram of DOES outdoor facility CAMP; TENT outer clothing, removing first and last letters to be omitted outer cover/ing SKIN (qv); see OUTER SURFACES outer surfaces SKINS; can indicate the first and last letters of a sequence of words as “Outer surfaces of sauna need another acrylic resin for varnishing” 씮 SANDARAC outerwear COAT; MAC outfit DRESS; FIRM; GANG; GARB; GEAR; LOT; RIG; TEAM; 쐍 BUNCH; SQUAD; SUIT; anagram indicator (especially of FIT) outgoing ISSUE outhouse BARN; SHED outing AMBLE; RAMBLE; TOUR; TREAT; TRIP; anagram indicator outlandish ALIEN; anagram indicator; see STRANGE outlaw BAN; BAR; BLACK; HOOD; ROBIN; anagram of LAW outlawing BAN; omission indicator outlay COST; PRICE; SPEND outlet FLUE; HOLE; SHOP; STORE; VENT; 쐍 DRAIN; DUCT; HYDRANT; PIPE; anagram of LET outlet, sales DELI; MART; SHOP; STORE outline BORDER; DRAFT; ETCH; SKETCH; TRACE; 쐍 PROSPECTUS; SCHEME outline, make TRACE

outlook ASPECT; SCENE; VISTA; 쐍 PROSPECT outlying part RIM; see BORDER outmanoeuvred BEAT; ROUTED outmoded DATED; see OUTDATED; anagram of MODED outperform CAP; TOP outpost PICKET output CROP; WORK; YIELD outrage AFFRONT; APPAL; FURY; anagram of RAGE outrageous GROSS; OTT; 쐍 ARRANT; OUTRE; anagram indicator outrageously anagram indicator outré SHOCKING outright SHEER; UTTER; RT to be omitted or nested within a component outset EST (abbr. of establishment); OFF; START; anagram of SET; see START outset, at initial letter indicator (as “grabbing ball at outset” signals that B is to be nested within a component) outset, of/from the initial letter indicator outshine CAP outside EXTERNAL; nesting indicator (as “outside America” requires US to be nested within a component); can indicate the outer letters of an adjacent word (as “slept outside” 씮 ST) outside broadcast OB outside, on the the first and last letters of word(s) to be used; 쐍 EXTERNAL; see OUTSIDE outsider nesting indicator; can indicate first or last letter outsiders first and last letters are to be used or deleted outskirts of see OUTSIDERS outskirts, on the nesting indicator outspoken BOLD; FRANK; PLAIN; 쐍 BLUNT; CANDID outstanding ACE; DUE; HIGH; OWED: OWING; SUPER; TALL; 쐍 ESPECIAL; LEADING; PROUD; SPECIAL;


outstanding example

TODO (i.e. to do); UNSETTLED; can refer to some kind of relief work e.g. rilievo; nesting indicator, as in “I dispose of outstanding firm” where I has to be nested within SOLD to give SOLID; [쒁 RELIEF] outstanding example LULU; 쐍 CRACKER outstanding, not LOW outstanding person ONER outstandingly OVER; VERY outstrip TOP outward appearances, to first and last letters indicator outward movement EBB outwardly indicates first and last letters as “outwardly sensible” 씮 SE outwit BEAT; BEST; TRUMP Oval can indicate something to do with cricket (as “Oval headgear” 씮 BOWLER) ovation HAND oven KILN; LEAR (i.e. glass-annealing); OAST; STOVE oven, just out of HOT oven-ready bird ROASTER over ACROSS; ALONG; ATOP; BY; DEAD; DONE; DOWN; ENDED; FOR; GONE; OLD; ON; OUT; PAST; RE; TOO; UP; 쐍 FINISHED; THROUGH; anagram indicator; reversal indicator; preceding indicator; can indicate something to do with cricket e.g. balls, bowling, maiden over-amorous RANDY over-barbecue/cook BURN; CHAR over-cooked anag. of OVER e.g. ROVE over-dressed anagram of OVER; OVER to be nested within a component over-effusive, be GUSH over-familiar STALE over-formality STARCH over, go CROSS; FORD over-hasty RASH over-indulge BINGE


over-infuse STEW over-luxuriant RANK over-ripe STRONG over the limit OTT over the moon ELATED over the top OTT; a component to precede T, as “Stop over the top party” clues DOT ( i.e. a “full stop”) over there YON; YONDER; 쐍 THAT over there, the things THOSE overabundant RIFE overact HAM overacted HAMMED; HAMMY overactive HYPER overall SMOCK; TOP; 쐍 GENERAL; SUPREME; reverse or anagram of ALL; see CHIEF, HEAD, MAIN overalls CHAPS; SMOCK(S); TOP(S) overbalance TOPPLE overcame BEAT; nesting indicator overcast CLOUDY; DULL overcharge OC; ROOK; RUSH overcome BEAT; STUN; WORST; anagram indicator; nesting indicator; reversal indicator overcook BURN; CHAR overdose OD overdrawn OD overdue LATE; reverse or anagram of DUE overeat GORGE; WOLF; 쐍 ENGORGE; reverse of, or anagram of, EAT overenthusiastic, be RAVE overexcited GIDDY overfill CRAM overflow BRIM; SLOP; WOLF overgrown REEDY; WEEDY overhanging, something FLAP overhasty RASH overhaul SERVICE overhaul, in need of anagram indicator overhead ABOVE; ALOFT; HIGH; UP; can indicate an item of headgear; can indicate that a synonym of “head” is to be re-


versed, for example NUT becomes TUN overhead railway EL (i.e. in U.S.) overheads can indicate something associated with space, the night sky, ceiling etc as in “Model with astronomical overheads, perhaps?” 씮 PLANETARIUM overheard homophone indicator – in a special case it can indicate TWO i.e. homophone of TOO, synonym of “over” overindulge PIG overindulgence BINGE overland a component to be placed before a synonym of “land” (qv), as “Take away warship overland” 씮 SUBTRACT overlay nesting indicator overlook NOD overlooked FORGOT overmuch TOO overplay HAM overprecise FUSSY oversaw RAN; anagram or reversal of SAW overseas ABROAD; anagram of SEAS; can indicate something to do with a pier (it is “overseas”!) or entertainment found on a pier e.g. pierrot, Punch and Judy overseas, go SAIL overseas visitor ALIEN overseas, went SAILED oversee RUN; anagram or reversal of SEE overseer BOSS oversight CARE; LAPSE; OMISSION; see ERROR overt CLEAR; OPEN; OUT; PLAIN overtake CATCH; PASS overthrow EVERT; USURP; anagram indicator; reversal indicator overthrown anagram indicator; run indicator; see OVERTHROW overtime OT; reverse indicator for time (EMIT) or for synonyms for time, hence ARE, EGA, etc overtips OR (i.e. the end letters of “over”); OS (i.e. the end letters of “overtips”)

overture START; initial letter(s) to be used overtures to initial letters to be used overturn TIP overturned anagram indicator; reversal indicator overweight AMPLE; FAT; STOUT; TON; reversal indicator for measures of weight, hence MARG, NOT, ZO, etc; can indicate some component has to be placed before synonym of “weight” as, for example, “Save overweight page” 씮 BUTTONS overwhelm AWE; SMOTHER; SWAMP overwhelmed AWED; nesting indicator overwhelmed by nesting indicator overwrought anagram indicator ovum EGG Ow! OUCH owed DUE owing DUE owl HOOTER owl, sound of HOOT own HAVE; GRANT; 쐍 PERSONAL; POSSESS own goal OG owned HAD; LETON (i.e. let on) owner of estate LAIRD ownership TITLE owning HAVING owns old HATH ox NEAT; STEER; YAK; 쐍 URUS Oxbridge distinction BLUE oxen, two YOKE Oxford OU; SHOE (hence can indicate something to do with shoe); [쒁 CIRCUS] Oxford, at UP Oxford course GREATS; PPE Oxford Street HIGH oxidation, oxidise RUST oxygen O; OZONE oxymoron can indicate that the answer consists of a combination of two contradictory terms, ante-post (a racing term), subject-object (a term from philosophy) for example


oyster spawn

oyster spawn SPAT oysters, source of STEW

Pp pa see FATHER; with a capital letter can refer to Pennsylvania pace AMBLE; CLIP; RATE; SPEED; STEP; TEMPO; TROT; 쐍 CANTER; CELERITY; STRIDE; TREAD pace, fast CANTER; RUN pace, go at a steady TROT Pacific area RIM Pacific state TONGA pack BAG; BALE; BOX; CRAM; DECK; FILL; KIT; LOAD; ROUT; STOW; TAMP; TIN; 쐍 GROUP; SET; TAROT; STUFF; anagram indicator (as “pack of lies” cues an anagram of LIES); can indicate something to do with a pack of cards, a suit (e.g. SPADE), or a specific card (e.g. ACE); see ONE IN PACK; [쒁 WOLF] pack animal BURRO; MULE pack in LEAVE; RESIGN; nesting indicator pack, member of HUNTER; see CARD pack, one PROP pack up can indicate that PACK (or a synonym) is to be reversed, and so: ELAB, GAB, MARC etc package BALE; PACKET; PARCEL packaging WRAPPING packed FULL packed in LEFT; RESIGNED; nesting indicator packed up DOWN; GONE; LEFT; OFF; RESIGNED; WENT packed with nesting indicator packet BOMB; COST; SHIP; 쐍 CARTON; PARCEL; SACHET; STEAMER


packing nesting indicator packing case CRATE pact DEAL; TREATY pacy SMART pad BLOCK; FLAT; FOOT; SWELL; TRAMP; TREAD; WAD; 쐍 CUSHION Paddington BEAR; STATION paddle DIP; OAR; ROW; WADE paddy IRE; PET; RAGE; TEMPER; [쒁 FIELD] paediatrician SPOCK page BOY; CALL; LEAF; P; SHEET; 쐍 BUTTONS; SUMMON page boy/page-boy BUTTONS; PSON ( i.e. p-son) page, edge of MARGIN page, look at the next PTO page size QUARTO pageant TABLEAU pages, lots of REAM; QUIRE pages, two LEAF paid GAVE; MET; PD; STOOD paid, be EARN paid, being EARNED paid for MET paid, get EARN paid player PRO paid, still to be DUE; OWING paid worker PRO paid, yet to be OWING pain ACHE; CRAMP; GRIPE; SORE; STING; 쐍 BALE (arch.); COLIC; GYP; PANG; PERISHER; STITCH pain, cause ACHE; HURT; SMART; STING pain, cry of OUCH pain, emotional WRENCH pain, exclamation of, indication of OW pain, experience AIL; HURT; SUFFER; see HURT pain, experienced HURT; TWINGED; see PAIN, EXPERIENCE pain, feel HURT; SMART pain in the neck CRICK; DRIP pain, inflict HARM; HURT; TORMENT


pained ACHING; ENSORED painful ACHY; SORE painful affliction GOUT; SPRAIN painful parting WRENCH painful, something GOUT painful toe GOUT painful, very SPLITTING painful, was BIT painfully anagram indicator painstaking THOROUGH paint BICE; OIL; TEMPERA; 쐍 COLOUR; DAUB; DECORATE paint ingredient RESIN paint, one using RA; see ARTIST painter ARA; BACON; HALS; INGRES; MASTER; RA; ROPE; SARGENT; TITIAN; TURNER; 쐍 ARTIST; DEGAS; DURER; LELY; ROUSSEAU; SPENCER painter, amateurish DAUBER painter’s first application PRIMER painting, abstract OPART (i.e. op art) painting ART; MURAL; OIL; 쐍 DAUB; FRESCO; ICON; TURNER painting medium OIL; TEMPERA; 쐍 ACRYLIC painting, method of see PAINTING MEDIUM paintings ART pair BRACE; COUPLE; DUO; PR; TWIN; TWO; repetition indicator; can indicate two components to be used with AND as “Pair of initials between Lowry’s” clues LANDS (i.e. L-AND-S) pair of can indicate the first two letters of the succeeding word as “pair of tights” clues TI pair of fives TEN; TENNER pair off MATCH pal ALLY; BUD; CHUM; COCK; FRIEND; MATE; OPPO; PARD; see FRIEND palace [쒁 ROYAL] palace servants COURTS palate ROOF pale ASHY; DRAWN; DOUGHY; FADED; FAINT; FAIR; FENCE; LIGHT; MEALY; PASTY; POST;

SALLOW; STAKE; WAN; WHITE; 쐍 ASHEN pale ale LIGHT Palestine group PLO Palestrina can refer to one of his works e.g. MASS palindrome can indicate that a word or the answer reads the same both ways, popular ones in crosswords being OTTO, LEVEL, MADAM, NOT ON paling FENCE pall BORE pallet BED pallid WAN palm HAND; HIDE; 쐍 PRIZE; [쒁 OIL] paltry CHEAP; TIN pampas PLAIN pamphlet TRACT pan BOWL; DISH; FACE; KNOCK; MUG; ROAST; see CRITICISE Pan PETER Panama CANAL; HAT; PA pancake CREPE pane GLASS; LIGHT panel BOARD; JURY; TEAM pang PAIN; TWINGE Pangloss a character from Voltaire’s Candide so can refer to the book itself or optimism (the feature of the character) panic ALARM; FLAP; FRIGHT; SCARE; TERROR; 쐍 FUNK; GRASS; note “panic” is also a plant panic, in anagram indicator panorama VIEW pansy VIOLA pant GASP; LONG pantheistic PAGAN pantry LARDER; STORE pap MESS; MUSH; see RUBBISH paparazzi can indicate something to do with the press paparazzo SNAPPER paper FT; LEAF; MS; ORGAN; PAD; PAGE; QUIRE; RAG; REAM; ROLL SHEET; SUN; TIMES; TISSUE; 쐍 DAILY;


paper for publication

ESSAY; EXAM; MIRROR; STANDARD; THESIS paper for publication ARTICLE; COPY; MS paper, in the WRAPPED paper, individual COPY paper, official FORM paper, piece of SLIP paper size QUARTO paper, twenty-five pieces of QUIRE paper worth money BILL; CHEQUE; NOTE papers FILE; PRESS; QUIRE; REAM papers, many REAM par EQUAL; EVEN; LEVEL; NORM; NORMAL par, be on a MATCH par, below EAGLE para LANDER; can indicate words associated with jump, fall, drop parable can indicate something to do with a story from the New Testament; or a more modern work seen to have the nature of a parable such as Animal Farm parachutist [쒁 DROP; JUMP] parade AIR; MARCH; SHOW; 쐍 DISPLAY; TATTOO paraded AIRED paradise EDEN; HEAVEN; LIMBO paradoxically anagram indicator parallel classes STREAM paralyse NUMB; STUN paramour LOVER paraphrased anagram indicator parasite DRONE; LOUSE; MITE; TICK; 쐍 FLEA; VERMIN; WORM; [쒁 HOST] parasite, one with HOST parasites LICE parcel PLOT parcel (out) ALLOT pardon SPARE pare CUT; PRUNE; SHAVE; TRIM parent DAD; DAM; FATHER; MA; MAMA; MOTHER; MUM; PA; PAR; POP; RAISE; SIRE


parentage DESCENT parental guidance PG Paris apart from the French capital can also refer to Paris, the Classical figure, and in this context can indicate something to do with the Trojan War, death of Achilles, heel, Helen, Hector, etc Paris, all in TOUT Paris and ET Paris correspondent can indicate the French equivalent of an English word; see FRENCH Paris, description of GAY Paris, first person in JE Paris, in can indicate the use of a French word, see FRENCH for the common ones Paris, old man of PRIAM (myth.) Paris paper PAPIER; 쐍 FIGARO; LE MONDE Paris, say CITY Paris so much, in TANT Paris suburb ORLY Paris who QUI Paris, who in QUI parish CURE parish of time-serving vicar BRAY parish priest PP; see VICAR Parisian, a UN; UNE Parisian copper SOU Parisian life VIE Parisian, of the DE; DES; DU Parisian station GARE Parisian, that QUE Parisian, the LE Parisian to go ALLER Parisian who QUI Parisienne ELLE park HYDE; PUT; STOP park-keeper/warden RANGER parked, parking P Parker, Charlie BIRD parking area LOT parking area for Americans LOT parking facility PEASE parlance DICTION parley TALK; TREAT Parliament DIET; P; PARL; RUMP; [쒁 ACT; LAW]


parliament, edict of ACT parliament, house of CHAMBER Parliamentarian MP; 쐍 MEMBER parliamentary group OPPOSITION parliamentary seat BOROUGH parliamentary session, held SAT parlour [쒁 FLY] parody COD; SKIT; 쐍 TRAVESTY; see LAMPOON parole WORD parrot LORY; KEA; 쐍 KAKA; MIMIC; RECITE parsimonious MEAN (qv) parsnip ROOT parson CLERIC; REV; see CLERGYMAN part AREA; BIT; HALF; LEAVE; PIECE; PT; MEMBER; ROLE; SEMI; SEVER; SHARE; SIDE; SNAP; SOME; SPLIT; UNIT; run indicator; 쐍 FRACTION; PORTION; QUARTER; RATION; SECTION; SUNDER; TRANCHE part company with, to can indicate that the word that follows is to be nested within CO part for actor ROLE; SCRIPT; WORDS part in play INNINGS part of IN; run indicator part of Bible NT; OT; VERSE; or a book from the Bible e.g. JOB, MARK part of body ORGAN etc part of circle ARC part of foot ANKLE; HEEL; SOLE part of member THIGH part of orchestra BRASS; WIND; see ORCHESTRA, PART OF part of revellers ROUT part of speech LINE; NOUN; TENSE; VERB; can indicate adjective, adverb, preposition etc part of theatre APRON; STAGE part of town QUARTER; SECTION part of work EXCERPT part, play a ACT

part, render ACT part, small remaining STUMP part-time TEMP; 쐍 TEMPORARY part-time soldiers TA parterre BEDS partial SOME partial to, be EYE; LIKE; LOVE; PREFER partiality for, have a LIKE; LOVE partially HALF; one or two letters to be omitted; run indicator participant, willing SPORT participate SHARE participated in anagram indicator participating in nesting indicator, as “participating in song” requires a component to be nested within ARIA particle ATOM; BOSON (physics); ION; MOTE; PIECE; 쐍 NEUTRON; PHOTON particle, charged ION particles, stone GRIT particular ASPECT; CERTAIN; DETAIL; FOG; PET; POINT; RESPECT; STRICT; 쐍 ELITE; EXPRESS; FUSSY; SPECIAL; SPECIFIC; can indicate a noun preceded by THE particular way, in a anagram indicator particularly ULTRA (as “particularly reliable” 씮 ULTRASOUND) parties united BLOC parting, painful WRENCH partition CLEAVE partly SOME; run indicator partner ALLY (qv); BUD; DATE; E (from bridge); FELLOW (in the sense of fellow-worker) LOVER; MAN; MATE; N; OPPO; PAL (qv); PARD; S; W; 쐍 CONSORT; SPOUSE; STEADY; see FRIEND; can indicate one’s opposite number in the card game of bridge as “West’s partner” calls for E; can refer to one of the partners in a specific partnership e.g. DUCK/DRAKE, STALLION/MARE,


partner, find

EMPEROR/EMPRESS; HUSBAND/WIFE partner, find SCORE partner no longer EX partner, take a MARRY; WED partner, with a PAIRED partners ALLIES; ITEM; COUPLE; PAIRING; PALS; very often indicates a bridge partnership namely EW, NS, SN or WE; see ALLY, FRIEND, PAL, PARTNERSHIP partnership CO; FIRM; STAND; 쐍 CAHOOTS; LEAGUE; see PARTNERS parts of/in anagram indicator party ANC; BALL; BASH; BEANO; BINGE; CAMP; CON; CROWD; DANCE; DISCO; DO; FETE; FLING; GANG; GREEN; LAB; LIB; RAVE; REVEL; SECT; SET; SIDE; SNP; SOCIAL; SPREE; STAG; THRASH; TORIES; WAKE; 쐍 BUST; FACTION; FUNCTION; GROUP; RECEPTION; ROUT (arch.); [쒁 FIESTA]; can have something to do with one of the characters from the party scene in Alice in Wonderland e.g. Alice, Mad Hatter, Dormouse party, African ANC party, Aussie DING party-giver HOST party, illegal RAVE party, kind of STAG party, late WAKE party man HATTER; MEMBER party member GREEN party official/organiser WHIP party, old ROUT; WHIG party organiser WHIP party policy in America TICKET party, riotous/wild RAVE party’s policy LINE; TICKET party, section of/some of WING party, sort of BOTTLE; HEN; SEARCH; STAG party supporters CAMP party time DOT (i.e. DO-T) party type MEMBER partygoer RAVER


parvenu UPSTART Pasch EASTER pass ALLOW; COL; CROSS; DIE; ELAPSE; GAP; GATE; GO; HAND; LAPSE; LUNGE; ROAD; ROUTE; SPEND; WAY; 쐍 GHAT; GOBY (i.e. go by); PERMIT; RELAY; TICKET; VISA pass, mountain COL; GATE pass off FOIST pass on HAND; REFER; RELAY; see DIE pass out FAINT; METE; 쐍 GRADUATE; QUALIFY pass over CROSS; DIE; FORD; JUMP; LEAP; SKIP pass quickly FLIT pass through a hole REEVE pass up LOC (i.e. rev.); SHUN passable DECENT; FAIR passage AISLE (or, with a homophone indicator, ISLE); ALLEY; CODA; DUCT; EXCERPT; EXIT; HALL; LANE; ROAD; STRAIT; TUNNEL; VENT; WAY; 쐍 ADIT; DEFILE; EXTRACT; GUT; LOBBY; TRANSIT; run indicator passage for cables DUCT passage in, a run indicator passage in, has nesting indicator passage, slow LARGO passageway HALL pass OLD; OVER; see HACKNEYED, STALE; can signify an archaic word as “have become pass” cues HAST passed on DEAD; DIED; LATE passed quickly RAN; TORE passenger FARE; RIDER; 쐍 SLACKER; note, this is also a breed of pigeon; nesting indicator ( i.e. where the “passenger” is some component to be carried or nested) passing DEATH; GOING; SHORT; 쐍 BRIEF; DYING; TEMPORARY; anagram indicator


passing of time indicates the omission of T in an associated word passion ANGER; DESIRE; EMOTION; FIRE; HEAT; IRE; LOVE; LUST; RAGE; WRATH passion, with HOT; WARM; 쐍 AVIDLY passion, with less PALER; 쐍 COOLER passionate AVID; HOT; 쐍 BURNING; KEEN; SULTRY passionate about, be LOVE passionate, be BURN passionately anagram indicator passover dinner SEDER passport endorsement VISA password SIGN past AFTER; AGO; EX; FORMER; GONE; LATE; OLD; OVER; PT; TENSE (i.e. grammatical form); 쐍 ANCIENT; HISTORIC; can indicate that a component is to be placed at the end as in “A quarter past twelve” which clues NO-ONE i.e. NOON (twelve) + E (E being the “quarter”); see PAST, IN THE past, at some time in the ONCE past, from time long OLDEN past, in the AGO; GONE; OVER; can indicate that an element is to be nested within AD (i.e. Anno Domini); can indicate that the immediately preceding word (or component) is to be added at the end to get the solution, as “Man in the past to trip qualified worker” 씮 JOURNEYMAN pasta DOUGH; NOODLE(S); 쐍 FUSILLI; ORZO; SPAGHETTI pasta, some NOODLE paste BEAT; GLUE; GUM; PATE; STICK; 쐍 STRASS (in gem trade) Pasternak heroine LARA pastime HOBBY pastor P; 쐍 MINISTER pastry CAKE; CRUST; FILO (Gk.); FLAN; PIE; PUFF; TART pastry dish PIE pasture-land LEA; LEY

pasty PALE; PIE pat CLAP; KNOB (i.e. of butter); STROKE; TAP pat firmly TAMP patch BED; DARN; MEND; ORBIT; PLACE; PLOT; REPAIR; SPOT; TRACT; 쐍 AREA; PERIOD patch up DEB (i.e. reversal of bed); MEND; TOPS (i.e. reversal of spot); 쐍 COBBLE; REPAIR patchy UNEVEN pate HEAD pat PASTE paten PLATE patent CLEAR; OPEN; OVERT; 쐍 NAKED; OBVIOUS path ALLEY; COURSE; ROUTE; TRACK; TRAIL; WAY path, garden ALLEE path, short PAT; ROUT pathetic LAME; SAD; WEAK; anagram indicator pathological anagram indicator patience WAIT(!); 쐍 GAME; can indicate something to do with JOB patient CASE; can indicate something to do with JOB; [쒁 WARD] patient man JOB patients ILL (i.e. the ill) patina FILM patio YARD; 쐍 PAVING patna RICE patriarch JOB; JACOB; LEVI; 쐍 NOAH Patrick PAT patrimony HERITAGE patriotic LOYAL patriotic John BULL patrol PROWL patrol leader P; PL patrol, those on POLICE patron ANGEL; CLIENT; 쐍 CUSTOMER; USER patronising, be DEIGN patter PITCH; SPIEL; 쐍 SPEECH pattern CHECK; GRID; MODEL; NORM; 쐍 DESIGN; FORMAT; TRACERY paucity DEARTH


Paul Newman film

Paul Newman film HUD Pauline disciple TITUS paunch BELLY; POT; TUM pause BREAK; DELAY; STOP; WAIT pavement PATH pavilion MARQUEE; TENT paving SETT; 쐍 PATIO; SLABS; [쒁 CRAZY] paving slab/stone FLAG; SETT paw FOOT; HAND pawn GAGE; HOCK; P; PIECE; PLEDGE; POP; 쐍 DUPE; SURETY pawnbroker UNCLE pay BONUS; DO; FEE; FOOT; MEET; RATE; REMIT; SETTLE; STAND; WAGE; 쐍 DISCHARGE; EARNINGS; MONEY; SCREW; TAR (as with a boat); see PAYMENT pay attention HEED; LIST; MARK; RECK; 쐍 LISTEN; RESPECT pay for (another) TREAT pay heed MARK; RECK; 쐍 LISTEN pay out SPEND; anagram of PAY pay rise YAP (in Down clue) pay up SETTLE; YAP (in a Down clue) pay increase RAISE; RISE pay, way to HP payable DUE payment ANTE; BONUS; CHARGE; COST; FEE; GIRO; PRICE; RATE; RENT; SALARY; TITHE; 쐍 ACCOUNT; CHEQUE; DOLE; EARNEST; see PAY payment, advance ANTE payment, American means of CHECK; see AMERICAN MONEY payment, demand DUN payment, extra BONUS payment, method of CASH; CHEQUE payment token RECEIPT payment, token EARNEST payout DIVI PC facility MOUSE


pea PULSE; SEED pea container POD peace ORDER; PAX; 쐍 QUIET; SILENCE; SERENITY; TRUCE peace agreement TRUCE peaceful CALM; STILL; 쐍 QUIET; SERENE; SILENT peacemaker DOVE peacemakers UN peach CLING; DISH; GRASS; SING; SNITCH; see INFORM, SHOP peak ACME; ALP; BEN; CAP; TIP; TOP; TOR; 쐍 HEAD; VISOR peaky DOWN peal RING; TOLL; 쐍 CHIME pear TUNA (i.e. prickly pear) pear drink PERRY pearl GEM pearler DIVER pearls ROPE peas sounding like P’s this word can, with a homophone indicator, call for PP peasant COTTAR; HIND; RUSTIC peasant, Arab FELLAH peaty area BOG pebble STONE pecan NUT peccadillo SIN; see MISTAKE, SIN peccavi SINS peck KISS; PICK pecked BIT; BITTEN peculiar ODD; OWN; RUM; 쐍 SPECIAL; STRANGE; anagram indicator pedal CYCLE; 쐍 CLUTCH peddle TOUT pedestal BASE pedestrian BANAL; DULL; LAME; P; TRITE; 쐍 PROSAIC pedestrianised the letters CAR to be omitted from word pedigree BREED; LINE; TREE (as in family tree); 쐍 FAMILY; STEMMA pediment GABLE pedlar HAWKER


peel RIND; SKIN; STRIP; with a capital letter can indicate something to do with (1) the Isle of Man (Manx cats, three-legged emblem etc) or (2) the former prime minister peel off SHED; STRIP peeling STRIPPING; 쐍 SUNBURNT; TANNED peels from first and last letters from the word that follows to be used peeping, man caught TOM peer EARL; EQUAL; LOOK; LORD; NOBLE; PRY; 쐍 BARON peeress LADY peerless BEST peeve ANGER peeved CROSS; SHIRTY; see CROSS peevish CROSS (qv); TESTY; TOUCHY peevishness see IRRITABILITY peg CLIP; NOG; PIN; TEE; THOLE; 쐍 DOWEL peg-leg STUMP peg out DIE; see DIE Pegasus HORSE pell-mell anagram indicator pellet BALL; O; PEA; SHOT; SLUG pelt FUR; RAIN; RUN; SHOWER; SKIN (qv); STONE pelt, remove FLAY; SKIN pen BIRD; COOP; DOCK; FOLD; NIB; POUND; STY; WRITE; 쐍 CRIB; QUILL; can call for the name of an author; can indicate something to do with SWAN penal system NICK; see PRISON penal reform anag. of PENAL penalise FINE penalty COST; FINE; PRICE penance, do ATONE pence D; P pence, new NP; P penchant LIKE pencil, some letters on HAND (i.e. H and B); HB pencil, sort of B; H; HB pencil, very soft BB

pendent HANGING penetrate ENTER; PIERCE penetrating ACUTE peninsula IBERIA penitent shirt material HAIR pennant FLAG; STREAMER penned in nesting indicator penniless BROKE; P to be omitted; see BROKE penning nesting indicator Pennsylvania PA penny D; P penny-pinching MEAN; STINGY; TIGHT pens nesting indicator pension scheme SERPS pensioner OAP pensive MOODY penultimate N; indicator for last but one letter penury NEED people BODS; CHAPS; CLAN; DEMOS; FOLK; GATE; KIN; MEN; NATION; ONES; PUBLIC; RACE; SOME; THEY; TRIBE; the proper names of some peoples (1) provide useful material for word-building e.g. IRISH, DANES, FRENCH, LAPPS, POLES; (2) while others are useful in providing complete answers in themselves as heteronyms (alternative meaning) e.g. POLISH; or (3) provide useful homophones e.g. CZECH (for CHECK); 쐍 SETTLE (i.e. as a verb) people, different OTHERS people in general THEY people, leading LIGHTS people, lots of MANY people, many HOST people, of the LAIC; NATIONAL people on board MEN to be nested within component(s) people, other REST people, those THEM; THEY people watching game GATE pep GO; LIFE pepper CHILLI; SEASON; 쐍 RIDDLE (i.e. make holes in); SEASONING



per A; BY; THROUGH per item EACH perceive SEE perception ANGLE; SENSE; VIEW perception, uncanny ESP perch ALIGHT; BASS; POLE; ROD; ROOST; SEAT; SETTLE; SIT perchance see PERHAPS perched up TAS (i.e. “sat” reversed) percussion DRUM perennial HARDY; can indicate some flower such as lupin perfect HONE; IDEAL; MINT; UTTER; 쐍 FLAWLESS; can indicate something to do with the verb tense perfect, most BEST perfect shot BULL; WINNER perfection IDEAL perfectly PAT perform ACT; DO; PLAY; RUN; SING; 쐍 RENDER perform again REDO perform better than CAP perform duty SERVE; 쐍 MINISTER perform, those who ACTORS; CAST; PLAYERS performance ACT; DEED; DUET; FEAT; GIG; SHOW; TURN; 쐍 ACTING; CONCERT; DRAMA; MIME; RECITAL; anagram indicator performance, great BLINDER performance, in ON performance, live CONCERT performance, musical GIG performance on stage ACT; PLAY; OPERA performed ACTED; DID; DONE; SANG; anagram indicator performed, being ON performer ACTOR; ARTISTE; TURN; 쐍 DIVA; PLAYER; SINGER performer, brilliant, leading STAR performer, skilful ACE; MASTER


performing ON; anagram indicator performs ACTS; anagram indicator; see PERFORM perfume SCENT perfume ingredient ORRIS perfunctory TOKEN perhaps SAY; can indicate that we have been given an example and we should look for a general category e.g. “mother perhaps” calls for PARENT, “perhaps Siamese” can call for CAT; can act as an accessory to a homophone indicator; can act as an acknowledgement that the compiler is stretching a point; anagram indicator; can indicate you are expected to suggest the clue, see WRITE YOUR OWN CLUE in the Introduction peril DANGER; RISK perilous RISKY perilously anagram indicator perimeter BORDER period AGE; BOUT; CLASS; DATE; DAY; ERA; POINT; SHIFT; SPACE; SPAN; SPELL; STAGE; STOP; TERM; TIME; WHILE; 쐍 DECADE; INNINGS; PHASE; see TIME period, dark NIGHT period, historical AGE; DATE; ERA period of abstinence LENT period of calm REST period of control REIGN period of delay HALT period of duty STINT; TOUR; WATCH period of expansion, growth BOOM; UP period of play OVER; RUN period of progress LEG; STAGE; 쐍 PHASE period of prosperity BOOM period of study CLASS; TERM period of work STINT period, prosperous BOOM period taken to finish TIME periodic REGULAR; 쐍 ANNUAL; [쒁 TABLE]

person, stupid

periodic review, subject to ROLLING periodical MAG; RAG; REVIEW; see MAGAZINE peripatetic ROVING peripheral OUTER perish DIE perisher PAIN; see NUISANCE perishing COLD; DAMN perjury, commit LIE perk BONUS perky JAUNTY permanent memory ROM permanent way RAIL; RY permeate nesting indicator permed SET permission LEAVE; OK; OKAY permission, get/obtain CLEAR permission to enter PASS permission to go LEAVE; 쐍 EXEAT permit ALLOW; CLEAR; LET; PASS permit to go ahead CLEAR permitted LET; OK; 쐍 ALLOWED; LEGAL; LICIT permitted to CAN perpendicular ERECT; PLUMB perpetual EVER perplex BAFFLE; BOTHER; 쐍 CONFUSE; NONPLUS; PUZZLE; STUMP; TROUBLE perplexed anagram indicator Perry MASON persecutor BULLY Persian CAT; RUG Persian fairy PERI persist HOLD persistence PLUCK persistent CHRONIC; HARD persistently can indicate a verb followed by ON, as “persistently preserve the rule” 씮 CANON persisting CHRONIC person BODY; BEING; BOD; MAN; ONE; PARTY; PER; SORT; 쐍 HUMAN; SOUL; TYPE person, admired IDOL; TRUMP; 쐍 ANGEL; BRICK person advancing LENDER

person, amusing CARD; CHARACTER; see COMIC person, chubby PUDDING person, dreadful PILL person eating DINER person, extraordinary ONER person, ferocious TARTAR person, first I person harassing PEST; 쐍 BADGERER; HARRIER person, helpful ANGEL; BRICK person holding sway RULER; see RULER person, hopeless GONER person, ignorant MUTT; see FOOL person, ill-bred CHURL person in debt OWER person, ineffectual DRIP; DUD; WIMP; see WIMP person, kind/generous/loyal ANGEL; BRICK; GEM person, inexperienced TIRO; TYRO person living in RESIDENT person, nasty GIT; see PERSON, TREACHEROUS person no longer working OAP person of breeding GENT person of distinction DAME; SWELL; VIP; see LORD person one may no longer care for EX person opposing ANTI; CON person, presiding CHAIR person putting on airs DJ person, qualified BA person, remarkable DILLY; ONER; SAINT person, responsible CARER; see HEAD person, sad NERD person, second YOU person, silly ASS; CLOD; DUNCE; PRAT; PUDDING; TWERP; TWIT; see FOOL person, skilful ACE; MASTER person, small TITCH person standing in for VICE person, stupid see PERSON, SILLY


person, supportive

person, supportive ANGEL; BRICK person that amuses see COMIC person transfixed STARER person, treacherous CRUD; CUR; RAT; WEASEL person, uninteresting BORE person unpleasant CREEP; GIT; PIG person, untidy SCRUFF person, violent ROUGH person who is foolish see FOOL person who matters VIP person, wonderful see PERSON, KIND personal ONES; OWN; 쐍 PRIVATE; can indicate a word beginning with SELF; see PRIVATE personal advice AGONY personal aptitude BENT; FLAIR; 쐍 TALENT personal assistant PA personal column can indicate something to do with spine, vertebrae, leg personal domestic activity DIY personal problem BO personality EGO; ID; SELF; 쐍 NATURE personnel CREW; STAFF (qv); TEAM (qv) perspiration BO; SWEAT perspiration, covered in DAMP; MOIST; WET; 쐍 SWEATY persuade GET; URGE persuaded, easily PLIABLE pert CHEEKY; FRESH; SAUCY; 쐍 IMPUDENT perturb SHOCK perturbed anagram indicator perusal READING peruse READ Peruvian/old INCA; INCAN perverse ODD; RUM; 쐍 WARPED; anagram indicator perversely anagram indicator perversion WARP; anagram indicator perverted WARPED; anagram indicator


pest BORE; BOTHER; BUG; LOUSE; MOUSE; RAT; 쐍 VERMIN; see NUISANCE pest, American ROACH pester BADGER; BOTHER; PLAGUE pestilence PLAGUE pests LICE; MICE; see PEST pet BATE; CARESS; CAT; DOG; HUFF; PEKE; RAGE; TIFF pet, Darling NANA pet lamb CADE pet shelter HUTCH peter SAFE; can indicate something to do with diminishing (i.e. to peter out) Peter PAN; SELLERS; see PETER (above); [쒁 GREAT] peter out DIE (usually Peter has a capital initial to confuse you) petite LITTLE; SMALL petition BEG; CASE; SUE; SUIT petitioner SUPPLICANT petrified SCARED; STONED petrol GAS; FUEL; JUICE; 쐍 LEADED petrol provider ESSO; MOBIL; SHELL petrol pump BOWSER petty MINOR (qv) petty complaints, make CARP petty cash CHANGE; FLOAT; P; PENCE petty criminal anagram of PETTY Petty Officer PO petulant SURLY petulant gesture, make STAMP phase LEG; PERIOD; STAGE; 쐍 CYCLE phantom GHOST pharmacist MPS pheasants NIDE (from Fr. nid) Phil as an abbrev. for Philharmonic can indicate something to do with orchestra or musical instrument, as “Behave like Phil?” 씮 FIDGET (i.e. a synonym for ‘fiddle’) Phileas FOGG Philip PHIL; PIP; [쒁 ARMADA] Philip, young PIP


philosopher AYER; LOCKE; MILL; PLATO; SAGE; 쐍 BACON; HEGEL; KANT; OCCAM; ROUSSEAU; RUSSELL; SARTRE; STEINER; STOIC; THALES philosophy VIEW Phineas, Trollope’s FINN phlegmatic PLACID phobia FEAR; THING Phoebe MOON phone BLOWER; CALL; DIAL; LINE; MOBILE; RING; TEL phone book DIRECTORY phone, by homophone indicator phone call BUZZ; RING phone connection LINE phone, use DIAL; RING phoned RANG phony, phoney MOCK; see FAKE phosphorus P photo PIC; SHOT; SNAP; STILL photograph SHOOT; see PHOTO photographic developer SOUP photography can indicate something to do with lighting photogenic PRETTY phrase MOTTO phrase, familiar/oft-repeated CLICHE; MANTRA; MOTTO; SAYING; see PROVERB phwoar! COR physical education, instruction, training PE; PT physical qualification BSC physician DOC; GALEN; LUKE; see DOCTOR physicist CURIE; LODGE; MACH; PAUL; 쐍 HENRY physics establishment CERN physique BODY pi SMUG pianist once, female HESS piano GRAND; P; QUIET; SOFT; UPRIGHT; [쒁 KEY; NOTE] piano part KEY piano piece ETUDE pick BEST; CREAM; ELECT; ELITE; FLOWER; GLEAN; OPT; PECK; PLUCK; POKE;

PRIME; SELECT; TOOL; TOP; 쐍 CHOOSE pick for one’s country/team CAP pick-me-up TONIC pick up LEARN; RESUME; SPOT pick-up UTILITY (i.e. truck) picket FENCE picking up reversal indicator pickings, make GLEAN; SELECT pickle BIND; CORNER; CURE; HOLE; IMP; JAM; MESS; PLIGHT; SCRAPE; SPOT; STEW; anagram indicator; see CHILD, NAUGHTY pickle, in a CURRIED pickled HIGH; 쐍 PRESERVED; STEWED; see DRUNK pickpocket DIP picnic SPREAD; can indicate something being easy, piece of cake, etc; [쒁 AL FRESCO] picot LOOP picture FILM; IMAGE; MOVIE; MURAL; OIL; PHOTO; PIC; PRINT; SKETCH; SNAP; VIEW; 쐍 DRAWING; IDEA; IMAGINE picture, big EPIC; POSTER picture blacker, make SHADE picture, small INSET picture-postcard VIEW pictures ART; PIX pictures, some TATE; 쐍 GALLERY picturesque anagram indicator pie DISH; PASTRY; PASTY; TART; anagram indicator pie-cooking EPI (i.e. anagram of pie) pie-eyed see DRUNK pie top CRUST piece BIT; CHIP; CHUNK; CUT; FLAKE; GUN; ITEM; LUMP; MAN; MORSEL; PART; PATCH; PORTION; SHARD; SHEET; SLAB; SLICE; STRIP; TAG; TUNE; WEDGE; 쐍 ARTICLE; EXCERPT; PARTICLE; can indicate that a sequence of letters within a word


piece, narrow

is to be used, as “concert piece” 씮 ERT; see CHESSMAN piece, narrow BAND; SLIVER; STRIP piece of initial letter indicator; run indicator piece of advice TIP piece of cake EASY piece of film CLIP piece of ground/land LOT; PARCEL; PATCH; PLOT; 쐍 FEUD (archaic) piece of material RAG; 쐍 CLOTH piece of news ITEM piece of paper SHEET; TICKET piece of wood BOARD; PALE; PLANK piece, short EXTRACT; 쐍 PASSAGE piece, small SLIVER piece, thick SLAB piece, tiny PARTICLE piecemeal anagram indicator pieces MEN pieces, go to FLAKE pieces, in/to anagram indicator piecework COLLAGE pieceworker, a ABITANT (i.e. a-bit-ant, useful for making ‘habitant’ or ‘inhabitant’) pier JETTY; [쒁 DOCK; MOLE] pierce BORE; CLEAVE; CUT; ENTER; GORE; LANCE; SPEAR; SPIT; STAB; 쐍 BROACH; IMPALE pierced CUT piercing tool AWL pierhead P piers HARBOUR Piersporter VIEN; WINE piety DEVOTION piffle see RUBBISH pig BAR; BOAR; HOG; RUNT; SOW; SWINE; 쐍 BEAST; POKE; PORKER; can indicate something to do with iron, ironworks etc; [쒁 FARROW; STY; SWILL] pig, bit of a see PIG-MEAT pig, cured BACON pig food MAST; SWILL


pig-meat HAM; 쐍 BACON; PORK; RASHER pig-pen STY pig’s origin P; STY pig, smallest RUNT pig sound GRUNT pigeon CARRIER; HOMER; 쐍 CONCERN; PASSENGER; [쒁 LOFT] piggish noise OINK piglet* RUNT pigment UMBER; 쐍 BISTRE pigment, brownish BISTRE pigs SWINE pike LUCE; SPEAR; STAFF pile HEAP; HILL; MASS; MINT; NAP; POT; RICK; STACK; STAKE; TOWER; 쐍 MOUND; REACTOR pile, combustible PYRE pile of combustible PYRE pile of hay RICK pile of papers REAM pile of rocks CAIRN; TOR pile of sheaves STOOK pile up AMASS; GATHER; HEAP; STACK; see PILE-UP pile-up SMASH; CRASH; 쐍 ACCIDENT; see PILE UP pilfer RIFLE; ROB; STEAL pilgrim PALMER pilgrimage HAJ pill TAB; TABLET pill-box INRO pillage ROB; SACK; 쐍 REAVE (arch.) pillar PIER; POST; STELE; 쐍 COLUMN pilot ACE; FLY; FLYER; GUIDE; LEAD; STEER; TEST; TRIAL; USHER piloted FLEW; LED pimple SPOT pin CASK; CLIP; FLAG; NAIL; PEG; RIVET; SPIKE; STICK; TACK; 쐍 AXIS; SKITTLE; THOLE; [쒁 PANEL] pin down NAIL pin one’s faith on TRUST

place for entertainment

pin-up LIAN (i.e. nail reversed); NIP (i.e. pin reversed); SNAP; 쐍 POSTER pinafore PINNY Pinafore can indicate something to do with Gilbert and Sullivan, D’Oyly Carte pinch BIT; CRAMP; FILCH; NIP; ROB; STEAL; SWIPE pinched DRAWN; STOLE pinching nesting indicator pine DEAL; FRET; LONG; MOON; TREE pine leaf NEEDLE pinion COG; WING; 쐍 FEATHER pink CORAL; KNOCK; ROSE; ROSY; RUDDY; THRIFT pink, look BLUSH pink paper FT pinned NAILED; TACKED pins LEGS pint ALE; BEER; JAR; PT pints, sixteen PECK pints, two QUART pioneer BLAZE pious DEVOUT; GOOD; HOLY; PI pious hope RIP pious man ST; 쐍 SAINT pip BEAT; FIT; GREED; SEED; SPOT (i.e. on a playing card) Pip can clue the word EXPECTATIONS (from Dickens) Pip’s beloved ESTELLA (i.e. from Great Expectations) pip, we hear CEDE pipe BUTT; CASK; DUCT; FLUE; FLUTE; HOSE; OAT; REED; SEWER; TUBE; 쐍 BONG; BRIER; CHANTER pipeline HOSE piper’s son TOM pipes, like some REEDY piping HOT; REEDY; 쐍 TUBES; TUBING pippin* APPLE piquancy TANG piquant TANGY pique HUFF; PET piracy CRIME; THEFT

pirate FLINT; HOLE; HOOK; KIDD; MORGAN; PEW; ROVER; SILO; SILVER pirouette TURN Pisa, tower of usually indicates LEAN, LEANS or LEANING piste SLOPE piston ROD pit BED; MINE; STONE; TRAP; 쐍 ABYSS; HOLLOW pit-worker DIGGER; MINER; 쐍 COLLIER pitch CAST; DIP; FIELD; HURL; KEY; LOB; SHY; SLING; SPIEL; TAR; THROW; TONE; TOSS; 쐍 FLING; PATTER; can indicate something to do with music or sound; [쒁 NOTE] pitch, on another AWAY pitch, on the IN; 쐍 BATTING; PLAYING pitch, over the normal SHARP pitch, side of END pitched CAST; FLUNG; SLUNG; TARRED pitcher DIPPER; EWER; URN pitchfork [쒁 TUNE] pith CORE; HEART pithy TERSE pitiable POOR pity SHAME; RUE; RUTH; 쐍 QUARTER pivot AXLE; TURN placard POSTER (qv); SIGN placate CALM; 쐍 APPEASE place AREA; BED; CELL; CITY; FLAT; HOME; LAY; LIEU; LODGE; PAD; PL; POINT; POSE; POST; PUT; ROOM; SET; SHOP; SITE; SPOT; SPACE; 쐍 LOCATE; LOCATION; LOCUS; NICHE; POSITION; STEAD; ZONE place, all over the anagram indicator place, awful DUMP; STY place below BURY; INTER place, cleric’s BRAY place, cosy NEST; 쐍 NICHE place for discussion FORUM place for entertainment CLUB; FAIR


place for fighting

place for fighting RING place for reading AMBO place for street vendor PITCH place, high EYRIE; PEAK place, in ON; anagram indicator place in France/Paris LIEU place in office INVEST place in opposition PIT place in society CASTE; CLASS place in the field see FIELDING POSITION place, in the same IB place, in this HERE place, iniquitous DEN place of birth NATAL place of convalescence SPA place of debauchery STY place of duty POST place of entertainment CLUB; FAIR place of great beauty EDEN place of match VENUE; 쐍 PITCH place of seclusion LAIR place of unspoiled beauty EDEN place of vice DEN place of worship CH; TEMPLE place often visited HAUNT place on board CABIN; CHAIR; DECK; SQUARE place, out of anagram indicator place overseas LIEU place, perfect NICHE place, relaxing HAVEN place, safe ARK place setting COVER place, small BOOTH place, that THERE place, that’s the THERE place, this HERE place to confine PEN place to eat CAFE; CAFF; MESS; TABLE; 쐍 RESTAURANT place to exercise GYM place to hide LAIR place to live, stay see ACCOMMODATION place to play PITCH place to stop BERTH; PORT place, uncomfortable HOLE place to watch STAND


place where workers are seen see WORKPLACE placed LAID; PUT; SAT; SET placid COOL placing SITING; 쐍 SETTING placket SLIT (in a skirt) plagiarise COPY; STEAL plagiarised STOLEN plagiarism CRIB; THEFT plagiarist COPIER; PIRATE plague DOG; PRESS; 쐍 SCOURGE; see ANNOY plague-carrier RAT plaid CHECK; 쐍 CHECKED; TARTAN plain BALD; BARE; BLUNT; FLAT; OVERT; SIMPLE; SOBER; STARK; STEPPE; 쐍 CANDID; CLEAR; EXPLICIT; FRANK; UGLY; UNPAINTED plain language PROSE plain-spoken BLUNT; FRANK plaintiff DOE plait BRAID plaits, with BRAIDED plan AIM; CHART; DEAL; DESIGN; DRAFT; FRAME; IDEA; INTEND; MAP; MEAN; PLOT; PLOY; THOUGHT; 쐍 BREW; METHOD; PROPOSITION; SCHEME; anagram indicator plan, prepare DRAFT plan to steal CASE plane BUS; DRESS; EVEN; FLAT; JET; KITE; LEVEL; MIG; SHAVER; SOAR; TREE; TOOL; 쐍 FIGHTER; GLIDER plane control RUDDER plane, get on BOARD plane in, bring LAND plane journey FLIGHT plane, take a (travel by) FLY plane, took a (travelled by) FLEW planet EARTH; MARS; WORLD plank BOARD planking BOARDS planned MEANT; anagram indicator planners OS

play leading role

planning DESIGN plant ARUM; ASTER; BROOM; BURY; BUSH; CHARD; CHIVE; CRESS; DILL; DOCK; FERN; FIX; FLAG; GORSE; GRASS; HEATH; HEMP; HERB; HOLLY; HOP; HOSTA; INTER; IVY; JUTE; LAY; MALLOW; MILL; MINT; MOSS; PEA; PLUNGE; PUT; REED; RAPE; ROOT; RUE; RUSH; SAGE; SEDGE; SOW; STOCK; TARO; THRIFT; VINE; WEED; WORKS; YARROW; 쐍 ALOE; ANNUAL; BUGLE; FACTORY; FRAME; HEATHER; LOVAGE; MEU; NETTLE; OCA; ORRIS; PARSLEY; PINK; SENNA; SET; SETTLE; SPURGE; STATICE; STOCK; see FLOWER, SHRUB, VEGETABLE plant, aromatic ANISE plant, bog SEDGE plant disease BLIGHT plant, fodder EMMER plant, garden ANNUAL; see PLANT plant, intrusive WEED plant juice SAP plant, large TREE plant, leguminous GUAR plant life FLORA plant, marsh REED; RUSH plant, North American SEGO plant, oil RAPE plant, part of ANTHER; ROOT; STALK; STEM plant, poisonous SPURGE plant, tropical LIANA plant, wild ANISE plant, woody VINE plant, yellow RAPE planted SOWN; anagram indicator planter SEEDER; SOWER plaque PLATE; TABLET plaster RENDER; STRIP; 쐍 DAUB; TEER (building) plastered DRUNK (qv); STONED plastic SOFT; anagram indicator plate COAT; COVER; DISC; DISH; LAMINA; METAL;

SCALE; 쐍 CHARGER; COURSE; PATEN; SCUTE (zool.); can indicate baseball plate and so calling up PITCHER etc. plate, metal FISH plate, small SCALE plateau FLAT; TABLE plates SCUTA (zool.); see PLATE plates of meat FEET (rhyming slang) plates, small SCALES platform CAGE; DECK; RAFT; RIG; STAGE; 쐍 DAIS; GANTRY; PODIUM; STADDLE platform, mobile DOLLY; LIFT platform, part of PLANK plating silver AG to be nested platoon PL platter DISH; RECORD; see PLATE play ACT; BAT; BET; BRAND; CAST; FRISK; FUN; GAME; GIVE; LARK; ROOM; SCOPE; SKETCH; SHOW; SPORT; STRUM; TOY; TRIFLE; VENT; WORK; 쐍 DISPORT; DRAMA; GAMBLE; PIPE; PLUCK; ROMP; anagram indicator; can signal a famous play, often by Shakespeare, and often abbreviated in the clue e.g. MND; [쒁 ACTOR; CAST] play area BOARD; COURT; PITCH; REC play around MONKEY; a component to be nested within PLAY (or a synonym e.g. TOY) play at first see PLAY FIRST play, be in ACT; APPEAR play casually STRUM play, end of ACTIV (i.e. Act IV); Y play first LEAD; START; TOP play football DRIBBLE play for time STALL play game anag. of GAME play ground COURT; 쐍 PITCH; REC play, in anagram indicator play, late part of ACTIV play leading role STAR


play on words

play on words PUN; anagram indicator play opening ACTI; P play, part of ACT; SCENE play, preferring to SPORTY play, present STAGE play quaveringly TRILL play regularly LY play school RADA play, section of ACT play, start of ACTI (i.e. Act I); P play the fool DAFF play violin BOW play with words PUN playboy RAKE played anagram indicator played first LED player ACTOR; BLACK; BLUE; PIPER; STRIKER; WHITE; WING; WINGER; see FOOTBALLER; can signify an orchestra member, usually a musical instrument, e.g. oboe, tuba, see MUSICAL INSTRUMENT; anagram indicator; [쒁 PART; ROLE] player, best CHAMP player, bit EXTRA player, defensive BACK player, extra RESERVE player of pipes PAN player, poor RABBIT player, sidelined WING; WINGER player, top ACE; SEED; STAR player, unskilful HAM player’s warning FORE players BAND; CAST; GROUP; LSO; SIDE; SQUAD; TEAM; can indicate something to do with orchestra, music; [쒁 PITCH; STAGE] players, group of see PLAYERS players, groups of SIDES; see PLAYERS players’ union EQUITY playful FRISKY playground REC; 쐍 COURT; PITCH playing ON; SPORT; anagram indicator


playing area PITCH playing cards DECK; PACK playing-field PITCH plaything DOLL; TOY playtime BREAK playwright BOLT; FRY; PINTER; RICE; SHAW; TRAVERS; WILDE; 쐍 BEHAN; BRECHT; WILDER; see DRAMATIST plea APPEAL; CALL; SUIT plea for mercy MITIGATION (useful to get litigation) plead ASK; BEG; CLAIM; SUE; 쐍 ENTREAT pleasant GOOD; KIND; NICE; SWEET; 쐍 AMICABLE; AMIABLE; FRIENDLY pleasant surroundings, in a component to be nested within a synonym for pleasant e.g. NICE pleasantness AMENITY please CONTENT; DELIGHT; 쐍 GRATIFY; TICKLE pleased CONTENT; GLAD; HAPPY; 쐍 PROUD pleased, look SMILE (qv) pleasure BLISS; DELIGHT; FUN; JOY; WILL pleasure, gain ENJOY pleasure, give DELIGHT; TICKLE; TREAT pleasure-seeker RAVER; 쐍 HEDONIST pleat FOLD; TUCK plebeian RED plectrum [쒁 PLUCK] pledge GAGE; OATH; PAWN; TOAST; TROTH; WORD; 쐍 EARNEST; can signal something to do with pawnshops plentiful AMPLE; 쐍 COPIOUS plentiful, be ABOUND plenty ALOT (i.e. A LOT); AMPLE; LOT plenty, with RICH; see RICH pliant SUPPLE; 쐍 ELASTIC; GIVING; LITHE plied STROVE; TOILED plight LOT; PICKLE plimsoll PUMP plinth SOCLE

poetry, of

plod TRAIL; TRUDGE; WADDLE plonk BOOZE; DUMP; SIT; WINE plonked SAT plot BED; GRAPH; GRAVE; GROUND; HATCH; LAND; PLAN; RUSE; TRACT; 쐍 GARDEN; INTRIGUE; MAP plot, clerical GREBE plots anagram indicator plotter CASCA plough SHARE; TILL ploughed anagram indicator ploughed, may be ARABLE ploughing anagram indicator ploy CABAL; DODGE; GAMBIT; PLAN; RUSE; TRICK; WILE ploy, deceptive SELL ploy, winning MATE pluck GRIT; PICK; 쐍 GUTS; PLAY; TWANG; TWITCH; [쒁 PLECTRUM; STRING] plucky BRAVE; GAME; can indicate something to do with the player of a string instrument plug AD; BUNG; PUSH; SHOOT; STOP; STOPPER; TAMP; as a form of tobacco can indicate something to do with smoking a pipe plum CREAM; GAGE; TOP plumb LEAD; SOUND; WEIGHT; 쐍 FATHOM plumber PIPER plume WISP; 쐍 FEATHER plummet DROP; FALL; PLUNGE; SOUND plump FAT; ROUND; STOUT; 쐍 ROTUND; ROUNDED plunder LOOT; PREY; RIFLE; ROB; SACK; SWAG plunge DIP; DIVE; RUSH; 쐍 GAMBLE plunged DOVE plural a plural word can indicate that a word or component is to be repeated. In this way the plural “firms” can signify COCO for example as in “Firms connected with a beverage” is solved by COCOA

plus AND; ASSET; CROSS; MORE; SIGN plus, give a ADD; 쐍 CREDIT plush RICH Pluto DIS plutonium PU pluvial RAINY ply BEND; LAYER; STRAND; THREAD Plymouth, feature of HOE PM can call for the name of a specific prime minister, see PRIME MINISTER; can indicate something to do with the afternoon PM, former LAW poach STEAL; 쐍 COOK; HUNT pocket KEEP; POUCH; RETAIN; 쐍 PURSE; can indicate something to do with snooker pocket, in UP pocketing, pockets nesting indicator pod CASE podium STAGE; 쐍 ROSTRUM Poe’s visitor RAVEN poem CANTO; EPIC; IF; LAY; LINES; LL; ODE; SONNET; VERSE; 쐍 BALLAD; IDYLL; [쒁 ODIC] poem, part of VERSE poet BARD; BRIDGES; BROOKE; BURNS; CLARE; DONNE; GRAY; HOMER; HOOD; HUNT; KEATS; LEAR; MARVEL; OWEN; POPE; POUND; PRIOR; TATE; VIRGIL; YEATS; 쐍 AUDEN; BROWNING; CHAUCER; COWPER; DANTE; ELIOT; HEINE; MARTIAL; OVID; RILKE; SHELLEY; SKELTON; SPENDER poet, Italian DANTE poet’s work ODE; POEM; VERSE; see POEM poetic element IAMB; VERSE; 쐍 RHYME poetic rhythm METRE poetic usage VERSE; can indicate poetic versions of words e.g. tho poetry LL; VERSE; see POEM poetry, of ODIC


poetry, short

poetry, short FOOT point AIM; BARB; CAPE; DOT; E; END; GIST; HEAD; ISSUE; LEAD; MARK; N; NESS; NIB; NODE; NUB; PEAK; PIN; PRONG; PT; REASON; S; SHOW; SPIKE; SPOT; STOP; THORN; THRUST; TICK; TINE; TIP; TRAIN; W; 쐍 DETAIL; GUIDE; MORAL; PRICKLE; STAGE; TUSK; first letter indicator as “freezing point” clues F; first or last letter indicator (example: “has no good points” requires G to be omitted from the beginning and end of a word such as GANG to give AN) point, at every ALL point, at that THERE point, at this HERE point, central HUB; NUB point in journey GEO (i.e. E in “go”) point, main CRUX; GIST; HUB; NUB point of view ANGLE; SLANT; TAKE point of writing, the NIB point out N, E, W or S to be omitted point to FINGER point-to-point can indicate two points of the compass connected by TO (e.g. ETON, STON, STOW); or simply two points of the compass juxtaposed e.g. EN pointed ACUTE; SHARP; 쐍 TAPERED; TAPERING pointed remark BARB; DIG pointed structure SPIRE pointer ARROW; CLUE; DOG; HAND (as on a clock); NEEDLE; SETTER pointless BLUNT; INANE; LOVE; O; VAIN; 쐍 INEPT; see POINTLESSLY pointlessly can indicate that N, E, W, and/or S should be omitted points some combination of N, E, W and S; [쒁 TRACK] points, with no NOSE (i.e. no SE); see POINTLESSLY


poise BALANCE poison BANE; 쐍 MALICE; TOXIN; anagram indicator poisoned TOXIC poisoner ASP poisonous TOXIC poisonous plant SPURGE poke BAG; EGG; GOAD; JAB; PICK; PROD; ROOT; STAB; URGE; 쐍 SPORRAN poke fun at MOCK poker STUD poker hand FLUSH; STRAIGHT Poland PL polar might indicate something to do with ice, cold, bear, penguin etc polar explorer ROSS; SCOTT Polaris STAR; SUB pole BEAM; BOOM; MAST; N; NORTH; POST; ROD; S; SOUTH; SPAR; SPRIT; STAFF; STAKE; STICK; 쐍 ANODE; PERCH; ROOST; can indicate something to do with stylite polenta MEAL police BILL; CID; COPS; DIS; FORCE; LAW; MET; MPS; RUC; YARD; 쐍 CONTROL; GARDA; GUARD Police Department PD police force MET; MP; YARD police force, former RUC police informer GRASS; NOSE police officer DI; DS; PC; SUPER; see POLICEMAN police operation ARREST police post BOMA (E.Afr.) police, secret KGB police spy NARK police station NICK police suspicion SUS police trap STING policeman COP; COPPER; GARDA; MOUNTIE; MP; PC; PLOD; SPECIAL; SUPER; 쐍 BUSY; DIXON; [쒁 LOT, PATCH] policeman, old PEELER; RUNNER; 쐍 CATCHPOLE policeman, plain-clothes DI; DS policeman, senior SUPER

poorly dressed

policemen CID; MPS; see POLICE policy LINE; PLAN; PLANK; TACK; can indicate the answer is a familiar advisory proverb polish BUFF; CLASS; FINISH; GLOSS; RUB; SAND; SHINE; WAX; 쐍 REFINE; SMOOTH polished SLICK; WAXED; 쐍 SHONE; SMOOTH polished off ATE polite CIVIL; SUAVE politer NICER politic DISCREET; 쐍 DIPLOMATIC; TACTFUL; [쒁 TACT] political PARTY; STATE political activists CELL; PARTY political allies BLOC political control POWER political division CENTRE; LEFT; RIGHT political enforcer WHIP political gathering RALLY political group BLOC; CELL; PARTY; WING; 쐍 FRONT; SENATE political leader P; PM; see PRIME MINISTER political leaders POL political opponents SIDES political organisation PARTY political power STATE political spokesman’s words SPIN politically correct PC politician CON; LAB; LIB; MP; TORY; WHIG; 쐍 GREEN; MAYOR; MEMBER politician, American DEM politician, senior MINISTER; PM politicians PARTY politicians, removal of PURGE politics [쒁 PARTY] poll COUNT; CUT; HEAD; VOTE pollute DEFILE; DIRTY; MAR; 쐍 INFECT polluted anagram indicator pollution anagram indicator pollution, create see POLLUTE Polo CAR

polo mallet STICK Polonius can indicate something to do with lending (character in Hamlet) pommel HORN pompom BALL; CANNON pompous STUFFY pond MERE; POOL ponder MULL; MUSE; THINK; WEIGH; 쐍 DEBATE pontiff POPE pony HORSE pooch DOG Pooh BEAR Pooh’s friend ROO Pooh said BARE (i.e. homophone) pool BATH; CESS; FUND; KITTY; LIDO; MERE; POND; see CASH RESOURCES; anagram indicator pool, heated SPA pool, open-air LIDO pool, work in the TYPE pools entries DIVES poop DECK; TIRE; 쐍 EXHAUST poor BAD; BLEAK; ILL; LAME; LEAN; LOW; NEEDY; OFF; ROPEY; THIN; WEAK; 쐍 BUM; DISMAL; RAGGED; SHODDY; anagram indicator poor actor HAM poor area SLUM poor fellow WRETCH poor grade D; E poor grades DD; DE; ED; EE poor growth SCRUB poor health, in ILL; SICK poor performer RABBIT poor quality, stuff TAT poor reception STATIC poor relief ALMS poor soul WRETCH poor trading figure LOSS poor, very LOUSY; see POOR poorer quality, of LEANER; ROPIER poorest LEAST poorly AILING; ILL; anagram indicator poorly drafted anagram indicator poorly dressed RAGGED



poorly-made BAD Pooter signals something to do with the book The Diary of a Nobody pop BURST; DAD; FATHER; HOCK; NIP; PA; PAWN; see FATHER pop artist RAPPER pop back AP pop concert GIG pop figure IDOL pop-group BAND pop music RAP pop off DIE; PA or POP to be omitted pop star STING Pope LEO; URBAN; 쐍 ADRIAN; CLEMENT; MARTIN Pope at turn of century POLE Pope’s document BULL popinjay FOP poplar ASP; with its initial letter capitalised (Poplar) can indicate something to do with London popped anagram indicator poppycock ROT; see RUBBISH popular IN; HOT; LAY; LIKED; MASS; 쐍 FAMED; can indicate the colloquial version of a word, for instance “popular game” 씮 FOOTER popular demonstration DEMO popular, most TOP popular music MOTOWN; POP; RAP; ROCK popular, not IN to be omitted popular person/record/thing HIT popular, something very CULT popular success HIT popular team INSIDE popular, very HOT porcelain, Chinese MING porcelain container MING porch ENTRANCE pore over CON; STUDY pork PIG pork, bit of RUMP pork-pie HAT; LIE; UNTRUTH porker PIG (qv) porkies LIES


pornographic BLUE porridge BIRD; GRUEL; OATS; STIR porridge, ingredient of SAMP port HAVEN; HOLE; L; LEFT; PT; STOP (i.e. port of call); sea port, commonly RIO; also ACRE, ADEN, AYR, BARI, BREST, CORK, DEAL, DOVER, HULL, OBAN, ORAN, POOLE, RYE, SPLIT, TYRE port* WINE port authority PLA port, Cornish LOOE port, prepare MULL port, Scottish OBAN port authority PLA port, prepare MULL portable LIGHT portal GATE portend BODE portent OMEN; SIGN porter ALE; BEER; CARRIER; STOUT Porter COLE Porter’s can refer to a song or musical by Cole Porter porter’s house LODGE portico STOA portion BIT; DOLE; LOT; PART; PIECE; RATION; SHARE; SLICE; SOME; 쐍 CHUNK; FRACTION portly FAT; STOUT portraitist LELY portray SHOW; SKETCH; 쐍 DEPICT Portsmouth POMPEY pose ACT; LIE; MODEL; PUT; SIT; 쐍 STANCE posed SAT; anagram indicator poses anagram indicator; see POSE poseur PSEUD posh SMART; TOP; U; UPPER posh car LIMO; ROLLER; ROLLS; RR posh chap/ person NOB; SNOB; TOFF posh fellows UFF posh frock ROBE

potato dish

position GRADE; LAY; LIE; OFF; ON; PLACE; POSE; POST; PUT; SEAT; SET; SITE; SLOT; SPOT; STANCE; STAND; 쐍 BERTH; OFFICE; POINT; SITUATE; STANDING; STATION; STEAD position, assign to PUT; SITE; 쐍 LOCATE position, awkward CORNER; SPOT position, commanding TOP position, fill APPOINT position, in advantageous UP position of authority CHAIR position of cross STATION position, paid POST; see JOB position relative to ship ABEAM; AFT; PORT; 쐍 FORWARD; STARBOARD position, taking new anagram indicator positioned ON; PUT; SAT; SET positioned around nesting indicator positions LOCI; see POSITION positive PLUS; POS; SURE; YES positive photo PRINT positive reaction AY; AYE; JA; OK; OUI; YES positive result GAIN; WIN positive sign PLUS possess HAVE; HOLD; KEEP; OWN possessed HAD; OWNED possessed of nesting indicator possesses HAS; OWNS possession, be in see POSSESS possession, in nesting indicator possession, in our a component to be nested within OUR possession, was in HAD possessions ESTATE possessions, enjoy HAVE; OWN possessive female HER possessive male HIS possessive sort OWNER possessor OWNER; 쐍 HOLDER

possibilities anagram indicator (as “ten possibilities” calls for an anagram of TEN) possibility CHANCE; MIGHT possible ON; anagram indicator possibly MAYBE; anagram indicator; can indicate that the general category of the example given is called for (Example: “Whip Tom, possibly?” 씮 CAT); can indicate that the definition given in the clue is indirect (Example: “The first to filch – one put inside, possibly” leads to THIEF ) possibly true anagram of TRUE post AFTER; CHAIR; JAMB; JOB; MAIL; OFFICE; PLACE; POLE; RAIL; SEND; STAKE; STUD; 쐍 NEWEL; PILLAR; SITUATION; STATION post, in the SENT postage CHARGE; STAMP postal order PO postal service RM posted MAILED; SENT poster AD; BILL; STICKER postern DOOR; GATE postman PAT postpone DEFER; DELAY; SHELVE postponed OFF; 쐍 DEFERRED postulate POSIT posture POSE; SET; STANCE; STAND posturing CAMP posy SPRAY pot BELLY; CROCK; DOPE; GRASS; HASH; JAR; MING; MUG; SHOOT; TUB; TUM; URN; WEED; WOK; 쐍 CATCH; COOKER; DIXIE; KITTY; PAUNCH; PRIZE; [쒁 STAKE] pot-bellied ROUND pot, broken CROCK pot shot, take SNIPE potassium K potato SPUD; TUBER; YAM; 쐍 EDWARD; MURPHY; [쒁 CHIP; CRISP; ROOT] potato, battered CHIP; FRITTER potato dish MASH


potato, portion of

potato, portion of CHIP potatoes MASH potatoes, pile of CLAMP potboiler HOB; STOVE potent STRONG potentate PRINCE potential MAKINGS; VOLT; anagram indicator potential growth BUD; SEED potential, having ABLE potentially anagram indicator pother FUSS pothole CAVE pots CROCKERY Potter can indicate something to do with Harry Potter e.g. magic, broomstick potter MESS; TINKER; can indicate something to do with Wedgwood potter about FOOTLE; a component to be nested with POTTER pottery CHINA; CRAFT; DELFT; MING pottery centre STOKE pottery material CLAY pottery, piece of SHARD potting can indicate something to do with snooker, etc. pouch POCKET; SAC; 쐍 PURSE poultry GOOSE; HEN; HENS poultry disease ROUP poultry product EGG pounce JUMP; SPRING pounced STRUCK pound BEAT; BELT; GRIND; HIT; L; LB; LAM; ONER; PEN; QUID; RAM; THUMP; WEIGHT; 쐍 BATTER; CAGE; NICKER; ONCER; STRIKE pound coin/note ONCER; ONER; QUID £1 debt, to have OWEL (i.e. owe L) pounds L; LL; see POUND pounds, a few LL; STONE pounds, having lost L or LL to be omitted pounds, shillings and pence ACID; LSD


pour DROP; GUSH; LASH; RAIN; SERVE; SPOUT; STREAM; TEEM; TIP pour away DRAIN pour noisily TEAM (i.e. homophone) pour out DECANT; anagram of POUR pout BIB; MOUE; SULK POW camp STALAG powder FLOUR; MEAL; TALC; 쐍 SNUFF powder, reduced to GROUND powdered GROUND power AC; AMP; DC; ARM; CLOUT; FORCE; LIVE (i.e. as in live cable); MIGHT; P; STEAM; SWAY; TEETH 쐍 EXPONENT; NUCLEAR power, classically VIS power cord FLEX power cut OUTAGE power, extraordinary ESP; MAGIC power, governing STATE power, great US power, having the ABLE power, in REIGNING power, increase REV power, lacking see POWERLESS power, lose DIE; FADE power, source of COAL; GRID; STEAM power supply AC; COAL; DC; GAS; STEAM power symbol MACE power unit KW; WATT power, with ABLE power, without WEAK; 쐍 FEEBLE; P to be omitted powerful MIGHTY; STRONG; 쐍 POTENT powerful man TITAN; 쐍 SAMSON powerful, was most LED powerless WEAK (qv); P to be omitted; 쐍 UNABLE PP with a homophone indicator can call for PEAS PR see PUBLIC RELATIONS practicable, practical ON


practical joke TRICK practice DRILL; HABIT; PE; PT; USE; 쐍 CUSTOM; USAGE; can indicate something to do with law or medicine practice, out of/without RUSTY practise DO; DRILL; SPAR; USE; practised ABLE prairie PLAIN praise EXTOL; GLORY; LAUD; 쐍 COMMEND; CREDIT; FLATTER; TOAST praise insincerely FLATTER praise, song of [PAEAN] prance SWAGGER prank CAPER; DIDO (i.e. U.S.); JAPE; TRICK; 쐍 FROLIC prate GAB; see CHATTER prattle BABBLE prawns SCAMPI pray ASK; BEG; ENTREAT prayer AVE; GRACE; PLEA; WISH; 쐍 COLLECT; ENTREATY; LITANY; ORISON prayer, aid to MAT; 쐍 ROSARY prayer book MISSAL prayer, end/finish to AMEN; R prayer, hour of PRIME; SEXT pre-Christian BC pre-constructed anagram of PRE pre-Easter period LENT pre-eminent ARCH; TOP pre-match can indicate something to do with the period before marriage e.g. stag night pre-prepared envelope SAE precariously anagram indicator precaution CARE; DRILL (as in fire, kerb etc) precede HEAD; LEAD preceded LED precedence, took LED precinct MALL precious TWEE precious little can indicate something to do with a precious stone precious metal AG; AU; GOLD; OR; SILVER precious, something GEM; see GEM, PRECIOUS METAL precious stone see GEM

precious stones ICE precious thing see GEM, PRECIOUS METAL precipice EDGE precipitate RAIN precipitation RAIN precipitous SHEER; STEEP précis SUM precise EXACT; NICE; PRIM; 쐍 EXPRESS; STRICT precisely DEAD precocious child BRAT; IMP predator OWL; LION predetermined SET predicament FIX; HOLE; PASS; PLIGHT; SCRAPE; SPOT; 쐍 CORNER predict AUGUR predilection TASTE preen GROOM; PRIMP preface INTRO prefer FAVOUR; LIKE; 쐍 ADVANCE preferable BETTER preferably RATHER preference LIKING; TASTE preference, by SOONER preference, express OPT prefixes although these are small groups of letters which usually only make sense as affixes added at the beginning of a word, compilers will treat them as words in the construction of an answer. So, “old” or “without” can signal the use of EX, “before” can signal ANTE or PRE pregnant GREAT; can indicate PRE as “Award – one accepted by pregnant woman?” 씮 PREMIUM where “one” is nested in “pre-mum” prejudice BIAS prejudice, without OPEN prejudiced SEXIST prejudiced, someone, person BIGOT preliminary PILOT preliminary passage/section INTRO prelude initial letter indicator


premature, prematurely

premature, prematurely EARLY premier CHIEF; FIRST premonition OMEN prepare DO; DRESS; EQUIP; FIX; PLAN; PRIME; READY; TRAIN; anagram indicator prepare bread KNEAD prepare for exam CRAM; REVISE; SWOT prepare for getaway PACK prepare for re-surfacing SCRAPE prepare for war ARM prepare the way PAVE prepare to drive TEE prepare to fight again REARM prepare to fire COCK prepare to fight ARM prepare to shoot COCK prepared ARMED; BOUND; CUT; GAME; LAID; ON; PAT; READY; SET; anagram indicator prepared food DISH; MEAL prepared, not GREEN; RAW; 쐍 AD LIB (i.e. “ad lib”); UNREADY; UNFIT prepared to fight ARMED prepared to fire COCKED prepared to fly FEATHERED prepared to row OARED prepares anagram indicator preparing anagram indicator preposterous anagram indicator prequel, as a the indicated word or component to go at the front presbyter ELDER prescribe ORDAIN; SET prescribed SET prescribed amount DOSE prescribed, what’s DOSE prescription DOSE; anagram indicator presence AIR; BEARING; GHOST present AD; AT; GIFT; GIVE; GRANT; HAND; HERE; NOW; OFFER; SHOW; STAGE; TIP; 쐍 SOP present* TENSE present, at NOW present chap SANTA


present circumstances ASIS present day can refer to Christmas present favourably SPIN present left LEGACY present play STAGE present source GIVER; SANTA presentation anagram indicator presented GAVE presented in anagram indicator; run indicator presently NOW; SOON preservative TAR preserve CAN; CURE; JAM; KEEP; PICKLE; POT; SAVE; SMOKE; SPARE; TIN; 쐍 EMBALM; MUMMIFY preserved CANNED; nesting indicator, specifically that an element is to be nested within CAN or TIN, as “Preserved in Irish grave?” 씮 CAIRN preserving, means of CAN; TIN preside RULE preside (over) CHAIR president CHAIR; P; see PRESIDENT, U.S. president, former PERON; TITO; see PRESIDENT, U.S. President Roosevelt TEDDY president’s wife EVITA president’s wife rebuffed AVITE President, U.S. ABE; BUSH; FORD; GRANT; IKE; POLK; TAFT presidential office OVAL press CLAMP; CRAM; CROWD; DAB; FORCE; HUG; IRON; JAM; MANGLE; MEDIA; OUP (i.e. Oxford UP); PAPERS; PRINT; PUSH; SPUR; SURGE; URGE; 쐍 SQUASH; SQUEEZE; can indicate something to do with key (i.e. which is pressed) Press Association PA press briefly DAB press down TAMP press employee SUB press gently TAP press hard COMPACT press measure EM; EN press operator PRINTER


press, prepare for EDIT press release PR; anagram of PRESS pressed nesting indicator pressing SORE; 쐍 INSTANT; URGENT pressing need can indicate something to do with device which needs pressing e.g. keyboard, TV remote control pressman see JOURNALIST pressure P; STRAIN; STRESS; 쐍 COERCE; FORCE; can signify something to do with weather maps e.g. BAR pressure, apply EXERT; FORCE; LEAN; PRESS; URGE; 쐍 PUSH; SOFT SOAP (phrase); P to be added pressure, exert LOBBY pressure group FACTION pressure, means of exerting LEVER pressure on king PIN (chess) pressure on, put STRESS pressure to get, use EXTORT prestige STANDING; 쐍 CACHET; KUDOS presumption THEORY presumptuous FORWARD pretence BLUFF; POSE; SHAM; 쐍 ACTING pretend ACT; FAKE; FEIGN; PLAY; POSE; SHAM; 쐍 AFFECT; IMAGINE pretended SHAM pretension SIDE pretentious ARTY; PHONY pretentious chap/person/type PSEUD; SNOB; 쐍 POSEUR pretext FRONT; PLEA; 쐍 EXCUSE prettified TWEE pretty FAIR; QUITE; SWEET; TWEE; 쐍 BONNIE; COMELY; DEAR; LOVE; RATHER pretty boy PUTTO pretty creature PERI pretty girl/ woman BELLE; CUTIE; DISH; DOLL; LOOKER pretty, not PLAIN

prevail REIGN; WIN; 쐍 OBTAIN prevail upon GET prevailed WON prevalent RIFE prevaricate LIE prevent AVERT; BAN; BAR; BLOCK; CHECK; DETER; FOIL; STEM; STOP prevent a ship’s loss SALVE prevent entry LOCK prevented LET; STOPPED; see STOP preview TASTE; TASTER previous BACK; EX; OLD; FORMER; LATE; PAST; 쐍 FIRST previous night EVE previously ALREADY; ANTE; EX; ONCE; can indicate that one component should precede another; see PREVIOUS previously cooked COLD prey KILL; 쐍 VICTIM price COST; FARE; FEE; PR; RATE; SP; TOLL; 쐍 CESS; CHARGE; EVENS; FIGURE; ODDS price-fixers RING price-fixing group RING price, increase in APPRECIATE price, low IP (i.e. one p) price, pay the ATONE priced at 50% can indicate half of the word ‘priced’, hence PRI or CED priceless FREE; see EXPENSIVE pricey DEAR; STEEP prick STING; TINGLE prickle SPINE; THORN prickling sensation TINGLE prickly SPINY prickly pear TUNA pricy see PRICEY pride can indicate something to do with lions; [쒁 SIN] pride, one with LION pride, source of P; 쐍 CREDIT priest ABBE; CURE; ELI; FATHER; FR; LAMA; LEVI; P; PASTOR; PR; PRIOR;



RECTOR; REV; 쐍 CANON; CLUB; MALLET; MINISTER priests MAGI prig PRUDE prim COY; PROPER; 쐍 DEMURE; FORMAL prima donna DIVA primarily initial letter(s) indicator primary BASIC; CHIEF; MAIN; first letter indicator primate APE; CHIMP; 쐍 MONKEY; POTTO prime ACE; LOAD; PLY; STAPLE; 쐍 BRIEF; CHARGE; FIRST; LEADER; see FIRST RATE prime minister BLAIR; DERBY; EDEN; HEATH; LAW; MAJOR; NORTH; PEEL; PITT; PM; 쐍 CANNING; DISRAELI; PREMIER primed SET primitive CRUDE; UR (Germ.); 쐍 STONE-AGE primp PREEN prince HAL; IGOR; P; PR; 쐍 ELECTOR; RAJA; ROYAL prince, German/Hanoverian ELECTOR prince’s friend HORATIO (from Hamlet) princess AIDA; ANNA; ANNE; DI; IDA; RANA; 쐍 AMIR; BEGUM principal ARCH; CHIEF; FIRST; HEAD; LEAD; MAIN; STAR; TOP; 쐍 CENTRE; LEADING; MASTER; [쒁 INTEREST]; first letter indicator principal role LEAD; STAR principal way AROAD (i.e. A-road) principally first letter(s) indicator principle CAUSE; IDEA; IDEAL; PLANK; RULE; WAY; 쐍 AXIOM; BASIS; ELEMENT; TAO; TENET principles WAY; see PRINCIPLE print COPY; DAB; DRAFT; ETCHING; PRESS; PROOF; TYPE print-out COPY; PROOF


print size PICA print, something to COPY printed RAN printer’s sign DELE printing, gap in EM; EN printing term STET printing unit EM; EN prints RUSHES prior EARLY; PAST; preceding indicator; can signpost a word beginning with ANTE priority, given the indicated component to be placed at the front priority, had LED priority, have LEAD prise FORCE; see PRIZE (an alternative spelling) prison BIRD; BRIG; CAN; CAGE; CELL; CLINK; GAOL; JAIL; JUG; NICK; PEN; STIR; 쐍 COOLER; FLEET; LIMBO; NEWGATE; SLAMMER; STALAG; [쒁 BARS; LOCKS; SCREW] prison, half of SING prison, in CANNED; JUGGED; a component to be nested within a synonym for prison (CAN etc) as “left in prison” leads to CLAN prison officer SCREW prison, old FLEET; QUAD; QUOD prison, old London FLEET prison, part of CELL prison, put in PENT; can indicate a component to be nested within a synonym of prison – see PRISON prison sentence/term BIRD; LIFE; STRETCH; TIME prison, time in see PRISON SENTENCE prisoner CON; LAG; LIFER; POW; TRUSTY; 쐍 INMATE; INTERN prisoner, long-term LIFER prisoner, privileged TRUSTY prisoner’s room CELL prisoners do, what TIME private GI; INNER; OWN; PTE; 쐍 HIDDEN; INTERNAL;


PERSONAL; RANKER; SECRET; TOMMY private American GI private American, a AGI (i.e. a GI) private investigator PI private one OWN private secretary PS private transport CAR privateer CRUISER privilege PERK; RIGHT privileged group ELITE privileged prisoner TRUSTY privy SECRET; see TOILET prize AWARD; CUP; MEDAL; NOBEL; PALM; PEARL; PLATE; PLUM; POT; PURSE; 쐍 REWARD; VALUE; see PRISE, (an alternative spelling) prizegiver NOBEL prizes, gain WIN pro FOR probe SOUND probing nesting indicator problem BIND; CATCH; FAULT; HOLE; ILL; KNOT; NIGGLE; P; POSER; PROB; RUB; SNAG; SPOT; STEW; STRAIN; SUM; TANGLE; TEASER; 쐍 MAZE; HITCH; QUESTION; STICKER; TICKLER; anagram indicator (as “small problem” calls for an anagram of SMALL) problem afoot CORN problem for pilots ICING problem, no SURE problem, personal BO problem, small HITCH, WRINKLE; see PROBLEM problematic anagram indicator problems HASSLE; anagram indicator problems, with anagram indicator proboscis NOSE procedure COURSE; FORM; ORDER; SYSTEM; WAY; 쐍 ROUTINE; STEP(S) procedure, tedious CHORE; RUT proceed ACT; GO; HEAD; LEAD; LEAVE; ON proceed laboriously PLOD

proceed quickly see RUN proceeds GAIN; RETURN; TAKE; YIELD process SWIPE (i.e. “to process credit card”); TREAT; anagram indicator process of, in the WHILE process, part of STAGE processed, processing anagram indicator procession FILE; LINE; MARCH; STRING proclaim CRY; STATE; 쐍 ANNOUNCE; TRUMPET proclaimed homophone indicator proclamation EDICT proclivity BENT procrastinate TARRY; 쐍 TEMPORISE; see DELAY; [쒁 LATE; LATER] procrastinator DELAYER; [쒁 LATER] Procrustes as the character from mythology, can refer to stretching one’s legs, pulling one’s leg etc procurator PIRATE procure BUY; EARN; GET; NET prod DIG; EGG; GOAD; JAB; NUDGE; POKE; PUSH; URGE prodigal LAVISH; WASTER; 쐍 SPENDER produce BEAR; CAUSE; CROP; DO; FORM; GOODS; GROW; ISSUE; MAKE; RAISE; SPAWN; STAGE; YIELD; 쐍 CREATE; GENERATE; anagram indicator; manipulation indicator produce an effect ACT produce better BEAT produce, can anagram indicator produce form SHAPE produce newspaper PRINT produce notes SING produce young BEAR; CALVE produced BORE; DID; MADE; anagram indicator produces anagram indicator; see PRODUCE producing MAKING; anagram indicator product BRAND; GOOD; SON; YIELD


product of mine

product of mine ORE production WORK; anagram indicator productive RICH products, group of LINE products, various LINES profane DEFILE profanity OATH profess CLAIM profession CALLING; can refer to “profession” as a statement starting with I followed by a verb (thus “Perfect profession for an entrepreneur” leads to IDEAL) professional PRO; 쐍 EXPERT; TRAINED professional, not LAY; 쐍 AMATEUR professional post CHAIR professionally, not LAY professor PROF; 쐍 HEAD; [쒁 CHAIR] professorship CHAIR proficient ABLE; ADEPT; see ABLE profile SHAPE profit BOOT; GAIN; NET; SERVE; YIELD; 쐍 ADVANTAGE; CASH; INTEREST; PROCEEDS; RETURN; WINDFALL profit, clear NET profit, in UP profit, make a NET profitable ROARING (as in success) profligate ROUE profound DEEP profuse AMPLE; LAVISH; 쐍 GENEROUS progeny ISSUE programme BILL; CARD; COURSE; PLAN; 쐍 PILOT (i.e. on TV; anagram indicator programme, item in EVENT programmer CODER progress FARE; GO; WAY; 쐍 ADVANCE progress, in ON; ONGOING progress, make SCORE; 쐍 ADVANCE


progress, make slow CRAWL; INCH; PLOD progress, slow CRAWL progress, rate of MPH; PACE; SPEED progressive LEFT; NEW; 쐍 FORWARD; RADICAL progressive letters can indicate you are required to use the 1st letter of one word, then the 2nd of the next, 3rd from the next (and so on) from a sequence of words, as “God, taken by surprise by progressive letters” 씮 TYR prohibit BAN; BAR; 쐍 DEBAR prohibited TABU; 쐍 INTERDICT prohibited, not CLEAN prohibition BAN; BAR; TABU project CAST; HURL; IDEA; JOB; JUT; PITCH; PLAN; PUT; TASK; THROW; 쐍 BEETLE projected THREW; see PROJECT projectile BALL projectiles AMMO projection LEDGE; LUG; STUD; 쐍 LOBE; TENON prolific LAVISH; RICH prolific, be TEEM prom FRONT; PIER; WALK promenade AMBLE; WALK; 쐍 DANCE; PARADE; see PROM prominence HILL (qv) prominence, achieve RISE prominence, achieved ROSE prominent BIG prominent, be most LEAD promiscuous LOOSE promise IOU; OATH; PLEDGE; PLIGHT; SAY; SWEAR; VOW; WORD; 쐍 COMPACT promises to pay/settle IOUS promising BRIGHT; RIPE; ROSY promising, more ROSIER promising person COMER promissory note IOU promontory CAPE; HEAD; NESS; 쐍 BILL promontory in Scotland MULL promote BACK; BOOST; FOSTER; HYPE; PEDDLE; RAISE; STAGE; UP; 쐍

prosecutor, American, U.S.

FURTHER; MARKET; UPGRADE promoted UP; reversal indicator promoted, was ROSE promotion AD; BOOST; HYPE; PLUG; SALE; 쐍 ASCENT; reversal indicator promotion, extravagant HYPE promotional material AD; PUFF; 쐍 BLURB; see ADVERTISEMENT prompt CUE; EARLY; EGG; GOAD; PUSH; REMIND; 쐍 INSPIRE; JOG; NUDGE; QUICK promptly PAT prone APT; LYING; 쐍 SUBJECT; SUPINE prone, be LIE prone, is LIES prong POINT pronoun ONE, can also refer to HE, I or another personal pronoun pronounce SOUND; 쐍 AVER pronounced ORAL; SAID; homophone indicator pronouncedly homophone indicator (as “pronouncedly icy” 씮 IC) pronouncement homophone indicator pronouncements DICTA pronunciation homophone indicator proof PRINT; TIGHT (as in waterproof/tight;); 쐍 COPY (pr.); READ (pr.); REPRO proof, declaration of QED proof of identity ID prong TINE prop LEG; REST; SCREW; SHORE; STAY; 쐍 END (as in book-end) propaganda HYPE; SELL; 쐍 ANGLE; PITCH propagandist EXPONENT propagate BREED; RAISE propagated BRED; RAISED; anagram indicator propel DRIVE; PUSH; SEND; ROW

propeller SCREW; note the propeller of a craft can be human, hence oar, stroke etc proper APT; DUE; FIT; PRIM; PUCKA; REAL; RIGHT; U; 쐍 GOOD; STAID; STRAIGHT; UPRIGHT proper English U proper form (time), in DULY proper in China TAO properly RIGHT; WELL properly controlled anagram indicator properly, not do BOTCH; BUNGLE property ASSET; ESTATE; FLAT; GOODS; HOUSE; LAND; REALTY; 쐍 QUALITY; SHARE; can indicate a particular kind of house e.g. vicarage property charges RENT property, income from RENT property, U.S. REALTY property right LIEN prophet AMOS; ELI; MOSES; SEER 쐍 AUGUR; ELISHA prophetic VATIC propitiatory gift BUNG; SOP proponent of war HAWK proportion PART; RATIO; SCALE; SHARE proportion, out of RATIO to be nested within a component proportionate DUE proposal MOTION; MOVE; OFFER; PLAN; 쐍 SCHEME propose MEAN; MOVE; OFFER; PLAN; TENDER; 쐍 INTEND; anagram indicator proposed MEANT; see PROPOSE proposition IDEA; OFFER; PLAN; POINT propping up can indicate a word/component is to follow the succeeding word/component proprietary TRADE proprietor OWNER; 쐍 LAIRD prosaic DULL (qv); FLAT; TAME prosecute SUE; WAGE prosecutor DA prosecutor, American, U.S. DA



prospect HOPE; 쐍 CHANCE; OUTLOOK; VIEW; VISTA prospecting for water, one DOWSER prospector DIGGER; MINER prospectus SPEC prosper GROW prosperity LUCK; SUCCESS; WELFARE prosperity, formerly WEAL prosperous RICH prosperous-looking SLEEK prosperous period BOOM prospector can indicate something to do with gold prospecting e.g. PAN prostrate PRONE protect COVER; HIDE; MASK; SAVE; nesting indicator; 쐍 DEFEND; MOTHER; PRESERVE; SHIELD protect pipes LAG protected by nesting indicator (as “protected by iron” requires a component to be nested within FE) protected minority WARD protected species BAT protecting nesting indicator protection BIB; CAP; FENCE; GLOVE; HAVEN; JACKET; MAC; MASK; NET; SHELL; VISOR protection against the sun TOPI protection for nesting indicator for the word or component that follows protection for face MASK; VISOR protection, offering LEE protective cloth APRON; BIB protective clothing APRON; BIB; MAC; MAIL protective cover LID; MAC; MAIL; SHEATH; see PROTECTIVE CLOTHING protective covering MASK protective gear see PROTECTIVE CLOTHING protector APRON; BIB; CASE; GLOVE; MAC; VISOR; 쐍 PATRON


protégée WARD protein, source of usually refers to SOYA BEAN protest AVER; DEMO; MARCH; OBJECT; RAIL; 쐍 ASSERT; REVOLT; SITIN (i.e. sit-in) protest abusively RAIL protest, noisy SHOUT Protestant LUTHER; ORANGE protester, hunt SAB protesting ANTI proton constituent QUARK prototype MODEL protracted LONG protuberance BUMP; HUMP; KNOB; LUMP; 쐍 HUNCH protrude JUT proud HAUGHTY prove wrong REBUT proverb ADAGE; MOTTO; SAW; SAYING provide BRING; CATER; DO; FEND; GIVE; OFFER; SUIT; 쐍 AFFORD; ENDUE; EQUIP; FURNISH; LAYON (i.e. lay on); SUPPLY; anagram indicator provide, can anagram indicator provide cover for nesting indicator provide extra ADD provide information SHOP; SING provide lessons TEACH provide money FUND provide teachers STAFF provide with food CATER; SERVE provide with hands DEAL provide workers MAN; STAFF provided GAVE; GIVEN; IF; anagram indicator provided by anagram indicator; compound indicator; run indicator provided nourishment FED provider AGENT; 쐍 DONOR; SUPPLIER provider of meat COW etc providing IF; anagram indicator providing backing FI (i.e. rev.)


providing cover for nesting indicator providing support BRACING province AREA; BAG; BC; FIELD; LAND; NATAL; NI; ULSTER province, European TYROL provision RIDER; SUPPLY provision of meals BOARD provisional arrangements, make CATER provisionally anagram or initial letter indicator provisions BOARD; EATS; FOOD; GRUB; see FOOD provocation GALL; REASON; 쐍 EXCUSE provocative girl TART provoke ANGER; MOVE; NEEDLE; TAUNT; TEASE; 쐍 AROUSE; INFLAME provoked anagram indicator provoking anagram indicator prow BOW; STEM prowl ROVE prowl, on the anagram indicator proximate NEAR proxy PP (i.e. at the end of letter) prude PRIG prudent SAGE; WISE prudish PRIM prune CLIP; CUT; DOCK; PARE; TRIM pruned first or last letter to be omitted, as “Gardener’s son pruned tree” 씮 ABEL (where the last letter of ABELE is dropped) pry NOSE; PEER; SNOOP prying NOSY Prussian BLUE psephology [쒁 POLL] pseud FAKE; FRAUD; SHAM pseudonym ALIAS Pshaw, mon! OCH PSV BUS psyche MIND psychiatrist SHRINK; see PSYCHOLOGIST psychic sense, skill etc ESP

psychologist ADLER; FREUD; JUNG; SHRINK pub BAR; INN; LOCAL; PH; 쐍 TAVERN pub, City Road EAGLE public OPEN; OUT; OVERT; 쐍 GENERAL; can refer to a public house, or something to do with a public house, see PUB public address system PA public admission OUT public display see EXHIBITION public domain, in the OUT public gaze, put into OUT public house see PUB public land COMMON Public Record Office PRO public relations PR; can indicate something to do with SPIN public relations officer PRO public school ETON; HARROW; STOWE public school boy FAG public transport BUS; TRAIN; TRAM; 쐍 SHUTTLE publication BOOK; ISSUE; MAG; ORGAN; PAPER; PRINT; RAG; TRACT; 쐍 EDITION; VOLUME publication, improve for EDIT publications PRESS publicise AIR publicist HYPER; PRO publicity AD; ADVERT; HYPE; PLUG; POSTER; PR; PUFF publicity agent/person PA; PRO publicity brief AD publicity event STUNT publicity seeking escapade STUNT publicity, wild HYPE publish AIR; ISSUE; RUN; UTTER published RAN; OUT publisher OUP publishing firm HOUSE publishing house OUP publisher, work for EDIT Puccini opera TOSCA pucker WRINKLE



pudding DUFF; RICE; SAGO; SWEET; TART; 쐍 CRUMBLE; DUMPLING; anagram indicator pudding* COURSE pudding, half of POLY; ROLY puff AD; BLOW; BLURB; DRAG; HYPE; SMOKE; WIND; can indicate something to do with advertising e.g. poster, billboard, skywriting puff up BILLOW; SWELL puffed BLEW; WINDED puffed up VAIN pug BOXER; DOG pugilism BOXING pugilist BOXER pull CLOUT; DRAG; DRAW; HAUL; LUG; ROW; TOW; TUG; YANK; 쐍 HEAVE; WREST pull in PARK pull leg of see TEASE pull on weed SMOKE pull out EXTRACT; LEAVE; QUIT pulled DREW; see PULL pulled off anagram indicator pulled out of omission indicator (as “Fellow, one pulled out of sea” 씮 MAN where I is dropped from MAIN) pulling TOWING pulled to bits anagram indicator pullover JERSEY pullulate TEEM pulp MUSH; PAP; PUREE; anagram indicator pulpit AMBO pulse BEAN; BEAT; DAL (alt. spelling of dhal); LENTIL; PEA; SEED(S); THROB; 쐍 BEATING pulverise GRIND pummel KNEAD pump HEART; SHOE; TICKER pumpkin GOURD pun RAM; can indicate something to do with wordplay punch BASH; BIFF; BLOW; CHIN; CHOP; CROSS; DIE; DRINK; FIST; HOOK; HORSE; JAB; LAM; LEFT; RIGHT;


SLUG; SOCK; STINGO; STRIKE; [쒁 BOX] Punch PUPPET; [쒁 TOBY] punching (...) in nesting indicator punctuation mark COLON; COMMA; DASH; STOP puncture FLAT puncturing nesting indicator pundit SAGE pungency BITE; TANG pungent ACRID; BITTER punish BEAT; CANE; FINE; FLOG; GATE; TAN; TAX; 쐍 AMERCE punish soundly CAIN punished BEAT; FINED; GATED; 쐍 FLOGGED; anagram indicator punishment CANE; FINE; LINES; ROD; 쐍 BEATING; FLOGGING; HIDING; LASHING; anagram indicator punishment, corporal CANE; LASH punishment, old form of STOCKS punitive measure SANCTION punt BET; GAMBLE; WAGER punter BETTER; GAMBLER punter’s activity GAMING; see PUNT pupil L; 쐍 BOARDER; BOY; GIRL; SCHOLAR; can indicate something to do with the eye pupil, former/once OB pupil, very keen SWOT pupils CLASS; FORM; STREAM pupils, a lot of SCHOOL; see PUPILS puppet JUDY; PAWN; PUNCH puppies LITTER puppy RUNT; WHELP purchase BUY; GRIP; HOLD; 쐍 LEVERAGE; PRISE; PRIZE purchase, say BI purchaser can indicate a form of money as “Japanese purchaser” clues Y or YEN purchases SHOPPING; WARE(S) purchasing power LEVER pure CHASTE; CLEAN; WHITE; 쐍 CLEAR; MERE; SIMPLE

put out

pure PULP; anagram indicator pured anagram indicator purge CLEAR; FREE; RID puritan PI; PRIG; PRUDE puritan, smug PRIG puritanical PRIM puritanical person PRUDE purple PLUM; PUCE; 쐍 MAUVE purplish-brown PUCE purpose AIM; END; GOAL; USE; 쐍 DESIGN;INTENT; INTENTION; MISSION; OBJECT; POINT purpose, lack DRIFT purpose, not having ADRIFT purse BAG; POCKET; REWARD purse, relentlessly HOUND pursue BAG; CHASE; DOG; HUNT; WOO; see PURSUING pursuing indicator that one component should follow another pursuit CHASE; HUNT; 쐍 CAREER; HOBBY; INTEREST; QUEST purveyor can indicate a tradesman such as grocer etc. purview KEN push BUMP; BUTT; HEAVE; JAM; NUDGE; PLUG; PLY; POKE; PRESS; PROD; SHOVE; THRUST; TOUT; URGE; [쒁 BUTTON] push-button, use PRESS push forward THRUST push off LEAVE; SHOO push with horns BUTT pusher SCREW (i.e. propeller) pushy individual SHOVER pusillanimous YELLOW puss CAT; MUG; TOM; see CAT pussy see PUSS pussy, French CHAT put ADD; FIX; LAID; LAY; PARK; PLACE; PLANT; SET; SLIP (i.e. as in slip clothing on); 쐍 PARKED put about anagram of PUT put an end to KILL; SCOTCH; SLAY; TIP put another way anagram indicator

put aside STORE(D) put at danger IMPERIL; RISK; 쐍 ENDANGER put away EAT; DINE; DRINK; HIDE; omission indicator put back RETURN; reversal indicator; can indicate that “put” (or a synonym e.g. “set”) be reversed, hence TUP, TES put by SAVE; STORE put cards on the table DEAL put coat on DON; PAINT; VARNISH put down INTER; LAID; LAY; LOWER; NOTE; PAN; PARK; REST; SET; SNUB; STATE; 쐍 CRUSH; DEGRADE; REPRESS; SUBJECT put-down RELEGATION put down firmly PLANT put down on paper PEN; WRITE put down roots SETTLE put extra ADD put foot down STAMP; TREAD put forward POSE; TABLE put in ENTER; nesting indicator put in order SETTLE put in the picture INFORM; PRIME; TELL; TOLD put inside INTERN; JAIL put into service USE; USED put money on BET; STAKE; WAGER put name down ENTER put off DELAY; DETER; DETER; SHIFT; STALL; anagram of PUT put on ADD; BEAR; DON; PLAY (as a record); SHAM; STAGE; WEAR; WORE; 쐍 ADOPT; APPLY; DRESS; put on years AGE put on hold REST put on paper PEN; WRITE put on play STAGE put one’s foot down STAMP; TREAD put out AIR; CROSS; DOUSE; EJECT; EMIT; ISSUE; TED; 쐍 AIRED; HYPNOTISE; PIQUE; SNUFF; a general anagram indicator but can specifically call for an anagram of PUT


put out of joint

put out of joint anagram indicator put questions to POSE put right CURE; MEND; REDO; 쐍 REPAIR; anagram indicator put secretly in PLANT put the boat out PARTY; REVEL; ROISTER put to flight ROUT put to sea LAUNCH; SAIL put together ADD; PIECE put underground BURY; INTER put up BOARD; ERECT; HANG; RAISE; STAND; TUP (i.e. “put” reversed); reversal indicator put up with ABIDE; BEAR; LUMP; STAND; 쐍 SWALLOW; see TOLERATE put years on AGE putrefied OFF putrefy ROT putrid OFF puts off anagram of PUTS; see PUT OFF puts out anagram of PUTS; see PUT OUT putsch COUP putt HOLE putter CLUB putting forward article A or AN in word to be relocated to the beginning of the word putting it right HOLING puzzle FLOOR; MAZE; POSER; PROB; REBUS; RIDDLE; STUMP; anagram indicator puzzle, little PROB puzzle writer SETTER puzzle’s first part ACROSS puzzle’s second part DOWN puzzled anagram indicator Pylos, king of NESTOR Pyrenean city PAU pyromaniac [쒁 ARSON; FIRE; BLAZE]


Qq qua AS quack SHAM; 쐍 EMPIRIC quack, no PRO quadrangle COURT; QUAD quaff DRINK (qv); SUP quag BOG quagmire BOG quail BEVY; BIRD; FLINCH quaint CUTE; TWEE; 쐍 STRANGE; anagram indicator quaintly pleasing CUTE quake ROCK; 쐍 SHUDDER; TREMBLE Quaker PENN; FRIEND qualification see DEGREE qualification, without LAY; UTTER; VERY qualified ABLE; FIT qualified, not LAY; UTTER qualified teacher BED qualify PASS quality AIR; TONE; TRAIT; 쐍 NATURE; POINT; PROPERTY; can indicate a word ending in -NESS quality, delightful CHARM quantity AMOUNT; BATCH; GRAM; LOT; MASS SIZE; TON; 쐍 OMER (Heb.); can indicate a number; see MEASURE, WEIGHT quantity, great/large BULK; GROSS; OODLES quantity of drink CASK; CUP; DRAM; GLASS; PINT; SHOT; TUN; 쐍 BARREL quantity of fish CRAN quantity, smaller LESS quantity, unspecified SOME; see UNKNOWN AMOUNT quarrel ARROW; BOLT; BRAWL; CLASH; DUEL; ROW; SPAT; TIFF; 쐍 BICKER; DISPUTE; FEUD; RUNIN (i.e. run-in);

quick, was

SCRAP; can refer to something to do with archer quarry BAG; CHASE; DIG; GAME; GLASS; MINE; PREY; STONE quarter AREA; BILLET; E; EAST; FOURTH; MERCY; N; NORTH; S; SOUTH; W; WEST quarter to ten EX (i.e. E-X) quarterdeck SUIT (i.e. one of four, a quarter of the pack!) quartermaster’s domain STORE quartern* BREAD; LOAF (made from a quarter of a stone of flour) quarters BERTH; PAD; 쐍 BILLET; HOME; LODGING; ROOMS; some combination of N, E, W or S quartet FOUR; IV quartet heard FOR; FORE quartz STONE quash ANNUL; CRUSH; REJECT; SCOTCH Quasimodo note that, apart from the character in Victor Hugo’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame, this also refers to Low Sunday quaver NOTE; SHAKE; TRILL; WARBLE quay CAY; DOCK queasy IFFY; ILL; 쐍 AVERSE; TENDER; anagram indicator Quebec QUE queen ANNE; BEE; BESS; CARD; CAT; DIDO; E; ER; MAN (as in chess); MARY; PIECE; PUSS; Q; QU; R; VIP; 쐍 KITTY; RANI; REGINA; TITANIA Queen ELLERY; HM; see QUEEN queen, beauty MISS Queen Elizabeth BESS; ER; note, can also refer to the liner as well as the monarch Queen Catherine PARR queen, maybe BEE Queen’s English RP queer ODD; RUM; 쐍 FUNNY; SHADY; STRANGE; anagram indicator quell CRUSH quench SLAKE

query ASK; WHAT; WHY quest HUNT; SEARCH; 쐍 MISSION question ASK; GRILL; HOW; ISSUE; POINT; POSE; POSER; PRY; PUMP; Q; QU; 쐍 MATTER; QUERY; RIDDLE; TOPIC; WHICH; WHY; can indicate that the solution has the appearance of a question and so begins with something like IS, as in “Question whether a flower corolla’s a drab colour” 씮 ISABELLA question, it is said WEAR; WEN; Y question mark can imply that an example is being given; or can imply some humour in the clue construction; or that the compiler is stretching a point question, pose ASK question, put the ASK; 쐍 PROPOSE question, put the same REPOSE questionable FISHY; IFFY; SHADY; can call for EH which is the sound we might make to emphasise a question questioning ASKING; POSING questions ASKS; PAPER; see ASK, INVESTIGATE, QUESTION questions, set of PAPER; see EXAMINATION questions, ask a lot of GRILL; PUMP queue CHAIN; FILE; LINE; TAIL; WAIT queue, we hear WEIGHT (i.e. homophone of wait) quick ALIVE; BRISK; DEFT; FAST (qv); FLEET; LIVE; LIVING; NIPPY; SHARP; SHORT; SMART; 쐍 ACUTE; CLEVER; PACY; PRESTO; RACING; RAPID; READY quick drawing/painting SKETCH quick, not DEAD; LATE; SLOW; see SLOW quick, was RACED; RAN; SHOT; SPED



quicken PEP quickly APACE; FAST; SOON; 쐍 EXPRESS; PRESTO; PRONTO quid L; PLUG; POUND; can signal something to do with tobacco, pipe etc quiet DEAD; FAINT; LOW; MUM; P; PEACE; SH; SOFT; STAID; STILL; WHIST; WHISK; 쐍 CALM; GENTLE; HUSH; SILENCE; TACITURN quiet about PRE quiet, keep SEDATE quiet, not kept P to be omitted quiet, order to be SH; see QUIET quiet pair PP quiet pair, a APP quiet person MOUSE quiet, request for SH quieten EASE quietly P; SH quiff HAIR; LOCK quill PEN quilt COVER quintet FIVE; TROUT (i.e. by Schubert); V quip JOKE (qv); PUN; SALLY quires, twenty REAM quirk TRAIT quirky anagram indicator quit CEASE; LEAVE; LEFT; RESIGN; SCRAM; STOP; 쐍 CEDE; DEPART; omission indicator quitch GRASS; WEED quite ALL; CLEAN; FULLY; 쐍 PRETTY; RATHER; WHOLLY quite a few MANY quite a/an SOME (as “Quite an effort to follow one having the same elevation” 씮 ISOMETRY) quits EVEN; LEVEL; SQUARE; 쐍 LEAVES quite SOME; VERY quiver TREMBLE; [쒁 ARROW] Quixote DON; see DON QUIXOTE quiz ASK; GRILL; PUMP; TEST quod see PRISON quoin CORNER; EDGE quoit RING


quota SHARE; 쐍 NUMBER quotation TAG quotation marks bear in mind that quotation marks are commonly used to confuse, so they can be placed around a single word to disguise its function in the clue, such as an indicator; or they can be used to break the connection between adjacent words, thereby putting you off the track; or to make you think about a book or play when the solution is nothing of the sort! quotation, trite TAG quote CITE; COPY; NAME; PRICE; 쐍 REPEAT quote back ETIC (i.e. rev.) quotient RATIO



racecourse ASCOT; EPSOM; REDCAR (useful in building RED CARPET!); TRACK raced SPED racehorse ARKLE; CHASER; STAYER racehorses STABLE; STRING races HEATS; TT; 쐍 REGATTA; anagram indicator; see RACE racetrack COURSE; see RACECOURSE racing TURF; see RACE, RUN etc racing event HEAT; MILE; RALLY; 쐍 DERBY racist NAZI racket BAT; CON; DIN; DODGE; NOISE; RAMP; ROW; SCAM; 쐍 BOOMING; FIDDLE; FUSS racy PAST radiating member SPOKE radiation REM radiation mark, leave a TAN radiation marks TAN radiation, type of UV radical RAD; RED; ROOT; can refer to a radical chemical e.g. methyl; 쐍 AMYL; ARYL; BASIC; COMMIE; INHERENT; LEFT; METHYL; ULTRA radical, young TURK radio SET; 쐍 MEDIUM; SOUND; TRANNY; homophone indicator in phrases like “on the radio” radio company STATION radio entertainer DJ radio expert/operator/receiver HAM radioactive HOT radioactive element U radius BONE; R RAF man ERK RAF officer FO; PO RAF unit FLIGHT raffle DRAW raft CRAFT; STACK; see PILE rafter BEAM rag BIT; CLOTH; DAILY; PAPER; PRANK; RIB; SCRAP; TEASE; 쐍 TATTER rag-roll anagram of RAG ragamuffin URCHIN

rage ANGER; BATE; PAD; FURY; IRE; PET; RANT; STORM; TEMPER; 쐍 CRAZE; FASHION; FUME; PADDY; WRATH rage, in ANGERED ragged FRAYED; POOR; ROUGH; TATTY; TEASED; TORN; anagram indicator; note that “ragged” has two separate pronunciations and meanings, so it is likely to be used one way, say as a verb, when you should really see it as an adjective ragged, get FRAY raid BUST; FORAY; MISSION; SACK; SORTIE; STORM; SWOOP raid, carefully planned STING rail BAR; BIRD; BLAST; FENCE; LINE; RACK; RAGE; RY; TRACK; TRAIN; may refer to a specific breed of rail (bird) e.g. notornis rail against REVILE rail fare can indicate something to do with dining car rail formerly BR rail junction CREWE rail, progress by TRAIN rail system METRO; TRACK railing FENCE railings FENCE raillery BANTER; 쐍 SATIRE railroad COERCE rails, go off the ERR; SIN railway EL (i.e. US); LINE; RLY; RY; TRACK; TRAIN railway carriage CAR railway company, old LMS railway, raised EL; YR railwaymen NUR rain POUR; R; SPIT; TEEM; WET; 쐍 PELT; SHOWER; [쒁 MAC;] rain, fine MIST rain, sounds like REIGN; REIN rainbow TROUT raincoat MAC rainstorm can indicate an anagram of RAIN rainwear MAC rainy WET



raise BOOST; BREED; GROW; HEFT; JACK; LIFT; LUFF; REAR; UP; 쐍 PARENT; ROUSE raise glass TOAST raise help DIA (i.e. rev. in a DC) raise objection MIND raise spirits ELATE; LACE raise voice see SHOUT raised BRED; HOVE; UP; reversal indicator (in a DC), as “raised stake” 씮 ETNA; 쐍 GROWN raised money abroad in a DC, can indicate a reversed foreign currency e.g. NEY raised objection TUB (i.e. “but” rev. in a DC) raised soundly GROAN raiser JACK raising reversal indicator raising agent YEAST rake COMB; GATHER; ROUE; SCRAPE; SLOPE; TOOL; [쒁 GARDEN; SOIL; TILL] rake-off CUT; SHARE; TAKE raked anagram indicator rakish JAUNTY rally EVENT; MEET; MEND; RACE; RISE; anagram indicator ram ARIES; BEAK; CRASH; DRIVE; TUP; 쐍 FORCE; PUN (i.e. consolidate); WETHER Ramadan* FAST ramble HIKE; ROVE; 쐍 WALK; WANDER rambler ROSE; [쒁 TRELLIS] rambling anagram indicator; 쐍 LENGTHY ramp SCAM (qv); SLOPE rampage RIOT rampage, on anagram indicator rampaging anagram indicator rampant RIFE; anagram indicator rampant, frequently LION rampart WALL ramshackle anagram indicator ran BLED; FLED; FLOWED; LOPED; SPED; see RUN ran amok anagram indicator ran away FLED


ran round a component to be nested within RAN or one of its synonyms e.g. SPED; see RAN ranch FARM; SPREAD rancid RANK random SPOT (as in spot check); STRAW (as in straw poll); anagram indicator randomly anagram indicator randy young male STUD range AMBIT; AREA; BAND; CHAIN; HOB; KEN; LINE; ORDER; ROW; SET; SCOPE; SPAN; STOVE; SWEEP; 쐍 COMPASS; EXTENT; GAMUT; SPREAD; TRAVEL; WANDER; can call for a specific mountain range e.g. ANDES, URAL range, entire AZ (i.e. A to Z) range of knowledge KEN ranger GUIDE; SCOUT; WARDEN ranges SPECTRA rangy LANKY rank GRADE; LEVEL; ORDER; PIP; RATE; ROW; TIER 쐍 RANCID; STATION; STATUS; STINKING; anagram indicator rank-and-file man ROOK rank, high NOBILITY rank, mark of STRIPE rank, one of the top DUKE rankle CHAFE; FESTER; GALL ranks SOLDIERS; anagram indicator ransack RIFLE; 쐍 PLUNDER ransacked anagram indicator rant RAGE; RAVE; STORM rant and rave THUNDER rap BAT; BLAME; CHAT; CRACK; HIT; KNOCK rapacity GREED rapid PACY; QUICK; SWIFT; see FAST, QUICK rapid eye movement REM rapidity SPEED raptor EAGLE; 쐍 TALON rapture BLISS rapturous SENT rare R; RED; SCARCE; 쐍 BLOODY; anagram indicator


rascal IMP; LIMB (old word); ROGUE; SCAMP; see ROGUE rascally anagram indicator rash HASTY; HEADY; HIVES; SPOTS; 쐍 IMPRUDENT rasp FILE rat BETRAY; DESERT; GRASS; ROGUE; STINKER; WEASEL; 쐍 RENEGADE; ROTTER; TRAITOR; see ROGUE rate BAT; CHECK; CLASS; COUNT; DEEM; FEE; LICK; MARK; PACE; PRICE; RANK; SCOLD; SPEED; TEMPO; 쐍 ABUSE; TERMS; WORTH rate, first A rate of progress MPH; PACE; SPEED rate, set PACE rather QUITE; 쐍 PRETTY; SOONER rather, or NAY ratify APPROVE; BACK rating CLASS; ERK; HAND; LEVEL; MARK; SCORE; WORTH ration PORTION; SHARE; 쐍 RESTRICT rational SANE; 쐍 LOGICAL rationale LOGIC; REASON; 쐍 BASE; BASIS; GROUND rationed anagram indicator rationing, time/years of WAR rations FARE; SHARE; 쐍 FOOD; anagram indicator Rats! DRAT rattle SHAKE; 쐍 CLATTER; JANGLE; YAK; anagram indicator rattled SHOOK; anagram indicator ratty SHIRTY Ratty can indicate something to do with the book The Wind in the Willows or Graham, its author raucous cry CAW rave RANT ravel TANGLE; TWIST; anagram indicator (note it may be presented with a capital letter as “Ravel” to divert attention to the composer but it can still be indicating an anagram)

Ravel can indicate something to do with Bolero, his popular work raven BLACK ravine CHINE; GORGE; GULLY raving MAD; RANT; 쐍 RANTING ravioli, portion of SQUARE ravished anagram indicator raw GREEN; HARD raw material ORE; STOCK raw meat, like RED ray BEAM; LIGHT; RE (alternative spelling of the 2nd note of the scale); SHAFT; SKATE (i.e. fish) Raymond RAY re ABOUT; ON; can signify an anagram indicator (e.g. re-used) re-built anagram indicator re-employed anagram indicator re-enacted anagram indicator re-established anagram indicator re-jigged anagram indicator re-penning anagram indicator re-united anagram indicator re-used anagram indicator reach GET; HIT; LAND; MAKE; SPAN; 쐍 ATTAIN reach land LIGHT reach 99 GETIC (i.e. get-IC) reach the end DIE reached MADE react angrily BRISTLE react badly TRACE (i.e. an anagram) reacted anagram indicator reacting anagram indicator reaction, automatic/nervous TIC reactivated anagram indicator reactor, part of PILE read CON; SCAN; STUDY; 쐍 BROWSE; PERUSE read, aloud homophone indicator read carefully CON read, out homophone indicator read quickly SCAN; SKIM read rapidly SCAN; SKIM read up NOC (i.e. rev. of CON in a DC) reader PRIMER; LECTOR reader* DON readily PAT; SOON


readiness, in

readiness, in ONICE (i.e. on ice); see PREPARED reading VERSION; 쐍 LESSON; PERUSAL; VIEW reading and writing RR reading, bit of PAGE reading-desk AMBO reading of letter can indicate the sound of a letter e.g. ESS for S, TEE for T and so on readjusted anagram indicator ready BOUND; BRASS; CASH; COCKED; DONE; DUE; FIT; EURO; GAME; MONEY; ON; PAT; RIPE; SET; TENDER; TIN (i.e. money) see FOREIGN CURRENCY, MONEY; anagram indicator; can indicate any collective term for money or money for a specific purpose (as “Ready to go in” 씮 ENTRANCE FEE) ready for business OPEN ready for immediate use INSTANT ready for picking RIPE ready for the French PRET ready for war ARM; ARMED ready, get EARN; PAWN; RIPEN ready, getting PREPARATION ready, got EARNED; RICH ready, make DRESS; TRIM ready to broadcast INCAN (i.e. in can) ready to eat RIPE ready to fight ARMED ready to fire, shoot ARMED; COCKED real ACTUAL; TRUE; 쐍 ECHT; PROPER real estate GROUND real, not FALSE; PASTE; PSEUDO; SHAM realise CASH; KNOW; NET; SEE; TWIG reality FACT; TRUTH reallocated anagram indicator really VERY; 쐍 INDEED; SURELY; TRULY really big OS really fine SUPER realm AREA; FIELD; REGION; 쐍 DOMAIN


ream BORE reappeared anagram indicator rear BACK; BUM; END; HIND; LAST; RISE; STERN; TAIL; TRAIN; 쐍 TOWER rear, at the AFT; last letter indicator; can indicate that a component should be placed at the end rear of last letter indicator rear, part of last letter indicator reared BRED; ROSE rearrange(d) anagram indicator reason CAUSE; END; MIND; POINT; SENSE; SPUR; WHY; 쐍 FACTOR; GROUND; INFER; LOGIC; MOTIVE; SANITY reason against CON reason to take a bath BO reasonable CHEAP; FAIR; JUST; OK; 쐍 DECENT; LOGICAL reasonable, far from MAD reasoned THOUGHT; 쐍 LOGICAL reassembled anagram indicator reassessed, reassessment anagram indicator rebate CUT; 쐍 DISCOUNT; REDUCTION Rebecca, Dame WEST rebel CADE (an insurgent during time of Henry VII); RISE; 쐍 REVOLT rebel leader CADE; R rebel, young TURK rebelled ROSE; anagram indicator rebellion COUP; FIGHT; REVOLT; RISING rebellious(ly) anagram indicator rebels anagram indicator rebound, on the reversal indicator rebuff, severe NOSE rebuffed, rebuffing reversal indicator rebuild, rebuilding, rebuilt anagram indicator rebuke BERATE; CHIDE; RAP; RATE; SCOLD; 쐍 EARFUL; RATING; TRIM; UPBRAID rebuked CHID; CHIDDEN rebut CHECK; REFUTE; REJECT recalcitrant anagram indicator


recall EVOKE; 쐍 REMEMBER recalled, recalling reversal indicator recast anagram indicator recasting anagram indicator recede EBB; FALL; WANE; 쐍 RETREAT; reversal indicator receipts TAKE receive GET; SEE; TAKE; 쐍 ACCEPT; COLLECT; REAP receive information HEAR; LEARN receive, to anagram indicator received HAD; GOT; receiver CATCHER; EAR; FENCE; SET (i.e. TV or radio; 쐍 AERIAL; RADIO; TV receiving nesting indicator recent LATE; MOD; NEW; 쐍 LATTER; NOVEL recent arrival BABY recent, comparatively, more LATER recent, more LATER; NEWER recent setting a component to be nested within LATE recently JUST; LATE recently-made NEW receptacle BAG; BIN; BOWL; DRAWER; HOPPER; PAIL; TRAY; see CONTAINER reception LEVEE; SIGNAL; 쐍 WELCOME; can indicate something to do with TV reception e.g. aerial, antenna, dish reception area HALL reception, great OVATION reception, poor STATIC recess APSE; BAY; BREAK; CLOSET; NICHE; NOOK recession DIP; SLUMP; TROUGH; reversal indicator Rechabite TT (Rechabite was a non-drinking character in the Bible) recipe DISH; PLAN; R; anagram indicator recipient USER reciprocal/ly reversal indicator recite PARROT; SAY (qv); UTTER recited anagram indicator; homophone indicator

reciting homophone indicator reck CARE reckless MAD; RASH; anagram indicator recklessly anagram indicator reckon ADD; COUNT; FANCY; REEL; RATE; TALLY; THINK; TOT; 쐍 GUESS; TELLER reckoning BILL; COUNT; SUM; TALLY; 쐍 COSTING reclaim SAVE; 쐍 SALVAGE reclassification, requiring anagram indicator reclassified anagram indicator reclining LYING; reversal indicator recluse LONER; 쐍 HERMIT; STYLITE reclusive sort/type see RECLUSE reclusive type LONER recognise KNOW; OWN; SEE; SPOT recognised KNEW; 쐍 STANDARD recognition lacking BLIND recoil FLINCH; KICK; SHY recollect RECALL; 쐍 REMEMBER recollected anagram indicator; reversal indicator recommend TIP; URGE; 쐍 SUGGEST recommendation PLUG recommended TIPPED recompense PAY (qv); 쐍 REWARD (qv) recompensed PAID reconciliation DETENTE reconciliation, for anagram indicator reconnoitre CASE reconsider(ed) anagram indicator reconstituted anagram indicator reconstructed, reconstruction anagram indicator reconstructed form, in anagram indicator reconvened anagram indicator record ANNAL; BOOK; CAN; CARD; CD; DEMO; DIARY;


record, betting

DISC; ENTER; ENTRY; EP; FILE; FORM; LIST; LOG; LP; MARK; MONO; NOTE; REC; ROLL; STAMP; TABLE; TALLY; TAPE; TRACE; TRACK; 쐍 ACCOUNT; ALBUM; CASSETTE; FASTI (Latin); PLATTER; REPORT; SHEET; SINGLE; [쒁 GROOVE; LABEL] record, betting BOOK record company INDIE; LABEL record, half of SIDE record holder FILE record illegally BUG record, made a LOGGED; TAPED record minutes TIME record, old OLP; PLATTER record, part of TRACK record presenter DJ record, produce PRESS recorded, not LIVE recorded song TRACK recording TAPE; 쐍 LOGGING; TAPING; see RECORD recording attempt TAKE recording, old way of EP; LP recount RETAIL; TELL recourse, have TURN recover MEND; RALLY recover from what follows to be used as an anagram recovering BETTER; OVER recovering from illness BETTER recovery RALLY recreant CRAVEN recreated anagram indicator recreation area COMMON; PARK; REC recruit, raw ROOKIE recruit, to nesting indicator recruitment DRAFT rectangle OBLONG rector R; 쐍 MINISTER recurrent, recurring reversal indicator recurrent idea THEME recycled anagram indicator recycling anagram indicator


red FLAME; LAKE; LEFT; RARE; SORE; 쐍 BLOODY; CHERRY; FLAMING; ROUGE; TITIAN; can indicate something to do with embarrassment red, become BLUSH; BURN; TAN red-blooded MACHO red-faced FLUSHED; RUDDY red-headed R red, in the DEBT; OD; OWING red-light NOGO (i.e. no-go) Red Rum anagram of RED red, see RAGE Red, The ERIC redact EDIT redcap MP redcoat can indicate something to do with Santa Claus redden BLUSH; FLUSH reddish RUSTY reddish-brown RUSSET redecorated/redecorating anagram indicator redeem ATONE redefined anagram indicator redemption, in need of HOCKED redesign CHANGE; anagram indicator redesigned anagram indicator redesigning anagram indicator redhead R redirected anagram indicator rediscovered anagram indicator redrafting, in need of anagram indicator redrafts anagram indicator redress REPARATION; anagram indicator; apart from the sense of “to set right” can also refer to putting on clothes again as in “What drivers often do to make redress” 씮 CHANGE GEAR reduce CUT; DAMP; DOCK; EASE; LESS; LOP; LOWER; PARE; REMIT; 쐍 DECREASE; LESSEN; abbreviation indicator; can indicate a verb finishing with DOWN; can indicate an adjective ending in -LESS reduce, drastically AXE


reduce in rank DEMOTE; 쐍 RELEGATE reduce intake DIET reduce risk HEDGE reduced CUT; DOWN; LOW; LOWER; LESS; THIN; abbreviation indicator; can indicate that the last letter is to be omitted (as “reduced charge” 씮 TOL) reduced in temperature T to be omitted reduced risk CHANC reduction CUT; DROP; PALL; abbreviation indicator; can call for a word ending in -LESS redundancy, redundant omission indicator redundant, make FIRE; SACK; 쐍 DISMISS reed GRASS; RUSH reedy LEAN; THIN reef ATOLL; BANK; CAY; ROCKS; SAIL; 쐍 SHOAL; can indicate something to do with adjusting sails reefer GRASS; JOINT reek HUM; PONG; SMELL; SMOKE; STENCH reel DODDER; HOP (i.e. dance); ROCK; ROLL; SPIN; SPOOL; TURN; WIND; 쐍 STAGGER; TOTTER; anagram indicator reeling anagram indicator refashion, refashioned anagram indicator refer SEE; 쐍 ALLUDE; APPEAL; RELATE refer to QUOTE; 쐍 CONSULT referee REF; 쐍 MEDIATE; WHISTLER reference NAME; 쐍 CIT reference book/work DICT; OED reference line AXIS referred to CIT referring to ON; OVER; RE refine POLISH refined GENTLE; anagram indicator refined man GENT refinement POLISH refinement, lacking CRUDE; RUDE; see CRUDE

refinery anagram indicator reflect CHEW; GLANCE; MUSE; PONDER; THINK reflection can indicate something to do with Narcissus, narcissist etc reflection from/in combined reversal and run indicator reflection, on reversal indicator reflective reversal indicator; can indicate a palindrome (as “Girl’s reflective article” 씮 ANNA) reform ALTER; AMEND; CHANGE; anagram indicator Reformation anagram indicator reformed EX (as “reformed pusher” 씮 EXPRESSER); anagram indicator reforming anagram indicator refrain ABSTAIN; AVOID; CEASE; SONG (qv); STOP; VERSE; 쐍 DESIST; MELODY refrain from STOP; WAIVE; can refer to a combination of NOT followed by a verb (Example: “Refrain from taking action” gives NOT SUE which can be reversed to give EUSTON, the railway station) refreshed anagram indicator refresher DRINK; FEE refreshing BRACING; 쐍 WELCOME; anagram indicator refreshment BUN; TEA; see DRINK, FOOD refreshment room CAFF refuelling, tanker for BOWSER refuge DEN; HAVEN; HIDE; LAIR refuge, place of ARK refuge, seek HIDE refuge, sought HID refuge within, takes nesting indicator refurbished anagram indicator refusal NAY; NO; SHANT refusal, French NON refurbish anagram indicator refurbishment, after anagram indicator refuse ASH; BRAN; CHAFF; DENY; DROSS; SLAG; SWILL;


refuse admission

TRASH; VETO; WASTE; 쐍 DECLINE; DEMUR; GARBAGE; JIB; LEAVINGS; LITTER; MARC (wine); ORT; SPURN; see RUBBISH refuse admission BAN; BAR; DEBAR refuse-collector BIN refuse container SKIP refuse orders REBEL refuse to SHANT; WONT refuse to believe DISCOUNT refuse to deal with BLACK refuse to go (run etc) STALL refuse to recognize CUT; SNUB refuse to work STRIKE refused to work STRUCK refusing to work OUT regain RECOVER regain consciousness COME TO regale FEAST regard EYE; SEE; WATCH; 쐍 ESTEEM; REGARD; RESPECT regard to, with ON; RE regarding ASTO (i.e. as to); OVER; RE regardless THOUGH regardless of omission indicator regatta town COWES regime REIGN regiment OR; R; RA; RE; REME; RO regimental HQ see HQ region AREA; CLIME; LAND; PLACE; REALM; SPOT; TRACT; ZONE; 쐍 COUNTRY; PART(S) regime DIET register LIST; LOG; NOTE; POLL; R; ROLL; SIGN; 쐍 ENROL; RECORD; ROTA; see RECORD register points SCORE regressed reversal indicator regret MOURN; RUE; WEEP; 쐍 GRIEVE; LAMENT; SORROW regret, express SIGH regretful SORRY regrettably ALAS; anagram indicator


regretting RUING regroup anagram indicator regular EVEN; FLAT; NORM; OFTEN; SET; 쐍 CUSTOMER; ORDERLY; STANDING; STEADY; UNIFORM; USUAL; anagram indicator regular amount PAR regular appearances, making see REGULAR INTERVALS regular date STEADY regular intervals can indicate the use of selected letters in a sequence – these are nearly always the evenly numbered letters but not necessarily (as in the following where the selection is in threes: “Priest making regular appearances in the colonies” 씮 ELI) regular performance ROUTINE regular process CUSTOM regularly OFT; can indicate the use of the even letters in sequence as “Fight ostentation regularly” 씮 SET-TO; apart from signifying even letters can alternatively require the selection of other regularly-numbered letters in a sequence (as “Drink regularly offered by Telegraph” 씮 TEA) regularly discarded evenly-numbered letters to be omitted as in “Rubbish discovered in books he regularly discarded” 씮 BOSH regulate CONTROL; RUN regulated anagram indicator regulation LAW; RULE; 쐍 ORDINANCE; anagram indicator regulations CODE; see RULES regulatory system CODE regurgitated reversal indicator rehabilitation anagram indicator rehash, rehashed anagram indicator rehearsal DRILL; RUN (as in “dry run”) rehouse MOVE reign RULE; SWAY


rein BRAKE; CURB; STRAP; 쐍 CONTROL rein in CHECK reincarnation anagram indicator reindeer DASHER reindeer-herder LAPP reinforce BRACE; LINE; PROP; 쐍 CEMENT reinforced nesting indicator reinforcement BRACE; PROP; STRUT reinterpreted, reinterpreting anagram indicator reiterating reversal indicator; repeat indicator reject DROP; DITCH; SCORN; SPURN; VETO; 쐍 DISCARD; REPEL rejected LORN; OUT; reversal indicator rejecting AGAINST; omission indicator rejection NO; SNUB rejection, blunt SHANT rejig anagram indicator rejoicing CHEER rejoin anagram indicator rejoinder RETORT rejuvenate RENEW rejuvenated anagram indicator relate REFER; RETAIL; TELL; 쐍 CONNECT; JOIN; REPORT related AKIN; TOLD; 쐍 AGNATE; FAMILY related children QUINS; SIBS; 쐍 BROS related to ABOUT; OF; ON; RE relation AUNT; BOND; BRO; FATHER; GRAN; KIN; MA; MUM; NAN; NIECE; PI; PA; POP; RATIO; SIB; SIS; SISTER; SON; STORY; TALE; 쐍 ACCOUNT; BROTHER; DAUGHTER; RESPECT; see FATHER, MOTHER, KIN relations KIN; TIES; 쐍 CLAN; FAMILY; NOOKY; TRIBE relationship RATIO; TIE 쐍 AFFAIR relative KIN; REL; 쐍 CONNECTION; [쒁 ORDER]; see RELATION

relative, aged/elderly GRAN relative, close BRO; see RELATION relatively can indicate a word ending in -ER relatives BROS; FOLK; KIN relaunched anagram indicator relax EASE; LOLL; REST; SIT; 쐍 LOUNGE; PATIENCE (i.e. exhortation); SOFTEN relaxation EASE; REST; 쐍 EASING relaxed COOL; EASED; EASY; LOOSE; SAT; SLACK; anagram indicator relaxed, more LOOSER relaxing EASING; anagram indicator relay PASS; SWITCH; anagram indicator relay of workers SHIFT release DROP; FREE; ISSUE; SPARE; 쐍 ACQUIT; CATCH; DELIVER; EXEMPT; LEVER; UNLOCK; anagram indicator release, on see RELEASED released FREE; OUT; anagram indicator as, for example, “energy released” is an instruction to omit E releasing omission indicator as “releasing new” requires the omission of N relegate DROP; LOWER relegation DROP relentless STERN relevant GERMANE reliable HARD; SOLID; SOUND; SURE; TRUSTY; 쐍 STAUNCH; STEADY; STRAIGHT reliable, more SURER reliable, not SHAKY reliable type BRICK; GEM; TRUMP relief AID; BAS; EASE; HELP; 쐍 SUCCOUR relief, kind of HIGH; LIGHT relief, provide EMBOSS; see RELIEF relief, that’s a PHEW relief work CAMEO relieve AID; EASE; HELP


relieve soreness

relieve soreness EASE relieved EASED relieved, sounded SIDE (i.e. hom.) religion ZEN religion class RE religious HOLY; PI; PIOUS religious adherent talking SEEK (i.e. homophone of Sikh) religious authority POPE; ROME religious belief ZEN religious believers CULT religious body see RELIGIOUS GROUP religious celebration FEAST religious centre ROME religious ceremony MASS; RITE religious community CHURCH; CONVENT; 쐍 ABBEY; CHAPEL; PRIORY; MONASTERY religious experience VISION religious figures PIETA religious fraternity ESSENE; SECT religious group CHURCH; CULT ORDER; SECT religious house PRIORY religious instruction, knowledge RE; RI religious job CURACY religious lady NUN religious leader LAMA; POPE; PRIOR; R; RABBI; SWAMI; 쐍 ABBESS; MAHDI religious man PRIOR religious meeting MASS; SERVICE; 쐍 CHAPTER religious order, member of MONK; NUN; TEMPLAR religious outfit HABIT; MISSION; SECT; 쐍 VESTMENT religious pamphlet TRACT religious person MONK; NUN religious school SECT religious statement CREED religious symbol CROSS religious task MISSION religious texts AV; NT; OT religious work AV; TRACT


relinquish FORGO; YIELD relish GUSTO; PICKLE; SAUCE; SPICE; 쐍 DRESSING; GOUT (Fr.); TASTE relocate MOVE; anagram indicator relocated anagram indicator reluctance, express ER; UM reluctant AVERSE; COY; LOATH; LOTH; SHY rely BANK; COUNT; LEAN; STAND; TRUST; 쐍 DEPEND rely on TRUST remain ABIDE; BIDE; LAST; LIE; OVER; REST; STAY; STICK; TARRY remain in the same place STAY remain still FREEZE remainder REST; OTHERS; 쐍 BALANCE remainder, tree STUMP remained LAY; 쐍 DWELT; LAIN; STAYED remaining LEFT; ODD; OTHER; OVER remains ASH; DUST; EMBERS; LEES; REST; RUMP; STUB; STUMP; 쐍 AFTERS; EMBERS remark CRACK; NOTE; QUIP; SALLY; SAY; WORD; 쐍 COMMENT remark, cutting BARB remark, indiscreet GAFFE remarkable RARE; SIGNAL; SOME; TALL; 쐍 (E)SPECIAL; anagram indicator remarkable person ONER remarkably anagram indicator remedy BALM; CURE; SALVE; anagram indicator remember RETAIN; 쐍 RECALL; RECOLLECT remembered anagram indicator (i.e. re-membered!) remind CUE; NUDGE; PROMPT reminder CUE; MEMO; NOTE; NUDGE; PROD; PROMPT remit BRIEF remitted SENT remix anagram indicator remixing anagram indicator remnant EMBER; RUMP; TRACE


remote BACK; FAR; LONG; OUT; see DISTANT remodelled, remodelling anagram indicator remorse, feel REPENT remorse, felt RUED remorseless HARD remote AWAY (i.e. a way); FAR; 쐍 DISTANT; anagram indicator remoteness can indicate a word beginning with TELE (Greek for “far”); see DISTANT removal CUT; OUSTING removal, legal OUSTER remove CUT; DELETE; DOFF; ERASE; EVICT; FIRE; LOP; PEEL; SACK; STRIP; TAKE; 쐍 DELETE; EXCISE; EXTRACT; can indicate a verb to be preceded by DE, as “remove name from plan” clues DESIGN (i.e. de-sign); anagram indicator remove appendage DETAIL remove branches LOP remove clothes STRIP remove cover SHELL remove impurities LEACH; REFINE remove leader DEPOSE remove moisture DRY remove wallpaper STRIP removed FAR; omission indicator; anagram indicator removing anagram indicator; omission indicator rend GASH; RIP; RIVE; SPLIT; TEAR; 쐍 PLASTER render GIVE; YIELD; anagram indicator render senseless STUN; 쐍 KAYO; KO rendered anagram indicator rendering VERSION; anagram indicator rendez-vous, rendezvous MEET; VENUE rendition VERSION; anagram indicator renegade RAT (qv) renegotiated, renegotiation anagram indicator

renounce QUIT; 쐍 DECLAIM; RECANT renovate PAINT; anagram indicator renovated anagram indicator renovation REFIT; anagram indicator renown FAME (qv); NAME rent BREACH; BREAK; GASH; HIRE; LEASE; LET; SLIT; SPLIT; RIFT; RIP; TEAR; TORE; TORN; 쐍 CHASM; RAGGED rental HIRE; LET rented LEASED; LET renting LET; see RENT reorganisation anagram indicator rep AGENT; MP repast MEAL repair FIX; MEND; PATCH; SEW; anagram indicator repair, in need of anagram indicator repair, temporary PATCH repaired, repairing anagram indicator repairman MENDER reparation anagram indicator reparations AMENDS repartee QUIP; WIT repartee, engage in FENCE repast, take DINE; EAT repatriate DEPORT repeal REVOKE repeat AGAIN; APE; COPY; ITERATE; PARROT; REDO; 쐍 ECHO; ITERATE repeated AGAIN; DOUBLE; 쐍 DITTO; a component to be repeated repeatedly AGAIN; OFT; OFTEN repeat indicator (for example, in “Repeatedly I act flexibly to meet new end?” one is required to repeat ‘I act’ in order to provide the main letters for the anagram to get TACTICIAN) repeater GUN; 쐍 ECHO; PARROT repel REJECT repentant SORRY repetition ROTE; repeat indicator



repetitive can indicate something to do with stammering, stuttering; repetition indicator repetitive strain injury RSI rephrased anagram indicator replace anagram indicator replaced CHANGED; TUP (i.e. rev. of PUT); anagram indicator replacement SPARE; SUB; anagram indicator replacing anagram or nesting indicator replanted anagram indicator replayed point/serve LET replete FULL; SATED replica DOUBLE; COPY replicate APE; COPY reply REJOIN 쐍 ANS; ANSWER reply, affirmative see AFFIRMATIVE reply, brief/short ANS reply, negative see NEGATIVE report BANG; BLAST; BOOM; CLAP; COVER; CRACK; PAPER; NOISE; POP; SAY; RELATE; STATE; STORY; TELL; 쐍 COMMUNICATE; NEWS; NOTE; RECORD; SOUND; homophone indicator report, according to homophone indicator report, source of GUN (qv) reported as, what’s homophone indicator reported, it’s homophone indicator reportedly homophone indicator reporter’s homophone indicator (operating on the word that follows) reporter’s submission FILING reporter, young CUB reporting NEWS repose REST reposition RESET; anagram indicator; 쐍 ADJUST repositioned RESET; anagram indicator repository BANK; TILL represent MEAN; SHOW; 쐍 LIMN; PORTRAY; RENDER; anagram indicator


representation IMAGE; STATUE; 쐍 ICON; PICTURE; anagram indicator (i.e. a re-presentation) representative AGENT; ENVOY; MP; REP; 쐍 TYPICAL represented anagram indicator representing FOR repress CHECK reprimand CARPET; CHIDE; RAP; RATE; SCOLD; WIG; 쐍 HELL; RATING; REPROOF; ROCKET; WIGGING reprimanded CHID reprinted anagram indicator repro PROOF reproach TWIT reprobate CUR; RAT; RIP; 쐍 SINNER reproduce APE; COPY; anagram indicator reproduced, anagram indicator reproducing anagram indicator reproducing letters from anagram of following word reproduction COPY; FAKE; PRINT; anagram indicator reproof, gave CHID reprove RATE; see REPRIMAND reptile CROC; EFT; SKINK; SNAKE (qv) republic CHAD; EIRE; NIGER Republican troops IRA repugnance AVERSION repugnance, show REBEL repugnant ALIEN repulse SPURN repulsed reversal indicator reputation FAME; NAME; REP; 쐍 ODOUR; RENOWN; STANDING repute see REPUTATION request ASK; BEG; ORDER; PLEA; PRAY; PRAYER; 쐍 ENTREAT; PETITION request, forceful DEMAND request, make ASK; see ASK request meal ORDER request to stop talking SH require MAKE; NEED; 쐍 DEMAND required MADE

resources, make the most of

required, not OVER; SPARE required, what is SPEC; 쐍 EQUIPMENT requirement MUST; NEED; WANT; 쐍 DEMAND; CONDITION; anagram indicator requirements anagram indicator requisition ORDER rerun reversal indicator rescue FREE; SAVE; 쐍 DELIVER rescue vessel ARK rescuer SAVER; SAVIOUR research DIG research centre/facility/place LAB research institute CERN research scientist BOFFIN researcher BOFFIN resembling LIKE resent GRUDGE; MIND resentful, feeling SORE; STUNG resentment HUMP; IRE; 쐍 ENVY; PIQUE; GRUDGE resentment, cause see ANNOY resentment, show BRIDLE reservation BOOKING; BUT; RES; can indicate something to do with American Indians reservation, make BOOK reserve BAG; BANK; BOOK; FUND; HOLD; ICE; PICK; RES; SAVE; SECOND; STORE; STOCK; SUB; TA; 쐍 EARMARK; RETAIN; TRACT reserve eleven TAXI reserve, in ASIDE; BY; SPARE reserve player SUB reserved COY; SHY; 쐍 BOOKED; anagram indicator (i.e. re-served) reserved person OYSTER reserves BOOKS; STOCK; STORE; TA reservoir LAKE; SUMP; TANK; WELL reset anagram indicator resettled/resettling anagram indicator reshuffle(d) anagram indicator reside DWELL; LIE; LIVE; LODGE

residence ABODE; CASTLE; FLAT; GAFF; HOME; HOUSE; PAD; RES; SEMI; 쐍 ADDRESS; DWELLING residence, change MOVE residence, take up SETTLE resident LODGER; 쐍 INMATE; NATIVE residential area CITY; ESTATE; TOWN; VILLAGE residential street CLOSE residual fire EMBER residual piece STUB residue ASH; REST; RUMP; 쐍 REMAINS resign QUIT; 쐍 DEMIT resigned PATIENT resilient BOUNCY; YIELDING; 쐍 ELASTIC; SPRINGY resin LAC resist BUCK; FACE; 쐍 COMBAT; OPPOSE resistance R; STAND; 쐍 OPPOSITION resistance unit OHM resistant PROOF resolute HARDY; STIFF; see FIRM resolution RES; END; anagram indicator resolve AIM; PLAN; WILL; 쐍 DETERMINE; SETTLE; anagram indicator resolved SET; anagram indicator resolving anagram indicator resonant performance can indicate something to do with bell-ringing e.g. CHANGE resort GO; HAUNT; SPA; anagram indicator; can refer to a specific popular resort e.g. in Britain: HOVE, POOLE, abroad: FARO, NICE, RIO; SPLIT resorted anagram indicator resound RING; 쐍 BOOM; ECHO resounded RANG resource ASSET; FINANCE resources CAPITAL; STOCK; 쐍 FINANCE(S); MEANS; SUPPLY; anagram indicator resources, make the most of EKE; 쐍 ECONOMISE



respect AWE; DEFER; HALLOW; HEED; REGARD; REVERE; WAY; 쐍 DETAIL; ESTEEM; PRESTIGE; RELATION; SALUTE respect, fearful AWE respect, high HONOUR respect, show BOW respect to IN; ON; RE respect, with IN; ON; RE; PACE respectable DECENT; FAIR; NICE; 쐍 STRAIGHT respectable, not quite DECEN (i.e. ‘decent’ with last letter omitted) respecting ON; RE respire BREATHE respite BREAK (qv) respond PLEAD; REACT; YIELD; 쐍 REJOIN response TIC; 쐍 ANSWER; REACTION response at wedding IDO (i.e. I do) response, basic GRUNT response, disgusted UGH response, involuntary (natural etc) TIC responsible for OVER responsible for, be CAUSE responsibility CHARGE; DUTY; RAP; 쐍 GUILT; ONUS rest BREAK; EASE; FF (i.e. following pages); IDLE; LEAN; LIE; NAP; PROP; REPOSE; SIT; SPIDER; STAY; 쐍 BREATHER; LEAVE; LOUNGE; RESPITE; STOOL rest, and the ETC rest-break PAUSE; an anagram of REST rest, place of see RESTING-PLACE rest, take a KIP; NAP; SIT rest up synonym of “rest” to be reversed e.g. TIS restaurant DINER; CAFE; CAFF; GRILL; 쐍 CARVERY; [쒁 WAITER] restaurant car DINER restaurant, commonly/popularly CAFF


restaurant, part of BAR restaurant worker CHEF; WAITER rested LAY; LEANT; SAT restful SERENE resting place BED; COT; DEN; GRAVE; LAIR; ROOST resting place anagram indicator restoration anagram indicator restore CURE; MEND; STET restore balance COUNTER restored MENDED; anagram indicator restrain CURB; DAM; FETTER; HOLD; REIN; REPRESS; SMOTHER; STAY; STEM; 쐍 ARREST; CHAIN; LIMIT restrained BOUND; TIED; anagram indicator; nesting indicator restrained by nesting indicator restrained in speech TIDE restrained, not FREE; LOOSE; WILD restrains nesting indicator restraint BRIDLE; DAM; CURB; REIN; TIE; 쐍 CHAIN; FETTER; SHACKLE restraint, lacking/without FREE; LOOSE; OTT restraint, subjected to can indicate that a component is nested within a synonym of restraint such as CHAIN in “Mortification of king subjected to restraint” 씮 CHAGRIN restrict BAR; BIND; CHAIN; CLAMP; CRAMP; CURB; PEN; STUNT; TIE; 쐍 RATION restrict, continue to KEEP restrict movements GATE; HOBBLE; PEN restricted PENT; TIED; 쐍 CUT; anagram, nesting or run indicator; can indicate that the last letter (and maybe the first) is to be omitted restricted by nesting indicator restricting nesting indicator restriction BAN; BAR; CURB; LET; TIE; 쐍 BELT; LIMIT restructured anagram indicator restyle anagram indicator


result DRAW; END; ENSUE; EVENT; GAIN; ISSUE; SCORE; TIE; WIN 쐍 EFFECT; FOLLOW; IMPACT; UPSHOT result, desired AIM; END; GOAL; 쐍 TARGET result of day’s shooting BAG resurgence RALLY retail SELL; TELL; 쐍 RECOUNT retail outlet DELI; SHOP; STORE retailer MONGER; SELLER; SHOP; STORE retain HOLD; KEEP; RESERVE; SAVE; STET; 쐍 HOARD; nesting indicator retain, manage to SAVE; SALVE retain much water SEA to be nested within a component retained KEPT retainer KEEPER; see SERVANT retaining nesting indicator retaliation can indicate a word ending in BACK retard SLOW retch GAG; HEAVE; KECK reticent CLOSE; COY; SHY retinue SUITE; TRAIN retire QUIT; 쐍 LEAVE; TURNIN (i.e. turn in) retired ABED; EX; OLD; RET; reverse indicator; can indicate that a component is to be nested within the letters BED (i.e. in bed) as “A retired prayer-counter” 씮 BEAD retired person can indicate something with going to bed retired soldier VET retired vicar VER (i.e. reversal) retirement BED; reversal indicator retirement, in ABED; SLEEPING retiring SHY; reversal indicator retort SALLY; STILL (i.e. piece of equipment) retouch EDIT retracted/retraction reverse indicator retreat BACK; DEN; EBB; FLEE; FLIGHT; LAIR; NEST; NOOK; RECEDE; RUN; SCRAM; STUDY; 쐍 ASHRAM;

HERMITAGE; SHELTER; anagram indicator; reversal indicator retreat, secure LIAN (i.e. reversal of NAIL) retreated RAN retribution REVENGE retrieve BRING; FETCH; GET retrieved reversal indicator retro reversal indicator retrograde reversal indicator, as “retrograde art” 씮 TRA retrogressive reversal indicator retrospect, in BACK retrospective, retrospectively reversal indicator retsina WINE retsina, like GREEK retuned anagram indicator return BACK; GAIN; PROFIT; NET; RET; YIELD; 쐍 ANSWER; EARNINGS; INTEREST; TICKET; reversal indicator return game can indicate that a game is reversed, and so GAT, OG, PANS etc return, say PROPHET return, small RET return, swift RETORT returned BACK; GAVE; reversal indicator returning BACK; BOUND (as in homebound, earthbound); reversal indicator reuse, reusing anagram indicator revamped anagram indicator reveal BARE; OUT; SHOW; TELL; UNFOLD; VENT; 쐍 CONFIDE; DISCLOSE; EXPOSE; IMPART; PRESENT reveal a gap YAWN reveal one’end MOON revealed OUT revealing OUTING; SHOWING reveals run indicator revel PARTY; ORGY; ROIST; 쐍 ROLLICK revelation, divine ORACLE revelry RIOT revels anagram indicator revenue see EARNING



reverberating reversal indicator revere HALLOW revered figure IDOL reverence AWE reverence, inspire with AWE reverence, producing AWING reverend REV; REVD reverent PI reverie DREAM; TRANCE reversal a ploy where (i) you have to reverse a whole word, so that PART becomes TRAP, for example; or (ii) you have to identify a reverse run in the clue, such as SING being a reverse run within “the sign isn’t obvious”. For examples of indicators, see below. reversal indicator There are two kinds. One type (such as “back”) tells us if a run of letters (see run indicator) within the clue is running backwards as “Time to go back to show” 씮 EMIT. Terms like “receding”, “retreating and “from right to left” can have this function while in the special case of a down clue, reversal can be indicated by “rising” or “ascending”. The other type (“after” is a common one) instructs us to place letters or components in reverse order to construct the answer, as “Exclamation of pain after descent shows one to be uncultivated?” leads to FALLOW (i.e. FALL-OW) reverse BACK; TURN; reversal indicator reversed reversal indicator, so “is reversed” 씮 SI, “was reversed” 씮 SAW etc. revert, reverted anagram indicator reverts reversal indicator review CHECK; CRIT; 쐍 JUDGE; PARADE; SUMMARY; TEST; VET; [쒁 PUFF]; anagram indicator review, enthusiastic RAVE reviewed anagram indicator reviewer CRITIC revise AMEND; EDIT; EMEND; 쐍 CHANGE


revised anagram indicator revision CHANGE; EDIT; anagram indicator revision to book EDIT revival RALLY; anagram indicator revive RALLY; 쐍 FRESHEN revived anagram indicator revoke DELETE; REPEAL revoked anagram indicator; reversal indicator revolt REBEL; RISING; UPRISING revolt, act of DEFECTION revolt, in UP; anagram indicator revolting RISING; UP; anagram indicator revolution ROLL; ROUND; SPIN; TURN; anagram indicator; reversal indicator; [쒁 WHEEL] revolution, say TERN revolutionary CHE; MAO; MARAT; RED; TROT; VILLA; 쐍 TURNER; reversal indicator (example: “revolutionary Italians” 씮 TI); anagram indicator; can indicate something to do with left-wing politics; [쒁 ROUND] revolutionary leader R; see REVOLUTIONARY revolutionary party LEVER (rev.) revolutionary thinker MARX revolutionary device WHEEL; 쐍 SPIN-DRIER revolve ROLL; SPIN; TURN; TWIST; WHIRL revolver ARM; COLT; GAT; GUN; ROTOR; SPINNER; TOP; WHEEL; 쐍 PISTOL; anagram indicator; can indicate anything which revolves e.g. gramophone turntable, platter, CD disc revolving SPINNING; TURNING; anagram indicator revue SHOW reward FEE; PAY; PURSE; TIP; 쐍 BOUNTY; DESERT; DESERTS; PRIZE reward, small TIP rewoven anagram indicator rewrite ADAPT; anagram indicator rewriting, rewritten anagram indicator


Rex CAT; DOG; KING; R Reynard FOX; [쒁 EARTH] rhetoric CANT; IRONY rheumatic ACHY rheumatoid arthritis RA rhino BRASS; READY, can refer to a specific currency (qv) rhyme JINGLE; VERSE; can indicate that the answer rhymes with a word in the clue as “Brief nursery rhyme” 씮 CURSORY rhymes VERSE (qv); 쐍 LIEDER; POEM (qv); can indicate the answer is a term consisting of two parts which rhyme with each other and, possibly, also a word in the clue. Examples: “silly rhymes” 씮 WILLY-NILLY and “ruddy rhymes” 씮 FUDDY-DUDDY rhythm BEAT; LILT; 쐍 CADENCE rib BAIT; BONE; CHAFF; GUY; KID; SCOFF; STITCH; TAUNT; TEASE; TWIT; can indicate something to do with wife; [쒁 ADAM] rib area CHEST rib enclosure CASE ribald BLUE ribbing TEASE ribbon BAND; BOW; STRIP; TAPE; 쐍 STREAMER ribs can indicate an umbrella rice GRAIN; 쐍 CEREAL; PATNA rich CREAMY; FAT; FLUSH; FRUITY; HIGH; PLUSH; LUSH; 쐍 AFFLUENT; COMICAL; CREAMY; LOADED; ROLLING; THICK; WEALTHY rich, extremely RH (i.e. first and last letters) rich man DIVES rich, to be ABOUND riches WEALTH Richard DICK; RICK rick HAY; SPRAIN; STACK rickety anagram indicator ricochet reversal indicator rid CLEAR; PURGE riddle POSER; SIFT; STRAIN; 쐍 PIERCE; SIEVE

ride DRIVE; GRATE; HACK; LIE (as in “let it lie”); MOUNT; TRIP; 쐍 CYCLE; TRAVEL ride in pursuit CHASE; HUNT ride on horseback CANTER ride, prepare for a SADDLE ride, take for a CHEAT (qv) rider CONDITION; JOCKEY; PS rider, fast REVERE rider’s accessory BIT; HALTER; REIN; SADDLE; STIRRUP ridge CREST; CHINE; EDGE; FRET; FURROW; REEF; 쐍 ARETE; ESKER ridge near water’s surface REEF ridicule DERIDE; GUY; MOCK; SCOFF ridicule, object of BUTT ridiculous anagram indicator riding UP riding equipment TACK riding in pursuit HUNTING rife COMMON; CURRENT; GENERAL riff-raff SCUM rifle ARM; GUN; ROB; SACK; 쐍 FERRET rifle butt E rift BREAK; GAP; RENT; SPLIT; 쐍 CHASM; FAULT rig COOK; EQUIP; GEAR; KIT; STRIP; 쐍 DRESS rig-out anagram of RIG rigged anagram indicator rigger FIXER rigging, old can indicate clothing from the past, or what is now considered an old-fashioned word e.g. apparel rigging, part of STAY right CLAIM; DUE; EXACT; JUST; LIEN; MEND; MORAL; OK; R; REAL; RT; SO; TORY; TRUE; YES; 쐍 ETHICAL; PROPER; anagram indicator (in the sense of make right); can indicate that what precedes it provides either the clue’s definition or an example of the definition right* SIDE


right answer, find

right answer, find CRACK; SOLVE right away NOW; can indicate that R is to be omitted right-back TR right colour MATCH right, exactly PAT right hand RH right-hand page RECTO right, has R to be nested within a component right, has no R to be omitted right in HOME right in China TAO right, just FINE; PAT right, legal LIEN right, property LIEN right of way LANE right one MATCH right over TR right page RECTO right people, the TORIES right, say RITE right to property LIEN right, unconcerned about AMORAL right up TR (i.e. rev. of RT in a DC) right-wing BLUE; DRY; TORY right-winger TORY rightful JUST; PROPER; TRUE rightist TORY rigid FIRM; LOCKED; STERN; STIFF; STRICT; see STUCK rigidly enforced STRICT rigorous HARD; STERN; STRICT rigorously anagram indicator rile GALL; NAG; IRK; 쐍 ANGER; BOTHER rill RUN; STREAM rim BRINK; EDGE; LIP; 쐍 MARGIN rim, wheel FELLOE rind PEEL; SKIN ring BAND; BELL; BUZZ; CALL; COIL; CYCLE; DIAL; DING; GANG; GONG; HALO; HOOP; LUTE (i.e. seal); O; OPAL; PEAL; PHONE; PING; ROUND; SEAL; SET; TING (i.e. bell


noise); TOLL; 쐍 ARENA; CARTEL; CHIME; CIRCLE; CORONA; DOUBLE (darts); GROMMET; INNER; KEEPER; KNELL; OUTER; QUOIT; SET; SOUND; TREBLE (darts); WASHER; nesting indicator Ring can indicate something to do with Wagner’s Ring Cycle ring back O to be placed at the end; synonym of “ring” to be reversed, hence LAID ring, fixing SEAL ring for saint HALO ring-leader word to begin with O ring of light HALO ring off ONOTON (i.e. O not on); can indicate O to be omitted ring once DIAL ring-tailed O to be added to end ringer BELL; 쐍 DOUBLE; IMAGE ringing PEAL; nesting indicator ringing sound PING; see SOUND ringleader ARCH; R; see CHIEF ringlet LOCK; TRESS rings OO; OS; see RING rink ICE rinse SWILL; WASH riot ROUT; SCREAM; 쐍 RUCTION; TUMULT; anagram indicator riot control instrument MACE rioting, riotous anagram indicator riotous assembly ROUT riotous spree REVEL riot anagram indicator rip CHEAT; EDDY; RAKE; REND; RENT; SCAMP; TEAR; TIDE; 쐍 CURRENT rip off see RIP-OFF rip-off ROB; SCAM; STEAL; TEAR; anagram of RIP Rip Van Winkle as the character in the Washington Irving story, can indicate something to do with sleep, over-sleep etc ripe READY ripe, not GREEN ripen MELLOW

road up

riposte SALLY; 쐍 RETORT; can indicate something to do with fencing ripped TORE; TORN ripple WAVE rippling anagram indicator rise ASCENT; CLIMB; HIKE; HILL; KNOLL; LIFT; MOUNT; RALLY; REAR; REBEL; SLOPE; SOAR; STAND; START; STIR; SURGE; SWELL; TOR; UP; WAX; WELL; reversal indicator rise and fall TIDE rise effortlessly SOAR rise rapidly ROCKET rise up WELL risen UP rising HILL; UP; 쐍 STANDING; reversal indicator; see RISE risk BET; CHANCE; DANGER; DARE; DICE; FACE; PERIL; 쐍 ENDANGER; HAZARD; THREAT risk money BET (qv) risk, reduce HEDGE risk, take BET; CHANCE; DARE; DICE; GAME; WAGER risking anagram indicator risky IFFY; 쐍 DARING risky opportunity SPEC; 쐍 VENTURE; see BET risky venture see BET risqu BLUE; DARING; RACY; SAUCY rival FOE; VIE rivalry BATTLE; CONTEST; OPPOSITION riven SPLIT river FLOW; FLOWER; R; can call for a specific river name – common British examples: AIRE, AXE, CAM, DEE, EXE, FAL, FORTH, OUSE, SEVERN, SPEY, STOUR, TAFF, TAMAR, TAY, TEE, TEES, TEST, TRENT, WEAR, YARE; common foreign examples: DON, INDUS, NILE, ODER, PLATE, PO, RHINE, RHONE, URAL, VOLTA; 쐍 CALE; DOURO; HUMBER; INN; ISIS; OB;

SALE; TIBER; TWEED; USK; RIBBLE; WESER river barrier DAM river bottom BED river crossing can indicate a component is to be nested within the name of a river – see RIVER river, crossing can indicate that R (or the name of a river) is to be nested within a component – see RIVER river, European ODER; see RIVER river excursion ROW river, German MAIN; see RIVER river in France OISE; 쐍 SEINE river, infernal STYX river mammal OTTER river, Russian DON; NEVA river, sacred ALPH river, stretch of REACH river transport BARGE; FERRY river, varsity CAM river wave BORE river, Welsh NEATH; TAFF riverside BANK rivet BOLT; PIN; STUD; 쐍 FIXING rivulet STREAM road AI; AVE; CLOSE; DRIVE; LANE; M; MI; PASS; ROUTE; RD; ST; WAY; 쐍 ARTERY; BYPASS; [쒁 RING] road back DR road, busy AI road junction T road, main ARTERY road, minor B; RD road, old VIA road, private DRIVE road repairs anagram of ROAD road, Roman VIA road sign SLOW; STOP; 쐍 HALT road, small CLOSE; DRIVE; LANE; RD; see ROAD road stone COBBLE road, suburban CLOSE; DRIVE road, type of RING; 쐍 A; B; BY road up can indicate that a synonym for road is to be reversed e.g. DR, IM, TS



roadblock BARRIER roadside VERGE; 쐍 KERB roadside building MOTEL roadside-emergency service AA; RAC roadside facility KERB; can indicate street furniture, street lamp etc roadside row, join PARK roam RAMBLE; ROVE; WANDER; anagram indicator roaming anagram indicator roan BAY roar BELLOW; BOOM; SHOUT roast BAKE; BASTE; BEEF; BLAST; JOINT; PAN; SLATE (i.e. criticise) roast meat JOINT roasting anagram indicator rob MUG; NICK; PINCH; SACK; STEAL; 쐍 BURGLE; RIFLE; ROLL Rob ROY robbed of omission indicator (as “robbed of grand” 씮 G to be omitted) robber MUGGER robbery BLAG; HEIST; THEFT; 쐍 PILLAGE robe GOWN Robert BOB Robin HOB (i.e. Robin Goodfellow); HOOD Robin Goodfellow PUCK robust HARDY; STOUT; 쐍 RUGGED; STRONG rock CRAG; FLINT; GEM; GIB; ICE; JAR; LAVA; ORE; REEL; ROLL; SHAKE; SHOCK; STAGGER; STONE; SWAY; TOR; TUFF; WAVER; anagram indicator rock formation CORK (i.e. anagram); SCAR rock in the North Sea BASS rock layers STRATA rock, molten LAVA rock music anagram of MUSIC rock, siliceous SINTER rocked, rocking anagram indicator


rocker CHAIR; STONE (i.e. Rolling) rocker, old TED rocker’s opponent MOD rocket RETRO; VI; with a capital letter, can indicate something to do with Stephenson or his locomotive rocket, give a WIG rocket launch SHOT rocket launchers NASA rocket organisation NASA rocks ICE; REEF rocks, on the can indicate a word ending in ICE rocks, pile of TOR rocky anagram indicator Rocky BOXER; anagram indicator rod BAR; CANE; CUE; GAT; PERCH; POLE; SPAR; SPIT; STAFF; STICK; SWITCH rod, using ANGLING; FISHING rodent CAVY; CONY; MOUSE; RAT; VOLE; 쐍 HAMSTER rodent catcher RATTER rodents MICE Roderick ROD Rodin mention of the name is likely to refer to one of the sculptor’s famous statues such as The Kiss or The Thinker Rodney ROD roe DEER Roger ROG rogue CAD; CHEAT; CON; CROOK; CUR; DOG; IMP; SCAMP; 쐍 FIDDLER; ROUE roguish ARCH roist REVEL role PART; TASK; 쐍 FUNCTION; STEAD role, have a ACT role of, assume PLAY role, principal LEAD; STAR role, small CAMEO role, to be in ACT roll BAP; BUN; CAKE; CARPET; COAST; LIST; ROB; ROCK; SPOOL; SURGE; SWELL; TURN; TWIST; WAD; WHEEL; WIND; 쐍 DRIFT; MUFFIN;

room, outer

RECORD; ROSTER; STAGGER; SWISS roll about WELTER roll-about PODGY roll, to anagram indicator; see ROLL roll, type of SWISS roll up FURL rolled RAN; WOUND; anagram indicator; reversal indicator roller BREAKER; SWELL; WAVE rollick REVEL rollicking anagram indicator rolling FLUSH; RICH; anagram indicator; reversal indicator; can indicate other terms for “rich” e.g. well-to-do rolling out anagram indicator Rolling Stones BAND rolls anagram indicator; reversal indicator; can indicate something to do with wallpaper Rolls RR roly-poly DUMPY; 쐍 CHUBBY Roman R; RC; TYPE; 쐍 BRUTUS; CINNA; can indicate a Latin term, or Roman numeral (s); beware of the tricky use of Roman numerals as in “Eleven of the Romans turned back” which calls for the answer NINE i.e. XI reversed! Roman art ARS Roman chap VIR Roman coin AS Roman coins ASSES Roman couple II Roman date IDES Roman emperor NERO; OTHO Roman god DEUS; SOL; see GOD Roman goddess VESTA Roman historian LIVY Roman, I am for ancient SUM Roman law LEX Roman, old ANTONY Roman poet MARTIAL Roman procurator PILATE Roman road VIA Roman, severe CATO Roman’s here HIC

Roman, this HIC Roman, way for VIA Roman, you TU romance COURT; FICTION; NOVEL; WOO; with a capital letter can indicate something to do with Latin romancer LIAR Romans see ROMAN Romans, number of CIVIC romantic DREAMY Rome, from/in can indicate that some Latin word or phrase is to be used, for an example see ROME, NOW IN Rome, now in NUNC (Latin for now) Rome, time in IDES Rome’s construction anagram of ROME; [쒁 DAY] Romeo LOVER; R; WOLF romp ORGY; PLAY; SPREE Romulus and Remus can indicate something to do with Rome, twins, common age Ronald RON rood CROSS roof COVER; THATCH; TOP; 쐍 PALATE roof-beam RAFTER roof, part of EAVES roof, sort/type of GABLE; THATCH roof-top RIDGE roofer TILER roofing THATCH rook CHEAT (qv); CON; MAN; PIECE; R; SKIN rooked CHEATED room ATTIC; CELL; CLOSET; DEN; GAP; HALL; LAB; LOFT; LOUNGE; RM; SALON; SCOPE; SPACE; STUDIO; STUDY; WARD; 쐍 CHAMBER; GAOL; PARLOUR; SHOP; VESTRY Room At The Top ATTIC room for concerts HALL room for improvement WARD room, little CELL; CLOSET; RM; 쐍 PANTRY room, outer BUT


room, say

room, say SELL room, small CLOSET room under roof LOFT rooms CELLS; FLAT; SUITE rooms, set of see ROOMS roost PERCH roost, ruler of COCK root BELIEF; CAUSE; POKE; 쐍 ORIGIN; SOURCE; TUBER; see ORIGIN root crop BEET rope CABLE; CAT; CORD; GUY; HEMP; LINE; NOOSE; PAINTER; SASH; SHEET; STAY; 쐍 PEARLS; SISAL; TETHER rope, attachment for CLEAT rope fibre ISTLE rope maker ISTLE rope trick anagram of ROPE e.g. PORE rope up DROC (rev. in a DC) ropes, use MOOR ropey POOR ropey piece of work can indicate the term for a particular knot Rosalind ROS rose BRIAR; PINK; TUDOR; 쐍 RAMBLER; reversal indicator; [쒁 SPINE; THORN] Rose* can indicate something to do with flowers as “arrangement involving Rose from Tokyo” 씮 IKEBANA rose-garden BED rosette FAVOUR Rossini opera TELL roster LIST; ROLL; ROTA; TABLE rostrum PODIUM rosy PINK; RED rot BULL; BUNK; ERODE; see RUBBISH rota LIST; ROSTER; TABLE rotate SPIN; TURN; WIND rotisserie SPIT rotor ARM rotten BAD; NG; OFF; POOR; 쐍 ADDLED; EATEN; anagram indicator


rotten, become/get ADDLE; ROT; SOUR rotten, made ADDLED rotter CAD; HEEL (qv); RAT; 쐍 BOUNDER rotting ADDLING rotund PLUMP rou RAKE; RIP; ROGUE rouge RED; 쐍 BLUSHER rough CRUDE; RAW; RUDE; THUG; VAGUE; 쐍 COARSE; HARSH; HEAVY; HOARSE; LEATHERY; RAGGED; RUGGED; UNCUT; anagram indicator; see HOOLIGAN rough-haired SHAGGY rough sea(s) anagram of SEA(S) rough water anagram of WATER rough water, patch of WAKE rough water stretch RIP roughed up anagram indicator roughly ABOUT; ORSO (i.e. or so); anagram indicator roughly made CRUDE; RUDE roulette WHEEL; 쐍 GAMING roulette wheel GAMING; [쒁 BET; CHIP; GAMBLE] round ABOUT; BALL; BEAT; BOUT; BULLET; C; CANON; DEAL; HEAT; LAP; O; PLUMP; RING; SHOT; SONG; STOUT; TURN; 쐍 CIRCLE; CIRCULAR; CYCLE; EDDY; NOUGHT; ORBIT; ZERO; anagram indicator; nesting indicator; reversal indicator; can indicate something to do with drink or drinking places round-about anagram indicator; nesting indicator; a synonym for ”about” e.g. C or RE to be nested within a component (Example: “Fears for the parents roundabout” gives DREADS) round, go ROLL; TURN round of drinks SHOUT roundabout see ROUND-ABOUT rounded PLUMP; reversal indicator rounded division LOBE rounded object GLOBE (qv) rounded up anagram indicator Roundhead R

rubbish container

rounds BEAT; LAPS; OO; OS rounds, do the EDDY; SPIN; TWIST; see TURN rounds, making the can indicate something to do with whirlpool, eddy rouse RAISE; START; STIR; WAKE roused UP; 쐍 ABOUT roused, be WAKE roust STIR rout BEAT; CRUSH; GRUB; PACK; RABBLE; RIOT; THRASH; 쐍 DEFEAT; HIDING rout, in anagram indicator route PASS; PATH; ROAD; WAY; 쐍 CANAL; COURSE; JOURNEY; LANE (as in bus-lane); LINE; TRACK route, less frequented BROAD (i.e. B-road!) route, part of STAGE route, trade CANAL routed anagram indicator routine ACT; DRILL; HABIT; ROUND; RUT routine, dull RUT routine, established WAY routine journalist HACK routine task CHORE routine work CHORE rove RAMBLE; ROAM; 쐍 PROWL; TRAVEL; WANDER rover RANGER Rover* DOG; as Rovers is a popular name for a football club, can indicate something to do with an individual footballer (e.g. shinguard, football position) row BANK; BRUSH; DIN; FILE; LINE; OAR; RACKET; RANGE; RANK; SCRAP; SCULL; SHINDY; SPAT; TIER; TIFF; 쐍 BOTHER; NOISE; POTHER; SETTO (i.e. set-to) row, formed a LINED row, get into a ALIGN row, one involved in a OAR; STROKE row, one leading a STROKE rowan ASH

rowdy BULLY; TED; anagram indicator rowel WHEEL rowers CREW; EIGHT rowing club LEANDER rowing, one OAR; SCULLER rowing people EIGHT rowing position BOW Roy ROB royal R; 쐍 REAL; REGAL; REGIUS; can refer to a specific monarch, in full or abbreviated; see KING, QUEEN, MONARCH, RULER, or other member of royal family (prince etc) royal address SIRE royal, ancient REAL royal characters ER; see KING, QUEEN, MONARCH, RULER royal family HOUSE; see ROYAL HOUSE royal house ORANGE; 쐍 HANOVER; TUDOR; WINDSOR; YORK royal household COURT royal status CROWN Royalist [쒁 COURT] royalty ER; can indicate a court card royalty, line of HOUSE RPO PHIL rub CHAFF; PRESS rub away ERODE rub out KILL (qv); SLAY; 쐍 ERASE rubber can indicate something to do with masseur, masseuse rubber product TYRE rubber product, American TIRE rubber, sort of INDIA rubbish BIN; BOSH; BULL; BUNK; CHAFF; DRECK; DROSS; GASH; JUNK; MESS; PULP; ROT; TAT; TOSH; TRASH; TRIPE; 쐍 BILGE; COBBLERS; GARBAGE; JABBER; LITTER; PIFFLE; PRATTLE; TWADDLE; WASTE; see NONSENSE rubbish container BIN; SKIP


rubbish, place for

rubbish, place for DUMP; HEAP; TIP; see RUBBISH CONTAINER rubbish in US, place for DUMPSTER rubbish, talk see TALK RUBBISH rubbished BINNED; SCRAPPED; anagram indicator rubbishing anagram indicator ruby GEM; RED; STONE; 쐍 REDDY ruck CROWD; SCRUM ruction ROW; 쐍 AFFRAY; RIOT rudder HELM ruddy PINK; RED; ROSY; 쐍 BLOOMING; FLAMING; HEALTHY ruddy, not PALE rude BRASH; ROUGH; see CHEEKY rude, do something POINT rude, extremely RE rude rejection SNUB rudely anagram indicator rudeness SLIGHT rudeness, act of SLIGHT; SNUB rudimentary BASIC; ROUGH rue PITY; REGRET ruff FRILL; TRUMP (at cards) ruffian BULLY; LOUT; THUG; TOUGH ruffle STIR; 쐍 NEEDLE; RUMPLE; anagram indicator ruffled anagram indicator rug MAT; WIG rugby RU; with capital initial letter can refer to the SCHOOL rugby competition SEVENS rugby crowd RUCK rugby final Y rugby player CENTRE; HOOK; LOCK PROP; WASP; 쐍 FLANKER; HOOKER rugby players PACK rugby scores TRIES rugby team BATH; WASPS rugged exterior RD ruin BREAK; DISH; DOOM; END; MAR; ROT; SMASH; SPOIL; WRECK; 쐍 RELIC; SCUPPER; SHATTER;


TORPEDO; UNDO; anagram indicator ruination anagram indicator ruined BROKE; anagram indicator; see BROKE, RUIN ruining anagram indicator ruinous anagram indicator ruins SPOILS; anagram indicator, as “ruins of Rome” 씮 ROME; see RUIN rule CANON; GOVERN; LAW; LINE; ORDER; REIGN; STRIP; 쐍 CHARGE; ORDINANCE; PRESIDE; REIGN Rule Britannia can indicate use of ARNE, its composer rule out BAN; BAR; BLACK; REJECT; anagram of RULE rule soundly RAIN ruled by UNDER ruler ER; GR; KING; LORD; 쐍 AMIR; CSAR; EMIR; EMEER; KHAN; MEASURE; QUEEN; RAJA; REGENT; SULTAN; TSAR ruler, current ER ruler, Middle Eastern SULTAN rules CODE; LAW; 쐍 CONSTITUTION; SYSTEM; see LAW, RULE rules, set of CODE ruling ACT; EDICT; IN; LAW; 쐍 REGNANT rum GROG; ODD; OFF; STRANGE; anagram indicator rumble TWIG ruminant COW; DEER; ELAND rummaged, rummaging anagram indicator rummer GLASS rumour CRY; NOISE; TALK; 쐍 BUZZ; see GOSSIP rumour, according to/of homophone indicator rumoured, it’s homophone indicator rump END; SEAT rumple RUFFLE rumpus FUSS; RIOT; 쐍 NOISE run BELT; BOLT; BYE; CHAIR (i.e. a meeting); CHASE; COURSE; DART; DASH;


DRIVE; ESCAPE; EXTRA; FLEE; FLOW; FLY; GO; HARE; HIE; LOPE; NIP; PELT; R; RACE; RILL; RUSH; SCOOT; SHOOT; SINGLE; SNAG; SPEED; SPRINT; STREAK; TEAR; TROT; ZIP; 쐍 CANTER; CAREER; CONTROL; GALLOP; HENNERY; LADDER; MANAGE; SCAMPER; SUPERINTEND; anagram indicator; can indicate something to do with smuggling run a device whereby the answer is a run or sequence of letters within the clue. Example: “Burden borne by son, usually” 씮 ONUS (Also known as the hidden word clue.) However we may be required to select particular letters from a sequence (examples of such indicators being “oddly, “regularly”) as “Hat, oddly in brown, with veil” tells us to take the odd letters from “brown” (BON) which we have to add to NET to get BONNET run aground STRAND run ahead R to be placed at the beginning run-around anagram of RUN; a component to be nested within RUN or a synonym such as CANTER run away see RUN OFF run down REVILE run-down PALE run eye over READ; SCAN run, famous CRESTA run fast DART; DASH; PELT; ZIP; see RUN run in COLLAR; NICK; 쐍 ARREST run indicator a code word or phrase telling you the answer is a run or sequence of letters within the clue. Examples: borne by, carried in, part of, some run into MEET; RAM; 쐍 ENCOUNTER; INCUR; R to be

inserted into word or component that follows run naked STREAK run off BOLT; ELOPE; FLEE; 쐍 FLY; LEVANT; SCATTER; anagram of RUN; R to be omitted run, one taking part in RACER run out LAPSE; RO; anagram of RUN; R to be omitted run out of steam FLAG; TIRE run over NUR; RECAP; REVIEW; SPILL; TRAD run quickly RIP run through EMPALE; IMPALE; PIERCE run together ELOPE run-up NUR; TRAD; can indicate an anagram in which R is included runabout anagram of RUN; a component to be nested within RUN (or a synonym such as FLY, see RUN) rung SPOKE; STEP runner BEAN; COE; FOOT; MILER; R; SKI; VINE; 쐍 CARPET; HARRIER; LOPER; an old standby to indicate a river, see RIVER runner* RUG runner-up SECOND; SILVER runners FIELD running HARING; ON; can indicate something to do with smuggling; anagram indicator running amok anagram indicator running around nesting indicator; anagram indicator running away FLIGHT running, kind of TROT running mate ELOPER running water see RIVER runny FLOWING; WET; anagram indicator runs R; RR; anagram indicator; run indicator runs away can indicate that R or RR to be omitted runway STRIP rupees R Rupert BEAR; BROOKE



rupture BREACH; BREAK; 쐍 HERNIA rural business FARM Rural Dean RD rural scene FARM ruse DODGE; PLOY; SCAM; TRICK rush CHARGE; CHEAT (colloq.); DART; DASH; FLY; HARE; HASTE; LUNGE; RACE; REED; RUN; SPATE; SPEED; SURGE; TEAR; ZOOM; 쐍 GUST; HUSTLE; PLUNGE; SCAMPER; SCUDDLE; SCUTTLE; see RUN rush around anagram indicator; can indicate that a component is to be nested within RUSH rush, don’t DALLY rush reportedly HAIR rush through SKIM rushed FLEW; HASTY; RAN; SPED; TORE rushes PRINTS rushing around anagram indicator Russell RUSS russet* APPLE Russia once USSR Russian IVAN; SERGE; 쐍 LENIN; SLAV Russian before 1991, of RED Russian commune MIR Russian country house DACHA Russian lady/woman RIASA; TAMARA Russian plane MIG Russian river OB Russian, yes DA rust can indicate something to do with fungus rustic HICK; PEASANT; YOKEL rustle STEAL; can indicate something to do with stock, stocktaking rusty OLD rut TRACK; 쐍 FURROW; GROOVE ruth PITY ruthless HARD Ruth BABE rye GRASS


Ss ’s IS; when preceded by the name of the newspaper which is publishing the crossword it can indicate OUR (e.g. if in The Guardian then “Guardian’s” 씮 OUR); when functioning as an abbreviation for “is” it can act as the link between the two definitions in a double definition clue ’s reportedly Z S, we hear ES; ESS SA can indicate something to do with South America or South Africa Sabbath via the nursery rhyme can indicate being bonny, blithe, good or gay sabot SHOE sabotage anagram indicator sabotaged anagram indicator sac BAG; CYST sachet BAG; PACKET sack AXE; BAG; BOOT; CHOP; DRESS; DRINK; FIRE; LOOT; RAID; RIFLE; ROB; SPOIL; WINE sacked anagram indicator; omission indicator; see SACK sacked man SANTA sacking JUTE sacred HOLY sacred pages/text AV; NT; OT sacred writings AVESTA sacrifice OFFER sacrificed anagram indicator sacrificial move GAMBIT sacrificial slab ALTAR sacrificing omission indicator sacrosanct HOLY sad BLUE; DOWN; GRAVE; LOW; 쐍 DISMAL sad expression SIGH saddle COL; LAND; LUMBER; PAD; SEAT saddle, in the RIDING; UP


saddlery TACK sadly ALACK; ALAS; anagram indicator safe PETER; SURE; TILL; 쐍 SECURE; SOUND safe-breaker anagram of SAFE safe conduct PASS safe place ARK safe, not playing RISKY safe to eat EDIBLE safeguard PRESERVE; SURETY safekeeping CHARGE safety device FUSE; NET; 쐍 CATCH; VENT sag DIP; DROOP; FALL; FLAG; SINK saga EDDA; EPIC; FLOP; MYTH; STORY; TALE sagacious WISE sage WISE; 쐍 RISHI; SOLON; can indicate a particular title for a wise person e.g. maharishi Sahara* DESERT said ORAL; SPOKE; STATED; homophone indicator; see SAY said “Hello” HIGH said in France DIT said to attract attention HOY said yes? AYED sail LUG; ROYAL; 쐍 CANVAS; [쒁 LUFF; TACK] sail, set RIG sailing man see SAILOR sailing, piece of TACK sailor AB; HAND; JACK; MATE; OS; PO; SALT; TAR; 쐍 BOATER; HEARTY; LASCAR; MARINER; POPEYE; RATING; REEFER; SEAMAN; can indicate a famous sailor e.g. DRAKE, NELSON, ROSS sailor, doomed BUDD sailor, transatlantic CABOT sailor’s left PORT sailors ABS; CREW; NAVY; RN sailors, gang of PRESS sails CANVAS saint S; ST; 쐍 ALBAN; LUKE; MARTIN; PAUL; PETER; remember that many towns are prefaced by ST, e.g. St Albans, so

the reference might be pointing towards a geographical area e.g. county; when names such as St Joseph or St Paul, a US state might be called for St Paul’s, part of DOME St Peters, part of DOME saint, picture of ICON salad dressing in America MAYO salad food COS; CRESS; 쐍 CELERY salad in U.S. SLAW salad dressing OIL salamander NEWT salary CUT; PAY; SCREW sale AUCTION; DEAL sale, carry for HAWK sale, for GOING sale, have for STOCK sale item LOT sales-pitch AD; see SALES TALK sales rep AGENT sales talk PATTER; PITCH; SPIEL salesman LOMAN (i.e. in Miller’s play); REP; TOUT; 쐍 VENDER salesman’s line see SALES TALK salesman, work as TRAVEL salesperson REP sally JEST; QUIP; RETORT; SORTIE Sally SAL salmon CHAR; COHO; PARR; PINK; [쒁 LEISTER (i.e. salmon-spear)] salmon, young PARR saloon BAR; INN; PUB; also can indicate something to do with a car salt AB; CURE; NACL; SEASON; TAR; WIT; see SAILOR salt in France SEL salt water see SALT-WATER below salt-water BRINE; SEA; SWEAT; TEAR; TEARS salute GREET; HAIL; TOAST; 쐍 ACCLAIM; SALVO


salvage collector

salvage collector TOTTER salver TRAY Salvation Army SA Sam UNCLE same DO; EQUI; ID; IDEM; LIKE; 쐍 DITTO; MATCH; repetition indicator; when associated with a reversal indicator can signal a palindrome same again DO; 쐍 DITTO; repetition indicator same, do the APE same, doing the APING same place, in the IB same source, from the IB sample SIP; TASTE; TASTER; TEST; TRY; 쐍 SWATCH; run indicator sampled run indicator samples SWATCH Samuel SAM Samuel’s teacher ELI sanctimonious PI sanction ALLOW; FINE; OK; LET; PASS; 쐍 APPROVE; WARRANT sanctioned OKED sanctuary DEN; HAVEN; LAIR; 쐍 ASYLUM; HARBOUR; OASIS sanctuary, animal ARK sand BEACH; BUNKER; GRIT; SHORE sand, bit of GRAIN sand, lots of DUNE sandal* SHOE sandbank BAR sandhill DUNE Sandhurst RMA sandpiper KNOT sandwich PIECE; ROUND; TOASTY; WAD sandwich filling HAM sandwiches nesting indicator (as “pub sandwiches” signals that a component is to be nested within INN, BAR, PUB etc) sandy GINGER; GRITTY sandy area BEACH sandy ground LINKS sandy tract DENE


sane SOUND sank putt, we hear HOLD Santa CLAUS sap DOPE; MINE; MUG; NERD; 쐍 COSH; JUICE; SUCKER; TRENCH sapper(s) RE Saracen’s Head S Sarah SAL sarcasm IRONY sarcastic ACID; BITING; DRY sarcastic remark DIG sarcastic, somewhat DRY sardonic WRY sash BAND; CORD; FRAME (i.e. as in window); OBI; ROPE sash, Japanese OBI sat POSED; SEATED sat in nesting indicator satchel BAG satiate FILL; STUFF satire IRONY satellite IO; MOON; 쐍 ECHO satellite aerial DISH satirise MOCK; SQUIB satirist MOCKER; SWIFT satisfaction CONTENT; COMFORT; JOY satisfaction, give PLEASE; SATE satisfactory FINE; OK satisfactory manner, in a WELL satisfied FULL; MET; SMUG; 쐍 CONTENT; PLEASED satisfy DO; MEET; PLEASE; SERVE satisfy thirst QUENCH satisfying MEETING; PLEASING; SATING satisfying, was MET saturate DRENCH; SOAK; STEEP Saturday via the nursery rhyme can indicate “working hard for one’s living” satyr GOAT sauce BRASS; CHEEK; DIP; GALL; GRAVY; LIP; PESTO; TOPPING; 쐍 DRESSING; NERVE saucer CHINA


saucy FRESH; LIPPY; PERT; 쐍 INSOLENT sauna BATH saunter AMBLE; STROLL; 쐍 MOOCH sausage BANGER; WURST; in junction with “land” can indicate CUMBER (i.e. Cumberland sausage); [쒁 DOG] sausage, German WURST savage CRUEL; WILD; anagram indicator savaged anagram indicator savagely anagram indicator save AMASS; BAR; BUT; KEEP; SKIMP; SPARE; STORE; 쐍 EXCEPT; RECLAIM; RECYCLE; SCRAPE; SCRIMP save from wreck SALVE save, try to SCRIMP saving BAR; BUT; EXCEPT; nesting indicator saving money THRIFT savings HOARD; RESERVE savings account ISA savings plan PEP; TESSA savour TANG savoury PASTY; TASTY savoury spread PATE Savoy princess IDA saw ADAGE; CUT; CUTTER; EYED; MAXIM; NOTED; RIP; SAYING; SPIED; SPOTTED; TOOL; 쐍 CAUGHT; EPIGRAM; GNOME; MOTTO; PHRASE; can indicate something to do with a proverb, saying, motto, etc. which often, in their full form, can be the required answer, especially in the larger crosswords saw, sort of BAND; FRET; HACK; PANEL; RIP say AS; AVER; EG (for example); MOUTH; OPINE; SPEAK; STATE; TELL; UTTER; VOICE; 쐍 EXPRESS; OBSERVE; REMARK; homophone indicator (as “I say” 씮 AYE); can indicate that the reference word is an example of the required word, for instance “left, say” 씮 SIDE, “wing, say” 씮 LIMB

say excitedly PANT say menacingly HISS say more ADD say no DENY say nothing EGO (i.e. “e.g. zero”); HUSH; QUIET; SH; 쐍 SILENCE say, they homophone indicator say wearily SIGH say, you might homophone indicator saying PHRASE; 쐍 EGNOME; see SAW saying, clever QUIP saying little QUIET saying nothing MUTE sayings SUTRA scab CRUST scald BURN scale CLIMB; KEY; PLATE; RATE; 쐍 MOHO; RATING; can indicate something to do with temperature scale e.g. C, F; can indicate something to do with mountaineering scales LIBRA scaling equipment LADDER scalp TROPHY scam CON; JAPE; PRANK; RACKET; RAMP; STING; TRICK; 쐍 FIDDLE; FRAUD; SWINDLE scamp IMP; KNAVE; RIP; ROGUE; scamper RUN; RUSH scan EYE; LOOK; READ; TEST; 쐍 SEE scandal DIRT scandalise APPAL scandalous anagram indicator scandalous information DIRT Scandinavian DANE; FINN; LAPP; NORSE; SWEDE Scandinavian coin ORE Scandinavian girl MIA Scandinavian goddess HEL Scandinavian monster TROLL Scandinavian saga EDDA scant SHORT; SLIGHT; STINT scanty SPARSE scape ERROR; SLIP



scar SEAM (geol.) scarce LEAN; RARE scarecrow BOGLE scared WINDY; YELLOW scarcely sufficient SCANT scare FEAR; FRIGHT; UNMAN scare away SHOO scarf BOA; STOLE scarlet RED scarlet, turned DER scathing BITCHY; SHARP; TART scatter SOW; SPREAD; STREW; anagram indicator scattered SOWN; SPARSE; SPREAD; STRAY; 쐍 RANDOM; anagram indicator scatterbrained GIDDY scattering anagram indicator scatty DAFT; anagram indicator scavenger RAT; TOTTER scenario is a useful word to describe the picture being painted by the compiler. The scenario may be relevant as in “She’s a minder working with us” (9) where “working” is indicating that an anagram is to be constructed from A MINDER and US to reach the answer NURSEMAID. (Note the clever way “working” here does double duty as an anagram indicator and as a main constituent of the definition.) But the scenario is just as likely to be misleading as in “Mount hotly tipped to run” (4) which strongly suggests something to do with horse-racing – yet the answer is ETNA(!) scene PLACE; SET; SETTING; SPOT; VIEW scene, disorderly RAG scene of combat ARENA; LIST; RING scenery FLAT(S); SET scenes ACT scent SMELL; SPOOR; TRAIL; 쐍 AROMA; MUSK sceptic can indicate something to do with Thomas (i.e. Doubting Thomas) hence “a sceptic shortly” cues THOS


sceptical, be DOUBT schedule FORM; LIST; ROTA schedule, behind LATE scheduled time SLOT scheme CABAL; DODGE; IDEA; PLAN; PLOT; SCAM; THEORY scheme, unrealistic BUBBLE schism BREACH; BREAK; RIFT; SPLIT schnozzle NOSE scholar BA; MA; PUPIL; 쐍 LEARNER; MBA scholarship LEARNING school COACH; CLASS; COED (i.e. co-ed); ETON; FISH; FORM; GAM (i.e. of whales); HARROW; LYCEE; REPTON; STOWE; SCH; SECT; SET; TEACH; TRAIN; TUTOR; can indicate something to do with fish; anagram indicator school building HOUSE school curriculum, part of PE school, go away to BOARD school group/organisation PTA school hall GYM school leader HEAD; S school lesson PE; RE school-mate TEAM (i.e. anagram of MATE) school member as well as pupil, teacher etc. can refer to whale, fish or a particular species of fish school period CLASS; TERM school, play RADA school report EATEN (i.e. homophone of Eton) school, secondary HIGH school subject RE school time TERM school, type of PREP schoolchild BOARDER; PUPIL schoolboys HOUSE schoolchildren CLASS; FORM; 쐍 BOARDERS schoolgirl crush PASH schoolmaster HEAD; SIR schooner GLASS; SCH; SHIP Schubert catalogue D Schubert’s work LIED sc-fi movie ET

Scottish head

science SC; SCI science exam PRACTICAL science fiction SF science man BSC scientific establishment LAB scientist BSC; PAULI; BOFFIN; [쒁 LAB] scintilla TRACE scoff EAT; HISS; GIBE; JIBE; MOCK; SCORN; WOLF scoffed ATE scoffing EATING; SCORN scold CHIDE; NAG; RATE; SLATE; 쐍 BERATE scold, old SHEND scolded CHID sconce FINE scone CAKE scoop BAIL; STORY; TROWEL; 쐍 DIPPER scooter rider MOD scope AMBIT; PLAY; RANGE; REACH; ROOM; 쐍 BREADTH; EXTENT; LATITUDE scorch SEAR; SINGE score CUT; GOAL; LINE; MARK; NET (i.e. to put in net); NICK; NOTCH; POINT; RUN; TALLY; TRY; 쐍 ACCOUNT; ARRANGE; COMPOSE; COUNT; SCRATCH; WIN; can indicate something to do with music, composer score, golf BIRDIE; BOGIE; EAGLE score, half (of ) TEN score in darts BULL score, part of NOTE score, poor NIL; O score, several EIGHTY scored GOT; NOTED; RAN scorer an old standby for a composer, so know your tunesmiths! score, two-under EAGLE scoreless O scoreless draw OO scores GOALS; a multiple of twenty particularly FORTY, EIGHTY scorn SCOFF scorn, express JEER

scorn, object of BUTT scornful DERISIVE scornful remark SNEER Scot ANGUS; CELT; GAEL; IAN; KEN; MAC Scot, old PICT Scot’s attire KILT; TARTAN Scot’s exclamation/expression OCH Scot’s historic AULD Scot’s own AIN scotch BLOCK; DISH; END; STOP; WEDGE; 쐍 QUASH; SCUPPER Scotch DRINK; RYE; SPIRIT see SCOTCH scotched DEAD Scotches DRINKS; SHORTS; anagram indicator Scotland, child in WEAN Scotland, resort in AYR Scotland’s extended LANG Scotland’s unmatched ORRA Scotland, superfluous in ORRA Scots church KIRK Scots girl LASSIE Scots group CLAN Scots, known to KENT Scots lawyer WS (Writer to the Signet) Scots loch NESS Scots, true RICHT Scotsman MON; RAB; see SCOT Scott WALTER Scottish bank BRAE Scottish beautiful BRAW Scottish bog MOSS Scottish chap, fellow MON; see SCOT Scottish church KIRK Scottish court official in MACER Scottish dance FLING; REEL Scottish dress KILT; PLAID Scottish explorer ROSS Scottish expression OCH Scottish, fine for BRAW Scottish footballers HIBS Scottish gang GO Scottish hall HA Scottish head RECTOR


Scottish headland

Scottish headland MULL Scottish hillside BRAE Scottish island BUTE; INCH; IONA; MULL; SKYE; 쐍 ARRAN; ISLAY; SKERRY; TIREE; UIST Scottish king DUNCAN Scottish law LAUCH Scottish little SMA Scottish magistrate BAILIE Scottish meeting MOD Scottish mountain BEN Scottish nobleman THANE Scottish, odd ORRA Scottish one ANE Scottish order THISTLE Scottish peak BEN Scottish port AYR; OBAN Scottish religious reformer KNOX Scottish remark OCH Scottish resort AYR Scottish river DEE; SPEY; TAY Scottish site, historic SCONE Scottish tower BROCH Scottish town AYE; WICK Scottish water LOCH Scottish youngster BAIRN; WEAN scoundrel CAD; CUR; DOG; HEEL; RAT; ROGUE; ROTTER; SCALLY; see ROGUE scour FLUSH scourge BEAT; CAT; FLOG; WHIP; 쐍 KNOUT; PLAGUE scout CUB; GUIDE; ROVER; SPY; 쐍 RANGER scout leader S; SIXER scout, potential/young CUB scow LIGHTER scowl LOUR; LOWER scrabble piece TILE scrag HANG; NECK scraggy LEAN; THIN scram GO; LEAVE; QUIT; 쐍 BEATIT (i.e. beat it) scramble anagram indicator; see HURRY scramble awkwardly CLAMBER scrambled, scrambles anagram indicator


scrambled egg GGE scrambling anagram indicator scrap BIN; BIT; BOUT; BRAWL; DITCH; DROP; FIGHT; ODD; ORT; PIECE; RAG; SHRED; SPAR; WASTE; 쐍 EXCERPT; ODDMENT; see SCOTCH scrap of cloth RAG; SHRED scrape FIX; GRAZE; RAKE; SCORE; SPOT; 쐍 CORNER; SAVE; TROUBLE scrape legs BARK scrapped FOUGHT; anagram indicator scrappy WISPY; anagram indicator scratch DITCH; DROP; ERASE; MARK; MONEY; OMIT; RUB; SCORE; SCRAP; SCRAPE; 쐍 SCRABBLE; omission indicator; [쒁 CARD] scratch, having SCORED scratch, needing a ITCHY scratching anagram indicator scrawled anagram indicator scream CRY; LAUGH; ROAR; SHOUT; YELL; YELP; 쐍 JOKE; RIOT scream of pain OW scree SLOPE screech YELL screen BLIND; CHECK; COVER; GRILL; GRILLE; HIDE; SHOW; SIFT; VEIL; VET; 쐍 FILTER; SHIELD; VISOR; WINNOW; can indicate something to do with television, e.g. TV, show, soap opera screen, move text across SCROLL screenplay SCRIPT screw CHEAT; CUT (i.e. share); FIX; GUARD; INCOME; PAY; PROP; TURN; WAGE; 쐍 TWIST; TWISTER; WARDER; anagram indicator screw, kind of GRUB screw up TIGHTEN screwed (up) anagram indicator screwball NUT; ODD Screwtape Letters can signal something to do with the Devil


scribble DOODLE; SCRAWL scribe WRITER scribe, was a WROTE scrimmage MAUL scrimp STINT script HAND; MS; TEXT scripture RE; R; 쐍 BIBLE scripture, Ancient Hindu VEDA scripture lessons RI scriptures AV; BIBLE (qv); NT; OT; see BOOK Scrooge MISER Scrooge’s partner MARLEY scrounge BEG; CADGE scrub BRUSH; CLEAN; SCOUR; WASH; see SCRATCH scrub land HEATH scruff NAPE scruffy RAGGED; TATTY; anagram indicator scrum MAUL; RUCK scrump STEAL scrupulous NICE scrutineer CHECKER scrutinise CHECK; CON; EYE; READ; SCAN scrutiny MARK; see CHECK scuba DIVER scud RACE; RUSH scuddle see SCUD scuff BRUSH scuffling anagram indicator scull OAR; ROW sculpted anagram indicator sculptor MOORE; RODIN sculpture BUST; IMAGE; STATUE; 쐍 CARVING scum DROSS; FILM scupper HOLE; SCOTCH; SINK scurrilous COARSE; RIBALD scurry BUSTLE scurry off BEETLE scuttle SINK scuttled SANK; anagram indicator scuttling anagram indicator sea DEAD; DEEP; IRISH; MAIN; MED; OCEAN; RED; ROSS; S; WAVES; 쐍 ARAL; BALTIC; MARINE sea, Antarctic ROSS sea, arm of GULF

sea, at anagram indicator, as “lost at sea” 씮 an anagram of LOST sea-bird AUK; DIVER; ERNE; GULL; TERN; TEAL sea-change anagram of SEA sea channel STRAIT sea cook SILVER sea-dog SALT; TAR; see SAILOR sea eagle ERNE sea, European MER sea-foam SURF sea god TRITON; 쐍 NEPTUNE; POSEIDON sea, home from the ASHORE sea in France MER sea legs PIER sea-life CORAL; see FISH, MARINE CREATURE etc sea, man going to SALT; see SAILOR sea mollusc ORMER sea passage STRAIT sea-pink THRIFT sea, put to sea LAUNCH sea-sick anagram of SEA sea trip anagram of SEA seabird see SEA-BIRD, BIRD seabound a component to be nested within SEA (or synonym e.g. MED) seafood CLAM; CRAB; FISH; ORMER; PRAWN; SCAMPI; 쐍 MUSSEL; WINKLE seal CLOSE; LOCK; RING; SHUT; STAMP; TOP; 쐍 GASKET; IMPRINT; SIGIL (i.e. a signet); SIGNET sealant LUTE; SIZE sealed TIGHT sealing nesting indicator seals POD seam JOIN; JOINT seaman AB; HAND; PO; RATING; see SAILOR seaman, sort of ABLE seamen ABS; CREW; NUS; RN; see SAILOR seamstress TACKER séance [쒁 SPIRIT] sear SCORCH



search COMB; FISH; FRISK; HUNT; LOOK; RIFLE; QUEST; RAKE; SCOUR; 쐍 DELVE; INSPECT; PROWL; ROOT search around FORAGE search for SEEK search for gold PROSPECT search in water FISH searching THOROUGH seas sounding like C’s this word can, with a homophone indicator, call for CC seaside BEACH; COAST; SHORE seaside air OZONE seaside place BEACH; PIER; PROM; SHORE seaside, regular visitor to TIDE seaside town HOVE; PORT; see RESORT season FALL; LENT; SALT; TERM; TIDE; TIME; 쐍 ADVENT; SPICE; SPRING; SUMMER; TEMPER; WINTER season for Americans FALL seasonal see SEASON seasonal ball, material for a SNOW seasonal growth HOLLY seasonal log YULE seasonal presentation PANTO; can indicate the name of a specific pantomime seasoning CHIVE; SAGE; SALT; SPICE; THYME seat BASE; BENCH; CHAIR; FORM; HOME; PEW; REAR; RUMP; SADDLE; STALL; STOOL; 쐍 BOTTOM; POSITION; SETTLE; SOFA; THRONE; can indicate something to do with MP, election, estate or country house seat in church PEW; STALL seat in theatre STALL seat of Irish kings TARA seat, monk’s STALL seated SAT seats BENCH; PEW; STALLS; see SEAT seats in theatre CIRCLE seaward OUT


seaweed KELP; LAVER; TANG; WRACK; 쐍 ALGA sec INSTANT; MO; 쐍 TRICE second AID; B; BACK; FLASH; HELP; LATTER; MO; OTHER; REJECT; S; SEC; TICK; TRICE; WINK; 쐍 AIDE; ASSISTANT; INSTANT; MOMENT; RESERVE; SILVER; can signal that the second letter of an indicated word is to be used as “second in command” clues O, “second-rate” clues A, etc.; can indicate something to do with a boxer or boxing; can indicate a verb beginning with RE (i.e. to do something again); can call for some component to be followed by II, as “Book’s second chapter briefly” 씮 GENII second best E; STOP (i.e. S-TOP) second-born O second class B; L second drink R; REFILL second French person TU second gospeller MARK second-hand USED second-hand market FLEA second helpings MORE second grade B; R second mate A second person E; YOU second person in Paris/France TU second person to talk EWE; YEW second, placed in S to be nested second prize R; SILVER second rate A (i.e. second latter of “rate”); B; MINOR; 쐍 BELOW second test RESIT second time AGAIN; I second time, a AGAIN secondary LESS seconds see DESSERT secrecy STEALTH secret COVERT; INNER; 쐍 CLOSED; HIDDEN; PRIVATE; PRIVY secret agent BOND; MOLE; SPY secret intrigue CABAL secret, keep it SH


secret language CODE secret police STASI secret procedure STEALTH secret service CIA; SS; 쐍 STASI secret society TONG; TRIAD secret, work out RUMBLE secretarial work FILING secretarial worker TEMP secretary PA; TEMP secrete HIDE secreted HID secretive CLOSE; TIGHT secretive, very CLOSE secretly follow TAIL secretly in, put PLANT secrets, divulge RAT sect CLASS; CULT; FACTION; PARTY; SCHOOL section BIT; CUT; DEPT; E (as in E-section); PART; PIECE; TEAM; UNIT; 쐍 CHAPTER; CONIC; ROOM; run indicator section of firm DEPT; PR section of poem (song, carol etc) VERSE section of roof EAVES section of track SIDING section of tree LOG section, short DEPT sections of can indicate that a word is split into two parts which are then linked by “and” to yield the answer – as “case” requires “valise” to be split and re-presented in “Sections of a case for trash” to give V-AND-ALISE i.e. VANDALISE sector BELT; PART; ZONE; 쐍 AREA secular LAIC; LAY secure BAG; BAR; BIND; CLAMP; CLOSE; FAST; FIX; GET; GRIP; HOOK; LAND; LOCK; MOOR; NAIL; NET; PIN; POT; REEVE; SAFE; SEAL; STITCH; STRAP; SURE; TIE; WIN; 쐍 AFFIX; ANCHOR; BATTEN; CEMENT; HEFT (Scot); KNOT; OBTAIN; RIVET; TETHER; TIGHT; [쒁 BOLT]; nesting indicator secure by rope REEVE; TIE

secure, make CLINCH secure place CASTLE secure, to nesting indicator secured BOUND; GOT; SHUT; TIED; WON; 쐍 GRIPPED; LOCKED; NAILED; nesting indicator secured by nesting indicator secures TIES; nesting indicator securing nesting indicator securing, person TIER security BAIL; BOND; GAGE; GILT; 쐍 LOCK; SAFETY security device COTTER; KEY LOCK; NAIL; NUT; PIN; SEAL; 쐍 FUSE; see FASTENER security, give up for LODGE security organization CIA sedate STAID sediment LEES; SILT; WARP sedition TREASON seduce LURE; PULL; 쐍 ATTRACT; DRAW seducer WOLF seductress VAMP see AS; BEHOLD; CLOCK; EYE; GET; GRASP; LO; LOOK; NOTE; READ; SIGHT; SPOT; SPY; TWIG; V; VID; VIDE; 쐍 MARK; OBSERVE; WATCH; WITNESS; can indicate something to do with religious diocese, commonly ELY, others: CHESTER, TRURO; “see” can merely act as a filler or separator indicating that the definition is to follow (and therefore the word may be ignored in actually constructing the solution) see, able to SIGHTED see fit DEIGN see if CHECK; TEST; 쐍 DECIDE see if it’s all right CHECK; TEST; VET see, make an effort to CRANE see red RAGE see the light LEARN see-through GLASS; SHEER see trouble anagram of SEE seed BEAN; GERM; GRASS; ISSUE; OATS; PEA; PIP; SOW; STONE; 쐍 PULSE; SESAME;


seed covering

seed covering ARIL; POD seed-husks CHAFF seed-vessel POD seedcase POD seeds PULSE seedy ILL; anagram indicator seedy bar DIVE seeing SIGHT; VISION seeing, not BLIND seeing that AS; SINCE seek ASK; COURT; FISH; HUNT seek answer ASK seek to win COURT seek water DOWSE seeking QUEST seem APPEAR; LOOK; homophone indicator seem different anagram of SEEM seem done DUN seemed FELT seemly APT; FIT; RIGHT seen EYED; SAW; SIGHTED; 쐍 OBSERVED; WATCHED seen a disaster anagram of SEEN seen in run indicator seep LEAK; OOZE seethe BOIL; 쐍 BUBBLE; FUME seething BOILING; anagram indicator segment CLOVE; PART; PIECE seismology [쒁 FAULT; QUAKE] seize BAG; CLUTCH; GRAB; GRASP; NAB; PIN; POT; TAKE; 쐍 ASSUME seized by two a component to be nested within II seized, to be nesting indicator seizes nesting indicator; run indicator seizing nesting indicator seizure CRAMP; FIT seizure of power COUP select CULL; ELITE; MARK; OPT; PICK; SORT; TAKE; VOTE; 쐍 CHOOSE select a number DIAL selected CHOSE; IN; PICKED; NAPPED; anagram indicator selection NAP; PICK; 쐍 CHOICE; OPTION; TRANCHE; [쒁 NATURAL]


selection from run indicator selection of can indicate items linked by OR, as points of the compass in “A selection of points” 씮 SWORN selectivity TASTE self AUTO; EGO; ID self-assured PROUD self-catering SC self-esteem EGO self image EGO self-possessed COOL self-regarding boast IMIT (i.e. I’m it) self-righteous person PRIG self-same VERY self-respect PRIDE self-satisfied SMUG selfish GRASPING selfish person HOG selfishness GREED sell FLOG; PUSH; RETAIL; VEND sell for FETCH sell publicly AUCTION sell, something to LOT sell, try to HAWK; TOUT seller BEAR; see TRADESMAN selling SALE semblance IMAGE; 쐍 GUISE semi HOUSE; PART; as a prefix can indicate half a word or element is to be used, as “semi-nude” gives NU or DE; semi-detached half a word to be omitted semi-nude use two letters from NUDE semi-retirement IMES seminal KEY seminar CLASS senator SEN send EMIT; POST; REMIT; WIRE; 쐍 FORWARD send account BILL send back a synonym of “send” to be reversed e.g. TIME send down RELEGATE send off MAIL; POST; anagram of SEND send on REFER

sergeant-major, regimental

send payment REMIT send up SQUIB send-up reversal indicator sender MAILER; POSTER sending forth EMISSION sends anagram indicator senescence AGE senile GAGA senility AGE senior ARCH; ELDER; HIGH; OLDER; can indicate one element is to precede another senior citizen OAP senior manager EXEC senior officer/soldier GEN; SM see OFFICER senior player CAP senior teacher HEAD seniority AGE senor DON sensation HIT; 쐍 FEELING; SPLASH sensation, irritating ITCH sensational LURID; YELLOW sensational book BLOOD sense HEAR; NOSE; NOUS; SIGHT; TASTE; WIT; WITS; 쐍 MEANING; RATION; REASON; TOUCH sense, common NOUS sense, lack of DRIVEL sense, make CLICK sense of exhilaration KICK sense, one without ASS; see FOOL sense organ EAR; EYE; NOSE sense, sound CITE senseless see STUPID senseless, make KO sensible AWARE; SAGE; SANE; SOUND; WISE; 쐍 RATIONAL sensitive RAW; 쐍 DAINTY; TENDER sensitive, less NUMBER sensitive, not NUMB sensitive reaction ALLERGY sensitive, was FELT sensory hair WHISKER sensual CARNAL

sent DROVE; HIGH; ISLED (i.e. “is led” as in “up the garden path”); anagram indicator sent back reversal indicator sent off anagram of SENT; but can also be a general anagram indicator sent up reversal indicator sentence LIFE; TERM; TIME; 쐍 STRETCH; can indicate something to do with prison, penal code etc. sentence, end of E; STOP sentence, long LIFE sententious remark PLATITUDE sentient AWARE sentiment CORN sentiment, sickly GOO sentimental CORNY; MUSHY; SOFT; SOPPY; TWEE sentimental, excessively/over SOPPY; SUGARY; see SENTIMENTAL; 쐍 MAUDLIN sentimentality CORN; GOO; SLUSH; see SENTIMENTAL sentimentally pretty TWEE separate APART; ASUNDER; PART; SORT; SPLIT; SUNDER separate from the chaff WINNOW separated APART; can indicate something to do with an island separated from omission indicator, as “once having been separated from female” 씮 ORMER separation RIFT sepulchre TOMB sequence CYCLE; RUN; SUITE; TRAIN; TURN sequence of run indicator sequence of events CHAPTER sequence of shots RALLY sequin SPANGLE serenade SING serene CALM serenity CALM; PEACE serf SLAVE sergeant GO; NCO sergeant-major SM sergeant-major, regimental RSM



series CHAIN; LIST; ROW; RUN; SER; SET; STRING; run indicator series from/of run indicator series of games RUBBER; SET series of jobs CAREER series of lessons COURSE serin FINCH serious BAD; GRAVE; GRIM; HEAVY; STERN; 쐍 CHRONIC; EARNEST serious, not LIGHT; 쐍 CASUAL; TRIVIAL seriousness EARNEST; WEIGHT sermon RANT; SER sermonise SPOUT servant AIDE; BUTLER; FAG; MAID; MAN; PAGE; VALE; 쐍 BEARER; FLUNKEY; LACKEY; RETAINER servant boy FAG serve ACE; DO; POUR; TEND; WAIT; 쐍 ANSWER; DISH; MINISTER; PROFIT; anagram indicator serve, replayed LET served DID; anagram indicator served as WAS served before can simply mean that one component is to precede another served in nesting indicator; run indicator served, not being OFF served up anagram indicator; a reversal indicator in a DC served up in run indicator; in a DC clue can indicate a reverse run within a sequence service ACE; AID; FORCE; HELP; LET; MASS; REFIT; RITE; USE; 쐍 DUTY; MISSA; OFFICE; can indicate on of the military services e.g. NAVY, RAF, RM, RN, TA; can indicate something to do with a church service, or a tea service service area COUNTER service area, trackside PIT service at sea NAVY; RN service, bad FAULT


service, be of AVAIL service, cancellation of LET service, in USED service, little RAF; RM; RN; TA service, monastic TERCE service, put into USE; USED service, put out of DEMOB service, we hear RIGHT serviceman REV; VICAR; 쐍 MARINE; PILOT; see CLERGYMAN, SAILOR, SOLDIER servicemen NAVY; OR; RA; RAF; RE; REME; RI; RM; RN; see REGIMENT servicing, for anagram indicator servile SLAVISH serving Americans GIS serving man RANKER; WAITER serving men ARMY; NAVY; RAF; RM; RN; see REGIMENT serving no useful function, purpose US servitude YOKE sesame TIL session BOUT; SITTING; TERM; TIME; 쐍 MEETING session, in SITTING session, was in SAT set BAND; CLOT; EMBED; FACTION; GEL; GROUP; KIT; LAID; LAY; LOT; PLACE; PUT; TACKY; 쐍 BATCH; FIRM; HARD; IMPOSE; PACK; PLANT; RING; SERIES; SYSTEM; anagram indicator set about ASSAIL; TACKLE; anagram of SET; a component to be nested within SET set across ABEAM set again RELAY; REFIX; REPLANT set against V set aside SAVE; SAVED; 쐍 BOOK; RESERVE set-back BLOW; COST; SNAG; reversal indicator; see SETBACK set charges MINE(D); PRICE set down LAND; LAY; LOG; TES; WRITE set eyes on see SEE set forth EXPOUND; STATE

sexual orientation

set free CLEAR; LOOSE; 쐍 UNDO; UNTIE set, full BEARD set in nesting indicator set in motion TRIGGER set limits STINT set of books NT; OT set of clubs* FLUSH set of figures LIST; TABLE set of parts for assembly KIT set of rooms SUITE set of rules CODE set of values RANGE set off FIRE; FIRED; GO; GRACE; TRIGGER; TRIP; 쐍 EMBARK; IGNITE; can indicate an anagram of SET (e.g. EST, ETS, TES) set out anagram indicator; can indicate an anagram of SET (e.g. EST, ETS, TES) set sail EMBARK set straight DRESS; REDRESS; RIGHT; 쐍 ALIGN set-to ROW; see FIGHT set to explode ARM; PRIME set to fight PIT set up START; anagram indicator; reversal indicator in a DC set-up RIG; anagram indicator; reversal indicator in a DC, hence DIAL, TES etc set up once again RIGHT set upon RAID set with nesting indicator set with diamonds D to be nested setback REVERSE; TES (i.e. reversal of SET); reversal indicator; see SET-BACK sett BLOCK; BURROW settee SOFA setter DOG; I; ME; SUN (i.e. in the west!) setter’s IS; MINE; MY setting DECOR; MATCH; SCENE; TACKY; anagram indicator; runs indicator setting off GRACING; see SET OFF setting, tree FOREST; GLADE; WOOD

setting up reversal indicator, as “was setting up” 씮 SAW settle ALIGHT; BENCH; CLOSE; FALL; FIX; FOOT; LAND; LIE; LIGHT; LODGE; MEET; PAY; PERCH; ROOST; SEAT; SINK; SIT; 쐍 DECIDE; PLANT; RESOLVE; SEATING; SQUARE settle bill PAY settled DONE; FIXED; LIT; MET; OVER; PAID; 쐍 RESIDENT; anagram indicator settlement CAMP; CITY; TOWN; anagram indicator settlement, temporary CAMP settler ANGLE; INCOMER; PAYER; can indicate the name of a specific currency settlers COLONY settles SEATING; see SETTLE settling anagram indicator settling in nesting indicator Seurat can indicate something to do with dots, dotty, spots etc (i.e. characteristics of pointillism, his painting style) seven PRIME; VII seven-point ball BLACK 75p QUI (i.e. 75% of QUID) sever CUT; HACK; PART several SOME; 쐍 DIVERS; can indicate a specific number (usually no more than ten) severe BAD; DOUR; GRIM; HARD; STERN; 쐍 ACUTE; AUSTERE; CRUEL; HARSH; SORE; STRICT severely damaged, so to speak RECT sew TACK; 쐍 BASTE; STITCH sewer DRAIN; NEEDLE; PIN; PIPE; 쐍 CHANNEL sex OATS sex-appeal IT; SA sex change/changing F to be substituted for M or vice versa; anagram of SEX sex, of CARNAL sex scandal anagram of SEX sex symbol STUD sexual gratification OATS sexual orientation GENDER


sexual romp

sexual romp ORGY sexual status GENDER sexy RANDY Seychelles SY SF author VERNE; WELLS SF film ET shabby DINGY; DIRTY; DRAB; FRAYED; LOW; MEAN; anagram indicator shabby articles TAT shabby type BOUNDER (qv) shack HUT; SHED; 쐍 CABIN; HOVEL shackle CHAIN; FETTER; 쐍 ENCHAIN; TRAMMEL shade BLIND; BUFF; CAST; COVER; GHOST; HUE; TINT; TONE; 쐍 AWNING; NUANCE; UMBRA; WRAITH; see COLOUR; [쒁 COOL] shade, put in the a component to be nested within a colour, usually RED shadow DOG; FOLLOW; TAIL; TRACE; TRACK shadowed by a component to be nested within the word that follows shadowy DARK shady dealer SPIV shady nook ARBOUR shaft ADIT; ARROW; BEAM; BOLT; MINE; PIT; TRAVE; WELL shake MO; RATTLE; ROCK; SHOCK; WAG; WORRY; 쐍 INSTANT; QUAVER; QUIVER; SECOND; TREMBLE; TRICE; anagram indicator shake-up anagram indicator shaken anagram indicator shaken, not easily STEADY; see RIGID Shakespeare BARD; BILL; SWAN; WILL Shakespeare’s Queen BESS Shakespearian actor KEAN Shakespearean character DULL; NYM; PUCK; LEAR; ROMEO; SNUG; TIMON Shakespearean fairy MOTH


Shakespearian production VERSE; can refer to the title of a particular Shakespeare play Shakespearean villain IAGO shakily anagram indicator shaky WEAK; FEEBLE; anagram indicator shallow FLAT sham COD; FAKE; FRONT; 쐍 BLUFF; BOGUS; PRETENCE; SIMULATE; see DECEIT shamble LURCH shambles MESS; ROUT; anagram indicator shame ABASH; ALAS; FIE; PITY; STAIN Shame! AW shameful VILE shameful act CRIME; SIN shamefully anagram indicator shamelessly anagram indicator Shanghai PRESS shanty SONG 쐍 SEASONG; see HUT shape CAST; CONE; CUT; FORM; HAMMER; 쐍 FIGURE; MOULD; anagram indicator shaped WROUGHT; anagram indicator shaping anagram indicator shard CROCK share CUT; DEAL; LOT; PART; SPLIT; WHACK; 쐍 HALF; HALVE; INTEREST; PLOUGH; QUOTA; RATION; THIRD; as a ploughshare can indicate something to do with farming share out ALLOT share, take unfair HOG shared JOINT shares STOCK shark FISH; 쐍 NURSE; can indicate something to do with loan, lending, usury, etc sharp ACUTE; BITTER; CHEAT; FLY; HARD; NIPPY; NOTE; SMART; SOUR; STAFF; TART; 쐍 ACRID; CLEVER (qv); CUTE; KEEN; TANGY; can indicate something to do with cheating at cards sharp, not BLUNT; DULL


sharp point TINE sharp-tasting ACID; see SHARP sharpen HONE; STROP sharper see SWINDLER shatter BREAK; BUST; SMASH; SPLIT shattered BROKE; anagram indicator; nesting indicator shattering anagram indicator shave CUT (qv); PARE shaver PLANE; TODD shaw GROVE; THICKET; WOOD Shaw ARTY shawl STOLE; WRAP she can indicate that the answer is a woman’s name; can indicate an occupation ending in -ESS; where there is some reference to France (as “in Paris she”), can call for ELLE She NOVEL; [쒁 RIDER; HAGGARD] she from Paris ELLE she’s French ELLE she’s heartless SE shear CLIP; CUT shears, type of PINKING sheath, sheathe CASE shed BYRE; CAST; DOFF; HOVEL; HUT; LOSE; LOST; SHUCK; SPILT; STORE; 쐍 LEAN-TO; MOULT; anagram indicator; omission indicator shed light LIT shed skin CAST; PEEL shed tears CRY; WEEP shedding omission indicator sheen GLOSS; GLOW sheep DOLLY; EWE; FLOCK; LAMB; RAM; TUP; 쐍 COTSWOLD; TEG; TEGG; [쒁 FOLD; SHEPHERD] sheep, castrated WETHER sheep-like OVINE sheep may be found, where see SHEEP REFUGE sheep, number of FLOCK sheep refuge FOLD; PEN sheep’s lungs LIGHTS sheepdog COLLIE sheepish OVINE

sheepish, sound BLEAT sheer FINE; STEEP; TACK sheet COVER; LAYER; LEAF; PAGE; PAPER sheet of wood BOARD sheets QUIRE; REAM sheet of paper LEAF; PAGE shelf BAR; HOB; LEDGE; RACK; SILL; TOP shell CASE; CONCH; PEEL; SHUCK (i.e. to peel); 쐍 COVER; SHOT shell, come out one’s HATCH shell, hard TESTA shellfish CLAM; 쐍 LIMPET; PRAWN; TELLIN shells AMMO shelter BOWER; COT; COTE; COVER; HAVEN; HIDE; HOME; HOUSE; HUT; LEE; REST; RETREAT; SCREEN; SHED; TENT; 쐍 AWNING; HARBOUR; SHIELD; MARQUEE shelter, animal BURROW; BYRE; DEN; LAIR; ZOO shelter, crude HUT shelter for animal EARTH; see HOME shelter, temporary TENT shelter, without BLEAK; OPEN sheltered HID sheltered by nesting or run indicator sheltered side LEE sheltering nesting or run indicator shepherd TEND; [쒁 CROOK] shepherd, first ABEL Shere Khan see TIGER sheriff EARP sheriff’s men POSSE sherry CREAM Shetland tidal wave ROOST shied CAST; see SHY, THROW shield COVER; SCREEN; 쐍 BUCKLER; UMBRELLA; see SHELTER shield, band on FESS shielding nesting indicator shift CHANGE; DODGE; DRESS; GOWN; LUG; MOVE; PERIOD;


shifted, shifting, shifts

ROBE; SPELL; TURN; WHILE; 쐍 CHEMISE; DUTY; anagram indicator; shifted, shifting, shifts anagram indicator shifty WILY; anagram indicator shilling BOB; S shilly-shally HEDGE shimmer GLISTEN shimmering anagram indicator shine BRUSH; GLOSS; GLOW; TWINKLE shiner STAR shindig PARTY shingle TILE shining, shiny AGLOW; BRIGHT; GLOWING ship ARGO; BARK; BARQUE; BRIG; COASTER; CRAFT; CUTTER; FERRY; FREIGHTER; KEEL; LINER; SLOOP; SS; STEAMER; TRAMP; TUB; 쐍 RIGGER; SCHOONER; TRADER; VESSEL; VICTORY; see BOAT; when “ship” is at the end of a word in the clue it can call for a word ending in -CRAFT, as “Musicianship of high fliers?” cues AIRCRAFT ship, American USS ship, clumsy TUB ship, old ARGO; ARK ship, on ABOARD; component to be nested within SS ship, one jumping RAT ship, part of BOW; DECK; KEEL; MAST; PROW; STERN ship’s bottom KEEL ship's company CREW ship’s loss, prevent a SALVE ship’s men CREW ship’s men, reportedly CRU ship’s officer MATE; PO; see OFFICER ship, side of PORT; STARBOARD ship, supply TENDER shipbuilder NOAH shipman MATE; see SAILOR shipment CARGO; LOAD shipping company LINE


shipping facility PORT; 쐍 HARBOUR shipping order SO ships FLEET; NAVY; SAIL; 쐍 ARMADA; see SHIP shipwreck anagram of SHIP shipwrecked anagram indicator shire COUNTY; HORSE shirk SLACK shirt T; TOP; 쐍 DICKY; TEE shiver SHUDDER (qv) shivering anagram indicator shivering fit AGUE shivers, the AGUE shoal BAR; SCHOOL shock AMAZE; APPAL; BLOW; DAZE; FRIGHT; HAIR; JAR; JOLT; MANE; ROCK; SHAKE: SHEAF; STAGGER; STUN; TURN; anagram indicator; see SHOCK TREATMENT shock-absorber BUFFER shock, bit of a HAIR; TRESS shock, having HAIRY shock therapy see SHOCK TREATMENT shock treatment ECT; can indicate some aspect of hairdressing e.g. conditioner, haircutting, shampoo, trichology shocked anagram indicator shocked cry OW shocking OUTRE; anagram indicator; can signal something to do with electricity shocking, potential LIVE shocking work ECT shockingly anagram indicator shoddy anagram indicator shoddy articles/clothes/stuff TAT shoe BOOT; BROGUE; CLOG; OXFORD; PUMP; 쐍 PLIMSOLL; SABOT; TRAINER; can indicate something to do with foot; [쒁 LACE; SOLE; UPPER] shoe, part of HEEL; SOLE; UPPER shoemaker SMITH shoes, with SHOD shoestring LACE

short word

shoot BAG; BUD; DART; DASH; FILM; FIRE; GERM; GUN; HUNT; PLUG; POT; RACE; RUSH; SNAP; SPEAR; SPRIG; SPROUT; STEM; SWITCH; TEAR; 쐍 BOLT; SCION; SNIPE; SUCKER; TILLER (bot.); anagram indicator shoot and wound WING shoot down DROP shoot, order to ACTION (i.e. film) shoot, prepare to COCK shooter SNIPER; see GUN shooting anagram indicator; can indicate something to do with photography, example: “Anxious to keep out of shooting range” 씮 CAMERA-SHY shooting area RANGE shooting party member GUN shooting up reversal indicator shop DELI; GRASS; PEACH; RAT; ROOM; SALON; SQUEAL; STORE; 쐍 BETRAY; BUY; INFORM; RATON (i.e. rat on) shop assistant can indicate something to do with counter shop, things in STOCK shopkeeper BAKER shopping [쒁 BAG; LIST; MALL] shopping area/facility/precinct MALL shopping centre MALL; MART; 쐍 MARKET shops EMPORIA; see SHOP shore BANK; BEACH; BEAM; EDGE; LAND; PROP; STRAND shorn CLIPPED; CUT short BRIEF; BROKE; CURT; CUT; DRAM; DROP; FUSE; LOW; MINI; S; SHY; SCANT; SKINT; TERSE; TOT; UNDER; WEE; 쐍 INSOLVENT; LACKING; QUICK; SCOTCH; SMALL; SNAPPY; STUMPY; omission of first or last letter(s); abbreviation indicator, as “short period” clues BOU (i.e. last letter omitted from “bout”) short break RES

short cut BOB; CREW; this is an interesting phrase in crosswords as both “short” and “cut” are omission indicators so, beware, either can operate on the other word! Thus the phrase can indicate (i) that a word meaning “cut” is to be shortened, in which case we could have AX, NIC, SHAV and so on (see CUT); or (ii) that a word meaning “short” is to be cut, so TERSE becoming TERS, CURT becomes CUR etc. (see SHORT) short distance EM; EN; FT; IN; INCH; YD short distance, a AFT; AIN short, falling UNDER short film PIC short man MA; MAL; can refer to the diminutive of a man’s proper name e.g. REG; see MAN short measure MIL; can indicate the last letter to be omitted as “short measure of beer” clues AL; see MEASURE, SMALL short of cash STRAPPED; see BROKE short of LACKING; LESS; can indicate an adjective ending in -LESS short of experience GREEN; RAW short of time T to be omitted short of water DRY short order DRAM; TOT; a specific short drink e.g. GIN, RUM short piece STUB short skirt MINI short spells FITS short story TAL short stretch YARD; YD short supply, in SCARCE; last letter to be omitted, as “wine in short supply” 씮 HOC short time HR; MIN; MO; SEC; SPELL; T; TICK; TRICE short, very MINI short while see SHORT TIME short word TER (i.e. last M omitted)



shortage DEARTH; NEED; WANT shorten CUT; REEF (i.e. topmast) shortcoming FAULT; LACK shortfall last letter to be omitted (as “shortfall in cash” 씮 SPEC) shortly ANON; SOON; omission of first or last letter(s); can indicate an abbreviation either an official one as “European organisation shortly” 씮 EC, or a common shortening in speech as “shortly has” 씮 S shortly for FO shorts PANTS shot BULLET; CRACK; DRAM; DRIVE; GO; GUN; HARED; HIT; INNER; LEAD; LOB; NIP; OUTER; OVER; PUTT; ROUND; SLUG; SNAP; SPED; STAB; STILL; STROKE; SWIG; TOT; TURN; TRY; 쐍 BALL; BULLET; CLOSE-UP; MASSE; SHELL; SNAPPED; TONIC; WINGED; anagram indicator shot, golf PUTT; STROKE shot, high LOB shot, highly effective LOB shot in the arm TONIC shot, lofted CHIP; LOB shot, one may be BOLT shot, snooker POT shots, many RALLY should AUGHT; MUST; OUGHT should be can indicate that the clue’s definition follows immediately (where the verb’s object is the means for getting the answer – possibly an anagram as in “One hug should be sufficient” which leads to ENOUGH) shoulder BEAR; CARRY; EDGE; [쒁 ARM] shout BARK; BAWL; BELLOW; CALL; CHEER; CRY; ROAR; SCREAM; YELL shout of contempt BOO shout of pain OUCH shout to HAIL shove PUSH shovel SPADE


show ACT; AIR; FAIR; GALA; FAIR; HANG (i.e. paintings); PLAY; POINT; SPORT; USHER; 쐍 DISPLAY; EVINCE; EXHIBIT; EXPOSE; GUIDE; INDICATE; MATINEE; MUSICAL; PARADE; PRESENT; REPRESENT; REVEAL; REVUE; RODEO; SCREEN; SPECTACLE; TURN; WEAR; see EXHIBITION; can act as the joining word between the anagram letters and its definition; run indicator; can indicate the name of a well-known musical such as CATS, GREASE, HAIR, EVITA show amazement GASP show approval CHEER; CLAP; NOD show boredom YAWN show business STAGE show concern CARE show contempt SNEER show disapproval audibly BOO show distress CRY show endurance LAST show familiarity with KNOW show fondness DOTE; LOVE show friendliness BEAM; SMILE show obeisance BOW; KNEEL show of see EXPRESSION OF show off FLAUNT; POSE; STRUT show-off POSER; can indicate something to do with a peacock show OK TICK show pleasure SMILE show prominently SPLASH show resentment BRIDLE show respect/reverence BOW show sadness SIGH; 쐍 CRY; WEEP show sorrow CRY show surprise START show tiredness FLAG show the way LEAD show up COME; 쐍 ARRIVE; can indicate the reversal of a synonym for show (qv) such as


ATIVE (which is useful to construct RELATIVE for example) showed BORE showed the way LED shower FALL; HAIL; PELT; RAIN; SPLASH; WASH; anagram indicator; note, the less common different pronunciation leads to the notion of exhibitor, projectionist etc. shower, brief SPAT shower, cold HAIL shower, make RAIN showers anagram indicator showing ON; anagram indicator showing anger CROSS; MAD shows run indicator shows only partly run indicator showy FLASHY; 쐍 GAUDY shred CUT; MINCE; RIP; SCRAP; TEAR; WISP; 쐍 PIECE; SLIVER shredded anagram indicator shreds anagram indicator shrew KATE shrewd ARCH; CANNY; FLY shrewdness SAVVY shriek SCREAM shrimps, some* POTTED shrine ORACLE; TOMB; 쐍 TEMPLE shrink FLINCH; 쐍 CONTRACT; DECREASE; WINCE; can indicate something to do with psychiatrist shrinking COY; TIMID; see SHRINK shrivelled up anagram indicator shroud COVER; PALL shrouded HID shrub BOX; BROOM; ELDER; SPURGE shrunken TIGHT shuck SHELL shudder QUAKE; SHAKE (qv); SHIVER shuddering anagram indicator shuffle GAIT; SHAMBLE; anagram indicator; [쒁 CARDS, DEAL]

shuffled, shuffles, shuffling anagram indicator; followed by a word such as “in” can be a nesting indicator shufti LOOK shun AVOID; omission indicator shunning omission indicator shut CLOSE; LATCH; SLAM shut-eye see SLEEP shut up COOP; CLAM; FASTEN; PEN; PENT; SH; 쐍 CORK; GAG; QUIET(!); SILENCE(!); see CLOSE shutting CLOSING shutter LID shy CAST; COY; LEERY; LOB; RECOIL; SHORT; RES; THROW; 쐍 RESERVED shy at first first letter to be omitted shy away FLINCH shy people MICE shy person MOUSE shyness RESERVE Siamese currency, old TICAL sibilant S sibling BRO; BROTHER; SIS; SISTER siblings BROS sic THUS sick AILING; BAD; DOWN; ILL; OFF; PEAKY; SEEDY; WEAK; anagram indicator sick, be AIL; RETCH sick, no longer BETTER; WELL sick of FO (i.e. “of” reversed) sick person LEPER sick, was AILED sicken AIL sickening DICKY sickle CUTTER sickly ILL; PALE; 쐍 DOUGHY; anagram indicator; [쒁 AIL] sickly feeling BILE sickly-looking PALE; SALLOW side AIR; ALLY; BANK; BORDER; CLUB; EDGE; FACE; FACET; FLANK; L; LEFT; PART; PARTY; PORT; R; RIGHT; SLOPE; SPIN; TEAM; VERGE; WALL; WING; 쐍 GROUP; also sides on a cricket


side of

ground: OFF, ON, LEG, etc.; can indicate one of the points of the compass side of first or last letter of ensuing word to be used side of, be on the BACK side, on the WITH side, one IL; IR; L; R side road TURNING side-splitting a component to be nested between L and R (or R and L) side-walk SIDLE; can indicate something to do with a marine crustacean as “Side-walk pedestrian” 씮 CRAB sides BORDERS; EDGES; LR; RL; SLOPES; WINGS; first and last letters indicator sides, both LR; RL; first and last letters indicator sides, changing within target word, R to replace L, or vice versa; or first and last letters to be interchanged sides, round the LR or RL to be nested within a component siding ALLYING; BRANCH Sidney SID siege, old can indicate something to do with the siege of Troy and its participants e.g. Achilles, Helen, Nestor, Paris, Priam siesta NAP; SLEEP sieve MESH; RIDDLE; SIFT; STRAIN sift SIEVE; RIDDLE; WINNOW sigh LONG sigh of pleasure AH sigh of relief AH; PHEW sigh, painful GROAN sigh, produce a HEAVE sight CATCH; EYE; LOT; SEE; SEEING; SPOT; 쐍 ESPY; SPY; VIEW; [쒁 EYE; OPTIC] sight, keep out of HIDE sighted SEEN sightless BLIND sign BADGE; CROSS; LION; MARK; MARKER; OMEN; PLUS; RAM; SHOW; TRACE; 쐍 CARET (printing); INDEX;


SYMBOL; TOKEN; TRACK; can indicate sign of the zodiac, e.g. ARIES, LEO, LIBRA, SCORPIO. sign, computer SLASH sign from heaven can indicate a sign of the zodiac e.g. LEO sign, inn BUSH sign of approval TICK sign of doubt ER; UM sign of embarrassment BLUSH; FLUSH sign of fault CROSS; X sign of hesitation UM; ER sign of life ANKH sign of nautical progress WAKE signal BEAM; BECK; CUE; DASH; DOT; FLAG; KNELL; NOD; NOTE; PETER; WAVE; 쐍 FLASH; HERALD; HOOTER; RECEPTION; RING; STRIKING; WINK; anagram indicator; can indicate a traffic light, so AMBER, GREEN, RED Signal Corps SC signal, give CUE; FLAG; WAVE signal silently NOD; WAVE signal to stop RED signalled RANG; signet SEAL significance POINT; 쐍 IMPORT; MEANING significance, of little LIGHT; MINOR; SMALL; 쐍 SLEIGHT significant GREAT; KEY; 쐍 TELLING significant, be COUNT signify MEAN; SAY; SPELL; see MEAN Silas MARNER silence GAG; HUSH; MUTE; SH; 쐍 MUZZLE; PEACE; QUIET; REPRESS silence, call for SH silence to speak PIECE silenced MUTE silencer GAG silent DUMB; MUM; MUTE; TACIT silent actor MIME silent, be HUSH; see SILENCE


silent comic CHAPLIN silent signal NOD; WINK silicon CHIP silk hat TOPPER sill LEDGE; SHELF silly BARMY; DAFT; S; SOFT; RASH; 쐍 DAFFY; INANE; see STUPID; anagram indicator; accompanied by a whimsy indicator can refer to something to do with a window (it has a sill!) silly behaviour ANTIC; PRANK silly person GOON; PRAT; TWIT; 쐍 GOOSE; TWERP; see FOOL silo PIT silver AG; SECOND Silver can indicate something to do with Stevenson’s character, e.g. cook, Long John, Treasure Island silver medallist SECOND similar AKIN; ALIKE; LIKE similar, regard as EQUATE similar things SUCH simmer STEW Simon SIMPLE simple BARE; DAFT; EASY; HERB; MERE; PLAIN; PURE THICK; 쐍 ARTLESS; NAIF; NAIVE simple character SIMON simple-minded person see SIMPLETON simple, not FANCY; HARD; STIFF Simple Simon see SIMPLETON simple thing CINCH simpleton GULL; LOON; SAP; 쐍 NINNY; NOODLE; see FOOL simplicity EASE simply JUST; ONLY simultaneously anagram indicator simulate APE; FEIGN; SHAM sin ANGER; ERR; ERROR; FALL; GREED; LAPSE; LUST; PRIDE; SLOTH; VICE; 쐍 ENVY; note that “sin” is an alternative spelling for the trigonometric function SINE sin, almost a ER Sinai* MOUNT since AS; AGO; 쐍 BECAUSE

sincere FRANK (qv.); 쐍 EARNEST sincerity TRUTH sing CHANT; CROON; GRASS; NARK; TALK; TRILL; 쐍 CHIRP; PEACH; TROLL; VOICE; YODEL sing loudly BELT sing shrilly PIPE sing (to sleep) LULL singe BURN; CHAR; TOAST singer ALTO; BING; BASS; BASSO; BIRD; BUFFO; CHER; DIVA; TREBLE; 쐍 CHANTER; MEZZO; TENOR; CROONER; can indicate a bird known for its singing e.g. BUNTING, FINCH, LARK, LINNET singer briefly SOP singers BASSI; CHOIR singing CHORAL; VOCAL singing, monastic CHANT single I; LONE; MISS; ONE; ONLY; RUN; S; SOLE; UNIT; 쐍 BACHELOR; UNWED single-channel MONO single chap/person ONE single definition clue such a clue has the appearance of a simple factual clue from a ‘quicky’ crossword but to justify its being in a cryptic puzzle it must embody some attempt at deception (such as “Gain from Labour” 씮 EARN) singlet VEST singular I; ODD; ONE; RUM; S; 쐍 UNIQUE singular claim IM (i.e. I’m) singular garment DUD; TIGHT; TOG sinister DARK; GRIM; LEFT; PORT; 쐍 EERIE sinister, not/nothing RIGHT sink DOWN; DROP; FALL; SAG; 쐍 BASIN; FOUNDER; LOWER; SCUPPER; STOOP sink ball POT sink deliberately SCUTTLE sink into nesting indicator sinner GLUTTON Sioux BRAVE



sir KNIGHT; MASTER; MISTER Sir Andrew AGUE (from Shakespeare) Sir Thomas MORE sire FATHER siren HORN sisal ROPE sister NUN; SIB; SIS; SR; can signal something to do with hospital e.g. WARD sister, little SIS sister, weird WITCH sit BROOD; POSE; REST; STAY; 쐍 PERCH sit back lazily BASK sit holding one POISE sit-in DEMO site DIG; LOT; PLACE; PUT; SPOT; 쐍 GROUND; POSITION site of castle MOTTE siting PLACING; 쐍 LOCATION; nesting indicator sitter CHAIR; DOLLY (i.e. easy catch in cricket); MODEL; POSER sitting SESSION sitting in nesting indicator sitting room PARLOUR situate POSITION situated nesting indicator situation BERTH; HOLE; JOB; LIE; PLACE; POST; SPOT; STATE; 쐍 LOCATION; POSITION; SCENE; TWIST; nesting indicator situation, tricky CORNER; SPOT six VI six balls OVER (i.e. cricket) six counties NI six-footer can indicate an insect, commonly ant; can refer to poetry i.e. hexameter six hundred DC six hundred, nearly DIC six in the morning PRIME (i.e. second hour of prayer) six nips GILL six pupils VILL sixpence TANNER sixth VI sixth sense ESP


66 ft CHAIN 60s teenager MOD sixty LX sixty minutes DEGREE; HOUR size GLAZE; 쐍 GAUGE; LENGTH sizzle BURN skate FISH; GLIDE; RAY; SLIDE skater [쒁 RINK] skating ONICE (i.e. on ice) skating arena RINK skating, not/no longer OFFICE (i.e. off ice) skedaddle GO; SCRAM skeleton FRAME skeleton, part of BONE; RIB; SKULL; see BONE sketch DRAFT; DRAW; LINE; PLAN; ROUGH; SKIT; 쐍 DRAWING; OUTLINE sketch, producer of ARTIST; CRAYON sketched DRAWN; DREW skew SLANT skewer SPIT ski SLIDE; SLIP skid SLIDE; SLIP skies HEAVEN skilful ABLE; APT; CANNY; DEFT; SLEIGHT; SLICK; 쐍 ADEPT skilfully ABLY; WELL skill ART; CRAFT; 쐍 ABILITY; FINESSE; MASTERY; TECHNIQUE skill, basic R (i.e. as the three R’s) skill, demonstrating see SKILLED skill, with see SKILLED skilled ABLE; DEFT skim GLIDE skimmed first letter to be omitted skimp STINT skimping omission indicator skin COAT; COVER; FELL; FLAY; FUR; HIDE; PEEL; RIND; 쐍 CUTIS; EPIDERMIS; FLESH skin blemish WART skin disease/disorder HIVES; RASH


skin, feature of PORE skin, hard CORN skin infection RASH skin of your teeth JUST skin opening PORE skin treatment can indicate something to do with tanning, leather, tannery etc skinflint MISER skinhead S skinned PEELED; first and last letters to be omitted skinny GAUNT; MEAN; THIN (qv) skinny person RAKE skip CAPER; CUT; DANCE; HOP; JUMP; LEAP; MISS; OMIT; SPRING; anagram indicator; omission indicator skipper CAPT; LAMB; can indicate something to do with butterfly skipping anagram indicator; omission indicator skirmish BRUSH skirt MIDI; MINI; RIM; 쐍 DRESS; GEAR skirts round nesting indicator skittle PIN skulk PROWL skull HEAD; SCALP sky AIR; BLUE; 쐍 HEAVEN sky, canopy of DOME sky-diver PARA Skywalker’s enemy VADER slab TABLET slack COAL; EVEN; IDLE; LOOSE slack, having no TAUT; TIGHT slacken EASE; REMIT slackly anagram indicator slackness SLOTH slag WASTE slam BANG; BEAT; HIT (qv) slander MUD; SLUR; 쐍 DEFILE; MALIGN slang ARGOT; CANT slang, tasteless NAFF slant ANGLE; SKEW; SPIN slanting ANGLED slap BEAT; HIT; SMACK; TAP

slapdash anagram indicator slash CUT; PEE; SIGN (i.e. computer) slat FLAY; ROOF; STAVE slate PAN; ROAST; SCOLD; TILE slaughtered KILLED; SLEW; anagram indicator slaughterhouse SHAMBLES Slav SERB slave SERF slaver SLOBBER; 쐍 DROOL; DRIBBLE slay DO; KILL (qv) sleazy bar DIVE sledge HAMMER; LUGE sleek SMOOTH; 쐍 GLOSSY sleep DOSS; DOZE; FLOP; KIP; NAP; NOD; REST; ZZ; 쐍 SIESTA; SLUMBER; [쒁 SNORE] sleep, part of REM sleep moment WINK sleep, place for BED; COT; ROOST sleep, somewhere to BED; COT; BUNK sleep soundly SNORE sleeper TIE; 쐍 DOZER; KIPPER; can indicate something to do with railway track, or earring sleeping OUT; can indicate that a component is to be nested within BED or ABED (as “A king sleeping gets very hot” signals BAKED) sleeping, stop AWAKE; WAKE sleeve ARM; COVER slender NARROW; SLIGHT; SLIM; SPARE; THIN sleuth TEC; see DETECTIVE slice CARVE; CUT (qv); PIECE slice of run indicator sliced anagram indicator slick OILY; PAT slide CHUTE; SLIP; SKID sliding anagram indicator slight CUT; PET; SCANT; SLUR; SMALL; SNUB; THIN; 쐍 FAINT; GENTLE; LITTLE; SLENDER; TENUOUS; see INSULT



slightly ABIT (i.e. a bit) slim LEAN; SLENDER; SLIGHT (qv); THIN; TRIM; 쐍 DIET; FAST; SLENDER slim not FAT; HEAVY slime MUD; 쐍 GUCK slimmed down can indicate first and last letters to be omitted slimmer, get TAPER sling CAST; DRINK; DUMP; HANG; PITCH; anagram indicator; see THROW slip DRESS; DROP; ERR; ERROR; FALL; GALLEY (printing); GLIDE; LAPSE; NOD; SAG; SCAPE; SKID; SLIDE; STRIP; 쐍 BLUNDER; BUNGLE; MOVE; SKI; anagram indicator slip back RRE slip into DON slip up ERR; SIN; a synonym of “slip” to be reversed, hence RRE, NIS etc; see SLIP slipped SLID slipper MULE slippery SHADY; anagram indicator; [쒁 EEL] slippery surface ICE slipping LAX; 쐍 ERRING; SKIDDING; SLIDING; anagram indicator slips anagram indicator slit in jacket VENT slither SLIDE sliver CHIP; SHRED; SLICE slob LOUT; OAF slobber SLAVER sloe [쒁 GIN] slog CHORE; HIT (qv); LABOUR slogan CHANT; MOTTO; OUT; 쐍 ADAGE slop SPILL slope LEAN; LIST; RAKE; RAMP; RISE; TILT; 쐍 ESCARP; INCLINE; PISTE slope off GO; anagram of SLOPE sloppily anagram indicator sloppy REMISS; anagram indicator sloshed anagram indicator; see DRUNK


sloshy MOIST slot NICHE; GROOVE; RUT slough BOG; SHED slovenly anagram indicator slovenly, girl SLUT; TART slovenly person SLOB slovenly, woman SLUT; TART slow DULL; LARGO; LATE; LENTO; THICK; 쐍 BRAKE; TARDY slow ball LOB slow down BRAKE; FLAG; 쐍 DECELERATE slow, go POTTER slow movement/music/passage LARGO; LENTO slow process anagram of SLOW slowly LENTO; 쐍 ADAGIO; can indicate something to do with speed, rate slug BALL; DRINK; HIT; PEST; SHOT; TOT; 쐍 BULLET sluggish IDLE; SLOW; anagram indicator slum area GHETTO slumber see SLEEP slump DROOP; DROP slur BLAME; MUMBLE; SLIGHT; STAIN; TIE (mus,) slurred anagram indicator slut DRUDGE; TART sly see CUNNING Sly a character in The Taming of the Shrew so can indicate something to do with the play or its characters e.g. tinker sly look PEEK sly person WEASEL smack BLOW; BOAT; CLIP; CUFF; KISS; SLAP; TANG; TAP; TASTE; 쐍 SMELL; SWAT small BABY; LIGHT; LITTLE; MICRO; MINI; SHORT; SLIGHT; WEE; 쐍 DWARF; MINOR; TINY; TITCHY; abbreviation indicator small amount BIT; CENT; CHIP; DAB; DRAM; DRIB; DROP; GRAM; OZ; PINT; TAD; WHIT small amount of can indicate one or two letters from the succeeding word


small amounts can indicate that only the initial letters of associated words be used small and sweet TWEE small and weak PUNY small beer HALF small boy abbreviated form of boy’s name e.g. ANDY see LITTLE BOY small business BUS; CO small car MINI small change COIN; P; can indicate the subdivision of a currency (cent, penny, pence, sen, sou etc) small change in Japan SEN small charge BABY small, comparatively MINOR; see SMALL small distance INCH small dwelling HO small establishment COTTAGE small flag JACK small group CELL; DUO; TRIO small insects THRIPS small island I; IS; ISLE; KEY small matter DETAIL small-minded PETTY small number N; NO; SOME; 쐍 COUPLE; PAIR; can indicate a low number, one, two etc small one RUNT; TICH small Parisian PETIT(E) small part BIT; CAMEO; ORT; 쐍 PORTION; WALK-ON small portion/quantity CL; GRAM; OUNCE; OZ; TASTE small quantity of can indicate one or two letters from the succeeding word small room CELL small section DEPT small thing ATOM small, too SKIMPY small unit MIL small, very MINI; TEENY; TINY small volume CC; CL; see VOLUME smaller LESS; MINOR smaller extent, to a LESS smaller, make CUT; REDUCE smaller quantity LESS

smallest LEAST smallest part WHIT smarm UNCTION smart BRISK; CHIC; CLEVER; CUTE; FLY; NEAT; PACY; POSH; QUICK; STING; SWISH; TRIM; WISE; 쐍 ACHE; DAPPER; DRESSY; NATTY; NIFTY; SHARP; TRENDY smart appearance DASH smart guy ALEC smart man SWELL smart pace CLIP smarten up GROOM; PRIMP; TIDY smartly-dressed CHIPPER smash BREAK; BUST; CRUSH; SHATTER; anagram indicator smashed BUST; HIT; TIGHT; see DRUNK; anagram indicator smasher DISH smashing GRAND; GREAT; SUPER; anagram indicator smear BLUR; DAUB; DEFAME; LIBEL; MARK; SLUR; SPLODGE; STAIN; TAINT; see TAINT smeared anagram indicator smell BO; HUM; NIFF; NOSE; ODOUR; PONG; REEK; SCENT; SMACK; STENCH; STINK; TANG; WHIFF smell, bad/unpleasant BO; STENCH; see SMELL smell, foul/strong PONG; REEK; see SMELL smelling bad HIGH; RANK smelly OLID smelt STANK smidgeon TRACE smile BEAM; GRIN; LEER; [쒁 CHEESE] smile, silly (to make, give, put on) SIMPER smirk LEER smite see HIT smithy FORGE smitten anagram indicator smoke CIG; CURE; DRAG; FAG; FUME; PIPE; 쐍 CIGAR; HAVANA; REEK; can indicate something to do with London;


smoke, some

can indicate something to do with a volcano smoke, some CLOUD smoker PUFFER; see SMOKE; can indicate a volcano smokestack FUNNEL smoking, some FUME smoky atmosphere FUG smooch NECK; SPOON smooth BLAND; DRESS; EVEN; FLAT; IRON; LEVEL; PRESS; SAND; SATIN; SLEEK; SLICK; SLIPPY; SUAVE; 쐍 CHARM; GLABROUS; GLASSY; SHAVEN; LEGATO smooth passage GLIDE smoother FILE; IRON; PLANE; see SMOOTH and consider adding -ER to one of the synonyms there e.g. FLATTER smoothie CHARMER smoothing agent see SMOOTHER smoothly LEGATO smoothly, go GLIDE; SKATE; SLIDE; 쐍 FLOAT smoothly, made to go OILED smote HIT; STRUCK smudge BLOT; BLUR smug PI smuggle RUN smuggled RAN smuggler RUNNER smuggling nesting indicator smut SOOT; SPECK smut, free of CLEAN smutty BLUE snack BITE; CANAPE snack bar CAFF; BUFFET snack meal PIE snacks EATS snaffle BIT; PINCH; STEAL snag BIND; BUG; CATCH; HITCH; RUB; TEAR snagged CAUGHT; anagram indicator snake ADDER; ASP; BOA; TWINE; WIND; 쐍 GARTER; HYDRA; MAMBA; MEANDER; RATTLER; VIPER


snap BARK; BITE; BREAK; NIP; NUT; PART; PHOTO; PIC; SHOT; SPELL (i.e. cold spell); STILL; TANG; anagram indicator snapped BITE; BROKE; SHOT; anagram indicator snapped by nesting indicator snapper BITER; NIPPER snappy CHIC; CROSS (qv); CURT; SHORT; TESTY snare CATCH; GIN; NET; NOOSE; TRAP; 쐍 DRUM; SPRINGE (i.e. verb) snare, use SPRINGE; see SNARE snarl GROWL; RAVEL; TANGLE; 쐍 FOUL UP snarl-up JAM snarled anagram indicator snatch GRAB; GRASP; NAB; REST; STEAL; WREST; 쐍 KIDNAP snatched STOLE snatching nesting indicator sneak CREEP; GRASS; SIDLE; SLIP sneezewort YARROW snick CUT; EDGE; SNIP sniffer HUNTER snip CUT snipe SHOOT snippet SCRAP snitch GRASS; PEACH; TELL snooker can indicate something to do with cue, pot etc [쒁 FRAME; POCKET] snooker, one in RED (or any of the other coloured balls) snooker, play at CUE snooker sequence BREAK snooker shot PLANT; POT snooker, start playing BREAK snooker, success in POT snoop NOSE; PRY; SPY snooze DOZE; NAP; REST; ZZ snort DRINK (qv); TOT snout HOOTER; NOSE snow CRACK; FLAKE; S; [쒁 NIVAL] snow, covered in WHITE snow-leopard OUNCE

society girl

snow, mass of DRIFT; NEVE snow, soft SLEET; SLUSH snow travel over MUSH snowdrop although can refer to the flower, usually refers to avalanche snowstorm anagram of SNOW snub CUT; SLIGHT; 쐍 REBUFF snub-nose anagram of NOSE snubbed CUT snug COSY; TIGHT; WARM; 쐍 COMPACT snug retreat NEST snuggle NESTLE snuggle into nesting indicator so AS; ERGO; HENCE; SIC; SUCH; THUS; TRUE; VERY so-and-so BLIGHTER; BLOOMING so badly OS so backward OGRE so be it AMEN so-called QUASI; homophone indicator; can also indicate a nom-de-plume, one popular among compilers being ELIA (used by essayist Charles Lamb); also SAKI so far AS so it is written SIC so long TATA (i.e. ta-ta); VALE so-so FAIR so to speak homophone indicator so what? WELL soak BATH; RET; SOP; SOT; STEEP; TAN; WET; 쐍 DRENCH; MARINATE soak up MOP soak up sun BASK soaked WET; see DRUNK soaked, get RET soaking BATH; WET; 쐍 DRIPPING; SODDEN soak, wanting to RET (archaic) soap CLEANSE; can indicate something to do with a soap opera; [쒁 BAR; OPERA] soap, piece of BAR; CAKE; TABLET soap, soft FLATTER soapbox STUMP

soar FLY (qv); RISE; PLANE; TOWER soaring reversal indicator; can indicate something to do with a bird known for soaring e.g. eagle sob BLUB; CRY; GRASP; WEEP sober TT; 쐍 CHASTE; STAID sober person TT soccer* SPORT soccer authorities, body FA soccer clubs FA soccer match, one point from DRAW soccer official REF social PARTY social class (or division, group, order, position etc) CASTE; CLASS social engagement DATE social error GAFFE social event BALL; BASH; DANCE; DO; 쐍 RECEPTION; see PARTY social function see SOCIAL EVENT social gathering BALL; BEE; DANCE social group BEE; CIRCLE; see GROUP social occasion see SOCIAL EVENT social organisation CLUB social security DOLE; UB; 쐍 BENEFIT; HANDOUT social standing STATURE social worker ANT; BEE; CARER socialist LEFT; PINK; RED; 쐍 MARX; see LEFT-WINGER socialite SNOB socially acceptable DONE; IN; U socially unacceptable NONU (i.e. non-U); OUT society CLUB; GROUP (qv); S; TRIAD; 쐍 ELITE; can refer to something to do with creatures known for being social, for example: “Building society deposit” leading to ANTHILL society girl DEB


society, member of

society, member of FRIEND (i.e. Quaker) sock BLOW; HIT; SMITE socks HOSE sod GROUND soda MIXER sodium NA sofa BED; SEAT; 쐍 SETTEE soft LIGHT; LIMP; P; S; 쐍 GENTLE; PLIANT; SOGGY; TENDER soft-hearted P to be nested in centre of component soften MELT softly, not loudly P to replace F software, transfer PORT soggy SOFT Soho club can indicate something to do with stripping soil EARTH; GROUND; MARK; SPOT; 쐍 DIRT; HUMUS; LOAM soil acidity PH soil material MOR soil, work the TILL solar SUN solar system body METEOR; PLANET; SUN; can call for the specific name of a planet solder FUSE; JOIN soldier ANT; GI; MAN; MERC; NCO; PARA; RM; SM; 쐍 GUNNER; LANCER; MARINE; NYM (Shakespearian character); ORDERLY; PONGO; PRIVATE; RANKER; REGULAR; TROOPER soldier, captured POW soldier, mounted KNIGHT soldier, old VET soldiers GIS; MEN; OR; RA; RE; REME; RO; SQUAD; TA; UNIT; 쐍 CORPS; REGIMENT; TROOP; can indicate something to do with toast (i.e. cut as “soldiers”) and egg, egg-cup, soft-boil etc soldiers, body/group of CORPS; COY; FORCE; SQUAD; UNIT; see REGIMENT, SOLDIERS soldiers, some RESERVE; TA; see SOLDIERS


sole FISH; LONE; can indicate something to do with the foot; can indicate something to do with fish as “Sole trader?” 씮 FISHMONGER sole mate HEEL sole part TREAD solemn DEAD; EARNEST solemn individual OWL solemn pronouncement OATH solicit TOUT; WOO; 쐍 PROPOSITION solicitor BEGGAR; NP (i.e. Notary-Public); SOL; TOUT; 쐍 TRULL solicitor, training as ARTICLED solid CONE; CUBE; FAT; FIRM; HARD; LOYAL; STIFF solid body LUMP solid figure CONE; CUBE solidarity UNION solidified HARD; SET solitary LONE; LONER; SOLE; 쐍 ROGUE (as with elephant) solitary confinement, in a component to be nested within ALONE, LONE or SOLE solitary type LONER; see RECLUSE solo ALONE; LONE; solo trip anag. of SOLO solution KEY; LIGHT (i.e. crossword solution); SOL; WATER; anagram indicator (as “solution of code” 씮 EDCO) solve CRACK solved anagram indicator solvent ETHER; SOUND solver YOU solvers YE; YOU sombre GRAVE; 쐍 STAID some ANY; BIT; PART; PIECE; can indicate a word which means something less, e.g. NET; run indicator some cabbage HEART some cash SUM some days WEEK some French DE; DES some, just ABIT; BIT some music PIECE


some spirit DRAM; TOT some time ago ONCE some weeks usually indicates a specifically named month, often abbreviated; see MONTH somebody ONE somebody ferreting ROOTER somehow anagram indicator someone PERSON; VIP someone drawing TOWER someone escaping BOLTER someone for fighting HAWK someone in custody WARD someone learning see LEARNER someone other than me NOTI (i.e. not I) someone to go out with DATE Somerset town STREET something IT something added PS; RIDER something afoot SHOE something caught BUS something, do ACT something done ACT; DEED something enjoyable GAS something for nothing PRESENT something for sale LOT something good ASSET something in the way see IMPEDIMENT something missed LOSS something of run indicator something one can’t do without MUST something other than NOT something placed BET something popular HIT; 쐍 SUCCESS something remarkable ONER; WONDER something special PLUM something that happens EVENT something to discuss TOPIC something to read see BOOK something to wear HABIT; see CLOTHES, CLOTHING somewhat ABIT (i.e. a bit); BIT; PRETTY; QUITE; RATHER; run indicator; can indicate the possi-

ble stretching of a point by the compiler, where the connection between concepts is slight son BOY; ISSUE; LAD; S song AIR; ARIA; CHANT; GLEE; LAY; LIED; ROUND; TRACK; TUNE; 쐍 ANTHEM; BALLAD; CANTO; CAROL; DITTY; MELODY; NUMBER; PSALM; SHANTY song about it, make a a component to be nested within SING song and dance FUSS song, bird’s TWEET song, part of VERSE song series CYCLE songbook HYMNAL songs CYCLE songs, set of CYCLE songster LARK; see BIRD, SINGER songwriter BERLIN; LENNON soon ANON; EARLY soon, too EARLY sooner RATHER soothe EASE; 쐍 CALM; LULL soothed EASED soothing BALMY soothing, something BALM soothsayer SEER sop BRIBE; BUNG; SOAK soprano SOP sorcerer MAGE sorceress WITCH sorcery MAGIC sordid SEAMY sore MAD; RED; 쐍 CHAP; CROSS; TENDER sore, very RAW sorrow MISERY; REGRET; WOE; 쐍 GRIEF; [쒁 TEAR] sorrow, show CRY; WEEP sorry POOR; SAD; 쐍 OOPS; RUING; WRETCHED; anagram indicator sorry, be RUE; 쐍 GRIEVE; LAMENT; MOURN sorry to say, I’m ALAS sort ALIGN; ARRANGE; CLASS; KIDNEY; KIND; ORDER; TYPE; 쐍 SPECIES; STAMP;


sort of

anagram indicator; can indicate a particular sort of person as “possessive sort” clues OWNER sort of anagram indicator sort out HANDLE; SOLVE; anagram of SORT e.g. ROST, ROTS sorted/sorting out anagram indicator sortie SALLY sorts, out of ILL sot DRUNK; LUSH; SOAK; TOPER soufflé anagram indicator soul, merry old COLE soul, poor anagram of SOUL Soule’s advice some implication stemming from “Go West, young man” (from editorial by J. L. B. Soule in 1851 American newspaper) soulless worker ROBOT sound AUDIO; BANG; BLIP; CHORD; CLANG; CLASH; CLINK; DRONE; FIT; HALE; HUM; NOTE; PEEP; PING; PLUMB; PURR; RING; SAFE; SANE; TICK; TING; TONE; TRILL; WATER; WHINE; WISE; 쐍 INLET; NOISE; PLUMMET; PROBE; RATTLE; REPORT; RINGING; SOLID; SOLVENT; STRAIGHT; STRAIT (i.e. stretch of water); TICKING; TWANG; homophone indicator, as “sound sense” 씮 CITE sound as a bell see BELL SOUND sound, beastly BRAY; GROWL; GRUNT; 쐍 OINK sound dejected SIGH sound disgusted UGH sound exercise EWES; YEWS sound happy PURR sound, harsh CLANG sound, high PING sound, hollow BONG sound horn TOOT sound, little RUSTLE sound loose RATTLE sound murmurous HUM


sound of bell DING; PEAL; TING; TOLL sound of bird CAW; CHEEP; PEEP; SQUAWK sound of cat MEW; PURR sound of it, by the homophone indicator sound of pain GROAN sound of pleasure AH sound of glasses CLINK sound of sheep BAA sound of steam HISS sound off RATE sound pleased PURR sound, producing SONIC sound record LOGUE sound, recurrent TICK sound reproduction AUDIO; TAPE; 쐍 RECORD sound sense CITE sound, triumphant HA sound unhappy CRY sound unoriginal ECHO sound vessel EARN sound, vocal TONE sounder PIG; SWINE sounding homophone indicator soundly homophone indicator soundly disapprove BOO; HISS soundproofing BAFFLE sounds TONES; see SOUND; homophone indicator sounds like homophone indicator sounds, make ERNE (i.e. homophone of EARN) soundtrack, on homophone indicator soup BROTH; STOCK; 쐍 CHOWDER; STARTER soup, kind of LEEK sour DOUR; OFF; TART; 쐍 ACID; BITTER source CAUSE; EGG; FOUNT; ORE; ROOT; WELL; 쐍 MINE; ORIGIN; PROVIDER; initial letter indicator; run indicator source of run indicator; the initial letter of the word that immediately follows to be used (as “source of terror” cues T) source of colour CRAYON

Spanish, the

source of income LIVING; see JOB source of inspiration MUSE source of mineral MINE; PIT source of power MAINS source of song can indicate a bird e.g. LARK, TIT source of spirits STILL source of warning ALARM; BLEEPER; SIREN source of water SPRING; TAP; WELL sources of the initials of the words that follow to be used South S; last letter indicator South Africa SA; ZA South African BOER; SA South African group/organisation ANC South African white BLANK South America SA; SUS South American SUS South American city RIO South Carolina SC south of France SUD south wind AUSTER Southampton* PORT souvenir RELIC sovereign ER; GR; KING (qv); L (former gold pound coin); SULTAN; 쐍 CROWN; IMPERIAL; RULER (qv); see QUEEN sovereign’s advisers COURT sovereignty RAJ Soviet RED; RUSSIAN Soviet police chief BERIA sow SEED sizzled DRUNK (qv) SP ODDS spa HYDRO; SPRING; WELL; 쐍 RESORT space EM; EN; GAP; HOLE; PLACE; ROOM; VOID; 쐍 AREA; INTERVAL; LATITUDE space, confined COOP space creature ET space, enclosed YARD; see ENCLOSURE space for cargo HOLD space module LEM

space, open FIELD; GLADE space station EMIR space, those in NASA space, tiny EN space traveller COMET; PLANET; 쐍 ASTEROID; see PLANET space station MIR space, vertical SHAFT spacecraft LEM spaced-out ROOMY spaceman DARE (i.e. Dan); GORDON (i.e. Flash) spacer WASHER spaceship LANDER spacious ROOMY spade S; SHOVEL spade’s length SPIT spade, small TROWEL spadeful SPIT spades S Spain E Spain, approbation in OLE Spain, table in MESA span BRIDGE; COVER; CROSS; REACH; TIME; 쐍 PERIOD; RANGE; STRETCH spangle SEQUIN Spaniard SENOR spaniel COCKER; 쐍 CLUMBER; SPRINGER Spanish SP Spanish agreement SI Spanish bar CANTINA Spanish certainly SI Spanish cheer OLE Spanish coin, currency/old REAL Spanish cry OLE Spanish dish PAELLA Spanish for POR Spanish gent DON Spanish girl INES Spanish, hero CID Spanish lady DONA Spanish peasant PEON Spanish port VIGO Spanish river RIO Spanish royal REAL Spanish soldier, famous CID Spanish, the EL; LAS; LOS


Spanish, what

Spanish, what QUE spanner BRIDGE; TOOL; WRENCH spar BAR; BOON; BOX; ROD; SPRIT; YARD spare BONY; EXTRA; GASH; GAUNT; LEAN; SAVE; SLENDER; THIN sparing MEAN; SAVING sparing, be SKIMP spark FLASH spark off LIGHT sparked off LIT sparkle GLISTEN; GLITTER sparkler STAR; see GEM sparklers can indicate something to do with stars or a constellation; see GEM sparkling anagram indicator sparse SCANT; THIN; SCANTY Sparta, wife of king of LEDA Spartan BASIC; HARSH; PLAIN; SEVERE spasm FIT; TIC; TWITCH spat GAITER; see QUARREL spate FLOOD; RUSH spawn SPAT speak CHAT; GAS; ORATE; SAY; TALK; UTTER; 쐍 ADDRESS; ALLUDE; DRAWL; VOICE; homophone indicator speak at length DWELL; 쐍 DRONE speak haltingly STAMMER speak harshly GRATE speak honestly LEVEL speak irritably SNAP speak sharply SNAP speak slowly DRAWL speak tartly SNAP speak tenderly COO speak vehemently RANT speak well of PRAISE speaker ORATOR; 쐍 MOUTH; PHONE; SAYER; TRAP; [쒁 DAIS]; homophone indicator speaker, belonging to MY speaker, for a homophone indicator speaker, of MY; homophone indicator


speaker, supporter for DAIS speaking DICTION; homophone indicator speaking, loosely homophone indicator speaking, manner (way) of ACCENT; DICTION; DRAWL; TWANG speaks in French DIT spear GAFF; PIKE; STAB; 쐍 IMPALE; LANCE; LEISTER (for salmon); SHOOT spearhead LEAD spec BRIEF special EXTRA; RARE; SP; anagram indicator special case anagram e.g. ACES, CEAS, SACE special constable SC special edition EXTRA special force PARAS; SAS special group ELITE special information LORE special offer(s) SALE special troops PARAS special word MANTRA specially anagram indicator specie BREED; KIND; TYPE species KIND; SORT; SP; TYPE; 쐍 GENERA specific CURE; LIMITED; 쐍 PARTICULAR specified THAT as “the church specified” clues THATCH (i.e. THAT-CH) specify DETAIL; NAME; PICK; SELECT; STATE specimen SAMPLE; SORT; TASTE specimens of run indicator speck DOT; FLECK; MOTE; SMUT; SPOT speck, dust MOTE speckle STIPPLE spectacle SHOW; SIGHT; 쐍 EPIC: SCENE spectacles OO spectators GATE; 쐍 AUDIENCE; CROWD; OBSERVERS; WATCHERS spectators’ area STAND


spectators, number of GATE spectral EERIE speculate BET; GUESS speculator BETTER; BEAR; BULL; STAG spectre GHOST speculation FANCY; IDEA sped RAN speech ADDRESS; ARGOT; DICTION; LECTURE; ORAL; ORATION; SAY; TALK; 쐍 TONGUE; colloquialism indicator; homophone indicator (as “Churchill speech” can signal WHINNY or WINNI); can refer to a specific language speech, by ORAL; VOCAL; homophone indicator speech clarity DICTION speech, emotional RANT; 쐍 TIRADE speech, glib CANT; 쐍 PATTER; SPIEL speech, impassioned/intemperate RANT speech, long ORATION; SCREED speech, make ORATE; SPEAK; TALK; VOICE speech, making ORATING; TALKING; VOICING speech, manner of DICTION speech, part of NOUN; SOUND; VERB; WORD; 쐍 PHRASE speech, peculiar ARGOT speeches ORATORY speechify ORATE speechless MUTE speechless with emotion, be CHOKE speed BAT; BELT; CLIP; DART; DASH; DRUG; HASTE; HIE; KNOT; KNOTS; LICK; MPH; NIP; PACE; PAR; RATE; RUN; RUSH; TEMPO; 쐍 BOWL; CELERITY; TEMPI speed, at APACE; PAST speed, maximum C speed, measure of KNOT; MPH speed-merchant RACER speed of engine, increase REV speed of light C

speed, ship’s KNOT(S) speeding, one RACER speedy FAST spell BOUT; CHARM; FIT; HEX; MARK; SHIFT; SNAP; TERM; TIME; TURN; 쐍 CANTRIP; PERIOD; WHAMMY spell, given another anagram indicator spell in America usually refers to taking advantage of the different spelling in the U.S. (COLOR, LITER, ESTHETE etc.) to provide a component in building up an answer spell of bowling OVER spell of illness BOUT; TURN spell of playing GAME; GIG; MATCH; SESSION; SET spell, wild FLING spellbound RAPT spelling SP spelling, aid to WAND spells, short FITS spelt out can indicate that THEN is to be inserted between two letters as “Capital A’s spelt out” 씮 ATHENS (i.e. a-then-s) spend BLOW; PASS; USE spend frivolously FRITTER spend unwisely BLOW; BLUE spender USER spending, not SAVING spent BLEW; BLOWN; GONE; PAST; USED; WEARY; 쐍 TIRED; anagram indicator spent in in the sense of “used” can serve as a run indicator spent recklessly BLEW sphere BALL; FIELD; GLOBE; ORB; 쐍 ELEMENT; WORLD spherical shape ORB spice CHILLI; CLOVE; MACE spicy HOT spicy food CHILI spider REST; SPINNER spiel PATTER; PITCH spies CIA spigot TAP



spike BARB; LACE; NAIL; PIN; POINT; TINE; 쐍 IMPALE; PRONG spill FALL; LIGHTER; TAPER; anagram indicator spill the beans GRASS; SING; TELL; 쐍 RELATE spillage anagram indicator spilled, spilling, spilt anagram indicator spilt SHED; anagram indicator, as “spilt oil” 씮 OLI spin CYCLE; DRIVE; GLOSS; HYPE; REEL; ROLL; SIDE; SLANT; TRIP; TURN; 쐍 BIAS; SWIRL; WHIRL; anagram indicator; [쒁 DOCTOR; DRIER; TOP] spin, exponent of TOP spin, give a PLAY; see TURN spin, in a anagram indicator; reversal indicator spin-off anagram of SPIN spine BACK; GUTS; THORN; 쐍 PRICKLE spineless person WORM spinner TOP; 쐍 GYROSCOPE; SPIDER spinning anagram indicator spinster MISS spiralling anagram indicator spire TOWER spirit ANGEL; BOTTLE; CORE; DASH; DEMON; DEVIL; ELF; GHOST; GIN; GO; GUM; HEART; IMP; RUM; SCOTCH; SHADE; SHORT; SOUL; TONE; 쐍 ELAN; ELEMENTAL; ETHOS; GEIST; LIFE; MORALE; OUZO; PERI; SPECTRE; WRAITH; ZING; [쒁 MEDIUM]; can have something to do with exorcism spirit, foreign GEIST spirit, some DRAM; TOT spirit’s strength PROOF spirit, with RACY spirit, with extra LACED spirited GAME; RACY spirited interpreter MEDIUM


spirited measure can indicate a measure of alcohol e.g. noggin; see DRINK spiritless POOR spirits ELVES; HUMOUR; MOOD; PECKER (i.e. mood); see SPIRIT spirits, dose of PEG spirits, measure of TOT spirits, put ban on this usually refers to exorcism spirits, raise ELATE spiritual, sort of NEGRO spiritualists’ meeting SEANCE spit RAIN; ROD; 쐍 BROACH; DIG (i.e. with reference to spade); DOUBLE spite MALICE spiteful CATTY; NASTY spiteful person SHREW spiteful woman CAT; SHREW spiv TOUT splash WET; anagram indicator; can indicate something to do with a headline splash about anagram indicator splashdown can indicate rain or cataract, waterfall etc splashed around anagram indicator splashes anagram indicator splatter DASH; SPLODGE splay SPREAD splayed SPREAD; anagram indicator spleen BILE; 쐍 VITRIOL splendid BRAVE; FINE; GRAND; GREAT; SUPER; SUPERB; TOP splice GRAFT spliff JOINT; REEFER splinter BREAK; SLICE; SLIVER splinter-group SECT splinters (in) anagram indicator split BREACH; BREAK; CHAP; CLEAVE; CLEFT; CLOVE; CUT; FLED; GO; GONE; GULF; LEAVE; LEFT; PART; QUIT; RAN; REND; RENT; RIFT; RIP; RIVE; SNAP; TEAR; TORN; 쐍 BISECT; BURST; CLOVEN; INFORM; RIVEN; SCHISM; SHATTER; SUNDER;


with a capital letter, thereby denoting the Serbo-Croatian town, can indicate something to do with that country or its language; anagram indicator Split PORT; see SPLIT split into two HALVE; run indicator, where element crosses two words within the clue split by nesting indicator splits, one who RIVER; see SPLIT splitting anagram indicator; nesting indicator; if applied to the letter W, it can indicate that W becomes VV splitting hairs PARTING splodge BLOT; BLOTCH; DAUB; SMEAR; 쐍 SPLATTER splodges, leave SPLATTER splosh SLOP splutter CHOKE Spock, Mr ALIEN spoil DISH; HURT; IMPAIR; MAR; MUFF; RUIN; SACK spoiled MARRED; OFF; anagram indicator spoiler FLAP spoils BOOTY; LOOT; anagram indicator; see SPOIL spoilt anagram indicator spoke RUNG; SAID; 쐍 BAT; CHATTED; can indicate something to do with wheel spoke at length DWELT spoke of homophone indicator spoke sharply SNAPPED spoken ORAL; SAID; homophone indicator spoken about a component to be nested within ORAL spoken, having SAID spokesman MOUTH spokesperson VOICE sponge BUM; CADGE; WIPER; 쐍 ALCOHOLIC; LOOFA sponsor BACK; BACKER; 쐍 GODFATHER spook anagram indicator; see GHOST spool REEL; ROLL spoon, use STIR

Spooner can indicate the initial letters of two words are to be transposed as in “Spooner’s dog, lean for so long” which gives TOODLE-PIP! spoor TRACK; TRAIL sporran POKE sport ANGLING; BRICK; CRICKET; FIVES; FOOTER; FUN; GAME; GOLF; PLAY; RACING; RACKETS; ROWING; RU; WEAR; 쐍 PLAYING; GAMES; MATE (i.e. friend); SHOW; anagram indicator; see GAME sport, area of COURT; FIELD; PITCH sported WORE; anagram indicator sporting FAIR; GAME; anagram indicator sporting arena RING sporting encounter MEET sporting etiquette, breach of FOUL sports GAMES; see SPORT sports administrators FA; LTA sports arena GROUND sports club BAT sports contest EVENT sports gear KIT; STRIP sports car GT sports group TEAM sports meeting EVENT; MATCH sportsman ANGLER; BLUE; DIVER; OAR; PRO; RIDER; ROWER; 쐍 ATHLETE; BATTER; PLAYER; RUNNER; SKIER sportsmen EIGHT; SIDE; TEAM; see SPORTSMAN sportswear KIT; SHORTS; STRIP; TOP sporty vehicle QUAD spot BIND; BIT; BLOT; DAB; DEFECT; DOT; DRIP; DROP; ESPY; EYE; FIX; FLAW; FLECK; MARK; MOTE; NOTE; PATCH; PIP (on playing card); PLACE; POCK; POINT; SEE; SIGHT; SITE; SOIL; SPECK; SPY; STAIN; 쐍 CORNER;


spot, nasty

MACKLE; PIMPLE; SPLODGE; TARNISH; ZIT spot, nasty WEN spotless CLEAN; PURE; WHITE spotlight BEAM; LASER spots RASH; 쐍 ACNE; MEASLES spots, marked with DAPPLE spotted DAPPLED; MEASLY; SAW; SEEN Spotted Dick PUD spotted in run indicator spotted, not CLEAN; PLAIN; 쐍 UNSTAINED; see PURE spouse HUBBY; MATE; WIFE spouse no longer EX spout GUSH; JET; ORATE; TALK sprain RICK sprang LEAPT sprang up ROSE sprawled, sprawling anagram indicator spray BUNCH; COAT; JET; 쐍 WATER sprayed anagram indicator spread AIR; BUTTER; COVER; FEAST; LAY; MARG; MARGE; MEAL; OPEN; PAGES; PASTE; PATE; RANCH; RANGE; SPAN; SPLAY; STREW; TED; WIDEN; 쐍 CONSERVE; DINNER; EMANATE; EXTEND; GROW; LAYER; anagram indicator; can indicate a specific conserve such as marmalade; can indicate something to do with the page aspect of printing as “Part of spread that’s left” clues VERSO spread out SPLAY; anagram indicator spread over nesting indicator spreads over anagram indicator spreading anagram indicator spree BINGE; FLING; JUNKET; REVEL; ROMP; anagram indicator sprig BRANCH; SHOOT; STALK; YOUTH spring BOUND; CAPER; COIL; FOUNT; HOP; ISSUE; JETE; JUMP; LEAP; LENT (i.e. time of the religious festival); MAY; SHOOT; SKIP; SPA; SPRIG;


STEM; WELL; 쐍 BOUNCE; GEYSER; POUNCE; VERNAL; WATER spring, early MARCH spring from STEM spring, of VERNAL spring time MAY spring up APS (i.e. rev. of “spa”); REAR springs anagram indicator springtime MAY sprinkle HOSE; PEPPER; SPLATTER; SPRAY; anagram indicator sprinkled anagram indicator sprinkling SHOWER sprint DASH; RACE; RUN sprit SPAR sprite ELF; IMP; PUCK spruce NEAT; SMART; TIDY; TREE; TRIM; 쐍 NATTY; SMARTEN spry BRISK; NIMBLE spun anagram indicator spur DRIVE; EGG; HEEL; PRICK; RIDGE; URGE; 쐍 BRANCH; GOAD; MOTIVE; POINT; PRESS spurious BAD; FALSE; anagram indicator spurn REJECT; REPULSE spurt RUSH spy AGENT; BOND; MOLE; PEEK; PLANT; SCOUT; SEE; SIGHT; SPOT; 쐍 BLUNT; INFORMER spy, American SPOOK spy chief M spy on STALK spy organisation CIA spy, police NARK spymaster M; 쐍 BERIA squabble SPAT; WRANGLE; see ROW; 쐍 BICKER; SETTO (i.e. set-to) squad CREW; FLEET; SIDE; TEAM; 쐍 ARMADA; FORCE squadron WING squadron leader S squalid SEEDY; TACKY; 쐍 SLUMMY


squalid area SLUM squalid house SLUM squalid surroundings can indicate a component is to be nested within SEEDY, as “Quick parking in squalid surroundings” 씮 SPEEDY squall GUST squander BLOW; BLUE; WASTE squandered BLEW; BLOWN anagram indicator square EVEN; PAY; QUAD; SETTLE; S; STRAIGHT; T; TRUE; can indicate any mathematical square, and so FOUR, NINE etc square-ended T to be placed at the end of a component square in Italy PIAZZA squash CRAMP; CRUSH; DRINK; 쐍 MARROW; PRESS; SQUEEZE squashed PENT; anagram indicator squashy SOFT squat CROUCH; DUMPY; SIT squatting nesting indicator squeal NARK; SHOP squeak PEEP squeeze HUG; NIP; PRESS; WRING; 쐍 EMBRACE; EXACT; SQUASH; [쒁 TRIGGER; VICE] squeeze out EXPRESS; OUT to be nested within one or more components squeezer MANGLE squeezing nesting indicator squiffy anagram indicator squint CAST squire PAGE squirm WRITHE; 쐍 WRIGGLE squirming anagram indicator squirrel’s home DREY stab CRACK; GO; JAB; SHOT; SPEAR; STICK; TURN; 쐍 GUESS; POKE; WOUND stab, to nesting indicator stabilise PEG stable FAST; FIRM; HOUSE (i.e. as a verb}; STALL; STATIC; 쐍

SOUND; STEADY; STRING (i.e. horses); SURE stable worker GROOM stableman GROOM stables MEWS stack HEAP; LOT; PILE; POT; RAFT; RICK stacked up reversal indicator stadium GROUND; 쐍 ARENA staff BAR; CARE; CLUB; CREW; CROOK; HANDS; MACE; MAN; MAST; MEN; MINIM; PIKE; POLE; ROD; STICK; SHARP; TEAM; 쐍 CROSIER; can indicate something to do with bread (i.e. the staff of life); can indicate something to do with musical notation staff officer SO stag DEER; HART stag’s cry BELL stage LEG; LEVEL; MOUNT; PHASE; PUPA; STAND; STEP; TIER; 쐍 APRON; COACH; MOMENT; PERIOD; PODIUM; POINT; PRESENT stage appearance DEBUT; 쐍 ENTRANCE stage, come onto the ENTER stage direction ENTER; EXIT stage of journey HOP; LEG stage production DRAMA; MOUNT; PLAY; see MUSICAL stage profession ACTING stage, take the ACT stage, used to be on ACTED; DIDACT (i.e. did act) staged, being ON stagger REEL; ROCK; ROLL; SHOCK; 쐍 AMAZE; LURCH; TOTTER staggering anagram indicator staggering, is REELS; ROCKS; ROLLS; SHOCKS stagnant STANDING staid QUIET; SOBER stain BLOT; MAR; MARK; SHAME; SLUR; SPOT; TAINT; 쐍 DYE; BLACKEN; SULLY; see TAINT stainer DYER


staircase component

staircase component LANDING; NEWEL; RISER; STEP; TREAD stairs FLIGHT stairs, part of see STAIRCASE COMPONENT stake ANTE; BET; CHIP; PALE; PILE; POST; 쐍 LAG; STAVE; [쒁 POT] stakes POOL staked ON stale FLAT; MUSTY; OFF; OLD; TIRED; 쐍 MOULDY stale, become DATE stalk BRANCH; DOG; STEM; TAIL stall BOOTH; SEAT; SHY; STABLE; STAND; STOP; 쐍 COVER; DELAY; TARRY stalls PIT stamen, part of ANTHER stammering the first letter of word to be repeated stamp COIN; DIE; FRANK; KIND; MARK; SEAL; TREAD; 쐍 IMPRINT; SORT stamp, special CACHET stamped TROD stamped on anagram indicator stampede RUSH; 쐍 CAREER stampeded/ing anagram indicator stance POSE; POSITION; STAND stance, took a POSED stand BEAR; BOOTH; BROOK; EASEL; GANTRY; HACK; LAST (i.e. cobbler’s); PLACE; POSE; POSITION; RISE; SET; STAGE; STALL; STANCE; TAKE; TEE; TREAT; WEAR; 쐍 RELY; reversal indicator; in the sense of a stand of trees can denote a specific tree in the plural e.g. OAKS stand, can’t HATE stand, did not SAT stand for BROOK; TAKE; 쐍 REPRESENT stand high TOWER stand-in PROXY; RELIEF; SUB; TEMP; VICE stand on hind legs REAR stand, one-night GIG


stand up WASH (i.e. is not supported by the evidence) stand up to FIGHT standard ENSIGN; FLAG; FORM; JACK; NORM; PAR; STOCK; 쐍 EAGLE; NORMAL; ONPAR (i.e. on par); standard issue PARSON (i.e. par son) standards CODE; MORALS standing NAME; PLACE; RANK; RATE; REP; STATION; UP; 쐍 ERECT; POSITION; STAGNANT; STATIC; STATUS; UPRIGHT; reversal indicator; can indicate something to do with standing for election (or in U.S. “running for election”) to be member, MP, delegate, representative etc standing out PROUD standing up ERECT; UPRIGHT; reversal indicator standstill OMPH (i.e. 0 mph) stank SMELT Stanley STAN stannic TIN staple CHIEF; CLIP; MAIN; PRIME; RICE; 쐍 BASIC star ACE; LEAD; NAME; NOVA; PAPER; PIP; SUN; TOP; 쐍 CELEBRITY; DWARF; LEADING; LION; MAIN; MAJOR; POLARIS; VEGA star group ARIES; BEAR; LEO; PLOUGH; VIRGO star, Hollywood COOPER; GABLE star player ACE star, tennis SEED starchy FORMAL; STIFF stare GAPE; GAWP; GAZE; GLOWER; LEER; LOOK; OGLE stark BALD; CLEAR; GRIM; PLAIN; 쐍 BLUNT starkers NAKED (qv) strarry ASTRAL stars LYRA; ORION; PLOUGH; VIRGO; see STAR GROUP start BEGIN; DAWN; ENTER; FLINCH; FOUND; GO; INTRO;


JUMP; LEAD; OFF; ONSET; OPEN; RISE; SHY; TRIGGER; 쐍 ACTIVATE; AWAY (as in ‘the away’); FIRST; INSTITUTE; LAUNCH; OFF; PROCEED; RECOIL; ROUSE; initial letter indicator start a game SERVE start filming F; ROLL; SHOOT start, from the initial letter(s) to be used start of O; initial letter indicator start of play ACTI (i.e. ACT I); P start of puzzle ONE (i.e. first clue, one across); P start of week MON; W start off O; initial letter indicator; initial letter to be omitted, as “start off quick” 씮 RISK; see START started off badly can indicate an anagram of the first few letters of a word start operation LAUNCH; O; ROLL start to finish AZ; first letter to go to the end of a word; first and last letters of a word to be transposed start young Y started BEGAN; SHIED started, just OFF starter COURSE; ENTRE; 쐍 SOUP; initial letter indicator starter, we hear GO starter, without a omission indicator for an initial letter starters can indicate the initial letters of associated words or the first two or three letters of one word starting NASCENT; initial letter indicator (as “starting soon” 씮 S); see START starting late L; first letter to be omitted startle SCARE; SHOCK starts off O; see START starts to turn first letters of word to be reversed, as “Starts to turn on dubious type of power supply” converts UNCLEAR (dubious) to NUCLEAR

stash STOW state AVER; COMA; FORM; LAND; LIMBO; MESS; MOOD; NAME; NATION; REALM; SAY; 쐍 CONDITION; COUNTRY; ENOUNCE; EXPRESS; LATHER; REPORT; a national state in its full form e.g. GOA, OMAN; or abbreviation e.g. UK, US; an abbreviation for a state within a country, usually American, see AMERICAN STATE; note than an eastern state can refer to one on the eastern side of the U.S. as well as an eastern country; can indicate an abstract word ending in -SHIP (friendship, hardship etc) state, Atlantic RI state benefit DOLE state briefly can indicate the standard abbreviation for an American state (qv) state, French ETAT state, German REICH state, Mid-Western ILL state of mind MOOD state, southern GA; LA; see AMERICAN STATE stated ORAL; SAID; homophone indicator (as “stated why” 씮 Y) stated, as homophone indicator (example: “I, as stated” 씮 EYE) stately IMPOSING stately home PALACE; PILE statement COMMENT; REPORT; STORY; 쐍 AVOWAL; BILL; PROFESSION; RELATION; REMARK; can indicate a word beginning with IM, as “Brusque statement of case” 씮 IMPATIENT statement, inaccurate LIE statement, legal PLAINT statement, make a AVER statement of faith CREED statement of intent WILL States US statesman HOME (i.e. former prime minister); can indicate the term describing a person from a specific country (usually


statesman, former

AMERICAN); or a man from a specific American state e.g. TEXAN statesman, former HOME; NORTH; 쐍 BURKE statesman, leading PM statesman, old see STATESMAN, FORMER statesman, old Roman CATO static DEAD; STABLE; STANDING; STILL station BASE; FORT; PLACE; PORT; RANK; STOP; 쐍 DEPOT; LEVEL; POSITION; STANDING; can indicate something to do with police; [쒁 TRAIN] station, Parisian GARE stationery item INK; PEN; 쐍 ERASER statistic FIGURE statistics DATA; TABLE statue FIGURE; IDOL stature HEIGHT status RANK; 쐍 POSITION; see STATION; [쒁 QUO] status, of BIG statute ACT; LAW; ORDER staunch CHECK; FIRM; STEM; STOP; TRUE; 쐍 RELIABLE; STOUT stave LAG; STAKE stay ABIDE; BIDE; BOARD; BRACE; CHECK; DEFER; DWELL; LAST; LINGER; LODGE; PROP; REST; ROPE; SIT; STICK; TARRY; TIE; 쐍 ANCHOR; CORSET; HOLD; REMAIN; STRUT; WAIT stay awhile CAMP; LINGER; see STAY stay home DWELL; RESIDE stay behind LINGER stay, decide to SETTLE stay, not LEAVE stay put WAIT stay put, told to WEIGHT stay temporarily CAMP; LODGE stay up STAND stead PLACE steady FIRM; FIXED; STABLE; STAID


steadying influence LEG; PROP steak JOINT; MEAT; RUMP steak, stewing SHIN steal LIFT; LOOT; NICK; PALM; PINCH; POACH; POCKET; ROB; RUSTLE; SIDLE; SWIPE; WHIP; 쐍 BAG; SCRUMP; SNAFFLE steal away ELOPE steal food POACH steal from orchard SCRUMP stealing THEFT; THIEVERY stealthily, move EDGE; INCH steam MIST; STEW; 쐍 CHUFF; FUME; [쒁 POWER] steamer BOILER; PACKET; SS; TRAMP; 쐍 KETTLE steamy HOT steel SWORD steep BATHE; HIGH; RET; SHEER; SOAK steepness of roof PITCH steeple SPIRE steer BULL; CON; COW; DRIVE; LEAD; OX; 쐍 COX; DIRECT; PILOT; STOT; TURN steerer COX; DRIVER steering apparatus/ device HELM; RUDDER; 쐍 TILLER; WHEEL steering station HELM stein MUG stella STAR stellar ASTRAL; STARRY stem BOUGH; BOW; CHECK; PROW; SHOOT; STALK; STAUNCH; STOP; 쐍 LINE; SPRING stem, flexible BINE stem of plant CANE stemmed by run indicator stench BO; NIFF; PONG; REEK step PACE; PAS; RUNG; STAGE; STAIR; TREAD; WALK; 쐍 ACTION; DEGREE; STRIDE; [쒁 NOSING] step back SAP step on spiral staircase WINDER step, out of anagram indicator steppe PLAIN


stepped TROD steps FLIGHT; DANCE; STILE; or can indicate a specific dance steps, moveable RAMP steps, take DANCE; TRAMPLE; TREAD; see WALK stern AFT; BACK; DOUR; GRAVE; GRIM; HARD; HARSH; HIND; REAR; SEVERE; STRICT; 쐍 TRANSOM stern, towards AFT steroid DRUG stew BROOD; COOK; HOLE; JAM; MESS; OLIO; SIMMER; STEAM; 쐍 CORNER; HOTPOT; LATHER; MUDDLE; PICKLE; anagram indicator steward REEVE; WAITER stewed PICKLED; anagram indicator stick BAT; CANE; CLEAVE; CLING; CLUB; CUE; FIX; GLUE; GUM; JAM; LANCE; LAST; LEVER; PASTE; PIN; POLE; ROD; STAB; STAFF; STAY; STRING; SWITCH; TWIG; WAND; WEAR; 쐍 AFFIX; BATON; CLUTCH; ENDURE; FLAK; PIERCE stick closely CLING stick, get some CHID stick to CLING sticker BUR; BURR; POSTER; 쐍 GLUE sticky TACKY; TARRY sticky stuff/substance GEL; GOO; GUM; JAM; LAC; PASTE TAR; 쐍 GLUE; RESIN; TREACLE; WAX stiff BODY; FIRM; HARD; PRIM; RIGID; can signify something to do with death or a mortuary e.g. CORONER; 쐍 CORPSE; STARCHY; UNBENDING stiff with age RUSTY stiffener STARCH stiffness STARCH stifle STUNT stigma MARK; STAIN still BUT; DEAD; EVEN; HUSH; SHOT (i.e. photograph); SNAP;

YET; 쐍 CALM; CONSTANT; FRAME (i.e. in cinema film); INERT; RETORT (i.e. equipment); STATIC still standing EXTANT stilted WOODEN stimulant UPPER stimulate AROUSE; PROD; SPARK; SPUR; URGE; WHET; 쐍 INCITE; PIQUE; PUSH stimulus CHEAT; PROD; SPUR; 쐍 FILLIP; TONIC sting BITE; CHEAT; CON; PAIN; SCAM; SMART; 쐍 HURT; NETTLE; SWINDLE stingy MEAN; TIGHT; see TIGHT-FISTED stingy social worker BEE; WASP stink BO; SMELL (qv); STENCH (qv) stink, causing a OLID; 쐍 SMELLY stinker CAD; RAT stinking BAD; HIGH; RANK stint SCANT; SCRIMP; SKIMP; TASK; TERM; note, can also refer to a wading bird stipple DOT stipulation IF; RIDER stir ADO; BUDGE; BUSTLE; CAN; JUG; MIX; MOVE; ROUSE; ROUST; SHIFT; 쐍 FLURRY; RUFFLE; WHISK; see PRISON; anagram indicator stir, create a anagram of STIR; see AGITATE, STIR stir up anagram indicator stirred MOVED; anagram indicator stirring, stirring up anagram indicator stitch PAIN; SEW; TACK; [쒁 GARTER] stitch up FRAME; SCREW; WES (rev) stitches, series of SEAM stoat ERMINE stoat-like creature MINK stock CATTLE; COWS; KEEP; HANDLE; KIN; RACE; RESERVE; STORE; STRAIN; USUAL; 쐍 BANK; COMMON; KEEP; SUPPLY; TRUNK;


stock identification

SOUP; can indicate something to do with farm animals, sheep etc stock identification BRAND stock item LINE stock of gun BUTT stock, take RUSTLE stock-take RUSTLE stock-taker RUSTLER stockholder BYRE; PEN; 쐍 CORRAL; RIFLEMAN stocking nesting indicator; run indicator stocking filler SANTA stockings HOSE stockings etc HOSIERY stockman can indicate a worker ending in HERD, e.g. cowherd. stockpile HOARD stocks nesting indicator (as “stocks” nothing” 씮 O to be nested within a component or word) stocky STURDY stole BOA; FUR; SCARF; TOOK; WRAP; 쐍 TIPPET stolen HOT stolen goods HAUL; SWAG stomach BEAR; BELLY; FACE; GUT; STAND; POT; TUM; 쐍 MAWS stomach ache COLIC stomach as food TRIPE stomach, interior of PIT stomach pains COLIC stomach-turning MUT (i.e. reversal of “tum”) stone AGATE; BLOCK; FLINT; GEM; HONE; JET; LOGAN; MARBLE; OPAL; PIP; PIT; ROCK; RUBY; SEED; ST; 쐍 JADE stone, piece of SLAB stone work STOP (i.e. ST-OP) stonecrop ORPIN stoned HIGH stones HAIL; SCREE stones, small GRIT stone, semi-precious JADE stood up anagram indicator stool SEAT; 쐍 REST


stoop BEND; BOW; BUNG; DEIGN; LEAN; SINK stop AVAST; BAN; BAR; BLACK; BLOCK; BRAKE; BREAK; CEASE; CLOSE; CURB; DAM; DETER; DIE; DOT; END; FIELD (cric.); FREEZE; HALT; PARK; PERIOD; PLUG; POINT; PORT (i.e. port of call); QUIT; SEAL; STALL; STAY; STEM; 쐍 ARREST; BUNG; CHECK; COMMA; DESIST; EMBARGO; PAUSE; PREVENT; REFRAIN; SCOTCH; STATION; STAUNCH; YIELD; WHOA stop at sea AVAST stop-cock TAP stop eating FAST stop flow DAM stop from pay DOCK stop, full PERIOD stop in U.S. PERIOD stop moving FREEZE stop payment, to component to be nested within a synonym of “payment” e.g. RENT stop to, put a CEASE; see STOP stop up TAMP stop without starting EASE (i.e. first letter omitted) stopover BREAK; HALT; REST stoppage BAN; BAR; END; BLOCK; STAND; STRIKE stoppage, current DAM stopped OFF; OVER; see END, FINISH, STOP stopper BUNG; CORK; PLUG stopping nesting indicator stops can indicate something to do with organ, organist etc storage compartment DRAWER storage container HOLDER storage facility BANK; BARN; SILO storage pit SILO storage structure RACK store BANK; BARN; BIN; COOP (i.e. Co-op); DELI; FUND; HOARD; HOLD; KEEP; RACK; RESERVE; SAVE; SHOP; SILO; STASH; STOCK; 쐍 CACHE; DEPOT; PANTRY; SHED


store carefully CONSERVE store, is in AWAITS stored in run indicator storehouse BARN; DEPOT; see STORE storey FLOOR; LAYER; LEVEL stories ANA; FICTION; LIES; LORE; note, can refer to the floors of a building stories, collection of ANA storm GALE; HAIL; RAGE; RAID; RAIN; RANT; RAVE; anagram indicator storm, affected by anagram indicator storm, centre of EYE; O stormy anagram indicator story ACCOUNT; CONTE (Fr.); DOPE; EPIC; FABLE; FICTION; LIE; PLOT; SAGA; SCOOP; TALE; YARN; 쐍 MYTH; PARABLE; RELATION; note, can also refer to the floor of a building story element PLOT; STRAND story-line PLOT story, main LEAD story, short last letter to be eliminated from STORY or a synonym, hence STOR, TAL, YAR etc, see STORY story-teller LIAR storybook TALENT (i.e. tale + NT) storyteller GRIMM storytelling FICTION; LIES stout ALE; AMPLE; FAT; PLUMP; PORTER; PORTLY; 쐍 ROBUST; STAUNCH stove AGA; RANGE; OVEN; 쐍 HEATER stow CRAM; PACK; STASH; STORE 쐍 LODGE stowage, provides see CONTAINER straight DIRECT; EVEN; FAIR; FRANK; JUST; NEAT; SQUARE; 쐍 HONEST; PROPER; SOUND; TRUE straight, get ALIGN straight-laced PRIM straight man FEED

straight, not CURLY straight, not going LIST straight, put ALIGN; CORRECT; REPAIR; RIGHTEN straight up SHEER straighten ALIGN; DRESS; ORDER straighten the line DRESS straightened out anagram indicator straightforward FRANK strain AIR; BREED; DITTY; FRAY; RACE; RICK; SIFT; SONG; STOCK; STRESS; TAX; TEST; TUNE; 쐍 FILTER; FORCE; RIDDLE; SIEVE; STREAK; TAXING; TENSION; TROUBLE strain, severe ORDEAL; TEST strain, under see STRAINED strained TAUT; TENSE strained, become FRAY strained food PUREE strait SOLENT; SOUND; ST strait-laced see STRAIGHT-LACED straits see SPOT, TROUBLE; can refer to particular straits e.g. Gibraltar, Hellespont strand LOCK; PLY; THREAD; TRESS; MAROON; 쐍 BEACH; GROUND; note, can refer to the shoreline e.g. BEACH stranded AGROUND; LEFT; WISPY strange ODD; RUM; WEIRD; 쐍 ALIEN; ATYPICAL; NEW; QUAINT; anagram indicator; can indicate something to do with the paranormal, e.g. ESP, telepathy strange thing NIGHT strangely anagram indicator stranger ALIEN; ODDER; anagram indicator strangle CHOKE strangled by nesting indicator strap BEAT; BIND; THONG; TIE; 쐍 JESS; REIN strapping TALL stratagem DODGE; PLAN; PLOY; RUSE; TRICK; WILE



strategy PLAN; 쐍 GAME PLAN; TACTIC Stratford, role at indicates a Shakespearian character stratum LAYER straw THATCH; [쒁 CAMEL; LAST] stray DRIFT; ERR (qv); GAMIN; 쐍 DIGRESS; WANDER (qv); anagram indicator straying ROVING; anagram indicator streak BAND; BAR; FLASH; LINE; RUN; STRIPE; WISP streaked FLEW streaker NUDE stream BECK; BROOK; BURN; CREEK; FILE; FLOW; POUR; RILL; RIVER; SPOUT; TRICKLE; can indicate some aspect of water; can indicate a small river e.g. CAM; also can refer to a class at school stream of water JET; see STREAM streamer FLAG; RIBBON street AVE; CLOSE; CRESCENT; GATE; MEWS; ROAD; ROW; ST; WAY street, acceptability on CRED street, French RUE street-guide (-map) AZ street in Rome VIA street, narrow ALLEY streetcar TRAM; 쐍 DESIRE streetwise HIP strength BRAWN; FORCE; MIGHT; POWER; PROOF (drink) strength, having ABLE strengthen CLAMP; PROP; TEMPER; 쐍 BUTTRESS strenuous HARD strenuously HARD; anagram indicator stress ACCENT; STRAIN; TAX; 쐍 ICTUS (prosody); TENSION; UNDERLINE stress, absence of CALM; 쐍 ATONY stressed TAUT


stretch CRANE; DRAG; REACH; SPAN; STRAIN; TENSE; 쐍 EXPANSE; EXTEND; LENGTH stretch in run indicator stretch of run indicator stretch of countryside PLAIN stretch of river REACH stretch, short YARD; YD stretch of water RIVER; SEA stretched TENSE; TAUT; TIGHT; anagram indicator stretcher BRICK; LITTER strewn anagram indicator stricken AILING; ILL; anagram indicator strict HARD; HEAVY; STERN; 쐍 HARSH; PRECISE; RIGID strict, be less RELENT stride LOPE; MARCH; PACE; STEP; WALK strike BANG; BASH; BAT; BEAT; BUMP; BUTT; CHOP; CLAP; CLIP; CLOCK; CLUB; CRACK; CUFF; DELETE; HIT; KNAP; KNOCK; LAM; LASH; LUNGE; PLUG; RAID; RAM; RAP; REACH; RING; SLAM; SLUG; SMACK; SPEAR; SWAT TAP; WHACK; 쐍 ACTION; ATTACK; BELT; BUFFET; CHIME; CLOBBER; CLOUT; HAMMER; POUND; PUNCH; [쒁 GOLD; OIL]; anagram indicator; can indicate something to do with matches strike-breaker SCAB strike, non-violent TAP strike, on OUT strike out ERASE; DELETE strike repeatedly BATTER striker BAT; CANE; FIST; 쐍 BATTER; FORWARD; HAMMER; MATCH; PLAYER; RAPPER; VESTA; can indicate a venomous snake striking OUT; SIGNAL; can indicate something to do with matches striking, not BLACK Strindberg AUGUST string CORD; LACE; LINE; ROW; STICK; TIE; TWINE; designa-


tion of string-note on instrument, B, G etc see NOTE, KEY; [쒁 PLUCK] string-player BASSIST stringent STRICT stringy TOUGH strip BAND; BARE; FLAY; LATH; PEEL; RIDGE; RIG; SASH; SLIP; STAVE; TAB; TAPE; TEAR; THONG; WEAR (as in football strip); 쐍 DENUDE; DIVEST; PLASTER; RUNWAY; WICK; [쒁 TEASE] strip in the kitchen can indicate noodle, spaghetti etc strip lighting NEON strip of wood LATH strip off PEEL stripe BAND; BAR; BLOW; STREAK stripling SPEAR stripped first and last letters to be omitted stripped of its borders first and last letters to be omitted, as “Spain stripped of its borders” 씮 PAI stripped off omission indicator stripper TURPS stripping BARING stroke BLOW; CRAWL; DRIVE; FIT; HOOK; LASH; LINE; LOB; OAR; PAT; TOLL; 쐍 CARESS; FONDLE; MASSE (billiards); ROWER stroke in golf PUT stroke of luck FLUKE stroke rating PAR strokes RALLY; see STROKE strokes, series of RALLY stroll AMBLE; TODDLE; 쐍 SAUNTER Stromboli can indicate a word beginning with HOT e.g. hot-headed strong BEEFY; F; FIRM; HARDY; MANLY; STR; 쐍 DOUBLE (as in drink); POTENT; ROBUST strong ale PORTER strong chap/man HEMAN (i.e. he-man); TITAN strong effect IMPACT

strong effect, have IMPRESS strong player SEED strong point FORTE 쐍 MERIT; PLUS strongbox COFFER; SAFE stronghold FORT; KEEP; 쐍 CASTLE strongly-built STOCKY strongly flavoured RICH strongly-made ROBUST strove PLIED; TOILED struck HIT (qv); SMIT; SMITTEN; SMOTE; TAPPED; see STRIKE; anagram indicator structure anagram indicator structure, tall TOWER structured anagram indicator struggle FIGHT; FRAY; STRIVE; VIE; WAR; 쐍 BATTLE; CONTEND; CONTEST; RESIST; SCRUM; STRAIN; anagram indicator struggle for breath GASP; PANT struggled FOUGHT; STROVE; VIED struggling anagram indicator strumpet BAWD; see WOMAN, VULGAR strut BRACE; MARCH; STAY stubborn creature MULE stuck FIXED; JAMMED; LOCKED; see RIGID stuck, get JAM stuck into nesting indicator stud BOLT; BOSS; FARM; POST; RIVET; STABLE; can refer to a breeding horse student L; MEDIC; READER; 쐍 PUPIL; SCHOLAR; TUTEE student body NUS student, diligent SWOT student festival/fundraiser RAG student society, member of FRAT student, successful BA students NUS; [쒁 RAG] students, first year FRESHMEN students’ fun RAG students, group of YEAR students, lot of STREAM studentship PLACE



studied READ; runs indicator studies ARTS; CONS; READS; see STUDY study CON; CAN (var. of con); CRAM; DEN; DO; EYE; MULL; PORE; READ; ROOM; SCAN; SWOT; WORK; 쐍 ETUDE; PERUSE; anagram indicator; [쒁 DEGREE] study, American MATH study hard BONE; CRAM; SWOT study period CLASS; LESSON; TERM study programme COURSE stumble FALL; TRIP stuff CRAM; GORGE; JAM; MATTER; PACK; PIG; RAM; REP; can refer to a specific fabric (qv), material (qv) etc stuff, cheap TAT stuff, delicate LACE stuff, used to nesting indicator; run indicator stuffed with nesting indicator stuffiness FUG stuffy CLOSE; DULL stumble TRIP stumbling anagram indicator stump BOWL; WICKET; 쐍 TRUNK stumped ST stumpy SHORT stun KO; SHOCK stunner DISH; KO; PEACH stunt ACT; CRAMP; DEED; DEFORM; FEAT; STIFLE; TRICK; 쐍 ESCAPADE; EXPLOIT stupefy NUMB stupefied PUNCHY stupefied, more NUMBER stupid CRASS; DENSE; DIM; DULL; DUMB; NUTS; SILLY; THICK; LOOPY; 쐍 IDIOTIC; INANE; INSANE; POINTLESS; anagram indicator stupid person ASS; CLOT; DOLT; DRIP; DUNCE; MUG; MUTT; OAF; PRAT; TWIT; 쐍 BERK; JERK; PUDDING stupid talk ROT; see RUBBISH


stupidly anagram indicator stupor, in a state of OUT sturdy FIRM; HARDY; SOLID; STABLE; STOCKY stutter STAMMER; see STUTTERING; letter to be repeated stuttered opening a word given the appearance of a stutter can be an attempt to disguise the simple use of a letter, as “It is a f-feat to tell the truth” 씮 FACT (i.e. F-ACT). But it can get more complicated. Consider “Have recourse to a r-ring” (6). Here we are required to think of a word meaning “ring” such that when we repeat its opening letter (as in a stutter) we arrive at a word meaning “Have recourse (to)”. This is satisfied by APPEAL (i.e. A-P-PEAL) stuttering a letter to be repeated, usually the first, as in “A habit of stuttering, get one inured to” 씮 ACCUSTOM where the first letter of “custom” is repeated sty PEN style CUT; DASH; FLAIR; GRAVER; MANNER; METHOD; MODE; NAME; TAG; TERM; TITLE; TON; TONE; WAY; 쐍 ALA (i.e. “a la” as in “Northern-style fellow” 씮 ALAN); ATTIC; DESIGN; ELAN; GENRE; PANACHE; TOUCH; TREND; anagram indicator; can require a specific name, as “Style of house” calls for TUDOR style, Classical ATTIC; DORIC; IONIC style, in HIP style of, in the anagram indicator style, with see STYLISH styled anagram indicator stylish CHIC; CLASSY; FLASH; HIP; IN; SMART; SWISH; U; 쐍 GOOD; POSH stylishness CHIC; FLAIR stylite [쒁 PILLAR; POLE] suave SMOOTH


sub ADVANCE; [쒁 BELOW; UNDER] subdivide QUARTER subdivision DEPT; PART sub-machine gun UZI subdue COW; MUTE; QUELL; TAME; 쐍 QUENCH subdued LOW; QUIET subject ISSUE; MATTER; THEME; TOPIC; 쐍 NATIONAL subject matter CONTENT subject of/on the ABOUT; RE; see CONCERNING subject, school RE subject to LIABLE; ST; UNDER subject to investigation CASE subjected to UNDER subjective CASE sublime LOFTY; 쐍 AUGUST; PERFECT submarine FISH; 쐍 U-BOAT submariner NEMO submerge SINK; nesting indicator submerged UNDER submission ENTRY submission, make a see SUBMIT submissive GENTLE; MEEK submit CEDE; DEFER; ENTER; RESIGN; TABLE; YIELD submit to ENDURE subordinate BELOW; LOWER; SIDE (as a side issue); UNDER; 쐍 JUNIOR; SECOND; can indicate that one element should follow another subordinate situation MINOR subscribe SIGN subscription SUB; can indicate something added to the foot of text e.g. signature subsequent AFTER; LATER; NEXT; SECOND; can indicate one element should follow another; can indicate a word beginning with RE subsequently AFTER; LATER; NEXT; THEN; 쐍 SINCE; can indicate one element should follow another subservience, show BOW subservient UNDER

subside DIE; 쐍 ABATE subsidiary route BROAD (i.e. B-road) subsidence SAG subsidy GRANT substance CONTENT; GIST; MATTER; MIST; see POINT substandard POOR substantial BIG; FAT; HIGH; MAIN; REAL; 쐍 TIDY, as in a tidy sum substitute LOCUM; RESERVE; SUB; SWITCH; 쐍 ERSATZ; PROXY; STANDIN; anagram indicator; can indicate that one letter has to be changed for another subterfuge RUSE; TRICK; 쐍 DODGE; DECEPTION subtle NICE; SOFT 쐍 DRY (as in humour); anagram indicator subtle emanation AURA subtly anagram indicator subtract DEDUCT suburb KEW succeed ENSUE; FOLLOW; PASS; WIN; 쐍 PROSPER; REPLACE succeed, didn’t FAILED; LOST succeed, do not FAIL succeed in examination PASS succeed, one about to HEIR succeeded S; WON succeeded, not having LOST; S to be omitted succeeded in DID success COUP; GO; HIT; UP; WIN; WINNER; 쐍 GAIN; VICTORY success, achieve ARRIVE; WIN success, exam PASS success in snooker POT success in theatre HIT; RUN success, period of BOOM; UP successful GOING; MADE successful action COUP; WIN successful, are/be WIN; WORK successful, likely to be ON successful record HIT successful, was WON; 쐍 PASSED successfully WELL



succession LINE; 쐍 SEQUENCE successor HEIR; can indicate a word that often follows another (for example, as “Ben’s successor” clues NEVIS) succinct PITHY; SHORT; 쐍 CURT; TERSE succour AID; HELP (qv); RELIEF succulent AGAVE; SWEET succumb FALL such SO; THOSE; THUS such French TEL sucker DUPE; GULL; SAP; SHOOT; STRAW; SWEET; 쐍 DUMMY; LOLLIPOP; see FOOL sudden NEW; RAPID; SNAP sudden blow SQUALL sudden influx SURGE sudden move LUNGE suddenly put down PLONK suds FROTH sue BEG; CHARGE; PLEAD suede KID suffer ACHE; AIL; BEAR; DIE; HAVE; STAND suffer on stage DIE suffered LET; anagram indicator sufferer JOB suffering ACHING; HELL; NEEDY; PAIN; 쐍 ACHE; HURT; anagram indicator suffering cut last letter to be omitted suffering injury anagram indicator suffering, man JOB suffering, source of SCOURGE suffers anagram indicator sufficient AMPLE; FULL; PAT sufficient, are RUNTO (i.e. run to) sufficient, barely SCANT sufficient, were RANTO (i.e. ran to) Suffolk can indicate something to do with sheep (e.g. ram, lamb) suffrage VOTE sugar BEAT; CANE; CASTER sugar-coated ICED sugar crop CANE sugar preparation ICING


sugary SWEET suggest HINT; IMPLY; POSE; RAISE; 쐍 POSIT suggestion CLUE; HINT; IDEA; SMACK; TRACE; TIP; 쐍 IMPLICATION; INNUENDO; THOUGHT suggestion of initial letter indicator suggestive RACY suggestive gesture WINK suggestive question, put LEAD suit ACTION; BEFIT; CASE; DO; ETON; FIT; FLATTER; KIT; MATCH; PLEA; PLEASE; TRUMPS; 쐍 BECOME; CLOTHING; PETITION; UNIFORM; can refer to a card suit CLUB, DIAMOND, HEART, SPADE (singular or plural); can indicate something to do with courtship e.g. beau, valentine; [쒁 CLOTH; LOUNGE; TAILOR] suit, more powerful TRUMP suit, not follow REVOKE suit, old type of ZOOT suitable APT; DUE; FIT; ON; PAT; 쐍 APPROPRIATE; CONVENIENT; FITTING; MEET; PROPER suitable, made anagram indicator suitable, more APTER; FITTER suitable place NICHE suitable to FOR suitably WELL suited FOR suited, not CASUAL suitor RIVAL; SWAIN sulk BROOD; PET; POUT sulky, look POUT sullen DOUR; MOODY sullen, look POUT sullied anagram indicator sulphur S sultanate OMAN sultry HOT sum ADD; BID; COUNT; TOTAL; 쐍 AMOUNT; FIGURE sum, big POT sum owed DEBIT; DEBT; [쒁 IOU] sum up MUS


summarise PRECIS summary DIGEST; PRECIS; RESUME; REVIEW summary, short SUM; see SUMMARY summate ADD summer ADDER; SEASON; TIME; can indicate something to do with accountancy, calculation, adding machine, etc summer in France/Provence ETE summer on the Continent ETE summerhouse GAZEBO summertime JUL; JUN; AUG summit APEX; CAP; HEIGHT; PEAK; TIP; TOP; 쐍 ACME summon BRING; CALL; CITE; GONG; PAGE; 쐍 CONVENE; EVOKE summon loudly GONG summon up BRING; CALL; in a DC can signify a rev. e.g. ETIC, LLAC summonsed SUED; 쐍 PAGED Sumo BASHO sumptuous LAVISH; LUSH; RICH; 쐍 PALATIAL sun BASK; RA; S; SOL; STAR 쐍 SETTER; TANNER Sun PAPER sun-burn TAN sun god RA sun hat TOPI sun, lie in the see SUNBATHE sun out UNS sun-rise NUS sun-set anagram of SUN sunbathe BASK; TAN sunblind AWNING sunburn TAN sunburnt BROWN; RED; 쐍 PEELING; TANNED Sunday S; SUN; WHIT Sunday dinner, traditional ROAST Sunday School SS sunder CLEAVE; PART sundial TIMER sundry DIVERS

sunk DOWN; GONE; nesting indicator sunk in, to be nesting indicator sunny BRIGHT sunrise DAWN; NUS; RA; [쒁 EAST] sunscreen VISOR sunshine, little RAY Suomi FINNISH sup DRINK; EAT super ACE; FAB; GRAND; MEGA supercilious SNIFFY superficial SHALLOW; 쐍 FACILE superficial brilliance GLOSS superficially initial letter(s) indicator superfluity GLUT superfluous EXTRA; OVER; 쐍 TOO superintend DIRECT: RUN superior A; ABOVE; ARCH; BEST; BETTER; CINC (i.e. C-in-C); ELDER; FINER; HIGH; OVER; PRIOR; TOP; U; UP; UPPER; 쐍 HIGHER; PLUM; see CHIEF; can indicate that one component should precede another; with capital letter can refer to the lake of the same name; reversal indicator superior position TOP; can refer to something that is physically high (crow’s nest or maintop on a ship for example) superior, sound HIRE superior type GENT superlatively can indicate a superlative adjective (i.e. ending in EST) Superman HERO Superman’s girlfriend LOIS supernatural being ELEMENTAL; see GOD supernatural creature TROLL superpower US superstar IDOL supervise DIRECT; RUN supervised by UNDER supervising OVER supine PRONE supper EATER



supplant OUST supple LITHE; anagram indicator supplement ADD; BACK; EKE; 쐍 ADDITION; ADDITIVE; INSERT; EXTRA supplemental EXTRA supplicate PRAY supplication PLEA; PRAYER; 쐍 ORISON; ROGATION supplied FED; GAVE; IN; 쐍 GIVEN supplier CO; SOURCE supplier, nautical CHANDLER suppliers anagram indicator supplies KIT supply CATER; ENDUE; EQUIP; FEED; FILL; FIND; PIPE; STOCKING; RATION; STOCK; 쐍 AMOUNT; FUND; HOARD; PROVIDE; PROVISION; anagram indicator; note this has two pronunciations and therefore two meanings, one to do with “stock” and the other meaning “lithely” supply food CATER supply of drink WELL supply, in short LOW supply, shared POOL supply ship TENDER supply with capital BACK; FUND supplying, keep PLY support AID; ARCH; BACK; BASE; BEAM; BEAR; BRA; BRACE; EASEL; FAVOUR; FOOT; FUND; GUY; HAND; LEG; PIER; POST; PROP; RACK; RAIL; REST; ROCK; ROOST; RUNG; SIDE; SHORE; SLING; SPINE; STAGE; STAY; STEM; STICK (as in candlestick); STRUT; TEE; TRAY; WALL; 쐍 ARMREST; ASSIST; BACKING; BOLSTER; BRACING; COLUMN; ENDORSE: GANTRY; HELP; MAINTAIN; SECOND; SLEEPER; SPONSOR; SUSTAIN; TRESTLE; TRUSS; can indicate one element is to follow another; can indicate that an element is to be placed at the end


support for education GRANT support of, in FOR; PRO support, give AID; BRACE; 쐍 HELP support, providing BRACING support, show ROOT support, strong ROCK support structure ARCH support, without ALONE supported by ON; in a Down clue can indicate that the word or component following is to be placed at the end supporter AID; ALLY; ANGEL; BRA; BRACE; BRACKET; BUFF; EASEL; FAN; FRIEND; HORSE; LEG; POST; RAFTER; REST (as in headrest); STAY; STRAP; TEE; 쐍 ADHERENT; STADDLE’ TABLE; TRAY supporter, new CONVERT supporter of art EASEL supporters, royal COURT supporting, supportive FOR; ON; PRO; can indicate that one component comes behind another supports can mean the preceding component comes second to the one that follows in the clue suppose GUESS; OPINE; PRESUME supreme ARCH; BEST; FIRST; MAIN; TOP supreme commander CINC (i.e. C-in-C) supreme happiness HEAVEN supreme quality TOPS; see BEST supremo BOSS; see CHIEF suppress CHOKE; nesting indicator, as “to suppress” implies a component is to be “suppressed” by others suppressed nesting indicator sure CLEAR; BOUND; FIXED; SAFE; STABLE; YES; 쐍 CONFIDENT; POSITIVE sure, be BET sure-fire CERT sure, for a poet it’s TWILL sure, make CLINCH sure thing CERT surely REALLY; 쐍 CERTES

Swan of Avon

surety PAWN surf WAVES surface COAT; COVER; RISE; TABLE; TOP; initial letter indicator; reversal indicator surface, flat TABLE surface, on the OUTSIDE surfaces reversal indicator surfacing COAT; RISING; reversal indicator surfacing material MACADAM surfeit CLOY; GLUT surfeited BLASE surge FLOOD; FLOW; PRESS; RUSH; SWELL; WELL surgeon BS; LISTER; VET surgeon, type of ENT surgery OP; OPS; anagram indicator surgery, result of SCAR surgical instrument LANCET; PROBE surgical procedure OP surly GRUFF; 쐍 CRABBED; GRUMPY surpass CAP; TOP surplus EXTRA; OVER surplus, without LEAN; SPARE surprise AMAZE; START; STARTLE; STUN; 쐍 ASTONISH; TWIST; WONDER surprise, by ABACK surprise, cry/expression of BOY; COR; GEE; GOD; HA; MY; OH; OO surprisingly anagram indicator surrealist DALI surrender CEDE; FALL; FORGO; GIVE; YIELD; 쐍 GIVING; RENOUNCE; omission indicator surrender a A to be omitted surreptitious movement STEALTH surround RING surrounded AMID surrounding(s) nesting indicator Surrey SY Surrey location ESHER survey EYE; POLL; SCAN; SEE; VIEW; 쐍 BROWSE; CENSUS; REVIEW; WATCH

surveyor EYE; can refer to a particular mountain survive LAST; LIVE; 쐍 ENDURE; EXIST; WEATHER survive, likely to FIT survive about DEVIL (i.e. rev.) suspect FISHY; IFFY; anagram indicator suspected anagram indicator suspend DANGLE; HANG; HOVER; STRING suspended HUNG; SLUNG; STRUNG; 쐍 DANGLED; ONICE (i.e. on ice) suspended, be HANG suspense, be in HANG; HOVER suspense, in ONICE (i.e. on ice) suspension STAY suspicion HINT; SUS; TRACE suspicion, with anagram indicator suspicious FISHY; WARY Sussex can refer to a breed of cow as well as the county Sussex town RYE sustain AFFORD; see SUPPORT sustained BORE; LONG sustenance, take DINE; EAT; FEED sustenance, provided FED swab MOB swag LOOT; PLUNDER swagger BLUSTER; PRANCE; STRUT; SWANK Swahili* BANTU swallow DOWN; EAT; GULP; SIP; SWIG; TAKE; 쐍 MARTIN; nesting indicator swallow, prepare to CHEW swallowed ATE; EATEN; see EAT, SWALLOW; nesting indicator swallowed by nesting indicator swallowed, things FOOD swallowing DOWNING; EATING; nesting indicator swamp BOG; DROWN; ENGULF; MARSH swan COB; PEN Swan of Avon BARD; BILL; WILL; usually indicates something to do with Shakespeare


swanning about

swanning about anagram indicator swap DEAL; CHANGE; TRADE; 쐍 EXCHANGE; can indicate letters or components are to be changed over swapped can indicate letters or components are to be changed over sward GRASS; TURF swarm ABOUND; HORDE; anagram indicator swarming anagram indicator swat KILL; SMACK; STRIKE; anagram indicator; see HIT swatch SAMPLE sway HEEL; REIGN; ROCK; SWING; TOTTER swaying anagram indicator swear BLAST; CURSE; CUSS; VOW; 쐍 ABUSE; ATTEST swear-word OATH swearing ABUSING swearword CUSS sweat LATHER; SPOT; STEW sweater KNIT; POLO Swede SVEN Sweden S Swedish chap LARS Swedish product VOLVO sweep BRUSH; CLEAN; OAR; RANGE sweep away anagram indicator sweeper BACK; BROOM; BRUSH sweeping HUGE; VAST sweet AFTERS; CANDY; CHOC; COMFIT; CUTE; DROP; GUM; HONEY; ICE; KISS; LOLLY; MINT; PUD; ROCK; TART; 쐍 LIQUORICE; MOUSSE; PRETTY; PUDDING; WINNING; can indicate something to do with revenge; see DESSERT sweet, cold ICE sweet course PUD; TART sweet, not BITTER; DRY; TART sweet, not so DRIER sweet sauce TOPPING sweet, sentimentally TWEE sweet souvenir ROCK


sweet stick ROCK sweetener BRIBE; BUNG sweeter, become MELLOW sweetheart E; FLAME; LOVE; LOVER; PET; 쐍 DONA; SUGAR sweetheart, former/old LEMAN sweetie DEAR; FRUIT; LOVE sweetness HONEY sweets AFTERS; ICES; TUCK; see SWEET swell BLOAT; FOP; NOB; PAD; RISE; ROLL; ROLLER; SEA; SURGE; TOFF; 쐍 ENLARGE; EXPAND; HEAVE swelling BOIL; BUNION; LUMP; NODE; TUBER sweltering TROPICAL (qv) swerve YAW; 쐍 DEFLECT; WARP swift BIRD; FAST; FLEET; NIPPY; QUICK Swift can indicate something from the writings of Dean Swift e.g. Gulliver, Lilliput, yahoo Swift alias for Esther STELLA swilling anagram indicator swim BATHE; CRAWL; DIP swim, quick DIP swimmer LEANDER (myth.); can indicate a fish or other aquatic animal e.g. OTTER see FISH swimmer’s assistant FIN swimmer, young ELVER swimmers, group of SCHOOL swimmers, like GILLED swimmers, lots of SCHOOL(S) swimming anagram indicator swimming pool LIDO swimming-stroke BREAST; CRAWL swindle CHEAT; CLIP; CON; DO; GYP; RAMP; RICK; ROB; ROOK; SCAM (qv); SKIN; STING; 쐍 DOCTOR; FIDDLE; FLEECE; FRAUD; NOBBLE swindled BITTEN; DID; DONE; HAD; STUNG; 쐍 CHEATED; CONNED; STUNG swindler CON: CROOK; FRAUD; KNAVE; ROGUE; ROOK; SHARK; SHARP


swine BOAR; CAD; HEEL; HOG; PIG; RAT; 쐍 SOUNDER swine’s food SWILL swing GO; HANG; LILT; LURCH; SLEW; SWAY swing wildly FLAIL swingeing SEVERE swinger can refer to a hangman, particularly an infamous one (as “old swinger” 씮 JACK KETCH) swinging HIP; SWAYING; anagram indicator swings and roundabouts FAIR swipe BELT; HIT; LIFT; NICK; PINCH; STEAL swipes BEER swirl EDDY; SPIN; anagram indicator swirled EDDIED swirling anagram indicator swish CHIC; SMART; anagram indicator Swiss capital BERN Swiss hero TELL Swiss mountain RIGI Swiss subdivision CANTON Swiss toboggan LUGE switch BEAT; CANE; HAIR; LASH; ROD; SHOOT; STICK; TRESS; TURN; TWIG; 쐍 CHANGE; TOGGLE; anagram indicator; reversal indicator; can indicate that a letter has to be moved, the role it performs in “End, switch south for wood” to change LAST to the answer SLAT switch on START; can indicate an anagram which includes ON switched, switching anagram indicator; reversal indicator switches, subject to extreme first and last letters to be interchanged Switzerland CH swivel SWING swivel camera PAN swivelling, swivels reverse indicator swoon FAINT swoop RAID

sword BLADE; EPEE; FOIL; SABRE; STEEL sword-fighter FENCER sword, use FENCE swore VOWED swot CRAM sycophant TOADY Sybil’s husband BASIL Sykes BILL symbol BADGE; CROWN; FLAG; LETTER; LION; LOGO; MACE; ORB; SIGN; STAR; TOKEN; TOTEM symbol of innocence LAMB symbol of nationhood FLAG symbol of office BADGE; CROWN; MACE; ROBE symbol of life ANKH symbol of rank STAR symmetry ORDER sympathetic gesture HUG sympathetic word THERE sympathy, expression of THERE symphony FIFTH syncopated music RAG syncopating anagram indicator syndicate GROUP; RING; 쐍 ALLIANCE synonym a word that has the same or similar meaning to another, say “match” and “game”. However crafty compilers will often choose pairs which are synonymous only in very particular settings. For example “tall” and “high” may be obvious synonyms when applied to a building where both have their more common meanings. But could “tall” be synonymous with “weak”? Well yes, in the instance where it is applied to a flimsy excuse, which may be called a “tall story” or a “weak story”. So be on the look-out for such distant synonyms. synthesise anagram indicator synthetic, synthesized anagram indicator syringe HYPO



system BODY; FORM; GROUP; METHOD; NET; ORDER; SET; WAY system of belief CREED

Tt T-junction T; can indicate something to do with hyphen T-shirt TOP; can indicate something to do with hyphen T, we hear TEA; TEE tab BILL; FLAP; 쐍 LABEL; STRIP; TAG tabby CAT table BOARD; CHART; CLASS; DESK; FARE; LIST; MENU; ROLL; ROTA; 쐍 COUNTER; ROSTER; [쒁 EAT; EATING] table mat DOILY tableau SCENE tables NEST tablet PILL; SLAB; 쐍 PLAQUE tabloid MIRROR; SUN tache CLASP tacit agreement NOD tack FOOD; HOOK; NAIL; PIN; ROPE; SEW; SHEER; STUD; VEER; WIRE; 쐍 BASTE; BUCKLE; COURSE; STITCH; can indicate something to do with saddlery tack, some BIT; GIRTH; SADDLE tackle FACE; GEAR; HANDLE; HARNESS; KIT; TRY; 쐍 BURTON tacky CHEESY; GUMMY; STICKY; anagram indicator; can indicate something to do with nails tacky, something GUM tactic PLOY; 쐍 FINESSE tactless, be OFFEND tactless remark GAFFE tad BIT


tag BADGE; LABEL; NAME; TAB; 쐍 AGLET tail BACK; BRUSH; CHASE; DOCK; DOG; END; SCUT; STERN; 쐍 PURSUE; can indicate that the end of a word (maybe several letters but usually the last letter only) is to be used or omitted tail, fox-hound’s STERN tail, lacking last letter to be omitted tail, moving last letter to be omitted and re-inserted earlier in the word tail of dart FLIGHT tail off TAPER; last letter to be omitted tail-piece CODA; PS; RIDER tail snapped last letter to be omitted tail, turning last two letters to be interchanged tailless last letter to be omitted as “tailless rabbit” 씮 TAL (i.e. less last letter from “talk”) tailor FIT; STYLE; 쐍 ADAPT; GEAR; anagram indicator tails ENDS; see TAIL; [쒁 HEADS] taint BRAND; DEFILE; MAR; STAIN; see SMEAR tainted anagram indicator take BAG; CHARM; CUT; DRAW; EAT; FILCH; GRAB; GRASP; HACK; HAVE; HOOK; NET; NICK; RIDE; SEIZE; STEAL; TRAP; USE; WIN; 쐍 CATCH; WREST; see OPINION; as an instruction can cue DO take a little SAMPLE; TASTE take aback START take action ACT; SUE take advantage of ABUSE; USE take another course TACK take away MINUS; REMOVE take back RESUME; 쐍 RECLAIM; can indicator the reverse of a synonym for “take”, hence GAB, TEN, see TAKE take by surprise AMBUSH take care of GUARD; MIND; TEND


take catch LAND take courses DINE; EAT take, don’t LEAVE take exam SIT take five BREAK; REST take food EAT take full account of APPRECIATE take heed of NOTE; 쐍 NOTICE (qv) take hold GRASP; GRIP take home EARN; NET (as in take home pay) take in CHEAT; CON; DUPE; EAT; GULL; REEF; 쐍 AGIST; EMBRACE; INHALE; see DECEIVE take it easy REST take journey RIDE take meeting CHAIR; PRESIDE take off APE; COPY; DOCK; DROP; FLY; JUMP; SHED; SKIT; STRIP; 쐍 IMITATE; REMOVE take off, don’t allow to GROUND take-off, emergency SCRAMBLE take-off, move before TAXI take on FACE; HIRE; PLAY; 쐍 SHOULDER take out DATE; DELETE; DRAW; KILL; SLAY; 쐍 DELETE; EXTRACT; OMIT; REMOVE take over anagram of TAKE; a synonym of “take” to be reversed leading to WARD, TEN etc take part ENTER; SIDE take pictures SNAP take place as shorthand for “take the place of” can signify substitute, relieve etc take pleasure WALLOW take position STAND take responsibility CARRY take steps DANCE take stock RUSTLE take time off BREAK; IDLE; LAZE; REST; T to be omitted take to task RATE take to the air FLY (qv)

take to the cleaners CHEAT (qv) take turns STROLL; WALK take up a synonym for “take” to be reversed e.g. BARG taken GOT; 쐍 CHARMED; STOLEN taken advantage of USED taken apart anagram indicator taken by run indicator taken in EATEN; nesting indicator taken in hand LED taken in, that can be EDIBLE takes nesting indicator takes off APES; SKATE (anag.) takes on ON to be nested within a word or component taken outside nesting indicator taking CUTE; anagram indicator taking a spin anagram indicator taking foot off FT to be omitted taking half a day off omission of SUN, MON etc taking off FLYING; SKIT taking in nesting indicator taking place ON taking regularly, is ISON (i.e. is on) taking time T to be included (usually at end) taking time off T, or some synonym for time (qv), to be omitted tale FABLE; LIE; MYTH; SAGA; STORY; YARN; 쐍 CONTE tale-teller, Shakespearian ELIA talent ART; FLAIR; SKILL; T; 쐍 ABILITY; BENT; GIFT; KNACK talent, showing ABLE (qv) talent, with some WELL; see ABLE talented ABLE (qv); GOOD tales, told SANG talisman CHARM talk BABBLE; BAITER; CHAT; GAB; GAS; JAW; LINGO; ORATE; PATTER; PRATE; RABBIT; RAP; RATTLE; SPEAK; 쐍 CHATTER; DISCOURSE; EXPRESS; GABBLE; NATTER; PARLEY; PRATTLE; SPEECH; SPOUT;


talk about

YABBER; YAMMER; homophone indicator; can indicate a particular language, either national or jargon e.g. legalese talk about homophone indicator as “talk about a queue” 씮 ALIGN; a synonym for “talk” to be reversed (e.g. BAG); a component to be nested within a synonym for “talk” (as “I talk about” 씮 PIRATE) talk affectedly MINCE talk big BOAST; CROW talk boringly DRONE talk, empty GAS; WIND; see RUBBISH talk endlessly PRATE; SPEA (i.e. “speak” minus last letter); TAL (i.e. “talk” minus last letter) talk foolishly PRATE talk, glib CANT; PATTER; PITCH; SPIEL talk, idle CHATTER; GAS; 쐍 INFORMAL talk idly CHATTER; GAS; NATTER; PRATE; PRATTLE talk incoherently RAMBLE talk, insincere CANT talk madly RAVE talk rubbish JABBER; PRATE; PRATTLE; SPOUT; WAFFLE talk, sales PITCH talk softly PANT 쐍 WHISPER talk wildly RANT; RAVE talked big CREW talked of homophone indicator talkies, in the homophone indicator talking ORAL; homophone indicator, as “Politician’s talking horse” 씮 MAYOR talks, in homophone indicator tall BIG; HIGH; LOFTY; LONG; 쐍 LANKY; STRAPPING tall structure TOWER tallow FAT tally LABEL; MATCH talon CLAW; RAPTOR tam CAP; HAT tame FLAT; MASTER; TRAIN tamp PACK tamper FIDDLE


tamper with FIX; RIG tampered with anagram indicator Tamworth PIG Tamworth residence STY tan BAKE; BEAT; BROWN; THRASH; 쐍 BRONZE; SOAK; WALLOP tang BITE; SMACK; 쐍 SAVOUR tangible REAL tangle KNOT; MESS; RAVEL; anagram indicator; can refer to seaweed (e.g. oarweed, oreweed) tangle with two or more words to be used in anagram tangled anagram indicator tank VAT tank, type of SEPTIC tankard POT tanker OILER; OILSS (i.e. oil SS) tanks ARMOURY tanned BROWN; BURNT; RUDDY; anagram indicator tanned, excessively BURNT tanner SUN tantalise TEASE tantalum TA tantrum FIT; PET; see TEMPER tap BUG; C; COLD; H; HOT; PAT; 쐍 KNOCK tape BIND; RECORD; STRAP; STRIP tape, decorative BRAID tape recorder STEREO taped BOUND taper LIGHT; NARROW tapering utensil FUNNEL tapestry ARRAS taps, a couple of ACH; CH tar AB; PAY (with regard to a boat); PITCH; TAR; see SAILOR tardy LATE; SLOW target AIM; BULL; END; GAME (as in “fair game”); GOAL; HOME; INNER; MARK; OUTER; TEE target area RANGE target, part of BULL; INNER; OUTER targeted child IT (i.e. in game of tag) targets BUTTS


tariff LIST Tarka OTTER tarn LAKE tarnish STAIN (qv) Tarot suit SWORDS tarred PITCHED tarry LINGER; STALL; STAY; STICKY; WAIT; 쐍 DELAY tart ACID; FLAN; HARLOT; PIE; SHARP; SWEET; SOUR 쐍 SLUT; TORTE tartan PLAID Tarter ruler KHAN tartar sauce [쒁 CAPER (ingredient)] task CHORE; TASK; 쐍 MISSION; PROJECT; ROLE; see JOB task not done OMISSION task, tiring FAG task, wearisome CHORE; FAG taste DROP; FLAVOUR; LICK; NIP; SAMPLE; SIP; SMACK; TANG; TRY taste in music EAR taste, with CHIC; 쐍 SAPID; SEASONED tasteless BLAND; TACKY; 쐍 GARISH; WATERY tasteless material TACK Tatar wagon ARBA tatter RAG tattered anagram indicator tattle PRATE tatty FRAYED; SCRUFFY; anagram indicator tatty work LACE Tatum ART taunt DIG; JEST; MOCK; RIB; SCOFF; TEASE; TWIT; WIG; 쐍 DERIDE; JEER taut TENSE taut, not LOOSE; SLACK tautological, tautology can indicate that a word (or its synonym) is to be repeated to give solutions such as THAT’S THAT, TUT-TUT, HOT-SHOT tavern BAR; INN; PUB tawdry GAUDY tawdry stuff TAT

tax CESS; CUSTOM; DRAIN; DUTY; PAYE; RATE; RATES; SCOT; STRAIN; STRESS; TEST; TITHE; TOLL; VAT; 쐍 EXCISE; LEVY; STRETCH tax, commodity EXCISE tax returns TAV tax, sort of POLL taxation RATES taxi CAB; can indicate something to do with aircraft taking off; [쒁 RANK, RUNWAY; STAND] taxi-driver CABBY taxi, where you’ll find STAND taxidermist SKINNER taxing IMPOSING; STRAIN tea CHA; CHAR; MEAL; 쐍 CHINA; GREEN; NETTLE; ROSIE tea-break anagram of TEA; TEA (or CHA) to be nested tea-dance anagram of TEA tea-party, one at the HATTER tea-maker URN tea-time treat SCONE teach TRAIN; 쐍 GUIDE; see TRAIN teach, easy to CLEVER teacher BEAK; DON; HEAD; MASTER; MISS; PROF; RABBI; SIR; TUTOR; 쐍 COACH; GURU; MENTOR; MISTRESS teacher, female MISS teacher, job for a CHAIR teacher, leading HEAD teacher, old USHER teacher, top HEAD; T teachers NUT; STAFF; see TEACHER teaching CLASS; LESSON; RI; 쐍 COURSE; TUITION teaching qualification BED teaching union NUT teacup [쒁 BREW; LEAVES; STORM] team BAND; CREW; GROUP; PANEL; SIDE; SQUAD; STAFF; XI; 쐍 COLOUR; GANG; SECTION; see TEAM, FOOTBALL


team, football

team, football FOREST; ORIENT; VILLA team leader T team, less than a full TEN team, put out a PLAY team up with JOIN; 쐍 CONJOIN teamaker URN teamed up ALLIED teamster DRIVER tear DROP; GASH; REND; RENT; RIP; RIVE; RUN; SNAG; SPEED; 쐍 BOLT tear-jerker MACE; 쐍 ONION tear off CAREER tearful WATERY tears anagram indicator tears, affected by MOIST tease BAIT; GUY; KID; RAG; RIB; TWIT; 쐍 CHAFF; SPLIT; [쒁 STRIP]; sounding like T’s this word can, with a homophone indicator, refer to TT as in “We hear torment in the account – but that’s just idle talk” 씮 TATTLE (i.e. TA-TT-LE) teased RAGGED teashop CAFE teasing ARCH; RIBBING teatime FOUR; IV technique ART; MODE; STYLE; TOUCH; TRICK; WAY; technology IT technology institute MIT teddy bear TOY tedious DRY; DULL; FLAT; LONG; 쐍 BORING; DRAGGING; WEARING; VAPID tedious, be BORE; DRAG; WEAR tedious, become PALL tedious procedure CHORE; RUT tedious speech SCREED tedious task, work BIND; CHORE; DRUDGE; FAG; GRIND; STRAIN; SWEAT; TOIL; 쐍 DRUDGERY; LABOUR tedious to hear, was BOARD tedious type BORE tee PEG; T; STAND


tee, hit off the DRIVE teem ABOUND teenage rebel TED teenager MOD; ROCKER; TED; YOUTH teenager once (1960s) MOD; see TEENAGER teeter YAW teetering anagram indicator teeth FORCE; POWER; SET teeth, bare GRIN teeth, preparation for PASTE teeth, use your BITE; CHAMP; CHEW teeth, used BIT teetotal DRY; TT tele FAR; see TELEVISION, TV telegram CABLE; WIRE telepathy ESP telephone CALL; RING; TEL telephone usage CALLING; RINGING telephone, use CALL; RING television BOX; CABLE; SET; TELLY; TUBE; TV; 쐍 DIGITAL; SCREEN; see TV and the entries below under TELEVISION television regulator ITC television supplier BBC; CABLE; SKY tell ORDER; SAY; 쐍 COUNT; GRASS; INFORM; RECOUNT; RELATE; REPORT; RETAIL; SNITCH Tell ARCHER; SWISS tell-off RATE; SCOLD (qv) tell one to DIRECT; ORDER tell tales LIE; WRITE tell the tale LIE Tell, William ARCHER; SWISS telling RELATION; homophone indicator telling all FRANK telltale SNEAK telly BOX; see TELEVISION, TV temerity FRONT temper ANGER; BATE; HUFF; INURE; IRISH; MOOD; PET; RAGE; SEASON; TONE; TUNE; 쐍 DANDER temper, bad SPLEEN


temper, hit by someone in a ROOF temper, in bad CRABBY temper, display of PADDY; RAGE temper, public display of SCENE temperament BLOOD; MOOD temperamental MOODY temperature C; F; T; 쐍 HEAT temperature having changed interchange letters H and C temperature, running a high HOT tempest STORM tempestuous WINDY; anagram indicator tempestuous character PROSPERO temple FANE; can indicate something to do with the forehead; 쐍 CHURCH; SHRINE tempo PACE; RATE; TIME temporary ACTING; 쐍 LOCUM; PASSING temporary accommodation CAMP; TENT; 쐍 LODGING temporary cover TENT temporary provision LOAN temporary settlement CAMP temporary shelter BOOTH; TENT temporary worker TEMP; 쐍 LOCUM; TRANSIENT temporise STALL tempt DRAW; EGG; LURE; 쐍 SEDUCE temptation LURE tempting item APPLE temptress SIREN ten X; 쐍 IO ten cents DIME $10 TEND ( i.e. ten D) ten-dollar coin EAGLE ten in Roman numerals CROSS; X ten percent TITHE; 쐍 DECI ten, under IX; NINE ten years DECADE; can indicate a specific decade (e.g. EIGHTIES

which can be used to build up WEIGHTIEST) tenancy LEASE tenancy, arrange LEASE; LET tenant LEASER tenant’s agreement LEASE tenant, time as LEASE; LET tend CARE; LEAN; MIND; NURSE; SERVE 쐍 KNACK tendency BENT; DRIFT; LEANING; TREND; VEIN tendency, natural STRAIN tender BID; OFFER; PUT; READY; SORE; SOFT; TRUCK; 쐍 DOUGH; NURSE; QUEASY; in the sense of “one who tends” can indicate a shepherd, swineherd etc; can refer to money, see CASH, MONEY, CURRENCY; can indicate something to do with a railway tender skin CORN tending PRONE tending to leave out OMISSIVE tendon SINEW tenet BELIEF tenfold, increased L to be changed to D tenner NOTE tennis GAME; SPORT; [쒁 COURT; LAWN; SERVE; SET] tennis champ BORG tennis decision LET; NET; OUT tennis facility COURT tennis fixture NET tennis, form of REALM tennis, game(s) of SET; SETS; 쐍 DOUBLES tennis player SERVER tennis serve ACE tennis, some SET; SETS tennis star SEED tennis, start game of SERVE Tennyson poem MAUD tenor COURSE; SINGER; TONE; 쐍 CARUSO; THEME tense BRACE; DRAWN; PAST; T; TAUT; TIGHT; 쐍 FUTURE; PERFECT tense situation DRAMA tension STRAIN; STRESS


tension, create

tension, create TIGHTEN tent-site CAMP tenth TITHE tenuous SLIGHT tepid COOL tequila, source of AGAVE; T term CALL; CLASS; LENT; NAME; SPELL; TIME; WORD; 쐍 HILARY (university term); SEASON; SESSION termagant SCOLD terminal END; FINAL; 쐍 DEPOT; STATION; WATERLOO; last letter indicator terminate END terminated ENDED; OFF termination last letter indicator terminology USAGE terminology, specialised JARGON; SLANG terminus END termite ANT terms RATE terms of reference BRIEF; REMIT terms, on good IN terms with, come to FACE terrace ROW; SHELF; TER; TIER terrain GROUND; LAND terrible AWFUL; anagram indicator terrible place/situation HELL terribly VERY; anagram indicator Terriers TA terrific FAB; MEGA terrify SCARE terrine PATE territorial detachment ISLE territory PATCH; TER; 쐍 AREA; DOMAIN; FIELD; TRACT; see REGION terror AWE; BRAT; DREAD; FEAR; FRIGHT; IMP; SCARE terror, little BRAT; IMP terrorist group CELL terrorists IRA terse BRIEF; CURT; PITHY; SHORT test CHECK; EXAM; MATCH; MOT; ORAL; ORDEAL; PROBE; RUN; SAMPLE;


SCAN; SOUND; TASTE; TAX; TRIAL; TRY; VET; 쐍 EXAMINATION; see TEST Test RIVER; can indicate something to do with cricket; [쒁 CAP] test centre ES; LORDS test piece SAMPLE test, pre-exam MOCK test situation OVAL Testament NT; OT; VERSE tested PROVEN; see TEST testify SWEAR; 쐍 ATTEST; DEPOSE testimonial TRIBUTE testy CROSS tetchy LIVERY tether CHAIN; ROPE; TIE; 쐍 HITCH; MOOR Texas TX text COPY; MS; PROSE; SCRIPT; VERSE; WORDS; WORK text, piece of EXCERPT; PARA text, some PARA textbook READER textile JUTE; SERGE; see FABRIC textile, instrument CARD; LOOM textile machinery LOOM textile worker DYER Thailand SIAM; T thane ROSS; 쐍 BANQUO thank TIP Thank God DG thank you, thanks TA thanks TA; TAS thanks French MERCI thanks, returning AT thanks to many TAC that WHO; YON; YONDER that chap/fellow/man HIM that hurts OUCH; OW that in France/Paris QUE that is IB; ID (i.e. idem); IDEST; SC that is between the sides LIER (L-ie-R); RIEL (R-ie-L) that is to say see THAT IS that old YON that place THERE that’s IE

thief, behave like a

that’s remarkable MY(!) that’s right IER that’s so ERGO that woman HER thatch HAIR; ROOF thatching stalk REED Thatcherite DRY (i.e. as opposed to a “wet”) thatching REED thaw MELT the beware that the innocent article “the” can itself be part of an anagram or the solution, as “Lifting the feet” 씮 THEFT the boundaries TE the continental see THE FOREIGN the empty TE the European see THE FOREIGN the first T the foreign DER; DIE; EL; IL; LA; LAS; LE; LES; LOS the foreign couple can indicate a combination of two foreign articles (see THE FOREIGN) in combination as “The foreign couple are a plant” 씮 ELDER the French LA; LE; LES the German DER; DIE the Italian IL the northern T the old YE the Parisienne style see THE FRENCH the short TH the Spanish EL; LAS; LOS the top T the wild anagram of THE theatre ARENA; HALL; LYRIC; REP; SHOW; STAGE; 쐍 ODEON; OLIVIER; note, theatre can mean an operating theatre theatre, accommodation in BOX theatre audience HOUSE theatre company REP theatre, foreign NOH theatre of war FRONT theatre outside West End FRINGE

theatre, part of APRON; CIRCLE; PIT; STAGE; STALLS; WINGS theatre seats CIRCLE; STALLS theatrical CAMP; SHOWY; [쒁 SHOW]; can indicate something to do with an operating theatre theatrical group CAST; EQUITY; PLAYERS theatrical part ROLE; see THEATRE, PART OF theatrical show PLAY theatrical work ACTING theft CRIME; 쐍 PIRACY; STEAL; STEALING them EM; REST them informally EM theme IDEA; MATTER; TOPIC; 쐍 SUBJECT then AND; LATER theologian DD theology RE theory IDEA; ISM; 쐍 GUESS; NOTION these days AD; LATELY; NOW; PRESENT therapy CURE; ECT there, be ATTEND there, not HERE there, over YONDER therefore ERGO; SO; THUS therein run indicator thermal rating TOG these days AD; NOW these in Paris CES thesis PAPER; TRACT thespian ACTOR they PRONOUN they emptied TY they say homophone indicator thick DENSE; DIM; DUMB; FAT; SLOW; 쐍 CREAMY; SIMPLE thick coat, put on PLASTER(ED) thick, lay on SMEAR thick mixture PASTE ; see STICKY STUFF thicket BRAKE; COPSE; GROVE thickset BEEFY; STOCKY; STUBBY thief CROOK; KNAVE; LIFTER thief, behave like a see STEAL



thieve NICK; ROB; STEAL; WHIP thievery STEALING thigh HAM thighbone FEMUR thin BONY; FINE; LAME; LEAN; LIGHT; RARE; SHEER; SLIGHT; SLIM; SPARE; WEAK; 쐍 GAUNT; NARROW; REEDY; SCRAGGY; SLENDER; SPARSE; WEEDY thin edge WEDGE thin, unhealthily GAUNT thing ARTICLE; IT; OBJECT; 쐍 DEVICE; can indicate an obsession, enthusiasm or mania as “A thing for lighting fires?” 씮 PYROMANIA thing accomplished ACTION; DEED; FETE thing, beautiful GEM thing, delightful GAS thing done ACTION; DEED thing, funny HOOT; NIGHT (anagram) thing mended NIGHT (anagram) thing wanted/wanting LACK things philosophically ENTIA (metaphysical) things worn WEAR think DEEM; DREAM; FEEL; HOLD; MULL; MUSE; OPINE; PONDER; REASON; 쐍 GUESS; IMAGINE; MEDITATE; PRESUME; REFLECT; WONDER think fit DEIGN think highly of RATE; see ESTEEM think it funny GRIN; 쐍 LAUGH; SMILE think logically REASON think out REASON think wildly DREAM thinker BRAIN; MUSER thinking MIND; PENSIVE; THOUGHT thinking, way of SCHOOL thinner LEANER; SOLVENT third-born R third-born child RSON (i.e. R-son)


third-class A; B; POOR third degree G; GRILL third of third letter of succeeding word third power CUBE third-rate C; POOR; T thirst CRAVING; ITCH thirsty DRY 13th of month, Roman IDES thirty days can indicate a month of thirty days (usually abbreviated form) namely APR, JUNE, SEPT, NOV thirty-one days can indicate a month of thirty-one days (usually abbreviated form) namely JAN, MAR, MAY, JUL, AUG, OCT, DEC thirty seconds MIN this classical HIC this compiler ME this country GB; UK this French CE this Latin HIC this month INST this old HIC this person ME this place HERE this point, at HERE this state UK this writer ME this writer’s MINE Thomas can indicate something to do with doubt, doubting, doubtful thong STRAP; TAW; TAWS thorax CHEST thorn PRICKLE; SPINE thorough EXACT; EXACTING; SEARCHING; STRAP thoroughbred, not CROSS thoroughfare LANE; RD; ROAD; ST; 쐍 ROUTE thoroughly FULLY; WELL those EM (i.e. ’em); THEM; THEY those lacking socks T those left REST those on the outside TE those people see THOSE those people, of THEIR those running FIELD

thrown out of

though IF; THO thought BELIEF; IDEA; MUSED; NOTION; 쐍 TRIFLE; can indicate something to do with ESP, telepathy thought, lost in RAPT thoughtful KIND; 쐍 MUSING; PENSIVE thousand GRAND; K; M; 쐍 DD (i.e. 2 x 500) thousand in two instalments DD thousand pounds GRAND; K; MONKEY thousand, two MM thousandth THOU thrall SLAVERY thrash BEAT; BEST; FLOG; LAM; TAN; WHIP; 쐍 BASTE; LEATHER; PARTY; SLIPPER; TOWEL; TROUNCE; WRITHE thrashed BEAT thrashing BEATING; DOING thread CORD; FLOSS; LACE; PLY; REEVE; STRAND; TWINE; YARN; 쐍 LISLE; WIRE thread, lose RAMBLE threat PERIL; RISK; 쐍 DANGER; MENACE threat to crops LOCUST threat to king CHECK threaten LOOM; 쐍 IMPERIL; MENACE; PORTEND threaten to go out GUTTER threatening BLACK; DIRE; 쐍 CREEPY threats, use HECTOR three PRIME; TRE; TRI; TRIO three consecutive letters DEF; NOP three couples, pairs VI three feet YARD three-foot YARD three months FALL; QUARTER; SEASON three notes DEF three-quarters some combination of three letters to be taken from N, S, E, W three times TER; 쐍 THRICE; TREBLE; TRIPLE

threewheeler TRIKE thresh BEAT threshold of first letter indicator threshing anagram indicator threw CAST; FLUNG threw off anagram of THREW threw out anagram indicator; anagram of THREW thrice TER (Lat.) thrifty CANNY thrifty buy SNIP thrill KICK; 쐍 BUZZ; TINGLE thrilled anagram indicator thriller GRIPPER thrive BLOOM throat CRAW; GORGE throaty HUSKY throat irritation FROG throaty sound COUGH throat trouble CROUP throb BEAT; PULSE throne LOO; SEAT throne, on the REGNANT throng ABOUND; HORDE; see CROWD throttle CHOKE; PEDAL throttling nesting indicator through BY; OVER; PER; VIA; nesting indicator throughout DURING throw BUCK; CAST; FLING; HEAVE; HURL; LOB; PELT; PITCH; SHY; SLING; SPIT; TOSS; anagram indicator throw around WORTH throw away BIN; WASTE; see DISPENSE WITH throw (dice) ROLL throw off balance ROCK throw out DUMP (qv); EJECT; EMIT; EVICT; REJECT; a component to be nested within SHY throw out of country DEPORT throwing anagram indicator thrown CAST; FLUNG; anagram indicator thrown about anagram indicator thrown out EJECTED; anagram indicator; see DUMP thrown out of omission indicator


thrown outside

thrown outside component(s) to be nested within CAST thrown up reversal indicator thrust DRIVE; LUNGE; POINT; PUSH; TILT; 쐍 FORCE; IMPULSE thug GOON; HEAVY; ROUGH; TOUGH thumbed READ (as in “well thumbed” giving “much read”) thump BANG; BEAT; BLOW; HIT; POUND; WHOP; 쐍 CLOBBER thunder CLAP Thunderer THOR; TIMES thundering, thunderous LOUD thurible CENSER Thursday TH; via the nursery rhyme can indicate “having far to go” thus ERGO; SIC; SO; with a particular form of wording can indicate AS e.g. “thus primed” gives ASSET (i.e. as set); anagram indicator thus, Latin HOC thwart BALK; CHECK; DASH; FOIL; SEAT Tibet, native of YAK Tibetan wild man YETI tick BEAT; FLASH; MARK; MO; SEC; 쐍 CREDIT; SECOND ticker CLOCK; HEART; HUNTER; WATCH ticket CARD; FINE; LABEL; PASS; TAG; TOKEN 쐍 RETURN; SINGLE; [쒁 FARE] ticket, meal LV ticket price FARE ticket seller/supplier TOUT tickle AMUSE; DELIGHT; DIVERT; [쒁 LAUGH] tidal area SALTING(S) tidal flood see TIDAL WAVE tidal flow RIP tidal wave BORE; EAGRE Tiddles CAT (qv) tiddly MERRY; see DRUNK tide DRIFT; RIP; TREND; 쐍 CURRENT tide, part of WAVE


tidy CLEAN; COVER; HOE; NEAT; SEA; TRIM; 쐍 CLEAR; anagram indicator tidy garden HOE; WEED tie BAND; BIND; BOND; DRAW; EQUAL; FIX; KNOT; LACE; LASH; LINK; MATCH; TETHER; 쐍 CHAIN; COPULA; SLEEPER tie-breaker anagram of TIE tie up BIND; FIX; MOOR; STAKE; 쐍 HITCH; TETHER; TRUSS tied BOUND; DREW; 쐍 MOORED tied up BOUND; HITCHED; 쐍 DECAL i.e. “reverse of “laced”; anagram indicator tier BAND; BANK; LEVEL; RANK; ROW tiff BRUSH; PET; ROW; SPAT tiger CAT; 쐍 STRIPED; STRIPES tigerish Khan SHERE tight CLOSE; DRUNK (qv); FIRM; MEAN; NEAR; PROOF (as in watertight/proof); SMASHED; SNUG; STINGY; TENSES; 쐍 SECURE; anagram indicator; [쒁 VICE] tight-fisted MEAN; NEAR; STINGY; can indicate something to do with being tense tight grip TRACTION tight, not FREE; LOOSE; 쐍 POROUS tight spot FIX; HOLE; SCRAPE; see DIFFICULTY tile BOWLER 쐍 SHINGLE tile mortar GROUT tiler ROOFER tiling, finish GROUT till DIG; PLOUGH till tender CASHIER tiller PEASANT; RUDDER; SHOOT tilt LEAN; LIST timber ASH; BOARD; BEAM; FIR; LOG; PINE; PLANK; TEAK; TREE; WOOD; 쐍 EBONY; can refer to specific wood or tree, see TREE, WOOD timbre TONE


time gone PAST time on earth LIFE time AGE; AM; BIRD; CLOCK; DATE; DAY; ENEMY; EON; ERA; EVE; HOUR; MIN; MO; NOON; NOW; PERIOD; PM; SEASON; SEC; SHIFT; SPAN; SPELL; T; TEMPO; TERM; THEN; TICK; YEAR; 쐍 AEON; DECADE; DURATION; SENTENCE; TIDE; can indicate something to do with prison term time after that SINCE time after time MINT; MOT; OFT; TT time, ahead of EARLY time, almost NIGHT (i.e. NIGH + T) time and time again see TIME AFTER TIME time, appointed DATE time, astronomical EPACT time, at that THEN time, before EARLY; EVE time being NONCE; PRESENT; 쐍 DURATION time-consuming FIDDLING time, doing INSIDE time for a A to be replaced by T time for bed NIGHT time for cutting down on food FAST; LENT time for, leaving T to be omitted time, good BALL; FUN time, has no T to be omitted time in prison STRETCH time in Rome IDES time, little MIN; MO; SEC; T; TICK; 쐍 SECOND; TRICE; see TIME time, long YONKS; see TIME time, make full use of SPAN time of one’s life AGE time of our lives, the AD; AGE time, of past OLDEN time off REST; T to be omitted time on earth LIFE time, our AD time, passing of indicates that T is to be omitted from associated word

time, precise INSTANT time-reporter see TIMEKEEPER time-serve TRIM time, short JIFFY; SECOND; T; can indicate an abbreviation of a unit of time hence SEC, MIN, YR etc, see TIME, LITTLE time, short of T to be omitted time, sound TICK time wasted, wasting T to be omitted timekeeper CLOCK; WATCH timekeeping a component to be nested within TIME (or a synonym – see TIME) timeless indicator for the omission of a synonym for “time” e.g. T, AGE, ERA, see TIME timelessly T (or a synonym for time e.g. AGE) to be omitted timepiece CLOCK; HUNTER; WATCH times CROSS; X Times DAILY; PAPER; see TIMES above times, at all EVER times, behind the DATED; RUSTY times by itself SQUARE times gone by AGO times, old BC times, the AGE timid SHY timid character MOUSE timid person HEN; MOUSE timid thing FAWN; MOUSE timing device apart from the obvious such as clock and chronometer, can also refer to HAND tin CAN; SN; 쐍 MONEY; PRESERVE tin-opener T tin-plated component to be nested within SN as “Tin-plated uranium” gives SUN tincture GULES tine POINT; PRONG; SPIKE tinge DASH; TRACE tingle THRILL tinker SLY (i.e. Shakespearian character); 쐍 FIDDLE; POTTER



Tinkerbell FAIRY tint DYE; SHADE; 쐍 COLOUR tinware TOLE tiny BABY; SMALL; WEE; 쐍 INFANT; MINUTE; MICRO; TITCHY; with a capital letter can refer to Tiny Tim, the Dickens character tiny amount ATOM; BIT; DOT; DROP; MIL; SPLASH; WHIT tiny distance MIL tiny piece/thing ATOM tip BANK; CUE; CLUE; END; FIRST; HEAD; HINT; LEAN; LIST; PEAK; POINT; TOE; 쐍 CAP; DUMP; NAP; NIB; POUR; PRESENT; UP-END; initial letter indicator; reversal indicator tip-off initial letter to be omitted; anagram of TIP (e.g. PIT) tip-top AI tipple DRAM; RUM; SHOT; TOT tipster TOUT tipster’s choice NAP tipsy HIGH; TIGHT; anagram indicator tiptop SPIRE tirade RANT tire FLAG; WEAR; 쐍 BORE; DROOP; WEARY tired DEAD; DRAWN; SPENT; STALE; TRITE; WEARY tiredness FLAG tiresome TRYING tiresome person BORE; PEST; PILL tiresome work BORE; CHORE; FAG tissue FLESH; PAPER 쐍 FABRIC; SINEW titchy TINY; see SMALL tithe CHARGE; FRACTION; TAX titian RED titivate PRIMP title CLAIM; COUNT; DEED; DOM; EARL; HANDLE; HEAD; LORD; MISTER; MR; NAME; PASHA; SIR; SIRE; RIGHT; 쐍 ADDRESS; CALL; HEADING title, have OWN


title holder CHAMP title, seek to maintain DEFEND title, short HON title, without ANON titled lady DAME titled man SIR; see TITLE titled person EARL; see NOBLE Titus TIT tizz, in a anagram indicator TNT, use BLAST to and fro can indicate the answer is a palindrome to back OT to be (with some indication of French) ETRE to boot TOO to-do FUSS; SPLASH to east TOE to get back OT to give can indicate that the definition follows to north TON to notice TOAD (i.e. to ad) to the French A; ALA; AU; AUX to west TOW to wit VIZ toady CREEP toast BREAD; BROWN; CHEER; CHEERS; GRILL; PRAISE; SINGE; WARM; 쐍 HEALTH; PLEDGE; SKOL toast, half of CHIN (i.e. from chin-chin) toaster GRILL tobacco SNUFF toboggan, Swiss LUGE tod FOX today AD; NOW; 쐍 OURAGE (i.e. our age); when the crossword is in a daily newspaper, can indicate the day of publication, either full or abbreviated toddle AMBLE; STROLL toe TIP toff DANDY; GENT; NOB; SWELL toffee SWEET together anagram indicator toggle SWITCH toil NET; PLY; WORK; see WORK


toilet CAN; GENTS; HEAD; HEADS; JOHN; LOO; 쐍 BOG; LAV; PRIVY; WC token COUNTER; DISC; SIGN; TICKET; 쐍 EARNEST; HOLLOW (as in a token gesture); VOUCHER token of love RING told BADE; 쐍 ORDERED; RELATED; homophone indicator told, be HEAR told off CHID; an anagram of TOLD e.g. DOLT, OLD-T told tales SANG Toledo SWORD tolerance GIVE; PLAY tolerate ABIDE; BEAR; HACK; STAND; STICK; WEAR tolerated LET; STOOD toleration LATITUDE toll COST; DUTY; FEE; PRICE RING; STROKE; TAX; 쐍 CHARGE; CHIME tolled RANG; RUNG Tolstoy COUNT; LEO Tom CAT; MOGGY; PUSS; PUSSY; THOS; THUMB; 쐍 HECAT (i.e. he-cat); SAWYER Tom Cobbleigh* UNCLE Tom Hanks’character GUMP Tom, young KITTEN; KITTY tomb GRAVE; 쐍 CIST; SHRINE tome BOOK Tommies see SOLDIERS Tommy see SOLDIER ton T tone SOUND; NOTE; PITCH; 쐍 ACCENT; BLACK; TENOR; see COLOUR tone down TEMPER Tongan can indicate something to do with being friendly (i.e. from Friendly Islands) tongue FLAP; LINGO; SPIT; 쐍 CLAPPER; SPEECH; can indicate a specific language, FRENCH, etc; [쒁 LICK; LINGUIST] tonic SHOT tons T

too ABOVE; ALSO; DITTO; OVER; can indicate a verb beginning with OVER or UNDER too-clever FLIP too far OVER too little UNDER too many OVER; can indicate a word beginning with OVER too much EXTRA; GLUT; OTT; OVER; 쐍 EXCESS too much for a Frenchman TROP too short ALS; TO too soon EARLY took STOLE took action DID; SUED took a lift RODE took chair SAT took charge, took the lead HEADED; LED took cover HID took exam SAT took food ATE took in ATE took off APED; SHED took part ACTED; PLAYED; SIDED took precedence LED took refuge HID tool AGENT; AWL; AXE; BRACE; BIT; CLAMP; FILE; FORK; GAT; HOE; JIG; LATHE; PICK; PLANE; RAKE; RASP; SAW; 쐍 HAMMER; HATCHET; SHOVEL; SPADE; SPANNER; TROWEL; WRENCH; see IMPLEMENT, INSTRUMENT tool, inscribing GRAVER tools, set of KIT tooth FANG; MOLAR; TUSK tooth, cut a FAN; TUS tooth decay CARIES tooth, poisonous FANG tootle TRIP top AI; APEX; ARCH; BEAT; BEST; CAP; COVER; FIRST; HEAD; HIGH; LID; PEAK; ROOF; SHELF; STAR; TOR; 쐍 ACME; BEHEAD; BETTER; BLOUSE; CHIEF; CRACK; CROWN; COPING; JUMPER;


top among

LEADING; LIMIT; REVOLVER; SHIRT; SPINNER; TURNER; UPPER; initial letter indicator; can indicate something to do with head, see HEAD, TOP OF; first letter to be omitted (i.e. as in “to top” i.e. decapitate); [쒁 ACE; UP] top among first letters of the words that follows to be used top and bottom of first and last letter indicator top award A; GOLD top bananas OPT top car C; GT top class AI; C; SUPER; SUPERB; U; 쐍 CAPITAL top commander C; CINC (i.e. C-in-C) top decoration D; can refer to some headgear, especially a decorative one e.g. CROWN, TIARA top dog D top drawer D; GENTRY; U top gear G; HAT top golfer G; PRO top grade A; ALPHA top-heavy H top honour ACE; H top light RED top man BOSS; CAPT; CHIEF; HEAD; KING; LEADER; M; OC top management BOARD; M top mark A; M top marks can indicate high-ranking grade consisting of letters A,B,C top of initial letter indicator top of car C; ROOF top of house ROOF top, on OVER; UP; first letter(s) indicator; can indicate a component is to be placed at the beginning of the answer; top, over the OTT top pair first two letters top performance RECORD top performer STAR top person ACE; P; QUEEN; ROYAL; see TOP MAN top player ACE; P; SEED; STAR


top position PEAK; see TOP top quality AI; Q; see TOP top removed first letter to be omitted top room ATTIC; R top secret S top, the T tope DRINK toper DRUNK; LUSH; SOAK; SOT topic ISSUE; SUBJECT; THEME topical IN; LOCAL topless first letter to be omitted topped first letter to be omitted topped and tailed first letter and last letter to be omitted topping BRILL; ICING; SHELF; first letter to be omitted; can refer to some kind of hat topping wear HAT (qv) topping, with ICED; fist letter to be omitted topple TIP; UPEND toppled anagram indicator tor HILL; PEAK; RISE; ROCK torch LIGHT tore RIPPED Tories RIGHT torment HELL; NAG; RAG; 쐍 HAUNT torment, in anagram indicator tormented anagram indicator torn RENT; SPLIT; anagram indicator; 쐍 RAGGED; RIPPED torn apart RIVEN torn off anagram of TORN torn up anagram indicator tornado SQUALL torpedo RUIN torpid NUMB torque FORCE torrent STREAM torrential anagram indicator torrid anagram indicator torso TRUNK tortilla dish TACO tortuous anagram indicator torture BOOT; RACK; anagram indicator torture, instrument of RACK tortured anagram indicator

town, Irish

Tory BLUE; CON; RIGHT Tory leader T Tory left T; WET toss FLING; FLIP; LOB; ROLL; SHY; SLING; SPIN; 쐍 HURL; THROW toss into the air LOFT toss, outcome of HEADS; TAILS tossed FLUNG; SPUR; anagram indicator tossing SPINNING; anagram indicator tossing and turning AWAKE; anagram indicator tot ADD; DRAM; KID; NIP; SHOT; SLUG; SUM; 쐍 FINGER; MITE; NIPPER; TIPPLE tot up ADD total ADD; ALL; LOT; SUM; UTTER; WHOLE totally different anagram indicator total disaster anagram of TOTAL total, one finding SUMMER tote BEAR; CARRY toting anagram indicator; nesting indicator totter QUIVER; ROCK; REEL; SHAKE; SWAY; 쐍 QUIVER; STAGGER touch ABUT; DAB; DASH; FEEL; KISS; MEET; MOVE; PAT; STYLE; TINGE; TRACE; 쐍 CADGE; CONTACT; SENSE touch, barely GRAZE touch-down ALIGHT; LAND; LIGHT touch, in can indicate something to do with field game e.g. linesman touch, light TAP touch lightly BRUSH; KISS touch of initial letter indicator touch regularly SPONGE touch, soft PAT touchdown TRY touched FELT; LOCO; MAD (qv); MET touched down ALIT touching RE; 쐍 TANGENT touchy CROSS; TESTY

tough FIRM; HARD; HOOD (i.e. gangster); STERN; STRICT; 쐍 DEMANDING; LEATHERY; STRINGY tough Cockney ARD (i.e. ’ard) tough exterior SHELL tough guy HEMAN; RAMBO toughen by heat ANNEAL toughness STEEL toupee RUG; WIG toupee, wearing a RUGGED tour TRIP; 쐍 TRAVEL; anagram indicator, as “Paris tour” suggests an anag. of PARIS; nesting indicator tour of duty STINT tour, on anagram indicator toured WENT; anagram indicator touring anagram or nesting indicator tourist attraction DOME; SIGHT tourist, visit as a DO tournament JOUST tournaments LISTS; [쒁 JOUST] tourney, take part in JOUST tout BARKER; HAWK; PEDDLE; 쐍 ALL tow DRAG; DRAW; HAUL; PULL tow-line DRAWL towards AT; BOUND towards me HITHER towel CLOTH tower BABEL; KEEP; LOOM; PEEL; PILE; SPIRE; STACK; TUG; 쐍 BROCH; REAR; SOAR; TURRET; note, the less common pronunciation of “tower” which can indicate TUGBOAT etc; [쒁 IVORY] town BARROW; BATH; BURY; CITY; CREWE; DEAL; DISS; HOVE; IVER; LEEK; LOOE; PLACE; SALE; SLOUGH; STAINES; STREET; TRING; WARE town, big CITY town centre OW town, Herts TRING; WARE town in East Anglia DISS town in France LENS; see TOWN town, Irish see IRISH TOWN


town, large

town, large CITY town, Middlesex PINNER town, one driven out of CTY town, part of QUARTER; SECTION town, Scottish PERTH town, to UP town, US MOBILE townee, townsman CIT (slang) toxic substance VENIN; 쐍 POISON toxophilite ARCHER; TELL toy BIT; DALLY; DOLL; HOOP; MODEL; PLAY; RATTLE; TEDDY; TOP; TRIFLE toy explosive CAP toying anagram indicator trace DRAW; FIND; HINT; SIGN; SNIFF; TINGE; TRACK; 쐍 FOLLOW; RECORD; WHIFF tracery PATTERN; 쐍 FILIGREE traces of first letter indicator track COURSE; DOG; FOLLOW; LANE; LINE; PATH; RAIL; ROUTE; ROW; RUT; SCENT; SIGN; SPOOR; STALK; TAIL; TRACE; TRACE; TRAIL; WAY; can indicate the name of a specific racecourse track event RACE; RUN tracked vehicle TANK tracking device TAG tracks RY tract PLOT; SPREAD; 쐍 AREA; REGION; RESERVE trade ART; BARTER; CRAFT; DEAL; LINE; MARKET; RUT; SELL; SWAP; SWOP; TRAFFIC; TRUCK; 쐍 EXCHANGE; see BUSINESS trade* WIND trade association EFTA trade-centre MALL; MART trade, disparity in GAP trade fair EXPO trade-mark BRAND; LOGO trade, moneyless BARTER trade-name BRAND trade, practise a PLY trade route CANAL trade show FAIR


trade union NUM; TU; anagram of TRADE trade unionist BROTHER traded DEALT; SOLD trademark BRAND; LOGO trader SHIP; SS; 쐍 DEALER; MONGER; SELLER; can indicate some kind of shopkeeper traders’ gathering FAIR tradesman BAKER; SELLER tradesman’s assistant MATE tradesman’s entrance T tradesmen BAKER; MONGER; PLUMBER trading floor PIT trading place MALL; MART trading station FORT tradition LORE tradition, following SQUARE traditional OLD; TRAD traditional ale, source of WOOD traduced anagram indicator traffic CARS; DEAL; TRADE; TRUCK; see TRADE traffic controller LIGHT traffic marker CONE traffic problem JAM tragedy DRAMA tragic heroine MIMI tragic subject LEAR tragically anagram indicator trail DOG; DRAG; DRAW; LAG; PATH; PLOD; PULL; ROUTE; SCENT; SIGN; SPOOR; STALK; TRACK; WAY; 쐍 FOLLOW; RETINUE train AIM; COACH; DRILL; EL (U.S.); POINT; RAIL; REAR; RY; SCHOOL; TAME; TEACH; 쐍 CONDITION; ENGINE; EXERCISE; GUIDE; INURE; TUBE; anagram indicator; [쒁 STATION; TRACK] train-bearer LINE; TRACK train, go like a CHUFF train, on ABOARD train park SIDING train staff GUARD trained TAME; TAUGHT; 쐍 PROFESSIONAL; anagram indicator


trainee CADET; INTERN; L; LEARNER; can refer to a passenger on a railway trainee officers OTC trainer COACH; SHOE training COURSE; DRILL; PE; PT; anagram indicator; note, “training” can refer to journeying by train training, piece of COURSE trains RAIL; RY trains briefly RY traipse TRAIL; TRAMP; 쐍 TRUDGE traitor CAD; RAT; WEASEL; 쐍 JUDAS; [쒁 TREASON] traitorous type see TRAITOR trajectory, ball with a high LOB tram CAR trammel NET; SHACKLE tramp BUM; DOSSER; HOBO; PAD; PLOD; TREAD; WALK; 쐍 TREK; VAGRANT tramp, American BUM; HOBO trample CRUSH; TREAD tranquil QUIET; 쐍 PACIFIC tranquiliser DOWNER tranquility CALM; PEACE transaction DEAL; SALE; TRADE transcript COPY transfer DECAL; PASS; 쐍 ATTORN (leg.); FERRY transfer payment REMIT transferred anagram indicator transfiguration, transfigured anagram indicator transfix PIN transfixed, person STARER transfixing nesting indicator transform ALTER; see CHANGE transformed, transforming anagram indicator transgress ERR; SIN transgression SIN; 쐍 CRIME; OFFENCE transgressor SINNER translate RENDER; anagram indicator translated anagram indicator translates anagram indicator

translation CRIB; VERSION; anagram indicator translation, illicit CRIB translation, provide a GLOSS translator TR transmission, means of GEAR; GEARING transmit PIPE; RELAY; SEND transmitted SENT transmitted message CABLE; WIRE transmitter SENDER; 쐍 MAST; RADIO transom STERN transparent CLEAR; GLASSY; SHEER; 쐍 LIMPID; see CLEAR transplant GRAFT; RESET transplanted anagram indicator transport BEAR; BOAT; BUS; CAR; CARRY; CART; CHAIR; DELIGHT; ELATE; HAUL; RY; SEND; SHIP; TAKE; TAXI; TRAIN; TRAM; TRUCK; TUBE; WAIN; 쐍 CYCLE; ELATION; ENCHANT; ENTRANCE; GHARRY; JOY; SLEDGE; SLEIGH; WAGON; anagram indicator; see VEHICLE transport, free LIFT transport, intercontinental LINER transport, provision for CRATE transport, public BUS; COACH; LINER; TRAIN; TRAM; RY transport, sea see BOAT transport system RY transport system, old BR transport, Wild West STAGE transport, winter SLEIGH transported BORNE; CARTED; RAPT; SENT; anagram indicator transported, was RODE transporter see VEHICLE transporting BEARING; anagram indicator; nesting indicator transposed anagram indicator transvestite apparel DRAG trap CATCH; FLY; GIN; NET; WEB; 쐍 BOOBY; CORNER; GOB; HATCH; NOOSE; PIT; SNARE; SPRINGE (type of


trap in stream

trap); can refer to some type of carriage trap in stream WEIR trapped CAUGHT; NETTED; nesting indicator trapped by nesting indicator trapper HUNTER trapping nesting indicator traps DRUM trash BIN; DRECK; ROT; see RUBBISH trashed anagram indicator trauma SHOCK; anagram indicator traumatic, be HARROW travail WORK travel FARE; GO; RANGE; RIDE; ROVE; ROW; TOUR; WALK; WEND; anagram indicator; [쒁 MOTION] travel document PASS; VISA travel fast RUSH; SPEED travel, free HITCH; LIFT travel guide NAP travel regularly PLY travelled RODE; WENT; anagram indicator travelled round nesting indicator travelled on the Underground TUBED traveller FARER; HOBO; POLO; REP; ROM; ROVER; TRAMP; TRIPPER; 쐍 ROMANY travellers ROMA travelling anagram indicator travelling from East to West reversal indicator travelling in search of adventure ERRANT travelling not so fast SLOWING travelling through VIA Travels the capital initial can indicate the reference is to “Gulliver’s Travels”, its author (SWIFT) or its characters (e.g. YAHOO) travels regularly, one who PLIER traverse CROSS traverse freely RANGE traversed by run indicator travestied anagram indicator


travesty FARCE; PARODY tray SALVER; WAITER treacherous FALSE treacherous daughter REGAN treacherous person/type RAT; RATTER; WEASEL treachery TREASON tread GRIP; PACE; PAD; STEP; TRAMP; TRAMPLE treadle LEVER treason CRIME; SEDITION treason, man found guilty of MORE treasure GEM; VALUE; 쐍 HOARD treasurer TR treat CURE; DEAL; DRESS; STAND; USE; 쐍 DELIGHT; DOSE; ENTERTAIN; HANDLE treat roughly MAUL treated anagram indicator treatise PAPER; TRACT treatment CURE; DEAL; DOSE; ECT; USE; anagram indicator treatment for an anagram of the word that follows is required treaty PACT; PEACE; 쐍 CONTRACT; DEAL treble BET; RING (darts); SINGER tree ACER; APPLE; ASH; ALDER; BAY; BEECH; BIRCH; BOX; CROSS; ELDER; ELM; FIG; FIR; GUM; HOLLY; LARCH; LIME; OAK; ORANGE; PALM; PEAR; PINE; PLANE; POPLAR; SORB; TEAK; WILLOW; YEW; 쐍 ABELE; ABIE; ALMOND; BALSA; EBONY; OSIER; PLUM; QUINCE; SERVICE; SHEA; SPRUCE; SUMAC; ULE; can indicate something to do with ancestors, lineage, family tree, heir, etc; [쒁 BARK; BRANCH; STUMP; TRUNK] tree, evergreen LARCH tree plantation FOREST; WOOD tree, pollarded first letter to be omitted from a tree (in this way BEACH leads to EACH, for example)

trip, short

tree potential ACORN tree-top accommodation NEST tree trunk BOLE; STOCK treeless area CLEARING trees CLUMP; COPSE; FOREST; GROVE; STAND; WOOD trees, groups (etc) of see TREES trek TRAMP trek leader MOSES; T tremble SHAKE; SHIVER; 쐍 DITHER; QUAKE; QUAVER; QUIVER trembling anagram indicator tremor SHAKE tremulous anagram indicator trench DITCH; PIT; SAP; 쐍 FOSSE trenchant CUTTING trencherman EATER; [쒁 DIG] trend TIDE; 쐍 COURSE; DRIFT; STYLE; VOGUE trend-setting see TRENDY trendy COOL; HIP; HEP; IN; SMART trendy, not OUT trendy-sounding place INN trepidation AWE trespass SIN tress LOCK trial ACTION; CASE; CROSS; GO; TEST; TRY; WOE; 쐍 HEARING; ORDEAL trial, appearing for UP trial examination MOCK trial, on UP trial run REHEARSAL trial, send back to await REMAND tribe CLAN; GAD; GROUP; LEVI; RACE; SEPT tribe, ancient GAD tribesman ANGLE; GOTH; IBO; JUTE; LEVI tribunal COURT; HEARING; ROTA tribute PRAISE tribute to, pay PRAISE trice MO; SEC; 쐍 INSTANT; SHAKE trick CATCH; CHEAT; CON; DO; DIDO (U.S.); FEAT; FLANKER;

FOX; GUY; HOAX; JAPE; JOKE; KID; PLANT; PLOY; PRANK; RIG; RUSE; SCAM; STUNT; 쐍 DECEPTION; DODGE; ENTRAP; KNACK; anagram indicator trick, do the WORK tricked DONE; anagram indicator trickle DRIP; SEEP; STREAM tricks can indicate something to do with taking tricks at cards e.g. slam tricky DICEY; SLY; anagram indicator tricky situation HOLE; PICKLE; SCRAPE; see DIFFICULTY tricorn HAT tried hard STROVE tried to listen HERD (i.e. hom.) tried to move TIRED trifle DALLY; PLAY; SPORT; TOY; 쐍 DESSERT; THOUGHT trifled with anagram indicator trifling LIGHT; PETTY; SLIGHT; 쐍 MINOR; PLAYING trifling item TOY trig (trigonometric) function COS; COSINE; SINE; TAN trilby HAT trill QUAVER; SING; TRA; WARBLE trim BOB; CROP; CUT; DOCK; LOP; NEAT; ORDER; PARE; PRUNE; SLIM; SMART; 쐍 BORDER; TIDY trim horns POLL trimmed first or last letter (or both) to be omitted trio THREE trio, undistinguished can indicate something to do with Tom, Dick and Harry trip CATCH; CRUISE; DANCE; DRIVE; FALL; FLIGHT; RIDE; ROW; RUN; SLIP; SPIN; STUMBLE; TOUR; 쐍 JOURNEY; OUTING; TOOTLE; VISIT; anagram indicator trip, French TOUR trip, on a HIGH; anagram indicator trip, plane FLIGHT trip, short SPIN



tripe ROT trite BANAL; CORNY trite jokes CORN trite quotation TAG triteness BATHOS triumph WIN triumph, expression of AHA; HA triumphant cry CROW triumphant, look GLOAT triumphant, was WON trivia DETAILS trivial LIGHT; LITTLE; 쐍 FIDDLING; PETTY; SMALL triviality DETAIL Trojan PARIS Trojan war champion AJAX troll ELF trolley BASKET; CART trollop DOXY; DRAB; SLUT troop FLOCK; GROUP; UNIT troop, member of GUIDE troops MEN; RA; RE; SAS; 쐍 MILITIA; REGIMENT troops, crack SAS troops at sea RM troops, shock COMMANDO trophy AWARD; CUP; PALM; POT; SCALP; URN tropical HOT; STEAMY trot JOG; PACE; RIDE; RUN troth PLEDGE; TRUST Trotsky LEON trouble ADO; AIL; BANE; BOTHER; BUG; CARE; DOG; EAT; FUSS; ILL; IRK; JAM; NAG; PAIN; PEST; PLIGHT; SCRAPE; SPOT; STINK; STRAIN; TRIAL; WAR; WOE; 쐍 ACHE; AGGRO; CROSS; MIRE; TO-DO; VEX; WORRY; reversal indicator; anagram indicator; can indicate a specific illness trouble afoot BUNION; CORN trouble reported ALE trouble with letters STUTTER; anagram indicator trouble, in anagram indicator troubled ATE; anagram indicator troubled start T


troubled start, a AT troublemaker IMP; PEST troubles ILL troublesome THORNY; 쐍 IMPISH; anagram indicator troubling, was ATE trough CHUTE; MANGER; 쐍 LAUNDER trounce DEFEAT; THRASH; see BEAT trounced BEAT; BEATEN; anagram indicator; see BEAT trouncing BEATING; anagram indicator; see BEAT trousers BAGS; PANTS; TREWS; 쐍 JEANS trousers, bell-bottomed FLARES trout, try to catch TICKLE trowel SCOOP truant MITCH truck LORRY; TENDER; TRADE truculent anagram indicator trudge PLOD true LOYAL; REAL; RIGHT; SO; VERY; 쐍 SQUARE; [쒁 BLUE] true, not BENT true, possibly anagram of TRUE true statement FACT truism MAXIM truly CERTES; REALLY; WELL truly, yours ME trump BEAT; BLAST; RUFF; WINNER trumpet BUGLE; LUR trumpeter can indicate something to do with an elephant truncated AXED; CHOPPED; CUT (qv); omission indicator trundle ROLL trunk BOLE; LOG; STOCK; STUMP; TORSO trussed BOUND trust CREDIT; FAITH; FUND; 쐍 RELY; TROTH; [쒁 UNIT] trust, one we can’t LIAR trustee TR trustworthy HONEST truth FACT; 쐍 REALITY; VERITY truth, old SOOTH truthful HONEST

turn grey

try CRACK; DO; GO; HEAR; OFFER; SAMPLE; SHOT; STAB; TACKLE; TASTE; TAX; TEST; 쐍 AIM; ESSAY; STRIVE try hard STRAIN; STRIVE try-on CON try out TEST; anagram of TRY; see TRY try to catch out FIELD try to eat BITE try to find LOOK; SEARCH; SEEK try to find out PRY; SPOON; 쐍 FERRET try to get SEEK try to get money TOUCH try to win COURT; WOO trying person JUDGE; JUROR trying situation COURT trying to get AFTER tsar IVAN; PETER TT with a homophone indicator can call for TEASE TT races, about SCATTER tub BATH; BOAT tubby FAT tube ARTERY; DUCT; PIPE; VEIN; 쐍 DIODE Tube TRAIN tuber SPUD; YAM tuck DART; EATS; FOLD; FOOD; GRUB; PLEAT Tuck FRIAR tuck in EAT Tucker’s companion BIB tucked in ATE tucking in/into nesting indicator Tudor HOUSE Tuesday via the nursery rhyme can indicate GRACE tuft BOBBLE tug BOAT; LUG; PULL; TOW; YANK; 쐍 JERK; TOWER tugboat TOWER tuition TEACHING tumble FALL; anagram indicator tumbled FELL; TRIPPED; anagram indicator; see FALL tumbler GLASS tumbling anagram indicator tummy ache/pain GRIPE

tumulus MOUND tumult RIOT tumult, in anagram indicator tun CASK tundra PLAIN tune AIR; ARIA; KEY; MARCH; NUMBER; PORT (Gael.); SONG; STRAIN tune, in ONKEY (i.e. on key) tune, jolly RANT tungsten W tuning fork PIN tunnel BORE; DIG; HOLE; MINE; 쐍 BURROW tunneller MOLE; WORM tup RAM tuppence, tuppenny PP turbulent anagram indicator turf GRASS; LAW; SOD; SWARD turf accountant BOOKIE; 쐍 BET; BOOK turkey FLOP Turkey TR Turkish bath HAMMAM Turkish chief/commander/leader AGA; AGHA Turkish governor BEY turmoil DUST (slang); HELL; 쐍 COMMOTION; DISQUIET; MESS; STEW; anagram indicator turmoil, in anagram indicator turmoil, place of HELL turn ACT; BEND; CRACK; FIT; GO; HEEL; HINGE; LUFF; PIVOT; ROLL; ROUND; SCREW; SHIFT; SHOCK; SHOT; SHOW; SOUR; SPELL; SPIN; TED; TWIST; U; WHEEL; WIND; 쐍 ANTE; CHANGE; CORNER; CYCLE; GYRATE; REVOLVE; ROTATE; STEER; anagram indicator; reversal indicator; turn aside AVERT turn away AVERT; DIVERT turn back reverse indicator turn down REFUSE turn fast SPIN turn grey AGE


turn in

turn in NI; RETIRE; a synonym (e.g. SPIN) to be nested turn informer SING; see INFORM turn inside out EVERT turn into TION (i.e. anagram, very useful to form the end of a word) turn key LOCK turn off DETER; DIVERT turn out COME; DRESS; MAKE; 쐍 PRODUCE; PROVIDE; anagram indicator turn over FLIP; PTO; REVO (i.e. reverse of “over”); ROLL; TIF (i.e. reverse of “fit”) ; TO; 쐍 RESIGN; YIELD; reversal indicator turn over a new leaf PTO turn tail FLEE; RUN; the last two letters of a word to be interchanged turn, take a STROLL; anagram indicator turn up COCK; COME; FOLD; OG (i.e. reverse of GO in a DC); SHOW; PU (i.e. reverse of “up”); 쐍 APPEAR; ARRIVE; ATTEND turn-up anagram indicator; see TURN UP turncoat RAT; anagram of COAT e.g. CATO turned OFF; SPUN; anagram indicator; reversal indicator turned aside WRY turned back reversal indicator turned green ENGER turned into TION; anagram indicator turned out CAME; SHOWED; anagram indicator, usually of the preceding word(s); anagram of OUT turned over reversal indicator; anagram indicator turned up CAME; FFO (i.e. “off”, in the sense of “turned sour”, reversed); PU (i.e. reverse of “up”); SHOWED tuned up alone OLOS turner SPIT; LATHE; TOP; 쐍 DOORKNOB; HANDLE Turner can indicate something to do with the artist (e.g. painting,


oils) or one of his works (The Fighting Temeraire, etc); if the word is at the beginning of the clue its capital letter may be a diversion and it is being used in its general sense, see TURNER above turning BEND; CORNER; SOURING; reversal indicator; anagram indicator turning device LATHE; WINCH turning out anagram indicator turning over anagram indicator; reversal indicator turning over, is SI turning-point AXIS turning red DER turning tail see TURNTAIL turnip NEEP turnout CROWD; GATE turnover YIELD; reversal indicator; see TURN OVER turns anagram indicator turns out to be anagram indicator turns over STIF (i.e. reverse of “fits”) turns tails last two letters to be transposed turns, take STROLL; WALK turns up PU (i.e. reverse of UP); reversal indicator; in a DC can indicate that a synonym of “turns” is reversed, hence SOG turret TOWER Tuscan banker PO tussle FIGHT tutor COACH; DON; TEACH; TRAIN; 쐍 SCHOOL; TRAINER; see TEACH, TRAIN TV TELLY; see TELEVISION TV channel SKY TV channels MEDIA TV doctor WHO TV programme usually refers to a programme type, commonly CHAT SHOW, SITCOM or SOAP OPERA TV puppet SOOTY TV serial SOAP TV show PROG; see TV PROGRAMME TV relay OB

type, mixed up

TV trophy EMMY twang PLUCK; [쒁 ACCENT; BROGUE] Tweed* CLOTH; FABRIC; RIVER twelfth man RESERVE twelve NOON; 쐍 DOZEN; JURY; XII twelve dozen GROSS twelve short DOZE; NOO (i.e. last letter omitted from “noon”) twelvemonth, every YEARLY twenties DECADE; SCORES twenty-eight/nine days FEB twenty-five pounds PONY twenty-five (or 25) sheets of paper QUIRE twenty-four hours DAY; can indicate a specific day of the week, more commonly in abbreviated form e.g. SUN, SAT, MON etc Twenty-Six (or 26) , Number Z twenty-two (or 22) CATCH twerp DOPE; see FOOL Twickenham game RU twig BRANCH; GET; SEE; SHOOT; STICK; 쐍 RUMBLE; WICKER; WITHE twilight DUSK; 쐍 GLOAMING twin DOUBLE; REMUS twine COIL; STRING; THREAD; WIND; anagram indicator twinge ACHE twining anagram indicator twinkler STAR twinklers can indicate a galaxy, constellation, astrological house twinkling TRICE; 쐍 INSTANT; anagram indicator twins LIBRA; PAIR; SIGN twirl SPIN twirling anagram indicator twist COIL; SCREW; SNAKE; SPIN; TURN; WARP; WIND; WRING; WRITHE twist in the tail last two letters to be transposed twisted WOUND; WRUNG; WRY; anagram indicator twisted ankle SPRAIN twisted back reversal indicator

twisted round anagram indicator, nesting indicator; reversal indicator twister SCREW twisting TORTUOUS; anagram indicator twists anagram indicator; see COIL twit ASS; DUNCE; GIT; PUDDING; TAUNT; TEASE; see FOOL twitch JERK; PLUCK; TIC; anagram indicator twitched anagram indicator twitching TIC; anagram indicator twitter TWEET two BI; BOTH; BRACE; COUPLE; DUET; DUO; II; PAIR; 쐍 DUAL; PRIME (i.e. a prime number); TWAIN; [쒁 SECOND] two couples FOUR; IV two-dimensional FLAT two front teeth TE 252d GUINEA two of us, being Cockney MEANDER (i.e. me and ’er) two pints QUART two-sided LR; RL two, the BOTH two thousand MM 2001 MMI 2240 pounds TON two times TWICE two-under score EAGLE two-way can indicate a palindrome, as “Two-way action” 씮 DEED two-ways a pair of compass points e.g. SW two-wheeler CYCLE twofold DUAL twosome PAIR; PAIRING tycoon BARON; MAGNATE Tyneside NE type BREED; CLASS; ELITE; FACE; FONT; FOUNT; ILK; KIND; MAKE; SORT; KIND; MODEL; PICA; PRINT; ROMAN (i.e. printing); STYLE; 쐍 FORM; ITALIC; can refer to printer’s type; can refer to a particular type of person as “possessive type” clues OWNER type, mixed up PI; PIE


type of

type of anagram indicator type of wood see WOOD, TREE type, put in SET type, set of FOUNT typesize ELITE; POINT typical COMMON; ECHT; NORM; PAR; see NORM; can also indicate RIGHT as “Typical writer” clues RIGHT-HANDER typically can indicate that a group term is required as “panthers typically” requires CATS; can indicate something to do with printing type as “Typically leaning to the right” clues ITALIC typist TEMP typo ERROR tyrant AMIN; IVAN; 쐍 BULLY; DESPOT; NERO; TSAR tyre RADIAL; SPARE; 쐍 RETREAD tyre’s grip TREAD

Uu U-boat SUB; can indicate something to do with hyphen U-turn BEND; 쐍 REVERSAL; can indicate something to do with hyphen; reversal indicator ugly PLAIN; 쐍 FRIGHTFUL; anagram indicator UK citizen BRIT Ulster NI; note, can also refer to a coat Ulster city DERRY ultimate ALL; END; LAST; NET; last letter indicator as “ultimate downfall” 씮 L ultimate, in the the last letter of the word that follows to be used ultimately LAST; ULT; 쐍 AT LAST; last letter indicator ultimatum DEMAND ultraviolet UV um ER umber BROWN


Umberto ECO umbrage, take RESENT umbrella COVER; [쒁 RIBS] umpire JUDGE; REF un- can indicate a word ending in LESS; can indicate a word beginning with NO (as “Is commonsense un-American?” 씮 NOUS) UN body WHO UN health agency WHO unable to, are (am, is) CANT unable to move STUCK unable to supply OUT unacceptable OFF; OUT; 쐍 NOTON (i.e. not on) unaccompanied ALONE; BARE; LONE unaccompanied (flight) SOLO unaccountably anagram indicator unadorned BALD; BARE; PLAIN unadulterated NEAT; SHEER unadventurous SAFE unaffected by setback palindrome indicator (qv) unaided ALONE unambiguous DIRECT; PLAIN unaspirated initial H to be omitted unaspirated girl/lady/woman ER unassertive type MOUSE; WIMP unassuming MEEK; SHY; 쐍 HUMBLE; MODEST unattached FREE; LOOSE; SINGLE unattainable IDEAL unattended LONE unattracted (to) OFF unavailable OFF; OUT; omission indicator unbeaten BEST unbelievable TALL; anagram indicator unbending RIGID; STIFF; see FIRM unbiased FAIR; JUST unblock FREE unbound FREE unbridled FREE; anagram indicator unbusy DEAD uncanny ODD; WEIRD

under way

unceasingly last letter to be omitted uncertain IFFY uncertainty, show WAVER unceremoniously anagram indicator uncertain IFFY; anagram indicator; see HESITATION uncertainly anagram indicator uncertainty DOUBT; IF; RISK unchanged FREE unchanging SET uncharacteristic STRANGE; 쐍 ATYPICAL uncharged FREE uncivil RUDE; SHORT uncivilised RUDE; WILD uncle BOB; SAM; can indicate something to do with a pawnshop uncle, give to/leave with HOCK; PAWN; POP uncle, your BOB uncle’s pledge HOCK unclear DIM; FOGGY; VAGUE unclosed last letter of associated word to be omitted unclothed BARE; NAKED; NUDE unclothed, go STREAK unclothed, practice of going NATURISM; 쐍 STREAKING unclouded CLEAR uncomfortable place HOLE uncomfortably anagram indicator uncommon RARE; ROYAL; 쐍 NOTABLE; anagram indicator uncommonly anagram indicator uncommunicative RESERVED; see SHY uncomplicated PLAIN; SIMPLE; anagram indicator uncompromising HARD; 쐍 CUT-THROAT; see FIRM unconcealed OPEN; OUT; OVERT unconcerned CALM; COOL; PLACID unconcluded last letter to be omitted unconfined FREE; LOOSE unconscious ID; OUT; UNDER

unconscious at first solution to begin with OUT or UNDER unconscious, knock/render STUN uncontrollable anagram indicator uncontrollably anagram indicator unconventional RUM; anagram indicator unconventionally anagram indicator unconvincing LAME; THIN uncooked RAW uncouple anagram indicator uncouth COARSE; anagram indicator uncouth person BEAR; LOUT; OAF uncover BARE; OUT; REVEAL; SKIN; STRIP uncovered BARE; NUDE; first and last letters to be omitted unction CHARM; GRACE; 쐍 ANOINTING unctuous SOAPY uncultivated CRUDE; FALLOW; RUDE uncultivated area MOOR uncut ROUGH undecided, be HOVER undefined number N; SOME; X undemanding CUSHY; EASY; LIGHT undemonstrative COLD; ICY under DOWN; LOW; OUT; SHORT; SUB; BELOW; NEATH; 쐍 BENEATH; LOWER; can indicate something to do with anaesthetics under attack IN CHECK under back BUS (i.e. rev) under canvas INTENT under cover HIDDEN; UC; 쐍 INTENT; TENTED; a component to follow a synonym for “cover” such e.g. LID as in “Pool has nothing under cover” 씮 LIDO; nesting indicator under-eighteen MINOR under-eleven TEN under stress anagram indicator under-tens NINES under way AFOOT


under wraps

under wraps SECRET undercooked RARE undercover see UNDER COVER undercover operation STING undercut SAP underdone RAW; RED underdressed BARE undergarment see UNDERWEAR undergo SUFFER underground anagram of UNDER; with or without a capital initial it can indicate TUBE, METRO etc Underground TUBE underground chamber CAVE; CELLAR; CRYPT; VAULT underground church CRYPT underground river LETHE underground room see UNDERGROUND CHAMBER underground staff NUM; MINERS underground takeaway service SEWER underground toiler MINER underground tunnel DRAIN underground worker MINER underhand SECRET underhandedness STEALTH underline STRESS underling MINION undermine SAP undermined SAPPED; anagram indicator underneath BELOW; in a Down clue can indicate that a component is to be at the end of the solution underscore can indicate a number characterised by being below twenty e.g. TEENAGER undersea can indicate that some component is to follow SEA or a synonym e.g. MAIN, MED underside SOLE undersized pig RUNT understand DIG; FOLLOW; GATHER; GET; GRASP; KEN; KNOW; READ; SEE; TAKE; TWIG 쐍 APPRECIATE; DIGEST; REALISE; SENSE


understand when spoken NO understanding CATCH; DEAL; GRASP; INSIGHT; KEN; TREATY; 쐍 GRASPING; LIGHTS (i.e. according to one’s lights); SAVVY; SENSE; see INTERPRETATION understanding, on PROVIDED understands can indicate a word/component goes at the end (i.e. stands under) understood GOT; READ; SAW; 쐍 ROGER; SEEN; TACIT undertaking TASK; VOW; 쐍 MISSION; VENTURE underwear BRA; BRAS; PANTS; SHOE; SLIP; SLIPS; STAYS; VEST; 쐍 BASQUE; SLIPPER; SMALLS; TEDDY; UNDIES underweight LIGHT underworld DIS; HADES; HELL; can indicate something to do with “Down Under” and Australia underworld boss DIS undesirable person LOUT; OAF undeveloped RAW undiluted NEAT undisciplined anagram indicator undisguised BALD; OPEN undisturbed CALM; SERENE undo OPEN; RUIN; 쐍 DEFEAT undoing anagram indicator, as “his undoing” 씮 ISH undone anagram indicator undreamed-of REAL undress STRIP undressed first and last letter to be omitted as “swimmer feels undressed” clues EEL undulate RIPPLE undulating WAVY; anagram indicator unduly TOO unease, feelings of QUALMS uneasily anagram indicator uneasy TENSE; 쐍 UPTIGHT; anagram indicator unelected OUT unemotional COLD; COOL; STOLID unemployed FREE; IDLE unemployed, was IDLED

union man

unemployment benefit DOLE; UB unending last letter to be omitted unenlightened DARK unenthusiastic COLD; COOL; LAME uneven BUMPY; ODD; 쐍 SCRATCHY uneven, make RUFFLE unexpected SNAP; SUDDEN; anagram indicator unexpected development TWIST unexpected windfall MANNA unexpectedly anagram indicator unexploited VIRGIN unfairly anagram indicator unfamiliar NEW; RARE; 쐍 ALIEN; STRANGE; anagram indicator unfashionable OUT unfasten OPEN unfavourable ADVERSE unfed can indicate that O is to be nested within a component (i.e. figuratively “empty”) as “unfed pet” signals COAT unfeeling COLD; NUMB unfilled VOID unfinished omission indicator, usually of last letter unfit ILL; SICK unfit for service US (i.e. colloquialism for ‘useless) unflustered COOL unfolded anagram indicator unfolded, what’s MAP unforthcoming SHY; 쐍 RESERVED unfortunate ILL; POOR; SAD; UNLUCKY unfortunately ALACK; ALAS; ILL; anagram indicator unfriendly COLD; CHILLY; FROSTY; STERN unfurled anagram indicator unfurnished BARE ungenerous MEAN; TIGHT; 쐍 SELFISH ungentlemanly, one who’s CAD (qv); ROTTER

ungulate CAMEL unhappily anagram indicator unhappiness DISTRESS unhappy BLUE; DOWN; GLUM; SAD; SOMBRE; anagram indicator unhappy, sound SIGH unharmed OK; WHOLE; 쐍 INTACT; see FINE unhealthy AILING; ILL; PASTY; SICK unhesitatingly ER, UM or UR to be omitted unhurried PATIENT; see SLOW unhygienic creature FLY unidentified SOME unidentified writer ANON uniform DRESS; EQUAL; EVEN; FLAT; LEVEL; SAME; SUIT; U; 쐍 EQUABLE; LIVERY; REGULAR; STRAIGHT uniform, part of BERET unimagined REAL unimportant PETTY; SMALL; 쐍 TRIVIAL unimportant member COG unimpressive PALE; WEAK uninhibited FREE uninjured see UNHARMED uninspired STALE unintelligent DIM; THICK (qv) uninteresting ARID; DRY; see BORING uninteresting person BORE; BORER uninvited, come/go CRASH union BOND; EU; LOCK; MATCH; NUM; TU; U; 쐍 CONCERT; EQUITY; JUNCTION; FEDERATION; LEAGUE; MARRIAGE; MERGER; WEDDING; can signal something to do with marriage or wedding; can indicate something to do with rugby union cheater is likely to refer to adulterer, adultery etc union fellow BROTHER Union Jack* FLAG union leader U union, make a see UNITE union man PICKET


union member

union member BROTHER; can indicate husband, wife, bride or groom union members TU union, old NUM; NUR union, teaching NUT Unionist politician UMP unique ALONE; LONE; ONE; ONLY; SINGLE; SOLE uniquely ONCE unit I; ONE; PART; SQUAD; WATT; see MEASURE; [쒁 TRUST] unit, Morse DASH; DOT unit of speed KNOT unit of weight K; KILO; L; LB; OZ; SI; TON unit, sound BEL unite ALLY; BOND; JOIN; KNIT; LINK; TIE.; WED; WELD; 쐍 FEDERATE; MARRY; MERGE united ONE; U; UTD; WED; can indicate something to do with Siamese twins United Nations UN; WORLD United player RED universal U universe ALL; COSMOS university ASTON; BATH; KEELE; LSE; MIT; OU; OXFORD; READING; U; UNI; YALE; [쒁 COURSE; DEGREE; UP] university, at UP university course PPE university course, take a READ university crew ISIS university entrance U university exams GREATS university, in READING; UP university man BA; DON university, member of DON; PROF; 쐍 DEAN; PROCTOR university official DEAN university period TERM university place CAMPUS university position CHAIR university sportsman BLUE university student SIZAR; SIZER university type BLUE


unjustified anagram indicator unkempt RAGGED; SHAGGY unkind ILL unkind act CUT unknown ANON; BLIND; X; Y; Z; 쐍 STRANGER unknown amount X; Y; Z unknown author ANON unknown, previously NEW; NOVEL unknown quantity X; Y; Z unknown sound EX; WHI (for example to construct WHILE); WHY unladen O (i.e. nothing) to be nested within a component unlicensed driver L unlike OTHER; opposite indicator unlikely anagram indicator unlikely to fail GOOD; SAFE; SECURE; SURE unlimited FREE; first and last letters to be omitted (as “unlimited budget” 씮 UDGE) unlit DARK unload DROP; 쐍 DELIVER unlocked OPEN unloved O to be omitted as “unloved dog” 씮 DG unlucky EVIL unmanageable anagram indicator unmannerly COARSE; RUDE unmarried FREE; SINGLE; M to be omitted from associated word as “Unmarried girl said to be accomplished” clues ABLE (i.e. M from MABLE) unmarried lady MISS; SPINSTER unmatched ODD unmoved FIRM; STABLE; STILL unnamed N to be omitted from a word unnatural growth WIG unnecessary EXTRA; 쐍 NEEDLESS; SURPLUS unnerve SPOOK unoccupied FREE unofficial PRIVATE unofficially anagram indicator unopened indicator that initial letter should be omitted


unoriginal OLD; STALE unorthodox anagram indicator unpaid FREE; LAY; 쐍 AMATEUR unpainted BARE; PLAIN unpalatable BITTER unperceptive BLIND; can call for a term ending in -eyed (bleary-eyed etc) unplanned anagram indicator unpleasant AWFUL; FOUL; HAIRY; ICKY; ILL; NASTY; RANK; ROUGH; RUDE unpleasant character/person BOUNDER; CAD; CRUD; HOUND; RAT unpleasant experience, very HELL unpleasant smell BO unpleasant woman TROUT; WITCH unpopular OUT unpopular name MUD unpractised GREEN; RUSTY unpredictable SCATTY unpredictably anagram indicator unprepared RASH unpretentious HUMBLE (qv) unproductive DRY; LEAN; POOR; 쐍 BARREN unprotected OPEN; first and last letters to be omitted unpunctual LATE; 쐍 IRREGULAR unqualified DEAD; LAY; SHEER; UTTER; 쐍 THOROUGH unqualified person L unravelled, unravelling anagram indicator unreasonable MAD; TALL; anagram indicator unreasonable charge, make EXACT unreasonably anagram indicator unrecorded LIVE; 쐍 TACIT unrefined CRUDE; ROUGH; RAW; 쐍 COARSE unrelaxed TAUT; TENSE; 쐍 STRAINED unreliable DODGY; GAMMY; IFFY; anagram indicator unreliably anagram indicator

unresolved LOOSE unrest anagram indicator; 쐍 DISQUIET unrestrained FREE; LOOSE; OPEN; WILD; anagram indicator unrestricted FREE; LOOSE unruffled EVEN; 쐍 SMOOTH unruly anagram indicator unruly child BRAT unruly crowd MOB unruly youngster/youth BRAT; TED unsatisfactory BAD; OFF; POOR unsavoury OFF unscrupulous operator SPIV; see CRIMINAL, TRAITOR unseasoned RAW unseated U; anagram indicator unseeing BLIND unseemly SEEDY unserviceable US (i.e. colloquialism for ‘useless’) unsettled OWING; 쐍 OUTSTANDING; anagram indicator unskilful player HAM unskilled GREEN; RAW unsmiling STERN unsociable type LONER unsophisticated CRUDE; 쐍 NAVE unspeaking MUTE unspecified amount SOME; X; Y unspoken DUMB; TACIT; 쐍 IMPLICIT unstable MAD; anagram indicator unsteadily anagram indicator unsteady, be LURCH; see STAGGER unsteady gait ROLL unstuck anagram indicator unsuitable INAPT unsullied CHASTE unsympathetic HARD untamed WILD untanned PALE untidiness MESS untidy SLOPPY; anagram indicator untidy home/place TIP untidy person SCRUFF untie LOOSE



until TILL untold COUNTLESS untouched VIRGINAL untrendy OUT untrue FALSE untrue, was LIED untrustworthy type BOUNDER; see ROGUE untruth FIB; LIE; TALE untruth, tell LIE untypical see ODD unusual EXTRA; NOVEL; ODD; OUTRE; RARE; RUM; SPECIAL; STRANGE; 쐍 QUAINT; SCARCE; anagram indicator unusual item anagram of ITEM unusual name anagram of NAME unusually EXTRA; anagram indicator unusually reared can refer to a Manx cat, or cat o’nine tails unused GREEN; MINT; NEW; RAW; UN (i.e. “un” to be used) unwanted fat FLAB unwavering CONSTANT unwelcome visitors LICE unwelcoming FROSTY; ICY unwell AILING; ILL; OFF; SICK unwell, become AIL unwell, was AILED unwieldy anagram indicator unwilling AVERSE; LOTH; SHY; can indicate the circumstances of being intestate unwise RASH; 쐍 IMPRUDENT unwisely anagram indicator unworthy CHEAP; LOW; see LOW unwound EASED; anagram indicator unwritten ORAL unyielding FIRM; HARD; SOLID; 쐍 IRON up FAR; HIGH; OVER; RAISED; RIDING; RISE; RISEN; STAND; 쐍 ASTRIDE; STANDING; anagram indicator; reversal indicator in a DC; can indicate something to do with flying, pilot, trapeze artiste; in a down clue can indicate that the


last mentioned component is to be placed at the beginning up and about ASTIR up and down when in a DC can indicate the answer is a palindrome as “deck going up and down” 씮 POOP up and down, going see UP AND DOWN up-country the name of a country to be reversed (thus EIRE 씮 ERIE) up-market TRAM (think about it) up, one who’s RIDER up-stream reversal of a synonym, as FLOW 씮 WOLF up to TILL; 쐍 AFTER (as in “What’s he up to?”) up-to-date HIP; LATE; MODERN; NEW; RECENT; 쐍 ABREAST; CURRENT up the creek anagram indicator up the Swanee anagram indicator up to the time UNTIL upbeat MAL (i.e. LAM reversed) upbraid RATE upfront AHEAD; OPEN; OVERT; first letter indicator upheaval anagram indicator; reverse indicator in a DC uphill reversal indicator upholding reversal indicator upland DOWN upland area see UPLANDS uplands MOOR uplifted reversal indicator uplifting reversal indicator upon ATOP; NO (i.e. reverse of “on”) upper HIGH; LOFTY; TOP upper chamber ATTIC upper-class A; POSH; U upper class chap/type TOFF upper-class girl DEB upper classes AB; ABS; 쐍 NOBS; TOFFS upper crust PEERS; SIAL (geol.) upper house SENATE upper leg THIGH uppers, on BROKE; SKINT upping reversal indicator

use force

upright ERECT; POST; MORAL; STANDING; STRAIGHT; TR (i.e. reversal of RT); WORTHY uprising REVOLT; reversal indicator uprising, small MOLEHILL uproar CRY; DIN; NOISE; RACKET; RIOT; RUCTION uprooted anagram indicator ups and downs, have PITCH upset CROSS; RATTLE; RILE; SAD; SPILL; TES ( i.e. reverse of “set”); 쐍 INVERT; NETTLE; REVERSE; reversal indicator (as “a bit upset” 씮 TRO or TRAP); anagram indicator; see ANNOY upset about ER (i.e. reversal of RE) upset, be CRY; WEEP upset tummy BUG upsetting anagram indicator; reverse indicator upside-down anagram indicator; reversal indicator; 쐍 ONHEAD upstanding ERECT upsurge RISE; RISING; reversal indicator upturn PU; RECOVERY upturned PU (i.e. reverse of “up”); reversal indicator (as “upturned nose” 씮 ESON) upward DRAW (in a DC); reversal indicator; upward progress RISE; can indicate that a synonym of “progress” is to be reversed, hence OG upwards reversal indicator uranium U urchin ARAB; GAMIN urge DRIVE; EGG; GOAD; HIE; ITCH; PRESS; PROD; YEN urgent PRESSING urgent message SOS Uriah HEEP Uriah Heep, like UMBLE urn POT Uruguay U us WE US STATES; can indicate American spelling; also beware that it can indicate a word or usage which is peculiar to the U.S. and not else-

where (for example, “specialist in US court” 씮 ALIENIST) US agent FED; 쐍 REALTOR US agents CIA; GMEN us, all of WE US car DODGE US chap BO US city LA; EC; GARY; NY; RENO; 쐍 SEATTLE; WACO US college MIT US company INC US conflict NAM US explorers NASA US friend BUD US intelligence CIA US industrialist FORD US institute MIT US investigator GMAN US investigators CIA; GMEN US lawyer DA US mag LIFE; TIME US mail ARMOR US novelist COOPER us, of OUR US official DA US petrol GAS US politician DEM US president ABE; BUSH; CARTER; FORD; GRANT; NIXON US quarters CASH US railroad EL US seaman GOB US soldier, old VET US sports stadium BOWL US statesman DULLES US student COED; MAJOR US tool AX US town BURG US volume LITER usage CUSTOM; HABIT; anagram indicator use APPLY; AVAIL; DO; WEAR; 쐍 EMPLOY; FUNCTION; anagram indicator; sounding like U’s this word can, with a homophone indicator, call for UU use different anagram of USE e.g. SUE use, do not OMIT; SPARE use force PRESS


use less

use less HUSBAND use of drugs TRIP use, to be of AVAIL; SERVE use wrong words LIE. use wrongly SUE (anagram of “use”) used OLD; anagram indicator used as leader the preceding word or component to be placed at the front of the solution used by run indicator used for the previous word(s) to be used as an anagram for what follows used, something TOOL used to be WAS; WERE used to court DATED; WOOED used to have HAD used up anagram or reversal indicator useful BOOT; HANDY useful quality ASSET useful, something ASSET useless DUD; DUFF; IDLE; OFF; TRASHY; US; VAIN useless article LEMON useless lot SHOWER useless person DRIP; LEMON useless thing ASSET user SPENDER usher GUIDE; LEAD; PILOT; SHOW; STEER usher in nesting indicator using PER; WITH; run indicator usual PAR; 쐍 GENERAL; NORMAL usual behaviour HABIT; CUSTOM; FORM usual, not the anagram i