The 25 Best Vodka Brands of 2022 (2023)

Vodka is a paradoxical spirit. It leads spirit sales in America in terms of volume, and has done so for the last 40 years. Yet it holds none of the cultural cachet of whiskey or tequila. Browse liquor store shelves and you’ll discover more flavored iterations than all other spirits categories combined. But when it comes to judging quality, we instead base our opinions of a bottle on its lack of flavor.

In recent years, that last factor has changed. Fueled by craft producers turning to new base ingredients, and global brands attempting to showcase terroir in their distillates, “flavor” and “flavored” now hold two very different definitions in vodka. Even the TTB now recognizes that vodka can exhibit character.

Not all brands are going down this route, it should be noted. The best bottles currently available fall into two camps: vodkas that subtly highlight the profile of their base ingredients, and indeed show “distinctive character,” and vodkas produced with a truly neutral profile. In the case of the latter, the leading examples not only arrive without aromas or flavors from their base distillates, but provide the enjoyable buzz of alcohol without leaving a hint of ethanol on nose or palate.

No matter the camp you prefer, the category has come a long way in recent years. Here are the 25 best vodkas to drink right now.

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  • Best Vodkas Under $25
  • Best Vodkas Under $50
  • Best Vodkas Under $100
  • Best Vodkas Over $100
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Best Vodkas Under $25

Sobieski Vodka

The 25 Best Vodka Brands of 2022 (1)

At just over 10 bucks, this Polish rye vodka is a standout budget pick, excelling in the neutral style of the spirit. Turn to this bottle for simple Vodka Sodas, and economical Martinis that pack a boozy punch without leaving an everclear finish.

Average price: $13
Rating: 92

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YoCo Vodka

The 25 Best Vodka Brands of 2022 (2)

From Tennessee, this carbon-filtered, corn-based vodka is bright, sweet, and rounded, and about as close it gets to an “approachable” version of the spirit. That sentiment rings true right down to its packaging and price tag.

Average price: $20
Rating: 89

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Helix7 Vodka

The 25 Best Vodka Brands of 2022 (3)

Like a tightly bound DNA helix, two ingredients come together seamlessly in this impressive vodka. The French wheat-based spirit delivers hints of fruit and flowers, while the low-mineral-content Icelandic water used for proofing balances the palate and brings a crisp finish.

Average price: $20
Rating: 91

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The 25 Best Vodka Brands of 2022 (4)

Another vodka that takes full advantage of Iceland’s glacial spring water and volcanic rocks (used for filtration), this expression arrives impeccably clean on the palate. While neutral in character, its quality still shines in an inextricable though enjoyable manner.

Average price: $20
Rating: 91

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J. Rieger & Co. Premium Wheat Vodka

The 25 Best Vodka Brands of 2022 (5)

Neutral in profile, the true quality of this Kansas City vodka shines in its texture. Each sip lands with soft, well-rounded grace, and its weighty mouthfeel brings all-important body to cocktails.

Average price: $22
Rating: 89

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Grand Teton Distillery Potato Vodka

The 25 Best Vodka Brands of 2022 (6)

This potato-based vodka from Driggs, Idaho, is distilled “the equivalent of 20 times.” A surprising amount of character remains in the spirit, with candied fruits arriving on nose and palate. We love it in a summer highball with soda.

Average price: $23
Rating: 90

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Ketel One

The 25 Best Vodka Brands of 2022 (7)

This column- and pot-distilled wheat vodka charms with a rounded, balanced profile. Each sip coats the palate with soft, silky texture before a gently sweet finish rounds things off with a smile.

Average price: $23
Rating: 91

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Best Vodkas Under $50

Crop Organic Artisanal Vodka

The 25 Best Vodka Brands of 2022 (8)

Produced using USDA-certified organic corn, the flavor profile of this vodka is just as admirable as the farming practices used to grow its base grains. Light and bright with a subtle sweetness, this vodka holds its own in Dirty Martinis and those simply garnished with an olive.

Average price: $25
Rating: 89

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Vido Vodka

The 25 Best Vodka Brands of 2022 (9)

A fruit-based vodka, this Washington State expression is produced using grapes grown on the Goose Ridge Estate Vineyard. Its profile is fruity and juicy, with just enough heat on the palate to bring character to cocktails without overpowering or distracting.

Average price: $27
Rating: 91

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Haku Vodka

The 25 Best Vodka Brands of 2022 (10)

Distilled from rice, the grain’s distinctive character immediately stands out here, before delicate floral flavors ignite the taste buds. Enjoy mixed with sake in a dry Martini.

Average price: $28
Rating: 93

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Vestal Vodka Unfiltered (2015 Vintage)

The 25 Best Vodka Brands of 2022 (11)

If you’re still unconvinced about the character vodka can present, turn to this bottle. Produced in a single vintage (the most recent iteration is from 2015), this Miranda potatoes–based spirit is distilled just once in a hybrid pot-column still. Rich earthy character springs to life on the nose, then takes an unexpected turn into intense fruit and perfume on the palate. If you can’t grab a bottle of this small-production release, the brand’s standard expression is equally enjoyable if slightly more reserved in character. Both are bargains.

Average price: $28
Rating: 95

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The 25 Best Vodka Brands of 2022 (12)

This Polish rye vodka begins with a glacial-like mineral quality before the peppery bite of cereal grain and booze peek out on the palate. Mix in an ice-cold Martini.

Average price: $30
Rating: 92

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Broken Shed Vodka

The 25 Best Vodka Brands of 2022 (13)

Distilled from whey protein, this New Zealand vodka is neutral and well balanced, with a clean, minerally finish. This is another bottle that succeeds by showing a complete lack of scent and taste of alcohol.

Average price: $30
Rating: 91

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Hangar 1 Vodka

The 25 Best Vodka Brands of 2022 (14)

Distilled from grains and grapes, the aromas of this American vodka instantly recall pear drops. Further bursts of orchard fruit and citrus emerge on the palate, making this an ideal candidate for elevated Lemon Drops.

Average price: $30
Rating: 91

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Hanson of Sonoma Organic Vodka

The 25 Best Vodka Brands of 2022 (15)

This grape-based vodka goes through seven runs in the still and sees five filtrations before bottling. Despite this, much of the character of grapes is maintained. It kicks off with strong floral and candy aromas, before a sweet finish rounds out the silky palate.

Average price: $30
Rating: 91

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St. George Spirits All Purpose Vodka

The 25 Best Vodka Brands of 2022 (16)


Bartlett pears provide the initial base for this luxurious sipping vodka, with non-GMO neutral grain spirit blended with the distillate prior to proofing. The grain spirit takes lead on the nose, while the palate delivers a whisper of eau de vie and luxurious texture.

Average price: $30
Rating: 94

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Castle & Key Sacred Spring Vodka

The 25 Best Vodka Brands of 2022 (17)

Produced using the same mash bill as the distillery’s bourbon (73 percent corn, 10 percent rye, and 17 percent malted barley), this vodka shows sweet and spicy grain character. Hints of candy and flowers provide subtle layers, and set this bottling apart as a quality mixing spirit.

Average price: $32
Rating: 92

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Grey Goose

The 25 Best Vodka Brands of 2022 (18)

A spray of citrus oil precedes the exceptionally fresh palate of this smooth-sipping, wheat-based vodka. Neutral and versatile, this bottle will blend in nicely to any cocktail ranging from the simple Vodka Soda to shaken Vespers.

Average price: $35
Rating: 94

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Middle West Spirits OYO

The 25 Best Vodka Brands of 2022 (19)

Pronounced “oh-why-oh,” this unfiltered, craft Ohio vodka is produced from red winter wheat. A sweet scent of vanilla mingles with dried fruits on the nose, while attractive spice cuts through its silky palate.

Average price: $35
Rating: 91

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You & Yours Distilling Co. Y&Y Vodka

The 25 Best Vodka Brands of 2022 (20)

Corn, potato, and grape distillates combine in this intriguing California vodka. It opens with peppery pomace aromas, then follows with bright pops of pear drops. With great weight to the palate, and its overall fruitiness, take this for a spin in a Vesper.

Average price: $35
Rating: 88

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NAUD Vodka

The 25 Best Vodka Brands of 2022 (21)

This Cognac producer may be better versed in the realm of grape distillates but we also love its clean, mineral-rich wheat vodka. A suggestion of fruit on the palate takes it out of the strictly neutral camp, and ensures it will bring character to spirit-forward vodka cocktails.

Average price: $37
Rating: 93

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Reisetbauer Axberg Vodka

The 25 Best Vodka Brands of 2022 (22)

Just like NAUD, Austria’s Hans Reisetbauer is better known for fruit-based distillates — in this case, world-class fruit and vegetable eaux de vie — but also offers an exceptional wheat vodka. Floral, perfumed, and moderately fruity on the nose, the palate captivates with rich, velvety texture, and leaves a lasting impression on the finish.

Average price: $42
Rating: 94

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Best Vodka Under $100

Kástra Elión Vodka

The 25 Best Vodka Brands of 2022 (23)

Distilled from olives and grains, this on-brand Greek vodka oozes character and personality. Prepare for unexpected bursts of fruit, saline notes, and texture that edges toward high-quality extra virgin olive oil. Martinis are a must with this vodka — garnish with an olive but hold the brine.

Average price: $55
Rating: 94

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Jean Marc XO Vodka

The 25 Best Vodka Brands of 2022 (24)

This enjoyable French wheat vodka delights with its poise and grace. Fresh fruit and white flowers perform an intricate dance on the nose and work their way through to the finish. This classy spirit is entirely befitting of its flashy packaging.

Average price: $60
Rating: 94

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Best Vodka Over $100

Chopin Vodka Family Reserve

The 25 Best Vodka Brands of 2022 (25)

Is it a little extra to spend over $100 on a bottle of vodka? Perhaps, but value and affordability are subjective, and should you be looking to splurge on a bottle, this is the one. Made using young potatoes grown on the Chopin distillery estate, the spirit rests for two years in 50-year-old Polish oak barrels before being bottled by hand. While it shows no color nor influence of wood, the profile is notably harmonious with hints of fruit emerging on the nose and an intense palate that sets up an exceedingly lengthy finish.

Average price: $130
Rating: 94

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What is vodka made of?

No set regulations govern the base ingredients for vodka’s production. It can therefore be distilled from any agricultural product containing sugar or starch. Most vodkas are distilled from rice, corn, wheat, or potatoes.

What is the most popular vodka in the US?

Tito’s Handmade Vodka is the most popular vodka in the U.S.

What is the most popular vodka in the world?

Smirnoff is the most popular vodka in the world.

What makes a vodka smooth?

Vodka brands often claim the use of spring or glacier water can give the spirit a smooth, clean-tasting vodka.

Published: June 23, 2022

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What is the #1 vodka? ›

1. Absolut: Overall best vodka. Unlike many vodkas on the market (we're looking at you, Smirnoff), Absolut contains no added sugar. This, combined with its premium taste and determination to use only the highest quality ingredients, positions the brand as our best overall vodka in the world.

What is America's favorite vodka? ›

In 2021, Tito's Handmade Vodka was the leading vodka brand in the United States with more than 11 million 9 liter cases sold. Other major vodka brands that year included Smirnoff, New Amsterdam, and Svedka. The beverage is made up of two main ingredients, namely water and alcohol from grains or potatoes.

What are the top five brands of vodka? ›

The Best Vodka Brands on the Market
  • Crystal Head.
  • Ketel One Vodka.
  • Grey Goose Vodka.
  • Stolichnaya/ Stoli.
  • Skyy Vodka.
  • Belvedere Vodka.
  • Beluga Vodka.
  • Absolut Vodka.
Sep 21, 2022

What is a premium vodka? ›

Premium vodkas are different from the outset. They use a higher quality mix of ingredients as well as bespoke botanical infusions. More emphasis is put on producing a pleasing taste, removing the sharpness that can be found in cheaper brands.

Is Tito's a good vodka? ›

Based on 1165 votes, the average rating for Tito's Handmade Vodka is 7.8/10. ― Best American Vodka on the market. ― Go to vodka for all vodka drinks! Tito's Handmade Vodka which is carefully distilled at Fifth Generation is adored for its smooth, smoky, roasted and black pepper flavor notes.

Is Tito's a cheap vodka? ›

Tito's ($16.99 for 750 ml)

At under $17 a bottle, Tito's Handmade Vodka ($16.99, Total Wine) is the best cheap vodka you can buy for just about any kind of drink. You can enjoy Tito's straight or in cocktail thanks to its crisp, clean finish.

What is top shelf vodka at a bar? ›

Top Shelf: Bottles on the highest shelves behind a bar. Though there's no hard rule as to cost, these tend to be bottles that would retail for $50 or more in a store. Mid Shelf: Bottles on the lower half of the shelf behind a bartender. With liquor, this would usually be bottles that fall in the $25–50 range.

Is Tito's better than Grey Goose? ›

If you're looking for a bolder flavor, then Tito's might be better for you than Gray Goose; if you want something smoother and softer on your palate, then Gray Goose will likely be your favorite choice.

Which vodka has the smoothest taste? ›

Grey Goose Vodka

It's got a lovely, clean, bright taste with no lingering bite on the end, making it the darling of bartenders and drink connoisseurs all over the world. Thanks to its gentle mouthfeel and easy endnote, it's also an excellent tasting and sipping vodka.

What is Blake Shelton's favorite vodka? ›

Endorsed by the famous country music singer, Blake Shelton, Smithworks Vodka is truly a home-grown vodka that can keep a drink simple, yet has the richness and smoothness to elevate any vodka cocktail.

What is Russia favorite vodka? ›

Stoli is probably the most famous and favorable vodka brand in Russia. Consumers and bar staff prefer Stoli products since they use traditional methods with modern distillation technologies.

What is the purest vodka? ›

Blot, the purest vodka in the world, is a good example of this, as is another fermented product, another world reference, Arehucas Rum.

What vodka in America is from Russia? ›

Russian Standard is one of the few U.S.-sold vodka brands that actually comes from Russia.

Is Absolut better than Tito's? ›

It really depends on your personal preference. If you prefer a sweeter vodka, Titos may be the better choice. If you prefer a vodka with a more neutral flavor, Absolut may be the better choice. Ultimately, the best way to decide is to try both and see which you like better.

What is the healthiest vodka? ›

Potato vodka is known as the "healthiest" of vodkas because of its gluten- and sugar-free nature. The tuber might also remain the base that results in the best vodka served over ice and/or straight up.

Which vodka is better for shots? ›

Russian Standard is one of the most popular brands of vodka for shots. This Russian vodka has a slightly sweet taste that makes it great for taking straight as a shot.

What makes top shelf vodka better? ›

Top Vodka Brands Are Obsessed With Distillation

There are fewer congeners found in top-shelf vodkas than in the bottom-shelf vodkas, which is often due to the fact that top vodka brands tend to have a more sophisticated distillation process.

What is Snoop Dogg's vodka? ›

snoop dogg : Clique Vodka – Luxury Black Bottle Vodka.

How can you tell good quality vodka? ›

“Good vodka should have some kind of interesting and pleasurable flavor,” says Tahlin. “It should not be water with a hint of alcohol. It should really have a nice flavor to it. It's easy to create a vodka that doesn't taste like anything.

Is expensive vodka worth it? ›

Expensive vodka gives less of a hangover. The more times distilled, the better the taste. The high-quality products are distilled more times. Expensive or 'Premium' vodka doesn't burn your throat.

Is Ketel 1 a premium vodka? ›

Names like Ketel One and Grey Goose are among the more premium vodkas available in the market. Their portfolios regularly incorporate unique flavors, and they are a go-to choice when it's an ideal opportunity to stir up an extraordinary vodka mixed drink.

Is Smirnoff better than Tito's? ›

Leading the pack is Tito's Handmade Vodka, a brand that, in 2019, knocked reigning champ Smirnoff out of its decade-long grip of first place.

Is Belvedere or Grey Goose better? ›

Grey Goose vs Belvedere: The Verdict

While both are top-shelf vodkas, gluten-free, lower-calorie vodkas, Grey Goose follows a stricter processing method. It uses locally-sourced French wheat and water that came 500 feet below its main facility, while Belvedere follows the strict rules of Polish vodka.

Why do people prefer Tito's vodka? ›

In comparison to other vodkas of its era, with their vaguely European cosmopolitan pretensions, Tito's had three selling points, all right there on the label: It's handmade, it's pot stilled, and it's from Texas.

Is Titos grain or potato vodka? ›

Our vodka is distilled from corn, so it's naturally gluten-free. Tito's Handmade Vodka is certified Gluten-Free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization.

What vodka is similar to Tito's? ›

If you like Tito's, give these other corn vodkas a chance.
  • Social House ($20) ...
  • UV ($10) ...
  • Dixie ($15) ...
  • Deep Eddy ($14) ...
  • Prairie Vodka ($18) ...
  • Smirnoff ($14)
Mar 13, 2018

Which is the best vodka brand? ›

The Best Vodka Brands to Stock Your Bar Cart With
  • Stillhouse Classic Vodka. ...
  • Chopin Potato Vodka. ...
  • Barr Hill Vodka. $59 AT RESERVE BAR. ...
  • Deep Eddy Vodka. $14 AT TOTAL WINE. ...
  • Russian Standard Platinum Vodka. $27 AT DRIZLY. ...
  • Prairie Organic Vodka. $20 AT DRIZLY. ...
  • JCB Vodka. $134 AT RESERVE BAR. ...
  • Humboldt Organic Vodka. Now 55% off.
Jul 14, 2022

How much should you spend on vodka? ›

You probably don't want to spend more than $30 per bottle on vodka. But if you're drinking your vodka neat or on the rocks, price starts to matter more. So going for something around this mark should mean a less astringent taste, a smoother drink, and a bit more of a refined palate that's best for sipping.

Is Costco vodka GREY Goose? ›

You may have heard a rumor that the Kirkland Signature™ brand vodka sold at Costco is actually GREY GOOSE® Vodka, just in different packaging. We can definitively put this myth to rest. This viral claim is completely false, and GREY GOOSE® Vodka does not produce nor privately label Kirkland vodka.

Is Smirnoff cheaper than Tito's? ›

The results? Vodka A, voted the cheapest, turned out to be Grey Goose. Vodka C was Titos (spot on for a mid-range guess). And — drumroll, please — Vodka B, voted the most expensive, was Smirnoff.

Is Ketel One considered top shelf? ›

Ketel One Vodka is a premium and top-shelf spirit that is crafted with quality and expertise. The vodka is distilled from 100% wheat and is made using a 300 year old distilling process that originated in Holland. The spirit is double-distilled and charcoal-filtered to create a smooth, clean, and crisp taste.

What vodka goes down the easiest? ›

Grey Goose Vodka

Considered one of the best-tasting vodkas on the market, Grey Goose is a smooth vodka that is perfect for mixing or drinking neat. With tasting notes that include citrusy undertones and hints of vanilla, it is definitely one of the best easy-drinking vodkas out there.

What alcohol is the healthiest? ›

Red wine is widely recognized as one of the healthiest alcoholic drinks out there. Poon notes that it's "relatively low in calories and also offers some health benefits."9 She adds that red wine is rich in antioxidants such as resveratrol and proanthocyanidins and can promote cardiovascular health.

Is Ketel One better than Belvedere? ›

So, which vodka is better? It really depends on your personal preferences. If you prefer a sweeter taste, then Ketel One is a good choice. If you prefer a more robust flavor, then Belvedere is a better option.

What is the most popular drink for 2022? ›

The full list includes several nostalgic favorites:
  • Aperol Spritz.
  • Espresso Martini.
  • Dirty Shirley.
  • Cosmopolitan.
  • Negroni.
  • Dirty Martini.
  • Hot Toddy.
  • Lemon Drop Martini.
Jan 5, 2023

What is the most popular drink in America 2022? ›

Most Americans are favoring Margaritas to sip at happy hour, a report by the agency TOP Marketing has revealed. A total of 22 states report the tequila-based tipple as their drink of choice, according to the agency's survey analysis.

What is the number 1 alcoholic drink? ›

1 Celebration Rum. McDowell's, a Diageo-owned brand, is India's best-selling rum. Over 52 million cases of McDowell's products are sold annually, across 20 countries. By volume, McDowell's is the largest selling spirits brand in the world.

What is America's favorite drink? ›

Statista Global Consumer Survey

Yet, the U.S. has introduced few regulations to reign it their use. The Statista Global Consumer Survey shows that 63 percent of Americans consume bottled water regularly, placing the drink ahead of coffee, which only 57 percent said they drank somewhat frequently.

What alcohol do Americans drink the most? ›

Well, the most popular type of liquor in most U.S. states is whiskey, but vodka is a close second. Meanwhile, staple liquors like tequila and rum aren't the most popular liquor in nearly as many states, so the gap between whiskey and vodka and the other liquors is quite large.

What is the 2 most popular drink in the world? ›

Coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the world after water.

What is the next big alcohol trend? ›

Premiumization will Continue to be an Alcohol Trend in 2023

For over 15 years, premiumization has had a huge impact on the industry and this trend will continue to shape the beverage industry in 2023.

What is Obama's favorite cocktail? ›

In the final day leading up to the Inauguration, you can raise a toast in Hawaii to President Barack Obama and says cheers to his past two terms in office with his favorite drink: a dirty martini.

What is the most popular vodka cocktail? ›

The vodka soda is one of the most popular vodka cocktails. It is a mix of vodka and soda water, and you can garnish a vodka soda with a lime slice or a cherry.

What is Johnny Depp's favorite cocktail? ›

5. Johnny Depp: Bourbon Sour. While Johnny Depp is best known for his acting roles like Jack Sparrow, he is also a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to his favorite drink: the Bourbon Sour. A traditional Bourbon Sour contains bourbon, lemon juice, sugar, and egg white and is often garnished with a cherry.

What is the best name brand vodka? ›

The Best Vodka Brands on the Market
  • Crystal Head.
  • Ketel One Vodka.
  • Grey Goose Vodka.
  • Stolichnaya/ Stoli.
  • Skyy Vodka.
  • Belvedere Vodka.
  • Beluga Vodka.
  • Absolut Vodka.
Sep 21, 2022


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