The Best Restaurants In Magaluf And Palmanova | Updated 2022 (2023)

The Mediterranean is famed for its amazing food and drink, and Magaluf & Palmanova in particular has a restaurant on every corner. From the most simply garnished fish served at sandy tables on the beach, through to an elegant high-end dining experience, whatever your taste, one of Magaluf’s best restaurants has something to satisfy.

Within the Magaluf and Palmanova restaurant guide, you’ll find stunning beach restaurants with sea views, luxury gourmet experiences and healthy restaurants to cater for any special dietary desires, Mallorca has it all, if you know where to look! From world-class Italian pizza to freshly caught seafood, flamed grilled steaks and relaxed open BBQs.

Whatever your preference, you’ll find the best restaurant for you in Magaluf and Palmanova.

Blackbeard’s Beach Bar and Grill

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Located right in the centre of Magaluf, treat yourself to a great evening out at the Blackbeard’s Beach Bar and Grill.

This family-friendly restaurant welcomes everyone and invites you to have a delicious meal whilst taking in the stunning views the bay has to offer. The food is of a great standard as there is plenty of choices that covers BBQ, vegan and gluten-free options.

One of the best things about this place is the laid-back vibes that enable you to eat and drink and enjoy the ambience. The live music always matches the pleasurable vibe that Blackbeard’s consistently has.

Book a table a Blackbeards Beach Bar.

Bondi Beach Magaluf

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One of the main restaurants along the Magaluf beachfront. Located next to the famous Sol Wave House hotel, Bondi Beach Magaluf features high-end Mediterranean dishes cooked by an award-winning chef.

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The stunning setting is only 3 metres away from the white sands of the Magaluf beach and is also an ideal spot to sit back and enjoy a sangria or two.

This restaurant is also known for one of the best paellas in the area. So if you are looking for a traditional Spanish meal while visiting Magaluf, Bondi Beach is the best choice.

This restaurant is highly recommended to anyone visiting Magaluf that would prefer to soak up the Spanish culture and cuisine.

Book a table at Bondi Beach Magaluf.

Barbuda Beach Bar and Grill

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Situated in Palmanova, Barbuda has been a favourite for visitors and locals for many years. The friendly vibe makes this restaurant in Palmanova a fantastic choice for families.

Their food and drinks menu is fantastic. Cocktails are made by expert mixologists and come in some really interesting cups and designs. But it’s the food that really makes Barbuda Beach Bar and Grill shine.

Famous for their slow-cooked beef rib and fish tacos, this restaurant’s menu also features pizza, tapas and even a Halal menu.

Every Saturday afternoon, Barbuda Beach Bar and Grill hosts its Bottomless Brunch. You can book a 2-hour table and enjoy a selection of some of their best brunch dishes while enjoying bottomless cocktails and mimosas. Perfect for groups looking for an activity in Mallorca for the weekend.

Book a table at Barbuda Beach Bar.

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Robinson Crusoe’s

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This is a family-friendly spot that sits right in the heart of the Magaluf beach, so you’re likely to pass it at least a couple of times. Everything about it screams quality as there is great food, great value for money and a pleasant atmosphere that makes you want to come back.

With their ice-cold beer mugs and fun atmosphere, Robinson Crusoes has been known as a firm favourite for stag and hen parties visiting Magaluf.

You can visit here at any time of the day as the breakfast and lunch menus are pretty intriguing. This also includes the after-hours if you’re looking to stay out later.

You can treat yourself to a swanky cocktail or just go for something more familiar. The choice is really yours.

Vegan and gluten-free options are on offer here in abundance as well as a variety of cuisines and types of food. Ultimately, not many people have anything negative to say about this restaurant, therefore we’ve decided to include it as one of our top picks.

The Olive Tree

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A big favourite for locals and located in Palmanova in the Son Matias beachside is The Olive Tree.

The Olive Tree in Palmanova opened in 2017 and has a large wooden terrace centred around an Olive Tree that is 350 years old. It is only 5 minutes away from many of the popular hotels and 20 minutes away from the capital, Palma de Mallorca.

Their seafood is renowned and in 2018 they were voted the best seafood restaurant by LUX MAGAZINE. This was followed by a Certificate of Excellence TRIP ADVISOR 2019, Best Burger, Best Service, Best Atmosphere, Best Outside Terrace and Most Romantic Venue by RESTAURANT GURU 2020. You can see why this is on our list of the best restaurants to visit in Magaluf and Palmanova.

Book a table at The Olive Tree.

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Thai Pan

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Magaluf’s only Thai restaurant is called Thia Pan. They are renowned for serving the most delicious Thai cuisine and their menu invites you with an explosion of flavours.

This Thai restaurant boasts many 5 star Google and Tripadvisor reviews making this one of the best restaurant’s to visit in Magaluf.

For lovers of Thai food, this restaurant also offers villa and hotel delivery. So, if you fancy a night in, you can order a takeaway and they will bring the food straight to you.

SiSo Beach

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Another new restaurant to open in 2021, SiSo Beach in Son Matias, Palmanova has been turning heads.

Their special menu has been created by their executive head chef Claudio Vargas. In addition to their exquisite offer of matured meats, fresh Mediterranean fish and mouth-watering paella, you will find carefully selected dishes inspired from around the world. All are produced locally to ensure they respect the environment and the beautiful island of Mallorca.

SiSo Beach is also a fantastic bar should you be looking for late-night drinks and the stunning venue offers some of the best views of the Palmanova bay.

Book a table at SiSo Beach Mallorca.

El Mundo

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A hidden gem between Magaluf and Palmanova. This Spanish restaurant is extremely popular with locals and they have made their name for their home-cooked meats, seafood and paella.

You won’t find this restaurant in many tourists guides but we highly recommend paying them a visit if you are looking to enjoy some Spanish culture and cuisine.

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Chili Lounge

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This beachfront restaurant in Magaluf is known for its excellent Mexican dishes. From tacos to fajitas, Chili Lounge is the place to go when you are looking for something a little more spicey.

Chili Lounge is also a fantastic venue for cocktails and drinks as it overlooks the Magaluf beach and offers some amazing views and the sun goes down.


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Located on the Magaluf beachfront, Ibizza is a pizza and Italian restaurant that resides in a converted old seafront villa.

The main seating area is in the garden of the old villa and the Spanish characteristics really bring this place to life.

It’s not the easiest to find, hidden between Stereo Bar and Blackbeard’s Beach Bar and Grill, this little villa restaurant is great for a romantic night out.

Max Garden Restaurant

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This Palmanova restaurant is all about all fresh and local ingredients, healthy living and enjoying life!

The friendly vibes make this the perfect location for something to eat or to enjoy drinks when visiting Palmanova in Mallorca.

One review has said” The most amazing restaurant we have been too in Palmanova. The food was incredible, so fresh and full of flavour. Their homemade sauces are delicious and the staff are so friendly and welcoming. Lovely atmosphere, chilled vibes and beautiful decor. Would recommend to anyone!!”

With so many restaurants to choose from in Magaluf and Palmanova, this list will hopefully give you a good idea of the best to visit. Other noteworthy mentions go to Nikki Beach, Godfather’s, Tan a Gustito Tapas, LA American Diner, Port O’Call and No Stress Wine and Prosecco.

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